Finding the Spirit of Victory Within

WotW looks at the power of belief in our quest to save our people and civilisation.

Way of the World
A channel dedicated to diagnosing the problems of the West and supporting its revival. Make sure to follow Way of the World on BitChute:


  • Wtf, I made a post of several inspiring Murdoch Murdoch videos, and they failed to make it through whatever passes for quality control here, yet all this s*y sniping survives. The moderation here is diseased. I try again, considering this clip is all about the will to win:

    “Metamorphosis” —

    “Last Son of the West” —

    “Speak Freely” —

    “When My Brothers Finally Wake Up” —

    “Murdoch’s Speech (at the end of The Real Redpill Blues)” — — (quick hit)

    • and there has been since nam, moreso since 9-11 so it about time to get started. i didnt sign up for kick the can down the road and pretend gen Z is going to magically be in a position to just whisk it all away nationalism

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  • What if that virtue isn’t convenient at the time ? For example at some point saying the earth is not flat would mean being burned by the church.
    One should be wise, it’s cool to die as an idealistic hero but the survivor is the one fucking the hot chick and influencing the future.
    But don’t be a Benedict Arnold tough.

        • If everyone who downvotes commenters actually posted here this place might not be so gay now.

          • Trolls and weirdoes outnumber normal commenters at least 10 to 1. Mods need to start using their banhammers. Or make commenting a member privilege.

          • I’ve been commenting here since the site started. It’s at an all time low these days, which is why I spend more time on Gab now.

            NA > Anon downvoters who don’t speak.


            Traffic has been in constant decline since the site lost disqus and the paywall was imposed (what do you guys get for becoming members anyways?) Coming from some one who used to donate more than $9.00 a month until the AR went full bougie AmNat optics faggotry post-Charlottesville.

          • The movement is dead, people are either dropping from politics until 2020 or going to the Daily stormer and Stormfront to get the same content but more hardcore.

          • At this point Spencer is more Hardcore than DS or TRS tbh. That’s why I still comment here but won’t have anything to do with the AmNat faggotry that has infested the rest of the Alt-Right movement. That’s not to say I’m a Spencer fanboy. I disagree with him on a lot of things, but i think he is what he presents himself as, where I think DS and TRS are full of Crypto-Kikes.

          • I can’t respect Spency tbh he claims saving the white race yet has a dog and no kids like every millennial kike.
            Shouldn’t he lead by example ? Or is he just a CIA plant ?

          • He has a daughter I think. Varg was misinformed. Also Millenial Woes doesn’t drink…

            I don’t really consider myself Alt-Right. I’m a Fascist, not an Identitarian, Reactionary or AmNat patriotard. But I still like to engage and this is the only place where I will do that. If this site were to disappear I wouldn’t engage with the AR at all.

          • MW is a Homo who smokes and lives in a basement literally. Not an example.

            I’m an anarchist survivalist traditionalist patriarchal tribalist primitivist environmentalist free thinking pagan. I guess I also hold some classical liberal views like on religion and civic liberties.

          • I’m not defending Woes, but he’s not an alcoholic. He doesn’t even drink. I smoke too. *shrugs* people have vices. Faggotry is an abomination of nature, and fags get the bog.

          • Who said anything about drinking ? I didn’t ‘^’
            I like a glass of wine from time to time tbh.

          • Don’t worry, pal. The rest of us are doing our fair share to save the white race.

          • real question to Johnny+Futurismo, why do you think DS and TRS are full of cryptos??? Personally I have always been suspicious of many in the TRS clan. The nazi salutes causing hailgate, constantly using slurs in order to make WN’s seem like dumb hateful rubes,, Mike Enoch being married to a Jewish woman, etc.

          • Too many reasons to list them all. Mike Enoch being married to a Jew. Ironic Roman Salutes for the News cameras. Cartoon Nazism playing up Hollywood stereotypes. Disavowal of real National Socialism, cuz bad optics and it was always just a meme bro. Weev looks like the reincarnation of Allen Ginsberg. Mike Enoch looks like a heeb too (lets be honest, that DNA test was bullshit). White Sharia/MGTOW elements pitting white men against white women. I could go on, but those are the main ones.

            Basically theres just way too much sketchy shit going on in those two camps to continue ignoring it anymore.

          • Good to see someone speaking against the White Sharia and mgtow garbage. Ya I agree, a lot of very peculiar things going on with TRS. Another interesting thing is they havent had problems with credit card processors, yet this site has???? THAT makes no sense. Most of TRS is downright vulgar and hateful,, i dont see how this site could ever be viewed as more objectionable than it. Even Styx666 said he was highly suspicious of the TRS operation, said he couldnt put his finger on it but it seemed disingenuous. Cant say I disagree. Thanks for the response

          • “Good to see someone speaking against the White Sharia and mgtow garbage?”

            The thing is that the leadership of this site is every bit as bad as TRS on the Woman Question, and quite possibly worse. TRS Forums is a veritable sewer. No question about it, but I honestly have never heard Enoch, Sven, McFeels, Halberstram, or even McNabb say anything as disparaging about women as some of Spencer’s humdingers, and certainly not as bad as Greg Conte’s. Morakkiu is pure poison whether he intends to be or not, but otherwise the leadership is very mild on the WQ. They’re not polished, but who cares? Polished misogyny is still misogyny.

            I don’t really see what the leadership can do about the MGTOW freaks other than not egg them on, which is more than the Triumvirate has been willing to do, at least until very recently.

          • Your cooking skills explain white declining birth rates, who would marry such an incompetent wahman ?

          • Disqus shutting down comment sections on dissident sites had a pretty big impact to be honest.

          • Yes. The mods can delete all the people you personally don’t like. That approach has been working wonders for DS.

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