The Alt-Right and the Homosexual Question — Part 2

As both a contemporary and historical phenomenon, it is difficult to separate homosexual behavior from pederasty, so reliant has the former been upon the latter.

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The Incompatibility of Homosexuality with Alt-Right Principles

One of the main reasons for the instinctive aversion to the subject of homosexuality is the strong correlation of homosexual behavior with disease and bodily degradation and deterioration. Contrary to high-minded philosophizing, health is not merely a personal or private matter, but a political one. In the over-populated mass societies in which we now live, the cost of healthcare in a market of increasingly scarce resources becomes, by necessity, a political issue — and this fact stands even in the context of privatized medicine, where premiums and costs will still be dictated to a great extent by expenditure in particular areas. The relationship between homosexuality and health in the mass society thus becomes not merely a matter of what is done behind the closed doors of the individual, but a matter of at least some public interest — especially if homosexuality can be determined to be a net financial drain on the resources of the vast majority of the population. If such a drain can be established, homosexuality necessarily becomes a subject of political discussion, and silence on the issue (the status quo in the political mainstream) becomes a political decision of sorts.

There is now a large body of evidence from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and similar organizations outside the United States, indicating that homosexuals suffer from worse than average health and that much of this is rooted in health-negative lifestyle choices. For example, both male and female homosexuals engage in much higher rates of cigarette smoking and ‘binge’ alcohol consumption. The greater health problem of homosexuals has of course long been rooted in the sphere of venereal disease. The body of literature on this topic is so large and readily available that it doesn’t need to be repeated here, but some facts in relation to this matter are particularly noteworthy. In recent decades rates of HIV/AIDS transmission in almost every demographic have witnessed very significant reductions, and in very recent years this trend has accelerated dramatically. For example, between 2008 and 2014 transmission rates among drug users fell by 56%, while transmission rates among the sexually normal fell by 36%. This can be seen as a triumph of education and intervention (albeit at an extravagant cost to the Federal government — $980 million annually). It is interesting, however, that the CDC finds that homosexuals are the only group which has failed to respond to these costly interventionist efforts. Latino homosexuals and those aged between 25 and 34 saw increases in rates of transmission of 20% and 35% respectively. The rates of Black homosexual diagnoses for HIV/AIDS increased 22% overall between 2005 and 2014, while the figure among Black homosexuals aged between 13 and 24 increased an astonishing 87%. The starting point of that particular age range is, of course, concerning, to say the least, and will be discussed in more detail later.

The annual cost of caring for and treating all HIV/AIDS sufferers in the United States has been ascertained as $16.4 billion annually. Since homosexuals comprise at least 55% of all persons with HIV (while constituting an absolute maximum of 4.1% of the total population), a figure that is rising rapidly every year, one could surmise that the annual cost of merely attempting to manage the health implications of homosexual behavior relating solely to this disease is at least $9 billion. In the context of a privatized healthcare system, these costs can be dispersed in sufficiently opaque ways so as to avoid arousing the attention of the greater public. Such an inordinate and frivolous absorption of resources is less easy to obscure in a socialized system, where health budgets and expenditures are subject to more glaring critique. An excellent example in this regard was a recent complaint in the United Kingdom, where Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) was set for roll-out at a cost of up to £20 million. At a time when children were being denied new forms of cancer treatment on financial grounds, some commentators managed to break through political correctness long enough to make quiet objections to PrEP, a drug with the primary ‘health benefit’ of enabling the abandonment of condoms for those infected with HIV.

In addition to the runaway problem of HIV/AIDS, homosexuals are the leading cause of the rapid spread of other sexually transmitted diseases, an area of public health that is becoming increasingly expensive. For example, scientists in several countries have now identified a new antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea. Doctors feared this new strain reaching homosexuals in particular because their behaviors and characteristics are known to exacerbate such diseases. Peter Greenhouse, a consultant in sexual health based in Bristol, England, told BBC News: “We’ve been worried it would spread to men who have sex with men…The problem is [they] tend to spread infections a lot faster simply as they change partners more quickly.” The BBC adds that homosexuals “are also more likely to have gonorrhea in their throats. Their further resistance is more likely to develop as antibiotics get to the throat in lower doses and the area is also teeming with other bacteria that can share the resistance to drugs.” This new strain of the disease has in fact now taken hold among homosexual populations, and medical professionals are bracing themselves for soaring numbers of diagnoses and accompanying care costs for the affected.

Aside from transmittable disease, homosexual behavior takes a grim and nauseating physical toll on the human body, a fact so well-documented and as to obviate any need to recount the odious details here. Perhaps even more importantly, however, homosexual behavior is often accompanied by a range of mental pathologies. A UK Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey from 2007 revealed that rates of depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobia, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and alcohol and drug dependence were significantly higher in homosexual respondents. A common rejoinder to such findings is that homosexuals have such a high incidence of mental health problems because of wider social oppression. This claim is a dubious one given contemporary mass indulgence, protection, and endorsement of homosexual behavior, and quite reminiscent of explanations for criminal behavior and other social malfunctions among Blacks. These explanations fail to account for the common denominator found in both Black and homosexual populations: high levels of traits typically associated with psychopathic behavior. These include, but are not limited to: higher rates of promiscuity; a greater tendency to high-risk activity; higher rates of intimate partner violence;1 low levels of impulse control; and a tendency towards bouts of an exaggerated sense of self-esteem/importance quite detached from reality. In another indicator of psychopathy, studies have shown that homosexuals, like Blacks, commit homicides in the “brutal” category at a rate higher than sexually normal Whites.2 Homosexuals, even juvenile homosexuals, are also over-represented as sexual murderers.3 A less popular and politically correct, but eminently logical, supposition might be that the range of mental pathologies experienced by homosexuals is, rather than an externally provoked situation, coterminous with the overall psychological profile of the homosexual.

Assessed as vectors of disease, and as a group likely to be a significantly greater drain on mental health and related resources, homosexuals can be reasonably argued to act as a much greater burden on national health budgets than the sexually normal. Due to political correctness, it would be impossible in the current academic and political climate to obtain the funding and support necessary to conduct a full and precise assessment of the financial burden of the homosexual population, much less hold a debate on whether this population is worth the extravagant overspending that it consumes, and apparently feels entitled to consume. However, it should be a political principle of the Alt-Right that this is an investigation and a debate that should take place, not in order to morally lecture or police people on ‘what they do in their bedrooms,’ but in order to ensure that the most vital areas of national and ethnic health enjoy their fully-deserved access to as many resources as possible. For example, children are the future of the nation and it should be a cast-iron political position of the Alt-Right that no situation should ever arise whereby children’s health is financially disprivileged while exorbitant funds are directed at chronically problematic adult groups, of which homosexuals are inarguably one.

Aside from issues of disease, demographics are another biological reason why homosexuality should be regarded as a political issue worthy of attention. In this regard, it has been argued historically that homosexuality threatens the demographics of a nation because it is reliant on ‘converts’ and thus, in recruiting individuals from the reproductive population, leads to an overall decline in birthrates. This may be regarded as the ‘homosexual conspiracy’, or ‘recruitment’ theory of homosexual demographic impact. My own impression is that the ‘recruitment’ problem is not as severe a demographic problem as some of the proponents of this argument maintain, mainly because I believe that an overwhelming majority of the population, apart from the psychologically vulnerable (children and adolescents in particular), would be impervious to homosexual efforts to propagandize their specific behaviors. A more potent demographic impact of homosexuality, in my opinion, is the transmission and tolerance of more generalized aspects of homosexual behavior to the normal population — hedonism, childlessness, substance abuse, promiscuity, and the relatively novel idea that relationships are exclusively about love or similar abstractions — all of which will lead to a drop in birthrates. Despite my own opinion, both demographic arguments require further elucidation.

The reliance of homosexuals on ‘recruitment,’ most often in the form of pederasty, has been well documented throughout history. At present, homosexuality has not been conclusively determined to have been caused by either genetic or environmental factors. Whatever its causes, homosexual behavior was always a minority problem. Attempts by modern scholars, often those with a ‘dog in the fight,’ to read homosexual behavior into this or that historical era or individual are often riddled with logical errors, use of anachronistic terminologies, and omissions of contrary data. However, what we can ascertain is that homosexual behavior was evident in ancient Greece and Rome, but appears to have been less common in northern Europe. Also in evidence is an abundance of primary documentation from contemporaries critical of homosexual behavior. An example combining both of these realities is the description by Tacitus of the Germanic tribes taking “the man stained with abominable vices” and plunging him “into the mire of the morass with a hurdle put over him” — an indictment of some of the tolerances of Roman society as well as an accurate anthropological description of ancient Nordic social governance.

Hostility and aversion to the ‘recruiting’ or pederastic elements of homosexuality were commonplace in Imperial Rome. We know from Polybius that the Roman army punished homosexual relations between soldiers with death, and from Valerius Maximus that the upper echelons of the armies of the middle and late Republic were forced to confront incidents where homosexual officers had been sexually molesting young subordinates. Indeed, Tacitus remarks that one of the main reasons for the revolt of the Batavians, a Germanic tribe on the Rhine, against the Romans was the conscription, and subsequent molestation, of their youths in the Roman army. Whatever tolerance was shown to such behavior by Imperial authorities, it appears to have increased along with the decline of the Empire.

The link between the toleration of homosexual behavior and civilizational decline is an interesting one. Although both Parmenides and Aristotle argued that heredity played a large role in the homosexuality of the Greeks, and more especially the Dorians, Havelock Ellis, the early ‘sexologist,’ argued that the prevalence of what he called “sexual inversion” in Greek society was rooted more in the human “herd instinct” and was due more to a “state of social feeling that however it originated, induced a large proportion of the ordinary population to adopt homosexuality as a fashion.” Once a society adopted this fashion, it contributed to the “demoralizing of the manhood of a nation,” and was a sign of impending national or civilizational collapse into decadence and despondency. The goal was thus to avoid a situation in which homosexual ‘recruitment’ was “normalized” and, more crucially, to prevent the behaviors associated with these psychological disorders from becoming fashionable. This connection between homosexual behavior and civilizational decline is simply too large in scope to properly deal with here, but it should remain a background note to our consideration of the issue as a whole. More specifically, it is necessary to give some consideration to Ellis’ theory that homosexuality became ‘fashionable’ in Ancient Greece. By what means?

As both a contemporary and historical phenomenon, it is difficult to separate homosexual behavior from pederasty, so reliant has the former been upon the latter. The introduction of the legal decree Lex Scantina by the Romans around 149 B.C. appears to have been a reaction to the rape and sexual abuse of young male citizens, and a number of prosecutions against Senators and other Roman elites are documented. The pederastic preference among homosexuals appears to have survived the last two millennia but is currently inhibited from full ‘expression’ by legal, social, and cultural obstacles. For example, in one 2000 study of sexual age preferences by orientation, psychologists found that homosexuals were on average most likely to select the youngest possible option: a teenage boy. By contrast, sexually normal males were most likely to select a 25-year-old female.4 It is highly controversial to suggest that homosexuals may be more likely to sexually abuse children, and due to a lack of reliable studies, such an argument is not advanced here. However, there are very credible studies indicating that child sexual abuse plays a role in the development of homosexuality — a form of ‘recruitment,’ for lack of a better term. For example, a 2001 study in Archives of Sexual Behavior found that “gay men and lesbian women reported a significantly higher rate of childhood molestation than did heterosexual men and women. Forty-six percent of the homosexual men in contrast to 7% of the heterosexual men reported homosexual molestation. Twenty-two percent of lesbian women in contrast to 1% of heterosexual women reported homosexual molestation.”5

Given the historical and contemporary prominence of the pederastic element, the ‘homosexual conspiracy’ or recruitment theory should be regarded as pertinent to demographic decline mainly in respect to the relationship of the homosexual to children or adolescents. In an earlier age, Havelock Ellis was able to advance the opinion that homosexuals should be prevented from coming into close contact with children since his studies indicated that this would reduce the incidence of “acquired perversity in others” via abuse and ensuing psychological disturbance. According to Ellis, adhering to this measure alone would act rapidly to reduce “artificial homosexuality among the general population.” An academic expressing such an opinion today would at the very least lose his job, or in other cases perhaps even find himself imprisoned for ‘hate speech.’ And yet the high rate of self-reported childhood molestation among homosexuals has yet to be adequately explained or its broader ramifications discussed. At any rate, it could be reasonably postulated, based on studies like that above and a high volume of anecdotal evidence (e.g. the personal account of molestation from Milo Yiannopoulos), that pederasty begets pederasty. Such a postulation would go some way towards explaining how a tolerated but maligned vice may if left to metastasize, reach greater proportions within a society than may otherwise have been the case — to become ‘fashionable.’

These findings are important on a movement level. Like the Imperial Roman army, we aim to create an environment of camaraderie, loyalty, teamwork, and, where necessary, authority. It is an unfortunate fact that, also like the Imperial Roman army, there would be a vulnerable minority among the younger members of the community to those who would abuse authority for perverse ends. Far from mere conjecture, anecdotal evidence and historical data suggest that homosexuals have routinely exploited any tolerance shown to them in such environments — from Imperial Rome to the presence of pederasts in the Sturmabteilung of the 1930s and the British National Front of the 1970s. Such a threat is not the stuff of nightmares or unfounded anxieties; it is a proven reality. In terms of its pederastic component, the tolerance of homosexuals in the movement is thus, at the very least a disaster for morale (and a cause for division between those who are alarmed and those two turn a blind eye), and at worst a personal disaster for the unfortunate victim of ‘recruitment.’

Recent decades have witnessed waves of ‘educational’ efforts promoting ‘tolerance and understanding’ of homosexuality among the young. This is of course propaganda rather than education because the biological, psychological, and pederastic elements of homosexuality are entirely omitted in favor of misleading representations of homosexuals as being socially identical to the sexually normal. Perhaps even more notable is the fact that even our own movement has tolerated similar ‘educational’ efforts promoting ‘tolerance and understanding’ of homosexuality. I am of course referring to the substantial volume of homosexual apologetics emanating from Counter-Currents Publishing. It is necessary to examine and critique some examples.

Homosexual Apologetics within White Nationalism

In a Counter-Currents article titled ‘Homosexuality and White Nationalism,’ Greg Johnson states that members of our movement shouldn’t be concerned about homosexuality because, one, “it is beside the point,” and two, “intolerance of homosexuality is Jewish.” The rationale in the first instance is that “White Nationalism should be a one-issue political outlook. White Nationalism is for the interests of Whites and against the interests of our racial enemies. Period.” The presentation of such a simplified argument is quite clever because, superficially at least, it is difficult to disagree with the statement of such a priority. However, it leaves a great deal unsaid. What does it mean for something to be “for the interests of Whites”? What about the health, and health resources, of Whites? What about the demographics of Whites? What about the morale of movements for White identity, and White culture at large? Homosexuality and its promotion can be demonstrated as being in opposition to all of these interests. A movement reduced to an unsophisticated “one-issue political outlook” would be cartoonishly absurd, lacking in nuance and direction. Pointing to “the interests of our racial enemies” in the context of such an apologetic is also an absurdity. Homosexuals, like other antisocials, violate and disturb the social norms of our people, placing themselves at the disposal of the enemies of our people, and acting as a weapon for their plans.

Johnson proceeds to argue that we should “resist falling for any form of the divide and conquer strategy used by our enemies to destroy our solidarity.” Homosexuals are said to be “real assets” to the movement because they “are intelligent and accomplished…Are freer to speak their minds because they give fewer hostages to fortune. They also have more free time and more disposable income to devote to the cause.” Truthfully, what loss would we experience by exiling these ‘real assets’? Where are all these homosexuals, so much ‘freer to speak their minds’? Where are they, other than producing anonymous homosexual apologetics? Yes, a great many members of our movement are anonymous. There is no inherent shame in that. But homosexuals have not distinguished themselves by bravely taking to the front line, or by filling our coffers with funds. The article continues: “Battles between gays and straights, men and women, pagans and Christians, Nordics and Mediterraneans, Celts and WASPs, Germans and Slavs, etc. have no place in the White Nationalist movement.” What a clever lie it is to suggest that the removal of homosexuals would entail the same scale of conflict as would ensue between Germans and Slavs. How many homosexuals are in our circles? Not many. And those that are here, for the time being, would be no loss, numerically or otherwise, in the eventuality of their departure.

The idea that “hostility to homosexuality is Jewish” is as insidious as it is false. The claim rests on a combination of poor understanding of pre-Christian European attitudes towards homosexuality and a predictable infatuation with a generalized view of the more appealing (to the modern homosexual) culture of the ancient Mediterranean. Firstly, as a northern European, I am concerned more with the ancient customs and traditions of my own ancestors — Saxon, Celt, and Norse. We have already mentioned the account from Tacitus on the execution of homosexuals by submerging them in bogs, but the pre-Christian Anglo-Saxons also engaged in the ceremonial execution of sexual deviants. In Anglo-Saxon Deviant Burial Customs (Oxford, 2009), Andrew Reynolds reports on the burial of homosexuals in pairs, their bodies decapitated and buried face down, and weighted down with stones — pagan methods intended to prevent the dead from entering the afterlife or from returning to haunt the living.6

Such examples aside, the more pertinent historical context is the understanding of the basis of pre-Christian law. Homosexual apologists have made much of the fact that pre-Christian Europe apparently had no specific laws against homosexuality, and have used this absence to argue for a putative tolerance of homosexuality in those ancient cultures. What they fail to understand or acknowledge, however, is that before the coming of Christianity most European tribes or nations had no concept of state-administered punishment for crime, and thus had no laws that would conform to such a scheme of punishment. Criminal law itself, such as it existed in the northern fringes of Europe, was almost exclusively based on oral traditions, and was loose and pragmatic. Anyone familiar with the Icelandic Sagas [in which accusations of homosexuality are a primary and severe insult between characters] will be aware that murder, for example, was something that would have to be either personally avenged by the murdered party’s relatives or be arbitrated by an ad hoc tribal court.

The lack of a written law against murder in this instance, or the lack of a fixed, state-administered punishment for it, did not suggest ‘tolerance’ or ‘acceptance’ of murder. Such an argument would be absurd. In the same way, it would be intellectually unsophisticated, if not disingenuous, to suggest that the same societies were ‘tolerant’ or ‘accepting’ of homosexuality. Like all arguments based on an ‘absence of X,’ this is especially weak. The exposed nature of such an argument is made even more problematic by the existence of pre-Christian legal codes which, while not legislating specifically against homosexuality, clearly locate it, via the available legal contexts, outside the normal and the desirable. An interesting case in this regard comes from Ireland’s ancient, pre-Christian, ‘Brehon Law’ — the oldest surviving codified legal system in Europe, and possibly a relic from the first proto-Indo-European populations. Like most examples of pre-Christian legal codes from North-Western Europe, Brehon Law was a civil rather than criminal code. Interestingly, it makes a provision for women to divorce their husbands if they were found to be homosexuals.

Roman law, which to a greater extent than any contemporary nation did develop state-administered punishment, is very interesting in the same regard. Lacking a Christian God to offer divine authority and direction, the Romans legislated against asocial activity in a manner that balanced individual freedom (a long-cherished European trait) with social priorities (order, health, stability, decorum). Since Roman law legislated against pederasty, as well as homosexual activity between freeborn males (in some cases under threat of execution), Roman law should be regarded as having de facto outlawed homosexuality in the form in which is mainly exists today. The fact that a Roman male citizen could legally engage in sexual activity with a slave (regarded as property with no bodily individuality or self-ownership), or with a prostitute (a sub-human in social and legal terms), is not a strong counter-argument. In short, there is at least sufficient evidence of opposition to homosexuality in pre-Christian Europe to refute the blatant falsity that ‘opposition to homosexuality is Jewish.’

On this point, however, one might ask — even if hostility to homosexuality was, in fact, a Jewish invention, would that be sufficient for us to discard it? Didn’t Jews, as Disraeli often boasted, also ‘lead the way’ in terms of codifying the racial principle? Should we, therefore, abandon all efforts to foster European ethnocentrism because Jews are ethnocentric? Obviously not. In truth, hostility towards homosexuality is rooted in human universals — a desire to protect the young, the preservation of social mores and decorum, and the promotion of social health and demographic growth. As a demographically vulnerable but ambitious tribe, with an authoritarian obsession with social rules rooted in self-segregation and ethnocentrism, it is unsurprising that the Jews contrived that their god mandated the execution of homosexuals. But their adoption of such a firm stance is not evidence in support of the argument that a similar adoption by us would prove toxic to our civilization. Additionally, because issues of youth protection, health, and demography are human universals, any kind of knee-jerk and uncritical rejection of something as ‘Jewish’ is precisely the kind of quasi-esoteric counter-Semitism that gives more reasoned critique a bad name.

Far from being original, my comments in this regard are mere echoes of those made by the psychologist Havelock Ellis in 1896 during the course of his Studies in the Psychology of Sex: Sexual Inversion — probably the first medical textbook on homosexuality. Ellis writes (p. 227):

Our modern attitude is sometimes traced back to the Jewish law and its survival in St. Paul’s opinion on the matter. But the Jewish law itself had a foundation. Wherever the enlargement of the population becomes a strongly felt social need — as it was among the Jews in their exaltation of family life, and as it was when the European nations were constituted — there homosexuality has been regarded as a crime, even punishable with death. The Incas of ancient Peru, in the fury of their devastation, even once destroyed a whole town where sodomy had once been detected. I don’t know if it has been pointed out before that there seems to be a certain relationship between the social reaction against homosexuality and against infanticide. Where the one is regarded leniently and favorably, there generally the other is also; where the one is stamped out, the other is usually stamped out.

Just as it would be foolish for us to abandon ethnocentrism simply because a pseudo-intellectual makes the argument that “ethnocentrism is Jewish,” so it would be foolish for us to abandon ‘homophobia’ just because a pseudo-intellectual (and one with a ‘dog in the fight’) states that “homophobia is Jewish.” Kevin MacDonald makes the argument in Separation and Its Discontents that National Socialism was a mirror image strategy replicating many aspects of Jewish ethnocentrism — was National Socialism Jewish? Of course not. In truth, by abandoning the promotion of ethnocentrism, and by actively or passively tolerating homosexuality and abortion (which are demonstrably linked in terms of social and legal approval, as Ellis noted), we weaken our material and ideological position immeasurably. And we would do so only to benefit a tiny homosexual clique LARPing as White Nationalists and National Socialists.

Another element underpinning the ‘homophobia is Jewish’ falsity, is an implicit homosexual hatred of Christianity. This is easy to understand — the homosexual hates what condemns him. However, is it true that Christianity is Jewish? We know the Christianity ultimately has Jewish roots, but we also know that Europeans crafted, shaped, and directed Christianity for two thousand years. We know that Christians decided that Judaism’s legalistic hostility to homosexuality was useful, but that its legalistic requirement for circumcision was not. In essence (and this is of course written from an atheistic perspective), Christians developed their religion via a process of selection and omission from Judaism, and via a much greater degree of innovation and the integration of pre-existing elements of pagan culture. The explosive power of Christianity in its first thousand years derived from this synthesis of Jewish fanaticism with pagan creativity. In particular, the former involved the mimicking of ethnocentrism and the creation of more authoritarian structures which replaced the multitude of loose individualistic tribes. Some of these authoritarian aspects undoubtedly infringed upon individual freedom, but this isn’t always an evil. In terms of homosexuality, could it be possible that the introduction of the monotheistic Christian state finally provided the enemies of the pederastic vice with final, overwhelming legal authority to utterly abolish a ‘fashion’ that had appalled them for centuries?


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Andrew Joyce
the authorAndrew Joyce
Andrew Joyce holds a Ph.D. in History and Literature. He is the Editor of Washington Summit Publishers and a frequent contributor to The Occidental Observer among other publications. He is a father of three.


  • After reading just about every opinion that can be compiled on this issue I have concluded that there’s one reason why this movement cannot expect a uniform approach to the issue of homosexuality: there still is an ideological current in support of ‘traditionalist’ reasons for approval of homosexuality which conjures up its notions based on a) historical fact and b) religion, as there also are ‘traditionalist’ reasons for its disapproval. May depend on which traditions you choose to emphasize for your opinion.

    This is what I mean:

    For one, there is a well-documented role in which “homosexuals” (read: cases of homosexual conduct) had in certain white societies; i.e., in Ancient and Classical Greece, and in Imperial Rome. (Dr. Joyce, the assertion that sexual conduct being periodically banned within the ranks of the Roman military is not evidence of a policy directed against homosexual conduct. There were in fact mixed opinions in Republic and Imperial Rome, but male-male intimacy occurred certainly where noteworthy: among the Caesars themselves. I’d recommend the book ‘Homosexuality and Civilization’ for non-Jewish, objective research.)

    We have the Socratic dialogues (Symposium and Phaedrus being the most well-known) which laud homoerotic relationships profusely, on quite philosophical and religious notions. Also, I would look into Brehon Law further than Wikipedia to clarify if divorce was enacted on grounds of adultery, or homosexual conduct in particular, as a separate condemnation — perhaps both.

    Finally we come to the individual WN who has these ideas, is homosexual, and who may be so without anyone else suspecting it. Why should the movement, with such frail ideological backings, dismiss and expel him?

    Also, this isn’t such a big deal for identitarian movements in Europe. European Rightists do not support gay marriage or gay adoption (and neither should we; the family should be upheld always), instead they encourage homosexuals to be who they are, sans the degenerate leftist subculture.

  • After reading just about every opinion that can be compiled on this issue I have concluded that there’s one reason why this movement cannot expect a uniform approach to the issue of homosexuality: there still is an ideological current in support of ‘traditionalist’ reasons for approval of homosexuality which conjures up its notions based on a) historical fact and b) religion, as there also are ‘traditionalist’ reasons for its disapproval. May depend on which traditions you choose to emphasize for your opinion.

    This is what I mean:

    For one, there is a well-documented role in which “homosexuals” (read: cases of homosexual conduct) had in certain white societies; i.e., in Ancient and Classical Greece, and in Imperial Rome. (Dr. Joyce, the assertion that sexual conduct being periodically banned within the ranks of the Roman military is not evidence of a policy directed against homosexual conduct. There were in fact mixed opinions in Republic and Imperial Rome, but male-male intimacy occurred certainly where noteworthy: among the Caesars themselves. I’d recommend the book ‘Homosexuality and Civilization’ for non-Jewish, objective research.)

    We have the Socratic dialogues (Symposium and Phaedrus being the most well-known) which laud homoerotic relationships profusely, on quite philosophical and religious notions. Also, I would look into Brehon Law further than Wikipedia to clarify if divorce was enacted on grounds of adultery, or homosexual conduct in particular, as a separate condemnation — perhaps both.

    Finally we come to the individual WN who has these ideas, is homosexual, and who may be so without anyone else suspecting it. Why should the movement, with such frail ideological backings, dismiss and expel him?

    Also, this isn’t such a big deal for identitarian movements in Europe. European Rightists do not support gay marriage or gay adoption (and neither should we; the family should be upheld always), instead they encourage homosexuals to be who they are, sans the degenerate leftist subculture.

  • May I add, as an animal rights activist (probably won’t find many here) that homosexuality has left its toll on innocent animals. Chimpanzees and other primates were used to test HIV drugs. Fighting HIV was made into a liberal cause taken up even by such people as Princess Diana. The hidden suffering it causes is not mentioned.

  • 1) Homosexuality is expensive. Yup. But it’s not going away. I mean what are you going to do to make it less expensive? Shoot all the gays? Good luck. Not treat HIV? That would make homosexuality even more expensive! HIV rates would skyrocket, gay diseases would spill over into hetero society, etc. Homosexuality is indeed expensive. And there is essentially nothing to be done about that unless you have a cure for homosexuality.
    2) “Homosexuality has not been conclusively determined to be caused by genetic or environmental factors”. No, not conclusively. But there is good reason to believe homosexuality is indeed partially genetic. In the first place, if one twin is gay there is a significantly elevated probability his twin will also be gay, relative to the general population. Even when raised apart. Homosexuality is essentially a biological defect. It occurs naturally in virtually all Mammalian populations.
    3) As to the “if you’re anti-gay you’re a closet homo” argument:
    This is basically BS, although there is some evidence in the literature that those who have extreme emotional or violent reactions to homosexual porn are indeed more likely to be physically aroused by that porn. Though I must admit I don’t give much credence to studies of this nature.
    4) Those of us in the Alt-Right who think these types of articles are useless or counter-productive feel this way because vilifying gays hurts our cause, it hurts our public image, & many of us also believe gays are potential allies in the war against the neo-Bolshevik left & its Islamist allies. Moreover, we think there is little to gain by articles such as this. Most of us don’t believe that shunning gays or vilifying gays will have any real effect on the size of the gay population or its cost. You’re more likely to have success attacking hypersexuality & our sex crazed culture, in that this may reduce the disease load & varied forms of hedonism, thereby reducing pathological & addictive behaviors that lead to homosexuality & other paraphilias.
    5) As for the “homosexuality leads to civilizational decline” argument, it’s good you didn’t try to defend it because it is sheer nonsense. Open homosexuality & rising rates of homosexuality are simply the fruit of decadent societies. This is to say homosexuality is not the cause, it is the effect of a hedonistic, decadent, hypersexual, broken society that has lost its moral compass & shed its civic order. You’re blaming gays when you should be blaming the Cultural Marxist overclass.
    6) There are probably some fairly minor costs to frequent contact with the homosexual population & sub-culture from the hetero population. However, in a free society people naturally sort themselves out appropriately (thus limiting this contact in accordance with their own interests & preferences). The problem is we don’t live in a free society. Thus we are in a sense mashed together with gays against our own free will. Furthermore the Cultural Marxist overclass induces young, foolish women & men to virtue signal about their openness to homosexulity, homosexual culture & homosexuals themselves, exacerbating the problem. It should be noted though that this problem basically would not exist in a free society where gays spent the overwhelming majority of their time amongst other gays.
    7) It must also be noted that virtually all of your stats & facts focus on gay males. Keyword: males. But what about the lesbian community? Is it very expensive? Or is it a lot less expensive to the surrounding society. Maybe even less expensive per capita than the hetero community? I bring this up because it is my earnest belief is that the problem with the gay *male* community is not that there are gays in it, but that there are *only males* in it. Disease, degeneracy & hypersexuality would be a much more widespread problem in the straight community too if there weren’t women around to keep these problems suppressed. If most straight men got to have sex as often as they wanted to, a lot of the problems in the gay community would not be confined to the gay community. At all. Men are pigs. The gay male community is thus all lasciviousness all the time.
    8) I don’t believe homosexuality is Western or non-Western, Jewish or non-Jewish, south European or north European or any of these things. Homosexuality is human. As stated, it is essentially a biological defect, a genetic dead-end. I really don’t have any problem whatsoever with this article. I think it is absolutely, positively neither here nor there. It is vacuous, utterly vacuous. Gays have been with us forever. They will be with us for the foreseeable future. They are not the problem. They’re just not the problem. Most of us in the Alt-Right are simply focused on the real issues afflicting the West, not fruits dancing in the streets.

  • A cultural Marxist could say: White men experimenting on black Africans with polio vaccine caused the virus to spread beyond isolated areas in Africa and are directly responsible for the deaths of many gay, straight, black, and white people. The message of the Alt right should be promoting our race, not trashing our fam who may be less than ideal people.

  • First, to call Greg Johnson a “pseudo intellectual” is ridiculous. He definitely ranks among the top three intellectuals in North American alt-right circles, alongside Kevin MacDonald and Michael O’Meara (author of “New Right, New Culture”). And Counter-Currents is by far the best website (even if Arktos has the best list of book titles).

    Second, I am inclined to agree with Joyce that widespread homosexuality is a symptom of cultural decadence (though in many individual cases it appears to arise naturally), and that it was discouraged by traditional pagan European society. However, aside from such happy examples as Mr Joyce, married with three kids, I would say that many of us today suffer from sexual pathologies, fetish complexes, addiction to porn, and so forth. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, or something to this effect.

    Moreover, Greg Johnson is clearly a very high-functioning homosexual, not a degenerate. His achievements far out-shine what most of us have done. Should we not look at the total phenomenon of who a person is and what he does, rather than simply his sexuality?

    Further, as an empirical matter, do not homosexuals on average make more contributions to literature and higher culture than straight men? And I refer not to the culture of today, but to high culture and the arts down through the centuries. Should this not count for something in our calculations?

    • For some reason, this topic tends to bring out the most classless and childish sort of discourse whenever it comes up. It becomes this silly contest between “All is allowed as long as it’s white, you Christcuck conservatard!” vs. “BOG THE SODOMITES AND FAG APOLOGISTS” sort of race to the bottom. The discussion of the issue tends to be almost as disgusting and depressing as the actual issue itself, the kind of thing I wish could just be solved one way or the other, forever, so we can focus on the whole “Jews and cucks are breeding billions of angry, dumb savages that are going to destroy the entire world” issue, which I feel is kind of important.

      I don’t think a solution that would be “good enough” for everyone would be that hard, but this issue seems to always bring a kind of rancor and immaturity to the fore that make that impossible. The way I look at it, I’m not gay, I don’t associate with them, I don’t want to see or hear about them or their lifestyle but I don’t tend to feel a strong antipathy toward them because I simply don’t think about them. I imagine that’s more difficult if one lives in an urban/diverse setting, but none of that is going to be solved by saying “bog” and “sodomite” over and over again, which seems to be about as sophisticated as most people make their arguments. There are some people who take a hardline against gays for entirely healthy reasons, there also seem to be some people who basically just enjoy pointing at people and yelling “faggot!!!!,” whom it seems actually aren’t interested in doing anything but being an annoying kid in the playground.

  • There must be an easier way to get rid of Greg Johnson that bashing all the homos in the Alt-Right. Couldn’t somebody kidnap his dog or something?

  • 360 comments and not one person has taken the presented data and offered a counter-argument other than “we shouldn’t be talking about this.” Not one.

    It’s all:

    “We wuz homos.”
    “But unity tho?”
    “I can’t cope with more than one issue at a time.”
    “I’m gay and this is hateful. I’m going elsewhere.”

    Spineless cretins.

    • Here are some arguments: Cost of Healthcare is completely inflated which is beyond the scope of the article. STDs are higher in gay population because they are shamed from seeking monogamous relationships, bombarded by “do what feels good” media, availability of “free” healthcare (no consequences), and other factors. Rate of molestation in gays may be higher because they are more open with their sexuality w/ regard to self reporting. How many gays have abortions? Women are literally murdering our future so there must be no room for them either.

      I’m not saying that gay lifestyle should be promoted. It should not, for demographic reasons stated above. But the tired laundry list of everything bad about gay people is exaggerated. The article needs balance with the benefits gays bring.

      Gays tend to have higher income and be more educated per census data. Most gay people I know are funny and tend to have a happy-go-lucky disposition.

      If you want to have a white nation that’s not a prison state, you’re gonna have to tolerate others who may fall short of the lebensborn. Gays are natural allies to white nationalists because of Islam. This purity spiral is going to isolate our movement. We need a message more like “come home brother” if were going to be successful.

      • I reject paragraph 1. Cultural forces are not primarily responsible for the widespread debauchery & disease in the gay community.

        I strongly second paragraphs 2, 3, & 4.

    • What, then, happens when the alt-right establishes its fabulous ethnostate? Will beautiful white children be killed once they exhibit the first signs of homosexuality? Will you instead hope they just kill themselves rather than go on living in a society that forces them to deny one of the most fundamental, natural urges? Or, will you wait until they prance around singing “Depeche Mode” karaoke like Richard Spencer is fond of doing, then bash their heads in?

    • There is no legitimate counter-argument.

      Three things I will add:

      1) The money spent on AIDS research and treatment is even more tragic when you realize that it was all wasted on trying to cure/treat a disease that could have been contained entirely by behavior modification. All that money was spent in an effort to make homosexuality safe.

      Had we instead just let things run their course, not only would we have saved many billions of dollars – but we would actually have improved the homosexual “community” by ridding it of those who lack impulse control and/or have a faulty risk/reward calculator.

      2) Being anti-homosexual is Jewish in one way and not in another. Jews aren’t pushing homosexuality on their own tribe – they are pushing it on ours via their media outlets, legal organizations, etc. It’s bad for the Tribe… but it’s great for the Goy… because it weakens him.

      3) Not everything that Jews do is necessarily bad. We could learn a lot from their habits of sticking together, promoting their own interests, and allowing useful outsiders just enough access to be useful – and no more.

  • The fact that this is THIS controversial is why the Alt-Right is flailing. We all need to be on the same page or we accomplish nothing. Faggot apologists GTFO!!!

    • I agree. Why is this even an issue? It seems that there are a lot of shills and sock accounts stirring up trouble in the comment sections and try to create an issue out of something that we would all agree on if we were to meet in person – sodomites have no place in our movement.

  • I adopted the Alt-Right label because it represented a fresh new White Consciousness & Advocacy without all the deal-breaking baggage and hang-ups associated with traditional Christian conservatardism. Now I see that it’s devolving back to the pea-brained authoritarian, control-freak, anal-retentive, toxic image and losing strategies of WN 1.0.
    Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

    Also, if Richard is truly hetero, then he has the gayest mannerisms of any ‘straight’ man I have ever seen. Nothing wrong with that – just sayin’.

    • If your entire analysis of the altright is based on this one article, I suggest that you read more. The “gay question” is not the only thing that has been discussed here or on other altright platforms. In fact, most altright thinkers and leaders discuss it very little. I will admit though, this is the most damaging thing to appear on this website.

      • There is nothing damaging about condemning mentally ill perverts and those who enable their self-destructive behaviors.

          • Calling these issues out doesn’t make someone an ass hole.

            Who is the bigger ass hole – the guy who tells sodomites “don’t worry I don’t judge you do what ever it is all good!” knowing full well that they have an average life expectancy of only 42, are over 80x more likely to get AIDS/GRIDS, have the highest suicide rates, can’t have families, have extreme violence in their ‘communities’ etc.? Or the guy who tells them the truth and tries to help them get cured of their illness and direct them in a positive manner towards having a happy, healthy, productive, and long life, even if it is through tough love?

            I would say it is the first guy hands down. It’s like handing a suicidal person a gun* and telling them to do whatever they want with it.

          • I should also add that the people who defend homosexualism are even bigger ass holes because when men like me come along and speak the truth and want to help these poor souls they attack us, which is no different than attacking the person who tried to take the weapon away from the suicidal person. Only a Jew or a depraved monster with no empathy or love for his fellow Aryans could behave in such a despicable way.

          • At no point in my entire life have I ever defended homosexuality or gay marriage. I’m disgusted by the degenerate and filthy destruction gay subculture and sexual immorality has done to America. That being said, I’ll not castrate someone like Enoch Hardman who openly opposes gay marriage and the degenerate lifestyle that gays often perpetuate. He is a fellow white man who wishes to see our race prosper and build great societies again. I don’t see how this is a problem. Behaving like you and your ilk will only rip our movement apart, not make it stronger. Encouraging family values and traditional lifestyles should be a positive thing, not simply a means of attacking other people. I do recall seeing you attack Black Pigeon Speaks further up in the comments. He has done more for our cause than you ever will. You wish to sabotage our movement by purity spiraling because of some anger fueled crusade of white trash neo-nazism. Sit back and let the real men speak. I’m not the asshole here; you are.

          • “I’ll not castrate someone like Enoch Hardman” – I would because it is for the greater good, and by castrate I do not mean ‘cut’, I mean chemically, which is more humane.

            “the degenerate lifestyle that gays often perpetuate.” – Sodomites don’t “often” live degenerate lifestyles, being a sodomite is degenerate period.

            “He is a fellow white man who wishes to see our race prosper and build great societies again.” – Then he should do so by rejecting the filth of homosexualism and getting an Aryan wife and having children and raising them correctly.

            “I don’t see how this is a problem.” – Slippery slope. Tolerating sodomites will morph into something else, that is how it always works.

            “Behaving like you and your ilk will only rip our movement apart, not make it stronger.” – Sodomites make up about 0.02-3% of the total population. They won’t rip anything apart. They are insignificant and removing them from our ranks will only make us stronger.

            “Encouraging family values and traditional lifestyles should be a positive thing, not simply a means of attacking other people” – Their ‘lifestyle’ is based on the rejection and utter and complete inversion of the natural order and they must be excluded because of that. I will not tolerate hypocrites who, while engaging in effeminate, lewd, and perverse acts, dare to tell honorable men how they should behave. Men lead by example and not being nagging like women.

            ” I do recall seeing you attack Black Pigeon Speaks further up in the comments.” – People said the same things about the Jew Frank Collin back in the day when men like me attacked him. BPS is a Jewish pervert LARPing as a pro-white. We must not forget that the protocols of the learned elders of Zion teaches Jews that the best way to subvert the opposition is to lead it ourselves and so far that has worked brilliantly for them.

            “He has done more for our cause than you ever will.” – By making videos that take about an hour to make stating obvious facts and not presenting any solutions, just more complaints about Islam and pointing at them as the real issue. He is a typical Zionist scapegoating half-apes for his tribe’s countless crimes against humanity.

            “You wish to sabotage our movement by purity spiraling because of some anger fueled crusade of white trash neo-nazism.” – The only people who whine about ‘neo-nazis’ and ‘white trash’ are Jews.

            “Sit back and let the real men speak.” – I agree, the sodomites and Jews shouldn’t be allowed to comment on this website.

            “I’m not the asshole here; you are.” – Verpiss dich, Judlein.

          • Alkaloid had to throw in “anal” and you “asshole”. We know what your compulsive mental illness flashes in your sick minds. A possible cure could be forcing your kind to look at pictures of anuses while the electric shocks are applied. I do believe our VP Pence even supports this.

  • In the past this was at least a controversial issue, and Spencer had no
    qualms inviting f.e. Jack Donovan or Millenial Woes to speak at the NPI,
    and the work of Greg Johnson was widely respected. Now this comment
    section is policed by two or three anonymous self-appointed (?) shills aggressively
    outgrouping anyone who disagrees with Joyce in the name of a previously
    non-existent alt right dogma. If this really is supposed to be a
    discussion platform, how is it supposed to work?

    • “Now this comment section is policed by two or three anonymous self-appointed (?) shills aggressively outgrouping anyone who disagrees with Joyce in the name of a previously
      non-existent alt right dogma.” Agreed. The gay question was never a problem until now. How is it this divisive?

      • It only seems divisive because there is small group of sodomites (and possibly Jews) who are offended by this and are using a bunch of sock accounts to attack people who support this traditional point of view and are trying to use consensus cracking to silence us and force us to accept homosexualism.

          • Patriotic American struggles with his homosexual inclinations; he already stated that he chooses not to act on his impulses. Notice his paranoid delusions over being forced to come out.

          • Yes, I am attacking them. They are perverts and have no place in a healthy society. I am not playing the victim card either, I am pointing out the obvious and you are getting butt hurt over it.

  • This is actually VERY Interesting…….

    What we are witnessing is a Cultural Exposition……..

    There are Plenty of White Homosexuals who agree with White Identitarianism/Nationalism…….

    There are White Alt-Right Gawkers/Maybes who have Gay Friends, Family……

    …..or who themselves are Bi-Curious or who have Experimented…….

    They don’t want to be Racial Minorities any more than we do…….

    But, the Alt-Right is the Strong Authoritarian Father……..



    You will be Expelled from this Family if you engage in that Behavior…….


    But, the Alt-Right is also the Loving Mother……..


    If you’re Lost and Degenerate and want to Saved and Transformed……..

    Then, there is HOPE……

    And we welcome you back with Open Arms…….White Sisters and Brothers……

    Once you Cleanse yourself of this Anti-White Perversion…….

  • I’ll say it again, Bring Back the Closet. Greg Johnson would have a place in the movement if:

    1. He wasn’t a Grudge Holding woman.

    2. He got back in the closet and ceased writing Homo apologia blaming Jews and Christians for Homos rightly being relegated to the closet for most of European history.

  • A decent article. Apologetic and defensive theories to protect Jews do connect to the methods to protect and advance homosexuality.

    “second, that I was evidently a repressed homosexual”

    Ah, that old chestnut. You are against us so YOU must be gay! What a strange idea. Imagine if one were against Ba’athism, would that make you a Ba’athist?

    “he wrote in 1966: “Homosexuality is a disgusting and, in some of its aspects, recondite subject, and even the most concise summary of what is known about it would reach the dimensions of a treatise and require the use of languages other than English.””

    While probably accurate in 1966, when it was far more underground, now sadly it is far too pervasive and attached to the wider culture to be recondite anymore.

    “don’t care what people do in their bedrooms,”

    I’ve seen one close person that had such an attitude fall to being a gay marriage supporter. As what was normal and acceptable changed, they changed from viewing it as acceptable deviance, to viewing it as normal, fine, and that it should be recognised by law. How slippery.

    ““I can’t take a principled position on this issue because if I do then I will appear homosexual in the schema of Jewish psychological contrivance.”

    How amusing. That must be avoided.

    On his focus on the negative health impacts, how this is awful and negative not in a moral sense but a health sense, I would encourage everyone to look into this. It will make you pretty anti-gay, especially if you are a man, because it is males that are most harmed and ended by homosexuality, the mental harms it brings, and the diseases it spreads.

    “I believe that an overwhelming majority of the population, apart from the psychologically vulnerable (children and adolescents in particular), would be impervious to homosexual efforts to propagandize their specific behaviors.”

    Yet in the gay community, so I have been told by two homosexuals, there is the idea that since everyone is a bit gay they think they can win people over and convert them. There is a depraved confidence here. Once they are in, they are in for years, and will be passed around and play the dangerous part of the homosexual. There is indeed propaganda and many individuals pushing for this.

    I don’t see it so much as a question (the HQ?), because we are either anti-degen, or pro-degen (so then it is a choice). Normie liberal society has allowed itself to become pro-degen, whereas mere decades ago it was not, and look where that has gotten it? Therefore, we should be anti-degen if we want to stand against the rot, and stand against acts that are deeply wrong and immensely harmful down to the very core.

    • We are not all a bit gay and homosexuality is no threat to confident heterosexual males until the promiscuous lifestyle is pushed as a positive example to the greater community and encouraged as a healthy alternative. However there are closeted gay men who project and attack others for the thing they hate within themselves.

  • I can’t believe what I just read. I’m fairly new to the Alt Right but until reading this is pretty disturbing stuff, especially some of the comments. I’m a philosophy and history graduate, then did a masters in modern theology. I did an accountancy conversion degree after that and now work in an accountancy firm in Manchester in the UK. I dress smartly, work out and I speak well and can structure a good argument and so use all of this to engage whenever possible in promoting the Alt-Right. Red pilling people is a challenge at times but I believe in the cause and feel people are quite receptive when engaged with reason and confidence.

    I’ve been directing people to this site because it started out with a lot of promise but this article made my cringe at its academic crudeness and some of the comments below are absolutely appalling. If this is what the Alt-Right offers as a potential future I will be working against you not fighting for you. Given the appearance of this article on a site that Richard Spencer and others I respected collaborate then I’ll assume they are all in agreement with it and its toxic author.

    I’ll take myself elsewhere but don’t worry you have the likes of American Patriot below, representatives who no doubt will use his obvious good nature and acumen to red pill all those degenerate normies. And before you bright stars of the Alt-Right start screeching that I’m a “sodomite and a pervert” I’m not, I am a committed Church goer well on my way to married life. What a disappointment you turned out to be and what a joke.

    Apologies for the massive rant but this has been a massive eye opener and a huge let down.

    • You’re not Alt-Right…….

      No Alt-Right Person would be Offended by Andrew Joyce…….

      The Occidental Observer is the Intellectual Vanguard of the Alt-Right…….

      There is no way to Verify any of your Claims of who you are……..

      Look at England…….

      Look at British Culture………

      Your Upper Class Culture is one that Prizes Flaming FAGDOM and Male Weakness……..

      You give us MILO Yiannopolous……..

      This is your Gift to us??

      Please, take it back…….

      And Millenial Woes??

      He’s GAY……..

      Your English Accent no longer impresses…….

      We see you for what you are……..


      The American Alt-Right is STRONG……..

      This is why we don’t want Homosexuals in our Midst……..

      • Lol. You are the likes that will doom all of us not me. I frankly don’t care if you don’t believe me either. If you’re the vanguard of this new utopia then it will be a very unpleasant place indeed and you can keep it. As to the American Alt-Right being strong, I hope it is, but it will be even stronger without the likes of you.

        • Joe Biden:

          Jewish leaders in the media are in large part responsible for American acceptance of gay marriage, Vice President Biden said Tuesday night.

          “I believe what affects the movements in America, what affects our attitudes in America are as much the culture and the arts as anything else,” he said at a Democratic National Committee reception for Jewish American Heritage Month. He cited social media and the sitcom “Will and Grace,” giving Jews a large part of the credit for both.

          “I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry,” he said. “The influence is immense, the influence is immense. And, I might add, it is all to the good. ”

          The vice president also praised Jewish contributions to science, immigration reform, the civil-rights movement, the arts, the law and to feminism.

          • As a Christian I don’t support gay marriage nor do I support the homosexual lifestyle but neither do I support attacking gays who want to just quietly get on with their lives. Weaponised homosexuality is a serious concern and tackling the influence of Jews in society would in.large part address this and other issues that undermine white countries. I am more concerned with the latter than with homosexuals. The Jewish lobby is very strong here in the UK but it is very much a behind closed doors enterprise, it it seems more overt in the states which hopefully means you’ll address it faster than we might. If it crumbles over there it’s more likely to do so here too.

        • I am Energy and Passion and Strength……..

          I’m also Well Educated and Well Read……..

          But, I prefer doing Push Ups now……

          More than reading Books…….

          I’ve read enough Books………


          • I looked him up, he was influenced by Jewish writers and was particularly popular with children. Your unusual writing style makes sense as now. Thanks for the pointer.

          • WEAK Comeback……

            I have several Anthologies of British and American Poetry…….

            Your Boring and Standard Writing Model has been ignored by Poets for well over a Hundred Years…..


          • The Anti-Homo Alt-Right Comment Board is always open…..

            Unlike the Gay Greg Johnson’s Counter Currents…..

            Where he Controls everything……

            Keep coming back…..

          • I don’t know if your intention is to offend and also amuse but you did become rather fun to talk with. It is now 00:30 here and I have work tomorrow. Have a good night.

          • Go study Zen Buddhism……..

            You have much to Learn, Daniel Son…….

            Good Day, Chap………

    • So far I’ve seen you post with at least 5 socks. How many more are you going to use to spew the same consensus cracking non-sense before you realize that no one here is interested in your lies?

  • Dr. Joyce, I have long appreciated your contributions to the Occidental Observer.

    But while the information you have presented is more or less accurate, the data is not new and your conclusions are not novel. This article could easily have been whittled down to one installment.

    And while your concerns are somewhat relevant to the broader cultural struggle we are engaged in, considering the small number of homosexuals in the overall population (and especially on the right), confronting the secret homosexual conspiracy is low-priority, shit-tier conservatism one can find anywhere.

    Even now, at the zenith of cultural Marxism, homosexualism seems not so virulent as to warrant this ‘gay panic’ piece, though mass media and big city life may lead one to believe otherwise. Believe it or not, there still exist more checks on homosexual behavior than incentives for it, even in this God-forsaken age.

    And the obsession with the legal minutiae of lost civilizations is autistic.

    So, why now? Could it be that this is little more than a contrived, sideways hit piece on Counter-currents? If so, that is disappointing. While it is certainly not beneath this particular outlet to engage in thinly veiled personal attacks, I expect better from a serious writer like yourself. I could agree with every single point of your article and still come away wanting less to do with the alt-right.

    Egomaniac misanthropes engaged in endless purges and paranoid hysterics, wrestling for control of an invisible army of misfits, does not a movement make. It’s embarrassing. It make the alt-right look like, well, a bunch of faggots.

    Please stick to core identitarian issues and stop purity spiraling, everyone. The only person who cares that you’re the most based super-nazi is you.

    • I agree with every word of that almost but if this article and many of the comments below are indicative of the direction the Alt-Right is going and would take any future society then neither I nor my future family will have any part in it. Very very disappointing stuff.

      • Understandable. But there are other pro-Whites who will be more to your liking. Also one always needs to consider the possibility of paid subversion (not in this case)… I mean to say, it´s a strategy of the enemy to infiltrate our comment sections with shit-tier comments so as to discourage normal Whites… that is to say: anonymous comments in a comment section can´t be reason to throw in the towel on the case. We need to promote the views that we actually have, as opposed to many things voiced in comment sections from questionable “commenters”. There is no alternative to White preservation, so we just need to soldier on.

        • I know your correct to be fair but there has to be ways of tackling the attacks on whites and our civilization without ending up in the dystopian horror fest that some of these Alt-Righters are looking forward to imposing.

          I’ll juxtapose two commenters below that highlights my thoughts on this: Enoch Harman, who seems educated and civilised and American Patriot who seems like a total Bolshevik thug. Enoch as a gay would be destined for castration and the camps while American Patriot is given a top comment by I know who I’d rather build a society with with, and it isn’t American Patriot. Something is wrong with this picture. I’ll work it out but I’m pretty disappointed with this today.

          • 2 thoughts:
            a)it is known that a considerable part of the “Altright”, or maybe better White Identitarianism, is libertarians from the Tea Party movement who became racially aware -> it is therefore not at all plausible that this quagmire of a comment section should be in any way representative of WN.

            b)I´ve always surmised that this site, all like TRS, is actively trying to address and sponge up the IQ 80 faction of Whites… e.g. so that they aren´t sponged up by the jews. You always need the stupid majority on your side, and it seems Altright and TRS are catering for this task. Because nobody is that stupid, not Friberg, Spencer, not Mike Enoch and company.

            I am for a long time looking for a site that actually addresses the more normal White; that there is none, is our own fault alone.

          • I look at it like this: no matter what, any movement will have radical types AND normal types. It must have been obvious to you that a movement that is centered around white identity would bring in some malcontents. This is always inevitable, but the alt-right’s leaders have gone a long way to try to distance us from the psychotic mentality of white nationalism 1.0. If you haven’t noticed already, there are many here who agree with your side of things (like myself). Andrew Joyce and Patriotic American are a couple of bad apples. Don’t let that ruin the whole bushel. The alt-right needs more voices like yours in it.

        • I’ll pray for you, clearly your mind operates in a very dark place. If you’re what the Alt-Right has to offer then the movement is doomed to failure. Do YOU really think you’ll win people over with comments like that? Yuck!

          • I´ll give it to you that if the above is not a paid shill, but is somehow representative of WN, then that casts one heck of a shadow over WN.

            I´m suffering from the same experiences… But the White Race must survive despite idiots like that… so we have to, and we will, find ways.

          • I can guarantee that I have a higher IQ and PQ that you…….

            100% guaranteed…….

            The Alt-Right is the place to be for WN…….

            That’s why you’re here complaining and whining that we don’t tolerate Homosexuality…….

            Oh well…….

            Go form your own Organic Movement that no Real Robust Man wants to join……


          • If you have a high IQ you have not proven it here. Don’t worry though, we can compensate for you.

          • Clearly your Mind doesn’t operate, Nitwit…….

            Read the Bible……

            Romans actually……

            It calls Homosexuality an ‘Abomination’…….

            And your Messiah was Jewish/Hebrew……..

            And Paul??

            “There is no Male or Female, Rich or Poor, Slave nor Free…….for we all One in Christ Jesus”

            My Father was a Minister……

            I went to a Christian College and studied Pentateuch and Christian Theology/Philosophy………

            I’ve read Calvin, Spurgeon, Edwards, Lloyd Jones, Lewis……

            And PLENY of others……

            And I’m an Atheist now…….

            Don’t try to start lecturing me, Moron……..

            You’re an Ideological Schizophrenic…….

          • I studied philosophy at the Lateran university in Rome and could rattle off bible quotes and name a plethora of Christian thinkers too. So what. You are rather strange…but funny.

          • I wonder what else you did and saw there that makes you Partial to Homosexuals??



          • If this blog is so terrible then leave. You have 6,000,000 sjw blogs willing to cater to your disordered mind.

    • The actual suppositions put forth in this 2 part series is what I have a problem with; but triptemus.., you make the superior point. If this is really just another verbose burn piece – than I’m actually annoyed.

      There is too much happening right now, not least among them, this back & forth & full-fledged private war being waged amongst allies. Just isn’t time.

      Of late, I notice too much infighting amongst ourselves, to the point that Im wondering if I should begin resigning myself to the inevitable & utter destruction of our movement. Im not ready to be some negros slave yet, so I’m still fighting…. Our real enemies. If that’s what this is about, a snub piece, can we just get back to bringing new brothers in & put b-level beefs to the side… For now?

      Thanks for pointing that out triptolmus.

  • Solid second entry.

    I only wish that there had been more of an analysis on how men and women are natural fits for each other–a natural law viewpoint.

    I should be an editor here.

  • Hello, Mr. Joyce!
    When will your book be released? I need that one. Will there be a german translation? One tiny brave publisher gave us Kevin Mac Donalds work in german four years ago. What a great and ionformative read!
    Take care and keep up the great work!

  • A lot of new people seem to show up in the comments whenever someone criticizes sodomy on this website.

    Counter-Currents expeditionary force?

    • Experience tells me that most people who’ve ‘been there, done that’ when it comes to participating in and watching the counter-productiveness of these types of articles over the years are the ones speaking up the loudest. White Nationalism 1.0(as some people like to refer to it) was only good at producing one thing. DRAMA. When this website started it seemed to have the potential to brush aside the wasteful arguments and stop squandering talent and potential. But something changed a little while back and now it appears to be another dead end of circle-jerking. The exact same arguments being made here are nothing more than a rehashing of Stormfront mentality of the early and late 2000s. This will inevitably end the same way.

      Then again, I’m not a smart or very perceptive guy, so I could be wrong.

      • I just don’t see much of a constituency for hipster racism anymore, at least in the U.S. Ongoing social decline over the last 10-15 years was too rapid, too dramatic for younger people to really be able to convince themselves that whites only liberalism would be OK. In the U.S. it is still possible to isolate yourself from non-whites to a significant degree, but it’s not possible to ignore how bad things have gotten in terms of non-adaptive behaviors among whites.

        All the young, radical people are into some form of social conservatism or neo-traditionalism nowadays, this site wouldn’t have much legitimacy if it remained in a hipster racist mode.

      • We’re not Homosexuals and we don’t celebrate or condone Homosexuality…….

        And that’s MUCH better than a Billion Dollars or a Million Comment Board Followers…..


  • In our new found piety, the Alt-Right must stand against modernity in all its forms.

    To ensure that members of our movement and future society are adhering to our purity principles, we enact the following two movement laws.

    1) We do not believe in privacy since what you do in your bedroom is of a concern to society. Any other opinion is considered sick minded liberalism. To enforce this, the State must be aware of what you are doing at all times. Webcams will be installed in every home in the ethnostate to ensure strict adherence to anti-modernity laws.

    To get this going now, all members of our movement must submit the unedited contents of their web history to You won’t get to see our web history, of course, but just trust that no other individuals are as moral as we are. If you have found to have been masturbating to porn, you’re out. In the ethnostate, the crime of masturbation will be punishable by 2 weeks in jail.

    2) No blow jobs, ever, even from your wife or girlfriend. This is sodomy and does not lead to the production of white children. On the subject of heterosexual anal sex, we understand there are men and women that enjoy it, but this is just gross and will not be tolerated.

    Because we spend our time wisely, stay tuned for more moralism from your future leaders of the ethnostate.

    • An excellent analysis. Now can you point out in the article where morality and the sex lives of normal people are discussed, as you suggest? Perhaps you want to address the scientific data presented about homosexuals instead? No? The historical data? No? I know, why don’t you just create a humorous straw man for a few cheap upvotes and walk away satisfied.

      • Thanks for at least admitting it was humorous.

        This wasn’t so much directed at you as the author, but toward a general conclusion of where such moralism could lead.

        Why not think about dictating the lives of our future citizens and disregarding silly notions of “rights” to “privacy” as a tool of liberal ideology? We know better than they do, right?

        Saying that we cannot allow people to do as they wish if we can argue that it somehow harms the ideal world we wish to create opens the door to needless regimentation in all areas of life.

        On the subject of public health, yes, it’s a subject that I care and know a lot about. The Center for Disease Control statistics on unprotected gay sexual practices are horrifying, especially among non-whites. However, same-sex attraction isn’t the direct cause of these statistics. (The majority of white homosexual males do not contract HIV.) Instead, these statistics demonstrate poor choices among a relatively small number of people with high time preferences. With condoms and the advent of pre-exposure prophylaxis, less promiscuous and more cautionary individuals do not suffer illnesses.

        We should expose weaponized homosexuality by calling out the “gay rights” organizations and news sites that either downplay or hide this information from the people for whom they claim a special concern. We ought to demand the government widely advertise the consequences of having multiple sex partners without precaution.

        Call out the straight and gay hook-up sites that profit from throwing pornography in the faces of the users to get them interested in and addicted to searching for sex partners.

        Call out gay culture for capturing and misdirecting young white males down a destructive path.

        Tell young white gays that true identity is not rooted in sexual orientation (one facet of a multifaceted being), but in belonging to a race, a culture and a family. Tell them that their true purpose is to contribute to the rebirth of our lost, western civilization.

        Declare to the world that our movement is the answer to everything.

        • Just another sicko you are. You cannot use the word gay, it means happy you fool. When you stop promoting your lifestyle and get back under the rock where you came no one will notice you and you can go on with your disease unnoticed. Pretty simple. Otherwise I propose the camps and/or the rope for the unrepentant.

        • White Male Homosexuality is equivalent to White Genocide……

          Male-Male Sodomy is VILE and DISGUSTING……..

          It is DEATH…….

    • Nah, just when they have parades, hold hands in public, write books and other literature promoting their lifestyle and other such events in the public realm, arrest them and give the proper punishment. It is really very simple.

      If they do dastardly deeds in the closet well we probably won’t know and they can go ahead. But when they need medical care with their Anally Inflicted Death Syndrome and Homo Inflicted Virus and the doctor inspects them and sees the torn up anus then clearly they will both be refused treatment and put on trial. Then when we enact the death penalty (right now in China sex with a child under 14 carries the death penalty; just to show we can make these laws) for child molesters, they (you?) will loose their (your?)ability to reproduce and before long they (you?) will be but a distant memory told about as an ominous warning in our folk lore, like the trolls and demons of old.

  • The germanics did not prohibit homosexuality. The historian Ammianus Marcellinus, from the christianized roman empire, describes homosexuality among them. The young men had to conquer their freedom and prove their virility, if they did not want to remain the catamites of the other men:

    “We have learned that these Taifali were a shameful folk, so sunken in a life of shame and obscenity, that in their country the boys are coupled with the men in a union of unmentionable lust, to consume the flower of their youth in the polluted intercourse of those paramours. We may add that, if any grown person alone catches a boar or kills a huge bear, he is purified thereby from the shame of unchastity.”

    The whole story of the germanics throwing homosexuals in the bog is a myth. Tacitus was exaggerating. The fragment was written in a military context,using a term about passive homosexuals “corpore infames”. Anyway he contradicts himself:

    “The Naharvali proudly point out a grove associated with an ancient worship. The presiding priest dresses like a woman; but the deities are said to be the counterpart of our Castor and Pollux. This indicates their character, but their name is the Alci. There are no images, and nothing to suggest that the cult is of foreign origin; but they are certainly worshipped as young men and as brothers.”
    Transvestite priests LOL

    Effeminate men were rejected in the military caste, but found their place in the honorable and elitist caste of the priests.

    • The apparent contradictions of Tacitus disappear when you realize you have employed a wholesale generalization to describe behavior among “the Germanics.” Was there pederasty among some of the tribes? Yes, probably. Was it punished among some of them? Yes. The Batavian obviously had a problem with it. Ditto for some of the Romans etc, and so on…

      The point made in the article is that hostility to homosexuality cannot be generalized as “Jewish.” Unfortunately proponents of homosexuality in our circles are often just as keen to generalize on the European side of things – all Jews hated homosexuals, all europeans/Germanics/Greeks were homos. We can all pick and choose from old sources but the generalizations (in common use at Counter-Currents) have to go.

      • First, you don’t need to feel ashamed because some forms of homosexuality were acceptable among ancient Europeans. Homosexuality was common in the vast majority of peoples without abrahamic influence. Even among semites, like the Babylonians, had some forms of acceptable homosexual relationships. The jews who were weirds, not the other way.

        You are wrong, when you say that the Batavians disapproved pederasty. The dutchmen did not revolt because pederasty. They revolted because their boys were being abused by roman soldiers:

        “ Batavians of military age were being conscripted. The levy was by its nature a heavy burden, but it was rendered still more oppressive by the greed and profligacy of the recruiting sergeants, who called up the old and unfit in order to exact a bribe for their release, while young, good-looking lads (for children are normally quite tall among the Batavians) were dragged off to gratify their lust. This caused bitter resentment, and the ringleaders of the prearranged revolt succeeded in getting their countrymen to refuse service. “

        Who wrote about this event was Tacitus. And this is important, because it shows how his mind worked. He makes no judgment on the sexual behavior of roman soldiers. Because in the mind of a Roman man, it was acceptable that they sexually abuse foreign boys. They were the conquerors, and therefore had all the right to satisfy their sexual needs in the boys. Now, a roman man who allowed himself to be penetrated by another man, had lost all his honor and dignity. That’s the meaning of a “corpore infames” man. Therefore, you can’t affirm that all forms of homosexuality were rejected by the ancient germanics.

    • Disseminate a narrative designed to influence followers, donors etc., and further deprive that platform of support (clicks, money) in whatever fashion. This won’t lead to movement exclusion, but will contribute even in a minor way to the weakening and marginalizing of the opposition party.

  • I am a signed up member of the Alt-Right who has oriented the next 4 years of my life to undertake doctoral studies in political philosophy with a view to providing an in depth analysis of the destructive orientation of modern political philosophy upon native Europeans and their culture. I could choose any number of other academic routes that would guarantee a cushy teaching job and a nice income. I could settle down and get married and have an easy life if I wanted. I however feel the survival of my people is more important than my own emotional and physical needs.

    As with most philosophical movements certain modes of thinking have inculcated themselves into emerging sociological movements and in the process changed or undermined a given movement’s original goal in order to serve a wider and more pernicious objective. Oscar Wilde (16 October 1854 – 30 November 1900) pushed for the decriminalization of homosexuality and nothing more; not gay marriage, not separate gay enclaves within a wider society. Wilde’s push would have promoted a quiet acknowledgement of the existence of homosexuals and homosexuals would have pushed to have their existence recognized as a matter of course. Capital: Critique of Political Economy (1867–1883) by Karl Marx was not to make itself fully felt for another quarter century and had no bearing on Wilde himself but was to work its tendrils into the very fabric of all social life on the continent within a short period of time. The vehicle for this dissemination would be a much older movement that had yet was still only incorporating this new philosophical and economic model, a product of its own community, into its own socio-political machinations: Zionism.

    With a move to demoralize and undermine social cohesion within Germany the Jews positioned themselves within major industries that enabled them to corrupt the German people through sexual licentiousness, drug abuse, gambling and a whole list of other socially corruptive activities fueled intellectually by the newly founded think tank (1918–33) the Frankfurter Schule . At this point Marxism had not fully tapped into the destructive power of identity politics but it was making itself felt in economically volitile Germany. When Hitler came to power he correctly identified the corrupting influences in German society and rooted them out. Homosexuality per se was not identified as a problem, instead it was its connection to the wider disruptive activities of Marxist / Bolshevik Jews that drew the ire of the NS. Only after Hitler chased the Frankfurt School out of Germany did these evil philosophers inculcate themselves into white western academia and begin to weaponise the component communities of the West. This gave rise to the thoroughly pernicious gay culture today, but one that is no more pernicious than radical feminism or any number of other identity movements.

    Homosexuality is something quite distinct from the very new ideology most gays now feel they must ascribe to but it has not always been so. In history homosexuals have served as great thinkers, generals and artists who have done much to bolster and build up the West and the white race and its intellectual foundations. They have also been farmers, soldiers and builders, keeping the civilisation quietly ticking over from the middle, so to speak.

    I’m gay, I am in no way a promoter of degeneracy and have in fact dedicated my daily life and future career to the promotion of white, western Christian civilisation. I get it in the neck from inside the right for being gay (as can be read below, some of you even think i should be killed), that’s fine, but such a position would ultimately deprive the race and the movement of members who, being free from family constraints, are able to dedicate themselves more fully to the fight.

    • Judging from your comment — assuming you are honest in all your positions — what could you have against intolerance of open homosexuality in a white society, and against banning homosexuals from positions of influence within our movement? How is this a problem for you, considering you seem to be in the closet in your daily life and likewise seems to not promote gay tolerance within the alt-right movement?

      • I’m not in the closet. Everyone knows where I stand with my politics. You are making the fundamental error of confusing the Marxist gay agenda with actually being gay. Should homosexuality be promoted? Absolutely not. Should gays who want to just get on with their lives being terrorized (as appears to be suggested by some of the commentators on here)? No they shouldn’t. Should anyone who works to undermine our civilization be tolerated no. I don’t think gays should marry, adopt children or get special treatment. I believe that heterosexual marriage is the fundamental building block of a strong and stable society. If someone is gay fine but if they’re disruptive that isn’t okay. Like wise that could be said of any citizen who takes a predilection to such an extreme that it becomes a threat to individual safety and social stability.

        • Homosexualism isn’t ‘fine’, it is sick and disgusting and is a perversion of the natural order. You are mentally ill and should seek help.

          • I think its clear from our respective comments that we move in very different circles. It is however more likely to be thinkers such as me that determine the course of this movement than people like you. I will teach in universities, write papers, speak at conferences and form minds. I do not drink, I do not smoke and I am celibate. I have made an effort to be the thing I teach others to be: dignified, serious, learned and focused. If your writing is anything to go by, we have quite quite different expectations of ourselves too.

          • “I think its clear from our respective comments that we move in very different circles.” – Yes, you move with Jews and sodomites, circles that no honorable man would be part of.

            “It is however more likely to be thinkers such as me that determine the course of this movement than people like you.” – Wrong. Men like me aren’t cowards and actually fight for our beliefs. What do you do other than whine and cry like a woman and virtue signal to perverts and freaks and beg Jews to be nice to you and give you shekels and publicity?

            “I will teach in universities, write papers, speak at conferences and form minds.” – LOL Yes, with Jewish financial backing every step of the way I am sure.

            ” I do not drink, I do not smoke and I am celibate.” – Involuntarily, I am sure, as no woman would have an effete poltroon like you.

            “I have made an effort to be the thing I teach others to be: dignified, serious, learned and focused.” – There is nothing dignified, serious, learned, and focused about homosexualism and betraying your race for 30 silver shekels.

            ” If your writing is anything to go by, we have quite quite different expectations of ourselves too.” – Yes, we do have quite different expectations. I expect myself to be honorable and strong and to honor the traditions of my fathers, whereas you expect a Jew to come along and financially subsidize your traitorous filth and promote it to the masses.

          • Patriot American; the man who grovels before masculinity like Waylon Smithers but makes the conscious choice not to act on his submissive homosexual instincts. How brave.

          • You’re also Fkin Annoying……

            Real Men move in these Circles…….

            Now go run along with Greg Johson…….

          • Yes, totally sane. He only sodomizes men and little boys, nothing wrong with that, right goyim? It is totally sane to put your genitals into a hole that sh*t comes out of and if you don’t like that then you are the real insane one. /sarc

            Verpiss dich, Judlein.

          • Didn’t know he sodomized little boys; is that your fantasy? Glad you sit around and visualize gay sex in your mind; I’m sure you’re like the big fat closet queen I beat the shit out of at work after he tried harassing me.

          • What is it with you Jews and sodomites projecting your own filthiness on to everyone else? Truly, Hitler was perfectly correct when he said that Jews and sodomites sling filth like a windmill at honorable men and are virtuosos of depravity and deceit.

          • What is it with you attacking those who, unlike you, have submitted to their homosexual desires? Don’t you understand that not everyone has your discipline and fortitude! Just how do you do it? How do you control your homosexual inclinations?

          • Says the female brained Patriotic American; you must be so excited! You must have your legs kicked up in the air over it.

          • Be like Patriotic American; make the conscious choice not to act on your homosexual inclinations.

          • Ya Enoch, Patriotic American has proven that homosexuality is a choice and he has chosen not to act on his homosexual impulses, what a brave soul!

          • Can you go cry somewhere else? I am sure Rebbi K!kestein has some tissues for you over at the yeshiva.

          • The tears are all yours and you can wipe them away, big daddy will give you a blue ribbon for not choosing to submit to your gay impulses.

          • Why are you sodomites so perverse? Why do all obsess over everything unnatural and depraved? How can you expect us to want anything to do with you when you are slandering people and spouting perverse non-sense?

          • Your the one who started with the sodomy obsession; just don’t act on it okay, would hate to see you ride down that slippery slope to fagdom.

        • Well, that makes you NOT an Enemy of the Alt-Right…….

          But, you can’t be a part of the Alt-Right……..

          Form your own White Identitarian/Nationalist Movement for those Gay Whites who agree with you……

          No one wants to Terrorize you…….

          Not me at least…….

          But, we are Fighting for White Survival…….

          Which means Birth Rates and the Primacy of the Heterosexual Family Unit…….

          And so, you will always (of Necessity) be Discriminated against……

          As long as you’re Non-Closeted…….

          • As I stated in another post forcing homosexuality underground increases the likelihood that the gays will get married and potentially pass on gay genes. You don’t want to have gay children do you?

    • Oscar Wilde was a freaking child molester and he wrote about it in his poems. Funny how you sodomites always love to tout child molesters as great men. And we don’t accept your cultural appropriation of the word gay, meaning happy.

      In short you lie and deceive.

    • “I’m gay, I am in no way a promoter of degeneracy” – A degenerate who claims not to promote degeneracy while writing a multi-paragraph promotion of degeneracy….oh the irony.

    • Good stuff. As if it wasn’t bad enough to have batshit commenters like craicher and Patriotic American, we have toxic figures like Friberg, Joyce and Vince Law whom Spencer has knowingly associated himself with.

      Alienating a significant part of the population with surplus time and money (and possibly intelligence) is insane and can never lead to political victory. I am for realist discussions of the negative aspects of the gay world, but talking about banning sodomy or worse is an absolute political nonstarter. Smart WNs will completely shun these insane fools who would rather hunt down all the gays than save the white race.

      • Sodomites make up less than 0.5% of the population and the vast majority of people do not like them and only tolerate them out of fear of being persecuted by the Jews. They are of no significance to our movement. The only people who push that idiotic idea are sodomites and shills.

      • The Open/Closeted Gays can ban their own Anti-Human Vile Perversion……..

        The Alt-Right is a Movement about Strengthening White Men……

        Not Sodomizing them…….

      • Homos aren’t significant, they’re a tiny single digit percentage of the population. Homos only have surplus time and money because they don’t have children, which is the antithesis of everything the Alt Right stands for.

    • I’m sure you can take your skill and commitment elsewhere and still serve our race and civilisation.The Alt-Right appears to be morphing into a sort of westernized Islam. Judging by the comments on here their pretty much headed towards an echo chamber anyway but if a future of purges, camps and terror is where their heading they need to be excised from any sound philosophical and sociological discourse, not just sidelined but snuffed out.

      These fruitcakes can do serious damage to the project.

      • You and the Homosexuals who want to persevere White Civilization can form your own Group……

        We await to see you on Periscope taking on Antifa in the Streets……


    • Depart from our Midst……

      We don’t mind you fighting to Preserve White Civilization……

      But, you can NEVER be part of our White Alt-Right Brotherhood……..

      I’m Sorry……

      Good luck in the Future…….

    • The problem with Wilde’s decriminalization solution is that, as far as I can tell, no society in history has been content with that sort of “stop short” solution and left it at that. Once the ball gets rolling, it keeps on rolling, because people tend to be shit at arriving at compromises and then leaving well enough alone. One can see the steady progression of “small, reasonable” requests to alleviate negroidal poverty turning into our present despicable negrophilia, in the same way that small “let’s be a little more tolerant of homosexuals” requests have now turned into “Facebook’s 43 genders” and tranny-bathroom insanity.

      I think more people would be amenable to small compromises like “we won’t criminalize homosexuality, but it will remain ostracized from mainstream family life and attempts to be aggressively gay or supportive of homosexuality in public will be met with ridicule/exile” if they weren’t already aware that such measures are always pushed as a “foot in the door” and steppingstone for future attempts to fully normalize, then specifically promote, then outlaw the criticism of, this sort of deviant behavior.

    • And Greg Johnson and the Alt-Fag Movement will claim it represents the Truest and Purest Form of Classical White Western Civilization……


  • All this considered, now it´s really clear to not decide to be homosexual ROLL-EYES
    … and fascinating that the moment I decide to be homosexual, I also become a violent murderer while before I decided to be a homo, I wasn´t.

    DEPRESSING the level of intelligence demonstrated by this treatise, and from an author whom I normally consider as very meritorious. Again: bizarro world.
    Whether homos harm the movement I don´t know but that treatises like this do, I´m quite sure.

    • Science, reason, and evidence backs up Mr.Joyce’s assertions. Unless you can provide something that disproves his claims then it can only be assumed that you are simply a butt-hurt sodomite who is offended by the facts.

      • Again: depressing.
        If I ever denounce being a white-advocate, it will not be because of the ubiquitous White-haters but because I may be just to embarrassed of the company I´m in in pro-White circles.

          • I rest my case. Polemic, not an interest in finding truth, is the character of this site.
            Considering how important Altright could be for White Preservation, it borders on treason.

          • Certainly more clever than you. I am at least smart enough to figure out homosexualism is sick and wrong, unlike you, who can’t even figure out that basic biological principle.

          • Patriotic American Pansy; at this point it’s just insults; hysterical boring reactions. So like SJWs. Replace “Your a Fascist!” with “Your a sodomite!”. Notice the preoccupation with sodomy.

          • Patriotic American – words of wisdom from a man who believes people are like him and choose not to act on their gay impulses.

          • I´m starting to feel that there is something seriously sinister with this guy. Who would´ve thought considering how merititous a project like Arktos, and the websites, seem. Because my guess would be that this is just some tactics to attack Johnson again… it just seems unmotivated, pointless, and clearly doing more harm than good…

        • If you are a sodomite then you are anti-white as you are part of the Jewish agenda to destroy Aryan families by lowering our birth rates, spreading diseases and drug use, and spreading effeminacy among young men. You are betraying the traditions of our fathers and spitting on their honor and should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Agreed Peter; this is Andrew Joyce’s Achilles heel; his embrace of purely environmental explanations of homosexuality falls in line with Marxist pseudoscience. We can distinguish the biological differences between men and women, the races, and one another, yet the creation of homosexuality is never anything but some kind of environmentally created choice? Not very insightful.

      • I would agree that this is my Achilles Heel – if I presented this essay series (which is not yet fully published) as an explanation of the origins of homosexuality. But, as stated clearly in Part 1, this is not any such explanation. If it can be determined that there is some biological or genetic basis for some instances of homosexuality, we could leave it to scientific solutions. This seems obvious. We would simply treat the foetus in the womb. The combination of desiring to eliminate it from genetic occurances, and from cultural practices, ends up the same way – the removal of the homosexual. You yourself have stated they shouldn’t have access to children or be in positions of leadership. That’s an effective ban, or at least the development of a special class into which they are put. I “get” on some level that you enjoy playing the gadfly, but your overall position emerges as merely confused.

        • And is this in any (relevant) way controversial at possible or open homos in the AltRight? Who promotes homoism? Who wishes it, who wishes to increase homoism? Sorry Mr. Joyce, to me the series makes no sense, not the content, and not the starting a fuss.

        • Homosexuality will always exist and it may have some evolutionary benefit to society as a whole when limited; Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci were likely homosexuals. The best thing to do is to channel the energy and creativity homosexuals possess in a positive direction. My criticism is that you concentrate on the worst aspects of homosexuality that is indicative of gay culture that has been cultivated by the Marxist and apply it to individual gays. Gays outside the hedonism of the gay scene act very differently. It would be like ascribing all the worst traits of feminism to all women. There are far to many variables and makes the topic far more complex than what you give credit. What makes your work on Jews so successful is that you built upon the powerful foundation Kevin MacDonald provided; on this topic you lack a solid base.

          • You’re confused again. The academic studies I’ve cited surely didn’t target “the worst gays” did they? No. They are broad surveys of averages. The same types of surveys and analyses we apply to Jews and Blacks, and use to formulate ideas on those populations. You keep switching between “it’s finite, it’s definite, its genetic” and “it will always be here,” “it MAY be beneficial to society.” Based on what? The evidence presented here suggests it’s a net negative. Where is your actual hard evidence to the contrary? If it’s genetic as you say, we will eventually be able to eradicate it. If it’s cultural, it becomes a political question. Either way, there is clearly a truly remarkable fear of discussing this topic, and that is my primary motivation for writing this essay.

          • Do you see the issue as some monolithic absolute? It’s either genetic or it’s environmental, it’s either negative or it’s beneficial; truth is it is all of these things and to me you come across as confused. The world is’nt just black and white; good versus evil. The end goal is preserving white culture and sorry but I just don’t see the vast majority.of white men suddenly turning gay as if it is some kind of plague. Only people susceptible are probably bisexual and the degree of susceptibility is probably on a gradient. There are also different types of gay behaviors and personalities that are either genetic, conditioned, opportunistic, learned or a combination.

          • I actually like some of your remarks and mode of expression so it’s disappointing to see you use a straw man – where have I suggested a mass conversion of men to homosexuality? In fact, in the article I state my doubts about the homosexuality recruitment theory. Nor have I ever stated that it’s all biological, environmental etc. My only confusion is that for all of the hot air being expounded on this article, not one defender of the homosexual position has addressed the data presented. Not one. It’s all either straw man, ad hominem, or emotional invective. Very disappointing. Predictable on some level. But disappointing.

          • You stated homosexuality has a “reliance on recruitment” and I do not believe this is the common case. I believe homosexuals seek out those with the same genetic disposition. Is not recruitment a type of conversion? Perhaps I’m misinterpreting but it sounds as if you are saying homosexuality is lying dormant and can be brought out. This is not your best work. I agree with much of what you say but you need more balance and insight. I just think you don’t fully understand homosexuality.

          • That isn’t my implication at all, in fact I state the opposite. The full context of my statement was that pederasty has boosted their numbers – and I supplied an academic study suggesting that, and pointed to anecdotal evidence also. You keep trying to find dogmatism in specific areas that simply isn’t there. Your opinion on my work is irrelevant.

          • I was trying to get clarification. Obviously your emotions are clouding your opinions and you are being defensive. You would be more credible if you weren’t letting Friberg use you like a pawn to boost his own status and frankly your attacks on Counter Currents were stupid. I really liked your work and I was looking forward to your book but your petty responses here show big blind spots and intellectual limitations. If my opinion is irrelevant the same could be said of yours.

          • I was trying to get clarification. Obviously your emotions are clouding your opinions and you are being defensive. Kevin MacDonald has always had good responses to criticism. You would be more credible if you weren’t letting Friberg use you like a pawn to boost his own status and frankly your attacks on Counter Currents were unprofessional and undignified. I really liked your work and I was looking forward to your book (which I will still purchase) but your petty responses here show big blind spots and intellectual limitations. If my opinion is irrelevant the same could be said of yours. Truth is this your article has done nothing but divided readers and alienated potential supporters. You seem bewildered that many of your fans are actually homosexual and don’t neatly fit into your preconceived notions of predatory pedophiles and hedonistic medicare drains.

          • Yea and all of them sickos. Sick is sick. If you are born sick or made sick you are sick. No one says that a person born with a disease (say cerebral palsy) or who gets a disease (say cancer) is not sick. Sick is sick. Stop rationalizing your disease. “The world is not just black and white”? You are quite the philosopher.

  • Anyway that you look at it, homosexual emancipation has been a complete car wreck.

    The kindest possible thing for homosexuals is to cease celebration of their hedonistic lifestyle and scare them (by making it clear HIV medicine will be limited) back to monasticism and genuine monogamy.

    As for excluding them from the AltRight, no civilisation in the history of the world has been as kind to homosexuals as Western civilisation has. They can and should accept that the AltRight is the only thing standing between them and the implementation of Sharia law (hello, rooftops) and be allies and not white ants.

    • Why should we accept depraved predators who mercilessly rape, torture, and murder the weakest members of society? The FBI conducted a study which showed that over 70% of all known serial killers were sodomites. Why should we tolerate people who do such things?

      Besides, you can’t scare sodomites into being ‘straight’. What we should do is to try to re-educate them while they are young and if that doesn’t work then castrate them and put them in colonies wherein their labor can be utilized by the state in exchange for their room and board.

  • Sodomites are mentally ill and frankly I pity them. I think the best way to deal with homosexualists is to try and re-educate them and if that fails then they should be castrated and forced to live in specialized ‘colonies’ for their kind so as to protect the rest of society from their diseases and depravity.

    In regards to Greg Johnson’s depraved anti-Aryan filth in that photo of Hellenes engaging in homosexual acts, that is disgusting and slanderous non-sense. The very word for a sodomite in ancient Greek transliterates to ‘shame-bringer’ in English and Sodomites were banned from entering sacred places, which means that couldn’t enter any cities as they were considered sacred, were banned from taking part in any religious or political actions, were not allowed to serve in the military of any city or state, were not allowed to interact with women and children, and were forced to live in sodomite colonies along with other diseased peoples, such as lepers, and all of this was enforced with the threat of death if any of it was violated. Greg Johnson is a LIAR and should be ashamed of himself. No Aryan tribe has EVER accepted homosexualism or promoted it. Homosexualism is, has been, and always will be, a Jewish subversion against the rest of humanity and a perversion of all that is good and noble.

    • It’s is thoroughly diabolical is what it is. NO QUARTER TO BE GIVEN, YOU WILL BE GIVEN NONE!

      Not only the total expulsion of sodomy is necessary but also the complete and total
      annihilation of pornographic and immodest material and media. No trousers and other men’s clothing on women, no prostitute clothing and certainly men older than 12 years should not to be seen wearing shorts and tshirts as they have stepped into adulthood. You think this is strict? It’s in accord with Natural Law is what is is. You think Sharia is barbaric, sure it is, but it’s also the ape of the real thing as it proceeds from contempt, crassness, envy and brutality.Sodomy comes after idolatry, adultery, sensuality and gluttony of every sort. It’s a punishment, the devil dims their intelligence to such an extent they are worse than brute beasts.

      The Black race ought not to be considered subhuman merely because its appearance is less appealing, that is a demand of sanity first and foremost, but a sodomite is easily MANIFESTLY worse than a beast and a predator of the innocent.

    • Joe Biden:

      Jewish leaders in the media are in large part responsible for American acceptance of gay marriage, Vice President Biden said Tuesday night.

      “I believe what affects the movements in America, what affects our attitudes in America are as much the culture and the arts as anything else,” he said at a Democratic National Committee reception for Jewish American Heritage Month. He cited social media and the sitcom “Will and Grace,” giving Jews a large part of the credit for both.

      “I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry,” he said. “The influence is immense, the influence is immense. And, I might add, it is all to the good. ”

      The vice president also praised Jewish contributions to science, immigration reform, the civil-rights movement, the arts, the law and to feminism.

      “I think you vastly underestimate the impact you’ve had on the development of this nation,” he said. “We’re a great country because of the contributions and most importantly because of Jewish heritage and the values you brought.”

      • No, the Roman Catholic Church has been instrumental in the gay rights movement. When dealing with the homo problem, I divide it into 2 arguments to deal with 2 different groups: religious and non-religious. I believe in IQ and evolution and my Christianity and politics are based on these 2. When I deal with non-Christians and homos they say I’m a Christian bigot so I use the evolutionary argument. I ask them to explain how homosexuality is consistent with evolution. They can’t. I also say that if a “gay gene” is found, we need to have abortion available for this. These 2 points drive them insane. As for Christians, the Old and New Testaments deal directly with this sin. But unless Christians can argue from an evolutionary perspective, they will always lose. Jacob Rees-Mogg said that he is against gay marriage and all abortion because he is Roman Catholic. But many people are not RCC (I was a cradle RCCer but left the RCC because I don’t accept black/Asian priests-popes so that’ another issue to deal with). His religious arguments don’t work. And the RCC is now a homosexual, multiculti grand lodge. The bishops are working to get same sex marriage performed in RCC churches. So the RCC is useless for moral battles. Blaming the Jews is just an excuse for not dealing with the RCC. Biden is a practicing RCCer but approves of abortion, gay marriage, birth control. He is a prime example of the RCC problem.

  • Genetic cases of homosexuality can be a sign of genetic weakness; further brain scans of gays has shown that many have a brain structure similar to the opposite sex. Pederasty may result from a fusion of the maternal instincts with the sexual drives, an emotionally regressive infantile disposition, as well as childhood molestation. We can agree that gay men should not be around young teens and boys, however Andrew JOYCE misses important problems by ignoring genetic cases of homosexuality. When homosexuality is strongly condemned it is forced underground and many homosexuals end up getting married and passing on their genes in our society. They also end up hiding in positions where they can molest children (Catholic priests for example). Greg Johnson has a more rational & practical in his approach by not glamorizing the gay lifestyle but instead concentrating and putting the heterosexual union at the center of a healthy society.

    • Both of them are wrong. Proven sodomites should be re-educated while young and if that fails then they should be castrated and forced into a sodomite colony and used by the state as free labor in exchange for room and board.

      As for proven cases of genetic sodomitism….just geld them and be done with it.

      • So I take it you have been sodomized, possibly molested and/or raped; you keep mentioning sodomy in your posts and with great anger. This reminds me of a female friend of mine who was sexually abused as a child.

        • So I take it you are a sodomite, possibly a child molester and/or rapist; you keep defending sodomites in your post with great indignance. This reminds me of all the sodomites and Jews I see on the Talmud vision and in the media who slanderously accuse anyone who defends the weak and innocent against their evil depravity of being a sodomite or a victim of sodomy.

          • Well Patriotic American, that takes you being raped out the equation; obviously you would like to be sodomized but can’t find any volunteers.

          • What is it with you perverts? You always accuse everyone who opposes your disgusting filth of somehow secretly wanting to partake in it. You are insane and need serious intervention.

          • I should also add that it is rather amusing and ironic how the worst thing you ‘people’ can think of to insult others is to accuse them of being what you are.

        • I’m going to barf. (((William Shock))) can’t handle that someone thinks poo sex is foul so he accuses the guy commenting of having been sexually abused. Sounds like weirdo William is having strange fantasies. You ok in there buddy?!

          • There is a difference between being disgusted by sodomy and being obsessed with it; StaitlacedMissouri and Patriotic American fall into the latter camp.

          • Says the douchebag commie with only 300 comments of which 90% are directed towards Patriotic American. As stupid as you think he is you must really like him or you’d get a life and quit hounding him you thread rolling bagel dog.

      • Are re-education, forced castration and slave labor camps just part of your official policy and platform or part of the official platform of Alt-Right? I see the brilliant Alt-Right tactician Friberg has “liked” this comment, so it’s a genuine question.

        • It is my personal opinion and if people agree with it then so be it.

          Why are you defending sodomites? Are you a pervert?

          • A better question would be, why are you so scared of homosexuals? I’m married and have kids. I’ve never been in a “homosexual” relationship, unless you count me and two other women.

            How about you?

          • When I was a teen I heard a friend blow his brains out a couple of blocks over. He was 15 and was being molested by several homosexual college age men in the area.

          • Why are you obsessed with sodomy? Are you a pervert? You have already alluded to having the feelings. Sick.

          • Can you link to this admission? Or are you just slandering an honest and honorable man with projections of what you really are?

        • This article series can be seen as part of our genuine platform.

          Me liking a comment doesn’t mean that all its contents automatically becomes part of the alt-right ideological platform.

          • LOL, Pathetic American – according to you homosexuality is a choice; you just haven’t acted on your “gay” inclination for sodomy yet, you just dwell on it.

          • Actually, it does mean exactly that. If you are a “leader” of this website and part of a greater leadership cadre making up the Alt-Right movement, then your actions and your words—and in this case what you like and don’t—carry much more weight than some random commenter. If someone from the SPLC “liked” a comment where one of their commenters said something about legalizing the raping of White women and the imprisonment of any White man that objected, would you hold that up as an example of the SPLC’s depravity and a clear example of what could be expected should the SPLC ever gain control over a society?

      • Nothing would preserve the genetic causes of sodomism more than a policy of forcing gays to hide their orientation, getting married and having children to avoid the camps.

        • There has never been any evidence produced to support the claims of there being a genetic cause for homosexualism. Homosexualism is first and foremost a choice my by the sodomite to indulge his unnatural and depraved predatory urges.

          • I guess it is a choice if you have homosexual urges with depraved predatory tendencies. You just admitted to having homosexual urges.

          • Funny how you sodomites always project your insanity onto others. Deep down you creatures know that there really isn’t anything worse than a man allowing himself to be used like a woman and so it is always the worst insult you can think of.

  • I would have thought the homosexuals were useful to the alt-right given their justifiable fear of Islamic culture.

      • I have no reason to doubt what you say Jarod, But I’m not sure that it in any way detracts from the utility of the western homosexual in their opposition to further Islamic immigration.

        They are useful in this respect are they not?

        • Only to the extent they wield political power, which isn’t great. Major parties generally only use them as pawns. Gays who stand against Islamic immigration are discarded, which removes their political power anyway.

          • That’s fine. But their utility is that their justifiable opposition to Islamic immigration confuses the politically correct. What to do if one group they support opposes another group they support? Which ‘virtue’ is to prevail?

            I am surprised that you are opposed to using homosexuals as pawns.

          • If those ‘cheap points’ change the dominant political narrative what then?

            Only losers where their heart on their sleeve.

        • Vast majority of homos are pro immigration. They are mentally ill and suicidal. Plus they hate regular white people more than they fear Muslims.

    • I would watch Black Pigeon Speaks’s video “How Women Destroy Western Civilization”. Same applies to the majority of gay men.

          • Lusting after people of a different race, taking upskirt photos of asiatics, and talking about molesting teenage girls is perverse and anyone who disagrees with this is a pervert themselves. He is also, like you, Jewish and thus should be totally disregarded for that alone.

          • Is that what you got out of it huh? Boy are you stupid. We shouldn’t talk about Muslims raping woman now.

  • My own concern has been whats best for whites, besides which I’ve always felt that ranting against other groups that aren’t already largely hated by your targets for ideological conversion is nothing but counter-productive to the cause. The average normie also cares about gays just as much as they care about jews, which is to say – not at all. Despite what the media might tell you, homosexuality is not so prevalent that everyone has a gay friend or three. Statistically speaking, out of every hundred people you meet – maybe three or four will be gay if that (unless you live in DC).

    You’ll find much more sympathy and eager ears when you talk about racist anti-white laws like disparate impact or how affirmative action harms whites than when you quibble about how gays are degenerates or how jews warp the media and use it to poison whites – regardless of whether or not these things are true or false. If you don’t believe me, go locate two white boomers (it shouldn’t be hard) and talk to one about affirmative action, and the other about how many jews you think were really killed in the holocaust. The point is that it doesn’t help, and just wastes movement energy.

    The ongoing attempt at normalization of things like transgenderism and open promotion of gay “lifestyles” is abhorrent and if you ask any “normal person” they’re likely to agree, but it’s also easily fixed by a government just returning to promoting healthy nuclear family propaganda. Which a nationalist government would do. There is nothing to be gained here, it’s simply a non issue.

    I see zero reason to write an article that will piss off gays who might otherwise support us, especially when plenty of them will likely agree with what I’ve written above anyways.

    Promote a healthy family based culture and this stuff will solve itself. I’m not arguing for the promotion of homosexuality, I simply think it would be far easier and much more tactical to argue for pro-nuclear family propaganda and fight the demographic fight that way. Gays who actually do care about whites and our race (and there are plenty of them) will agree with it, and there’s power in numbers.

    • I think that criticizing the degenerate lifestyles of homosexuals is not illogical if one is to promote a healthy family based culture.

      • It’s not illogical, but is it necessary or even wise to do so? I see no need for pointless antagonism.

        If this was an article on the necessary revitalization of pro-family propaganda and the need to expound upon the values of traditionalism in the family sphere, would it have caused any dissent or infighting whatsoever? I don’t think so – yet it would have accomplished the same things.

  • It is strategic failure to take positions on issues that have little or nothing to do with the primary objective of a movement whether it is intersectional feminism or Stormfront White Power. This political mission creep has plagued and destroyed so many movements.

    Nigel Farage is the one popular exception. He had the ideological discipline to not take positions on issues that had little or nothing to do with Brexit and was able to finally overcome all odds and achieve a successful Leave vote. His UKIP successors lack this ideological discipline and the divorce from the EU is in jeopardy as a consequence.

    As Sun Tzu stated in The Art of War, “never let opportunity change the objective”. By taking the opportunity to attack gays, the Alt Right is diverting its attention away from race issues and strengthening Cucktians more than themselves. In other words, the alt-right is changing its objective to just being another Cucktian movement like what is found on Stormfront when it does.

    I hope the alt-right doesn’t keep doing what Stormfront movements do repeatedly and expect a different result. The Alt-right may as well stop being a distinct movement and just join the Stormfront crowd like Gen-X skinheads did with Boomer and older Klansmen if it is going to emulate them this much.

    • Woman you stink of a inside agent with your empty “strategics” that would compromise the whole point of the restoration, which is the restoration of the WHITE FAMILY.
      Allowing sodomitepredatorsoftheinnocent in or disallowing these brutes is a matter of integrity for any respectable group of men.
      It seems you’re afraid of a sodomy purge because then your own licentious behavior would be so easy to pinpoint in the absence of these elements because deep down you know, you know, one goes after the other, if sodomites are purged your feminists theatrics are next in line.
      That’s why you’re so afraid.

      Would you give over young men to these predators to be their comrades!? You’re the one who wants to cuck these young men. The accusation lies squarely on YOU an obfuscating provocateur and their enemy.

      • Stink of an inside agent? Boy, that is an awful lot of projecting on your part coming from someone who appears to be sheepdogging white nationalists away from race issues and towards cuckservative causes like previous WN movements now part of the Stormfront fail. I never said accept gays or feminists. I was only suggesting political focus and discipline that Stormfront people lack and the results show. There are many things I don’t like politically but cucks are numerous and quite capable of dealing with them on their own.

        • I am not abandoning my race, you are. By supporting homosexualism you are supporting pedophilia, serial killing, drug use, having 100+ sexual partners per year, the spread of STDs, the effeminization of young men, the lowering of Aryan birth rates, the list goes on and on. It is in the oldest traditions of our fathers to oppose sodomites and root them out of healthy societies. If you oppose the creation of a healthy and pure society then you are anti-Aryan and have no place in our movement.

          • I don’t support homosexuality anymore than I do intravenous opiate use. Neither is a positive for anything including white nationalism. I don’t take positions on either because both have little to do with race issues since both are issues for every race and cuckservatives are more than capable of dealing with them on their own while some people dedicate themselves to white race issues.

            I’m just not a Stormfront cuck that backs working class black and Hispanics Cucktians over white anyone including LGBT people. I’ve actually seen people on Stormfront back blacks beating up white gays especially if the blacks are Christians. No matter how bad a white person is, it isn’t a mud’s place to deal with it. At least prison yards get that unlike Cucktians.

            The 2016 Republican primary was a lesser of two evils contest to decide whether the borders should be opened up so Mexican Christians can reenforce the anti-gay movement. This was rejected for a reason. I am fine with resisting gay politics but I draw the line at cucking the country to do so like most Trump voters did.

          • 1. Homosexualism is a race issue, whether you like it or not. It is a question of whether or not our people will reproduce and accept their place within the natural order and help to build a healthy society. If you can’t accept this then you are either slow witted, a sodomite, or a shill.

            2. “I’m just not a Stormfront cuck that backs working class black and Hispanics Cucktians over white anyone including LGBT people.” – No you just like attacking other Aryans, accusing everyone of doing exactly what you are doing, and politicizing your personal issues with religion.

            3. “I’ve actually seen people on Stormfront back blacks beating up white gays especially if the blacks are Christians.” – That is anecdotal and has no evidence to support it, so I can only assume you are making it up to support your positions. As to negroes beating sodomites, they bring it on themselves and I couldn’t care less.

            4. “No matter how bad a white person is, it isn’t a mud’s place to deal with it. ” – No sh!t sherlock. Any other obvious truths you want to share with us?

            5. “At least prison yards get that unlike Cucktians.” – Prison yards are full of anti-Aryan subhumans who rape, rob, sell drugs, and murder people. Why should I care what goes on in there?

            6. “The 2016 Republican primary was a lesser of two evils contest to decide whether the borders should be opened up so Mexican Christians can reenforce the anti-gay movement.” – Now you are just flat out lying. It wasn’t Christians opening the borders, it was Jews and marxists. The biggest anti-open borders constituency in the U.S. was Evangelical Christians, with over 70% saying that they wanted a wall and over 90% saying there was too much immigration and it should be curtailed.

            7. ” I am fine with resisting gay politics but I draw the line at cucking the country to do so like most Trump voters did.” – Your words and actions say otherwise. If you were ‘fine with resisting gay politics’ then you would have no issue with what we are saying here, but that clearly is not the case. As for your claim that Trump voters were ‘cucking the country’, that is false. The main reason the vast majority of them voted for Trump was his promise to cut immigration, enhance border security, and send back all the Illegals and so-called ‘dreamers’, and you know it, so stop lying.

            8. It is abundantly clear that you are in the wrong political movement.

    • My dear girl, your lack of comprehension of what is the ‘Alt Right’ as movement and what is our Cause as a whole is astonishing, but I hope is not the product of bad faith.

      The 14 Words: We Must Secure the Existence of our People and a Future for White Children. That is our Cause. Those are the Words some of us are living for and willing to die for. Those Words include everything, from our desire for a separate country for our people to our desire to clean all the sickness (spiritual and material) who infects the body and mind of our race.

      Homosexuality (both male and female) is both a mental problem and a perversion who is infecting the minds and the spirit of a certain number of white people, inside and outside the Movement. Thus, it really HAS everything to do with our Cause and it’s not ‘beyond the point’.

      Now, Feminism in all its forms has everything to do with our Cause, because Feminism was invented by the jews in order to 1) destroy the normal and natural relations between the sexes, and 2) destroy the birthrate of white people. So, it also really has something to do with our Cause.

      Your despise of ‘stormfronters’ and ‘white power’ is sad, you talk like the enemy and not like one of us. There are people of good heart in places like Stormfront, sadly they lack the adequate education, but they are our brothers and sisters anyway. Who you would prefer then, some ignorant stormfronter or some ultraeducated white liberal?

      • I don’t think she is one of us. Just a hunch but it seems that these people showed up as a group to spread division and anti-Aryan hate and little else.

        • I’ve seen that account around here for a time, but you might be right, you can never be sure who’s who in the internet.

        • Oh yes, the Stormfront paranoia where everyone is suspicious of each other especially outsiders that have unvetted wisdom. Demoralization much?

          • Yes, I am suspicious of you. You randomly show up with a group of sodomites and start attacking everyone who refuses to accept them. That is suspicious behavior.

          • I didn’t just show up. I’ve been posting here for almost a year and have been making the same argument that ideological discipline sticking to race issues like Farage does to Brexit long before some sheepdog wrote an article suggesting that the alt-right should become just another failed Stormfront cuckservative movement.

          • Do you even know what a cuck is? Serious question. You keep calling us ‘cuckservative’, yet we do not sell out and take hard stances on the issues, while you do the exact opposite. If anyone here is a ‘cuckservative’ it is you. You tolerate sodomites and Jews and try to make us be soft of weaklings and cowards and when we won’t submit to your virtue signalling and whining you flip out and accuse everyone of being exactly what you are.

          • I call you cucks because you are trying to merge race issues with the most anti-white institutions on the planet. You people are more cognitively dissonant than feminists that embrace Islam.

        • Patriotic American is it hate speech? Do you need a safe space so you can make a conscious effort, or should I say “choice”, not to act on your, you know, your “secret” impulses.

      • I don’t hate Stormfronters but like feminists who embrace Islam, they are cognitively dissonant embracing anti-white organizations that worship a mythical Jew conceived via an act of divine cuckoldry.

        • And here we ago again with the religious debate.

          Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn if they worship Jesus, Odin, the Great Pumpkin or the Flying Spaghetti Monster as long as they are working for the 14 Words; and so should you.

    • Joe Biden:

      Jewish leaders in the media are in large part responsible for American acceptance of gay marriage, Vice President Biden said Tuesday night.

      “I believe what affects the movements in America, what affects our attitudes in America are as much the culture and the arts as anything else,” he said at a Democratic National Committee reception for Jewish American Heritage Month. He cited social media and the sitcom “Will and Grace,” giving Jews a large part of the credit for both.

      “I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry,” he said. “The influence is immense, the influence is immense. And, I might add, it is all to the good. ”

      The vice president also praised Jewish contributions to science, immigration reform, the civil-rights movement, the arts, the law and to feminism.

      “I think you vastly underestimate the impact you’ve had on the development of this nation,” he said. “We’re a great country because of the contributions and most importantly because of Jewish heritage and the values you brought.”

    • It was Greg Johnson, a Homo, who got Doxxed because he got Trapped by a Gay Antifa Honeypot……

      The Heterosexual Alt-Right is issuing a Corrective……

      Deal with it……

  • This looks more like a WN form of Sharia, where you guys want to control every aspect of life. Soon we’ll see an article about what’s halal to eat.
    I doubt you care much about health issues, this is just a pretext to let your jesus values out and sound scientific.

        • The part that recommends taking a position on an issue that has nothing to do with race and embrace Cucktianity that has been doing more to attack the white race than the left has.

          Most of the alt-right hates Cucktians unlike Stormfront morons that embrace it.

          • So your point is that the Alt-Right should *only* focus on race? And isn’t it clear from the first two parts of this article series that the homosexual question has quite a lot to do with race? Did you even read them properly?

          • Yes it should focus only on race. Spoken like a true cuck that white nationalism needs to virtue signal the broader right wing movements that thrown it under the bus rather than endorse it back.

            Drug use also affects the white race so should the alt-right join Jeff Sessions in his Reefer Madness as well?

          • Well, sorry to break it to you, but the alt-right is much broader than just “preserving the white race”. It is anti-egalitarian, anti-perversion, anti-modernist. We want nothing less than the total rebirth of our civilization. All of which are prerequisites to saving our race.

    • Ok, let me pretend that you are for real and just a homosexual shill (which by now is quite obvious):
      1) It’s completely irrelevant whether or not Dr. Joyce “cares” about health issues (which I see no reason why he shouldn’t do). His entire argument is based on facts and statistics, not feelings.
      2) If you maintain that there are no other reason to criticize tolerance of homosexuality than “Jesus values”, you have either a) not read the entire article, b) failed to understand it, or, more likely, c) you are shilling for the nationalist gay mafia to advance your group interests and care little about facts or arguments that goes against those interests.

          • From his posting history he’s a 39 year old low-income Canadian homosexual who objects to the Muslim attitude towards homosexuals but doesn’t really mind Jews. He’s also strong against “Alt Right homophobia.” All quite predictable of course.

          • Friberg with his obsessive attacks on Counter Currents again. I contribute to the Occidental Observer, Red Ice, Counter Currents, Daily Stormer, and TRS and I like Richard Spencer but I will not contribute with any organization associated with Friberg. It’s like Friberg and Joyce are the McCain & Lindsey Graham of the Alt-Right. Just too weird.

          • “It’s like Friberg and Joyce are the McCain & Lindsey Graham of the Alt-Right.” — This made me laugh, I will give you that. It didn’t really make any sense whatsoever, but it was funny in a weird way. And I’m of course happy that you don’t like me. And I don’t need your contributions.

          • And I don’t need you Friberg; Curious if you helped set up Red Ice being hacked; it wouldn’t surprise me. I’m just waiting to see how long you last here before you turn on everyone at and embezzle the funds. I’m enjoying watching you self destruct as it is. When you leave you can take your girlfriend Andrew Joyce with you.

          • Is this Greg Johnson under a new pen name? 1) You act out emotionally just like him, 2) you throw unsubstantiated allegations around in the same manner as he usually does and 3) you use the same silly allegations as he used to. And it’s getting tiresome. Since you are anonymous and posting serious allegations I urge you to either present something close to evidence of your claims and insinuations or get banned.

          • No need to get your britches in a bunch over it; I’ll take you at you’re word. You really got a thing for Greg Johnson though; perhaps you should make up with him.

        • It might be irony . Quite popular with Millennials.They do make up most of the alt-right. Or it could be outright sarcasm.

          • I have no doubt that he’s being ironic. It’s the context of his posting history and his choice of word and subject matter in this instance that say it all. I’m 31 – more of a millennial than GENX140. It’s extremely interesting that you’ve said you would rather attend LGBT and Antifa rallies than ally with a population group (cucks or whatever) that actually reproduces the very race you claim to be fixated on supporting. The problem here is people conflating “movement” with “people.” And the disdain often shown to fellow normal Whites is, to me, both telling and disappointing. Give me one poor Christian who has children over ten “highly intelligent” pederasts.

          • Give you one poor Christian that will give more children to the Pope that demands our borders be open to the hordes or to Russell Moore’s Soros allied SBC that denounced the alt-right.

            Yes, I’d rather help fools achieve nothing than help the worst of race traitors achieve white genocide if I were forced to choose.

          • All Christians all Catholics? It remains an unfortunate fact that it is Christians who persist in having children. Without them White Genocide would be occurring faster. You argument is bereft of logic, and deeply nihilistic – “I’d rather help fools achieve nothing.” Well, go on then.

          • I was being sarcastic. Of course I would never do that. I don’t exactly have any love for the fake left. I am just wise enough to realize that Cucktians are at the heart of Cuckservativism and are having more success at destroying the white race than the fake left is which is why I despise them more.

            Choosing and r over a K breeding strategy in selection theory will not only obviously fail but defeats the very purpose to bother saving the white race. Thankfully, there are non-cucktian white people K breeding even if the numbers are less than hoped for.

          • I think we can all agree that our situation is dire, and we will have to agree to disagree on our priorities on this specific issue. Remember that this essay is merely the advancement of an argument – it’s not the end of the world, nor are we dragging people off to camps. The sun will still rise tomorrow, and we will still face the same challenges. But I do resent a taboo being placed on any subject or point of view.

          • I am not placing a taboo on anything. I don’t do SJW OC.

            I’m just giving my opinions that

            1) Cuckservatives are a bigger threat than leftists
            2) Anything that detracts from race is only helping cuckservatives at the expense of white nationalism.

          • You’re acting just a little too sensitive about any negative comments to the article. Are you gay? Maybe take a goddamn chill pill and back off a little. But it’s okay if you’re gay, we won’t kick you out of the alt-right. The priority deal is not up for debate though; survival is at the top of the list.

          • What a strange person. I’ve responded to two comments, both from one person, and ignored several others. Your comments, on the other hand, have been remarkable, persistent, and yes, sensitive.

        • That was a sarcastic comment to make fun of “All women must wear headscarves to fight islamophobia”.
          Pretty dishonest of you to bring that up in this context.

          • GENX140 I took your post as sarcasm. Regardless it was unprofessional to repost here. What’s next, leftist tactics of doxxing people for dissenting views?

          • Or, God forbid, slandering people like Jews with accusations of sodomy and homosexualism? Oh, wait, you already did that.

      • Enabling Jewish tactics of dividing forces within a culture they occupy makes for bad strategy. Listen to the latest Kevin Strom podcast with the reading of Oliver Revilo (part 7).

          • Friberg I am sure you are well aware of the overwhelming evidence that Kevin Strom was set up; the podcast is far superior to anything you ever produced.

          • The jew is the first to tell you that you are being divided so rally around the jew cause. They have about a dozen tactics, and you get to learn them all after awhile.

            Their second favorite after “you are letting them divide us, fellow white people”, is “You are betraying your judaeo-christian values” as if their satanic cult and Christianity have any commonality and as if most modern Christianity is anything but a corruption of its roots (excepting Eastern Orthodox and conservative Lutheran sects).

        • “On January 4, 2007, Strom was arrested in Greene County, Virginia on charges of possession of child pornography and witness tampering.[17] The Grand Jury later added the charges of receiving child pornography and of seeking to coerce a 10-year-old into a sexual relationship. At the October 2007 federal trial on charges of sexually coercing a 10-year-old girl, and of witness intimidation, the judge threw out both charges due to lack of evidence.[18]
          At the plea hearing on January 14, 2008, Strom pleaded guilty to possessing computer images of child pornography and was held at Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail while awaiting sentencing.[19] On April 21, 2008, he was sentenced to 23 months of incarceration, with credit for times served, and 15 years of supervised release.[2] He was released from prison on September 3, 2008, at which point he resided in Earlysville, Virginia.[20]”

          • I have never suffered from your mental illness but I can say that plenty of people have all sorts of urges, like an urge to eat an unhealthy piece of candy or drink a soda or to slap a Jew, and do not act on them because they know it is unhealthy or even harmful. Normal, healthy, and sane men can do this and it’s not my fault you are a mentally ill and immoral weakling.

          • Here you go again dog whistling about your faggotry. Gross! Stay in the closet; do it for the children.

    • But but but….How are you supposed to have a white nationalist movement without cognitively dissonantly merging it with Cucktianity? What would a white nationalist movement do if it couldn’t worship a mythical Jew conceived via an act of ‘devine’ cuckoldry and its institutions that do more to cuck the white race than Soros?

      • You sound like you have some sort of personal vendetta with the church, which more than likely revolves around your parents forcing you to attend one growing up and feeling betrayed and disillusioned over something that happened in your immediate family. Seen it before, it’s almost always the same story with anti-Christian activists. Unlike most I can understand this, but I think you should keep it to yourself as the vast majority of people do not agree or want to hear it.

  • They should be institutionalized or executed, depending on your thoughts about how protect citizens from predation and corruption and whether they can be treated.

    • I’m against making homosexuality illegal. Not because I care so much about homosexuals but that proving homosexuality would be extremely difficult; what you would ultimately end up with are modern day salem witch trials. Someone could just falsely accuse you of sleeping with another man and you could find yourself in prison or “executed.” What are you going to do? Video tape everyone in their bedrooms? A law against homosexuality would be both ineffective and highly dangerous to everyone.

          • If you actually read the article then you might have noticed that Andrew included a few methods of executing homosexuals including submerging them in bogs. Do we really want to go there — again? I don’t. And if we have gays in the alt-right; who really gives a rat’s ass about that?

          • I do. Sodomites are vicious predators who target the weakest members of society. Over 70% of all serial killers are sodomites according to the FBI.

          • Sodomites? Good grief! You do know that only TV Evangelists talk like that; don’t you? And where the fuck did you get that 70% crap from? Let me guess: It’s in the bible. Funny we’re talking about “Sodomites” now, the day after Anthony Weiner gets sentenced for sending porn to a 15 year old girl. A 50 year old man sending porn to 15 year old girl. What does the FBI say about who is doing most of the child molesting. Just guessing but I’d say about 99 percent is done by what you would call normal straight males. Correct me if that’s not a fact.

          • “50 year old JEW sending porn to a 15 year old ARYAN girl.” – There I fixed that for you.

            * “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this (three years and a day) it is as if one put the finger into the eye. tears come to the eye again and again, so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years.” (Kehuboth 11b)

            * “R. Joseph said: Come and hear! A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition and if her deceased husband’s brother cohabits with her, she becomes his.” (Sanhedrin 55b)

            * “A girl who is three years of age and one day may be betrothed by cohabitation”(Yebamoth 57b)

            * “A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition, and if her deceased husband’s brother cohabited with her she becomes his.” (Sanhedrin 69a/b)

            * “It was taught: R. Simeon b. Yohai stated: A proselyte who is under the age of three years and one day is permitted to marry a priest, for it is said, But all the women children that have not known man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves, and Phineas surely was with them.” (Yebamoth 60b)

            * “There was a certain town in the land of Israel the legitimacy of whose inhabitants was disputed, and Rabbi sent R. Romanos who conducted an inquiry and found in it the daughter of a proselyte who was under the age of three years and one day, and Rabbi declared her eligible to live with a priest.” (Yebamoth 60b)

            No, my statistic is from the FBI, and this was based on the fact that over 70% of serial killer victims are sodomized so it can only be assumed that over 70% of serial killers are sodomites.

          • “50 year old JEW sending porn to a 15 year old ARYAN girl.” – There I fixed that for you.

            OKOK I’ll give you that one. Thanks for the correction.

          • Why yes, yes we do. I was just admiring that about our ancestors the other day as I was made aware of it by studying bogs and early plants. Bogs is a good solution.

      • But but but…. neoliberal globalists! If they can’t do that, how are they going to justify forcing you to submit your genetic information to the government to prove your legal sex?

        On a more serious note, not only does it cause other problems that have nothing to do with race but pushing for these laws just pulls white nationalists away from their movement to work for Cucktians that are more of a threat than even Soros let alone the LGBTwhatever population. This is my strongest objection — lack of ideological discipline distracting white nationalists away from their movement to join cuckservatives. FWIW, I’d rather join an LGBT parade or even an Antifa riot before joining cuckservatives on anything.

      • Perhaps we shouldn’t be arguing against homosexuality itself, but rather the presuppositions that contend it valuable to the culture as a whole. The aim should be to argue against over representation and restore the ineffectual facets with more robust traditional values. This ultimately must begin – and I strongly argue it’s caliber here – with religion. What that religion may be and how exactly we will squash the juvenile, unscientific, ever-growing and nefarious fag acronym is uncertain. We should follow a Russian stance, end legal protections first.

    • The Russians seem to have a sensible attitude to the issue. Consenting adults are free to do as they please in the privacy of their own homes. But the promotion of such lifestyles is not tolerated.

      • “Consenting adults are free to do as they please in the privacy of their own homes.” — Spoken like a true liberal. “You may do exactly as you please as long as you don’t harm others.” Are you aware of the fact that the unnatural and sick liberal mindset is one of the main culprits in getting us into our current predicament?

        • The harm principle is a worthy foundation on which a civilization can be built. Such foundations separate western cultures from the less evolved. Our current predicament seems to be more closely associated with affirmative action, attacks on free speech, unquestioned immigration, etc.

    • They should be institutionalized and re-educated and if that fails then they should be castrated and confined to specialized sodomite colonies and where their labor will be used to pay for their room and board. Just my opinion.

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