The Characterology of Ludwig Klages

Klages developed a reactionary school of psycho-physical thought. Capable of 'psychoanalyzing' not just individuals, but races and even material structures ...

Interview with CasaPound

The Italian national activist group, CasaPound, explains their origins, purpose, and the wide scope of their activities.

Feminist Perspectives on ‘We are Sthlm’

It is interesting to see how the debate around recent mass molestations carried out by 'refugees' is playing out in ...

Food for the European Mind – Part II

Do not be deceived about who the enemy is. The only true enemy is liberalism. Everything stems from it.

Food for the European Mind – Part I

When we had a little Europe, when we were only nine or twelve, we could have hope in the European ...

The Politics that Led to Paris

It is impossible to fight something with nothing, and Western culture at present and liberal ideology are nothing. We need ...

Ludwig Klages and the Biocentric Worldview

Klages puts Life in the centre, but he also identifies an anti-Life force that gradually infiltrated the world and took ...

Liberalism’s Time is Up

We live in interesting times, times in which the political and ideological consensus which has been dominant for more than ...