War In Syria: Is Trump Really This Stupid?


  • I’m still with Trump, but I cannot endorse this neocon foreign policy. It’s despicable. I think that if he cuts this shit out its redeemable. I like to hope this is a bargaining tool. But his neocon family members e.g. Ivanka, Jared etc. are having a bad influence. He’s chucked out Bannon and Flynn. So 2 of his greatest allies in the original #MAGA campaign. I hope he gets better and reverts to the old #MAGA ideology. Currently, he’s spiralling

  • The last years, a lot of progress is made in the understanding of the political reality of the world. We can agree that propaganda is intensively used as a means to suppress the masses: feminism, multiculturalism, leftism in general. The question now is: how much does the elite lie to establish their system? How far do the lies go?

    Feminism and multiculturalism are only the tips of the iceberg. The rabbit hole is much deeper than that. The matrix is much broader.

    In this 300 page document, the history, the tactics and the lies of the elites are revealed. Including the most important lie, the one that was not discovered until now.

    The intro video can be watched here:

  • The missile strike came and the missile strike went. Where’s the war? You cucks overreacted like a bunch of butthurt liberal bitches! Sure, I agree, I didn’t want the missile strike either, but you guys look like naive idiots grandstanding on this issue. Women overreact and that’s normal for them, but men should not overreact.

  • Guys, why do you always claim “Assad is winning and why would he use gas now?”. They claim since years that Assad is winning and hes not. He probably doesn’t even have an interest in “winning” besides to secure the Alawite Territories along the coast. The Syrian Army basicly doesn’t exist anymore and Iranians and Russians run the Place now with Assad as front figure. The Syrian government is done for. They even had to buy Oil and Power from ISIS for a while and the Army was down to less then 5000 soldiers.

    • After listening, I realized that this is actually *two* David Duke shows joined into a single MP3 (I converted the entire thing from an audio-only, nondescript YouTube “video”). Spencer was a guest on both shows, and they seem to have been recorded a few weeks apart.

      • Trudeau says he will not get involved in the Syrian Civil War. He made the right decision for once.

        • Cause Canada doesn’t have the military capabilities.
          Did you notice ? Germany Canada and Italy said they would NOT participate…None of them has nukes.

          US UK and France all decided to attack Syria…all 3 have nukes.

          Syria is backed by Russia who has nukes.

          I fear it’s just a big plan to start ww3 and the countries not participating are doing so not out of common sense but because they can’t help.

  • When WW3 starts, I would expect the globalist elites to knock out a large part of the American and European power grids. This, and any other saboteur attacks on infrastructure will be blamed on the Russians (and their Alt-Right “agents”). Any media that you see will be hitting this point home 24/7. Much of the internet will be tightly controlled, so that no alternative information can be seen. Facebook, Google, and YouTube will work hand-in-hand with their globalist bosses to control the flow of information as much as possible. If you have a blog, website, or YouTube Channel that is at all favorable to the Alt-Right or Russians, it’s likely already on a list to be erased when the time comes.
    I expect the attacks on the electrical grid will be kinetic, meaning they won’t just be shut down with a cyber-attack. They’ll be attacked by small teams of men who will attack power stations with guns and explosives.

    It will be during this chaos that the Alt-Right will be targeted. I expect there will be death squads sent out to kill activists and their families. The forces carrying out the hits (and the attacks on infrastructure) will be made up of Muslims, MS-13 or similar street gangs, Antifa/leftist militants, and former military personnel that now work for intelligence organizations. They’ll try to kill maybe the 1000 most active Alt-Righters. I expect the black and Hispanic masses will be encouraged to go out and riot and kill as many whites as possible, but the direct assassinations will be targeted at the Alt-Right.

    I suspect this dark period (when the lights are out) will probably last 2 to 4 weeks. What will happen afterwards is difficult to predict but will depend on what or who Trump really is and whether Trump has powerful people backing him. If Trump truly is an anti-globalist but has no-one powerful backing him then I suspect the globalists will attempt a coup against Trump during the fighting claiming Trump was a Russian asset (they’ll offer some fake proof). They’ll either kill him or wait to put him on trial after the fighting.

    However, Trump might be part of something bigger; like a revolution from the top in which Trump is just the front man. If this is the case, then I expect Washington DC, NY, and London to be warzones between globalist and nationalist forces (many of the elite will be in their million-dollar bunkers trying to ride it out far from these places). The forces fighting for the nationalists will mostly be made up of military Special Operations units, contractors (former military), and some Marine and Army units. I expect to see cruise missile attacks and bombing runs occur within the United states and Europe by the US/NATO on globalist and nationalist forces. Most people in the military won’t even realize who they’re fighting for or against. There are globalist generals placed at the top for this very reason.

    I expect any hot shooting war with the Russians to be over in 4 to 6 weeks. If the Russians win (by sinking a few aircraft carriers or destroying enough of the US/NATO/Israeli military) this will change the geostrategic balance in the world forever; but in the US and Europe much will depend on if there is a real opposition to the globalist elites. If there is no real anti-globalist power in the US and Europe (at high levels), then you should expect a very difficult period for the Alt-Right after the war.
    Regardless of who wins the war between Russia and globalists (short of nuclear war), the Alt-Right will be indicated as a tool of Russia and a major roundup will occur using war time authority. Alt-Right activists will be put into Gitmo type camps and phony evidence will be used to show the YUGE connection between the Alt-Right and Russia.

    However, if there are anti-globalists at the top levels, with Trump being the front man, then I expect this war to end up much differently and the Alt-Right to have a YUGE role in the New Western Civilization. The Alt-Right will take up much of the political, academic, and media leadership cadre since the current class running these areas are bought-and-paid for by the globalist elites. These people can not be trusted, as is the case with most of both houses of congress (especially the Senate).

    After the smoke clears Trump will give a press conference explaining that the war with Russia was started on false pretexts, and that the globalist elites were responsible for the whole thing. The pedophile networks will be exposed along with many of the other crimes committed by the globalists. We’ll see trials and public executions (hopefully).

    One of the reasons I think Trump may be part of something bigger is just how insane the response to him has been. Hillary Clinton was meant to win the 2016 election. Her “Alt-Right” speech was laying the “us vs them” ground work for the 3rd world war. It was drawing the battle lines. Trump threw a monkey wrench in these plans but even Trump can’t stop a war if the globalist elites want it bad enough. The big question is whether some breakaway group of elites have their own plans for WW3 which entails smashing most of the globalist power structure and building their own new world order in the aftermath?

    I believe the possibility of the existence of such a breakaway elite to be very high. The basis of the globalist strategy in the West is white genocide, cultural Marxism, and political correctness. White people (especially white men) were to be the enemy in grand narrative of “overcoming differences” and “global unity.” Why couldn’t some of these high rollers (like Trump) decide to shape the world to their will and use the white masses as their means to doing so? If I, a person raised in the working class and with a 112 IQ can figure this out, then I expect the “masters of the universe” to figure this out as well.

    We live in a dangerous but exciting time. If war does break out between globalist forces and Russia, I implore you to be ready for it. You need to get you and your family somewhere safe when the lights go out. You need to start planning today. Have some places to go for a while that you can easily defend and make sure to have 45-60 days of food, water, and medication.

    God save us.

    • Thank you, that was fascinating and probably the most worthwhile thing I’ve ever read in the comment section of this site (and I’ve actually read some very interesting, intelligent, lengthy & well thought comments here).

      Did you write that yourself or was that a copy & paste job? There’s a former Navy SEAL that writes about the same type of things in a similar style , his name is Matthew Bracken. I actually found out about him from this website.

      Anyways, if you have more from wherever/whoever that came from, I would love to read it (and I’m sure others here would too). And if it came from you and you’re not already a writer, you really should be! Thanks

    • Doubt that. They wanna take over and knocking out the power does too much damage to the possible loot. The power will be gone when the equitment that produced that power is save and secure in White Trucks rolling back to Russia.

  • It’s official. I am now praying to Odin for World War 3. Even nuclear war (for da joos!) is better than listening to this nauseating anti-war Amerikwa First isolationist garbage for another generation.

  • The AltRight made a Difference……….

    We had an Impact on whether we Bomb Foreign Nations which we are Separate from and have No Cause to Interfere…….

    The Dialogue and Vernacular is Alien to Whites like Sean Hannity…….

    This Irishman finally found his Pride in America after Centuries of being Dominated by England……

    Only to quite quickly become Vassals/Peasants under the Zionists………

    He should replace his American Flag Lapel…….

    With a Star of David……..

    Because, he does NOT represent America…….

    AT ALL…….

    • Trump has put Israel first, and America last. He is a servant of the Jews. He is another Bush-McCain-Romney. The Republican Party is the war-lovers’ party. The Democrats love war too, but not as vocally.

  • Trump’s Twitter comments were disturbing. It’s as if he has absolutely no idea what is going on there, or why.

    If the American military is going to do anything, I’d expect it on the night of April 15 – the next new moon.

  • >Jews are responsible for Communism/Marxism

    >Jews are responsible for the anti-Communist Russian element of the Cold War

    Pick one.

  • Trumpberg has sold out he even sacrificed his own Aryan daughter on the Jewish altar to please his masters.

    • She and Jared are in love, whatever. I don’t think she will ever be accepted into the inner circle of Judaism because I don’t thing converts are ever taken seriously in the Jewish faith. As I understand it, to be Jewish means that you could trace your genetic roots back to one of the twelve Tribes of Israel. For that reason it seems to me that the idea of ‘converting’ to Judaism is an impossibility, and is something that’s only for formality’s sake.

      • She’s in love with Shlomo and is thus a race traitor.
        Who cares about her silly Abrahamic faith ?
        A true man would NEVER allow his daughter’s vagina to get Jewed !

        • I’m not talking about her faith, I am talking about how she is received by the Jewish community….specifically the upper echelons of the Jewish community. I don’t think they will ever accept her as one of their own, because she’s not really Jewish. As I understand it, the only way to truly be Jewish is to be born from a Jewish woman.

          It’s a question I’m very interested in having grown up in southern California. There are tons of converts to Judaism in and around Los Angeles. I just wonder if those people are ever really graced with the Jewish nepotism that is said to exist in LA [and specifically Hollywood]. I sincerely doubt that they are.

          • Again who gives a fuck ? Why are you talking about her being accepted or not ? She’s a traitor and Trumpberg is a cuck. That’s all what matters.

      • For a Christian, converting to Judaism means rejecting Jesus. That is awful.
        It is more easy for a Jew to convert to Christianity: it is enough to become a Messianic Jew.

      • According to m y Russian contacts, Chabad Lubavitch, the organisation Jared and his father are linked to is, unlike the Hassids,” more “tolerant” when it comes to Mischlings – and even converts. Besides, I wouldn’t be so sure that Ivanka’s mother, Ivana, is a Goy. Anyway, judging from their face features (Ivanka’s before nose jobs).

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