Is This The End of Faceberg?

Let's hope so...


  • I got kicked off of Twitter about a month ago, and just decided to take it out on the dumbass zone that is Faceberg. The only thing I like about it is that I know I’m not talking to the choir so I willingly put myself in positions where debate may happen, and since FB days may be numbered I went out and picked a fight today. I got called ‘Just a social construct’ and ‘a supremacist hater’ today. I’m proud. lol! All for wanting to stick up for my race. smh. I missed the fine print that said white genocide was in my social contract, but heck I often forget to read the Terms of Service.

    I keep hoping some of them will get a clue, but they are so brainwashed, or ‘globalist’. < I love that term. I know I don't need to use it, we're kinda past that now, but it's like a little jab. I like that term 'globalist'. It's kinda like 'gremlin'. LOL! Farcebook seems to be crawling w/ Marxist 'globalists', and 3rd Worlders. It's nuts, really. I get harassed daily with unwanted adding to pages and groups, or solicitations for pages with nearly nude women. LOL! I'm getting tired of blocking ppl, but since Farceborg is in its' death throws, I aim to have a little more fun screwing w/ the 'globalists' and S#!% Ho!3 peeps.

    Last year I was befriended by some MAGA civil nationalist individualists < (phew, mouthful), and even some I thought were White nationalists, but then they try to coax me to the left. I'm figuring out the game and who is who. It is very clever how they do it. They act like their your best buddy and then slip the CN talking points in, & then "…collectivism is bad, (of course only for white people), meritocracy n muh individualism n Jordan Peterson, n peace, n I don't mind gays necessarily, n I don't identify as a White nationalist"….wooooow, and I met you on Discord? LOL!

    Crazy place, but it starts out (like ten years ago) as a sort of diary, then it sucks you in, and you get lost in the wonderland of information. Then you start to see and get a bit distracted in the more hidden and somewhat foreboden corners of conspiracy, but poo poo it for a long ole time, cuz David Icke Lizurds n' Sheeeeiit, n Flat Earth. LOL!! You just don't want to take it seriously. But what about that there FED, anyway? And why do I keep hearing about Zionist and the Rothchilds?? I love the truth, I need it. The truth may hurt, but never as much as a lie. A lie is just truth with a bunch of bs piled on top of it. You can't hide the truth, nor can you forget it, for it has a way of eeking it's way out, buried underneath all the bullshit as a beautiful seed, you water it and it grows.

    I'm still suffering from last year succumbing to the inevitability of that truth. I think I've suffered real ptsd from red-pilling. It isn't easy, but is so much healthier in the long run. I feel so much lighter, and grateful I can for the first time see so much, so clearly, and actually sort of have the ability to express it somewhat freely. I remember years ago on FB seeing a WW2 photograph of a captured prisoner facing down the soldier that was about to shoot him, and just laughing. Sometimes that's the way I feel on FB. I have the unusual, blessed luxury to stare my oppressor directly in the face, and laugh. Makes up for inexorable weight that is the truth, I suppose. I'm guessing that's the way many of us feel.

    Thanks for my rant. I needed it.

      • He looks like a Jew version of Data on Star Trek, like lizards are actually living creatures. I like lizards! lol! It’s an insult to lizards. “They Live”? No I haven’t. I’ll have to look it up.

  • Guys. Notice the video production is improving. Good cuts. Good stuff.

    Appreciate you need to get this stuff out fast and responsively and can’t waste too much time dicking around. Is there anything technically inclined people could do to give you an easier way to at least slap an outro with the details on the end for audio and video productions?

  • “I’ll throw my lot in with ZOG over Silicon Valley.”

    Is this nigga serious?

    You are free to not use Silicon Valley products. ZOG imposes itself on all of us. I’m opposed to giving them any additional powers to regulate social media platforms I don’t use. I deleted Facebook over 5 years ago and never used Twitter. We have Gab now where you can say whatever you want. The more people who go over there, abandoning enemy social media sites, the better. I can’t mearly opt out of ZOG.

    • Hey Moose-Rider !
      It’s difficult for normiefags to not use ZOG. Fb is used to screen job applications, Tinder to get laid , Instagram to get famous , etc. I even had teachers tell me to make a fb because they post important stuff on the university fb group.

      • Thats the precise reason I deleted my FB. I didn’t want emloyers to see pictures of me wasted with my friends. You can go to bars to get laid. I’ve never used instagam. I use Tumblr, because I’ve never had anything get deleted or been suspended. The day that starts is the day I leave.

        I would just tell my teacher I don’t use Facebook because I value my privacy. FB isn’t a requirement for any class. If the teacher is too useless to make class materials accessible to all students, s/he shouldn’t be teaching.

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