Basketball-American’s Father Remains Ungrateful for Son’s Release

It’s a funny move to tell someone to say “thanks” when they’re too dumb/ungrateful to know to do so themselves. 

Is Moore Guilty? It’s Almost Irrelevant

In light of the evidence, one must concede that it is at least possible that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore ...

Based 12-Year-Old Girl Calls into Rush

Isn’t it funny that we pretend third world cultures are worth studying in school?

The Bannon Question

There seems to be some ambiguity as to where we stand in regards to Steven Bannon.  The media laughably conflates ...

Senators Corker and Flake: The Faux Rebels

We have long been ridiculing the “true conservative” archetype.  They have indeed been the subject of our mirth for the ...

Mark Halperin Latest Scalp Of Mass Sexual Harassment Reporting Campaign

One finds oneself caught between two prejudices in viewing these ongoing sexual harassment scandals.  On one hand, we have the ...

Does The Alt-Right Believe In “Sexual Harassment”?

In terms of the anti-White media bias, it’s a heads they win tails we lose situation.  Take the Harvey Weinstein ...

Mainstream Con’s Countersignal Trumpian Populism on National Anthem

It’s difficult trying to decipher exactly what the limits on free speech are according to the zeitgeist.  The answer seems ...

Comey Shouted Down At Howard University

James Comey was poised to receive that most precious commodity: approval from Black people.  Instead, he received a category 4 ...

Reductio Ad Absurdum and the Alt-Right

Some of the clichés which we see repeated in the press coverage of our movement include a blurring of the ...