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Kickstarter Shuts Down Evola Bookfunding Campaign

So Kickstarter shut us down...again. This time for raising money for an Evola translation campaign. This was too much ...

Arktos Newsletter #63

Latest Publications A Global Coup by Guillaume Faye ($24.90) For a Positive Critique by Dominique Venner ($11.50) Povratak ...

The Left Has Lost Control Of Its Non-White Auxiliaries

In George Orwell’s book Animal Farm, a drunken farmer is deposed by his livestock in a hostile takeover ...

Metapolitics from the Right

Any parliamentary struggle must be preceded, legitimised, and supported by a metapolitical struggle. Metapolitics, at its best, reduces ...

The Departure of Jason Jorjani

LARPing can be forgiven as naïve, but eventually, it becomes annoying, disingenuous, and even immoral.

Arktos Newsletter #62

Latest Publications World State of Emergency by Jason Reza Jorjani ($20.50) Dissident Dispatches by Andrew Fraser ($35.75) Titans ...

Physical Strength Differences Between The Sexes

The following is an excerpt from Roderick Kaine’s book Smart and SeXy. Though the focus of this work ...

Can We Afford Not To Fight “Judeo-Christianity”?

I really took an interest in Andrew Fraser’s The WASP Question (Arktos, 2011) which looked extensively at the group evolution ...

“Money Power: A Force For Freedom Or Slavery?”

First off, allow me to extend my apologies to you all for the delay in producing this review ...

Arktos Newsletter #60

Latest Publications Titans are in Town by Tomislav Sunic ($19.50) Svenska folkets underbara öden: Äldre Vasatiden (Band II) ...