The Evolution of a Metapolitical Warrior

Daniel Friberg joins the Interregnum crew to discuss the recent media campaign against Arktos, as well as his own intellectual development, his adventures fighting the Swedish Antifa, the origins of Arktos, and his thoughts on the future.

Time stamps

0:00 Intro (Xurious)
0:22 Introduction & Greetings
1:33 Fake News (The Caravan, Economist, Hope not Hate & OIL)
21:04 Interview with Daniel Friberg
54:17 Arktos’ Strategy for 2018
56:50 Audiobook Announcement (Real Right Returns)
58:00 Further Announcements & Upcoming Publications (‘Rising from the Ruins’, ‘Runes’, ‘Hated & Proud’ & ‘A Fair Hearing’)
1:08:40 Outro (Xurious)

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Discussions on literature, philosophy, and metapolitics, from the time between orders.

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You mentioned James Burnham, author of “The Managerial Revolution.” He also wrote “Suicide of the West,” which appeared in 1964. “Suicide” was an analysis of contemporary liberalism and its role in developing an ideology to justify what he termed the “contraction of the West,” i.e., the surrender of territories and populations to communism and an increasingly militant third world. Among other things, Burnham included a very insightful analysis of the irrational drives behind contemporary liberalism, especially the pathological guilt complex. It would be worth dusting off a copy of “Suicide” and doing a program on it. While today the external… Read more »

Daniel Friberg is doing a great job. From 1.0 to now. Great interview. I love how “Hope Not Hate” did a 1 hr interview w him & then does a “hit piece” with 0 actual quotes. Perfect

John Bruce Leonard

It would already be bad enough if it had been “Hope Note Hate” to behave in such a manner, but in point of fact it was the Economist magazine.

Nova Morium

Centuries of living under Queens……

Not in America…….

Destroy the Monarchies…….

Peacefully, but nonetheless destroy them ALL…….

How in the World did Europeans ever accept living under Queens for Centuries??

Grown Masculine High Testosterone Men submitting to rule by a Queen……

Sacrificing their Lives for Queens…….

For Queens…….


There is a reason that the UK is what it is……….

It’s been Centuries in the making……

But, it’s no mistake what Exists today……….

It was Built……..

North African

The term you’re searching for is femdom.

Nova Morium

Theresa May and Angel Merkel…….

What the F is wrong with Europe??

These are My Ancestral Lands…….

Margaret Thatcher was the Alpha Male in the 80’s…….

What the F is wrong with Europe??

I guess I’m not European………

Stop letting these Bitches tell you what to do…….

You’re Welcome……

American Whites……

Gothic Joe

“Margaret Thatcher was the Alpha Male in the 80’s…….”

I think you mean Alpha Woman.

Nova Morium

Hey, Europe…….

Stop electing Women to Lead you……..

They are Destroying your Heritage…………

Your Culture is to appear Progressive and Elitist…….

Look to Hungary and Poland…….

Gothic Joe

Aaaaand here she posts!

Nova Morium

A Significant Fraction of White Americans have always been onboard with Defending our Ancestral Homelands from Massive Merkelist Non-White Genocidal Dissolution……..

You can check Archaic Breitbart Pages for that…….


I’m just wondering about Sweden…….

Why would you Elect a Feminist Hierarchy??


Didn’t you have any Forethought to what might happen??

What led you to do this??

We in America soundly rejected Hillary Clinton because we understand the Delusions and Weaknesses of White Liberal Women……….

But, you’re Superior to Us??



Thank you for the excellent content


I really like this new podcast series from Arktos. Unlike a lot of other podcasts I have come across (not Alt-right podcasts, but mainstream iTunes store trash), you guys don’t waste listeners valuable time with mindless chatter or embarrassing attempts at humor. Just serious, eye-opening intellectual discourse. I’m guessing I am not the only one who was unfamiliar with the word “interregnum,” so here is its definition:

a period when normal government is suspended, especially between successive reigns or regimes.
an interval or pause.
“the interregnum between the discovery of radioactivity and its detailed understanding”

Gothic Joe

Wonder how long until Nosy Nova makes a dozen posts here all saying random things…


Snigga Odinson

Oliver Cromwell did nothing wrong !