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Dey Wuz NOT Kangz!

We Wuz Kangz! It is a meme that we have all used 100’s of times. It comes from ...

Stop Operation Soros—Anti-Globalists Meet In Budapest

On Saturday, March 19th, The Identitarian Student Union (Identitárius Egyetemisták Szövetsége, Identitesz) organized a conference together with Knights ...

The Celts and Their Cliffs

Editor’s Note: This was the first place essay from Radix Journal’s 2015 essay contest. Both the Irish and the ...

The State Waits for Us

People like us thrive on the seeming impossibility of our goal, and may be attracted to it partly ...

Attacks on the Alt Right

Richard Spencer discusses the violent attack on him shortly after Trump's inauguration.

Bre Faucheux – The Problem with Diversity in Books

Bre Faucheux is an author and YouTuber. She joins Lana for a lively conversation on race, identity, and ...

An Extraordinary Object — An Archeofuturistic Short Story

In the course of her research, Prof. Giana Vortt, of the Historical Institute, had made an astonishing discovery, ...

Will our Reconquista be a Spanish Symphony?

Uncontrolled immigration? Overwhelming numbers of foreign workers? Tumultuous birth rates and a ‘nice’ multiracial society in a cosmopolitan ...

Toward a Planetary Economic Crisis?

Despite the infantile euphoria of the ‘new economy’, the Internet, and the purely conjunctural upswing, the world economy ...

Why Are We Fighting?

Nothing is lost. It’s completely inappropriate to see ourselves, in the nostalgia of despair, as a rearguard, a ...