Back To The Beginning

Since the rise of Donald Trump, journalists, academics, and activists have amused themselves penning elaborate “think pieces” on the Alt-Right. “How could this have happened!?” seems to be the unvoiced question behind almost all of them. Whether it’s a smear job against an individual activist or an attempt to deconstruct, once and for all, the entire movement—or the occasional insightful analysis—the premise is that something has gone “wrong” somewhere. Thus, we get journalism as psychoanalysis and insinuation—how the Alt-Right is all about White racial anxiety, toxic masculinity, problematic online cultures, or how this is all just Russia’s fault.

There might be some kernels of truth in there; but in fact, the Alt Right can be explained very simply. It is a loosely organized grouping on the American Right, united around core commitments—Whiteness being indispensable. As I wrote on the eve of Charlottesville, “The Alt-Right wages a situational and ideological war on those deconstructing European history and identity.”

In this situational battle, the Alt-Right is marked by its opposition to the established conservative movement, what could be called “Conservatism, Inc.” Indeed, opposition to “conservatism” is a more decisive factor than opposition to the Left and Social Justice Warriors. After all, your average cuckservative, libertarian, and gaming-ethics advocate hates the Left and SJWs and is able to deconstruct them with ease. If we are going to risk our reputations and lives for something, we might want to go after higher hanging fruit.

In the Alt-Right’s “beta” stage, you could say—before it had a term recognized in the mainstream—the grouping consisted of people who were “purged” by the conservative movement, those who broke with the it over major issues, and those who took one look at the Beltway Right and declared it to be too stupid to survive. The journalist and sociologist Sam Francis is paradigmatic in this regard, as was Paul Gottfried.

The Alt-Right’s advocacy of Whiteness is obviously what the media finds the most inflammatory and scandalous. And today, “Alt Right” is used as a slur more than an explanatory label. It’s a way to “freeze the target” as Saul Alinsky said, cutting it off from support networks and sympathy. (This recent turn has inspired some to believe that they could simply call themselves something other than Alt-Right and then smuggle Alt-Right ideas into the mainstream without taking any heat. I wish them luck with this strategy.)

The fact is, speaking too freely about race (or the Jewish Question) has always been a quick way to get yourself fired from official conservatism . . . even though conservatives are always playing footsie with racial issues and always dog-whistling to their White voters. There might be plenty of goofballs at CPAC telling us that “Democrats are the real racists,” but every Republican campaigner in a racially diverse district knows he or she only wins if Whites turn out and non-Whites don’t. Whatever National Review says, on Election Day, all politics is identity politics.

This doesn’t mean Beltway Right apparatchiks don’t actually believe their own bullshit (most of them do). It does mean, however, that conservatives can never really be “anti-racist” to the Left’s satisfaction. The electoral viability of the GOP depends on appealing to the grievances of a White constituency. Whether they be “good schools,” “getting tough on crime,” or “preventing election fraud,” the memes of the most milquetoast Republican will always sound to non-White ears like racial attacks.

The conservative movement, by its very nature, will always tolerate a certain amount of politically incorrect thought on race, even as it strictly polices itself to prevent any authentic defense of White America. You can even talk about the genetic reality of race to some extent and stay within the Beltway Right’s good graces. Charles Murray is in no danger of losing his perch at The American Enterprise Institute, as he is a IQ realist who has never questioned libertarianism at home and neoconservatism abroad. That said, it’s doubtful that even his like will be allowed to rise in Conservative, Inc. ever again.

What you can’t do is promote White identity and consciousness. The conservative movement must draw on populist forces to win elections (like talking tough on immigration), but then carefully channel them into the most useless policies imaginable (like providing tax cuts for the very corporations who support mass immigration). The conservatives’ balancing act will never end. The Alt-Right’s job is to encourage the conservative movement’s main constituency to defend themselves, rather than their exploiters.

Ultimately, people need to be able to talk about racial realities and White interests without being purged, denounced, and attacked in the streets. Until that time, obfuscation, doublethink, and protective stupidity are the tools of survival when it comes to operating withinBeltway. And to be honest, it’s a relatively simple matter to triangulate against “political correctness,” counter-signal White “racists” and “identity politics,” and keep your job. Knowing exactly where to draw the line, and not crossing it, is the key to holding on to the coveted five-figure salaries within the movement.

Race-realists and even White nationalists all can (and do) work in mainstream conservative politics, as long as certain topics are not openly discussed. After all, leftists would consider all of them as defenders of a system defined by “White privilege” and “structural racism.” Every few months, some poor guy who gets a little too free on social media or who is tattled on by a snitch will be purged. In general though, the conservative movement survives by refusing to take race seriously, even as it depends on White grievance politics for electoral support.

Foreign policy is different. Questions such as whether or not to bomb some country, whether Russia is a friend or foe, and whether American troops should nation-build or not require yes or no answers. Being on the wrong side of certain questions will get you purged from the Beltway Right faster than anything short of explicitly defending White identity. The major figures and institutions in the conservative movement need to take actual policy positions when it comes to foreign affairs, and this presents real challenges for a movement that has a history of purging its most innovative and serious thinkers.

More than a decade after the second Iraq War, and 17 years into the War in Afghanistan, there has been no fundamental rethinking of foreign policy within conservatism. Yes, the Iraq war is no longer popular; and yes, one can counter-signal “nation-building” as a kind of naive humanitarianism (perhaps imagining it to be something Barack Obama promoted as opposed to being the centerpiece of the first term of the Bush administration). Yet despite all that, John Bolton is in the White House and Mike Pompeo has been nominated as Secretary of State. And despite his campaign rhetoric, President Trump has bombed Syria for a second time, maintained and increased sanctions on Russia, and even taken up much of the hysterical anti-Russian rhetoric. Despite all that’s happened, it’s difficult to name a conservative foreign-policy realist, not to mention nominate one.

Neither the conservative grassroots nor its leaders can decide whether the “populist” position is to bomb Syria back to the Stone Age or echo Sarah Palin’s call to “let Allah sort it out.”As of this writing, conservative Twitter and Breitbart are pushing a photo of Nancy Pelosi shaking hands with Bashar al-Assad to paint the Democrats as “weak” on Syria.

We certainly live in a better situation than the era of George W. Bush. While neoconservatives ruled the roost, mainstream voices, such as Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter, would never have been given airtime to question a Republican president’s airstrikes. Moreover, the common use of terms such as “Deep State” and “America First” also subtly imply American current foreign policy is being determined by foreigners.

This is a major opportunity for the Alt-Right to expose the divisions within the American conservative movement. After all, it’s in the area of foreign policy—not race—where you can find the real beginnings of the “Alt Right”—and the real sacrifices of people who were expelled for questioning the party line. It’s one thing to tell conservatives to simply stop “cucking” on racial issues, to think seriously about them, and to finally follow through on issues they campaign on, like affirmative action and immigration. It’s quite another to urge a wholesale policy shift and a core rethinking of national interests. Reorienting American foreign policy would be as dramatic a shift as the American conservative movement coming out in favor of universal health care.

The roots of what we now call the Alt-Right lay in the Ron Paul movement. It was Ron Paul (before Trump) who built a cult following on the Internet, who showed the promise of online fundraising, who created an entire subculture, and who represented an ideological challenge to Conservative, Inc. from the right. Most importantly, it was the utter failure of the Iraq Wa—and the Beltway Right’s inability to coherently defend it—that discredited the conservative establishment for an entire generation.

As seen in the career trajectory of figures like Jack Hunter, Paul did not defend his earlier immigration restrictionist positions nor his cultural conservatism. Thus, the Paul movement split. Many of those who became politically aware during the Paul movement are now the post-libertarian nationalists of the Alt Right. As for the left-libertarians, they seem determined to eclipse the Social Justice Warriors in silliness and hysteria.

The hunger for a true reorientation of American foreign policy was a powerful force in the rise of the Alt Right. Racial politics can, to some extent, be moderated and assimilated into normal Republican politics. As Steve Bannon put it, it can be “washed out.” But foreign policy can’t. You are either in a war or you are not. Russia is either a friend or it is an enemy. And Candidate Trump explicitly campaigned, in the teeth of united Beltway Right opposition, on working with Russia in the Middle East. His victory discredited an entire generation of conservative foreign policy “experts.” And his embrace of them now is worse than a crime; it’s a mistake.

Obviously, the rule of our “greatest ally” in leading President Trump to break his promises is so transparent it almost doesn’t even need to be mentioned. Of course, for many older Republicans, this is enough to justify bombing Syria, utterly convinced as they are that what is good for Israel is good for America. However, even for the most basic Fox News watching Trump supporter, the Syria intervention raises disturbing questions.

Put yourself in the mind of a MAGA Boomer who is completely in the bag for Israel. Does such a person think American troops should be used to destroy the one regime that protects Christians in the Middle East? Does such a person think American troops should be used as mercenaries for Saudi Arabia, the same kingdom that is directly funding Islamic radicals in Europe? Should the American government be aligned with near-genocidal Saudi campaign in Yemen? Does even the most Zionist American conservative think it’s a great idea to be serving as the shock troops for Erdogan’s Turkey, who speaks openly about essentially re-creating the Ottoman Caliphate and who tells Turks abroad to pursue Islamization within their European host countries?

Let’s put it plainly. Any Americans who joined the military to avenge the September 11 terrorist attacks are now being forced to serve as Al Qaeda’s air support. And this is being done by a president who specifically denounced such practices during his campaign, and largely defended by a media who are so consumed with hatred for the Russian people and way of life that they are willing to risk World War III.

We shouldn’t overstate the case. President Trump’s air strikes are not the equivalent of the second Iraq War. And he is likely showing more restraint than any other Republican would—and certainly more than President Hillary would have. But at any moment, this situation could spiral into a full-fledged shooting war with a nuclear power. Without “blackpilling” or falling into hyperbole, it is vitally important for the Alt-Right to speak out against any intervention against Assad. If anything, we should be taking his side.

In the end, no one else can be an authentic, antiwar movement. The Alt-Right, at this moment, is more relevant than at any time since the election of President Donald Trump. The Alt-Right, and only the Alt-Right, is the one political grouping that is standing boldly against American intervention in Syria, against confrontation with Russia, and against the expenditure of American blood and treasure for interests that are not our own. It is only the Alt Right making the case, not just that we are intervening unnecessarily in a foreign conflict, that we are intervening on the wrong side. Russia may not prove to be the savior of the White race, but when it comes to Syria, it must be said with utter commitment that Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad are fighting for the civilized world.

It is time for the Alt-Right to return to its roots. It is an opposition force, fighting against the established conservative movement, the neoconservatives in particular. The Alt-Right declares the organized conservative movement has betrayed its own constituency by encouraging a war which is not in the interest of the historic American nation. And the Alt-Right stands alone, not just against Conservatism Inc., but the frothing war-hungry jackals of the mainstream media, the foreign interests screaming for blood, and the hypocritical hall-monitors calling themselves antifa.

We will not fight another brothers’ war. If it comes, draft the journalists. For the ultimate battle we need to win is at home.

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • im pro war now. all of asia hates us. we can deal with the jews easier than the russians and china. blue wave time we need pence in there

  • Excellent encapsulation. Seems to me only the ¨AltRight¨ moniker can be the most inclusively recognizable term for those clear in their minds about the rightness of the above enumerated realities, principles, and policies.

  • Nice piece, Richard. At the city of Escondido sanctuary meeting, I got up and identified myself as a supporter of the ALT Right and spewed the stuff that Mexicans had done to me. The mayor got up and ran. It felt great to push back. I scared the illegals there half to death.

  • Go into the real world with this; organise protests, organise demonstrations. If you, perhaps rightly, believe that the Alt-Right is an ‘authentic anti-war’ movement, then do not sit on the sidelines deliberating and positing quasi-philosophical, quasi-socio-political statements. Utilise the ‘opening in history’ that has cut itself out for you, and take action. If you want to be even more effective, organise an open demonstration without any explicitly right-wing rhetoric and ‘shock the masses’ when Richard Spencer appears on stage to deliver a hard-hitting speech on the subject.

  • One does not succeed politically by changing people’s minds, but by articulating and channeling sentiments that already exist. One gets places by getting in front of a popular issue.

    The alt right could learn by studying the initial success and eventual failure of the new left during the 1960’s and early 1970’s. For the new left the popular issue was opposition to the War in Vietnam. Few male college students wanted to fight in that war. Few female college students wanted their boyfriends and brothers to fight in that war.

    Nevertheless, the new left became involved in too many other issues, including issues where there was less support. Some new left activists idealized Communist leaders like Vladimir Lenin, Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro, and Ho Chi Minh.Some sympathized with the black ghetto riots.

    Consequently, the War in Vietnam continued for ten years after anti war demonstrations began in 1965. Leftist activism was followed by the Republican dominance of the United States – the Republican domination that still exists.

    No country benefits from the immigration of races characterized by low intelligence, terrorism, and crime. Third world peoples escape the dysfunctions of their countries and bring those dysfunctions with them to the United States and Europe.

    The alt right should concentrate on pointing that out. It should leave the other stuff alone: the anti-Semitism, the Sinophobia, and the nostalgia for the Third Reich.

    • “The Republican domination of the United States…..’that still exists’…..”


      I wish that Pat Buchanan/Ann Coulter Republicanism still dominated the United States…….

      The Alt-Right should stop criticizing Jews and Jewish Organizations who are attacking us and at War against White Interests, Nations, and Civilization?


      I don’t have any nostalgia for the Third Reich…….

      Although, my time in the Alt-Right has shown me that 18 was at the Heart trying to Secure the Existence of the Germanic Peoples……..

      He just went about it in a Fundamentally Flawed way………



      “No country benefits from the immigration of races characterized by low intelligence, terrorism, and crime. Third world peoples escape the dysfunctions of their countries and bring those dysfunctions with them to the United States and Europe.”


      • Since the end of Reconstruction in 1876 the only real goal of the Republican Party has been to make the rich richer. Since the inauguration of Ronald Reagan the GOP has been very successful at that. Anything else Republican politicians talk about is only a ruse to get whites who are not rich to vote Republican.

        Donald Trump ran as a populist. He even talked now and then about raising taxes on the rich. Since his inauguration he has ruled as a typical Republican plutocrat.

          • The middle class got a pittance. The rich and corporations got the store. Corporations are using far more of their tax cuts to buy back stock than to raise wages.

            Also, what about the deficit? Why is it that Republicans only complain about it when a Democrat is president?

        • I don’t disagree with any of that……

          But, the Left controls our Pop Culture……..

          And the ‘Get Rich’ Republican Wing don’t fight it if they can Profit from it……

          But, not all Republicans are like this…….

          I think many actually agree with the Alt-Right on America First, Anti-Neocon, Traditional Values, Immigration/Border Control, Defending White People, etc……..

          None of them would admit it openly in Public though……..

          Well, the Alt-Right Republicans would and do ALL the Time…….


          • What do you intend to do about the pop culture? Censor movies with political messages you dislike?

            In movie screens and television screens one sees a vision of America in which the Great Society worked. Blacks perform and behave as well as whites. Blacks and whites live together in harmony.

            That is not the way things really are. That sells because that is the way most Americans want to think of America as being.

        • Trump´s ¨tax cut¨ truly was for the rich exclusively. Talked to a 100 K/year couple just yesterday. Their taxes will go up significantly, the working-class wage types will experience a ¨wash¨ and the 600 K types will receive an 18 K…cut in their taxes – a complete fraud, sleight-of-hand, lying hood-wink. Trump is but one thing…a back-stabber. And the greatest (worst) one in US electoral history.

      • The Alt-Right should stop criticizing Jews and Jewish Organizations who are attacking us and at War against White Interests, Nations, and Civilization? No…

        – Nova Morium

        The alt right needs to outgrow this kind of thinking. It will get nowhere as long as it is associated with antisemitism.

    • 1) The JQ has to be addressed to some degree. It can’t be completely ignored.
      2) To the extent there really is “Republican dominance” of the US, it is meaningless. Republicans are simply parasitic plutocrats upholding the same Cultural Marxist principles & laws which came to predominate in America in the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s. (R) is just a letter. These folks are not conserving America, but deconstructing it at a slightly slower pace. Republicans are just Democrats who are generally more parasitic on economic issues & generally less totalitarian on social issues. Republicanism is Cultural Marxism lite.
      3) That said, yes, you are right that we would do well to “channel sentiments that already exist” & remain focused on winning issues, like exposing the hypocrisy & double standards of Corporate America & the anti-asperistic Cultural Marxist overclass more generally, & opposing needless wars in the Middle East that only serve Israel.

    • We have Jobs, Moron…….

      And if we Lost……

      Why are you and the Washington Post and the rest of the Lugenpresse continually obsessed with us?


      Because you Fear us…….

      If we were Nothing……

      You would Ignore us………

      But, you’re Intrigued for some Reason………

      Because you KNOW……

      It’s FAR FAR from Over……


    • In the words of Spencer (in his Auburn speech), “Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.” I suggest you listen to that speech and at least attempt to understand what motivates the altright (instead of mindlessly buying into the false, ‘evil white supremacist nazi’ narrative that’s put out by the lame-stream media). Here’s a link to it:

  • What if Trump is right?
    Putin bragging a few weeks ago about his missiles.
    Russians love using chemical attacks. We know about that. Since chemical attack against that Ucranian politician, years ago, sarin gas against terrorists (and their hostages) in that theatre, and a long etc. Last one was the chemical attack in British land. Not the first one.
    The American strikes on Syria since Trump is on charge have been limited, surgeon style and successful.

    • I respectfully disagree…..

      I know there is a Remnant of the AltRight which wants to hold on to President Trump……..

      No matter how much he continues to Betray his Base…….

      I understand the Fear……

      The Fear is that this is White America’s Last Political Hope…….

      And the Fear is Right…….

      But, I can’t support Neoconservatism……

      Even Neo-Con Lite…….

      Even if Trump tries to fulfill some of his Immigration Promises to keep his Base content……

      Neo-Conservatism is Fundamentally ANTI-AMERICAN……..

      Israel is NOT our Friend…….

      They are our ENEMY……..

      They cause other countries to HATE America………..

      Endangering our Lives here at Home……..

      And Sacrificing Robust White Goy Male Blood for NOTHING……

      • Let´s see next days. Soon we are going to watch the meeting of Trump with yellow Dr. Evil. What if in an unexpected way, Trump is the big Peacemaker? That was supposed to be Obama?


    “Consider what else the “world’s oldest democracy” has lately had on offer to the indigenous peoples of Europe resisting an invasion of Third World settlers coming to occupy and repopulate their lands.

    Our democracy boasts of a First Amendment freedom of speech and press that protects blasphemy, pornography, filthy language and the burning of the American flag. We stand for a guaranteed right of women to abort their children and of homosexuals to marry.

    We offer the world a freedom of religion that prohibits the teaching of our cradle faith and its moral code in our public schools.

    Our elites view this as social progress upward from a dark past.

    To much of the world, however, America has become the most secularized and decadent society on earth, and the title the ayatollah bestowed upon us, “The Great Satan,” is not altogether undeserved.

    And if what “our democracy” has delivered here has caused tens of millions of Americans to be repulsed and to secede into social isolation, why would other nations embrace a system that produced so poisoned a politics and so polluted a culture?”

  • Only the far left seems to be anti-war. The center-left either doesn’t care or is pro-war, because they want “western values” (see: SJW values) to be forced onto the world. They want to make the globe into one large safe space. That is as reason as any to oppose war.

  • I just added a bunch of MP3’s to the archive: Richard debating Mike Tokes (Altright vs. New Right), debating Diante Johnson (a Black conservative), the Cuckball Alternative Livestream (done in protest to the SuperBowl (Feb, 2018), his interview with James Allsup (Feb, 2017), and his 2015 American Renaissance Conference speech ‘Why do they Hate us?’ You can find them all here:

    • Also, Richard was a guest on the April 17th episode of’s “Strike and Mike.” I’m not going to convert it because it’s paid content and I am respectful of that, but some rebellious soul uploaded it to YouTube….you can find it by going to YouTube and searching “Political Spencership.” It’s a great (and very important) episode.

      *sorry about the formatting lol, my browser is acting up!

      • …looks like the formatting turned out fine, actually, though it was all stretched out in my browser when I typed it up.

        These computers work in mysterious ways.

  • It is hard, as a normie, to understand what a beltway conservative sees in that place. The default hypothesis is dollar signs and cocktail parties. I think you are right in saying that Conservatism Inc. believes its own bullshit, but still recognizes it must dog-whistle a discordant tune; being a liar erodes the moral conviction to make a stand for anything.

    • Lol Hotep Jesus!
      Da nigga of da world is the middle class beta provider white hubby whose wifey cheats on him non stop via Tinder and has intercourse with wifey once a year with luck.
      But that kind of nigga deserves his fate for being such a sucker with a giant ego.

      • I’m sympathetic to the MGTOWs but ultimately I think that traditional relationships between men and women should be promoted, not Men going their own way. Though, it’s true, most modern women are useless whores.

        • White women have always been a bunch of whores and that is OK. That is not the problem. Women in the 80s and 90s were sluts too, but they were nice, funny, insolent (but funny), pretty naive afterwords.
          They started changing their attitude in the early 2000s into narcissistic cunts, they started to think about themselves as goddesses. Actually, they started to behaving like they were God himself. I wonder if the Spice Girls, Sex and the City and Loreal has something to do with that. I guess this Spice Girls lyrics is the clue: “If you want my future, forget my past”. That is funny because some guys (including myself) never gave a flying fuck about their past and never wanted their “future” (aka wifing them) but so many beta providers bite the bait. In massive numbers. It is all beta suckers fault. 🙁

          • Yeah, most millenial women are not worth wifing up with. They can’t cook, their not pleasant to have around, they don’t even bother to look good most of the time. All they have to offer aside from sex is their shitty attitude and their sense of entitlement. Fuck them.

            Some are better than others, but for the most part their more trouble than their worth.

          • Not only millennial women. Also GenX´s. It is really strange: the older they get the more cunts full of themselves they get. Should be the opposite, isn`t it? But this are the same women that, in the 90s, when they were in their 20s, they were such a sweet and smiley sluts. That is why I am totally convinced that this divinity attitude is social engineering.

          • I have to agree. Actually had a run-in with one of these women at work (coworker). She out of nowhere asked me “how my love life is”. I told her I haven’t dated in ten years and that I thought “women are too expensive”. You could hear her vageen snapping shut like a bear trap.

            Men really do need to learn early on that women need to be paid for. Women need to be taught not to be so arrogant and reckless with their vageen.

    • I don’t know about ‘Allies’…….

      But, I don’t see any reason to attack Hoteps if they’re not attacking us…….

      • I would say they are allies, not comrades.

        The way I look at the nogs are like bullets and the Jew is the gunman. If we can disarm the gunman that gives us an advantage, that right now we lack. The Jew has successfully pitted all races against whites. If we can pit different racial groups against the Jews this can improve our chances of slaying the beast.

    • I know that there is a potential wedge between blax and the other democrats. Black american culture is very much a “masculine” culture. I know they don’t want to learn Spanish or embrace hispanic culture.

      Some of them know that whites are better to them than the Chinese would be.

  • we are justified blocking the roads and demanding that all troops be brought home and all illegals treated as invaders

  • “It is time for the Alt-Right to return to its roots. It is an opposition force, fighting against the established conservative movement, the neoconservatives in particular. The Alt-Right declares the organized conservative movement has betrayed its own constituency by encouraging a war which is not in the interest of the historic American nation. And the Alt-Right stands alone, not just against Conservatism Inc., but the frothing war-hungry jackals of the mainstream media, the foreign interests screaming for blood, and the hypocritical hall-monitors calling themselves Antifa.”

    AMEN 100X!!

    I feel like posting 100 Comments but I don’t want to Ruin the Board…….

    This Op-Ed means a lot to me personally……..

    David Duke JQ Woke me in 1999……..

    And by 2002, when the Neocons were pushing their Warmongering Propaganda EVERYWHERE………

    I knew it was a FRAUD……..

    At Work, my Coworkers were trying to force me to Wear Yellow Ribbons for the Troops……

    I Refused and was Alienated…….

    I tried to Educate them……..

    But, it was Impossible…….

    I knew all about the ‘Clean Break Strategy’……….

    I saw Scott Ritter, an Anti-War UN Weapons Inspector, declare his Anti-Neocon Skepticism and then was arrested by the FBI in a Pedophile Sting…….

    I knew and saw Too Much at Too Young an Age………

    And this is why I LOVE the Alt-Right…….

    Because it’s My Natural Home…….

    It’s Fundamentally Organic………

    And my Alienation has found Solace in this Refuge……….

  • >Russia may not prove to be the savior of the White race
    >savior of the White race

    OMG, is it possible that among the Western Alt-right someone still believes in this bullshit? As well as the fact that Putin is the Alt-right leader

    • As I heard I believe on one of the podcasts on here: “Russia does what the United States claims to do, which is to let its states/regions/ethnic groups actually do what they want, be autonomous.”

      So it is true Russia is not explicitly going to “save the white race” but it operates on the idea of race realism and acceptance of these differences and does not want to force multiculturalism.

      I mean I’m not sure how you can even say a country will be “the savior of the White race” unless there really is some country that will explicitly view itself that way, which is hard to imagine. Beyond rhetoric for example its hard to see Hungary (lets pretend that they are a military superpower) fighting wars on behalf of the white French people or white Germans.

      Unless some kind of grand “white alliance” forms, no single ethnic country is going to “save the white race”. Funny enough I suppose early white America would perhaps be the only logical country that could possibly have this as a worldview due to its diversity of whites.

    • We should have a very objective, cynical view of Russia’s leadership

      But we should also be aware of how rival empires have often proved to be the saviors of independence movements

  • You know what would be funny? IF Alt Right has a biweekly Protest Idol.

    Alt Right chooses a theme and asks people to come up with a protest song on the subject.

    Take the issue of Boomers. How did the counterculture boomers who were for free speech, peace and anti-war, and anti-establishment become worse than the Man? They are PC commissars, war-lovers, and totally into deep state.

    Who can come up with a best song on that subject? That might attract lots of viewers on Youtube.

      • I met David Gilmour in Piazza di Spagna, Rome, in the summer of 1988. August. Ferragosto in Italy. I just saw him in the Pink Floyd concert in Madrid one month ago. “A momentary lapse of reason” tour.
        He was close to the subway entrance, nobody recognized him, he was wearing sunglasses, but I did, since I am a big Pink Floyd fan. I approached him and shaked his hand. he was very kind and smiley and he smelled like a barrel of Guiness, LOL.
        Viva Pink Floyd!

        • Thanks for Sharing…….

          And Syd Barrett……

          Crazy Diamond……

          At least we still have his Few Recordings……

  • so what are we going to do about the courts and their blue mercenaries that will kill us before they would ever us get to the point where we could displace them? tell them being a hard working white man is a better life than living high on the hog with your taxpayer paid pensions?

  • This has to be a principled stand.

    Also, it’s not enough to be anti-war. We have to go the source of these wars.
    Wars are mere symptoms of a deeper disease. That disease is imperialism.
    Does that mean American Power is an empire? I would actually go further than that and argue that the US has no national sovereignty. It is part of a larger empire called Empire of Judea or EOJ. Judeo-Nazis are the Darth Vaderian force in the world. Soros is a quite a Sorcerer, Palpatine gone mad. (In Judeo-Nazi, I’m using the term in a generic way meaning radical racism, imperialism, genocidal impulses, and supremacism backed by great power.. Any people can be generically Nazi. Today, Jewish power is most nazi-like, thus Judeo-nazis).

    Notice the US policy is geared to hate certain nations. And in almost every case, the hatreds have one thing in common: Jews hate them, so we too must hate them. It’s like a dog hates something, so his dogs must all bark and growl at whatever the master hates.

    Jews hate Russia, so Hate News Media tell us to hate Russia.
    Jews hate Iran, so Hate News Media tell us to hate Iran.
    Jews hate Syria, so Hate News Media tell us to hate Syria.
    Jews hate gentile nationalism, so Hate News Media tell us hate homogeneity in nations like Japan and Hungary.
    Jews hate Palestinians, so Hate News Media tell us to hate Palestinians.
    Jews hate Christianity, so Hate News Media tell us to choose Homomania as the new official religion of the West. Christianity is tolerable ONLY IF it hangs homo flags.
    Jews hate white gentiles, so Hate News Media tell white women to go with black men, tell white men to be cucks, and tell white race to feel guilt and seek atonement only by serving OTHER peoples. And the main OTHER people whom whites must serve are of course Jews. It certainly is lucrative to serve Jews. A shabbos goy who serves Jews like a dog will win lots of shekels… like Joe Biden, John Bolton, Clintons, Graham, etc. Not much shekels in serving loser OTHER groups like American Indians.

    Among all these Jewish hatreds, the anti-white hatred is the most perverse because Jewish supremacist power depends on White Submissivism. Jews beat on the white horse because, minus its subservience, Jewish overlords have nothing to ride. Indeed, would Jews rule the world IF NOT for the white race and white world? Jews ride piggyback on white power and control the white head by injecting it with PC and holding a gun to it.
    But the funny thing is that IF Jews really kill white power, they will kill themselves too. Jews are the like the dwarf attacked to the big strong guy in MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME. If Jews kill the white body or white war horse, they got nothing to ride to trample on the world with. It’s be like a Jewish cowboy shooting his own horse.

    So, Jewish hatred of white is a complex affair. Jewish power doesn’t rely on existence of Palestinians or Iranians. But if whites didn’t exist in the world, Jewish power would also vanish. Also, Jewish men are addicted to white beauty above all.
    Even as Jewish anti-white hatred is real enough, it is also confused and contradictory because Jewish power relies so much on the existence of white power. Look at parts of Europe that have been overrun by Africans and Muslims. Jews are helpless there.
    Jews are helpless in Detroit. Their power is in big cities with sizable white population who are capable, productive, and subservient to Jews.
    Also, Jewish immigration patterns have always chased after Anglos and Germanics. It’s been white preferist. Because Jewish power depends so much on white people, Jews feel frustrated. To control whiteness, they must shame and punish white people. But if they attack too hard, there are two possibilities, both of which are bad for Jews.

    1. White backlash. Whites figure they had enough and fight back. This will end Jewish power.

    2. White demise. Whites totally give into PC and commit mass racial suicide. Then, Jews will be surrounded by browns, blacks, Hindus, and yellows who will see Jews as ‘white privilege’ and eat them alive.

    Anyway, the source of all these wars is neo-imperialism and the fact that US is part of EOJ. So, Alt Right position must be like that of the 1776 revolutionaries who wanted OUT of British Empire.
    Today, we must call for American Re-Independence from the Empire of Judea, the global network of Jewish power from NY to LA to London to Paris to Tel Avis to Rio to Miami to etc. We want our Independence back.
    The fact is Jews all over the world feel closer to fellow Jews in other nations than with gentile nationals. Jews in NY feel closer to Jews in Israel and London than with gentiles in the US. Thus, the elites of US are imperialist-minded than nationalist. Jews mainly work for the good of EOJ than for the good of any single gentile nation in which they are a minority elite.

    Alt Right must renounce imperialism. This must be a principled stand. In the past, Alt Right individuals have said they are for a new empire, about colonizing Africa again, and etc. This really must stop.

    Imperialism was easy in the past because (1) whites believe in the rightness of spreading Christianity (2) had modern weapons whereas non-whites didn’t (3) whites were willing to fight and die in endless wars (4) non-whites lacked national consciousness and unity.

    It’s different today. Non-whites got modern weapons and they got national consciousness. We must be for Universal Nationalism, the right of each people to have national sovereignty and independence.

    • The dream of the Jew is very well shown in many Woody Allen´s movies such “Hannah and her sisters” and “September”.
      The Jew living among that Anglo (even Nordic!) people. Part of them. No other Jew around but him. Sitting at the table in Thanksgiving, Christmas… Living like in an Ingmar Bergman´s movie, but in New York, not in Stockholm. Making babies to Anglo-Nordic ladies like if he was a Viking. Actually, not so much interested in the Judaism of the mother.
      The Jew needs this kind of large Anglo-Nordic family to live in. But, of course, the Jew needs this Anglo-Nordic family to be tamed and very liberal.

  • Good idea–the Alt-right as a genuine 21st Century Peace Movement. The big problem will be overcoming the reflexive patriotism of the “deplorables,” and convincing them that the present foreign and military policies of the Deep State and Conservatism, Inc. have nothing whatsoever to do with the welfare of the American people.

    I suggest also adding nuclear disarmament to the movement. A government as aggressive as that of the United States should not have access to nuclear weapons. There are no longer any genuine nuclear threats to the U.S. The USSR is gone and the PRC is more a creditor and trade competitor than a hostile enemy. The U.S. is, however, engaged in a multi-billion dollar nuclear rearmament effort that includes the reintroduction of battlefield nukes, a concept that was mostly discarded in the 1980s. It’s not only wasteful, it’s dangerous.

  • Yup .
    When even characters like Ann Coulter ..and even down to Laura Ingraham are starting to feel betrayed by the guy , or even downright hate him…

  • Good, in terms of domestic politics. Geopolitically more than a little naïve.

    “Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad are fighting for the civilized world.”

    *eye roll* Well, that and Russian military bases in Syria. That’s too far, Spencer. Yes, Zion is a problem. The Russian Federation is not “our side” either.

    The Geopolitical reality of CTSO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) and SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) are real and they are not our friends. Syria is a boundary of those geopolitical spheres. NATO definitely internally has issues. But it is ours to re-take. We need to fix it, but to bend over for those other global powers to “teach zog a lesson”, is folly.

    When you don’t even discuss these groups it’s like you pretend there’s no reason they exist at all – that they dont have imperial global designs of their own, and that they dont see “us” as a threat. You’re engaging in a little fantasy posting on this point.

    “vitally important for the Alt-Right to speak out against any intervention against Assad. If anything, we should be taking his side.”

    lol! Look, there’s no reason to bomb them. Sure. But, take his side? Richard. His side is Iranian/Russian and even Chinese -it’s an outpost in their global game. They’ve got their own side. They’re doing fine without our support, they do NOT align with “our interests”.

    Neg the war, yes. Absolutely. Neg Zion influence, as much as possible! Side with our geopolitical enemies who want us to vanish? No, sorry, that’s non-sense. Russia doesn’t care about Zion. They’re eyeballing EU and the US territory.

  • Great, but I think there is no reason to upload any text-only articles. If you can right this article, you could have read it onto MP3 and uploaded it to Youtube just as easily.

    • and i need funny pictures every three paragraphs or i just go to the comments. know your audience people

    • In this Case……

      I prefer the Writings over the Videos/Podcasts…….

      The Writings are More Powerful……..

      The Writer is Forced to Condense a Galaxy of Thought/Emotion into a Small Space……..

      It also challenges the Reader to Engage on a Higher Level………

    • That’s actually a great idea about reading the article onto an MP3. If they want to reach as large of an audience as possible then I think they should release written versions of the article as well as MP3 and YouTube versions. Richard is first and foremost a writer/journalist, and many of his greatest contributions to the movement now exist only in the written form. Personally I prefer listening over watching or reading, but I know many prefer to read or even watch on YouTube (especially considering that the # of views on YouTube is always astronomically higher than the views/listens on the site or podcast, for some reason).

      • The “some reason” is that YouTube is a popular format.

        Shitposting in the comments section is almost always fun. Here I feel like I’m reading the opinions of the same 5 or 6 people over and over again. On YouTube, besides the circumcision guy, the comments are always coming from different people.

  • Great article.
    Spencer takes a lot of shit from a lot of people, left and right, but his analysis is always valuable.

  • The problem is that the country is split on too many different ideologies right now. There is no cohesion on our policy and political direction. So everyone and this movement is just another voice in the wilderness right now. With a country as split as ours I don’t know how effective the movement will be in the long run. I think the best bet is to find some good states where people are more open to ideas and try to at least take back some control at the local level. The national government is showing to be ultimately controlled by the deep state and policy to keep on spending on other countries affairs while we go down hill more. It will probably go bankrupt anyway and fall into collapse probably sooner than you think as it’s not sustainable keep up the spending. Sure Trump has promised a lot but there doesn’t seem to be a big change in direction yet. There probably wont be either if you look at who makes up his cabinet and who is being brought in as advisers for him.

  • This is why we will win, we are literally the only sane option. Everything else is degeneracy, half measures, lies and excuses.

  • Almost an official sounding policy paper, almost.
    So when will all this talk turn into a political action party? when will all of this hand-wringing over the American right turn into a political party? when? tell me the date.

    Here’s the new phrase for the alt right lexicon: exploratory committee.

    Look to the American Freedom Party I’m sure you can find some synergies there create a new form to work for you.


  • Fantastic article! The issues we currently face could not be more crucial and clear than they are right now. It’s now or never…

  • Superb article, Richard.

    I notice pushback on your tweet about Hotep. Cryptos kiss black nationalism and punch white nationalism. “Nigger-loving Jew” is a thing for a reason. The way to shake off these ((( civnat ))) or ((( anynat but whitenat ))) fleas in your TL is to go hard on the JQ. Hard and explicit. Anyone or thing telling you otherwise is wrong.

    Remember that any org not explicitly anti-Jew will be inundated by Jews.

    The battle really is Team White vs. Team Jew.

    • All the more reason for too many AltRighters to stop bashing White Christians. White, Christian churches & cathedrals must stand.
      Just as White, European Pagan traditions must be respected.
      If the religious infighting among us doesn’t dissipate soon, that is akin to another “Brothers’ War.”
      Fight the REAL enemy! (to relucantly quote Sinead O’Connor)

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