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Eurocentric #2: Killing Captain Sweden

This week, Daniel is joined by fellow Swedes Christoffer Dulny and Gustav to discuss the "Captain Sweden" meme ...

Norse News Episode 3

The third episode of Norse News is fresh off the production line. In this show Henrik, Ingrid & ...

Ban Cars or Ban Muslims? Swedes Asked

Following the latest truck attack by an enraged Muslim in Stockholm, Swedes are now contemplating whether cars should ...

The Stockholm Terrorist Attack is Only the Beginning

Daniel Frändelöv AKA Conrad from Norse News joins Henrik to discuss the Stockholm terrorist attack and the denial ...

Fabian Fjälling, also known as Erik Johansson from Granskning Sverige (Review Sweden), joins us for a discussion about ...

Norse News Episode 2 – Trump Reveals The Real Sweden

The second episode of Norse News is here! We update you on the latest important stories from Sweden, ...

Europeans Want Hungary, Not Sweden

The cultural Marxist agenda by fake news outlets and the globalist political class would have us believe the ...

Lana Lokteff: How the Left is Betraying Women

Lana Lokteff speaks about what women really want at the Identitarian Ideas gathering in Stockholm, Sweden.

Norse News – Episode 1 – Sweden’s Titanic Nationalism

Norse News is here! A monthly update on the horrific things that are going on in Sweden and ...