Count Dankula, Free Speech and the Police State

WotW looks at the Count Dankula controversy, what this means for our society, and what we can do to save our people.

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  • Relatively Old-Header……Yehuda Finkelstein…………

    Check him out on Gab……

    Wise Guy……..

    Apparently, Weev is Part Native American and Jewish……

    With a Nazi Tattoo on his Chest (Real Pictures)……..

    Who preaches to Pure White AltRight Goyim about Optics………

    And then Bans White Goyim who Disagree on his Website……..

    He and Anglin are creating Havoc on the TRS………..

    The Little Midget is 5’5″…….

    If this Little Bitch was in My Face…………..

    I’d turn his name into ‘Wheeze’………

    After I Broke his Ribcage…….

    • Anglins doing more than banning a few people. Apparently theres only like 85 of his most loyal sycophants who haven’t been purged. He also blamed the Austin bombings on WN/NS peoples without a shred of evidence and when the true identity of the bomber came out never retracted his statements. He’s not just trying to get people banned from Gab, a free speech platform that doesn’t belong to him, he’s trying to get their names on FBI watch lists. Seriously, fuck DS and fuck TRS. Gab is a SIEGE space now and all Alt-Kike faggots can expect to get bullcided out.

  • In a way, the West is reverting to the old way. Real Free Speech had just a short life span in the West.

    For most of US history, the state and local communities used all sorts of means to restrict free speech. Take Scopes Monkey Trial. And WWI and imprisonment of Eugene Debs. And there were speech codes in colleges prior to the Free Speech Movement of the 60s.
    Susan Sontag’s essay on Camp that dwelt on ‘gay’ issues was almost rejected by the leftist Partisan Review because homosexuality was a social taboo, even in liberal circles back then.

    Under Degaulle in France, many movies were banned or censored. The subject of Algeria was taboo for duration of most of the war. Paths of Glory was banned as insulting the French military.

    In the UK, Sergio Leone’s films were re-edited for being too violent. Sweden banned STAR WARS in the 70s as too violent. Rolling Stones got in hot water for seeming to promote drug use.

    So, censorship and restriction of speech and expression are nothing new in the West.

    Total free speech had a brief lifespan from late 60s to the 80s because the rising power invoked and exploited Free Speech principles to push through their radicalism and dissent. Also, Jews wanted to legalize pornography for profit and purpose of culture war.

    In the US, Jews needed all the free speech protections to defend Jewish radicals, Jewish pornographers, and the more extreme elements of Zionism. Also, Jews needed a broad alliance of blacks and homos to undermine the Power that was back then largely white, Christian, and socially conservative(even among Democrats). This is Jews were supportive of ACLU’s defense of even far-right anti-Jewish elements. Jews wanted to own Free Speech as a higher principle to sanctify what were really tribal and ideological agendas.

    When Jewish and Liberal power gained at the expense of social conservative power, there was a brief time when everything was in a state of limbo. The old authority and controls were slipping, and the new power had yet to consolidate their gains. The Jews, radicals, May 68ers, and boomers were too busy undermining the Old System to work on instituting new controls. They were reveling in total freedom in speech, expression, and behavior that they won.

    But as they grew older, they wanted to keep and consolidate their power. Also, they realized that the new freedoms had a corrosive effect on society, especially with the explosion of black crime in the US and Chav trashiness in the UK.
    Also, Jews became the new elites and came to fear unfettered speech, esp in the age of the internet, as a challenge to Jewish supremacist power. When Jews were on the rise, free speech was a net plus for Jews who spoke truth to Wasp power. But with Jews on the top, free speech became a net minus as other spoke truth to Jewish power.

    And so, we are in the state of neo-censorship. But this is a reversion to the Old Way prior to the Limbo period between the late 60s and mid 80s, after which PC took off big time.
    Of course, if the Old Order censored in favor of public morality, community values, tradition, and patriotism, the New Order censors in favor of open borders, diversity, Jewish domination, Negro Worship, and Homomania.
    They have different taboos and objectives.
    But we’ve actually gone full circle from the Old Censorship to the New Censorship.

    Whenever there is a transformation wherein One Order gives way to Another Order, there is a brief period of expanded freedom and accelerated liberty. The Old Order has lost its authority but the New Order has yet to consolidate its gains. So, there is a period of free-for-all.

    But that process is now complete with the West being a kind of giant West Bank, an occupied territory of the World Empire of Judea.

    But the internet is a powerful tool if used right. And it is time to bring down the power of Judea.

    • GREAT Post……

      “Also, Jews became the new elites and came to fear unfettered speech, esp in the age of the internet, as a challenge to Jewish supremacist power. When Jews were on the rise, free speech was a net plus for Jews who spoke truth to Wasp power. But with Jews on the top, free speech became a net minus as other spoke truth to Jewish power.”


  • In defense of North African

    The guy is a “pagan” Arab (or Bereberian). He is not planning coming to Europe, live on welfare, breed 8 children and take them to the madrasa. He wants to live in his homeland.
    Normal Med people, we are accustumed to sun, grapes, olives, beach and dolce vita. None of us would like to live permantly in the North of Europe. Bloody hell!
    By the way… Lybia, Syria, Iraq, Egyp… all that countries were secular and steady before the West started to mess with them. All this mess started with the unholy trinity: Bush-Blair-Aznar.

    • Finally someone with sense.
      When the west bombs others it’s spreading democracy and when they get bombed it’s terrorism.

      • Who on this Website every supported America bombing a Middle Eastern Country??

        Name one Name……


    • He says he wants to move to America, marry a white woman and start a Permacultural farm… Personally I like the guy, and he offers a unique perspective here, but it’s understandable how he rubs people the wrong way.

      I agree with the second part. Our governments have manufactured the migrant crisis and need to be overthrown.

        • Bereberian, do you want to move to the USA? Why on Earth? Do you want to change couscous and dolce vita for cheesburger and stressful life? Do you want to change Camusian existentialism for alienation? Do you want to change Timgad for Disneyland? Argelian women are gorgeous, by the way. So stylish, and I guess not femicunts.
          Don´t do that!

          • I don’t want to live in a Muslim country. These people are retarded. I will move to the USA at the end of 2019. I’ll work until I can get myself a nice piece of land in a rural area, probably Montana or Pennsylvania ( perhaps Appalachia ? ) And build a simple house using permaculture and hunting/fishing as well as gathering as a main source of food. I shall get my farm at any cost !

          • My 2 cents if you want break completely with Islam:

            Convert to Christianity and join an Arab Chrisitian comunity there. The Syrian Church is the oldest in the world, by the way. Founded by St. Paul.
            And St. Augustine was a North African too.

          • Fuck all abrahamic religions dude.
            And fuck the Arab community.
            Why the fuck would I want to get close the what I’m trying to get rid off ?

            Concern yourself with your own life.

          • Forgot you are Bereberian, not Arab.

            Good luck with that!

            Here, a famous Bereberian woman singing about some point in the USA:

          • I’ve tried to warn him against it, especially the predominately white areas that he has on his mind, but he has his mind set. There are a lot of predominately black rural areas where he could do this, but he hates black people even more than I do.

          • Don’t worry about me, I won’t be killed by a bunch not Huwhites or even niggers.

  • So, President Trump gets the Citizenship Question placed back on the Census where it hasn’t been since 1950…….

    The Left goes Nuts…….

    It’s Hard to Hate this Guy………

      • No Disrespect, JF…..

        But, as an American I have more Skin in the Game…….

        I need to be Wise regarding my Political Calculations………

        • As if the politics in the Giant Satan doesn’t affect the Great White North. Believe me, I wish I could just ignore Bugerworld.

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  • All of this was inevitable from the beginnings of multiculturalism. An elite that acts against the best interests of its own people, even with the best intentions, will inevitably come to fear their wrath. This fear drives them to silence and disarm the people, provoking even more populist anger, and more elite paranoia, and more repression, and more populist anger, and more elite fear, and more repression, . . .

    WOTW, its no surprise they are afraid of you in particular.

    • Wasn’t nit always the case ?
      Didn’t the European kings go to wars killing and starving their people for stupid reasons like “this Duke insulted me” and this way before multicultural societies ?

        • I’ll be drowning in your mother’s pussy.
          Stfu bitch-boy.
          + The Mediterranean Sea is a salt one and I’m a good swimmer.

          • You’re clearly not good at anything besides pressing the refresh button on this site. Get a life shitskin, you’ll never be part of the white race.

          • Who would want to be part of a dying breed of self hating cucks ?
            I get notified I don’t need to refresh anything but your vagina.

          • Sure, just remember your shithole was still a colony a few years ago and can be blown to hell in an instant.

          • How if the country that invaded it is now almost half conquered and it’s native population rapidly declining. Admit it in 20 years most nuclear countries will be majority non white.

          • Lexi darling can’t you see that he attacked me first ? Come one honey I asked a good question and he told me to die in the sea.
            Clearly Whitey has no respect and thus shouldn’t expect any. Now sweetie why don’t we talk about muh something else ?

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      • I’ll speak for myself when saying this but I don’t think our ideas are utopian.
        I don’t think the Altright’s position is that once we prevent multiculturalism there will never again be conflicts or wars. The left’s position on the other hand seems to be that “diversity is our strength” and multiculturalism will lead to a progressive koombaya utopia of some kind.
        We want to keep our land so we can live on it, and so we can honour our ancestors who fought for it. Our conflicts amongst ourselves are no one else’s business.
        The closest analogy I can think of is if I were to tell you that you should forget about your family because your great-grandfather and his brother got into a fight and stopped talking to each other before you were born. Only a complete faggot would go along with such an asinine request.

        • What are you talking about Superman ?

          My reply was to Lexi-babe’s comment saying that multiculturalism brought elites who work against their people. I just schooled her on the fact that it was Always the case.

          • To be fair, I don’t think I ever said otherwise. NA made a logical leap. I said that multiculturalism would necessarily bring despotism, not that despotism has never come about any other way. In other words, I said multiculturalism was a sufficient condition for elite repression of the people, not a necessary one.

            And Restore Sanity had a point. We really don’t need non-Whites coming to this site taunting us about our history. It really isn’t any of their business.

          • What History ? Don’t you know that it is our shared human History and that snow niggas have no culture ?
            Go back to school, Clearly you’ve missed some classes.

  • That’s been going on for well over 50 years in Britain. The old exploitative ruling class found a way to fit the empire inside tiny Britain; implement welfare state, attract migrants through compensations, profit by tapping into the various bloated systems of the modern state and finally crack down on dissenters. Recipe for anarcho-tyranny.

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