Alt-Right Hits Up DC And Charlottesville Again With A RWDS Flashmob

Want to know what the Alt-Right street action division was up to last weekend?’s very own Trey Knickerbocker shot some nice footage of the two actions we had. As per the new norm, these were guerrilla, flash-mob style actions.

You want to get involved? Gotta join up through TRS, through Identity Evropa or through NPI. Make connections and figure out a way to get vetted. This is for high-agency goys only, sorry. No one’s going to hold your hand through the process or spoon-feed you. It’s your race, your country, and your future. Up to you whether you want to sit this one out playing vidya and watching porn, brah.

Anyways, PSA over.

/Ourguys/ rallied and took a stroll down the mall to the Jefferson Memorial. Eli Mosley gave the starting speech that set the tone. He was followed by Mike Enoch. Both were high-energy and implicitly explicitly pro-White. Mike’s speech in particular raised several crucial points about the alliance of the Looney Left with Globo-Corporatism.

A couple of Boomers started whining immediately like air raid sirens, “shaaaame, shaaaame, shaaaame.”

They got shut up quickly though as our aces honed in on them and immediately put them in their place. We’re itching for someone to start something every time because we are totally ready to meet them head-on. It also helps that we’ve come up with a perfect shutdown chant.

“You’re anti-White!”

That’s all it takes. This chant does wonders everytime we use it. They’ve never heard the Right use leftist-style Id-penetrating street chants. They can’t deny the truth in the chant, and they can’t believe that they are hearing it.

“Ohmahgerd, I can’t even.”

They are powerless in the face of the naked truth thrown at them with all the force of a high-T loaded knuckle to the Id-gut. They lose their air and deflate immediately. For many, it is the first time that they have been challenged to their face about their anti-White beliefs.

A bunch of the resident DC numale apparatchiks, some huwhite tourists from the Midwest and their POC allies spontaneously organized opposite our demonstration and raised the black power fist in defiance to White Identity. By giggling amongst themselves and smirking at us, the geldings think that they really showed us who was boss.

But this isn’t Mean Girls, and they’re going to find out that high school girl tactics only work on shitlibs, women, and gays, not officers of the future RWDS battalions.

Charlottesville was a far more difficult operation.

Still, we came and we conquered.

Around 6 minutes in, Spencer’s speech triggers a Leftist she-banshee who starts screeching like a pterodactyl. Her inane and unintelligible gibberings sent a chill down our men’s spines. Everyone came away from that event convinced of the necessity for annual community witch-burnings in the future White Ethnostate.

After singing Dixie and chanting “the South Will Rise Again,” we wrapped it up and left. No man left behind, just in and out, smooth, efficient and triggering.

The shitlib residents of Charlottesville who are possessed with that unbelievable smarmy self-righteousness of Liberals the world over were shaken up again that night and the next day when the news was shared over gossipy brunch.

They thought that they were isolated in their SWPL cocoon, safe from HateThought and CrimeSpeech.

But after Charlottesville 1.0, Cville 2.0 and then last weekend’s nighttime raid, they have been reduced to nervous wrecks, all of them triggered and “omg, like omg” left to quiver in their overpriced Sperrys.

That is simply the cherry on top for events like this. We bring the fight to those that thought they could virtue-preen and sit it out while destroying monuments to greater men that all proud White men feel pride in.

That is why we care about the South, why we chant, “the South Will Rise Again.” Simply put, we are all Southerners now. We are all rebels, all part of a nation within a nation that wants to escape the clutches of tyranny and oppression.

There are only two sides going forward, Pro-White or Anti-White. Time to decide.

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