Syria, YouTube Shooter, The Caravan, China

Gregory Conte, Don Camillo, and Richard Spencer discuss…

ISSUE 1) Trump’s desire to bring the troops back from Syria

ISSUE 1 part deux) More Syria and foreign policy talk (starts 37.24)

ISSUE 2) The You Tube Shooter and her bizarre videos (starts 55.25)

ISSUE 3) The Mexican Caravan being broken up and the United States broken immigration policy (starts 1:12.58)

ISSUE 4) The possible trade war with China over the tariffs (starts1:28.31).

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.

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Remark on comment in podcast claiming Atatürk was a descendent of “conversos”: I heard that Kemal Atatürk was a descendent of the Christian Janissaries….???

The Grady Bunch

The episodes where the guys are clearly under the influence are the ABSOLUTE BEST. For my money it doesn’t get any better than Don Camillo after a considerable number of drinks. Also, I can hear some tart occasionally talking/laughing in the background…… probably explains the ‘competitiveness’ between Don and Greg that seems to come to a head at the tail end of the podcast lol.

God bless these goys.

Plus Member

Just added an MP3 of Richard’s incredible presentation (with Q&A) at Auburn (it took place in April of last year):
Also, you can find the rest of the MP3’s at the webpage I recently created:

Snigga Odinson

Kill them all