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Stop Operation Soros—Anti-Globalists Meet In Budapest

On Saturday, March 19th, The Identitarian Student Union (Identitárius Egyetemisták Szövetsége, Identitesz) organized a conference together with Knights ...

Europeans Want Hungary, Not Sweden

The cultural Marxist agenda by fake news outlets and the globalist political class would have us believe the ...

“Small dogs bark the loudest” — Interviewed by Russia Today

'Daniel Friberg Chairman of the conservative think-tank RightOn.net talks to RT International on about the Luxembourg Foreign Minister ...

#28 – Current Events Roundup

In this episode we discuss the commemoration of the Battle of Jutland by European leaders in Orkney, recent ...

#25 – Meet the Hosts

In this episode, our three hosts discuss their journey into activism as well as what projects they currently ...

The Liberal Media Has Blood on Its Hands – II

Instead of indulging in self-pity we should view the current threats against Europe as an adventure, a chance ...

The Liberal Media Has Blood on Its Hands – I

The Hungarian conservative news site Alfahir recently interviewed Daniel Friberg about the dark side of the Swedish multicultural ...

#22 – Europe, Christianity, and Islam

Youssef Fakhouri, Lebanese-Hungarian Catholic social and human rights activist, joins us to discuss the persecution of Christians in ...

George Soros: Enemy of Europe

World-renowned ‘philanthropist’ George Soros has for years been one of the most problematic political figures in global politics. ...

#16 – Arktos Meetup in Budapest

The topic of today's program is "The Arktos Meetup in Budapest", with Ingrid & Conrad.