White Helmets and Not So White Lies

Will President Trump fall for White Helmet propaganda? Will the American people fall for it?

On April 7th, in the town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta, an area just east of Damascus, an alleged chemical gas attack occurred, killing over 40 people. It feels like déjà vu. Approximately a year ago to the date, Richard Spencer, Greg Conte and Mike Enoch were protesting US military intervention in April 2017 over some alleged chemical attacks that took place then. Surely it is a pure coincidence that just days before the attack, President Trump hinted at troop withdrawal from Syria. After this alleged chemical gas attack, which was ‘discovered’ by the Syrian Civil Defense (SCD), aka the ‘White Helmets’, withdrawal talks have ceased and talks about military intervention in Syria have been ramped up.

Who are the White Helmets?

According to Vanessa Beeley of 21stCenturyWire, the White Helmets are terrorists. According to Alex Jones of InfoWars, the White Helmets are backed by George Soros. According to the Wikipedia entry for the Syrian Civil Defense (SCD), they are a humanitarian NGO. While the first two explanations are certainly believable, let’s take the official narrative from the White Helmets themselves. The stated purpose of the SCD is to conduct search-and-rescue missions and evacuations of areas in Syria that are no longer under control of the Syrian government. The financial support and training for the SCD come from the May Day Rescue Foundation and USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development). Looking at both USAID and May Day Rescue Foundation, we find that the primary financiers of this group are the governments of the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands, and Germany – all NATO members.

Why Does this Matter?

As I am sure you are aware, the Assad government in Syria is allied with Putin’s government in Russia. Also, I’m sure you are aware that NATO is no friend of Putin’s Russia. Since the election of Donald Trump, the American ‘Deep State’ has been leading a massive witch hunt against the President over alleged ties to the Kremlin during his 2016 presidential campaign. The ‘deep state’ does not cease to look for any possible connections between Trump and Putin that can be used to conjure up enough evidence to carry out impeachment proceedings against President Trump who ran on an ‘America First’ foreign policy which promised peace in Syria and friendlier relations with the Kremlin. Trump’s 2016 campaign promises of ‘America First’ represent an existential threat to the globalist ‘deep state’ which is trying to continue building their unipolar world order. With investigations taking place and endless fake news allegations of collusion with Russia, Trump has abandoned plans towards building friendlier relations with Russia and wants to appear adversarial at times. It appears that Donald Trump is not the smartest man and has filled his cabinet with globalist warmongers who would love to see regime change in Syria. Also, Trump himself appears to be easily manipulated by propaganda coming out of Syria as we saw in April 2017.

The Anatomy of American Imperialism

Since the United States is a liberal democracy, it does not conduct imperialism in an overt manner. Instead, the United States conducts moral crusades against ‘evil doers’ in order to spread the values of freedom and democracy. The United States is very clever in how they conduct their foreign policy. For an in-depth guide, I recommend you read Andrew Korybko’s book, Hybrid Wars: The Indirect Adaptive Approach to Regime Change (available for free). Basically, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), are used as fronts to promote “humanitarian” missions. These “humanitarian” NGOs operate in the country about to undergo regime change. In a subversive manner, NGOs foment revolutionary fervor, civil unrest, or in the case of the White Helmets, a propaganda campaign against the regime in power. This leads to an exacerbation of the supposed humanitarian crisis taking place. Eventually, a major event occurs: a jailing of an opposition party leader, a rigged election, martial law, an alleged gas attack from the government against his own civilians, etc. Depending on the situation, it can evolve into a ‘Color Revolution‘ where nonviolent forms of resistance take place eventually leading to regime change. The other possibility is that the situation becomes volatile and violence breaks out resulting in some type of civil war situation. If the former happens, the ‘international community’ (the USA) oversees the ‘color revolution’ to ensure a peaceful democratic solution takes place resulting in the overthrow of the regime in power. If the latter happens, the international community will intervene militarily in some fashion sending in UN peacekeepers, NATO or just the US by itself. In this situation, military force is used in order to topple the regime in power and replace it with a regime that is more liberal and humane i.e. pro-American. Whether peaceful or violent, the outcome is the same: replacing an anti-American regime with a pro-American regime.


This is how the United States has been slowly but surely taking over the entire planet since the fall of the Soviet Union. Every single intervention that has taken place has been done so in the name of humanitarianism – Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine. The case for future conflicts with Iran and North Korea are also being made along the lines of a “humanitarian” mission. In the past 70 years, no cause has shed more blood than that of “humanitarianism”. Human rights are just a front for globalists to conduct their imperial mission of world domination. Ironically, those who advocate humanitarianism are the greatest enemies of humanity. Will President Trump fall for White Helmet propaganda? Will the American people fall for it? We shall see. Hopefully, wiser minds prevail.

Charles Lyons
the authorCharles Lyons
Charles Lyons is the Chief Administrative Officer of Arktos Media.

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One other advantage of using NGOs as fronts is that they mobilize “idealists” who in the past might have formed the nucleus for a domestic antiwar movement. They become foot soldiers in the war for globalism.

There are lessons to be learned here by the Alt Right/nationalists re front organizations.

Andrea Daley

I say it’s the Jews… or EOJ, the Empire of Judea

Plus Member

Just added an MP3 of Richard’s incredible presentation (with Q&A) at Auburn (it took place in April of last year). It contains what is – hands down – his most powerful speech/discussion/etc. that I’ve heard yet. You can download it here:
Also, you can find the rest of the MP3’s at the webpage I recently created:

Nova Morium

For Centuries…..

Pure White Europeans have been Battling a Mongrel Mixed European/Semitic Race……

For Control of OUR Nations……..

The Battle Continues NON-STOP……….

Who will Win??

Not those who Beat themselves Asunder with Christian Moralistics………

Turn your Cheek to get a Second Dose of this Arsenic??……..

Means you’re a FOOL……..


Turn the other doesn’t mean to just take it, exactly the opposite actually.

Nova Morium

Great Article…….

If President Trump bombs Syria due to this False Flag Chemical Attack then I won’t be voting for him in 2020……

I’m also not going to be voting for the Republicans in November……..

If they Lose Power then that’s their own Fault……

The AltRight is here to Stay…….

With our without President Trump or the Republicans………


I wonder why Spencer is not even uploading his podcasts to his own website

Nova Morium

Probably due to him being sued by Anti-White Jews who want to destroy the AltRight with the excuse of mythical ‘Charlottesville Terrorism’………

The European AltRight control this website now due to financial reasons……

I don’t know for sure……

That’s just my opinion……….

I’ll I have to say is…….

Fuka Fuka Schlomass…………

The AltRight is here to STAY………..


Spreading Human Rights and Democracy by bombing the crap out of “uncivilized” countries.
In the past, some bizarre people beat the crap out of the “savages” in order to convert them to the Gospel, but, at least, they had the decency of exploring, taking a big risk and being in minority among the “savages”.

Plus Member

1. American imperialism is bad ? If you’re American it seems expanding your influence and power is in a word: beneficial.

2. No discussion of Geneva Convention protocols/triggers? (and how they’re being intentionally manipulated).

I mean, I like a good “bad guy narrative” about “imperial capitalists, comrade!”, like the next guy, but there is something else going on here as well to consider… GOY!!

Plus Member

Yes, American foreign policy has been very bad, since 1991 and the fall of the USSR. It can be summarized by the slogan – “Invade the world, invite the world.”

It is against the national interest and the interest of the American people. The #1 enemy of the USA and its people is the US government, which is financed and controlled by a degenerate ruling class.

Plus Member
Well, it’s not that simple. Look at it this way, if the American Apparatus of Imperial domination were in the hands of /our guys/ would you say that? Certainly it would be as powerful in a different direction. Like I said in a word: beneficial, but to whom? Who benefits? as they say. So, we just need to change the beneficiaries, not destroy the system. Being powerful and influential would be great, in the right hands. Much like the EU, the EU is only a problem because its being misused. Power, strength, and influence in and of itself is not… Read more »
Captain John Charity Spring MA
Captain John Charity Spring MA

I think it will fall back into irregular warfare strategies again. The Vietcong strategically ended the Vietnam war by commando raids on US Airbases in S Vietnam. Pilots (on either side) getting blown up in the officers mess or guards and marines in their bunks (a la Lebanon) brings these things to a rapid halt.

Plus Member

Thank for this one. Before being awakened by the “AltRight” I drank the 2017 White Helmet Kool-Aid.

Gothic Joe

That warmongering coot John Bolton is probably working around the clock trying to convince Trump to destroy Damascus right now. If that happens, you can bet ISIS will come back and millions of civilians will be murdered.

Billy When He Crapped His Pants
Billy When He Crapped His Pants

I’ve said my prayers to KEK. I’m ready for World War III and when the first Russian missile appears overhead I’m going to run outside, lift up my arms, and embrace the goodness of Jesus.

Captain John Charity Spring MA
Captain John Charity Spring MA

This is why I don’t think Trump was a stooge for Israel all the way back to the beginning. A lot of things that are happening to him look like blackmail designed to force compliance with Israeli designs on the ME.

To give Obama a little credit he did resist some of the calls to invade Syria for Israel. Domestically he was the Jewish battering ram on whitey though.

Plus Member

The Clinton-Bush foreign policy was pro-war, to make the world safe for liberal “values” – aka Cultural Marxist.

As you say, Obama better than that. Give him great credit for his nuclear agreement with Iran, his decision not to invade Syria in Sept 2013, and his less hostile attitude to Russia.

Now with Trump, we have returned to neocon war-mongering.