Trump Derangement Syndrome Claims Sanity of Kathy Griffin

When 57-year-old Kathy Griffin decided to work with provocative photographer Tyler Shields and produce the infamous "beheaded President" shot this ...

Apple Fires Diversity Chief for Not Loving Diversity Enough

In May, Apple created a pointless position called "Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion" and filled it with Denise Young ...

Awaiting Anarchy in South Africa: An Interview with the Suidlanders

"South Africa’s present is the West’s future if it continues down its current path."

Poland and Hungary Encourage Their People to “Breed Like Rabbits”

Poland and Hungary are working hard to solve the demographic crisis in their countries, where the fertility rate is approximately ...

Paris Cancels Champs-Élysées Christmas Market

Street blockades have begun after a city council decision to cancel the annual Christmas market and fair along Paris's most ...

Texas Church Shooter was Depressive Atheist Creep

Information from former classmates and acquaintances is pouring in about Devin Patrick Kelley, the 26-year-old who opened fire inside a ...
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Fat Acceptance is Destroying Western Women

Make no mistake, feminism's end goal has always been to destroy the family and the natural differences between genders so ...