The Las Vegas Shooting

Last updated 5:30 am, Oct 3 2017

Did Paddock’s love for diversity in his bed make him a more tolerant and happy person, free of hate? Or did it motivate him to shoot up an overwhelmingly White concert?


The Telegraph:

The motive of the shooting is still unclear, as authorities discover explosives, a 42-weapon arsenal, and thousands of rounds of ammunition in the possession of Stephen Paddock, who killed himself in his Mandalay Bay hotel room before police could reach him. 59 people have been killed so far.

As of now, the shooter seems to be a fuckin’ white male with an Indonesian girlfriend who shot down on a crowd of 22,000 country music festival attendees from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. To be more specific, the shooter was a 64-year-old, possibly lefty Boomer with a Muslim girlfriend with an Australian passport.

According to Time, the suspect had been staying in a hotel room in Las Vegas since September 28th, and before that had lived in a retirement community in central Florida.

The Independent:

Isis has claimed responsibility for the deadliest mass shooting in American history. (…)

A statement published by the group’s Amaq propaganda agency claimed the attacker was a “soldier of the Islamic State”.

“The Las Vegas attacker is a soldier of the Islamic State in response to calls to target coalition countries,” it said.

Isis also claimed the gunman “converted to Islam several months ago”, without providing more details.


Update 8 (9:10am): The Vegas shooter Paddock killed himself as the police closed in. According to undersheriff Kevin McMahill, Stephen Paddock died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound as police made entry to his Las Vegas hotel room. He also confirmed that Paddock, who is believed to have checked into the hotel on Thursday, had more than 10 guns. McMahill added that Marilou Danley is overseas and that officers have made contact with her.  She is believed to be Australian and of Indonesian origin.


Update — 5:40 a.m. PDT: “The Clark County Fire Department estimated that approximately 406 people were transported to area hospitals and 50 are dead following Sunday evening’s shooting.”


According to the Australian, Marilou Danley, the woman wanted by police in connection with the Las Vegas shooting is Australian. The Australian understands that she was the girlfriend of the dead shooter Stephen Paddock. Ms Danley is understood to have shared a house in Las Vegas with Mr Paddock. She holds an Australian passport and is possibly of Indonesian decent. Las Vegas Police said that they had located Danley after earlier issuing her photo and naming her as a person of interest following the shooting.

Did the woman Islamize and radicalize her hubby? Maybe. Israeli news seems to think so. Indonesia has a problem with Islam, so maybe they’re not wrong.

Marilou Danley is a former “high-limit hostess” at a casino. The mother and grandmother, whose now deleted Facebook page was full of photos with family members and trips overseas, was described by police as a 4’11” Asian woman. She was described as a “companion” of the still unidentified shooter. Police stopped short of calling Danley a suspect in the early morning hours of October 2, but they said they wanted to talk to her about the carnage.

It would be interesting to find out where those trips took her. The casinos operating in the Gulf States maybe?

This is now the deadliest shooting in US history:

In a press briefing, Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo said that the death toll from the gruesome shooting has risen to at least 50, with more than 200 injured. Additionally, Lombardo said that the now deceased shooter was identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock. The sheriff added that “we are confident but not 100% sure that we have located the female person of interest.”

Quick question: did Paddock’s love for diversity in his bed make him a more tolerant and happy person, free of hate? Or did it motivate him to shoot up an overwhelmingly White concert?

Guess diversity isn’t the answer to everything.

Media narrative inbound: Option 1: white supremacist fascist asshole who’s been emboldened by Trump’s presidency. Option 2: anti-fascist hero, who has taken out a load of right-wing country music-lovin’ trump supporting rubes.

Either way, the guns gotta go.

Here’s a thought. If this was really just a mentally ill man (which it might be), who just decided to shoot up a country concert in a premeditated act of violence, then what does it say about the state of mental health in America? And what does it say about the state of Boomers?

Ban assault boomers NOW.

Something’s not right. These kinds of attacks happen with increasing frequency all over the place. People will want someone to put an end to it, one way or another.

* * *

This post will be updated as new information surfaces.


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  • Could have been false flag radicalized by anyone, including ISIS, to commit acts of violence against fellow Americans that he thought were “right wing” or “Trumpers.” The planning and logistics for this act appear to be beyond his expertise and capacity. What did he do on recent foreign travel? Many possibilities here. Key question: Who benefits most from this?

  • Paddock had no motive.
    Which means he was not a lone wolf.

    Who stands to benefit from mass shootings?
    That’s right, Gun Control advocates.
    Gun Control was the motive
    Find Gun Control advocates that may have come into contact with Paddock and then follow that to people who set this up AND recorded it. Below is an article and I removed Paddock’s name and replaced it with an underline (fill in the blank). If someone went to a hotel and started setting up surveillance equipment in the hallway, don’t you think they would be stopped?
    And how would he monitor the hallway while working the crowds with an automatic rifle?

    “___________ set up a camera inside (the) hotel room during (the) deadly shooting rampage and other surveillance in the hallway to alert _____ as cops closed in on him, officials said.

    ______had placed a camera by the peephole in his room at the Mandalay Bay Casino, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Undersheriff Kevin McMahill. Earlier, ABC News had reported ____had a camera in (the) room to record (Paddock).

    _______also wired up two cameras in the hallway outside (the) room, McMahill said.

    Police officials said the cameras had been meant to help ______ watch out for cops, though it is not clear how he might have been monitoring them.

  • It really doesnt matter why he did it. Not many will buy the offical story. They are already writing articles denying our narrative and bitching how great of propagandists we are. Bernie’s Commie Boomers are losing their shit fast.

  • Medicated Boomers are a ticking time bomb. If they dont get their happy pills, bad shit happens. Side note, our Boomers believe 100% it was antifa. We’ve been doing great prop work

    • No monumental wage gaps either. Violent crimes are often attributed to poverty. In America and South America, blacks are on the bottom rung so they sell drugs and mug for money instead of going to school and learning useful skills.

  • I would think you supremacists would appreciate an efficient killer like Paddock? He appears to have smoked a lot of CUCKS (which you guys hate), hot chicks (they hate you guys) and Mexicans (white wannabes). What’s not to love?

  • In a way, Paddock acted on Aaron Clarey’s retirement advice.

    I look forward to the day when one of us writes the bestselling answer to Clarey, Enjoy the White Ascendancy (and the Jewish Decline).

  • All idiots should be killed, I think that will leave very little altright members in the face of earth. Lets do an IQ and general culture, art and history tests to prove civilised man, who fails, gets killed. Bring on death penalty on idiotic.

    • If you were to eliminate everyone in the US with a two digit IQ, you would literally eliminate 85%+ of Blacks. Mestizos wouldn’t fare much better. Democrats would never win another nationwide election again. They would dissolve as a party.

  • You are too fucking demented and sick. Look at this man, white male and murdered innocent family. Try to find the muslim in him you assholes. Just eat the reality, he is a product of American society, gambler, middle class with love of guns and clearly love of asian women. Your president is married to a refugee dickheads why don’t you see it that way?

  • the motive is obvious. he had country and western music blaring outside his window for two days. ill bet “Achy breaky heart” was the last straw.

    • Country music lyrics are pro Natural Family and loaded with American traditionalism. Like “She Keeps The Home Fires Burning,” “Mama He’s Crazy,” “18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses” and ad infinitum. Obviously lefties, pervs and (((their leaders))) despise that.

      • What? Read the text in that image–it implies that the shooting was a pretext for a Jewish/deepstate push for gun control and surveillance.

        • Thought you were saying it was hoax and spreading conspiracy disinformation. Sorry. So who is writing that stuff? Is that authentic?

          • Well, its an anonymous guy on 4chan /pol/, so we’ll have to see to what degree his prediction comes true, but already there’s a push for greater casino security and as the guy’s comments explain, this…

            1) makes some Jews money (i.e. Chertoff and probably Adelson) — a lot of money if there is a government mandate for the use of metal detectors, and
            2) furthers the gun-control agenda.

            And also, since it was (nominally) a WHITE MALE who did the shooting, the event furthers an anti-white narrative. It’s a neat little package of political and financial gifts for our adversaries.

            So we’ll see how this plays out.

    • The Port Arthur Massacre in Australia, an obvious false flag and redolent with Mossad, is a likely template and it was used as an excuse to disarm all Australians.

  • Also notice how the Jew through Hollywood fetishised the gun. No coincidence there. The gun is the weapon of a coward. Any fool can pull a trigger.

  • The gun turned the White man into a coward. Before the gun he had to kill with his hands. No room for a weakling that could pull a trigger. The ultimate expression of this cowardice is a gun in the hands of a negro.

  • I’ve been watching Tucker Carlson tonight, and of course he’s commenting on what happened in Las Vegas in polling experts for their opinion, etc. etc. etc.

    the general tenor of what he’s saying is that he seems to be leaning toward gun bans. I myself have personally encountered someone with a weapon, so I know what it is like, despite that I am personally AGAINST any type of restriction on firearms.


    The reason I say that is because of the fact that I simply do not TRUST the government to respect our rights as citizens, if we don’t have the right to have firearms. Certainly, what happened was terrible, but let’s not lose perspective simply because somebody went off the deep end and was perhaps involved in something regarding leftist leanings types of activities (based upon new sources). No matter what is the results, we should think about the fact that we only have our freedoms, if we have weapons to defend them.

  • The first report said that the gf was in the Philippines. I thought about those Philippinos on board the ship that recently collided with ours, killing all of those servicemen. Many servicemen at the concert in Las Vegas too.

  • This guy was a millionaire property investor.
    Regardless of whether or not his involvement with this Indonesian/Austrailian/Muslim woman had anything to do with him snapping; I just can’t understand why he would need to settle for one of these mousey/submissive/tiny Asians.
    I mean lets face it; White men only go for these types when they just cannot land a White woman.
    From all I have seen and read so far about this guy, he should have had no problem getting a White woman.

    Very puzzling.

    • This is the result of a lifetime of beta bucks, alpha fucks. Guess which one he is (was). All of this could have been averted if he had known about return of kings! 🙂

    • No, it’s not!!! Spencer spent his roaring twenties dating Asian women too! Probably now, he’s settling for “yellow fever” porn. And, I’m sure he’s not alone. Odds are, most of you alt-righters have NOT put your “ideals” ahead of your boners.

      • I guess my point is that SOMETHING must have been wrong with this guy (other than being a mass murderer). Lack of professional and financial success was not the thing keeping him from getting a White woman. Something else about him made him unable to land one.

        • I doubt that most folks would see anything “wrong” with him. And he’d been married twice before, so at least one of them was White. Perhaps he was just a rich, violent guy who wouldn’t deny himself ANYTHING. Not an arsenal, not a high-stakes gambling habit, not an Asian woman. Personally, I think there’s a lot wrong with the money-wasting and weapons-hoarding. But, I realize that many people believe he lived and died in style. We are really one sick f*ck*ng country. 🙁

  • We like to bash boomers, but this isn’t really a boomer thing. There are psychos among every generation. Surely, the Columbine killers, Dylan Roof, and Sudanese Samson were not boomers.

    Still, maybe it all connects to boomers and the summer of love and May 68 since that generation threw caution to the winds and indulged in excesses of everything. 80s was really the Woodstock of material greed as Boomers took over Wall Street and began using it like a casino.

    We like to bash leftist boomers, but maybe, in some ways, the free-market capitalist boomers were more destructive. They pushed ‘free trade’, deregulation of finance, the warfare state, and money & narcissism as the meaning of life. Looking back, Oliver Stone’s somber warnings about war and greed in PLATOON, WALL STREET, BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY, and even the demented JFK seem more relevant than ever. It is ironic that the Alt Right is now more likely to agree with Stone while the Establishment Left condemns him for not going with the program.

    In a way, it is so fitting that this happened in Las Vegas, the center of gambling. In a way, gambling is the perfect metaphor for globalism. What is globalism but a degenerate gambling with the future? We are supposed to trust Jews and gamble away the future of the West on ‘open borders’, Diversity, Inclusion, Interracism, Homomania, Afromania, more wars for Israel, and new cold war with Russia. Why? We are never really told why it’s a good idea. We must just repeat the mantra and pull on the slotmachine or toss the dice and gamble away Western Civilization that has been created and defended over 1000s of yrs and the white race that took 10,000s of yrs of evolution to create.

    Forget about the past, forget about the future. According to Jews, the ONLY thing that whites need to remember from the past is ‘whites are guilty and must serve Jews and Negroes’. And the ONLY thing that whites are to look forward to in the future is Utopia of Diversity where all will be wonderful because ‘diversity is our strength’ has been repeated so many times.
    Other than that, just focus on the here and now and have fun, fun, fun. Borrow and don’t worry about debts. Gamble and take your chances. What can possibly go wrong? And don’t worry about gambling being a vice. That is old way of thinking. Gambling used to be associated with gangsters, the mob and mafia, the Jewish hucksters who once turned Cuba into one big casino. That was then, this is now. Gambling is now virtuous because it offers reparations for Indians. It is moral and redemptive, pumping easy cash to all the feathered victims of history. (Maybe blacks can get legal prostitution and pimping for reparations, and then, whore industry will be virtuous too.) Ever since Jews totally took over gambling, it’s been rebranded as a virtue industry that ‘serves communities’. It’s not just for degenerate gamblers and hoodlums. It’s a family thing. A Christmas place to be. Looks like Las Vegas got associated with another great American pastime: Hunting. Shooting the sitting ducks.

    In some ways, this horror is about one nutjob who killed a bunch of people. But the symbolisms are so potent this time. A white boomer married to an Asian woman. White men marry Asian women in search of more traditional spouses in an America where so many white women are feminists or sluts. But this guy hardly led a virtuous conservative life. He lived for the moment as a degenerate gambler. He used Las Vegas like banksters use Wall Street.. but without the bailouts when he lost.

    There is also country music. It is associated with conservatism, Christianity, and small town values. But much of today’s country music is just hick pop music. And a country music concert in Las Vegas, sin city. But then, it’s no longer a vice, right? Gambling is virtuous. After all, the main donor to the GOP is Sheldon Adelson who is worth over 30 billion. Adelson made his money from gambling addicts, the suckers of the world. This guy owns half of GOP cucks in Congress. These GOP cucks talk of principles and morality, but they take money from the sleaziest scumbag in the US. Not only that but Adelson is a psychopath who called for the nuking of Iran, a nation that has no nukes. Meanwhile, the GOP goy cucks, bought and sold by the likes of Adelson, cheered for the shock and awe terror on Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. America’s wars since 9/11 have all been gambles. Jewish elites say white goyim should risk their lives to spread ‘democracy’ and ‘liberty’ in the Muslim World. Funny that US doesn’t target Israel and Saudi Arabia, two nations most responsible for supporting terrorists who created so much havoc in the region. Instead, US, along with Saudis and Israel, target Iraq, Iran, Libya, and Syria, all nations hated by Israel.
    Anyway, what resulted from these gambling with war and intervention? Destruction of borders in the Middle East and the ‘refugee’ crisis. Jackpot from Hell. We even gambled away morality with nonsense like ‘gay marriage’. That institutionalized and sacralized a Lie, and this culture of lies has now spread like a cancer with BLM, 50 genders fantasy, Russia hacking hysteria, and etc. When Lies are sacralized, they beget more lies.

    Everything just came together in this event: Country music, Gambling, Guns, Boomer, Terrorism.
    We need to regain our senses. Alt Right should attack the vice industries. It should try to awaken Americans up for the vice of gambling. Gambling isn’t just recreation but has become a way of life for many Americans. A mindset. Gambling mentality defines so much of Americana and the world. We are supposed to throw caution to the winds and be mesmerized by the flashing lights, promise of thrills and fortune, and endless excitement. It’s like America Mind has become a big pinball machine.

    Alt Right’s War on Vice Industry of Gambling must commence.
    Not just gambling as industry but mentality. (In the end, Hitler failed too because he turned his movement into one of degenerate gambling based on delusions of grandeur and hubris.)

  • The fact that no discernable motive can be found… I am not sure he is the shooter. We KNOW 9/11 was a conspiracy of some sort, as was Kennedy. I will wait for more facts to come out, but this guy as the shooter loos very unplausible.

    Humans are irrational creatures by nature, so there is always that element of plausible deniability for any conspiracy. Our betters understand the nuts and bolts of cognitive behavior more than most people.

    • have you seen the video of him purportedly at an anti-trump rally in Reno ? If it ain’t him he has a twin…and a woman can be seen addressing the person as “Steve”. Look up on YouTube….Steve Paddock Anti Trump “hi steve” .

  • Yes, this is Alt-Lite FEELS………

    But, a bunch of White Americans just got Genocided……..

    White Progenic Potentiality was Eroded almost Instantaneously…….

    Most of us know that it was a Psychopathic Leftist Anti-Trumper goaded on by the Anti-Trump Jewish Liberal Media Propaganda…..

    But, let’s be Americans just for a Moment…….

    Even if it’s Fleeting……

  • seems like a good opportunity to post a snapchat story selfie with a “thoughts and prayers for Vegas” filter,
    maybe I’ll put a Las Vegas filter over my facebook profile picture

  • The Jewish Dominated Liberal Mainstream Media is not interested in the Truth……

    They’re solely focused on burying the Truth……

    Because, they have BLOOD on their Hands……….

    That’s why they’re pushing the Gun Control Narrative………

    They’re Scared the Truth might get out…….

    Keep pushing Alt-Right…….

        • I see one big forest called the establishment. I see a president who called /our guy/ a terrorist in Charlottesville but has not called this guy a terrorist. Who would have been happy to hang Dylan Roof but totally silent on the killings at a white church last week. I don’t see a bill being presented to Trump to ban leftist and Jewish hate groups. I see an establishment who values the lives of whites at zero. But let us see how much we will be told the truth and let us see if Trump will say what he should say about this.

  • Let’s be real.

    A white ethnostate would have no problem banning guns.

    As was stated in the unconscious cinema podcast, War is dysgenic. Guns are dysgenic.

    The real reason why so many white guys amass such large Arsenals is because of black crime being a legitimate real problem.

    Australia was able to ban guns precisely because they do not have the “diversity” of the United States. They are a settler English society. They did it all without any black slaves.

    • In a white enthnostate this mentally ill boomer would have been institutionalized before he had a chance to hurt anyone for being a sick pervert who goes after asian girls.

      • Speaking of Asians…they live in ethnostates effectively. None of them have gun rights because they are so homogenous.

      • Like there is a legit argument for guns…1992 LA riots. Those riots only happened because of blacks.

          • Idiot, dating outside the race doesn’t occur in an ethnostate due to lack of supply.

            Anyways, she wasn’t the reason he went psycho.

          • Idiot, we don’t have an ethnostate. I’m saying we should do that now. And, idiot, it wasn’t the reason he went psycho, rather it proved he was already mentally ill.

          • Is that it? Learn what red flags are moron. Someone who dates outside their race obviously has mental problems. Not to say they are automatically going to go shooting people but it says something about their character.

          • You know, there is news that he treated her like absolute sht in public, which is like something that Asian women put up with a hell of a lot more than white or black women.

            Which says something about his character.

        • Well those riots happened because there was an explicit video evidence of like 6 cops beating the shit out of a black guy on the street and the cops walked free despite obvious excessive use of force and misconduct.

          • There is no such thing as ‘excessive use of force and misconduct’ when dealing with terrorists who rape, rob, and murder innocent Aryans.

    • Multiple different approaches should be tried in different areas

      To me England still looks like a worse situation than the United States, nobody planned for the idea that the government would become totally anti-white, so they can’t even protest their fate, let alone fight it.

      The casualties from attacks like this are not significant on a historical time scale and it may well be worth accepting a dramatically higher death rate if you can somehow engineer society so that something like the passive acceptance of “white genocide” can’t happen again.

      White Cattle vs White Afghanistan

      • No, because a white ethnostate would be so legitimate that its armed forces would be representative of the people living there and there would be no need for private arms.

          • Basically what a white ethnostate has going for it in my opinion is that it’s not a dystopian hell on earth where the living envy the dead

            I don’t think it’s necessarily some paradise, we had countries like this until recently, the elites can still betray you or screw up

          • A white ethnostate is not utopian, we had them until recently. They were better than diversity and multiculturalism, but didn’t solve all problems, by any means.

            A white ethnostate is not utopian, but it MAY be hard to pull off at this point.

          • Because America had no problems till we brought over slaves or opened Ellis Island, right? Hindsight is 20/20

          • It was better than it is now. If we removed all non-Aryans from the United States then the crime rate would be about equivalent to that of Norway, which has the 2nd lowest crime rate in Europe and is one of the most peaceable nations on the planet. Studies have shown this to be a fact. Go spread your lies somewhere else, Jew.

    • I don’t care if you’re black or white, you’re not taking my guns in or out of an ethnostate.

      Don’t be a faggot.

    • Heh! Whatever, maniac! Crime does NOT fight crime. And only Paddock benefited from Paddock’s crimes. Also, the English didn’t “settle” Australia. The Aboriginal Australians did that at the dawn of humanity. Their societies were eviscerated by European invaders. Those “wetbacks” weren’t permitted to emigrate to Australia, and they didn’t assimilate, once they barged onto that land. If you’re “pro-border”, you shouldn’t be valorizing ANY English colonists.

    • So you’ve just decided that the government of an ethnostate is going to be absolutely benevolent forever? You’re saying that being the helpless, disarmed wards of the State rather than potential citizen-warriors WON’T mentally emasculate the population (see also “herbivorous males” in Japan, your gun-free dream state)? That declaring an ethnostate permanently removes the possibility of third world invasion ever again until the end of the world?

      You have a promising future on HuffPo or Salon. Why don’t you take your hatred of the European male’s immemorial impulse to be armed (which stretches back far before the United States) elsewhere and quit trolling here?

      Also, Australia’s now disarmed population is facing foreign immivasion combined with European-style suppression of dissent by a leftist white-hating gov’t. If that’s your model for an “ethnostate,” I’ll pass.

    • maybe he’s just a crisis actor making a few bucks rented for the demo(quite common) but you would have to see the hairline of the guy in the pink shirt to make a better comparison. As is very inconclusive

  • I think it’s a mistake to assume Mr. Paddock had any political motive whatsoever. He was a relatively wealthy retired accountant who liked gambling, guns, and country music. He murdered a bunch of people who shared at least one (in many cases, all) of his interests. The ethnicity of his girlfriend strikes me as immaterial. Many affluent white geezers prefer Asian girlfriends for reasons that have nothing to do with SJW-ism — the exact opposite, in fact.

    No, I suspect Mr. Paddock was simply a sociopathic iconoclast who wanted to go out with a bang.

      • True. I don’t think Mr. Paddock had much contact with his father, but there could’ve been some sort of genetic predisposition. That said, I would distinguish between bank robbery and spree killing.

          • He was a white firearms aficionado and country music fan who murdered his own. White on white crime, in other words. I know you desperately need to shoehorn this into your manichean view of the world, but isn’t that one of the things Spencer finds so obnoxious about Boomer cucks?

          • He targeted White Trump Supporters for a REASON……..


            Get Lost, Antifa………

          • Another Boomer cuck parrot. Funny things is, I agree with very little of what Spencer has to say, but I have no doubt he’d have far more respect for me than you. You can’t deal with someone interrupting your safe space, so now you’ve devolved into broken-record mode.

          • Yes, well dear old Richard is not fully alt-right, more of a dilettante tolerant racist liberal aristocrat. We Nazis now are a little more hardcore about drawing the line.

          • No one Respects you, Fag………

            You’re an Alt-Right Gawker……..

            Here to spread Disinformation and Propaganda……..

            Get LOST……..

          • Well dear old Richard is not fully alt-right, more of a dilettante tolerant racist liberal aristocrat. We Nazis now are a little more hardcore about drawing the line. You have to go down with the rest of your tribe, there are no longer any concessions, I think it was Himmler who said every German has his good Jew, but in a war you can’t say “well I do like some of the guys on the other side.” It’s too late for that. The Jewish people in toto have declared war on whites because the Jewish people in toto follow the rabbis. Watch the Coen brothers movie ‘A Serious man.’ It explains that very well:

          • Idiot. Spencer founded the alt-right and laid the intellectual framework.

            You sound like a Stormer. Stormers are punks and the muscle who are deliberately tolerated by Spencer even though when it comes down to it, they contradict his ideas and principles.

          • You’re less of a B. Mitchell-esque Boomer parrot than Nova, but you’re still steeped in conspiratorial bullshit. Yes, Jews have prominent, disproportionate roles in Hollywood, the financial industry, and progressive interest groups. They didn’t murder a bunch of concert goers and frame Mr. Paddock. Gotta learn to separate legitimate gripes — AIPAC — from tinfoil hat inanity.

          • My dear chap, you have to go down with the rest of your tribe, there are no longer any concessions, I think it was Himmler who said every German has his good Jew, but in a war you can’t say “well I so like some of the guys on the other side.” It’s too late for that. The Jewish people in toto have declared war on whites because the Jewish people in toto follow the rabbis. Watch the Coen brothers movie ‘A Serious man.’ It explains that very well:

      • Loads of people had such parents and did not commit mass murder. The vast majority of the families of major mafia guys are perfectly good citizens. No, this is political.

      • Great response /s. No, I’m not Alt-Right, but one of the things I respect about Spencer, Taylor, et al., is their commitment to empirical reality. Most of the comments on this post have been conspiratorial nonsense, and I can’t imagine Spencer would concur.

    • “The ethnicity of his girlfriend strikes me as immaterial”

      No, it means he was a mentally ill race traitor. Should have thrown his ass in jail right there and then. Would have saved a bunch of people.

  • The entire media and political class including Trump seem determined to hide the truth about this mass killing and it is possible the mass of the public will be deceived. It is unlikely that there will be any talk about Jewish supremacy or leftist terrorism in the corridors of power. It is unlikely that congress will be placing a bill before Trump condemning Jewish and leftist hate groups or that slimey, limp-wristed cuck and race-traitor Sessions will be instructing the FBI to monitor and ban leftist and anti-white Jewish orgs. While Trump was quick to condem /our guy/ in Charlottesville as a terrorist I doubt he will be extending that to someone who after all only attacked white people which is not a serious crime in the eyes of Jew-cock sucking cucks like him.

    • “It is unlikely that there will be any talk about Jewish supremacy or leftist terrorism in the corridors of power. It is unlikely that congress will be placing a bill before Trump condemning Jewish and leftist hate groups or that slimey, limp-wristed cuck and race-traitor Sessions will be instructing the FBI to monitor and ban leftist orgs. ”
      those are the guilty

  • Why did he target a 22,000 large crowd of Mostly White Country Music Fans……

    …..who probably all support/voted for President Trump???

    That’s the Real Mystery…….

    Let’s have a Moment of Silence for all the White Souls lost………

    And all the White Families affected………

    May we as White People never give up and give in to this EVIL that surrounds us………


        • Expect a huge growth of such theory coming out of paid hasbarah hacks in the alternative Jewsmedia to hide the truth and protect the left/Muslims who are killing whites by saying it is the deep state carrying out false flags and that leftists and Muslims are no threat to us.

          • Jews are the devil, Jesus said that the modern pharisaic, Talmudic Jews are the sons of Satan and the Masters of lies. We are no longer dealing with the long-dead Israelites but a malignant race from hell that hates everything God loves and loves everything God hates and hate us because we have access to god while they are cast out forever into darkness.
            Good link btw.

          • I am not a Christian identity follower because it involves too much study. I just rely on the truth of Christ’s statement which has been backed up by so many of the great men of history and my own experience working for decades in the book trade in which 90% of my colleagues and 100% of my bosses were Jews.

          • Jesus was a real Israelite. The modern Pharisaic, Talmudic Jews were brought into evil wombs from hell by the Sanhedrin of Babylon. They are a non-human species inhabiting human forms.

          • Explain me how a religion that was imposed on us by Killing the heretics and sterilizing millions of our people because they were “married to God” should be viewed positively. Don’t you get it? Obviously, (((they))) want you to identify as a christian and not as a White male, because calling for the “end of christianity” is much more accepting than “”we must kill all White people”.

          • The Talmud states that all Jews must work to ensure that the memory of Jesus is wiped from the face of the earth. The atheists, mostly created by the Jews through the education system and media, hate God as much as the Jews and are as fanatic in the Jewish revolutionary spirit as the Jews in stamping out Christianity. Interestingly the converse is not true and Christians are tolerant of atheists and pagans. The church generally, which is now owned and controlled by anti-Christian forces, like the rest of society, is ignorant of white genocide, and like the rest of society there are some who are awake to the truth about the Jewish agenda like yourself, myself or some enlightened church people:

          • I don’t do semantics because I don’t believe the bible is an accurate account because it was written down after the fact and had many translations and additions. Many things have been taken out of context by the scribes or misunderstood. My perception is one defined by spiritual consciousness and inner mystical experience and not by the arguments of Christ-hating intellectuals.

          • So you listen to Klassen and believe him. You listen to Renegade and believe them.

            But when someone like Dissident5 sets you straight with facts you can’t be bothered to pay attention.

            Got it.

          • That’s such a Jewey thing to say. Jesus was a Judahite not a “Jew.”

            It only takes the slightest bit of racial awareness to understand the difference.

          • Read “Nature’s Eternal Religion” by Ben Klassen and you’ll not be so sure anymore about even the existence of Jesus.

          • I don’t need to listen to intellectuals on this, there is such a thing as spiritual and mystical perception. Sorry if you are a spiritual eunuch.

          • You are a fool for believing that Klassen nonsense. He argues from a Jew’s perspective of Christianity so it’s no surprise his conclusions are equally wrong.

          • Let’s be real bro: If not for Jewry and libshits urging us to welcome muzzies to our lands, they wouldn’t be a problem (for us). You really can’t functionally carry out these attacks if you aren’t in proximity. So long as they stay in sandland, they’re no threat… Which isn’t the case, because leftists… Which are the case, because Jewry.

            That said, your narrative seems strange: Why would Israeli propagandists try to ‘protect’ Muzzies/leftists, when their whole deal is using leftists to flood the West with Muzzies so we’ll be more-willing to blindly support Israel in fighting Muzzies in the ME. Sounds like bullshit. Why would Israel argue its a ‘false flag’, when Israel/International Jewry would be one of the prime suspects for such an attack?

          • Jews are an existential threat to the white race period. The Jews are bringing the Muslims into Europe and America to genocide us and the Jews want us to believe they are not a threat and welcome them. At the same time they play a double game of getting us to hate the Muz rather than them, doublespeak 101. The Jews are brainwashing leftist whites and minorities to hate us and the minorities to rape, rob and kill us. The point of the hasbara shills which often include people like Alex Jones is to pretend that some nebulous, hidden Jesuitical and Nazi globalist force is behind all the destruction they are causing. Hitler said perceptively that Zionism is a mask behind which other Jews can hide by joining in a chorus to blame them.

  • This is so out of date I don’t know where to begin but the plot is thickening by the minute. Twitter is alive with almost every Jew, liberal and leftist in the Western world shouting about guns and other side issues at the top of their voices to drown out the reality that the guy was a white-hating leftist millionaire with two planes who formerly worked for a neocon corporation. The Jewish-controlled liberal politicians like Pelosi and Hillary are blaming guns while the boomercucks like Trump are talking about evil. None of the conservative side want to go there and mention antifa or the left.

  • I see people already saying it’s a false flag. What good would this do the mainstream narrative to have this as a false flag? A bunch of white country western music fans getting shot? Wouldn’t it make more sense to set up another Dylan Roof or something?

    • Who is saying it is a false flag? I have been saying that it is probably a hoax, in which no one died. The same goes for Dylan Storm Door Roof.

      I understand always wanting to keep in mind how something benefits our cause, but we also want to know the truth. In cases where we aren’t sure of the truth, it is best to weigh the possibilities and not just stick with a narrative because it seems to suit us. We also should not assume that every hoax has a specifically anti-white purpose.

        • The motive is to pretend it never happened so that you can’t blame the left. The Jews do this all the time with bombings in Europe where their hasbarah internet sites pretend it was the state doing a false flag because they want the whites to believe Muslims are not terrorists and it’s all staged “to divide us.”

        • From my perspective, there have been an astounding number of hoaxed mass casualty events in the past few years. This includes Sandy Hook, Charleston Church, Pulse Nightclub, and many many others. The telltale sign is usually that the supposedly traumatized and/or grieving witnesses and/or loved ones do not show genuine signs of trauma and/or grief. There are many other indicators, however.

        • You mean Infowars?

          If you mean that they are peddling a likely incorrect “false flag” narrative in order to distract from the more likely “complete hoax” narrative, then I agree.

    • Commies more than anything want to get rid if guns, especially from white folks. Hillary and biden came out right away with antigun tweets(as always).

  • The insane Las Vegas Massacre.

    What the hell is going on?

    In the 90s, it was a spate of school shootings, with Columbine being most infamous.

    But that stuff is now small potatoes.

    Now, it’s concert or night-club massacres. In Paris, London, Orlando, and now Las Vegas.
    It’s like in this age of Show Biz, even the killers want to be part of some grand spectacle, esp as even pop culture has become so politicized. Look at football and kneegroes. Look how Oscars and Emmies have gotten TOTALLY politicized. They were always somewhat political but not like today. And today’s late night talk shows are Politics, Politics, Politics. Carson wasn’t like that.

    It’s Thunderdome killings.

    How fitting that it finally came to Las Vegas. But even surreal is a country concert in Las Vegas. Country is associated with rural and small town Christian values. Las Vegas is sin city.
    The killer is an older white male, the object of total hatred by PC. But some accts say he was ‘leftist’ and anti-white. Too early to tell if this was flight-from-white massacre but…

    Terror has gone showbiz. It wants to be part of the show. We had a celebrity prez with Obama, and now we got showbiz prez with the Donald. There is talk of Oprah and the Rock as runners.

    Idiocracy all around.

    • Its because the school shit didn’t work. They wanted this shit to be what pushed Americans to give up their firearms, and still they refused. Now, they’re upping the ante.

      But, Daily Reminder: There are 70-110+ MILLION firearms owners in the US, the vast majority being Whites, and of that enormous group, there are less than 15,000 non-suicide firearms-related deaths in the US each year… Which comes out to something like like than 1/5th of 1/10th of 1/10th of 1% of firearms owners (that statistic is actually based on the assumption that each of the 15k deaths is caused by a DIFFERENT one of the 70-110+ million firearms owners, thus even that is a high-estimate).

  • Goodness… lefty, check. Islam, check. Dues Boomer, check. Thats already a trifecta without adding in the muslim Malaysian gf.

  • Pretty sure you got the ethnicity and religion wrong:
    Data points:

    * Her name is Marilou Danley. few Indonesians are named Marilou, but Mary variations are common In Catholic Philippines.
    * USA Today article says she is “visiting family in the Phillippines”
    * Hotels and Casinos in Cali and Nevada are full of Filipino workers, not Indonesianns
    * Indonesian Muslim woman don’t routinely float over to the USA, have multiple white boyfriends / husbands. Filipinos do.
    * She looks Filipino:
    * She’s showing a lot of skin in all the pics of her, like Filipino woman do, No sense of Muslim cover-up with this lady:
    * comment thread under a photo, “…Kuha Sa Jumeira Beach, Dubai.” She also wrote under that photo, “That’s a beautiful City except it’s hot. Will be back there next year to visit my niece.” Another country with lots of Filipino guest workers.

    Pretty sure you got some false data, and then blew it up into a whole scenario that makes no sense.

      • Are all boomers “boomercucks”, or only those who are both boomers + cuckservatives?
        As far a pure ‘cucking’ goes looks like he was the bull not the cuck, in this case. At least when he had his little rice-flavored poptart shacked up in Reno while she was still married to the other guy.

    • I agree that she’s probably a non Muslim Filipino, but the whole country was confused by the ISIS claim of responsibility as of an hour ago, the live thread mod is not the one who “blew it up into a scenario that makes no sense”

    • I know someone who has a Malaysian wife and while she is a muslim she does not cover up at all. There would be no way to tell she was muslim simply by looking at her. Not saying that’s the case here but not all muslims cover up.

  • When the gay club in Orlando got shot up the fags demanded it be treated as their own personal victimhood event, Owen jones went on sky tv and said it was the biggest attack on “LGBT” since Hitler

    Well there’s been 2 concert massacres now, heavy metal and country and western. Both implicitly white events. Whites should be demanding that this be treated as a racist attack on white culture and an act of genocide

  • Best to keep it all simple …

    The simplest ideas are usually the ones that are right.

    He’s screwing some Indonesian inferior Muslim beootch, he gets caught up in the pussycat, says “I love you !, I love you !”, she says, how are you going to prove your love to me ?
    He replies: ” I hate all those whites who suppress you in the Western world, and I will kill all of them for you!”

    End of story; clean and simple.

  • let’s consider the following:

    Antifa has stated their intentions of a Communist revolution.

    Antifa operatives confirmed in police and military academies and academia at large.

    Antifa has ties to Soros and deep state.

    ISIS has ties to Soros and deep state.

    Both an ISIS group and an Antifa group claim responsibility for this attack.

    What if they are both telling the truth?

    What if they are the same deepstate army?

    What if Las Vegas was just another declaration of war?

    What if we are too conditioned to recognize that war has been upon us for sometime?

    Is this terrorism or ethnic cleansing?

    I wouldn’t believe anything any media, mainstream or alternative, says about this.

    Just consider the Target of this massacre.

    Country music fans. White. Trump. Supporters.

    Commonality between ISIS, BLM, Antifa:

    “Kill Whitey”

  • This guy was a mob accountant. His dad operated under Jewish Pseudonyns too. Leo Gerstein.

  • Most terrorist converts have clean record. Their mental illness creeps up slowly, then wham. A convert would be top of my list at this stage. The only thing that makes sense right now.

  • Having trouble seeing how this guy made enough trips down and back to the car to bring 10 guns plus ammo for a sustained attack up to the room, all without anyone noticing. SInce Vegas is one of the most monitored cities in the world, if we don’t see some video coming out soon, we should assume there’s something we’re not being told.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out the guy had a mental illness history and his Indonesian “companion” has mohammedan connections that helped get this ball rolling.

    • A witness said there were two hispanics telling people they’d die that night. I’m thinking them and his wife booked separate rooms and brought all the weapons up to his room. That or he acted alone or only with his wife and got lucky.

      • Like maybe they got some illegals from Home Depot and said they were just bringing the guns up to the room to meet a buyer and sell them off? That would explain why they went down to warn people instead of going to the cops…plus only muslim illegals have cell phones, so…

        • Yeah or they were in on it and enjoyed scaring their future victims. Could also be just some random drunk beaners being cunts, who knows.

  • Liberal media is scrambling hard to distance themselves from this, now penning all focus on /pol/ hasty publishing.

  • Hillary Clinton chimes in (as usual) like some kind of half ass broken clock:

    “Hillary Clinton On Las Vegas Shooting: ‘We
    Must Stand Up To The NRA'”

  • Paddock’s father was a notions bank robber and bookie in the Arizona and Nevada area known to use aliases.
    Paddock is also an unusual surname. I cross referenced it with the word “Paddock Synagogue” and got a few hits. One place name and a few surnames in New Jersey.

    Cross reference it yourselves to see.

    • Certainly Sandy Hook was a hoax, but do you really think that 22,000 concert-goers were all in on this? More likely scenario is that this guy Paddock is being used as a scapegoat – there was more than 1 gun being fired. My guess is the government/elites had their own shooters who fired the shots. Push for more gun control, vilify white males, etc…

      • This is the best reaction tbh. Anytime something bad happens, you just say it’s a hoax involving crisis actors. It gets uncomfortable in real life like if an aunt dies in a car crash and you start telling your cousins that it was a hoax, there was no car involved and that what they witnessed was a holographic projection.

  • This time the Boomers have gone too far. Who is going to stand up and crush the Boomer menace once and for all?

    • Boomers love Vegas too. It’s almost their favorite thing right after the novelty toys at Spencer’s that make “fart” noises.

          • No problemo. Keep in mind that normie society is constantly attacking white millenial males and this is one of the few places where we can blow off some steam.

          • They are downright disrespectful including Richard Spencer. My grandfather would have wiped the floor with these guys. You respect your elders.

          • I’ve heard that neither did Dylan Roof, the Columbine kids or the Virginia Tech Chink.

          • As far as I know, Roof, the Columbine kids, or the Virginia Tech Chink didn’t have Muslim girlfriends who just happened to be in the Philippines at the time of the shooting, although I do believe that Roof was brainwashed as was Paddock.

          • I really haven’t looked too deeply into it. Sometimes people snap and start shooting people. It’s not always a false flag or government mind control, though sometimes it is. Red Ice just released an interview with Jay Dyer on this case. I’ll listen to that and make up my mind.

    • Um . . . according to Fox, Paddock used to work for Lockeed Martin, part of the Military Industrial Complex. There’s your answer. The boomer was a patsy just like McVeigh, Hinckley, and all the rest of them. Had nothing to do with old men playing slot machines.

        • It is true. Paddock worked for the predecessor of Lockheed and retired during the late 80’s as an accountant-auditor. What did he find during those audits?
          Paddock is a multi-millionnaire . . . how did that happen?
          His brother, Eric, said Stephen Paddock was wealthy and that he (Stephen Paddock) made he and his mom wealthy.

      • Why do you compare Paddock to Roof, McVeigh, etc? Roof and McVeigh wanted war with the system itself, Paddock shot up a bunch of innocent conservative whites. They are all murderers but they had totally different motives.

        • Because I believe they were all brainwashed or the subjects of mind control so that they could do the government’s dirty work. Paddock was associated with Lockheed which is part of the Military Industrial Complex. McVeigh had been in the military. I don’t know Roof’s background, but it was awfully handy that there was a photo of him with a Confederate flag and he’d hardly been cuffed when Nikki Traitor Hailey got rid of the Confederate flag. She is a globalist, as many immigrants and kids of immigrants are. The globalists are destroying our history now by taking down the monuments. Then they will say Christianity is racist and will take down the churches. Then they will take our private property rights. Then we will live under full-blown communism.
          When you read and watch as many youtube videos as I do, you start to connect the dots and it is chilling. For instance, after McVeigh blew up the Murrow building, news reports said that he was despondent because he’d asked a girl out and she said “no.” One of the current shooters, was it Esteban Santiago? was said to have been despondent over a girl. This stuff starts to add up.
          Did you notice that the people Roof shot in Charleston were really kind, good-looking, Christian people? So were the people shot in Las Vegas.. Conservative types. If I went out and randomly shot a group of people, I’d get a bunch of Mexicans, some drug addicts, various types of people and especially some liberal type of people. People with pink hair. The people shot in Charleston and Las Vegas seem to have been targeted by the devil.
          I believe that the government killed Chris Kyle too because of his tactical training course.

          • So you think these kinds of characters are unleashed on the public so the government can justify growing the control structure. Fair enough, that is possible.
            I personally think McVeigh, Roof, Breivik, Kacsinsky, Manson, etc., were legitimate haters of the system. Once a young man wraps his mind around the horror and hypocrisy of the modern world it makes sense that they’d want to fight back somehow. I’m not justifying what they did, especially since they just killed innocent people and nobody of any real influence.
            The situation with Paddock I haven’t been able to wrap my head around at all though to be honest.

    • “Real life detective here.

      Wanna know what happened?

      It was an arms deal gone bad. The stooge who was found dead in the
      room was clearly an undercover arms dealer running guns to domestic
      terrorist groups so the FBI, or CIA, almost certainly the FBI with how
      sloppy this was, could track/leverage/incriminate whatever the hell they
      want to do with that specific buyer.

      It was probably Mossad, or potentially ISIS, representatives who got
      wind of the setup [it’s sooner the massacre
      was premeditated on Mossad’s part]. It turned sour [for FBI] and the
      undercover man was killed. The reason for the shooting was the same
      reason the guns were there; The only way they were walking out of that
      hotel without being dragged into a van, or without entering into a
      firefight themselves, was if they made it appear to be a lone wolf mass
      shooting. Because the FBI would have no problem entering into a
      firefight with them, but they’d sure have a difficult time explaining
      why 13 armed agents stormed the lone wolf crazed gunman’s hotel room 5
      minutes after he started shooting.

      The potential for the real shooters to shoot back in their escape
      from the building would be enough to incriminate the FBI as having been

      So they had to let them walk, and pin it on the undercover agent.

      There. Mystery solved. “- anon

      Also you had an LVMPD anon officer saying the FBI was determined to
      seal this up because it would come out that they’re dealing arms to
      Mossad/ISIS in the country but they have footage of this entrapment
      asset/undercover patsy running gun deals back to 2015. The gun deal was
      being filmed, FBI has the footage.

      Reminder: it was Rita Katz of SITE Intelligence who “found” the ISIS
      social media taking credit for the shootings. Katz is not only Jewish,
      but her dad was killed by the Bathe regime in Iraq for being Mossad. Her
      father has two statues in honor in Israel. Katz always claims to have
      “access” to Islamic radical social media. She’s the one who “found” the
      bin Laden recordings and audio after 9/11. She was getting paid by
      neocons the entire time. I even read her dumbass book Terrorist Hunter.

      is a facade. Anything can be blamed on them anywhere for any purpose. I
      suspect Paddock’s GF has connections to this. Paddock may have been
      dealing arms to deep cover, or even awaiting a middleman. He may have
      had half-knowledge and got fucked.

      I also read Paddock may have
      reserved a room in Sept during a concert. But point being, don’t believe
      ISIS ever takes credit for shit. It’s always Rita Katz. Bookmark her
      Twitter. It’s insane. She gives alphabets plausible deniability.

    • Nah, this guy was a Leftist…nice try though. Plus, if he was a right wing Christian, why would he shoot at the crowd that was majority right wing Christians???

  • The lowest common denominator in MASS SHOOTINGS is MASS and easily avoided. We are known by the company that we keep.

    • Lowest common denominator:

      Sin City.

      Highrolling gambler massacres crowd of degenerates after losing badly.

  • as a boomer i blame bugs bunny. the trauma inflicted by those cartoons of yore is only now beginning to manifest itself.

  • With my busy lifestyle, I need to get my news fast and accept everything I’m told. That’s why I believe in ActiveShooters™.

  • We have activewear clothing, DanActive yogurt, MS ActiveX software, and now “Active Shooters” for news junkies on the go.

  • Never is it more important to reiterate that the alternative to the occational nutcase doing terrible horrible things with weapons. Is the utter subjugation and extermination of the people by the elites.

    • The weapons he used were most likely already illegal anyway. Unless he modded a semi-auto rifle he couldn’t have bought whatever he used legally anywhere. Then there’s 3D printing and the black market. And that’s just for guns, he could have easily made bombs with common products too.

  • According to Drudge, ISIS is claiming credit, for whatever that’s worth. Says the guy converted to Islam “months ago”.

    • This makes a lot more sense than “he just snapped” – as the family stated – this kind of psychosis would’ve taken a long time to get to this point and would’ve been obvious to his girlfriend and family.

      • We don’t hear about a lot of boomers converting to Islam.

        And his girlfriend might just be a Filipino, according to daily mail.

        • Can’t tell in SE Asia tbh. Although the more north you go the larger the proportion of the population looks chinese and has lighter skin etc. She didn’t seem to so… it’s anyone’s guess from a photo.

          (I’m an Aussie, been all over SE Asia when I was a kid).

  • I’m leery of this being only one shooter; that’s a huge amount of dead and wounded for just one person. Since there’s no single pile of corpses (photos show bodies scattered all over the place) and since obviously everyone started running like crazy when the firing began, a single shooter would have had to chase after them. Given that he was an older person and especially that his victims were moving targets (incredibly difficult to hit) how did he manage that high a body count? It’s equally suspicious that the ‘lone shooter’ quickly committed suicide, thus preventing anyone from interrogating him, etc. I know I shouldn’t jump to conclusions but imho these facts just don’t add up to there being only one shooter.

    • Maybe more than one shooter but still spraying bullets on a captive crowd. Even a retarded nignog can spray bullets on a crowd.

    • A witness said two hispanics were going around telling people they were going to die one hour before the thing started. Possible they were involved in the shooting.

    • The “shooter” supposedly fired from the 32nd floor 400 yards from the concert. From videos at the time and scene of the event, it does not appear that people were packed together very closely, so I agree that 50+ dead is unlikely, even if it were an actual shooting, which I don’t think it was.

      • You underestimate the rate of fire and the range and power of those rifles. Also some of those deaths were caused by trampling during the panic. It’s night time, people are being shot at, nobody knows where the gunner is, he can strafe back and forth unloading full clips into the crowd. Those FMJ rounds can easily pierce through one soft body and hit another.

        • Guns don’t kill people, the person wielding the weapons does. He could have easily committed a similar atrocity by using untraceable peroxide based explosives such as TAPT or HMTD . Does this mean we should also ban drain cleaner and hydrogen peroxide? Moron.

          Also, don’t try to hold your slimy Jew self out as if you are some sort of expert on firearms when you don’t even know the difference between a clip and a magazine.

    • not really. the shooting went on for 5 minutes. that’s a lot of lead in the air and he only killed 58 – he was just spraying. and if you look at the videos you can clearly see people huddled on the ground for 2+ minutes before running for it.

    • The hotel video should reveal how a 64 year old guy managed to get all of those weapons up there in four days.

  • This was such, such, such, (sniff) a traumatic event (sniff) that I couldn’t help smirking (sniff) while I was telling my story (sniff).

    This is Paddock’s info
    Stephen Craig Paddock Age 64
    Current Address
    1372 Babbling Brook Ct
    Mesquite, NV 89034-1147
    Phone Numbers
    (310) 200-8570 – Wireless
    (310) 200-8647 – Wireless
    (310) 398-9076 – Landline
    View All Phone Numbers
    Sponsored Links
    Email Addresses
    Associated Names
    Steve C Paddock, Steve Padcock

  • The odds of this being a one man operation is VERY slim. The fact that people were told they were going to die 40 min before shooting points to that fact.

    This is a run-up to Nov 4th. The left is all in on a revolution in America. Stock up now before its too late.

  • Sure, if it’s on the news it must be true. Why have there been so many mass shootings lately? Oh, I know. It’s a fad. People are such slaves to fashion these days. Make a manifesto. Take pictures of yourself in heroic poses. Go shoot a few dozen people.

    • Go back to the asylum or more likely go pick up your bag of money from your handlers. You are a disgusting man. Many of our people were slaughtered tonight and you make a mockery out of it. FUCK YOU.

      • Ed is absolutely right overall, it’s just more likely that this particular incident is a black op instead of a pure psy op. JFK was a real person who was really murdered but if you believe he died by Oswald’s hand you’re the one on the take.

        • This is 50plus of our people slaughtered you lunatic. Nothing to do with JFK. Go fuck yourself. Fucking traitor.

        • I agree that JFK was murdered. False flags and hoaxes are two different things. This may have been a false flag. I haven’t read up on this particular event, but my gut reaction is that it is either fake or a false flag. There have been many fake high profile mass shootings recently. Not many false flag attacks.

          • Ed, a ‘false flag’ isn’t the same as a black op. The USS Liberty was a false flag. JFK was a black op. Sandy Hook was a psy op, meaning totally faked.

          • What is the difference between a false flag and a black op then? Is it that in a false flag the blame is pinned on someone to justify some sort of aggression, while in a black op you use a patsy to cover up an attack?

          • Pretty much. A false flag implies another country’s flag. Israel attacked the USS Liberty but pretended they mistook it for an Egyptian ship.

            A black op is more when a government does something inside its territory and blames it on a patsy. It means a real event happened…someone or some group of people were really killed but not by who the governmedia claims.

            A psy op is when it’s all faked.

            Some incidents are some of both psy op and black op.

        • Here’s the thing JFK probably deserved it.

          If Oswald was angered by American intervention in Vietnam and Cuba (concentration camps and counter coups) then he was correct within his own logic to kill.

          If JFK was killed because he was resisting Israeli attempts to build Abombs then he didn’t really deserve it. Oswald would have been neither here nor there.

  • Likely a boomercuck of one variety or another. The demographics for country music concertgoers skew heavily toward white & conservative. That’s probably more than a coincidence. I’m guessing he’s either a convert cuck for Allah or another Bernie fanboy like the softball shooter. Time will tell. It’s all over twitter that he’s “confirmed” Antifa.

  • I haven’t checked the reliable sites, but let me say at the outset that this is almost certainly FAKE!!!!!

    • Yea, all those fake dead people. Lots of ketchup thrown around. All just to fool you Ed. Get off of here you paid agent. Go back and report to your masters that we figured you out and have no use for them.

  • Posters on /POL/ have found information that supposedly confirms that anti-Aryan terrorist Stephen Paddock is a far left extremist and a possible antifa member due to likes and comments on his facebook page. This anti-Aryan antifa terrorist has killed 50+ innocent Aryans and wounded over 200 others. If this is true then we must spread the word about who is really behind this atrocity and rally our people against them!

  • Very possibly faked; most of these incidents are crises manufactured or in some cases massaged to justify installing a Soviet-style Stasi State.

        • Still, it doesn’t change the fact that an anti-Aryan antifa terrorist murdered dozens of innocent Aryans and wounded hundreds more. Antifa are the foot soldiers of ZOG and must be confronted.

          • Are there any proof of the attacker being a leftist? I’m following /pol/ but still I didn’t see any info about his political beliefs.

          • Its’ on /pol/ right now. People were saying they found his facebook and that he liked far left and antifa groups.

          • Wrong guy. Reports are claiming it’s established he had no criminal record. His brother Eric has briefly commented to that effect.

            It’s clear (((they))) are preparing to unfurl the ‘mental illness’ explanation.

          • Yes, my fault, I found the correct information –
            This is Paddock’s info
            Stephen Craig Paddock Age 64
            Current Address
            1372 Babbling Brook Ct
            Mesquite, NV 89034-1147
            Phone Numbers
            (310) 200-8570 – Wireless
            (310) 200-8647 – Wireless
            (310) 398-9076 – Landline
            View All Phone Numbers
            Sponsored Links
            Email Addresses
            Associated Names
            Steve C Paddock, Steve Padcock

          • Found it

            This is Paddock’s info
            Stephen Craig Paddock Age 64
            Current Address
            1372 Babbling Brook Ct
            Mesquite, NV 89034-1147
            Phone Numbers
            (310) 200-8570 – Wireless
            (310) 200-8647 – Wireless
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            Witnesses say that a woman named Marilou Danley, who was described as either Asian or Hispanic and is apparently either Paddock’s room mate or wife, went into the crowd approximately 45 minutes before the shooting started and began telling people that they were ‘all going to die’.

            That is the only solid info right now. The pedophile picture I posted is the wrong guy supposedly, no one knows for sure yet.

          • Well a day later we can see by your messages exactly how much of a dumb shit you are laugh.

          • He’s a communist. His facebook page showed that he liked several far left facebook pages.

            As for who’s a ‘dumb shit’, seems that you are describing yourself as you cannot even tell the difference between ‘dumb’ and ‘stupid’. If you are going to insult someone at least do it properly. English isn’t my first language and I still seem to know how to use it better than you. Very sad.

          • You have no idea what you’re taking about. The guys photo you posted in this thread is not the guy.

            The goofy conspiracy nuts posted the name and facebook of the wrong guy who was a liberal. Gateway pundit who was the source, then removed the post, while the other conspiracy websites just changed the name.

            You’re stupid or dumb. I’ll let you make the call which one fits.

          • Don’t distort what Micene said.

            If we allow our right to bear arms, speak freely and be presumed innocent until proven guilty to be eviscerated by black/psy ops we definitely don’t win. State commissars shouldn’t be able to simply ‘diagnose’ those freedoms away based on the pseudo science of psychiatry.

          • Also, remeber these scumbags are planning something BIG the 4th November. The 100th anniversary of the bolshevik revolution.

          • I agree somewhat, the real danger is how the Jews will use this. We must never forget that in the U.S.S.R. anti-Bolshevism was listed as a mental illness and ‘treated’ by Jewish Psychiatrists. Even Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was interned in a Psychiatric gulag. The Jewish anti-human terrorists will use this as an opportunity to push the ‘mentally ill’ narrative and eventually ‘mentally ill’ will be defined as Aryan, heterosexual, traditional, hates degeneracy.

        • That is ridiculous. Antifa are like Maoist Red-Guards. Alt-right is not even their opposite or opposing force. It is just people who chose to resist the dialectic of the Rothchilds.

          Get an avatar, STFU, and go back to where you came from.

    • Staging is real. False flags are real. But for a false flag to be confirmed it must have an anti European angle.

      The thing that javitz ( immigration from non white countries), Levinson (forced integration), Erlich population reduction, HIAS ( promotion of non white immigration), Supreme Court la raza members, the black and Hispanic caucus, affirmative action, hiring quotas, forced diversity, and hate crime laws enforced only against the white Christian male have taught us is that the deep state is definitely anti European.

      • Pre-crime intervention. (((They))) want to be able to confiscate guns and to force medicate and even intern anyone they deem ‘ill,’ which will mean defiant of the government or any of its auxiliaries.

    • Agreed. It has all the hallmarks of a hoax. Has anyone watched the “survivor” interviews? Bad acting, full of smiles, not shook up at all. I expected most Alt Right folks to already be redpilled on these hoaxes.

      • you’re raised on (((Hollywood))) movie formula and as soon as a non-actor faces a camera with an audience of millions, under severe stress after an event, he may not perform to your demanded standard of jewish movies. The result is someone who looks strange. Come at it this way: If the state wanted to present you actors, would they find some who can perform to your demand? I bet they would.

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