Who Made the Useful Idiots of the Left?

The Soviet Union may be gone, but world communism is still a threat.

WotW looks at the roots of Western leftism and gains the insight of two insiders who explain how the fanatical Left was born.

Way of the World
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  • I never met a man I didn’t like. Everybody should be OK (except, of course, the racists, the white supremacists, the anti-Semites, the fascists, the sexists, the male pigs, the rich, the bad people, those who are not OK). Everybody who is OK is OK.

  • The Sandinistas were not enemy of The White Working Class…

    The Viet Cong were not the enemy of the White Working Class….

    North Korean Dear Leader circa 1952 was not the enemy of the White Working Class…

    Fidel Castro was not the enemy White Working Class…..

    Reagan and Bush Family era appointed Federal Judges…were….continue to be the enemy of the White Working Class…..

  • “When you see the phrase, ‘Liberalism is a mental disorder,’ it’s a statement of plain fact.””

    Liar. 😉

    • Joe, you seemed to be a young man. I am going to be prophetic about your evolution:

      1. Now you are lefty but not a commie. You are what in Europe is known as “social democrat”.
      2. Briefly, even in centre-left atmospheres, you are going to feel “thought control”. The problem about centre-left is that they ACCEPT private property and free enterprise but they don´t have a philosophical BELIEVE in private property and free enterprise. Therefore, they believe that increasing taxes is ALWAYS good.
      3. One day you will say among your fellow liberals: “But… if we, liberals, want the good of the working class, why we want to increase the taxes to the working class?” That would move to scandal.
      4. Another day you will say: “I am Catholic but I believe in secularism regarding the State, but not in aggressive secularism, our civilization has a Christian root. And that has to be protected”. More scandal.
      5. Another day you will say: “I am Mexican and mestizo, and proud of it, but I reckon WASPS have their right to exist, too. And to have their territory”. Scandal.
      6. Another day you will say “Salma Hayek so damn hot! I´ll bang her non stop!”. SCANDAL, how do you dare you macho pig?
      7. Finally, you will say: “I like reading Right wing authors, too, I debate in a Right wing blog”. Then you will here the “F” word. “Fascist!”.

      Then you will done with the Left. Even the moderate Left.
      Conventional Right is not your place cuz it sucks. Then, the Alternative Right is the place. And you will vote Trump and PAN.

      • 1. I started off as a conservative. I didn’t become a liberal until I was 19.

        2. I already am Catholic. A Catholic who supports feminists (not misandrists) and gay rights. Moral relativism is bankrupt. If absolute morality is not real, then what’s the use in arguing about anything? Besides, believing in a literal God is logical.

        3. I do like reading right-wing authors. Jonah Goldberg is awesome though I disagree with many of his ideas.

        4. I already believe “WASPS” have a right to exist. No, I do not believe anyone has a right to any territory just because of their race. This includes Mexicans.

        5. Salma Hayek IS hot! I despise radical SJW’s. I’m more of a Bill Maher liberal.

        • “I already believe “WASPS” have a right to exist. No, I do not believe anyone has a right to any territory just because of their race. This includes Mexicans.”

          You are wrong here. Once upon a time the South of the States was part of Mexico. It was invaded by wasps. Mexico lost that big territory and that sucks for Mexico. But, at least, the Mexican descents living there they have a blood right over the region. Why do you want to remove that right to your people?

          “I started off as a conservative. I didn’t become a liberal until I was 19.”

          Time to get back to common sense. But not to conventional Right. That conventional Right which, in Europe, is always trying to steal national goods such Energy, Transports or Healthcare and sell them for €5 to a bunch of friends in the name of “freedom”. Or want to lower the minimum wage to almost medieval servitude. Or want the big companies to destroy the small-medium companies. They are enemies of private property, like the Left.

          • “But, at least, the Mexican descents living there they have a blood right over the region. Why do you want to remove that right to your people?”

            Not removing anything. If a Mexican buys a house in Minnesota, that’s her/his home. If a white buys a house in Texas then that’s her/his home.

          • Yes, but every country has the right to implement its own immigration policy: no inmigration at all, limited immigration, selective, etc.
            West Germany during the 60s did a selective immigration policy towards Spanish workers. Many German companies displayed recruiting offices in Spain. Every worker went to Germany with a contract signed in origin, and after a strict medical exam. They did the same in Turkey, but I am afraid German authorities failed recruiting Turkish workers due to they were Muslims. Now Germany is paying the consequences. No problems at all from the descents of Spanish immigrants. Catholics, after all. Like Southern Germans.

  • In fact communism won over the Western societies. On the other hand I don’t think it is good to use the term “mental illness. It is nothing more than a product of modern mentality, materialistic in its essence. Lets not “medicalize” the reality. Ideology is a moral issue, not a medical one. Left is immoral. In that meaning it is “sick”.

  • The (((American deep state))) made the Left into “useful idiots”. That’s why the Left is currently useful to the American deep state.

    If they were the product of a hostile power, they’d be idiots who are USELESS to the American deep state.

    At one point, there was a left that was not useful to the American deep state. But it was co-opted and made useful.

    Few know this.

    • “At one time”

      It was back in Bush’s era, and was led by heroes like The Dixie Chicks, Green Day, Eminem, Code Pink, Rock Against Bush, and Michael Moore.

      • Really shows you how stupid the America left is that all he can think of are musicians and celebrities. The Dixie Chicks are a great bluegrass band, but they didn’t “lead” anything politically.

        Before they said they didn’t like Bush, assholes like this guy were attacking them for being White and singing country music.

  • The phrase “useful idiot” has often been attributed to Vladimir Lenin, although he is not documented as having ever used the phrase.[3] In a 1987 article for The New York Times, American journalist William Safire investigated the origin of the term, noting that a senior reference librarian at the Library of Congress had been unable to find the phrase in Lenin’s works, and concluding that absent new evidence, the term could not be attributed to Lenin.[3][4] Similarly, the Oxford English Dictionary, in defining “useful idiot,” says that “The phrase does not seem to reflect any expression used within the Soviet Union.”[1]


    The Bolshevik takeover of Russia in 1917 was not a democratic revolution. It was not even the working class revolution predicted by Karl Marx. Many orthodox Marxists opposed it at the time. The Bolshevik takeover was a coup by a well organized, well armed minority of fanatics.

    The Bolshevik takeover was unfortunate for the democratic left in the United States because it gave conservatives a horrible alternative to capitalism.

    Anti Communism was used by conservatives to discredit the positive accomplishments of the New Deal in the United States, and of social democracy in Scandinavia, post World War II Germany, and the British Commonwealth. Anti Communism caused the War in Vietnam, and events that led up to the Iranian Revolution of 1979.

    No country with a well functioning democracy and a thriving economy ever “went Communist.” There was ever a chance that the United States would. American conservatives expressing a fear of Communism were really fearing that the United States would peacefully and democratically evolve in the direction of democratic socialism.

    The fear of democratic socialism is accurate, although not legitimate. Polls indicate that a growing percentage of the American people prefer socialism to capitalism. If the rich keep getting richer, as the average standard of living continues to decline, this percentage is likely to increase.

    • “Useful idiot” is merely the translation of the Yiddish expression “Shabbos goy”. No pun intended.

  • Oh this is bullshit…..Bush Family appointed Federal Judges did all the damage….The Capitalist Pig Class is the enemy…..

  • To be fair with a couple of leftist (Pier Paolo Pasolini and Jean Genet), they heavily distrusted the revolution of May 1968 in Paris.
    Some of the leaders of the movement such Bernard Henry Levy rejected May 68 ten years after the events.
    An interesting debate on May 68 is going on in Europe this days.
    The main leader of the riots-Daniel Cohn Bendit- is nowadays a Speaker in the Euro Parlamient, and I really believe this guy, who is so smart, who is a leftist but never was a communist, is able to understand that in order to save many progressive values which took over in Europe in the 60s, the identitarian Right is absolutely necessary. That is the paradox.

  • The cucks who won ww2 to save US chosen people, While killing a shit ton of white devils all over Europe. Truly the ((( Greatest Generation )))

      • You level of retardation is inconceivable.
        I’m talking about the 60 million goys dead during ww2.
        Anglo-Cucks and French faggots killing Germs with muicans and commies.

        I’m sick of mentally handicapped goys like you I’m leaving this site for ever. Go get cucked to oblivion you stupid gentile bitch.

      • #Charley The Historically Challenged.
        One of Hitler problems was his total civility toward the kikes and absolute respect of the Geneva convention , as opposed to the ((( allies))).
        He did not have a single Jew killed or executed ( just like Mussolini in Italy) and the total number of kikes in Europe was slightly higher in 1944 compared to 1938.
        A slight , tiny percentual diminishing of the total number of Jews at the end of 1945 was due to the general conditions of the war ending and Germany being fully destroyed but not even vaguely comparable to the massive number of Germans dying during the same period.

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