Women and The University

“Smart and SeXy” presents the latest research with regards to sex differences in intelligence and their biological causes all in one place.

An article recently came out lamenting that a larger number of women were incurring student loan debt and that debt was larger per capita among women than men. It is based on a report (click this, the graphs are worth looking at) by the “American Association of University Women.”  Certainly, this sounds like a factually unreliable organization with an obvious agenda. However, their findings are broadly in line with what I would expect from my own research. Of course, the Fortune article is filled with a lot of ideological garbage blaming the patriarchy, racism, and the mythical wage gap. Feel free to read the article at the first link, but the only really useful information is the numbers.

  • 56% of all college enrollments in the fall of 2016 were women.
  • 833 billion dollars of the 1.3 trillion dollars of American student loan debt is owned by women. This is approximately 64.1% of student loan debt.
  • At the end of a bachelor’s degree, women have on average about 1500 dollars more debt than men.
  • Black women incur the most debt, with the average owing about 30,000 dollars.
  • Women on average take about 2 years longer than men to pay off their debt.
  • Women earn about 20% less than men 5 years after receiving their bachelor’s.
  • Within four years of graduation, men had paid on average 38% of their debt vs. 31% for women.

It is interesting that women are over-represented in incurring debt relative to their overall presence at universities. Possible explanations include affirmative action placement at more expensive schools, better scholarship opportunities for serious degrees which are male-dominated, or male workforce participation during college years, which enables them to take on less debt. Or something else.

As usual, there are some substantial racial differences involved. These differences almost certainly correlate with known racial differences in IQ which explain overall income differences. It is better to analyze gender differences after controlling for race; when possible.

However, the overall pattern is the same across races even if the absolute numbers are different. More women are taking on more debt, earning less, and taking longer to pay that debt back. I really have no trouble believing this is true. Unlike the Fortune writer, I don’t believe it has anything to do with patriarchy or gender discrimination. Biologically based gender differences can explain approximately the totality of the differences in outcomes here. For one thing, men have an innate superiority in visuospatial reasoning which makes them tend towards harder sciences, engineering, and computer science which more usually offer a higher wage. This makes it easier to pay back loans regardless of price. The following is a brief excerpt from my book, Smart and SeXy which goes over degree choices by gender. There is of course much more detail and information in the book about this topic. You can see additional excerpts and reviews here.

If a closer look is taken at the specific degrees women are receiving the picture isn’t quite as rosy as is often implied. To be sure, men also succumb to pursuing essentially worthless degrees, but they do so at a lesser rate than women and since the absolute number of men pursuing college degrees is less, the problem is quantitatively less severe even when they do. Some of the most common degrees women are getting, such as business, health, and biological sciences, do make them more employable and socially valuable. Most, however, are notorious for conferring little value in the job market and can be expected not to improve income significantly. Among the top ten most common subjects studied by women as undergraduates are education, social science, psychology, visual and performing arts, communications, liberal arts and humanities, and English. Graduate studies which can also be expected to produce less or no human capital and do not confer much in the way of high income also seem to be much more attractive to women than men. The following tables show the graduate degree paths that are dominated by women (i.e., 50% or more of the students are female) and men respectively, as well as the average GRE score for each major.

All of the degree paths examined by the particular study and found to be female dominated are included. A number of these paths are essentially just “professionally” training women to be mothers or surrogate mothers of children. Elementary and early childhood education stick out in this regard, though probably all of the education paths do this to one degree or another. How anyone could possibly think it is necessary for women to have expensive post-tertiary degrees to watch young children play is hard to understand. Women have been watching young children successfully without any education for millennia before this farce was introduced at universities. Other degree paths which seem particularly useless include English and foreign literature, art history, home economics (i.e., how to be a housewife; where is grandma when you need her?), and student counseling. Disciplines which in theory might be useful if properly designed, such as psychology, sociology, and anthropology, have the problem of being almost totally infested and controlled by people with very radical, far-left ideologies. Considering how far these ideologies force these areas of study away from realistic understandings of reality, their utility is heavily undermined. Though the study this table comes from does not provide information on the relative number of women pursuing each field, it does provide a general idea of the type of degrees women are more attracted to than men in post-tertiary education.

Another issue making it difficult for women to pay back their debt is that on average they prefer working significantly fewer hours than men. Again, from Smart and SeXy:

A study which tracked high ability men and women found that there are large gender differences in the preference for the number of work hours per week even after controlling for the high general intelligence prerequisite. Those who prefer to work 40 hours a week or less are overwhelmingly female, and those who work or would be willing to work over 50 hours a week are overwhelmingly male. The preferences found in this study are supported by US department of labor statistics. 26% of working women were part-time in 2011, which is twice the rate of men.

Now to ease up on “blaming women” a bit, we can look at the overall pattern of college debt. According to the AAUW report, for both genders, the accumulated student loan debt by the time of graduation increased by approximately 30% between 2004 and 2012; a mere 8 years!!! And it is probably even worse in 2017. Women may overall be more prone to bad decisions, but it would be a lie to say that this is the only important factor involved or that large numbers of men aren’t also making bad decisions with respect to education. Universities are churning out an increasing number of people with useless qualifications and exponentially increasing the cost of these degrees at the same time. Meanwhile, high schools, parents, counselors, media, etc are all highly encouraging both men and women to incur this ridiculous debt for these worthless credentials. Let’s not forget that the people expected to competently make financial decisions with respect to education are only 18 years old. 18-year-olds are understandably not experienced nor well-read enough to be expected to make good decisions without proper support and good guidance from elders, which they are decidedly not getting. If I assigned blame with respect to the higher education farce, I would probably only assign 20-30% to the naïve kids being duped. The lion’s share of the blame belongs to the propagandists and liars in the media and education who are willfully scamming kids out of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars (the evil and stupid people, respectively, in Captain Capitalism’s description).

If you found this article interesting, check out Smart and SeXy by Roderick Kaine, published by Arktos in 2016.



  • I agree women’s actions are not moving in a sufficiently pro-white direction, but I shudder when some argue the solution is forced economic dependency. The minute I’m told I no longer have the legal right to obtain education or paid employment, is the minute I leave a white ethnostate. I’m married and having white children because I choose to, and this is the only way our movement can proceed. Past decades show us that women will choose more traditional roles and larger families when the economic and cultural conditions are right. We’ve also got the problem of a ((hijacked MSM)) that promotes career and childlessness as smart and sexy. Win back a culture and economy that works for us rather than against us, and a healthy and prolific society will follow.

  • It should also be noted that a major factor in the massive college-loan debt now incurred by young Americans is that colleges and universities employ huge numbers of very expensive “diversity” specialists, paid enforcers of PC orthodoxy, professional bullies committed to the destruction of an America that in anyway resembles its origins in European Christendom.
    A large portion of the college debt goes to subsidize our destruction.


  • Looking at the ratings on some of these comments, I think it’s safe to say cucks have taken over this site. No way the alt right actually believes women should have jobs, or that colonialism is evil right?

    • I think you’ll find that there is no dearth of websites for you to go talk about how women should never have jobs.

    • Yeah, the Alt-R.c0m is the obvious logo for liberals to come either parade as Alt-Right for subversion purposes or argue.

  • Interesting article. But it would have worked better if it made a more clearcut conclusion paragraph. When I get the gist of the argument in an article I often skip down to the conclusion to get the authors personal take on the arguments presented. This did not work in this article.

  • LOL women are herded into professional vocations and what do they do? They learn to be career mothers of other peoples’ children and rack up vanity degrees. Truly shocking I tell you.

    • Actually, they’re not vanity degrees, they’re security degrees. At least, that is what they are supposed to be by young women and their parents. Everyone is wising up to the fact that these degrees narrow rather than broaden your options.

  • Hey Moderators, any chance that the Plus content/section will be resumed any time soon? It was a lot of fun and I miss it. Thanks

  • Some countries in Europe grant a retirement stipend to women at age 55. They watch the grandchildren and care for the elderly. It’s not sexy, but practical. In Europe, college is much harder to get into. You actually are screened and admitted based on aptitude and future predictions of job availability. The tuition is very low. Unfortunately, liberal policies have turned learning institutions into women’s shelters. American colleges are selling a fake bill of goods.

  • Maybe English is a worthless (and PC) degree now, but it didn’t used to be. English used to be the degree of choice for fairly intelligent college women who wanted to teach in high school.(Although in those days it was really their minor – their major being “finding a husband.”) My mother was one of these women. In high school they taught reading, composition (writing the traditional five paragraph essay), and some appreciation for the literature of Western Civilization, though overwhelmingly this was from its English speaking parts. These female English degree holders were markedly superior to their sisters who had majored in education, with a teaching focus on English, simply because the standards for an English degree were higher than they were for an education degree, and English degree holders were, by and large, smarter. By and large, in many high schools, these women did a good job, teaching useful skills, and bringing Western culture to their students.

    I suppose this is all ancient history now, and I don’t doubt what the author contends, but once in a while, in reading about the abomination that is higher education in this country, I see something that makes me wince.

    Like when I see the English degree described as worthless.

    • It’s not worthless. It’s more accurate to say that we’ve become so polarized as a society that it’s effectively a political degree. By that I mean we can deduce one’s political orientation from an English Degree. You’re probably a liberal democrat.

      Anyway, I majored in it, but I was so young and naive that I wasn’t even aware I was really majoring in feminism, equality, diversity and inclusiveness. I regret ever attending university. I still love reading, and always will. I will always love the Western Canon. But English Literature as it is currently taught is nothing more than finishing school for ladies.

  • I’m ashamed of myself. White male, 49 yrs old – degree in English Lit.

    I had to go back to school to earn a certificate in culinary arts. I’m a cook on a tugboat.

    Nobody told me when I was 25 that my degree was useless.

    Somebody please shoot me.

  • The scenario described in Houellebecq’s novel Submission should be welcomed by all who truly care about women, and, more importantly, the fate of civilization.

  • Women are going to college, racking up insane amounts of debt, cannot get a job and cannot pay back their college debt. They are helping to cripple the US economy without breaking a single US law. That’s some 4D-chess-tier SIEGE, make-the-state-collapse tactics right there! James Mason [author of SIEGE] would be impressed!

  • A healthy white ethnostate doesn’t have to conscript women into doing the right thing, like in Margaret Atwood’s ridiculous novel and its TV adaptation.

    Instead it just have to stop creating escape routes that white women can use to escape their responsibility. If young white women couldn’t go to college to pile up absurd levels of debt and get worthless degrees, they would more likely stay in their home towns and look for local, productive white men of good character to marry and form families with them.

    By contrast, if anything we should encourage the remaining nonwhite women to go to college with the current outcomes, because that will suppress their fertility and lower their economic prospects.

    • Yes white women shouldn’t get education only women of other ethnic groups should get educated. What a Wonder idea Brother Shekleberg.

      • My hillbilly grandmother knew how to garden, can food and sew quilts. She also worked in a chicken-processing plant in Arkansas back in the 1970’s, before these degenerate companies brought in Mexicans and Marshall Islanders to do this sort of work. She had skills which were objectively a lot more valuable than the so-called skills of women with their degrees with names which sound like word salads.

        • I’m sure your grandmother was a Respectable lady but today women need to be literate. Weather or not they should go to university and work is another question.

    • And he promotes white nihilism with his “Enjoy the Decline” philosophy.

      We know (((who))) has to “decline” here, and it’s not white men, because we have done nothing wrong.

      • > white Devil
        > Did nothing wrong
        WTF ?! ???
        I have a long list of unjustly colonized countries and genocided people who would like to disagree.

        Keep them coming Bro !

  • The author is contributing to the problem.

    I actually analyzed this very issue and wrote a lengthy paper on it a year ago as part of my “useless” undergraduate education.

    Colleges and universities are doing quite excellent in my opinion. They are running very effective businesses, increasing student enrollment (recruiting them from China, India, South America, etc.), getting the best researchers, boosting their endowments, and offering great quality coursework in any discipline you can imagine.

    So what’s the problem?

    This. The problem is that people (like the author) have swallowed the propaganda that college is training for the workforce.

    Who ever said that?

    College was always about education. When my university was founded in the 1700s, it only offered an education in the Classics, Latin and Greek. What the hell did that have to do with farming, factory work, the trades, or business? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    Now a lot of low quality colleges have gone the model of for-profit universities and literally market themselves as training people for good jobs and salaries.

    But most high tier universities don’t really do that.

    And so it is other people from the outside (Forbes, Fox News, the author of this article, talk show hosts, high schools) that are putting the idea into people’s heads that college is a stepping stone to a good job. That degrees are qualifications.

    If you instead stopped subconsciously spreading this lie, then more women would understand that all they are doing is paying for an expensive education / experience.

    As soon as high school students understand that college is, AND ALWAYS WAS, about actually learning — paying a lot of money for access to quality professors — and NOTHING MORE, then the ones that FALSELY think it is job training won’t enroll.

    Colleges cannot legally falsely advertise themselves as job pipelines.

    Confused Americans are doing that for them.

  • The Alt Right really shows its true colors, as the beta boys in the comments all rush to flatter some “North African” half breed because of his junior high school reactionary posturing about the girls that reject them. It’s Imam Roosh tier shit.

    At least the Alt Right is barely even pretending to be a pro-White movement anymore. It’s “fascism” for not-quite-whites.

    • Hipsters are fags.
      Roosh is a bad person for sure and Return of kings isn’t a good site same for the art of manliness or the daily stormer.

    • Hipster, Bereber people are white.And they are not really muslims but pagans. They were forced into Islam.But deep inside they reject it. I am not interested in defending North African but in defending anthropology.

        • Arabs and Jews a brownish yellow.
          I know many people here with milky skin and red hair blue eyes. And some blonds.
          But that’s not the point. Hipsters are gay that’s the important fact here.

  • Greetings friends, I just wanted to share a few MP3’s – some of them new, some of them a bit older. Please don’t reply to this post (I just don’t want to distract from the article or be seen as hijacking the thread / comment-section lol). Thanks!

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    Altright Politics – 25th March 2018 (not released on website for some reason):

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  • What’s up with the “strawng whaman” talk being upvoted so hard?

    Women being allowed to do whatever the fuck they want is part of what has caused this mess to begin with!

    Seriously, if women by and large are choosing to go into childcare, etc, why not just fucking make them?

    • There are very few wahmen on the Alternative Right so the thirsty beta orbiters up vote them and down vote me.

      • I don’t know about other women, but as for me, I assure you my days of attracting beta orbiters are long past. I picked one and married him when you were probably still in diapers.

        • You would be surprised by the number of white knights and the length at which they would go to defend wahmen in hope of some sexual gratification.
          They’re desesperate and would do anything for a simple handshake, Untermensch.

          • We’re White people here. Let’s stick to facts and logic, shall we? Otherwise, I’m going to have to assume you are just here to drag down the discourse and stir up trouble.

            Don’t make me send you to your room.

    • If women aren’t choosing childcare roles willingly, they must be forced.

      If women are choosing childcare roles willingly, they might as well be forced.

      No matter the facts, the only appropriate way to deal with women is by force.

      If I have said something you disagree with, say so and let’s hear each other out.

      • If you’re Married then there is no reason for you not to have Children if you’re Fertile……

        And if you truly care about the Survival of the White Race………

        The Article wasn’t directed towards AltRight Women such as yourself……

        You have to understand the Modern Scourge of Completely Lost White Women………

        Completely Lost……..

        Don’t take it Personally………..

        You obviously aren’t Lost…….

    • True. Race realism apparently doesn’t coincide with sex realism. Men need to stop listening to women and being compliant.

      • Actually race realism and sex realism are completely separate issues. I happen to be both, but that is not a logical necessity.

  • Exacerbating the problem is the increased cost of living in the West. Women in the workforce started out as a luxury (arguably), now it’s become a necessity in order to have a semi-functional working class family. Speaks to the fact that in purely human considerations we’re creeping back down to medieval (or worse) standards.

    • Women in the slaveforce is the problem. What happens when you have twice as many slaves ? The price for their labour goes down. Women liberation movements have been financed by banksters in order to make more money ( you pay them less and you get more consumers genius ! ) At the expense of the family.

      • Absolutely. This new socio-economic order is basically built around eroding the family unit. It’s social marxism paid for by ruthless capitalism.

        • The left-right axis both politically and economically died a in 1800. Anyone believing in this illusion is a fool. Capitalists sponsored Lenin for his Bolshevik revolution. Hitler and his far-right friends were socialists who didn’t believe in a free market. We should only focus on the basis of society. The family.

  • Off topic:

    A few days ago a local child of 8 years old was muderer by his own stepmother, who, by the way, is black It was a big schok in this country. Now the stepmother is in jail.

    Then, one rastafari black guy is shouting in the middle of a square of Madrid: “A FUCKING child dies and everyboy in this fascist country is shocked and angry, but many black men die in the sea and nobody here gives a fuck!”:

    Most of black inmigrants in Spain don´t remain here: they keep on travelling to Sweden. So, Swedish people beware!!!!

    Time to Kristalnacht!

  • More women should study to be plumbers, carpenters, miners, construction workers, etc. The problem with women is that they are so snob.
    I believe the natural jobs for women are housewife, nurse, children´s teacher, pharmacist, waitress, pastry chef, nun or prostitute. They keep on trying to join jobs which are not organic for them.
    I think in Germany, where prostitution is legal and regulated, women can join the employment and find a job in that area. And very well paid, by the way.

    • Women shouldn’t be teachers. Look at all the brainwashing going on in schools. In Sweden they ask children to chose one of 23 genders. There is a reason why Rome and ancient Greece had only male teachers, and these two are the basis of all western civilization.
      Women themselves are children and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Nature made then childish so that they can connect with the child.

      • “There is a reason why Rome and ancient Greece had only male teachers, and these two are the basis of all western civilization.”

        And they often buggered their pupils.

        If the problem were women teachers as such, there would be no generational divide in women’s voting patterns.

        • Shouldn’t vote to begin with.
          Most men shouldn’t vote too.
          When the Greeks created democracy it was a meritocracy. Only the best in society (free rich land owning military serving educated native born men ) could vote. They didn’t imagine our modern rule of the mob which becomes a ridiculous popularity contest where if your promise money by bleeding the economy people vote for you even though it’s a stupid move.

          • “Shouldn’t vote to begin with.”

            Nice dodge. That’s beside the point. The question is whether women are unfit to teach because of innate values that are universal among women. Clearly we are not, because women vote differently according to the prevailing norms of the mainstream culture.

          • What shapes. Culture if not the youth ? Who has been teaching these poor kids of not you evil women ?

          • Cultural mores don’t come from the youth, you fool. It comes from the den of vipers that indoctrinated the young teachers. In other words, to find out who controls the culture, ask who teaches the teachers.

          • So these evil people didn’t have mothers and teachers themselves who made them that way ? We could play this game it’s like which came first the egg or the chicken.
            You foolish woman cannot even understand how women have been undermining everything for a century now. ( When this death started , coincidence ? )

          • NA. It sounds like you need instruction in elementary logic.

            Cum hoc ergo prompter hoc (along with the thing therefore because of the thing) is a fallacy.

          • Radical academics. It wasn’t so long ago that we instituted public education in the West and we soon made it a requirement for teachers to have collegial or university education. One might pin the blame on the teachers’ teachers.

          • You both are right about female kinder teachers, but I disagree about voting, I am democrat, sorry. Democracy is something very European. It does not work in North of Africa. Well, some kind of semi-democracy which in reality is a soft authoritarian paternalistic regime like in Morocco is pretty good for them. Morocco is a steady, happy, pretty prosperous, very safe, mild Islam country and should remain like that.

          • Best thing is to return to segregate education like in the good old days: Male children with male teachers. Female children with female teachers.
            Now I have to make a case for nun´s school for female pupils: nun´s education is a factory of sluts. Catholic girls are the worst by far. That is completely corroborated and that is fantastic. The more sluts around the better!

          • Oh shut up already NA. I can’t believe you blame everything on women’s suffrage when it’s painfully obvious that the real power lies with whoever controls the Overton window and bribes the politicians.

          • You’re an old wahman, Of course you’re gonna defend your precious liberties because it rubs your ego. Wahmen are illogical by nature and in this case you’re also biased.

          • Unlike you, who are perfectly rational and disinterested.

            White people believe in open dialogue. We all might have our biases, but we hash it out on the merits so good sense can emerge from the clash of ideas.

            You wouldn’t understand. It’s a White thing.

          • Same for cuckolding and eating shit and transgenderism and safe spaces and feminism and male pregnancies etc etc.

            You’re so stupid it’s unbelievable.

  • When I saw the picture headlining this article I thought it was going to be about the Vegan who shot up YouTube.

    • Not unrelated. She was about to turn 40. Not married and no kids, endlessly chasing an elusive career. Wouldn’t be surprised if more gen x and millennial women started acting up when they get old and realize they wasted their lives on largely worthless pursuits.

        • Bereberian, do you think the fact Morocco is a monarchy (and the King is the right descendant of the Prophet) makes Morocco a so steady, safe and peaceful country in the Magreb?

          • Morocco has no enemies, good resources and political relations with other countries , monarchy which means no time wasted compromising to get an effective government. A king also means you can plan decades ahead not like a president who is there for four or five years only and who’ll have his work destroyed by the next one. So yeah this has a lot to do with it. But the real sleeping giant is Algeria. Having more resources and it’s also the biggest country in Africa and has suspiciously being spending money like crazy on its military for the last decade and supporting economically and politically the sahara rebel even arming them. Perhaps to disturb Morocco and attack it. Tunisia is of course a joke and the Continent’s bitch.

  • The consequences of women leaving college with high debt may be as bad as the debt itself. To pay it back, they either have to marry a man who can pay it (as well as his own debt) back from the income from his job (possible but not likely) or go to work themselves and stay out of the marriage market while they concentrate on their careers. Even if they get married they may defer having children because of the dual debt burden. Assuming they finally pay off the debt sometime in their early thirties, their marriage prospects and the prospect for more than one child are significantly reduced. So women with the intelligence to get at least some kind of college degree may never reproduce at all or have one late-in-life designer child.

    Getting women out of the workforce and out of the credentials race is essential to turning around a dysgenic future, but given the present Zeitgeist, it may require complete societal collapse to occur.

    • I’m not sure why you got so many downvotes on this. Perhaps your conclusion goes a bit too far, but there is a lot of truth in what you say. The fact is if a young mother with significant student loan debt has a job, she may wind up keeping very little of her earnings. After taxes, commuting expenses, childcare, and loan payments, she may earn less than the minimum wage. This is a very sad situation, especially if she would rather be at home, but can’t afford it because of a monthly mortgage-sized loan payments.

      I would rather see the teaching profession handled by excellent women with intensive training, kind of like what you see in Teach for America.

      • The more obviously right wing comments seem to be downvoted the most. I’d say there’s a horde of liberals who stalk this site but they’re too afraid to engage with us.

          • Either way, they’d doing us a favor. I have in the past seen no or few downvotes on posts that tell me I should be raped to death while my children hang by the neck.

          • Spencer should ban you for that. What is it about White men that they allow non-White men to abuse and violate their women?

          • What did I do ? I wouldn’t violate you even for money.
            You’re the typical wahman wanting to censor people who make you feel threatened. Sending white men to die for you so that you worthless feelings don’t get touched . ” Spencer should ” again with the retarded wahmen telling men what to do. Leave Spency alone.

          • I didn’t realize banning malicious non-White trolls was such a hazardous occupation. I certainly wouldn’t want RS to put himself in harms way.

      • He makes a very fair point.
        The comments section on the site has been hijacked either by left-wingers, protesting us but afraid to engage (because dumb), or by bots downvoting comments (because programmed to do so).
        The problem has gotten quite bad over the last week or two. It’s a somewhat recent phenomenon.

          • Ok, don’t really have a way to signal problems or edit comments or fav something to check it later etc this site isn’t that well designed but I guess it won’t improve without donations.

  • Just for Lexi: …..wha wha wha hwyte…sharia!

    I’m sure you mean “if”.

    …and I concede.

    In a the former world of the eloi, our attitude is justifiable.
    However…in our present condition, the morlocks have escaped their dungeons, thus we shall have to change course.

  • “How anyone could possibly think it is necessary for women to have expensive post-tertiary degrees to watch young children play is hard to understand.”

    It’s more complicated than that, but the point remains. Women have hupercredentialized our own jobs, perhaps in part due to internalized contempt for women’s work and a desire to “elevate” our roles. Of course, attitudes like that revealed in this statement don’t help matters.

    “Women may overall be more prone to bad decisions,”

    This is a silly thing to say. Young men are vastly more likely to wreck cars, get addicted to drugs or compulsive gambling, or wind up in jail because of poor impulse control and lack of judgment.

    These are but minor quibbles in an otherwise very factual and relevant piece. Now I don’t want to hear any more about White Sharia. Unlike White women, supposedly “more feminine” East Asian women really do want your jobs, and they have the mathematical aptitude to compete for them.

    • Not to mention 99% of all rapes and 80% of all murders in this country are done by men. Men are far more impulsive and primal than women are.

      • Oh look, Gothic Joe admits to biological realism finally. There are real biological differences between the sexes. Congrats for catching up.

        Testosterone of course plays a key role. Now guess what else? There are real biological differences between races, and “skin color” is the least interesting.

        Just compares the Aztec culture, say, far more impulsive and primal than gentlemen planters of old Virginia or some Midwestern German farmers in Ohio. Just a peek at what Mexican drug cartels do to corpses will clear up any confusion you may harbor.

    • I feel like women are beginning to infiltrate the alt-right.

      The old feminist talking points about patriarchy and this other stupid shit are showing up again…

      Look women, if you didn’t want violent men, you shouldn’t have had their kids in the past.

      • The author opened the door to the question of relative propensity of the sexes to make poor decisions. Perhaps you should take it up with him.

        I recognize a certain influence among the manosphere types in the alt-Right:

        Free speech for me to attack thee
        But not for thee in response to me.

        As for violent men, I happen to think White men are perfect, and wouldn’t change a thing. You are quite correct that White women have created White men according to our exact specifications. You are the product of our choices going back into time immemorial, which is why it is so strange that alt-Right men often demonize women’s sexuality, and by extension themselves.

        You would be wrong to suppose that only the dark side of male nature reflects female mating preferences, though. Why do you think the males of this species attack rivals with an excellent singing voice?

  • I the white male kept his woman in check at home making babies all the problems of the modern world would be gone. No more mixing no more leftism no more Hillary or Merkel, no more declining birth rates no feminism no divorce no feminization of society no beta soy boys no political correctness no NGOs for rapefugees no debauchery no false rape accusations no man paying for the Children of another no cuckoldry no identity politics etc
    Truly women are manifested SIN and the world’s biggest problem. All cultures have warned us of this : Eve causing the fall of Adam , Pandora opening the box and unleashing evil on earth etc. Take away their right to vote and put them in the kitchen. Or have you been too castrated to man up ?

    • What is a black man like you think he’s doing on an this website degrading white women trying to tell white men how to manage women? You don’t belong here, son.

    • “I the white male kept his woman in check at home making babies all the problems of the modern world would be gone.”

      Didn’t you say in another thread that White men have a long history of brother wars?

      • How are brother wars relevant ? They don’t cause feminism or identity politics or cuckolding or leftism etc.
        If anything war puts people in traditional gender roles and boosts nationalism and makes men strong and masculine.

        • You: “I the white male kept his woman in check at home making babies all the problems of the modern world would be gone.”

          As if there were no problems in the world before feminism.

          • “If anything war puts people in traditional gender roles and boosts nationalism and makes men strong and masculine.”

            Except that many of the hardiest men are dead.

    • Honestly I’m with you on this man.
      The issue is the government is basically too big and out of control now. A coup is pretty much out of the question, removing women’s suffrage via democracy seems impossible, and turning women away from the poz naturally is a never-ending battle that can’t be won consistently on a mass scale.
      I don’t see the possibility of eliminating women’s suffrage without some kind of major economic collapse, which I’m not even sure is going to happen anytime soon.

      • “The issue is the government is basically too big and out of control now. A coup is pretty much out of the question, removing women’s suffrage via democracy seems impossible, and turning women away from the poz naturally is a never-ending battle that can’t be won consistently on a mass scale.”

        When you say poz, do you mean sexual degeneracy, anti-ethnocentric universalism, or welfare-state socialism?

        • I just ignore the upvoting system on this site at this point.
          Disqus has the best commenting platform so far, it’s too bad they’re such cucks.

          When I say POZ I mean it generally.
          Basically anything that contributes to degeneracy in the West.
          To me POZ is stuff like obesity, AIDS, liberal arts education scam, breakdown of family, fake news, dysgenic policies like race-mixing propaganda, encouraged dysfunctional gender relations, technology addiction, commie censorship, shitty hyper-processed food, garbage on TV, forgetting of common-sense, mass prostitution, shitty uninspired culture, women and men psychologically imploding, mass prescription drugs for mental health, etc.

    • As I said, you make sense sometimes. I think a large part of the current postmodern faggotry is due to women having too much of a say in how things are run.

      • I wonder sometimes what did the “men” think when they gave their Bitches rights. Did women die in the front to defend the country ? Did they work hard in the factories and mines to contribute to its economic success ? No ! So why I hell should a wahman have a say in the country’s future ?
        I hope they at least got some kinky sex in exchange.

        • “Did they work hard in the factories and mines to contribute to its economic success?”

          Actually, the women’s movement deliberately set the suffrage cause aside during WWI and set about to support the war effort by replacing men in the factories and caring for the sick and wounded. The thinking was that if they were unwilling to set aside their own concerns for the sake of the War effort, they would thereby prove their unworthiness for the franchise.

          • You weak the two cuck wars for Jewish banksters and in which the goal was to kill as many white Devils as possible ? Wahmen and merchants walk together as always…

          • Honorable conduct remains honorable even if misguided. The women, like the men who fought bravely, believed they were supporting their country.

          • They were retarded.

            Hey soldier go to Europe and kill as many blonds as you can !

            Why ?

            To save the Jews they’re killing !

            Oh ok !

      • I think both women’s suffrage and hostile elite influence were necessary conditions for the rise of “post-modern faggotry.” When a phenomenon has more than one necessary condition, you only need to eliminate one of them to prevent a recurrence of that phenomenon.

        Now, one might say that eliminating all of them is the surest guarantee of future prevention. The problem is that one or more of thoseconditions may have salutary as well as destructive consequences. In other words, they’re a mixed bag. I suspect that women’s suffrage is a prophylactic against subversive class-conflict over the long term. I suspect that a society run by males only would succumb to disintegration as a result of hyperindividualism and greed. It is men who drive demand for slaves, of the chattel or wage-paid variety.

        • Lexi : Oh Sauron is evil and the ring caused many problems but let’s just get rid of Sauron and keep the ring because a society where the ring doesn’t exist will collapse even though we never saw such a fast race to the bottom before the Ring and I’m not saying this because I’m a Uruk-hai oh no I swear 8D

          • The collapse was above all the result of imperial overstretched and petty nationalism, neither of which can be blamed on women.

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