The Evolution of a Metapolitical Warrior

Daniel Friberg joins the Interregnum crew to discuss the recent media campaign against Arktos, as well as his own intellectual development, his adventures fighting the Swedish Antifa, the origins of Arktos, and his thoughts on the future.

Time stamps

0:00 Intro (Xurious)
0:22 Introduction & Greetings
1:33 Fake News (The Caravan, Economist, Hope not Hate & OIL)
21:04 Interview with Daniel Friberg
54:17 Arktos’ Strategy for 2018
56:50 Audiobook Announcement (Real Right Returns)
58:00 Further Announcements & Upcoming Publications (‘Rising from the Ruins’, ‘Runes’, ‘Hated & Proud’ & ‘A Fair Hearing’)
1:08:40 Outro (Xurious)

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