Catalonian Secession Is A Joke And White Nativists Will Never Support It

This is a pet topic near and dear to me that I’ve written about before.

In the near future, Europe and the rest of the White world will be racked by secession crisis after secession crisis. This is a future forecast that I believe few people will contest. Europe will splinter as people’s and regions that can will try to bail out of the looming disaster that is coming.

Secession is staring us in the face and borders will eventually be redrawn as one of these movements will eventually succeed. And then the domino effect will follow.

Many pro-White activists assume that this is, in fact, proof of growing pro-White anti-Third World sentiment. I agree there is that element at play, but it is not explicitly marketed as such, nor is the driving force behind such developments rising White identity.

In fact, I contend that the phenomenon can best be explained as White Flight on a nation-wide scale. And just like the original agents of White Flight were more well-to-do middle-class types that cared nothing for White identity or their less well-off brethren, so too are these new secession movements.

Take the situation in Catalonia, which is unfolding right before our eyes. Catalonia is the richest, most well-educated and a relatively White region in Spain. I studied with Catalonian patriots at University. A more spoiled bunch of progressive, stuck-up shitlibs you will have to search far and wide to find. Some of them went to Lesbos to volunteer during the Refugee Crisis and now they proudly display the Catalan flag as their profile photo. This is in no way an isolated phenomenon.

Barcelona in particular is a mecca for Hipsters, SWPLs and every type of progressive under the sun. Their left-wing groups are hard-core, and they were behind the ‘Tourists are Terrorists’ campaign in recent months.

They rallied against Northern Europeans coming from sun-deprived, over-taxed regions of Europe coming to enjoy their beaches, climate, and cheap wine. Of course, it is easy to be an anti-English or anti-German patriot, but never ever an anti-Brown one.

Many of these left-wing activists see pro-Catalonian independence from Madrid in the context of separation from the rest of poor, boorish and Culturally Enriched Spain.

It begs the question: should we support such movements on the Alt-Right?

I don’t think so. Take the case of Scotland. The Scotish independence movement was a bizarre menagerie of leftists groups LARPing as the inheritors of Braveheart’s legacy and trying to prove that their independence was in fact motivated by a desire to be more progressive and liberal than the greater nation from which they were seceding.

They wanted out of the UK and into the EU. They portrayed the UK as a backward and racist country and EU membership as joining the ‘right side of history’. But there was an element of genuine Scottish pride that was at work there as well. As is often the case, the natural and healthy patriotic sentiments of the people were used and subverted. Anti-English nationalism was falsely equivocated with pro-EU sentiment.

Bizarre, but many Scots fell for it.

We must reject these movements for what they are, White Flight by the privileged sections of society. If we do anything, we simply learn from what happens next and emulate the successful examples as they occur when our time comes.

Take Brexit.

Richard Spencer was public about his lack of enthusiasm for Brexit and he has since been vindicated. Brexit was certainly fueled by lower class White resentment, but it was certainly not an explicitly ethno-nationalist phenomenon. Everyone pushing for Brexit was basically a civic nationalist at best and the campaign took great lengths to prove how not racist it was by claiming it was the Polish plumbers that they were really rallying against.

Nigel Farage made an explicit point of arguing that immigration from the Commonwealth should be prioritized first and foremost, not European immigration. In other words, less Poles and more Pakis- that was what Brexit was all about according to people like him. Furthermore, it was about pulling the UK out of a German-dominated EU to more closely re-align the UK with the United States. The UK only really even joined the EU to disrupt it, lobby for free-trade (more American goods flooding the closed market) and lobby for Turkey’s eventual integration (to destabilize the project).

That is what the UK has been doing from the time of the Norman invasion onwards- destabilizing any attempts at a Continental Union.

Brexit was eventually supported by the British Establishment when they realized that they had lost, and Germany had won. And all the English Patriots that had thrown their weight behind the effort ended up being used for this end.

We cannot keep getting duped by agendas of people who have little in common with ours, but that need to use our support base to carry through their side-projects.

Moreover, we need to force people’s backs against the wall and make them realize that there is no lifeboat for them. If the Hipsters, SWPLs, and Yuppies in Catalonia want to flood their country with the Third World for virtue-signaling points, they should bear the consequences like everyone else. They can’t have their cake and eat it too. They need to have their legs blown off, their ribs riddled by shrapnel and their faces melted by acid just the same as the rest of us.

There can be no retreating to gated communities, there can be no more White Flight. Call your gated community whatever you want, Bavaria or Catalonia or Kalorama, we will not support it. They must never again be allowed to play on nativist sentiment to save their own skins while leaving all the other White skins to deal with the mess they created.



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  • “Furthermore, it was about pulling the UK out of a German-dominated EU to more closely re-align the UK with the United States.”

    “Brexit was eventually supported by the British Establishment when they realized that they had lost, and Germany had won. ”

    What a bunch of BS.

    If “Germany” as the COLLECTIVE WILL of the GERMAN PEOPLE (not a bunch of puppets) would be the TRUE dominator of the EU – why would the German government lead a war against the German population then? And how else would you call the purposeful disassembly of the welfare state together with uncontrolled mass-immigration? With a government spending ratio of 70% and rising, the average German is in no way better off then the rest of Europe.

    Get an education before you start finger-pointing or be more precise and explicit. The winners and profiteers are the same old bunch of people as they have always been. The same group of well-connected people Walther Rathenau was talking about 100 years ago.

    Berthold Brecht once said. “He who does not know the truth is a fool, but he who knows the truth and calls it a lie is a criminal.”

    (“Wer die Wahrheit nicht kennt, der ist bloß ein Dummkopf, doch wer die Wahrheit kennt und diese als Lüge bezeichnet, der ist ein Verbrecher.” — B. Brecht)

    Stupid people will never get it …

    What you are doing is calling to arms against the German people, against all of humanity, for the 3rd time!

    The German spirit has been and still is the innovator of the world, like it or not. German ingenuity is responsible for 80% of inventions that make your post modern life so enjoyable and which you take for granted. Need proof? Here are some well known facts:

    1. Germany had practically won WW1 by 1916 despite starting from an outgunned position and the UK had to convince the US to join the war so they didn’t have to accept the peace offer of Emperor Wilhelm II. ( – why is there no Wikipedia-entry in English?). The UK initially had no business to go to war with Germany it started with an isolated continental European conflict of Russia with Austria-Hungary which involved the Prussian German Kaiserreich and France due to alliance liabilites.

    The UK had to find a way to join the war, as this quote of Lord Balfour states: “We are probably fools not to declare war on Germany before she builds too many ships and takes away our trade” (

    The same Lord Balfour promised a homestead in the form of Israel to the Zionists who then convinced the US to join the war and finally, together with other events defeated Germany ( , ,

    3. Left crippled and broke from the Versailles dictate and the neglection of the baning industry the Nazi regime rose to power in Germany. Bypassing banks who didn’t want to help anyway the Nazis steered around that problem by backing up the monetary system solely by economic performance and by barter with other countries which lead to an economic miracle of rebuild the German nation with even higher standards within a record time of just 4 years!

    Bypassing the financial system wasn’t acceptable – first, for profits forgone, second, others could follow Germany’s example. It is basically the same with the Petro-Dollar these days – those who reject it and trade in other currencies or even try to build alternative systems will be “freed” and “democratized”.

    3. During Operation Paperclip ( the US abducted the German scientific elite, all they could get hands on, together with stealing 20.000 patents. Why would they have accepted? Well, what would have you done left with the choice of certain death by execution and a prosperous life working for the enemy?

    4. After WW2 (or, better, WW1, part 2) the Germans rebuild their economy once again and once again became the or one of the economic and technological leaders.

    And this despite the crimes committed against the GERMAN people AFTER 1945. Did you know that at least 5-6 million Germans died after the capitulation of the Wehrmacht on 8. May 1945? did you know about the Rheinwiesenlager? The 3 year starvation (Hooton Plan, Morgenthau Plan), gang-rapes, the purposeful violations of the Geneva conventions towards German POWs?

    Yet, ask a German and NO German will have a chauvinist attitude about it. We never had. We are modest people.

    And now again you tell the tale of the evil Fritz who wants to dominate the world.

    If people would employ REASON instead of BELIEF we all could live in an earthly paradise – that is the very essence of the German epoch of enlightenment.

    But still too many people choose to follow force-fed ideas instead of searching for truth, because believing is so much easier than the hard and painful labour of searching for and facing the truth.

    And that is why it all is very likely going down the drain.

  • White flight? This article is just went too far. The real issue comes from the government of Madrid, which is been denying during years any kind of request from Catalonia. It seems they still in the Franco’s era. Spain is so far from a modern civilized country as France or Germany. That is the reason of this independence fighting for rights, progress and culture.

  • I must say it is rather worrying that the author decided to ignore important facts of history (such as the long Catalan struggle and Franconian oppression) and the basic principles of secession and institutional competition (small nation are always decentralised andnon-globalist) only to make a silly point about “white flight”. Now. If Catalan independence is “white flight”, then isn’t the entire foundation of America based on the very same principle and thus – with same logic applied – “a joke”? Do you oppose the USA as a nation? Is American sovereignty a joke?


    Catalunya is a nation and every attempt of decentralisation and every secession-movement must thus be supported by all who claim to be “right-wing”. It really is totally uninteresting if Catalans are commies or not; if Catalunya goes left, Spain will go right and it will be a victory for the right regardless (institutional competition).

    This constant yabbing about skin tone really is pathetic and it is obvious thatth this article was written by a cluelessly cultureless and ignorantly rootless American.

  • I disagree. While Catalonia may be a bastion for hipsters in principle it’s far easier to keep a government accountable and to make the people care about their surroundings with smaller identitarian states. It also presents an extra obstacle to migrants and crazed technocrats.

    • 1. “Catalonia may be a bastion for hipsters” – They are anarcho-communist, hence you see a lot of Catalans with the YPG in Syria.

      2. “identitarian states” – They aren’t identitarians, they are the exact opposite. They love open borders, multiculturalism, negroes and moslems, want more socialism, etc. This whole independence movement is based entirely on their feelings about paying higher taxes and that is it. I promise you that if taxes were lowered this whole thing would be over fairly quickly.

      3. “independence would make race realists out of any people.” – Catalans have managed to prove that statement false. They don’t care about race, they have been giving out badges to foreigners, including negroes, moslems, and even Jews saying that they are Catalan too.

  • Richard Spencer’s pan-Europeanism is nuts, on the face of it. Small states with racial and cultural cohesion is the only feasible way to secure the existence of our people in the short-term. If these movements represent a form of white flight – for and by the rich – so be it. In time leaders will emerge from these strong, prosperous and conservative states to inspire the reconquest.

    Secession is absolutely the *only* goal the alt-right should be agitating for. We need the right to carve out an autonomous homeland for Whites somewhere in the United States, as arguably we already possess a ready-made European candidate in Hungary-Czech Republic-Poland. We congregate there – build new nations and communities – enforce radical racial law – and enjoy the view as Old Europe disintegrates into miscegenated chaos.

    I hereby call out this article as utter nonsense. And challenge its author to rebuke me in the spirit of intellectual struggle. The strongest ideas will ever prevail, as we know. And pan-Europeanism is a very weak idea indeed. In fact, it makes me suspect Mr Spencer/Mr Law are themselves effete LARPers more given to grandstanding than political struggle, as pan-Europeanism is a goal that can never be achieved.

    Me, I prefer winning to dreaming.

    • Catalunya isn’t conservative or liberal, they are far, far, far, left extremists. This movement represents the rebirth of the anarcho-communist movement in Spain, which murdered countless women, children, priests, and nuns in cold blood. This political movement is LITERALLY antifa taking over a prosperous region of Spain, which had suffered under their yoke before. If you support this then I can only assume that you are either ignorant of Spanish history on every level.

  • I do not have a strong opinion on Catalonia. But I do think that in general small states and ethnic and linguistic independece is a good ting and a necessity.

    We will never face this challenge together in one big block. We need “safe rooms” to work from and from there we can cleaer the whole house stepp by stepp.

    All should read: Anti Fragile from our favorit brown person Nazim Nicolas Taleb.

  • Catalonias independence is not white flight, it’s white suicide since they use the moslems as a voting bloc by bribing them to learn Catalan instead of Spanish in exchange for free shit. Otherwise, there are legitimate reasons to support Catalan independence. Catalonia is different from Spain and has a more indo european culture with nationalism, freedom and democracy, plus a lack of Islamic cultural heritage. What we are ultimately fighting is a bureaucratic mega state so I can’t see why we idealistically shouldn’t support Catalan secession, especially since the Spanish state is an obsolete parasitic fascist remnant in many ways. Don’t forget that Catalonia is a country!

    • Wrong.

      1. “a lack of Islamic cultural heritage” – Catalunya was under Islamic rule longer than Castille, Leon, Galicia, Asturias, and Navarre. Look it up, those regions were freed before the Catalans. Large parts of Catalan lands were under the Ummayad’s control for almost 150 years, all the way up into Septimania.

      2. Catalan’s struck a deal with the Moslem invaders in order to avoid out right conquest and even supplied troops to help occupy the northern parts of Catalunya and southern France and had military alliances with them against white Christians. One notable Catalan (Gothic) Lord even converted to Islam and his descendants were active in jihad against the rest of Spain and were known as the Banu Qasi (Sons of Cassius).

      3. “has a more indo european culture” – They are, alongside the peoples of the Balearics and the Valencian region descended from the Iberians, who are genetically North African with negligible Indo-European DNA prior to the Roman conquest, hence so many of them look like light skinned Berbers. The western and northern parts of Spain are Gothic and Celtic, the east, north east, and south are Iberian. – Catalans are, strangely, proud of this.

      4. “democracy” – A Jewish utopian scam that all of our ancestors knew was inherently evil and would never work.

      5. “fascist” – The majority of us are fascists and national socialists. If you don’t like that then you are in the wrong political movement.

      6. “parasitic” – No, that would be Jews.

      • So why are you conveniently denying Catalans were one of the major forces in also driving out the Muslims? Their language clearly lacks Arabic influence, and do does their culture, in relation to Spain. Even if they are not more indo European genetically than other parts of Spain, they still have a social ideal and a mentality that reminds more of northern Europeans – that is hard work ethic, nationalism etc. What I meant with democracy was simply autonomy and self-rule. There is no doubt on my mind that Catalans should have their own country.

        Your Catalan hatred ironically shows why Spain is a failed nation state and must break into smaller entities.

        And no, the majority of “us” are not fascists/Nazis. Maybe in your dreams. Most of “us” actually opposes centralized government.

        • 1. “So why are you conveniently denying Catalans were one of the major forces in also driving out the Muslims?” – Because they weren’t and to say otherwise is a blatant lie and misrepresentation of reality and as a Spaniard and someone who went to school to study these subjects for a living it is a fact that I know more about them than you ever will. The Castillians were. The Catalans helped when it was convenient for them, sure, but there is a reason why the crown of Aragon had more possessions outside of Spain than in it. They only controlled Catalunya, Aragon, the Valencian region, and the Balearics. Everything else was Galician and Castillian.

          2. “Their language clearly lacks Arabic influence, and do does their culture, in relation to Spain.” – Nope. Their cultural heroes, the Almogavars, were a mixed force of Moslems and Christians, they had the largest population of Moslems and Jews on the entire Iberian peninsula after the reconquista, and they have as much moorish influence as any where else. They were also under the moslems longer than the North western regions. The reconquest started in Asturias, NOT Catalunya.

          3. “they still have a social ideal and a mentality that reminds more of northern Europeans ” – How exactly does anarcho-communism and multicultural extremism that would put Swedes to shame ‘reminds more of northern Europeans’? Oh, wait….maybe it does.

          4. “What I meant with democracy was simply autonomy and self-rule” – Democracy doesn’t mean that. In a democracy whoever controls the capital and the flow of information controls the vote, and right now that is the Jews. Democracy is used by Jewish subversives because they know it can be easily controlled via misinformation and loan capital.

          5. “There is no doubt on my mind that Catalans should have their own country.” – and there is no doubt in my mind that you don’t belong in the alt right and are more than likely a shill. Funny how you only show up and start posting during a divisive situation and take the side of the far left.

          6. “Your Catalan hatred ironically shows why Spain is a failed nation state and must break into smaller entities.” – Who said I hate Catalans? I like a great many Catalans. I don’t like their political extremism and anarcho-communism. You are putting forward a straw man argument based on lies. This tactic is typically used by Jews and Marxists.

          7. “And no, the majority of “us” are not fascists/Nazis.” – Except we are.

          8. “Most of “us” actually opposes centralized government.” – Nope. Most of us oppose Marxism and Judaism, not having a strong government, and even Richard Spencer agrees with this.

          9. “Maybe in your dreams.” – Couldn’t have possibly said it any better. Maybe in your dreams we are some sort of pro-white libertardians but that is just a delusional fantasy.

      • Even if so, Catalans were still the major force in the reconquista, hence they lack Arabic culture and loanwords. From what I can see, they are one of the most gothic/Germanic/indigenous places in Spain. They have a coherent social ideal, nationalism, hard work ethic and tradition of democratic struggle against fascist Spain. But since a lot of spaniards have a fascist Muslim mentality, you want to oppress the Catalans, right?

        Most of “our movement” are not fascists/Nazis. Perhaps “your movement”, but most of us heavily oppose centralized government and seek ethnical self determination. Why the hell would any sane rightist oppose Catalonian freedom from the Moorish Spaniards?

        Plus, Wikipedia seems to oppose you on genetics:

        “R1b is particularly dominant in the Basque Country and Catalonia, occurring at rate of over 80%. ”

        The iberians are not genetically north African, wtf? They have some NW African trace admixture.

        • 1. “Catalans were still the major force in the reconquista” – No, they weren’t. Read Roger Collins or any of the primary sources. Study some real history. The Castillians did the most to further the reconquista, They conquered everything west of Aragon and south of Catalonia (they even reconquered Valenica before the Catalans) followed by the Galicians, who conquered all of modern Portugal and freed it from the Moslems and Jews. The Castillians were also the first ones to push the ideas of allying the various kingdoms on a unified front to combat Judaism and Islam. They also didn’t tolerate the Jews at all, who were the major arms dealers and slavers playing both sides against each other for profit, so the vast majority of the rats in Christian Spain lived in Barcelona.

          2. “hence they lack Arabic culture and loanwords” – Catalunya has Mudéjar architecture like the other areas and lots of Arabic loanwords as well as Arabic cultural influences that don’t exist in the Celtic regions. Their cultural heroes are called the ‘Almogavars’, which is based on an Arabic word for a raider, and that was a force of warriors of who were both Christian and Moslem and were essentially peasant shepherds turned mercenaries. They had the largest concentrations of Jews and Moslems post reconquista. They were also under Moslem rule longer than the Asturians, Galicians, Cantabrians, Leonese, and Navarrese.

          3. “they are one of the most gothic/Germanic/indigenous places in Spain” – The eastern seaboard of Spain was populated by North African Iberians who weren’t white and most of the Goths/Germanic peoples lived in the central areas of Spain and all fled to Asturias, Cantabria, and Galicia when the Moslems came, hence Asturias is called a successor to the Visigothic Kingdom and Galicia was called Suebic. Catalunya, on the other hand, was settled by a mix of Alans and Goths, and more of the former than the latter. The closest ethnic group to the Alans in terms of genetics are the Ossetians of the Caucasian region in Russia and scholars accept the Ossetian claim to be their descendants. The Catalans had a non-Aryan native population prior to the Roman conquest, wherein they were somewhat Aryanized, and then had subsequent waves of settlement by non-Aryan peoples, so saying they are ‘more white’ is just plain stupid and is a lie.

          4. “They have a coherent social ideal” – Based on multi-racial multicultural Anarcho-Communism.

          5. “nationalism” – You can’t be a Nationalist and a Marxist. The Catalans do not consider themselves Nationalists, they see themselves in the same vain as African ‘revolutionaries’ fighting European Colonialism.

          6. “hard work ethic” – They work the lowest hours of any region.

          7. “tradition of democratic struggle” – Read Socrates and Aristotle and all the great philosophers on what they had to say about democracy. It is a utopian lie used to control the masses and create an oligarchic criminal elite.

          8. “fascist Muslim mentality” – Straw man Jewish lie.

          9. “Most of “our movement” are not fascists/Nazis” – The only people who complain about ‘fascism’ and ‘nazis’ are alt-lite Jew lovers and Jews.

          10. “oppose centralized government” – Nope. We oppose outsiders forcing themselves on us and Jewish tyranny.

          11. “Why the hell would any sane rightist oppose Catalonian freedom from the Moorish Spaniards?” – LOL nice b8 m8.

          12. “Plus, Wikipedia seems to oppose you on genetics:
          “R1b is particularly dominant in the Basque Country and Catalonia, occurring at rate of over 80%.” – R1b DNA is also the majority DNA marker of groups in central Africa and the Berbers as well, whom the Iberians were related to. It is the subclades within R1b that make them non-Aryan.

          13. “The iberians are not genetically north African, wtf? They have some NW African trace admixture.” – The Iberian urheimat is in Morocco. Enough said.

          Everything Orange and Green is non-Aryan in origin. You will notice in the wikipedia article that they say the Iberians were similar to the Messapi and Minoans who we know were originally from the middle east, and thus non-white.

          14. Once again, I think you should go be a libertarian or something because your views are totally out of line with the majority of alt right people.

          • Thanks for the information, but why would Catalan secession be a bad thing according to you, as a Spaniard? For sure, the Spanish state in many ways acts as the fascist remnant it is? The right must stand behind every ethnic groups right to self determination. Totalitarianism is not what the right is about, and a lot of so called rightists get this wrong. I’m heavily opposed to democracy, as much as im against centralization.

          • 1. “Why would Catalan secession be a bad thing according to you, as a Spaniard?” – Last time it turned into a Anarcho-Communist hell hole where thousands of people were murdered, religion was made illegal, Jews were allowed to run through the streets raping and murdering nuns and priests, etc. Every time they try to secede it turns into hell on earth.

            2. “For sure, the Spanish state in many ways acts as the fascist remnant it is? ” – Oh yes, by forcing multiculturalism, taking authority away from the Church, forcing sodomite marriage and transgenderism on us, etc. they are so fascist! /sarc

            3. “The right must stand behind every ethnic groups right to self determination.” – Catalans are Spanish. They share over 80% of their genetics with the rest of Spain and have intermarried with us for centuries. This is the same situation that we see in the rest of Europe. Are you now going to say that Normandy shouldn’t be part of France? That Gotaland should secede from Sweden? That Bavaria should secede from Deutschland? My guess is no.

            4. “Totalitarianism is not what the right is about” – Says you, an anonymous guy with 40 or so comments and spewing non-sense no one here agrees with.

            5. ” I’m heavily opposed to democracy” – You were just defending and promoting democracy and bragging about how Catalans have a “tradition of democracy”.

            6. “as much as im against centralization.” – No, you oppose strong Nation with strong governments.

          • @Patriotic American
            No matter what you think the Catalan are, it is what the Catalan think they are that matters. If nothing else, secession would mean that the Catalan would stop obsessing about Madrid and be able to see more clearly what it looks like on the ground and what they really want.
            Same goes for the rest of Spain. It would strengthen the regions and might make the spanish stronger in themselves and focus on what really matters.

            And regardless, Catalan independence would mix it up. We can all agree that Spain as it is is heading for oblivion. So a big change will open up opportunities. Especially a change that is married to identity and nation.

          • 1. “No matter what you think the Catalan are” – I don’t think, I know.

            2. “it is what the Catalan think they are that matters.” – No, it doesn’t, every Spaniard should have a say in this.

            3. “If nothing else, secession would mean that the Catalan would stop obsessing about Madrid and be able to see more clearly what it looks like on the ground and what they really want.” – No, it wouldn’t. That would trigger a domino effect and destroy my country.

            4. “Same goes for the rest of Spain” – If they want to leave Spain then they can go and live in Argentina or Mexico something

            5. “It would strengthen the regions and might make the spanish stronger in themselves and focus on what really matters.” – Oh yes, splitting up my country and destroying what my fathers fought for for hundreds and hundreds of years would make things so much better.

            6. “And regardless, Catalan independence would mix it up.” – Yes, (((mix it up))) indeed.

            7. “We can all agree that Spain as it is is heading for oblivion.” – Yes, with central banking and usury we certainly are.

            8. “So a big change will open up opportunities.” – Opportunities for who? The Jews? The Moslems? No Spaniard would benefit from this.

            9. “Especially a change that is married to identity and nation.” – It isn’t. This movement is ‘married to’ whining over economic concerns and the far left is taking advantage of it. Look up all these people who are leading this independence filth, they are all anarchists, communist, various criminal elements, etc.

            10. You aren’t Spanish and don’t have a right to tell us how this should turn out. You have no understanding of our history, our culture, our way of life, or any of it. This is our business and no one else’s.

          • @Patriotic American
            Your soloutions are for yesterdays threats, not todays. The peoples of Europe are being erradicated by the globalists. The globalists work through deceit and manipulation and corruption, not by huge armies. The fewer the centres of powers the globalists have to corrupt, and the further removed from the people these centres are, the more effective will the globalists be. At UN and EU level the globalists reign supreme. At the level of Gargüera de la Vera the globalists can only rule through Madrid and the EU. The stronger the connection between government and the people, the harder it is to corrupt. And this is what Catalan independence represent.

            Imho, you put country before people. And you want large structures. This mentality was rational when you had to counter huge military threats, then you needed huge structures sucha as Spain. What your ancestors died for was rational, in their time. Today the threat is different. If you need huge structures again, your ancestors have firmly cemented the idea of Spain in all spaniards and it will easily be revived. Your talk of smaller structures benefitting the globalists is simply not true. It is the other way around.

            As for me not having a right to have an opinion on the matter, right back at you. You are not Catalan. And you call yourself “Patriotic American”. Which is either a lie. Or a testimony that you have forsaken “your country”. Cant have it both ways my friend.

    • Lets not get caught up with policy. With Catalan independence many good things will come that are much more important and titanic than policy.

  • I disagree. Essentially because I am in favor of localism in general and also because anything that stirs up the political pot is a good thing. The people of America were in part inspired by Brexit, it helped them believe that Trump could win. All the papers talked about Brexit and Trump being a populist uprising.

    I understand the hypocrisy of the Scottish referendum but the thing is that we are an identitarian movement and Scottish identity as the victim of English supremacy is something that is allowed in the cultural marxist scale of things and it is of course implicitly white.

  • From here in Madrid, it sure seems that Catalonian “independentistas” seem to be nothing more than opportunists supported by cultural Marxists and their Third World pets. I think there are more non-Whites in Barcelona than anywhere else in Spain.

  • Assange has retweeted this article. He didn’t like it because he sees the Government in Madrid as “Fascist” and also simultaneously “Neo-Liberal”. By extension, he sees Catalonians as a rag-tag group of spunky Communist freedom fighters sticking it to the big bad Empire or something like that. Maybe he hopes that they will give him asylum in Catalonia? A long shot. But nice to know he reads us, eh?

    • Assange is correct. He knows his job, he has been undermining the System for many years and damaged its credibility further.

      Calling them fascist helps although it is cheap, if it makes his audience of normies sceptical of the System. Buck doesn´t stop there.

      The reality is that the Spanish governement is anti-White and the pretences of separations of powers, rule of law and democracy are revealed to be transparent lies. Also, accusing Catalonians of being commies for opposing handing over gibs to such a gov?

  • Fuck off with the “cheap wine” remarks. You’re northern european, you wouldn’t know a good wine if it ever hit you in the face.
    That being said, multiculturalism is promoted in Catalonia from all its institutions and political parties. No one in the pro-independence movement is defendin identitarian ideas. There is no ethnicity component there, most of the catalans at this point are half spanish and define their identity on a language basis. They sell the idea that if you speak proper catalan you’re a catalan, doesn’t matter if you’re north-african, latin american or spanish. And in Spain there is a 14% of foreigners living, most of it in Catalonia, Basque country and Madrid, so go figure. The region is cucked beyond redemption, it’s in the catalan gene to be more fucked up than anyone else if it means being progressive. They have 80 years of experience behind.

  • I hesitate to draw any firm conclusions about this secession bid, because I haven’t followed the situation closely. The American news media hasn’t covered this story often or in much detail. In general, I am all in favor of white people preserving their ethnic and regional cultures. But it sounds like Catalons might be seeking independence for the wrong reasons. White people of European ancestry are a small global minority who are under siege by other races who want to move to our lands, and take what is ours. We must form a united front for the sake of our survival, and not expend our energies in fighting among ourselves over who is better, who is more moral. Certainly, any white person who is angry because he/she thinks we are not doing enough for black and brown migrants must be opposed, and hopefully reasoned with until he/she comes around to a more sensible way of thinking.

  • White secession isn’t only favorable, it may become necessary if we need to protect our people from genocide. 2 examples show that it can work. The US left Great Britain and flourished. And in the case of the Jews and Israel. Jews were outcasts for well around 1000 years or so in Europe before Theodore Herzl wrote about creating a Jewish State. Got funding from the Rothschilds and slowly grew as it developed it’s defense forces. Not only that it’s on track to even expand outside of palestine with the Great Israel project as their neighbors balkanize (such as what’s going on with Kurdistan at the moment). Secession can also be a way to escape chaos, that’s why people built walls and castles in the medieval ages, and they work very well. Gated communities might become needed to escape leftist/globalist invoked civil unrest. In the wake of the chaos though we can retake land. Of course we need to keep up our game on the main fronts so that we don’t have to rely on secession but it is a reasonable option when need be.

  • Catalan independence will be fuelled by identity and nationalism. That is the only way to make such a huge political move that has the potential for violence. And this is a good thing. We do not know which way it will play out but just letting the nationalist genie out of the bottle is huge. Vince law is mincing words and arguing like a typical practitionerl of critical theory. Probably because his mindset is imperialist, just like Spencer. But we are Europeans. And we care about nationalism. And this is the only way forward.

    Just as Scottish secession might have made the scots grew beyond “blame it on the english”. It would also have reenvigorated english nationalism. And its all good. These American imperialists absolutely do not understand Europea at all.

      • I think you got the concept of nation and state mixed up. The Catalonians were always a nation. Even if its been 500 years since they had their own state.

        • Sure, that’s the point. They were an ethnic nation, never a political one. But the idea that every ethnic-nation requires or should get a political nation by default is quite new, in fact it’s pure German idealism.

          • “political nation” does not exist. The nation is the people. The state is the political construct.
            The nation is what makes people feel. What you call “nation”, ie the state, can only rule by handing out plunder to its minions. Or by subjugation and terror.
            That is the power of the nationstate. It is to have a shared destiny and a shared history. It can rule by consent. To your imperial constructs any ethnicity and any nation will always be a threat. So you will crush us. In the end the powermad imperialists can not abide that their subjects have other lojalties than to themselves.

          • “Nation” is not an univocal term. You’re thinking “ethnic nation” is the only possible acception to the term but this is clearly not true. Historically most ethnic nations were not political at all or they pledged themselves to nations that WERE political, Spain is a clear case. Why do you think we developed “nation-states”? Precisely to officially fuse or dissolve a bunch of ethnic-nations into one single official and legitimate political entity.

            You sound exactly like a lolbertarian but at a national level. Instead of “taxation is theft!” “Imperium is theft” lmao.

          • So all is legalism? All is arbitrary? Power is all that matter, is it? History does not exist? There is no legitimacy coming from the sentiment of existing cultures? All should be mandated from the imperial throne?

            YOU are arguing that the politicians have a right to create peoples by handing out paper. So why do you object to the mass immigration of foreigners into Europe? Or do you? As long as the politicians hand out the right paperwork, what is the problem? Because borders, administrations, laws, thats all exist right?

          • Eh no, I said “nation” is not a univocal term, there are several acceptions, ethnic and political being two of them, I didn’t say “all is legalism”. The idea of legitimacy coming from the “sentiment of peoples” is Enlightenment talk and if we use it, then you should respect the fact that Europeans are voting for their own destruction.

            Come back when you can construct arguments and not straw-men.

          • Since you use the word “nation” to mean “state”, why dont you just say state then? I use the word “nation” to mean people. Ie, a closely interelated group of people that look back on a shared history. I have a clear definition. Do you? Looks to me like you are trying to have your cake and eat it.

          • Because a state is also a “nation” even according to your definition; “a closely interrelated group of people that look back on a shared history”. So your definition is only clear in your head because you think nation only means “ethnic-nation”. I’m showing you that’s not the case.

            In fact, historically the term “nation” is not even related to ethnicity, as butchers or smiths were called “nations”. The “nation of the butchers”. In the monasteries and later universities nation was used to refer to the school you belonged too, so if you studied German philology for instance they would say you were of the “German nation” regardless of your geographical origin.

          • So, all this word magic aside. What is YOUR definition of a nation? All you have done so far is to use critical theory to cast doubt on my definition, in typical cultural marxist fashion.

            And fyi, In my country the
            original nations are today referred to as provinces. In our classical universities these nations still live on, the student unions are organized in “Närkes nation”, “Smålands nation”. And trust me, I am
            all for political independence for Jämtland for example, or Skåne. I am
            in no way married to the nationstate or the current centres of power. My
            ideal is that political structures get their legitimacy from below.
            Your defintion seem to be the status quoe or sheer legalism. But its hard to tell since you are using Critical Theory all the time instead of presenting a case of your own.

          • I told you, there is not ONE definition. I understand that there are ethnic-nations, but unless they have a State they’re not a political nation. I don’t believe all ethnic nations can or should get a state. But I also think there are limits to political nations, they can’t simply absorb any and all ethnic-nations.

          • The example you give of your country referring to the old nations as “provinces” is a perfect example of a political nation serving as an envelop for ethnic-nations.

          • Your idea that each ethnicity or each “culture” gets a political nation is 100% pure German idealism nonsense.

    • Are you an internationalist then? I love my fatherland and don’t want to see it broken up by meddling foreigners.

      • Something like what the Germans had planned for Eastern and Central Europe during World War I would probably be the best scenario. Smaller nation states preserved, but under the hegemony of the dominant great power in the region. The Germans planned for the Finns, Poles, Balts, to be ruled by Pro German monarchs.

      • Seems like the natives are busy doing it. Not foreigners. This is horrifying shit, a total surprize.

        • It is the foreigners, there were interviews on Spanish TV with f*cking sudacas and guiris saying how Catalan they felt and how they were going to vote for independence! Scum of the earth.

          • He kept out apart from the legion sent to the USSR. Sensible man. It’s a deep game that you appear to have missed. The British were never really hostile to fascism.

      • Then the people need to be 100% honest about who and what they are trying to escape. It’s not the Castilians they are trying to get away from. No more running away from diversity while endlessly praising it.

        • They aren’t fleeing diversity, they are fleeing high taxes and anti-Catalan sentiment. You can see that hatred in comments some nationalists left on websites when the Manchester bombing happened awhile back, they were expressing regret that no Catalans were killed instead of acting like decent Aryan men.

          • Then there may not be a bloodless solution. Canada has Quebec and USA has Dixie. A nation is more than race.

          • Redundant, if you have multiple races, you automatically have multiple nations. “Multiracial Nation” is an oxymoron.

            The issue is where to draw the line in a homogeneous nation. When does language, culture and religion become different enough to warrant a separate nation?

          • What I mean is racial purity is the most important thing. I agree, though, the definition of ‘nation’ is ‘race’.

          • Quebec should have seperated and so should have Dixie. Perhaps they would have evolved into something better than the Cesspools of degeneracy that Canada and the US have become.

  • Get a load of this Counterpunch BS:

    I never read such rubbish in all my life, but PC is all about lies and delusional moral hubris.

    With the rise in public visibility of far-right-wing militants in the U.S. following the events in Charlottesville, much of the public is scrambling to understand just what this movement is and what forces are driving it.

    What is ‘far right’? According to MSM, any European who wants border security and wants to preserve his nation for his people and culture is ‘far right’. What passes for acceptable ‘right’ is Merkel who invites millions to invade her nation. Only decades ago, the mainstream position of many European conservatives were ‘far right’. Helmut Kohl was certainly NOT for invasion of Germany by hordes. Indeed, even up to the 1980s, German citizenship laws were mostly centered on blood and soil.
    Also, why is national sovereignty and racial consciousness ‘far right’ for white gentiles but not so for Jews and blacks?

    Also, where do you see the ‘militants’? All the violence at Berkeley, Charlottesville, and Boston were initiated by Antifanissary scum with the help of the Establishment. The cops who were supposed to maintain peace created the very conditions that led to violence. In just about every case, the violence was started by Proglodyte bottom-feeding scum.

    First and foremost, it’s important to point out that public support for far-right extremists is miniscule. The vast majority of Americans reject this movement’s violence and hatred.

    It’s true that Alt Right is still a small movement. If anything, it’s been overblown by MSM for two reasons. They wanted to tie it with Trump as albatross around his neck. Also, there is a kind of fascination because Alt Right will say fresh things that GOP cucks will not.

    Also, the main reason why most Americans are still opposed is because they rely on MSM that is Jewish-globalist controlled. With a fair media, Alt Right would have exploded all over because its positions are so sane and sound. Also, there is public education as indoctrination, and all these lies about Alt Right being about ‘white supremacism’ when it’s a white liberation movement rejecting White Submissivism to Jewish supremacist globalism.

    Also, Alt Right has not been violent. It has been vocal and strident but not violent except in self-defense. In contrast, Antifanissary and BLM have destroyed cities and attacked colleges. But Jewish elites keep them around because they are useful.

    In World Affairs, the Alt Right has been for anti-imperialism whereas both Parties have been totally supportive of the Warfare State.

    Trump supporters were about two times as likely as non-Trump supporters to embrace “white supremacy” and “white nationalism” when asked in the Marist survey, although just 5 and 6 percent of Trump supporters respectively supported these ideologies,

    Typical PC crap. Funny how ‘white supremacism’ is a label imposed on Alt Right. It was never adopted by Alt Right. As for Daily Stormer crowd, they are either trolls(sometimes amusing) or nutjobs who initially attacked the Alt Right and jumped onboard only when it became a known brand. ‘White Supremacist’ is a slur. No matter how many times Alt Rightists rejects the term and its positions, they will be branded as such because Jewish Supremacists(who really have supremacist power and ideology) will label them that. But Jews do the same to Iran and Russia. Iran has no nukes and no desire to invade others. But it gets blamed for nukes and wanting to ‘wipe Israel off the map’ even though it is Jewish-controlled US that has been wiping out one nation after another.
    And US has been the aggressor against Russia, but of course, the Jewish-controlled media portray Russia as the aggressor and ‘new hitler nation’. Same old song.
    Jews hate Alt Right because it rejects white submissivism. Jews project their own supremacism on whites who want OUT of this Jewish globalist empire that has caused so much harm to the world.

    Although recent surveys show that most Trump supporters embrace racist and xenophobic views, and

    PC gobbledygook. According to PC, white people who don’t want to be reduced to minorities in their traditional homelands are ‘xenophobic’. White people who notice that blacks commit more crime are ‘racist’. So, the only good whitey is one who welcomes Replacist destruction of his own people and culture in US and EU. This is PC logic. Funny how Trump voters were more likely to be anti-imperialist and anti-war, even more so than Progs. Also, how is it ‘xenophobic’ to NOT want to be invaded and replaced by foreign peoples? So, Tibetans are ‘xenophobic’ for not wanting to be replaced by Chinese? Palestinians are ‘xenophobic’ for being sour about being replaced by Jewish ‘immigrants’? If it was tragic that American Indians lost their land to whites, it would also be tragic for whites to lose their nations to a bunch of lowlifes like Suketu the vile person of dot.

    Also, non-whites who want to come to white nations must also be ‘xenophobic’ since they loathe their own kind and want to flee to white nations to live with whites. If these non-whites can’t stand their own kind, why should whites stand them? If Suketu wants to get away from other Hindus just as vile and lowlife as he is, why should whites welcome such scum?

    …in contrast to most members of the Trump-supporting Republican right, they are not more economically privileged. As the recent Marist poll finds, Americans identifying with the “alt-right,” “white nationalists” and “white supremacy” were three times more likely to earn under the median national household income of less than $50,000 a year than to earn over the median income.

    Two things to consider. It is economically risky to be associated with White Consciousness. As US is Jewish Supremacist controlled, whites must cuck out to Jews. If a Jewish person says “I love my fellow Jews and I love Israel”, he is showered with jobs, cash, and prizes. If a white guy says “I love my race and European and white nations should be preserved”, he is attacked by institutional power.
    Whites cannot support whites. Rich whites cannot even care about poor whites. When the stats for ‘white death’ was revealed, the Jewish-run MSM and academia did everything possible to bury it. Whites must support ISRAEL and Jews. It’s like Ben Shapiro gets to be ‘leading conservative figure’ because he’s for racial-national identity for Jews but NOT for whites.

    Also, Alt Right has a lot of young people, and younger people are naturally lower-earners than established middle aged types. Also, many people will not say they are Alt Right for the simple reason that they can be destroyed by the Dominant Power of Jews and their cuck-bots.

    These factors include race, class, education, and media consumption. In other words, poorly educated whites who have suffered under the modern neoliberal economy, and who in their alienation gravitate to conspiratorial online information, are prime recruits for the white supremacist movement.

    Again, the writer misses the point. It’s true that the uneducated and lower IQed whites tended to go for extremist movements like skinheads, Neo-Nazism, and other Hollywood Nazi types so often featured on Jerry Springer show. And such types still do exist.

    But Alt Right didn’t originate among such types, and its main core isn’t composed of them. Alt Right is not Stormfront even though there are surely people who straddle both sides of the fence.
    Your average Alt Right is actually better educated or self-educated than most Leftists who have become an embarrassment with the replacement of classic Marxism with vain narcissistic ‘identity politics’ and decadence and degeneracy.

    Also, Alt Right is most dangerous to the Current System not because of its ‘extreme’ views but because of its Obvious Observations of how things are: Jews got elite power, blacks are naturally more aggressive and criminal, there are IQ differences among races, men and women are really different, homo ‘butt-sex’ shouldn’t be celebrated or worshiped, etc.
    In the Current System, bakeries are destroyed for not honoring this perversion called ‘gay marriage’. You can be destroyed in NY for not calling a man with a wig as a ‘she’. NY is a Pervert Supremacist City or Degenerate Supremacist Megapolis.

    It is the Jews who have done everything to tie Alt Right with ‘neo-nazis’. Those guys at Charlottesville with nazi flags were plants, probably by FBI. There’s no doubt that the Jewish mayor, the Democratic governor, the cops, and etc conspired to shut the event down even though Alt Right did everything legally and correctly. And then, after the event, Google even shut down Andy Nowicki’s Alternative Right site down even though Nowicki wasn’t even at the event and has been critical of Spencer.

    The reason why the System fears the Alt Right is not because it is ‘nazi’ but because most if it isn’t. If Alt Right were like Jerry Springer’s clown Nazis, it would hardly be a threat. There are those like Anglin who still like to play this act either as troll or nutjob. But core of Alt Right is NOT that. At most, one can say Alt Right isn’t properly denunciatory of Nazism, but then have Jews been properly denunciatory of Jews who served in Soviet system or sent Stalin the secrets to the Bomb? Trump never met with David Duke, but that was made a big deal. In contrast, Obama(tool of Jews) had ties with Bill Ayers, but that was no big matter. Never mind David Duke has NO power. In contrast, crazy Sheldon Adelson owns half of Congress and has politicians kissing his ass. This lunatic called for the nuking of Iran, a nation with no nukes. But the media make no fuss over that. Why? Media and Adelson are both Jewish supremacist.

    I can go on and on but what’s the point? Dimaggio is just another BS artist who pretends to stand up to the Establishment but regurgitates the same talking points about ‘white supremacist’ blah blah.

    Alt Right positions are eminently sane and sensible.

    If the world was governed by these ideas, there would be more peace, more understanding, more stability, and more pride for ALL PEOPLES.

    But globalism and Dimaggioian PC says whites must only feel ‘guilt’ and ‘self-loathing'(partly as virtue vape of self-righteousness) and welcome invasion and destruction of their own nations. And non-whites should neglect fixing their own nations and just seek quick fix by moving to and mooching off white nations. And the world should be remade with homomania, feminism-gone-nuts, and Afromania(in worship of the most savage and destructive people on planet).

  • Secession means smaller. Beyond that it means nothing until you state what you plan to secede into.

    We’re pro-white. If someone explicitly states that they want to secede into something pro-white, then we can support that. Otherwise, nothing for us to concern ourselves over. There’s way too many anti-whites that need to be discredited to worry about the odd secessionist movement.

    And they have to be explicit. The days of supporting dog-whistling and people who make vague promises of things that might be good for whites (which they never keep anyway) are OVER.

  • I am not even reading this article. Catalans are distinctly different from Castilians and Andalusians and have right for a pieceful segregation.
    Visca Barca! Visca Catalunya!

    • *peaceful

      I don’t really agree. We Spaniards are one of the most genetically homogenous peoples on the planet and share blood and history. Blood > all. Catalunya es España. We just need to treat Catalans better is all.

      • “Blood > all.”

        Those Spaniards on the beach likely said the same thing as they watched
        Africans wash up on the shores, exit the boats and flee into your country to rape your women.

      • What about the linguistic difference? You have to have an interpreter from Catalan to Castilian. Catalunya has always looked towards Mediterranean, while Castille had eyes towards Americas. Catalans always have had a nitch for business, but Castilians preferred military, religion or goverment administration. Catalunya and Castille were on different sides during the Bourbon war. What about Companc? What was the reason Franco shot him? What about the bloody siege of Barcelona? To understand Catalan/Castillian differences, one must attend El Clasico at estadio Camp Nou. In-inda-indepencia. Never forget 1714.

        The only residens of Catalunya against secession are internal migrants from Andalusia and Murcia and their childten.

        • “linguistic difference” – Is not that big of a deal. They are still Aryans and are genetically identical to the rest of us.

          “Catalunya has always looked towards Mediterranean, while Castille had eyes towards Americas.” – I never denied this.

          “Catalans always have a nitch for business, but Castilians preferred military, religion or goverment administration.” – LOL true, but economic concerns do not trump the concerns of race. That is a Jewish mindset.

          “Catalunya and Castille were on different sides during the Bourbon war.” – I addressed this in another comment. Catalunya has always been close to France politically and they thought they would be treated better with a Bourbon.

          “What about Companc?” – He was a communist terrorist and a traitor who helped murder thousands of people of innocent people, including priests and nuns. Why should I care if he was killed? He deserved it.

          “When the Spanish Civil War began shortly after, in July 1936, Companys sided with the Second Spanish Republic against the Nacionales rebels and was instrumental in organizing a collaboration between the Central Committee of Anti-Fascist Militias, which was sponsored by his Catalan government, and the Workers’ Party of Marxist Unification (POUM), a revolutionary anti-Stalinist communist party, and Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), an anarchist syndicalist trade union.[10] During the events, Companys opened the police and gendarmery armories to the anarchist and POUM groups, who after defeating the coupists, created havoc and carnage in the city rounding up and shooting hundreds of civilians deemed “bourgeoisie” or “rightist”, religious orders members and priests, as well as burning all the churches, monasteries and convents of the city. De facto, Companys lost the control of the city and Catalonia until the May Days of 1937 when the anarchists and POUM were suppressed. After the coup, the CNT had 30,000 armed men in Barcelona, while the government had only 5000.[11] Antony Beevor estimates the total number of people killed in Catalonia in the summer and autumn of 1936 at 8,352.[12]”

          “To understand Catalan/Castillian differences, one must attend El Clasico at estadio Camp Nou.” – So you base your views on sportsball? On a bunch of Jewified mammonist foreigners kicking around a piece of rubber? That is very shallow.

          “The only residens of Catalunya against secession are internal migrants from Andalusia and Murcia and their childten.” – That isn’t entirely true and we both know that. Yes, there are many Catalans who support independence, but not all of them do.

          By the way, are you Spanish? If so, where are you from?

          • I am not a Spaniard. I reside in Texas but originally from the former Soviet Union. I love Spain more than any other European country, whether it’s Granada, Madrid, Rioja or else. But my heart belongs to Barcelona. I will retire there some day.

            I am a socio in FC Barcelona and Barca for me more than just a club. Mes que un club.

            Catalan and Castilian are not the same. Castilians do not speak or understand Catalan. Any menu on La Rambla is in three languages. Why?

            Try Lleida, they may not even undertand Castilian.

          • “I am not a Spaniard.” – I don’t want to come off as rude but this is our business and we don’t want or need foreigners trying to meddle in our affairs.

            “I love Spain more than any other European country, whether it’s Granada, Madrid, Rioja or else.” – You only know what foreigners and tourists know then. I am from there. España es mi patria and for me this is different.

            “I will retire there some day.” – Then please have the decency to respect to realize that España is OUR land and you are a guest and don’t have a say in what happens. I don’t go into other people’s homes and rearrange their furniture and tell them how to live their lives and this is no different.

            “I am a socio in FC Barcelona” – Ok, and I follow Real Madrid, so what? I don’t base my politics on foreign millionaires kicking a football.

            “Catalan and Castilian are not the same.” – All Spaniards DNA is over 90% identical. We are in the top 10 most genetically homogeneous nations on the entire planet. We have the oldest blood lines in Europe. Common blood belongs in a common realm.

            “Castilians do not speak or understand Catalan” – Race is more than just language.

            “Any menu on La Rambla is in three languages. Why?” – Whining over ‘social justice’. Just 100 years ago hardly anyone spoke Catalan, it was practically extinct, the same as Asturiano, Gallego, and all the others. Only the older people and artistic/scholarly types were really interested in them. These languages are gaining popularity again because the central government is unpopular due to it’s failures and the marxists are using this as a tool to deconstruct our nation and culture and destroy us from within. Look at (((who))) is promoting this stuff – they are all marxists, many are Jews or crypto-Jews.

            “Try Lleida, they may not even undertand Castilian.” – They do speak Castellano, they simply choose not to speak it for the same reasons some Quebecois refuse to let an English speaker order his/her coffee in English and things like that. It is political douche-baggery.

          • I’m afraid you will just like every other Spanish civil war from the Black Prince to the Peninsular War to the dust up in the 1930s.

          • Foreigners stick their noses where they don’t belong. We didn’t want nor ask for that and personally if it comes to blows I will be dealing with foreign mercenaries in my own way.

          • I don’t think this has anything to do with foreigners meddling. It’s an internal shit show that could drag everyone else in to arbitrate.

          • Ok so hordes of foreigners saying they plan to vote for independence isn’t meddling in Spain but it is when it happens in America?

          • Dude, take it easy. No one is meddling nowhere. But I do have an opinion on the issue. By the same rational, a Catalan would say that a Madrideno is meddling in Catalan affairs.

            But, by my postings, you should have realized that I know more about the issue than an average tourist.

            You know it more than others than when the window of opportunity was there to renegotiate the tax flows in the mid-’00s, Aznar and Partido Popular turned their back on Catalans. But you reap what your sow. Andalusians will never become Catalans and why Catalans have to subsidize Andalusians? Why Madrid did not resolve the tax flow issue over the last 10 years?

          • We are just hearing about the preconditions for a civil war in Spain and Patriotic American starts getting ansy about foreign meddling! If the country implodes it’s everyone’s business.

          • Why is that? What makes you think foreigners have a right to meddle in our affairs? You guiris need to stay out of our business and let us resolve this peacefully. We don’t interfere in your internal affairs and we kindly ask that you respect us in the same way. That is all.

          • “Dude, take it easy.” – My country could well be on the verge of a civil war and if that happens I will be among the first to head back home and take up arms. There is nothing easy about this situation.

            “a Catalan would say that a Madrideno is meddling in Catalan affairs.” – Catalunya is an integral region of España. This is a matter for ALL Spaniards to decide together, not just Catalans.

            “you should have realized that I know more about the issue than an average tourist.” – Then you should also know that Catalunya hasn’t been independent in almost 600 years.

            “You know it more than others than when the window of opportunity was there to renegotiate the tax flows in the mid-’00s, Aznar and Partido Popular turned their back on Catalans.” – Yes I agree, that jerk off screwed the Catalans, no reasonable person will ever deny this unfortunate fact. What needs to happen now is they need to fix this issue, have a propaganda campaign addressing anti-Catalan hatred and dispelling the negative stereotypes about them, and do more to let the Catalans celebrate their history and culture. I think it is fine for them to do that. What isn’t fine is breaking away over economic concerns. Common blood belongs in a common realm.

            “Andalusians will never become Catalans and why Catalans have to subsidize Andalusians?” – Why should Catalans still be allowed to play in la liga if they break away? Why should Catalans still get the protection of our military? The street goes both ways. They can’t have their cake and eat it too.

            “Why Madrid did not resolve the tax flow issue over the last 10 years?” – The Jews control the central bank, which in turn controls the economy and austerity measures and what not, and those evil Christ murdering devils have been working tirelessly to destroy our nation and this is one of their sleazy underhanded attempts at doing so.

          • There are still Jews in Spain (in my opinion), they are simply good at hiding it. It is a well known thing that in the Canaries, for instance, half the priests were actually Jews. They used to put one son into the priesthood so as to hide what they really are. It was the same in the Balearics.

            As for Franco, there are rumors who could’ve been a crypto-Jew, he certainly had no qualms about negroes and moslems mass raping white women. It is also a fact that the part of southern Galicia he was from is well known for having had a relatively large number of Jews in the past and some people have said they were never fully removed, but who knows? I know he didn’t invite them back for sure but he certainly stabbed the only hero who fought them, Adolf Hitler, in the back.

            P.S. – they weren’t fully removed until some time later, some stayed as fake Christians.

          • Franco was flown into Spain from Morocco by MI6/SIS pilot and bodyguards. He was never going to stab those guys in the back.

          • I have never heard of this. Where did you come across this info? I know he was scum but I didn’t think he was allied with the Jews like that.

          • I just never heard about that, I thought it was the Germans. I don’t like Franco, though, he actually ordered his negroes slave soldiers to rape asturian and galician women. He was a piece of sh!t.

          • Fred, you’ll be like all the other retarded, fat, drunk, teenage wannabe oldie snow birds there. Best not to do it! Go to your own home. Take your grand kids fishing. Keep a garden. Chop firewood. The world just cannot handle any more spoilt ass boomer retards LARPing as teenagers.

          • This post is fucking great and distills boomers in a nutshell, whether they be Brits and Germans living in Ibiza or Americans in Mexico and Hawaii.

          • Brits are the absolute worst tourists and travelers, loud, drunk, and obnoxious, with frequent retarded “Stag and Hen” themed parties.

          • He’s saying you as a Texan should not abandon your homeland to go LARP as a 70 year old Eurotrash wishing he was 18 again.

          • There is nothing more disgusting than old Northern Europeans in places like Spain and Portugal (I lived for a short spell in Fuseta which is a beautiful spot in the Eastern Algarve) acting like teenagers. I used to want to take their pensions from them and make them work like I must do as I served them drinks at La Concha. The last time I was there, a little over a year ago, I decided to never go back because of it.

          • Yes! Most of those people are pushing our politics to the far left as well and I am convinced that they are playing a part in this. They should all be rounded up and sent home.

            I also can’t stand the younger vacationers, especially the British, they are all drunk and drugged up and cause nothing but trouble.

          • In a sane world old people would take care of their grand children. The old women would change diapers and milk their cow. Not lay on the beach like a stranded whale and drink all day. The old men would take the grand kids out to teach them hunting, fishing, carpentry and so forth. They deserve to lose their pensions.

          • Yes, they do, 100%. What really bothers me is that they have the audacity to do it in someone else’s country on someone else’s dime!

          • All the while complaining about how the Spanish or Portuguese don’t do things like they do back in Holland, Sweden or Germany.

          • Yes, and it is very annoying. They should learn to respect us in our own homes. I wouldn’t go to the Netherlands and whine about how they do things, it would be dishonorable and rude.

          • lol Never had it but I’ve heard it isn’t the best. People say English food sucks and I liked so who knows?

          • Dutch food is disgusting. They literally rely on the Surinamese and Indos to make food for them that isn’t boring, bland shit like boiled potatoes with unseasoned meat or bread and cheese (the Dutch eat cheese sandwiches for breakfast AND lunch).

          • Perhaps their poor diet is the reason for there sour disposition.I am still very surprised that anyone would eat chicken from a vending machine.

          • The Spanish tourists in Oxford are a huge pain in the arse.

            They jam up Cornmarket street and cluster around the McDonalds leaving trash everywhere. They even walk around in the rain when you try to get from lecture hall to lecture hall across town. Slows everything to a snails pace.

          • You will find Spanish tourists (mostly esol students) in places like Brighton burst out into song on the bus (a big no, no for the stiff upper lip English). Like they have no respect at all for the local ways. And you’ll find English acting retarded all over the world. I agree with Evola and travel should be for a select few. The masses need to be tied down to their cattle, farms, families and so on.

          • Whatever is going on in Spain at the moment has little to do with tourists.

            There’s a lethal and deep seated rivalry between Barcelona and Madrid.

          • Yeah, but there shouldn’t be. We should be working together and not trying to undermine and slander our countrymen. It is very sad.

          • Gallego, not to worry, there will be no Civil War Dos in Spain. Your compatriot, Rajoy, is not that crazy. But, when you go to bed tonight, do not forget:

          • Well I hope there won’t be but one can never be too sure. No one thought there would be a war in ukraine and look at what those demons did.

          • Yehuda, have you ever been on the estadio Camp Nou watching Barca play? Have you ever paid 450 EURO to watch El Clasico live? You do not know what you are missing.

          • Better than sex, Yehuda. Watching El Clasico from a decent seat at Camp Nou. Back im the Josep’s day most of players were native Catalans. Yell puta when Ronaldo complains. Then two bottles of Rioja at a Basque tavern on La Rambla. You do not know what you are missing Yehuda. Better than sex..
            Visca Barca, Visca Catalunya!

  • My fellow Americans,

    O/T: needs to create a safe space in the Disqus universe. Disqus has written recently about plans to make it easier to eliminate toxic entries in the comboxes.

    AltRight dot com is very fragile (think NRO circa 2016). The site’s mods are acting like Jonah Goldberg just under a year ago and I am worried. They have several part time jobs to hold down at taco stands/Chinese dry cleaners. Many hot dog vendors lost their job because of Charlottesville, but weirdly, their actions only accelerated the purging of Southern historical figures from public spaces.

    I would hate to see this site adopt a paywall and become even more irrelevant than it already is.

    Please add the toxic filter to this site. The comments have become unreadable. I’m okay with hate, but the hate that the haters of this hate site deliver is out of control.

  • The Yes Minister Brexit example / theory is bollocks. I agree that elitists wanting to form their own nation is unnacceptable, but Britain was in the EU to get a vote on the direction of the region, sometimes cynicism backed with history is absurdism. Either way, London hipsters wanted to stay not go.

  • A fine essay except for the “Catalonia is the richest, most well-educated and a relatively White region in Spain” part.

    • I parked my rv at the boardwalk (whatever they call it?) in Barcelona for one night. One night was enough. Feral Blacks all over the place.

      • Stay away from La Rambla except for a few Basque taverns. African hookers come only when it’s dark.

        Stay in uptown. There are no africans, gitanas or tourists. Talking about Cale de Malorca or Valencia. Locals and Europeans. Get jamon sandwich with coffee con leche on Paseo de Gracia in the morning. Take a tour on Camp Nou.

    • I don’t know where does he get that nonsense from. “Relatively white”… It’s the region in Spain with the highest amount of muzzies and second to Madrid in latin americans. Barcelona is crawling with non europeans, and there are towns which are completely taken.

      • El municipio de Salt (Gerona) ha aparecido con carteles en árabe
        pidiendo a la población musulmana que vaya a votar el referéndum
        independentista ilegal.

        La ciudad, de 30.000 habitantes y muy próxima a la capital gerundense,
        acoge un porcentaje muy elevado de inmigrantes, más de un 40% de los
        ciudadanos, principalmente de origen marroquí y gambiano.

        Los carteles en árabe han sido pegados en el rótulo que señala la
        entrada en el municipio, así como en farolas cercanas a la mezquita. En
        ellos se puede leer: “votemos para ser libres” en árabe, acompañado de
        la fecha del referéndum.

      • He’s an a@@hole implying that there are degrees of Arab admixture in Iberia, and that Catalonia is the least admixed, even if not as pure as Europe north of the Pyrenees. What makes this truly remarkable is that he affirms this Kempian nostrum in an essay calling for European unity!

          • Arab genes are non-existent. If you mean african genes, they are even more present in Italy than Spain, and in both cases they’re residual. The muslim conquest was a religious one, the native people converted to islam. Iberia back at the time had more population than the whole north of Africa, Egypt excluded, and the muslim invasions were not migration of peoples. There is no record of hundreds of thousands of north-africans migrating into Spain, many more germanic peoples moved in and they didn’t leave much of a genetic mark. By my experience, brits are completely eager to strip Spain of its european identity, both cultural and racial. With no provocation.

  • While the Catalans do have some legitimate gripes, which should be addressed legitimately, I think they over exaggerate them due to their mammonistic tendencies. They have a reputation for being greedy and selfish and it isn’t all just hot air, a good number of them really are like that. I would compare them to liberal Californians from the L.A. area.

    • The majority of the Catalans were wrong in that these latest moves by the Spanish gov surprised them.

      Charlottesville or Spain, expect the System to be the System.

  • More trash from

    What is the Darwinian Cost of Spencer’s “leadership” since his Alt Right press conference 9-9-2016?

    Thank God that Annus Horribilis is over.

  • Did Vincent really expect Farage to campaign on a slogan of ‘Remove Kebab’? How far would he have got with that?

    Everyone here in Britain knew who he was talking about when he spoke of immigration of ‘eastern Europeans’, everyone. The Brexit process isn’t over yet, not by a long chalk.

    • The British people wouldn’t have supported a remove Kebab movement? I think they would. The press would have treated him the same. A remove Kebab movement might have landed him in jail though.

  • I support Scottish Independence. Anything that weakens the one of the most anti-white states in history (the UK) is fine with me. In addition this would also help spread chaos and speed up the acceleration.

  • My position is the EU is riddled with the socialist ideology, these old countries like France, Germany etc are being wiped out because they belonged to a collective that could be influenced by the likes of Merkle. I don’t think whites should fight among ourselves either but if it’s a case of whites fighting against this sick leftist perversion I don’t see that we have much choice. At this point , given that we are faced with the actual fall of centuries old European nations and cultures a war might be the only thing that saves Europe. Clear sides being drawn, the overthrow of the socialist governments and the return of governments that people will invest in and fight for. Outlaw perverted postmodernist thought take control of universities and mass execute those who have subverted and poisoned western society. It is a chance to be rid of the Muslim filth once and for all as well, in fact a lot of them will just leave if war breaks out to save their necks.

  • I have no understanding of Spanish politics

    But I did find this on /pol

    Anna Gabriel, Deputy of Parliament of Catalonia (Catalan): “The Catalan
    Country, and its maximal political freedom, and the possibility of
    building an alternative economic and social model to colonial
    patriarchal capitalism aren’t possible inside this state and the
    European Union.”
    (that’s her in the antifa shirt)

    • yes, the Catalonia independence movement is thoroughly lefty and liberal. Its Diversity for Thee, but not for Me with these people.

      • One general trend I’ve noticed is that the smaller/more historically “oppressed” (real or imagined) a nation is the more culturally Leftist their nationalists tend to me.

        I suppose it makes sense.

      • I am from Spain and it is actually much worse than that. These Catalans are full blown communists. If they gain independence many people will suffer horribly and Catalunya will become a Judaized hell hole.

        • That would turn the people against antifas even more than they have turned against the Spanish ZOG governement now.

          That is the good side of leftism in general, turning the people against them with display of feral violence and unrest but without the strategic mindset, organization and discipline to win what follows.

    • The whole issue is that in the minds of the Catalans Spain was never really ‘one country’ but rather an imperialist project of the Castillians and had the ‘Castillian’ identity forced on them by outsiders who disliked them and vice versa. In the past the county of Catalunya was the dominant force behind the independent ‘Crown of Aragon’, which historically was closely allied to France (formerly it was the Frankish ‘Spanish march’) and had it’s own pretty impressive empire that included eastern Spain’s county of Barcelona and Kingdom of Valencia (both are basically Catalan in culture and language), most of Italy, and all of Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Greece, parts of the Balkans and Adriatic etc., and they are extremely proud of this and haven’t forgotten it. This thalassocratic empire was made part of a united Spain (by weakening the independent ‘courts’, which are basically parliaments, and dissolving the crown of Aragon) alongside the Kingdoms of Castilla y León, Toledo, Asturias, Granada, etc. in the 17th century by the Hapsburgs, who did it essentially for the sake of managerial efficiency.

      Before this these different kingdoms had only been merged via royal marriage alliances, which weren’t very strong, in the 15th century. Prior to those marriages these various kingdoms had been fighting each other almost incessantly and this constant fighting caused all sides involved all sorts of headaches and grief so they all viewed each other with suspicion and sometimes out right hostility and there have even been civil wars between the areas that had been part of the crown of Aragon, which almost always called in the French to invade and help them, and the rest of Spain. The fact that they called in the French and other foreigners to invade has made the issues even more complex and created the stereotype of Catalans being traitorous and greedy.

      Now it should also be said that when these kingdoms merged Castilla was a significantly stronger land power and controlled a lot more territory in Spain itself so when these kingdoms merged and the Aragonese started losing parts of their empire to the Ottomans, French, various Italian noble families, etc. the Castillians started becoming more and more powerful and thus became the dominant cultural force, which the Aragonese resented of course.

      It also doesn’t help much that we Spaniards are very clannish, at least outside the cities, and are always ready to assert our regional identities and some of us also have a distrust of people who aren’t from our areas and hold a lot of stereotypes about each other in general, and the Catalans have a very negative reputation in a lot of regions, as stated earlier. This leads a lot of people to dislike them and the Catalans are very conscious of this and add in the fact that Catalunya is the richest region and thus pays a higher tax rate which is then used to support the poorer regions that have a lot of people who dislike Catalans and view them as traitorous, arrogant, and greedy and this creates a bad situation because the Catalans see this as being forced to subsidize people who are bigoted against them and have fought against them in the past and ‘conquered’ their ‘country’ and forced them to integrate into a foreign culture.

      This of course leaves the door open for Marxism, with all of it’s whining about Imperialism and tyranny and class struggle and what not, and so you end up with a far left independence movement that is similar in sentiment to what we see in Ireland. It is not a good situation.

        • In the south it is probably 3-7%, while in the north it is almost non-existent. Interestingly we actually have less admixture than some countries to the north, which I have always found odd.

          As for me, I am Gallego and Asturiano and have no negro or Jew blood, thank God 🙂

          P.S. – the north is very mountainous so not even the Romans could have much influence there.

          • Thanks. I thought it was something like that. Historical sources mention lots of blonds in Spain but nowadays you don’t really see it. Just like nearly all Romans of importance were described as blond yet today not so much.

          • Well, in the past the Gothic, Vandalic, Suebian, and Alemmanic blood was much stronger (less mixed with native celts), and the eastern Germanic peoples were actually genetically identical to today’s Ukrainians and Polish (studies have proven this as a fact), and these peoples tended to be land holders living in the rural country side (basically traditional germanic yeoman farmer lifestyle) and after the Moslems came the ones in the south all fled up to the north (Asturias and Catalonia), so the people in the north tend to be more light complexioned, and because less foreigners visit the north and only go to the south they don’t see this.

          • I drove my rv over the Pyraness (spl? on my phone and can’t be hasseled) from France and all through the country coming back up through Basque country in the North. An ex Irish girlfriend did the Camino and remarked that they resembled the Irish (lots of Irish are dark) up there.

          • That is because the Celts in the British Isles migrated there from Spain.




            Most historians believed this was nothing more than a myth but modern genetics studies have shown that the Cornish, Welsh, Irish, and a good number of Scots are almost genetically identical to us Galicians, Asturians, and Cantabrians.

          • Gascony isn’t Basque, it is Occitan, but yes the English had some control there due to intermarriage with the local nobility.

          • Something about controlling Wine. The Black Prince campaigned a great deal in Spain.

          • The northern part of Spain was colonized by the British Isles too. The Basques pretty freely mixed with English troops in the medieval period.

          • A pretense? You do realize that they were speaking a Celtic language there until the mid 1500s, right? Besides, it is a proven fact that the Celtic peoples in the British isles are practically genetically identical to us and they all have legends stating their founders came from the Iberian peninsula. Even the very term Albion came from the Albiones tribe in Asturias.

   – This is it in Asturian
   – In English if you still don’t want to believe the facts
   – “Albion (Ancient Greek: Ἀλβιών) is the oldest known name of the island of Great Britain. Today, it is still sometimes used poetically to refer to the island. The name for Scotland in the Celtic languages is related to Albion: Alba in Scottish Gaelic, Albain (genitive Alban) in Irish, Nalbin in Manx and Alban in Welsh, Cornish and Breton. These names were later Latinised as Albania and Anglicised as Albany, which were once alternative names for Scotland.”

          • You implied our claim to being Celtic is a ‘pretense’.

            an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true.
            “his anger is masked by a pretense that all is well”
            synonyms: make-believe, putting on an act, acting, dissembling, shamming, faking, feigning, simulation, dissimulation, play-acting, posturing; More
            a claim, especially a false or ambitious one.
            “he was quick to disclaim any pretense to superiority”
            synonyms: claim, profession
            “she had dropped any pretense to faith”

          • I forgot but I also add that when the Moslems came they created a type of ‘caste’ society and wouldn’t let Christians and Moslems intermarry or let Christians convert to Islam. The only whites who became Moslems and polluted their blood were the aristocratic elites who, in exchange for keeping their power, converted to Islam, took on Arab tribal affiliations, and became racially semiticized. Here is a good example of this –

            “The family is said to descend from the Hispano-Roman or Visigothic nobleman named Cassius.[1] Muslim chronicles and the Chronicle of Alfonso III suggest he was a Visigoth.[2][a] According to the 10th century Muwallad historian, Ibn al-Qūṭiyya, Count Cassius converted to Islam in 714 as the mawlā (client) of the Umayyads, shortly after their conquest of Hispania.[b] After his conversion, he is said to have traveled to Damascus to personally swear allegiance to the Umayyad Caliph, Al-Walid I.”

            The regular small folk were pretty much unaffected genetically (thank God) and the aristocrats were totally semitic by the time the reconquest was completed and thus removed from our nation.

            Most historians and geneticists think the admixture comes from the Roman period.

          • And don’t forget that Muslim could rape the third class citizen Christian dimmi (spl.) at will. Not to mention their Christian slave women.

          • “all Romans of importance were described as blond”? Why is it then that the general phenotype depicted in colored murals of royalty and personages was dark-haired and even dark-skinned? Why did Aristotle think pale skin was indicative of cowardice? The darker phenotype depicted in art is marker of constancy with older and neighboring civilizations of the middle east, from Egypt all the way to India.

          • I’m not knocking the darker Latins but I believe that every Roman Emperor that was decribed in writting was blond. Also how did the Muslim calif ( or whatever he was called) request 100 blond virgins from Southern Spain after conquering it? Today there are very few natural blonds there.

            Also go into churches. The murals depict blonds all over the place in SE as well as SW Europe.

            I’m dark headed myself.

          • “you believe”? You’re going to have a very hard time amounting a list of Roman Emperors described as “blond”, let alone by the meaning of that word in contemporary English. For a muslim caliph from North Africa, any woman with hair lighter than dark-brown/black could be considered ‘blond’, for which I’m sure the exact contextual term your relating from is only a loose translation of.

            But let’s paint the bigger picture here. Not one famous personage of ancient Europe – from Julius Caesar to Aristotle – was contemporaneously characterized or artistically depicted as blond. The darker phenotype – both of hair *and* skin tone – is prevalent throughout Roman, Greek, and Minoan art of their depictions of their royalty, gods, and heroes. That same phenotype is found in Egypt and all the way to India.

          • Well, Helen of Troy comes to mind as well as Athena and Aphrodite.

            Since there were already Blond people in North Africa I doubt that they thought brown hair was blond. Even a brown headed Southern Spaniard is hard to come by these days. I’m pretty sure that the population darkened under Muslim rule. I’m not denying that you are European. But let’s be honest.

            Besides being blond or red headed most of the Emperor’s were described as having blue, green or grey eyes and though you will find that today it is very rare.

          • Andalusian Muslim caliphs had strict intermarriage laws against Christians and Muslims marrying. The little intermarriage that did occur was at the higher echelons of society, between noble families. Remember, murals and artifacts throughout the Mediterranean (Roman, Etruscan, Greek, Minoan, etc.) depict a common dark phenotype in the Classical era. That phenotype is similarly found in ancient Egypt, and in both cases is represented as the phenotype of the ruling class.

          • And do not forget that Muslim could rape the third class citizen Christian dimmi (spl.) at will. Not to mention their Christian slave women.

          • The vast majority weren’t described as having light features. Julius Caesar, the most seminal of all – and of whom successors were named after – was described with dark hair and dark (brown) eyes. The most seminal of Europeans henceforward have also shared darker traits. That would include the triumvirate of the Industrial Revolution (Newton, Maxwell, Faraday), artists like Shakespeare, Beethoven and Michelangelo (whom exceed their peers), and leaders/entrepeneurs such as Ferdinand Magellan, Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, etc…

          • Yep and I don’t see what they have to do with the race of the Spanish/Latins. Seems you are a darky with a bone to pick.

          • I’m just giving you the history you said you knew (roman emperors weren’t generally lighter-featured) and the bigger picture here, namely that Europe’s leading men were never particularly lighter-featured – even in their most northern regions.

          • Still, from historical sources it seems all the Med peoples and North Africans were much lighter in hair and complexsion before the Mudslimes.

          • And what sources are these? Light hair – even blond hair – is found throughout the Mediterranean from Morocco to Lebanon up to this day – but it’s not the norm. Historical art instead depicts – without interruption – that the Romans, Etruscans, Greeks, Minoans, Phoenicains, Egyptians, etc. were dark-featured men and women. The ancient Sumerians, the first civilization on earth, referred to themselves as “the black-headed”. Why didn’t they refer to themselves as “the-lightheaded”?

          • And what sources are these? Light hair – even blond hair – is found throughout the Med. from Morocco to Lebanon up to this day – but it’s not the norm. Historical art depicts – without interruption – that Romans, Etruscans, Greeks, Minoans, Phoenicains, Egyptians, etc. were dark-haired men and women. The ancient Sumerians, the first civilization on earth, referred to themselves as “the black-headed”. Their hair, in their own surmise, wasn’t even a dark-brown. Is there a reason why you use the word “mudslime” other as an insult? It paints yourself as someone who values their genetic makeup more than their own accomplishment(s). Don’t forget an Indian-American makes almost double the average a Euro-American does.

          • Remember, light hair – even blond hair – is found throughout the Med. from Morocco to Lebanon up to this day – but it’s not the norm. Historical art depicts – without interruption – the Romans, Etruscans, Greeks, Minoans, Phoenicains, Egyptians, etc. as dark-haired men and women. The ancient Sumerians, the first literate civilization on earth, referred to themselves as “the black-headed”. Their hair, in their own surmise, wasn’t even a dark-brown. Is there a reason why you use the word “mudslime” other as an insult? It paints yourself as someone who values their genetic makeup more than their own accomplishment(s). Don’t forget an Indian-American makes almost double the average a Euro-American does…

          • I doubt your Aristotle quote since the Greeks like all Europeans valued the palest skin as the most beautiful.

          • “Too black a hue marks the coward, as witness Egyptians and Ethiopians, and so does also too white a complexion, as you may see from women. So the hue that makes for courage must be intermediate between these extremes…” Physiognomy, Aristotle

            There is possible reason to believe that Physiognomy was written by Aristotle’s Peripatetic school, but it nonetheless represents a general belief found in educated Greek society, however pseudoscientific it seems today.

          • “Too black a hue marks the coward, as witness Egyptians and Ethiopians, and so does also too white a complexion, as you may see from women. So the hue that makes for courage must be intermediate between these extremes…” Physiognomy, Aristotle

            There is possible reason to believe that Physiognomy was written by Aristotle’s Peripatetic school, but it nonetheless represents a general belief found in educated Greek society, however pseudoscientific it seems today.

            The Bible’s Song of Solomon, which is perfectly representative of the Caucasian race’s civilization (from Rome to India), famously recites the love of a noble Jewish woman and King Solomon who is “black and beautiful…like the tents of Kedar, like the curtains of Solomon…”

          • “Too black a hue marks the coward, as witness Egyptians and Ethiopians, and so does also too white a complexion, as you may see from women. So the hue that makes for courage must be intermediate between these extremes…” Physiognomy, Aristotle

            There is possible reason to believe that Physiognomy was written by Aristotle’s Peripatetic school, but it nonetheless represents a general belief found in educated Greek society, however pseudoscientific it seems today.

  • Vincent’s arguments against Catalonian secession sound an awful lot like why i favor Calexit. If highly progressive liberals want to form their own state, I’m fine with it. I suppose each secession movement has to be judged on its own merits, but I am reflexively “smaller is better.” Switzerland is well governed because so much authority is at the canton level. I admit that a Catalonian army, navy and air force are pretty weird sounding, but a oompromise that gives Catalonia a very high degree of internal autonomy (immigration, for example) strikes me as eminently practical. My hope for the United States, although I don’t expect to see it, would be reformulation along regional and racial lines, with high degrees of regional autonomy.

    Another issue may eventually be expulsion. Given some of the attitudes that Englishmen have been expressing towards the Scots, perhaps there ought to be a right of one people to dissolve political bonds between themselves and another, even against the will of the people that are the objects of the dissolution. But it’s not inconceivable-I believe Malaysia expelled Singapore.

    I’m personally in favor of Breton independence. Despite its socialist orientation, it remains the French region with the least population of Muslims. But Paris keeps buying Breton quiessence.

    • I agree with Vincent and think his upper class white flight analogy is sublime and accurate. I share your hope and desire to see this 240 year old experiment of a nation break up into evolve into a Pan European ethno state and forge intimate relations with ALL of Europe.

        • No debate there….so is Basque…the greater good for pan European political and cultural gets lost in granular nationalism . This was the fatal flaw of the NSDAP party…the EU is a great concept for Europeans only(not millions of POC immigrants)…the current outcome of course is hideous and now we face the specter of every man /nation (selfish individualism) for himself…it has never worked(white folks butcher one another endlessly)…only the Roman Empire lasted a 1000 years…and their concepts and public works to this very day.UNITY is the only solution for white tribes of Europa and her former colonies.

          • That is not true. What do you think we are, beasts? We european nationalists have great concern for other europeans and we are very aware that this is a struggle that no one region can fight on its own. Dont be gaslit by the media and others. But Spencers vision of a white empire is both impossible and inane. From empire comes only the destruction of peoples. And our enemies are not some huge army that requires a huge army of our own. No, our enemies are the corrupters and grey emminenses that love nothing better than huge corruptible beurocracies far removed from the people they purportedly serve.

          • I descend from 5 different tribes (millions of white Americans) and my entire identity is based on the whole not a part of Europe . I appreciate the folks who are only of one tribe and whose passions ,loyalties and identity lie with that individual nation. The history of our ancestors is soaked in blood because of nationalism and not a greater European membership community I fully support the disassembly of this Frankenstein like EU…but I also support the “essence” of the dream of a UNION …that countless kings,Napoleon and Hitler struggled to bring to fruition even though they were flawed from inception. The tribes should have their own borders and possessions intact as it is healthy and mutually respectful. I support the return of Gibraltar to Spain ,of the priceless art treasures to Greece and the return of German Sovereignty.I support the integration of Russia into the European family. I support the ability of Europeans to move and work where ever they like inside of Europe.I support the ethnic cleansing(forced repatriation to original homelands) from Europe of non DNA Europeans as we are only 9% of global population.I support easy immigration of European heritage diaspora back to Europa to REPOPULATE European bloodlines without POC stock.This will allow the mixing/intermarriage of tribes like what happened in the colonies and will increase the economic output. This leads to a growing percentage of whites who hold loyalty and affinity to the entirety of Europa instead of only one nation.

          • Lojalty and conflict are relative. With no other enemies around we will fight one another. It is the human condition and it is as it should be. Without war our spirit lists and degenerates. But as for now, our enemies are the establishement and the invaders.

          • We don´t need borders and nations, everyone should just be ___ comes precisely from Empires.

          • When democrats eventually win, 2024 or 2028 then US states will have to leave the Union, form their own union and physically remove internal enemies.

            Then, reconquest of California, New York and Chicago. Then Canada.

    • 55 electoral college votes, anyone against California leaving the Union is a shill or a usefull idiot (unless Brezhnev-style methods are used).

      Cutting down the authority of the enemy, anti-White state is a good thing, revolt and state repression are a good lesson for the future.

      1 ) Secession.
      2 ) Re-organization.
      3 ) Reclamation crusade.

      • Thank you. You made my point very well. It’s easier to reclaim small than large. Another secession movement that deserves support is Corsican. The Corsicans are so ornery and cohesive that the French government has given up trying to put invaders there.

      • But surely you would not want California to exit until the White, Republican northern counties have had a chance to secede from secession to form the new Union state of Jefferson?

  • “more Pakis- that was what Brexit was all about according to people like him.”

    I’m no great admirer of Farage but this is by far the most disingenuous statement I’ve read here.

  • Since the Norman Conquest policy has been to prevent continental Union? That’s a little flowery. Way to early.

    The Balance of Power role maybe, just maybe started around the time of the Hanoverians.

    But that’s got to be put in the context of Anglo settlement and Colonization of North America Australasia and South Africa. The white Folk displacing Nogs and Injuns.

  • So the “original agents of White flight,” the “more well-off middle class types” abandoned their less well-off “brethren”. And the alternative was…To stay in deteriorating neighborhoods because all Whites couldn’t affort to leave. Ridiculous.

    • Can you get it through your thick head that all brother’s wars among Whites are a bad idea or are you just a shitposting mutt-Jew?

  • I admittedly don’t know a lot about Catalonia or Spain in general, but if they are more progressive than the rest of Spain, shouldn’t we want them to seperate. That way all of the diversity can be sent directly to them and the backward proles of Spain will just have to make do with no cultural enrichment. Isn’t removing a major liberal/progressive voting block from Spain proper a good thing?

  • No, the Catalan case is different. Catalans really are not Spanish. It is like Irish wanting to be separate from Britain.

    I support this independence.

    • And the Burgundians and Occidental French aren’t really French. Nor is the Italian part of Switzerland really Swiss. etc etc Where does it end?

      It would be different if they were getting persecuted or something, but they aren’t and this is clearly just White Flight at work here.

      • There is a form of persecution–towns in France are simply told that they will accept a certain number of invaders because Paris has decided it.

        Where does it end? Not sure-look at the former Yugoslavia. I hope that it ends in regions with high degrees of autonomy to manage their own internal affairs. Even if they’re not an ideal government, I’d rather deal with Paris than Brussels, or with Barcelona rather than Madrid. Just the threat that a region won’t “lie down and take it” may cause central governments to stop pushing nation-crushing policies.

        Not sure why it’s “White Flight” if you’re staying put.

      • Multi-ethnic countries are SHIT even if they are very similar. It inevitably ends in ethnic cleansing sooner or later. Also countries with more than 10 million people need to be broken up anyway.

      • Catalonia is a BIG part of Spain. If Catalans were just a small minority, it wouldn’t matter and should try to fit in. They are Big Minority who resisted Spain for a LONG TIME.

        Other than that, chaos is good for the Alt Right. Alt Right doesn’t yet have the power to take on the Big Players. But if Big Players battle each other and weaken one another, it creates opening for Alt Right.

        Remember Muhammad gained great power by taking advantage of the war between Byzantine and Persian empire.

        Mao came to power by taking advantage of war between KMT and Japan.

        Let EU be wracked by crisis after crisis. Anything that increases more chaos is good for us at the moment. We thrive on chaos. It creates fissures and cracks and that means more space for us to move in.

        Could the Bolsheviks have come to power if not for the war between the empires?

        Could National Socialists have come to power if not for the conflict among the communists, Weimar capitalists, and the German conservatives?

        More fissures mean more fission, and Alt Right runs on that radioactive energy.

        • They didn’t “resist Spain for a long time” what a load of crap. They were part of Aragon and then a part of Spain.

      • Umm, have you ever heard of the Iliad? Let alone all of European history? Why was was continent ravaged with wars from its historical inception, if not because of cultural tribalism vying over one another? Just look at the “United Kingdom”, do you think the Scots, Irish, or Welsh want to be English?

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