Reading List

What is some Alt Right literature that I can read?

The Alt Right draws its inspiration from a variety of schools of thought: the European New Right, Radical Traditionalism, German Conservative Revolutionaries, Paleoconservatism, Human Bio-Diversity and other racialist thinkers.

French New Right

Michael O’Meara: New Culture, New Right. Overall this is a great introduction to a lot of the thinkers below.

Guillaume Faye: ArcheofuturismWhy We FightConvergence of Catastrophes

Alain de Benoist: Beyond Human RightsThe Problem of DemocracyManifesto for a European ResistanceOn Being a Pagan, View from the Right, Volume I: Heritage and Foundations

Tomislav Sunic: Homo Americanus, Against Democracy and Equality

Dominique Venner: The Shock of History,  For a Positive Critique

Fourth Political Theory

Alexander Dugin: The Fourth Political Theory, Martin Heidegger: The Philosophy of Another BeginningPutin vs. PutinLast War of the World IslandThe Rise of the Fourth Political Theory, Eurasian Misson: An Introduction to Neo-Eurasianism

Samuel Francis and Kevin MacDonald

Sam Francis: Essential Writings on RaceShots FiredBeautiful LosersRevolution from the MiddleLeviathan and Its Enemies

Kevin MacDonald: Culture of CritiqueUnderstanding Jewish InfluenceCultural InsurrectionsA People That Shall Dwell AloneSeparation and Its Discontents

Jared Taylor, Richard Lynn, Race Realism, and HBD

Jared Taylor: White IdentityFace to Face With Race

Richard Lynn: Race Differences in IntelligenceIQ and Global InequalityDysgenicsThe Chosen People

Michael Levin: Why Race Matters

Edwin Rubenstein: The Color of Crime

Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein: The Bell Curve

Nicholas Wade: A Troublesome Inheritance

Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending: The 10,000 Year Explosion

General Philosophy

Frederich Nietzsche: Genealogy of MoralsThus Spoke ZarathustraBeyond Good and EvilThe Birth of Tragedy

Martin Heidegger: Being and TimeBasic Writings

Carl Schmitt: The Concept of the PoliticalPolitical TheologyTheory of the Partisan

Oswald Spengler: The Decline of the West, The Hour of Decision


Ernst Jünger: Storm of SteelThe Glass BeesOn PainThe Forest Passage

Julius Evola: Revolt Against the Modern WorldMen Among the RuinsRide the Tiger

Yukio Mishima: PatriotismSun and Steel

Jack Donovan: The Way of MenBecoming a Barbarian

Daniel Friberg: The Real Right Returns

Francis Parker Yockey: Imperium

Wilmot Robertson: The Dispossessed Majority

Jason Reza Jorjani: Prometheus and Atlas

F. Roger Devlin: Sexual Utopia in Power

Gregory Hood: Waking Up From the American Dream

Jonathan Bowden: Western Civilization Bites Back

Paul Gottfried: War and DemocracyFascism: The Career of a ConceptLeo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in AmericaAfter LiberalismMulticulturalism and the Politics of Guilt

Of course, there are many omissions and much more space to cover. But, this provides a good overview of the books’s editors and contributors generally turn to for inspiration and elucidation.

Happy reading!