Arktos Newsletter #70

From the Staff — April 2018

Arktos has opened the first months of 2018 with the publication of the long-anticipated translation of Joakim Andersen’s Rising from the Ruins, an incomparable tour of the major movements of the true Right and Kerry Bolton’s Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey, the definitive biography of the visionary American thinker Francis Parker Yockey. Joining these titles are Alexander Dugin’s Ethnos and SocietyTito Perdue’s The Bent Pyramid, and Alain de Benoist’s Runes and the Origins of Writing. (Read more)

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Latest Publications

Philip (Hardback)

Ethnos and Society
$18.90 / $32.50

Runes and the Origins of Writing

The Bent Pyramid

Rising from the Ruins: The Right of the 21st Century
$22 / $34

The Bow and the Club
$23.95 / $52.32

Interregnum: Episode 3

The Evolution of a Metapolitical Warrior

Daniel Friberg joins the Interregnum crew to discuss the recent media campaign against Arktos, as well as his own intellectual development, his adventures fighting the Swedish antifa, the origins of Arktos, and his thoughts on the future.

Articles / Reviews

Article: How “identitarian” politics is changing Europe

The Economist‘Others, including Daniel Friberg, the Swedish CEO of Arktos, see liberalism as the “disease” that made Muslim immigration easy in the first place.’

Article: Arktos’ Reformulation of the Far-Right

Emillie V. de Keulenaar, Open Intelligence Lab‘The far-right book publisher Arktos Media Ltd, founded in 2009, has already caught the attention of think-tanks and journalists engaged in tracing the intellectual network of new far-right movements in Europe.’

Review: Travels in Cultural Nihilism

Andrew Joyce, The Occidental Observer: ‘Travels in Cultural Nihilism is a volume that is engaging in style and incendiary in content. There are few works on the market that match the range of topics under discussion with the level of intellectual and philosophical insight that Leonard offers here. That being said, this is also a volume that, in the starkness of its selected anecdotes, can and should reach the average reader. The subjects under discussion are of crucial importance for all Europeans and European-descended peoples. Perhaps the best feature of the volume is that, despite many of its grim and necessary revelations, it retains a thread of optimism throughout.’

Review: Travels in Cultural Nihilism

Dr. Aspen Brinton, The Burkean: ‘Through both its form and content, this book helps us understand the difficult realities of our current political distress, bringing home how totally unavoidable and foundational politics have become for everything else. Journeying through this troubled intersection of politics and culture, Travels in Cultural Nihilism might make the reader cry, fume, and even laugh. By the end, though, such contradictory reactions seem salutary and necessary, matching the spirit of the times, and perhaps even adding up to an enlightening journey we all need to experience..’

Article: Rising from the Ruins

Joakim Andersen, Motpol: ‘Ur ruinerna har nu översatts till engelska, och utkommit som Rising from the Ruins. Översättningen är välgjord, vissa partier direkt poetiska. Boken innehåller också ett nyskrivet förord som uppdaterar vissa kapitel, ett av många efterfrågat index och Daniel Fribergs på samma gång kraft- och kärnfulla förord.’

Review: Nostos: Prosaiska oden

Thomas Nydahl, Nydahls kustvandringar: ‘Det är en debut som är oupphörligt fascinerande. Nostos består av femtio numrerade texter, med individuella titlar. Åbergs stil är som en pendling mellan det diktat romantiska och det omedelbart vardagliga och politiska. Det gör boken spännande och oförutsägbar.’

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Arktos is doing a great job! More Julius Evola please !!!