Review: The Liberal Tradition In America

Louis Hartz’s The Liberal Tradition in America is the classic statement of the thesis that the United States has never had a dominant political tradition other than liberalism and that the liberal consensus is so powerful here that non-liberal ideologies are unable to flourish. In America, “liberalism” and “conservatism” are ...

“Love Conquers All” But It’s Shit At Stopping Terrorist Attacks

For the victims of the London terrorist attack, it must have felt good to look down from strumming their harps in Heaven to see the good burghers of Brussels holding a commemoration event, partly on their behalf. No doubt the high point was when the assembled citizens of this other ...

The Alt-Right Faction Of Libertarianism

The stench of Neoconservatism was intolerable for many right-libertarians and so they went to the alt-right side of the fence. The realization that the alt-light are simply Neocons has likewise struck The Rebel’s viewers and, seemingly, some of their contributors too.

‘He Will Not Divide Us’

The ambitions of terrorists are obvious. By their words and actions, we can be sure that all terrorists desire to disrupt, injure, kill, gain publicity for their cause, and arouse fear in a particular population. Faced with such a prospect, it is also fairly obvious that the only means of ...

Jailed For A Tweet? Kurt Eichenwald Sicks FBI On JewGoldstein ...

Becky is a close friend of John Rivello (JewGoldStein on Twitter). She’ll give an update on the case and explain the slippery slope of jailing people for a tweet. Help out John Rivello and support Red Ice by getting a membership.
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