Fash Course World History 2

The Bronze Age Collapse

Don and Greg review 1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed by Eric Cline. Join us for an autistic journey through history, linguistics, economics and archaeology as we explore the height and sudden demise of Bronze Age civilization in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Eric Cline lecture summarizing 1177 B.C.

Homer and the Heroic Age by J. V. Luce.
The World of Odysseus by M.I. Finley

Ramses II was succeeded by his 13th son, Merneptah. Ramses III ascended 27 years later, it is not known if he (through his mother) was a descendant of his namesake.

Philosopher of Miletus: Greg is reaching for the name Thales.

Iliad minor hero with an iron club: Ereuthalion.

Son of Aeneas: Ascanius.

Greek traveler to northern Europe from Marseilles: Pytheas.

Between the time this podcast was recorded and the time it was published, Greg’s legal fundraiser was shut down by payment-processor WePay. A sincere thanks to everyone who contributed.


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  • Listen. The left dominates the universities, and they have been pushing this idea of the Sea Peoples being impoverished/proletariat/refugees/blah blah blah acting out against economic inequality. There is literally no evidence of this. Ancient peoples didn’t even think this way – ideological frameworks are a recent invention. This narrative is just typical leftist reinterpretation of history through the Marxist lens.

    The Sea Peoples were probably various Greco-Anatolian plus some ash-and-trash raider collectives in search of wealth and adventure. The Egyptian drawings depict them wearing Greek-like helmets.

  • A lot of people “that was” aryan Greg. 🙂 A lot like your people Greg, that just have a minimum of indo-european DNA according to new DNA-studies 🙂 Mama Mia!

  • Great discussion. I could listen to things like this all day.
    I recently bought the entire set of Time-Life’s Lost Civilizations series from the early 1990s.
    The topic of this discussion was well covered in these books but across 4 of the volumes as these events greatly affected the entire Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean.
    Superbly written with no POZ and no political opinions.
    Well worth the money and time if you love ancient history.

  • Definitely agree with Don, it’s “Ak-ka-dian”, not “Ak-kade-ian”. Great show, more please!

  • Just listened to the podcast, great stuff. So there is confusion about the Aryans and their origin. Also, the indo-European hypothesis isn’t a thing.

    The origin of the Aryans.

    The OLB has an account about a small contingent of Fryans left Europe around 1550 BCE with a contingent of sailors from Tyre (Phoenicians) and settled around Ira = Iran. What we know is their descendants are the yazidi who have practice a ethnoreligion to this day Here is a passage that dates to around 1500 BCE from the Yasna Avesta 46:12 that refers to the Tyrrian sailors and the Fryans.

    “When among the laudable descendants and posterity of the Turanian Fryana the Right ariseth, through activity of Piety that blesseth substance;”

    Here is more passages mentioning Frya and Her bloodline. Khorda Avesta 110 & 120

    “We worship the Fravashi of the holy Frya.

    We worship the Fravashi of the holy Yoishta, of the Fryana house.”

    Fryana over the years and through different tongues and dialects became Aryana and later Aryan. The name Fryan refers to the Neolithic group known as the Bell Beaker People. The group was called Fryan due to their belief of descending from a woman name Frya.

    Europe had a independent language. Also there is root words we share orally but we also share those root words with other nonindo- European languages.

    The oral words we share are words like mom, papa, brother and sister. We see that other language systems say the same words with a slight accent.
    Here is one example of many.

    In English we say mom
    In Chinese we say Māmā

    This shows a direct link in spoken root words from different language family trees.
    Chinese is classified as Sino-Tibetan family language while English is classified as Indo-European family language. (Ref 1-2) This shows that the Indo-European is not a independent family language orally.

    Now we come to written language. The idea is if the Indo-European language hypothesis is correct about how language came in with migration of a linear fashion, we will see direct evidence of writing systems being similar in the Indo-European family language. We don’t what we see is independent written languages at best influencing each other, but staying very distinct and closer to there origin.

    Here is an example of two writing systems merging with one another forming a new system.

    Minoan civilization linear script A (Ref 3).

    The proto written language of Europe.

    These languages merged to form Minoan civilization linear script B (Ref 4).

    Here is an example of Sanskrit you can see how it matches linear A and not the other two (Ref 5, 6) (Pic 4). Sanskrit is classified as Indo-Aryan which under Indo-European.

    Now you can see the idea that the Indo-European language origin is a fantasy and has no bases.

    The genetics says we don’t come from one group (Ref 7). Proving any link between Indo and European false.









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  • I love these! Especially with Honoring Our History taking their sweet time. Thank you.

    Also, get a Bitcoin and Monero address on this site for donations!

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