Will Trump Pass The Caravan “Sh$t Test”?

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  • I don’t know who said it anymore, but it’s a quote
    from a great Western thinker. When a political
    change of course takes place, all “intellectuals”
    jump on the new steamship like on the Titanic.

    • I was talking about really big cowards and big thinkers at
      the same time. Which I did not mean “Johnny+Futurismo”,
      “Nova Morium” and “North Africa”.They may belong to the
      category of cowards, but that’s all there is to it. “Thinking”
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    • You like to talk to yourself, “JF”.

      Kinsky was easy to handle. The
      problem with today’s lunatics is
      that they abuse data streams to
      deceive entire systems.

        • I had a feeling you’d call for the devil. So
          you still believe I watch your videos now
          that I don’t believe your straw dolls?

          This shows how persistent your fault is. It is not
          to be dissolved by any of us, but only by yourself.

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  • Hey everybody! After about a year of posting MP3 links in the comment sections, I finally ‘bit the bullet’ and spent some time creating a very basic webpage to host them from. When you have a moment, check it out! Everything is exactly the same (no need to change what works, right?), and I’ll be adding new MP3’s twice per week (the next two uploads will be Richard’s speeches at Auburn and Texas A&M). Thanks,

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  • gee golly, it appears as though the hoards of central americans are going to quite possibly break into the United States, receiving government benefits at the expense of the ”working class white americans” as one popular commentator likes to put it. Watcha gon do ova der huwhite boy? I know, you’ll sit around and do nothing whilst the american southwest becomes part of mexico again, as it should. The anglo saxons and kikes destroyed the western United States, and should return to New England and jew york at once! Look at the will, determination, and utter courage these central americans have. I would rather they be my neighbor then say, oh I don’t know, some heroin addicted descendant of drunk brits or germans! the huwhite man can learn a lot from our central american heroes, as things like family values, living a functional society, and putting family first before muh individual rights and muh capitalism have brought the huwhite man to the brink of annihilation! return to your barbarian roots, show the world that it is YOU who are the true warriors and pioneers of the world, and that, in fact, it is YOU who will show the world just how great anglo saxon and germanic imperialism truly are for all of mankind! OY VEY

  • It seems ((they)) are forcing Estonia to accept tons of orcs from Mordor.
    Funny: Estonia, a tiny country, a small (but eager) economy, a 100% white country (70% Estonian-Estonians, 30% Russian-Estonians, and where they learned to get along), a Lutheran and Orthodox country, which never had colonies overseas, where its people is pretty happy, pretty smily and pretty naive (in the good way), a nation who cherishes its traditions and with strong relationship with Finland and Russia and with a people who trusted so much the EU…
    Now they are compelled to open borders to the orcs.
    Hope its people, pure Estonians and Russians, join together in order to exterminate the invader orcs.
    Forza Estonia!!!!

    • Ah Blond elves being raped by orcs now it’s that Shlomo’s wet dream ?
      The Uruk-hai are coming.
      If they trusted the ((( EU ))) then they deserve it.

    • I wouldn’t click your videos in a nightmare. Do
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          • “The Future is the Past” (Rediceradio). Why should someone watch a video of a self-proclaimed “futurist” whose preview picture clearly points to the past? Get an examination for schizophrenia, mega-dork!

          • Marinetti wrote the manifesto in 1909. A photograph of a Futurist is an object of the past. Their paintings were a vision of the future.

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      • “its too late, the radicals are already winning, heil Luca Traini he was just the begining, day of the rope even school boys fiend for that, and they all know the swastika is where the team be at”

        • Stop trying to “impress” me with your infantile
          sick bullshit. White people are smart people.
          Destroyer like you are NOT one of them.

          • Destruction of the system is the only “smart” path forward right now. Go ahead and be “smart” while your country changes colour from white to brown. At least you won’t alienate your bougie friends at the country club.

          • I don’t know (yet) any white freedom fighter who hangs so stickily on his alleged brothers through emotionality. This kind of persecution is known to us only from the Jewish, Islamic and feminist “cultural space”.

          • If I’m trying to hang onto my alleged “brothers” why do I take so many positions that go against the grain of Alt-Right/Paleocon orthodoxy?

          • If it takes so much energy to get rid of such wretched energy thieves and psychovampires like you, what must it cost to fight our really serious enemies? You’re nothing but a disgrace to yourself and to all of us!

          • You two should “Duke it out”elsewhere.
            You almost make me miss Travis.

          • Stay out of it NA. Before I went to bed this comment section was clean. Then I wake up and Oldenburg had shit all over it. He’s a dick.

          • “He has a dick”, you’re meant to say.

            I read about epidemics from Central Africa that
            are supposed to infect you. Strange that there
            are also mental pathologists in “white” forums.

          • I’m not a psychiatrist, but I expect
            white people to be mentally healthy.

          • Which means your pushiness is “relevant.” I like Spencer, but this forum should ensure a minimum intellectual level through administrators.

          • “Worldview” is not based on books; it is an internal form, which at times in a person with little education is expressed much more brightly, than in some other “intellectual” or scientist.” Julius Evola

    • I don’t necessarily agree with you, but I’d bet that
      the “thumbs down” underneath your comments are
      made by the (((same finger))) as underneath mine.

      • If you’re Non-Jewish White……..

        If you believe in Traditional Moral Values……..

        If you Identify as White and believe it is important to Identify as White and Fight for White Identity…….

        If you believe that White People are under attack in America and Europe and believe it is important for White People to rally together to Defend our Race and ensure a Safe and Prosperous Future for our White Descendants…..

        Then, we agree on Something……

  • The view of “globalism” was to inform all negroes that the whites ensure their survival at their own expense. The problem of globalism now seems to be that all whites are also communicating with each other, becoming aware of their origins, and taking appropriate steps to guarantee their survival as well.

    • Globalisation was about making more ((( money ))) and chaining countries together ensuring that none could survive outside the system ( look at china of the seventies and it’s famines then compare it to the economic giant it is now. ) Killing off white Devils in the process was just an additional candy for Shlomo.

      • True “refugees” were forcibly expelled from their country. All Germans from the “eastern regions” built up the so-called Federal Republic (whose “constitution” was written in the Villa Rothschild). They had nothing on them but their clothes.

        Today’s “refugees” wear Nike shoes on and have a smartphone while destroying their identity cards.

  • “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

    1 Corinthians 13

  • “If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.”

    1 Corinthians 13

  • @ North African

    It would be interesting to examine what “demo-cracy” and “republic” actually mean. I am not a (fake)”democrat”, but a RePUBLICan.

    Hitler’s “Polycracy” was far more “democratic” than the lies they sell us today as “freedom of choice”.

  • Lol: “Martin Luther Vandross” (aka “Johnny+Futurismo”) downvoted all my comments again. This is due to the above-average fine dust pollution of its immediate surroundings in the “ghetto” (second home).

  • “No shortage of you have asked me to step up the to plate and be “the leader” and though I’m honored by the invitation, I’m simply unsuited for the position, owing to my many publicized errors. Listening to today’s show, and thoroughly enjoying the commentary of @occdissent‍, seeing him next to a beautiful wife, knowing he is doing the ultimate service to race of raising children, the thought crosses my mind, could we perhaps rally behind Hunter?”

    – Chris Cantwell

    This is what People are looking for in Leaders……..

    Honesty, some Humility, and Admitting Wrong………….

    That’s what Real Men do……..

    That’s Strength……..

    I’ve researched pretty much Everything in the AltRight……..

    There is no one who has an Air of Mystique…….

    Some Mysterious Power with a Magnetic Appeal………

    It’s pretty much all Transparent as Glass………

    Which is why Real Down to Earth People will become AltRight 2.0……..

    • “David Duke Ellington” (or “Johnny+Futurismo”). A testimony
      of poverty for alleged whites that they do not want to think
      of any other works of art to this term. Even “Caravan of Love”
      by homosexual “Housemartins”, Mike Batt’s “Caravans” or the
      Canterbury band “Caravan” would have been less offensive.

  • Hey would like to hear your thoughts on Arthur Jones in Illinois 3rd Dis. Is he a serious contender? Not the right stuff to begin with? Too old? etc.

  • Watching all that people and after being in some Latin American countries myself. I really doubt about an intense miscegenation between the Spaniards and the Native Americans. I think THAT miscegenation was a small phenomena. The real miscegenation was between the Native Americans and the African slaves the Spaniards and the Portuguese took to Latin America.

    Bloody hell… that people breed like rats.
    It is all about breeding, breeding, breeding… and complaining about their shitty conditions in their countries and migrating to the northern neighbor´s soil, who is so evil. And once there keep on breeding breeding breeding.

    They are so fucking ugly and dumb. Why the hell they breed so much? What an ego!

    • It’s funny how all that shit about controlling the world population to prevent destroying the Earth has gone out the window with the Left.

      Now it’s “Let’s create as many welfare children as possible and bring them all into Western countries!”

    • The black pill is that in many cases there IS a fair amount of white DNA in there.

      But they have still regressed to their current, negro-like way of living

      Spanish and Portuguese colonialism was a a mistake

      • In one hand was very humanitarian: it was not about exterminating the locals but converting them to the Gospel. They took the slaves from Africa because the locals were treated as human beings and they were free of forced work (not fair for the black Africans, true). Besides, the Spaniards built incredible and solid cities in the New World. You can see this in places such Habana, Mexico DF, Cuenca (Ecuador), Cartagena (Colombia), etc. And all the exploration of the Continent still something really epic.

  • All this, including a refusal of the military to fire on invaders, was predicted years ago by Jean Raspail in “The Camp of the Saints.”

  • Richard’s view of the likely outcome of ‘The Caravan’ invasion seems very reasonable. Unless the National Guard are willing to fire on these invaders then they might as well not be there. Their presence will not deter a single Honduran. The Daily Shoah view that Trump’s action represents some sort of VICTORY is extremely naive. Maybe they were drunk. Trump simply hasn’t got what it takes to protect the borders, or even to protect himself!

    • I agree. Trump will cave in to the globo-left. He always does. He is just another neocon warmonger. He is a blow-hard bullshitter, who got lucky in 2016.

      Trump will do nothing to stop the invasion of third-world vermin. Like Schumer and Durbin, Trump seeks to turn America into a shit-hole country, like Haiti.

  • On the Moral Scale…….

    Doxing Ricky Vaughn was Immoral………

    And Paul Nehlen got banned from Gab for it………

    But, it’s a Close Call in terms of Morality……..

    Upper Class Manhattanite who mocked the AltRight Working Class Demographic……

    Mocked People who fought in the Streets against Antifa to secure our First Amendment Rights…….

    Mocked AltRighters who were Personally Suffering Severely……..

    Privileged White Guy living in Comfort………

    Now, being hunted by NYC Antifa…….

    I don’t wish this on him…….AT ALL……..

    He’s White…….

    And the AltRight is a Movement to Defend White People………

    And he’s Welcome to come Back Home……..

    With the Lessons Learned………

    • Lost in the Dust of AltRight Infighting……..

      Is what the HuffingtonPost truly is……..

      Home Base for Antifa……

      Declared Domestic Terrorists by the Federal Government……..

      About two years ago I just thought they were Lesbians and White Male Haters……..

      Whatever you think about President Trump…….

      It brought many Skeletons out of the Closet…….

      Which is a Good Thing in the Long Run……..

    • So I looked into this a bit more and frankly I think Paul Nehlen fucked up and has made a complete idiot of himself.
      His boomer-tier internet sensibilities failed him. I think he just didn’t realize how serious doxxing is for the average young white guy in 2018. All anons in the world will sympathize with Ricky, even if he is a bit of a cuck.

      I’m not a fan of Ricky Vaughn or anything, but he was there during The Great Meme War of 2016 that got Trump elected, and deserved to be treated with a bit more respect than to be doxxed.

      Lessons need to be learned from this, and Nehlen needs to realize that there is an element of manners and decorum even in an internet sub-culture as degenerate as right-wing shitposting.

      • Agreed to an extent……..

        Paul Nehlen is a part of the AltRight…….

        For anyone to deny this deserves a Chin Check-Up……


        Very Harshly…….

        But, Ricky Vaughn helped to Propel this Movement also……..

        Early on…..

        “Lessons need to be learned from this, and Nehlen needs to realize that there is an element of manners and decorum even in an internet sub-culture as degenerate as right-wing shitposting.”


          • Agreed……

            Check out Hunter Wallace on Gab…….

            Apparently, Nehlen hired him as a consultant and paid him thousands and RV didn’t do the work, Nehlen fired him, RV leaked Nehlen Financial Info, Nehlen doxed RV in revenge…….

            People can make up their Own Minds regarding the Morality of the Situation……..

            This Whole AltRight Pro-White Movement isn’t working out so well……..

            Yes, we have a White Identity…….

            Maybe it’s just Part of the Fact that we just can’t get along……..

            Maybe that’s Part of our White Identity……..

            Maybe that’s Rooted in our Genomes…….

            Maybe that’s what makes us Unique……….

            What led White People to the Pinnacles of Success and Achievement…….

            But, which is the Constant Sisyphus Thorn in the AltRights Side……

            Or any Pro-White Movement which tries to Unite Whites around a Common Goal………

            It might actually be Impossible and it’s better to Acknowledge it now then Bury our Heads in the Sand……..

    • Ricky Vaughn allegedly worked at a Republican consulting firm, Smartcheckr, whose President is one Robert Schwartz. Echo? They allegedly specialize in data mining, analyzing your social media and running “facial recognition software” as part of their business model.

      Something nefarious is going on in the Alt-Right, many e-celebs are complicit and Paul Nehlen exposed it.

      That’s why GAB was forced to deplatform him, after initially defending his actions

      • It seems like it’s not Time yet for a True Pro-White Movement to Rise……

        I guess we’re not Desperate enough yet…….

        I guess Times aren’t so Bad yet…….

        The Wise Thing would be to Start, Grow, and Strengthen it now……..

        Because, eventually it’s going to be Too Late…….

        100% FACT……..

        When we find Real White Leaders who recognize this Fact and can Unite Whites from a Broad Range of Classes and Socioeconomic/Cultural Backgrounds……..

        Then, it will happen…….

        Hopefully, SOON……..

        • Never the fight was lost in 1920.
          Now it’s just a beast struggling as it’s dying.
          Using its last forces to kick here and there.

        • It’s long past time for a true pro-white movement to rise

          But it needs to avoid repeating the mistakes of the Alt-Right

          It can’t be focused on e-celebrities who are promoted based on their ability to tell jokes and office workers who are terrified of losing their jobs at a large progressive corporations

          • Then who ? The office worker can’t afford to lose his job and the autonomous farmer can’t afford to waste time on politics he needs to grow his crops. A billionaire/millionaire who doesn’t need to work will never associate with you out of fear of losing his lavish lifestyle and be segregated by other elites.

          • A real life nationalist movement, of people who are willing and able to do it for real, not just joke about it on the internet, while keeping the same bugman lifestyle

            That’s what other countries have, that’s what we need

            Fuck the Alt-Right

          • It will be branded as a domestic terrorist group and dismantled and have its leaders thrown in jail. You have to understand goy that the only movements that car prosper are the one APPROVED by daddy system.
            You won’t change a 70 years old system in less than 70 years.

    • Yeah, I have no sympathy for that piece of shit. Let it serve as notice to all other optics faggots. I don’t care whether you swing to the left, or you swing to the right, or if your white, black or purple. Come the day of the rope, if you oppose Fascism, the only way you’ll swing is by the neck. If your not on our side, your in the way. The brutality continues…

      • But, what if Fascism arises……..

        And you oppose the Fascist Dictator because he’s Corrupt and a Fraud……

        Won’t you also be swinging by the neck?

        • Fascism is a worldview not a system of government. The end goal of which is the organic nation state. Hitler and Mussolini used Authoritarian governments to get to that end goal. Things were possible then that aren’t now. I plan on using Anarchism to get to the same end goal.

          • But, Hitler and Mussolini lasted only a couple of years…….

            And caused the Deaths of Millions of Whites……..

            Maybe there’s a Better Option……..

          • No. There is no other option.

            “We DO NOT wish for ‘Law and Order,’ for law and order means the continued existence of this rotten rip-off Capitalist Jew System. We wish for anarchy and chaos which will enable us to ATTACK the system while her Big Brother Pigs trying to keep the pieces from falling apart. We wish for a situation so confused and mixed-up that we can go after those bastards responsible for the anti-White policies and attacks against our people which now exist. Such chaos would allow us to so intensify our assaults that we could very well plunge the entire system to its death. For us to support those (the police) who maintain the ‘rules the wise men make for the fools’ is absurd and suicidal.” Joseph Tommasi

          • You’ll be the first to did. Don’t you think that they already have personal armies ? And why the heck are they all buying bunkers in new Zealand ?

          • OK……

            Thanks for posting that Music from ‘Sco’…..

            Never heard of them……

            Good Stuff……

  • Anyone read about this One??

    A Far Left Jew is pretending to be a MAGA Pro-Trump Republican Candidate running for Congress in PA…….

    This is how desperate Jews have gotten since the Rise of the Alt-Right and Trump’s Election………

    Jews don’t really care about the Rise of Anti-Semitism………

    They care about Maintaining their Power…….

    And keeping the White Majority Silenced, Distracted, Cucked, Frightened, and Neutered………

    • What majority ? If you exclude Arabs and Hispanics then whites are only 50% in Murica.
      So if ALL whites united you still wouldn’t win democratically.

      • Post a Picture of what you kind of look like Generally and I’ll tell you if you’re Accepted in the AltRight…….

        • You aren’t a recruiter nor did I ever ask to get in you group I’m just generally interested in politics.
          And what does it have to do with my post and the fact that real whites are only 50% in Murica ?

          • Joe is a Mexican leftist who has an interest in destroying you so he doesn’t have to pay for the wall.
            I’m your friendly neighbor who likes cinnamon rolls.

          • “friendly neighbor who likes cinnamon rolls” obviously not to be taken literally.

            I’m very nice as long as people are nice.

  • A Large Share of the Blame goes to the Paul Ryan/McConnell GOP Congress……

    But, President Trump has the Constitutional Authority to act to protect our Borders and Territorial Sovereignty from Invaders………

    Maybe he’s getting tired of Tuning into the Mainstream J-Left Media and just praying and hoping for some Good Optics and Positive Attention….

    He should just Turn off the TV and do what he told his Base he was going to do when elected President…….

    And that would actually ensure that he probably gets Reelected…….

    Big Brained Stuff this Politics is…….


  • There is going to be a fake solution, the military will go to the border, do nothing, the caravan will disband and the illegals will slip in through normal channels

    They will use this to get dumb people to vote for Republicans in 2018

    Don’t take this nonsense seriously

      • The lesson of Trump is going to be that we can never under any circumstances vote for a dog whistling Republican again

          • Exactly. “democracy” and “rebublic” literally means the rule of the people. Here, however, self-enriching mafiosos (in the EU “commissionaires”) are at work who were never elected by anyone.

    • Pretty much……

      The Military can’t even do anything anyway…….

      All they can do is Report to the Border Patrol………

      It’s a Joke……

      Build the Wall………

      Arrest and Deport……….


  • No Trumpberg has sold out. He even sacrificed his own Aryan daughter on the Jewish altar in other to please his masters.

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