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Alt Right Jane: Pride And The Prejudiced

Over at The Chronicle of Higher Education a rather hyper-sensitive blogger seeks to take the Alt Right to task. ...

Alt-Right Politics 19 March 2017

Ritter, Selite, and Soren cover this week in politics. Issue 1) Muslim Ban Redux [00:40]: Asiatic judges usurp ...

Jacobin, Frogtwitter and the New Avant-Garde

Originally published at Thermidor Magazine So it appears, so as not to be left out of the wave ...

Singh – A Sikh Perspective on the Alt-Right

Singh is an Indian Sikh who supports the Alt-Right. To begin, Singh tells us a little about his ...

The Women That Feminism Forgot

Recently, an article appeared in the University of Utah’s student newspaper, The Daily Utah Chronicle, called “Women of ...

What Is the Alt Right?

This article originally appeared at Katehon. The Alt Right, which stands for the “Alternative Right,” is an umbrella ...

Richard Spencer Destroys Leftist Narrative At Texas A&M University

Richard B. Spencer, President and Director of the National Policy Institute, marched into the lion’s den at a ...

Forever Deplorably Yours

An open letter from the Editor-in-Chief of Arktos Media.

Revolution and the Myth of White Socialism

Many alt-Righters have the delusion that socialism could work in an all-White society. The experience of New Zealand ...

Hillary Clinton, the Alt-Right, and the Globalist Cthulhu

Hillary Clinton's speech attacking the alt-Right wasn't simply about naming her enemies: it's the start of her outreach ...