The Transatlantic Pact — Ep 9: We’re live!

Evan McLaren
the authorEvan McLaren
Evan McLaren is the Executive Director of the National Policy Institute and Deputy Editor at He can be found on Twitter at @evanmclaren.


    • What counts is not the number, but the quality of your “comments”.
      If only ONE of your idiocies contained ONE SINGLE VALUABLE
      THINK! They don’t. They’re as worthless as you are! I-D-I-O-T-!

    • The only one who must be banned here is you. Not even a dog behind the stove believes you anymore, you bastard. You don’t know how to help yourself by thinking you can rush white people against white people like you always have in our history.

      How ridiculous to add an eye-catching “cross” to every one of your straw doll accounts! I can tell you where this comes from: God has instructed you to always show your stigma so that we – God’s TRUE CHILDREN – always see it.

      HERE DOES NOT any one belives creatures who know for
      certain that they deliberately spread lies. And that’s GOOD!

      • Even if all attentive readers (apart from the admnins) know it long ago: The lie of “spamming” is (again) very quickly invalidated.

        As a guest I can only post one link per comment at a time, without having to wait for activation.

        Don’t let ((())) put you off, I have to pack everything into little appetizers. But it also gives me the opportunity to take detailed action against our real enemies.

        I promise you: he always shows himself (crawls out of his rat hole) when his deeds are revealed and he becomes “dangerous”.

        • The ridiculous thing is that we all know this “principle” long
          ago, and this ogre still believes that he could lead us astray.

    • Today I know that the enemies of the white race are bound to meet me. Why? Because their goal is fundamentally different from mine. Mine is to save our culture, our language, our blood, our children, our heritage. His goal, however, is to destroy this very thing. And this enemy here claims I’m “superfluous,” so to speak.

        • Either such idiots are too stupid to express their
          own thoughts, or I’m obviously too good (for them).

          SO WHAT!?

      • Right (richtig/correct), right (rechts), rich (reich), words that all have the same root. Isn’t it strange that “left” in Latin and latinized English are sinistra/sinister. Left is wrong, foul (faul), bad.

    • I would be interested to know whether native English speakers “feel” whether members of their Germanic language family talk to them in English, or members of the Romansh or Slavic language family. Madly, many Scandinavians speak English, while many German speakers speak little English. It’s not just national pride. But also with the mass of own culture and reading, which simply does not exist in the Scandinavian language area. Moreover, Nordic countries, like Benelux, do not have their own translation industries of the seemingly inevitable Hollywood shame. “Madly” is more based on the fact that Scandinavians belong to the North Germanic language family, while Germans, Dutch and Anglo-Americans belong to the West Germanic language family.

      • So how unnatural it is for Negroes to have to speak English. Actually, they should talk in Bantu or Swahili. It is no wonder that Negroes still refuse to speak “European” English. It simply does not belong to them, world history has forced it upon them. When I read that “African-American Vernacular English” is a “West Germanic language”, it can only be a joke. The same joke that “Yiddish” makes part of the “Germanic language family”. But it gets even crazier: The name “Germaine” means spearhead, which is synonymous with “Germane”. But this name is mainly carried by Negroes. Germaine is a kind of “Tyrone”.

  • Americans seem to me like former Europeans who have to express themselves in a language that has not been part of their evolution. Neither a neurolinguist nor an evolutionary biologist has probably thought about this aspect.

    • The search of white Americans for their genetic origin is absolutely understandable. It is inconceivable for Europeans not to have a nationality. But exactly this is the aim of the (((agenda))). The only possibility is that Americans use their (still) relative freedom, while their European ancestors offer their diversity of expressions, which is stored in millions of books.

    • I can at least conclude from my comparison of English and German that “Americanized” English is a kind of mental “fast food” that we use ourselves for convenience. The problem is it saves you from thinking.

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