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The disparate way the media treats the Alt-Right, a movement of truth-loving dissidents, vis a vis random black loiterers and trespassers, is as absurd as it is unequivocal and illustrates decisively what utter low-lives white-hating Western power players really are.

Alt-Righters all over the nation are being persecuted merely on account of our thoughts. This fact is virtually undeniable. Our websites are being deplatformed, our videos are being demonetized, we are being purged from social media, we are being fired from our jobs, due only to what goes on in our own minds. Discrimination and persecution against us, again, merely on account of our thoughts, is widespread. Yet the media treats this inherently totalitarian treatment as if it is perfectly fine. Verily, if anything, the media encourages it. But how could a war against freedom of speech and freedom of conscience ever be justified? What kind of twisted group of psychopaths would desire this? Even President Donald Trump ignores our maltreatment at the hands of large social media entities, despite the Alt-Right’s indispensable role in getting him elected via social media itself. The US power class’ unofficial position is, essentially, that we deserve it. There is probably nothing more evil, more indefensible, not to mention more totalitarian, than persecuting & wronging people merely on account of their thoughts, speech & political activities (especially in a democracy). Yet there has been no outcry on account of our abuse at the hands of the mighty and the elite. Opposition to thought-policing and the infringement upon private conscience used to be a core feature of American identity and culture, all the way back to America’s founding. Not anymore I guess.

Meanwhile, last week in Philadelphia two black men were forcibly removed from a Starbucks coffee shop because they sat there for a few hours without actually purchasing anything (they may have been protesting not being given access to the restroom). Of course, being denied access to a cafe’s or a restaurant’s restroom is pretty much standard treatment when one is not a paying customer, and although being forcibly removed by the police, or arrested, is rather extreme given the circumstances, Starbucks is well within its rights to remove trespassers from its property; especially when they refuse over and over again to leave via their free will. In the aftermath of this alleged mistreatment of these two young black men, there was something of a media-engineered national outcry regarding how hard blacks have it in America. The CEO of Starbucks is also falling all over his pasty, cucky self to apologize for this horrible injustice, and Starbucks will shut down all of its 8000 stores in America next month for a full day of nothing but shaming white people and indoctrinating innocent employees, so as to ensure that black people never have to follow the law ever again.

So, in summation, the actual widespread persecution of Alt-Righters, merely on account of our ideas and entirely legitimate political activities, is treated as being perfectly fine by the Western power class, while fictional, isolated incidents of marginal wrongdoing are treated as definitive proof that blacks are a persecuted minority group in America. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, blacks are given preferential treatment in America (by the law, in hiring, in university admissions, in social relations, etc.) and have been given preferential treatment for the last half-century. Furthermore, these young men at Starbucks were given countless opportunities to leave the store freely and thus avoid arrest. Frankly, I think they may have wanted to turn this minor incident into a spectacle. They were asked to leave by the staff, then they were asked multiple times by the police. They refused. They weren’t innocent victims. They were obstinate, entitled assholes.

Now, contrast these assholes with Greg Conte and Dayanna Volitich, who truly did nothing to justify being terminated by their respective employers. They didn’t wrong anyone, or neglect their duties as employees, or commit a crime and then tell the cops to piss off, they didn’t do anything, at all in fact. They are perfectly innocent people. Their only crimes were having the wrong friends and thinking the wrong things. Nothing else. And their punishment was far more unwarranted and severe than what is essentially an appearance ticket.

Indeed, the media’s conduct with regard to the actual persecution of Alt-Righters in America, as contrasted with their conduct regarding the imaginary persecution of black people in America, couldn’t be more exemplary of the Cultural Marxist Western power class’ modus operandi. The media has the mindless rabble focused on meaningless non-events because selective reporting on those events helps to advance their sick Leftist agenda. Meanwhile, real wrongdoing, real nefariousness, real persecution, goes completely unnoticed by the masses because the media at best ignores it, or at worst, promotes and normalizes it.

If the things being done to us on a daily basis were done to any other minority group in America, whether a political class, a religious sect, or an ethnic group, no one would hesitate to call it persecution. Because it is persecution. That’s what it is, whether it sounds whiny to say so or not. It is naked, unthinkable persecution, in a supposed liberal democracy no less. And I haven’t even adduced the official acts of wrongdoing against us by the state, such as when a local police force conspired to effectively nullify our constitutional right to assembly.

The persecution of those in our movement is a brazen attempt by liars, parasites, oligarchs and tyrants at the top (but I repeat myself) to suppress the only genuine opposition to their misrule, the Alt-Right. Meanwhile, many imbeciles on the Left (i.e. the majority of the Left at this point) still believe that America is a “white supremacist” nation. Pray tell, why would a white supremacist power structure (at both political ends) be utterly united and resolute in its effort to shut down and delegitimize the Alt-Right, a movement predicated on white advocacy? You simply can’t teach people to be this stupid!

The Cultural Marxist oligarchy’s greatest trick is its ability to convince ordinary people that persecution exists where privilege does, and privilege exists where persecution does. They have used these same mendacious methods to paint whites as a privileged, all-powerful overclass, even as we are being marginalized and minoritized in our own lands by a committedly, ruthlessly anti-white Western power apparatus, that won’t even allow us to defend our mere existence with words. The Western power class and its media mouthpiece are as much the enemy of the white race as the Soviet Government was the enemy of the ethnic Russian people, as ISIS is the enemy of Christians and Yazidis, as the Nazi regime was the enemy of the Roma and the Jews. Their hatred for whites is just as unmistakable and just as deep-seated. They think anyone who merely dares to speak up for the white race and its interests must be silenced and furthermore merits wholesale persecution. While they wage an open war against our people, they are all the while pretending that we are waging a war against non-whites, by not giving them free frappuccinos or some such nonsense. It is laughable.

The disparate way the media treats the Alt-Right, a movement of truth-loving dissidents, vis a vis random black loiterers and trespassers, is as absurd as it is unequivocal and illustrates decisively what utter low-lives white-hating Western power players really are. They are incapable of honesty, decency or fair play. They are also the enemies of the enduring principles America was founded upon, freedom of speech and freedom of conscience. They are adherents of a very different creed, and legatees of a very different tradition, a Marxist tradition to be exact. The folks who comprise the Western press and power class deserve nothing but contempt from ordinary folk. The problem with tricks is that, eventually, people figure out it’s all just an illusion. No magician can hide the truth from the people forever.


  • As ever, an excellent, insightful article from Mr. Spraguer.

    The question it leaves us with, as other commentators have noted, is—what does the audience do when it realizes it has been had?

  • It almost makes one wonder whether the U.S. is a legitimate country, and if not, should it be violently resisted? If there is no law, then why (in theory) pretend that there is?

  • “What kind of twisted group of psychopaths would desire this?”

    Middle-aged white women, in my experience…


    ‘America’s real racial problem is the arrest of two black men at Starbucks because they refused to leave after not buying anything.’

    ‘Meanwhile, Black Homeless Man ‘bursts into a steakhouse and ‘randomly’ stabs a White Father to death while his 5yr old daughter sits on his lap’…..’

    ‘Randomly’ ……


    Deliberate Anti-White Hate Crime………

    “The folks who comprise the Western press and power class deserve nothing but contempt from ordinary folk. The problem with tricks is that, eventually, people figure out it’s all just an illusion. No magician can hide the truth from the people forever.”

  • >Soviet Government was the enemy of the ethnic Russian people
    It’s funny, because I thought that the Soviet regime and state was created on the basis of the ethnic Russian (east slavic) substratum.

    • “…the Soviet regime and state was created on the basis of the ethnic Russian (east slavic) substratum”

      What do you mean?

      • Was the soviet empire race-based? I am not very familiar with history of Soviet Russia. Dis they have “slavic” propaganda?

        • No, it wasn’t. In fact, the USSR was explicitly anti-racist in orientation.

          Stalin was, of course, a cruel megalomaniac & would repress anything. So it’s true that many minorities were mistreated or caught in the crossfire. Most of this was incidental, however.
          Furthermore, most of the racism was low-level racism by private individuals, as is found in virtually all healthy societies, not official repression.
          What’s more, when the war broke out (& in the lead up to it), there was some degree of persecution toward minority groups, because during war, solidarity is everything. Stirring up the pot, dissent, separate identities, etc. these kinds of things are not useful for the state during wartime.
          I always like to say:
          “Before you go around fellating diversity & anti-racism, remember, the US was founded as a white supremacist nation & the USSR was founded as an explicitly anti-racist one”.

        • The USSR become in the 30s, Stalin at command (remember Stalin was a former student of Orthodox Theology), Jew Trostsky defeated, a pan Slav Empire. Stalin himself was not Slav but Caucasian, but as fas as I know there is a brotherhood relationship between the Caucasians and the Slavs. The same way there is a good relationship between the Greeks and the Slavs.
          There was not Slav racism against other ethnics in the USSR, but indeed, there was a pan Slav spirit.
          Peace with the Orthodox Church was done in the late 30s. Traditional Russian family was encouraged by the State.
          The USSR build the base for Putin´s “Russian Conservatism”.

          • Nonsense. Russia’s present conservatism, if anything, is the reaction to the USSR’s deep anti-conservatism and anti-traditionalism.
            Yes, there was something of a pan-Slav spirit in Russia, as there is in most Slavic countries. However, this was hardly the result of government policy, so much as the natural state of Russia & its national culture. Sure, the government exploited this mentality when opportune, but formally & ideologically, the USSR was not an ethnicist/racist/racialist nation.
            Indeed, the USSR was basically Lysenkoist regarding race & genetics.
            The USSR also actively & aggressively punished acts of racism & anti-semitism by private parties. Indeed, the USSR was one of the first nations in the world with “hate speech” laws. Yup.
            There is not a strong brotherhood relationship between Slavs & Caucasians & Stalin was neither white nor Russian, in action, spirit, temperament or ideology.
            The USSR was founded on the principles of anti-racism, anti-fascism and solidarity with oppressed peoples everywhere.
            America was founded as a white ethnostate.

          • You are talking about Lenin and Trostsky times. Under Stalin was quite another thing.
            Believe me, if any Western SJW would travel to Russia and gets in touch with people from the Communist Party of Russia, would be scared the shit out of him. Russian commies are racist, militarist, homophobic, patriots, and they are OK with the Church. Many of them support Putin, believe it or not.
            Communism under Stalin was not really communism: was pan Slav national socialism: NazBol.
            Communism in Eastern European countries was quite another thing (was a true anti national engineering) And Western communism was (and is) another thing: SJW´s. People who supported commie parties in Western Europe were (and are) just a bunch of useful idiots.
            How do you explain the current leader (and Ziuganov, the former leader) of the Russian Comunist Party are so friends with Putin?

          • “Russian commies are racist, militarist, homophobic patriots, and are OK with the church”.
            The Russian people are the Russian people and will be the Russian people. The government is another matter altogether.
            Truth is, you’re not wrong that Stalin was not a particularly ideological communist. Basically, he did whatever was necessary to hold on to & consolidate power. He was an insane megalomaniac.
            No, Stalinism was not like fascism. Stalin’s ideology was still fundamentally Marxist egalitarian in nature.
            Indeed, even Stalin’s quasi-ethnic purges were not ideological but practical. Stalin didn’t think Germans, Poles & Koreans were inferior. It was more about crushing dissent & enforcing uniformity than ideology.
            Stalin was extremely hostile to christianity. Occasionally he enlisted the Orthodox Church for his own purposes, but again, this was entirely practical, not ideological. When he ceased needing its assistance, he got right back to trying to eliminate it, & persecuting the devout.

  • Lately on FaceBorg, in the past couple months, I’ve been inundated with Leftist/globalist ‘friend’ requests in attempt to plug up my friends list with their ilk. I let them on in hopes to convert a few, but I stopped accepting at 4,600 something, and since then I have been getting dozens of solicitations by random women (prob bots) to ‘like’ their friend’s porn page. Lol! I’m not sexually confused, and have a healthy distaste for porn. Reporting and blocking these ‘women’ of course only causes these requests to become more frequent. I am getting actively harassed, but I just ignore it and proceed. I get trolled on my posts pretty regularly which I see as an opportunity to reiterate and refine my debate points which strengthens my resolve. Plus I’m pretty POed about the active Alt-Right censorship recently, so I plan on retaliating by dutifully posting more Alt-Right content. Because I’m just lil’ ole me exercising free-speech, and they have no actual good reason to censor me (and know they’re being watched closely), they really hate my guts, which gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Lol! Mutual harassment will become the norm. That’s OK, my conscience is clear, and I sleep well at night. Farcebook is ironically becoming great therapy.

  • Great Writing as Usual……

    This is Zen Alt-Right……..

    Deconstructing Illusions on a Grand Scale……..

    The Amount of Sheer Anti-White Insanity to be Deconstructed is Oceanic……..

    The ‘It’s OK to Be White’ Phenomenon illustrated it fairly well………

    An IOTBW Sticker is found on a Mailbox……..

    Multiple News Stations are alerted with Breaking News Headlines at the 6pm News Hour………

    The ADL/SPLC alert the Local Police Department……….

    Meanwhile, White People can’t even walk the Streets of that City late at night for Fear of being Robbed by Blacks……..

  • The entire liberal order rests upon the shoulders of white men. If we had a refuge or an identity to rally behind they’d lose everything, hence why they oppose white nationalism so badly.

  • We’re political dissidents. It’s par for the course. White revolution is the only solution.

    • On a Side Note:

      Regardless of these Optics/LARPers Debates…….

      Antifa got BTFO in Newnan, GA today…….

      They’re crying on Twitter about Law Enforcement enforcing the Law……..

      Which is what should have been done in Charlottesville…….

        • I see Woke White People in Public Protesting against Anti-White Realities…….


          Why do Lower Class Whites put on WWII Style Outfits whereas Suburban Middle/Upper Middle Class Whites don’t feel the need to?

          It’s because the Lower Class Whites feel a Stigmatization that the Higher Class Whites don’t feel and the Outfit/Flag/Shield is a way to feel more Empowered and have a greater sense of Dignity……

          The Great Revolution and Awakening will happen when Whites learn to see Beyond Class……..

          • Well the plastic stahlhelms were so they don’t end up in the hospital in a coma, should an Antifa decide to throw a brick at their head. Some things are just more important than optics. Sure it doesn’t HAVE to be a stahlhelm, any helmet would do, but I don’t think the clothes TWP wore were ever that big of a deal really, either to normies or optic cucks. It was because they were fat, or had less than pristine teeth, and they didn’t like the “commie” rhetoric.

            I agree though. Class cooperation > class war. Realistically, lower class whites are the ones who can fight for the cause at this stage and don’t have too much to lose right now. Even middle class whites who agree with us, aren’t going to get too involved IRL, because they stand to lose more than they gain. They’ll get on board only when our views are socially acceptable and its going to be awhile before thats the case. Working class and lower class whites are who we need at this stage.

          • I don’t really know this for sure…..

            But, I’m pretty sure NSM usually comes from Poor White Rural Regions……

            Suffering from Meth and Opioid Epidemics……..

            High Unemployment……..

            Destroyed Manufacturing Base……….

            Just, lots of Walmarts and McDonalds, etc……..

            I don’t really know and I don’t want to Stereotype……..

            But, it’s obviously different from where Identity Europa Members come from…….

            No one is going to Bridge any Divides by lecturing down to Poor Rural Whites living through Horrors untold…….

            They’ll just give you the Middle Finger…….

            Higher Class Whites should try to find a way to Help or at least Understand these Whites since the Republican Party has abandoned them………

          • I think it makes us look weak. Their trying to trigger an emotional response and make people feel sorry for us. I think if you present yourself as a victim then thats all you’ll ever be. People are drawn to strength, not weakness or victimhood.

            It is a powerful image on its own though.

  • I have to say that on this very cold night I am grateful to have whole grain bread and goat cheese. Both of which make it easier.

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