The Beginnings of Hate

Reconnect with your tribe - you will need it in the troubled times to come.

WotW reads a poem that speaks to the dreadful potential of provoking our people.

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  • I remember when I first read “Clash of Civiizations” by Samuel Huntington in the late 90s.
    Back then I thought it was a brilliant essay but Professor Huntington was bit paranoid.
    Now I have to say: a bit paranoid my ass.
    He was a visionary.

  • Regarding……

    Ungrateful Non-White Migrants to White Nations…….

    Complaining, Protesting, Raping, Parasitizing……..

    I wish to Bash them in the Head with a Baseball Bat……..

    And make their Brains spill on the Sidewalk…….

    I hope I don’t get Banned…….

    But, I learned to Hate a LONG Time ago……..

    It helps me to Keep SMILING……..


  • This contribution is a serious summing up of the situation the white race now finds itself in – parlous to say the least. In my lifetime London has moved from an English city, OUR capital city, to being overrun by multiple foreign races (or must we sat tribes now?) and ‘cultures’ far inferior to our own and run by a Muslim whose holy book encourages the destruction of other religions or non-believers. It is nothing less than disaster and rambling on about penis size is totally irrelevant. Please try to unite as this video suggests, and make those so-called liberal elites realise that they are engineering the downfall of their own tribe and it’s culture; betraying the present as well as future generations. Enoch was right and those who deny it are traitors to their own people.

  • I do my best everyday to educate white people. I don’t have money to give to the cause – but I can give my time. We need a war anyway because if we don’t thin the population then the earth will not be a good place to live soon. I was born in a Baptist family but I NEVER accepted it. I discovered Paganism later in life because I was never atheist and duality makes more sense than the Semitic story.

    • What Duality?

      It can’t be Located………

      It can’t be Described……….

      It can’t be Separated from the Infinite Networking Threads of Causal Reality……..

      It is Ontologically Superfluous……

      And thus Negated by Occam’s Razor………

  • I identify deeply with this poem. But white people won’t commit!? White people (even Hitler) will not abandon the Jew Book. You could make an all white state – but if you still allow the Semitic law guide you then what good is a white state? Europe is gone already. The last hope is America and Russia. Hitler was correct – we are socialists – but we can only be socialist when we ban as one tribe. We can’t be socialist while our resources are being leaked out to outside debt(Jew).

    • America is much more far gone than a single European country. Argentina is whiter than America is. If America and Russia are who we’re looking to to save the race then we are dooooomed.

        • Poland and Hungary are going to have a hard time saving themselves as they become surrounded by brown and black people. I’m not really looking to them to save the race. We need a major power who isn’t hellbent on destroying us for that and no such major power exists at this time.

      • There’s more to it than per capita demographics. There’s also the means to defend oneself and bring about societal change. In that sense America is the best hope for Western whites. ~200 Million armed whites with the right to speak their minds and the greatest military on the planet in their hands if they manage to retake their politics.

    • Generally the most pro-white pro-tradition people are the ones who are serious Christians, pagans and atheists are mixed in but not a majority I’d think.

      Christianity is not the cause of NW European decadence and degeneracy– when they were Christian they were totally ethnically pure and proud.

        • Come on! Let´s not start again that old war between the Pope and Luther. We had enough with our emperors Charles the I and Philip the II fighting against Protestants in Germany and against Gloriana in the Sea.

          • Why do White People need to pray to Cartoon Jewish ‘god’s’ to help them Compete Socio-Economically with their Brown Neighbors?


          • Funny, the American Jesus of Evangelical churches and TV preachers always seemed a cartoon character to me. But when you get in a Romansque monastery anywhere in Europe you can feel God there.
            “Nulla ethica sine aesthetica”.
            Europe has been already americanized since 1945. Time for the “eurofication” of the U:S.

          • No…..

            You don’t feel ‘god’ there……..

            You feel YOUR ANCESTORS…………..

      • American Christianity is by and large Anti-White as it worships Jews as
        ‘god’s’ Chosen People……

        And the State of Israel as ‘god’s’ Chosen Holy Real Estate……..

        It’s Embarrassing…….

        I have Family Members suffering from this Mass Delusion…….

        • yeah i had to tell my father the soon to be war will be those that support israel and those that see them as the parasites they are. sad goodbye. had to throw in a gods and generals reference plus a mossad quote. im 34 though. dont do that if you are young btw….
          i will continue…
          to downvote…
          everything you write…..
          till you can be normal….
          cept this….

      • We have to end this “civil war” Christianity/Paganism.
        Paganism is OK and it is true Christianity is a Jewish heresy, but the New Testament (Koiné Diatiké) has enough Helenistic elements to be totally compatible with European culture. Besides, after millennia in the Continent, it has been deeply “whited”. Christianity, old Christianity is a good identity for whites.
        Christendom is the old name of Europe.
        Respect for Paganism: the very old background.

          • We can keep the debate in a philosophical level, though. But in this crucial time we shouldn´t be much divided on this subject. We all together have to shout “Deus Vult!”

          • All I’ll be Shouting is……


            Have a Nice Night…….

  • The beginning of Hate ?

    It’s when whitey looks at his penis then looks at Tyrone’s massive BBC.

    Also when my ancestor were made into Soap and lampshades. Don’t forget to pay us reparations goy !

    • I often see this lie of ‘massive BBC’ being used in an attempt to degrade and embarrass White men. It is a lie that was and is concocted by the pornography industry. Care to hazard a guess at who mostly runs that industry, Mr. Shekelberg?
      “The belief that penis size varies according to race is not supported by scientific evidence.[8][16] A 2007 study reported that “there is no scientific background to support the alleged ‘oversized’ penis in black people”.[17] Another study noted that contrary to the “popular belief that black people generally have longer penile sizes”, in reality “there is no convincing scientific background” to support this idea.[18] A 2015 systematic review found that it was not possible to draw any conclusions about size and race from the available literature and that further research needed to be conducted.[1]”

      • You studies cannot be trusted when it’s obvious that Asians have smaller dicks.
        Yet they claim that race has no impact on the size ?!

        • A hooker friend of mine who slept with hundreds of men all over the world told me that men from the Balkans got the biggest dickest puting Mandingo to shame.

          • > Whore
            > Friend
            > Asking her about other men dicks

            How degenerate can you be goy ?!

          • Doesn’t change that you befriend harlots.
            It’s not a job it’s just degenerate crime.
            Job help the community and create value.
            Prostitution destroys morals and creates more crime.

        • I feel responsible for having contributed to this article’c comment section devolving into a debate about race and penis size, so this will be my last post on this ridiculousness lol:
          “A brand-new study published in the journal BJU International (a medical, peer-reviewed urology journal) combined all the penis-measuring data from 20 different studies, all of which had to meet a strict set of criteria to be included. The goal was to create a formal review of average penis sizes across all races and ages. Here’s what they found……
          13.) Race is probably not a factor when it comes to the size of your penis.. The study authors could NOT find any evidence of racial differences in terms of penis size. That said, they do mention that future research should include larger sample sizes, consistent measures, and accurate reporting of race to really make a definitive statement.”

          I saw the ‘BBC’ thing being used against White men all the time – usually by Blacks – so I thoroughly analyzed all the available statistics from almost all of the numerous studies on the matter. I can tell you – as a matter of fact – there is absolutely no truth to it. Again, it’s a fabrication of the porn industry. Look into the matter yourself. Just make sure to look at actual scientific data, not the trash/propaganda on PornHub.

          • Porn has way too much influence on pop culture.

            I started NoFap a while ago. I haven’t watched porn for months. People need to get off of that shit, it’s cancer.

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