Identitarian Ideas IX – Rising from the Ruins

On Saturday, 374 people gathered in the most leftist district in Stockholm, Sweden, for the World's largest AltRight conference to this date.

We Are The Vanguard

Peter Spiliakos has a really dumb blog post about us over at National Review: “The fascination of liberal-leaning outlets with a fringe character like Richard Spencer is a cowardly attack on Trump voters. Liberal journalists focus on Spencer not because they want to understand why people voted for Trump but ...

No, We Shouldn’t Reject Identity Politics

The Rebel has some black guy telling us we ought to reject “identity politics.” Why on earth would we do that? As I pointed out in the previous article, every single generation of Americans prior to the Baby Boomers embraced what is now called “identity politics.” Whites had a positive ...

Milo and Cognitive Dissonance

The big news, not just in the Alt-Lite and the Alt-Right but everywhere (including Mongolia), is the Milo Yiannopoulos Paedophilia Scandal. This is yet another example of the “tyranny of words,” where a public figure is expected to have a flawless record of statements that all line up with a ...

Milk, The New Symbol of White Supremacy

Turns out that milk is the new code word that White supremacists used to communicate and project their superiority upon lesser lactose intolerant untermensch. This is an excerpt from the twenty eighth episode of Weekend Warrior, a live show available to Red Ice Members. Watch the entire episode here
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