The Inverse Archie Bunker

Submitted by Matthew Weininger

At a time when sympathetic portrayals of right-wing characters in pop culture are few and far between, it’s no surprise that the revival of the television show Roseanne on ABC has many Trump supporters and conservatives jumping for joy. The show is billed as a blue-collar family sitcom. It stars, of course, Roseanne Barr, as the titular salty matriarch, whose personality is based on the actress’s comedic persona from the ’80s and ’90s. Twenty years after the show went off the air, the whole cast is back; and this time around, Roseanne is a Trump-supporting grandma.

Immediately, the praise from conservative media and pundits started pouring in. Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld said Roseanne was a “sitcom without a sermon” that “replaced demonization with dialogue.” James Woods tweeted, “The goddess is back and rocking it!” Even the president himself called Roseanne to congratulate her on the show’s impressive ratings.

But just below the surface, there’s a lot about the show that’s not worth celebrating.

Despite being raised Orthodox Jewish, Barr portrays a working-class, Middle American White woman. As recently as 2012, Barr was a member of the Green Party, but she has claimed to have experienced an awakening and came around to supporting Trump’s campaign in 2016.

Despite Barr’s newfound Republicanism, many aspects of the rebooted show have been changed to reflect the attitudes of the “progressive” Left. Roseanne’s grandson, Mark, “dresses in non-traditional attire” and is “gender creative”—which is to say he’s a transvestite.

Barr justified the decision to the Television Critics Association in January, saying, “I’ve always attempted to portray a realistic portrait of the American people, working-class people—and in fact it was working-class people who elected Trump—so I felt that was very real and something that needed to be discussed.”

Apparently, she thinks having a crossdressing child was a “realistic portrait” of most Trump supporting families. According to an interview in Entertainment Weekly, the idea to include the gender-bending child comes from Sara Gilbert, another Jewish actress on the show.

Let’s talk about the character of Mark, Roseanne’s grandson. Whose idea was it for him to dress in non-traditional attire?
It was originally Sara Gilbert’s idea because she knows kids who do that. We did a lot of research. It’s very tricky. We talked to GLAAD people to make it very specific to one kid, not try to make it about everybody. The hardest part about it, weirdly, was the terminology. We’re not saying the kid is trans. He’s not even at that point. My son had a friend who was 5 years old and he dressed like a girl. Ultimately he turned out to be gay, but he wasn’t trans. We didn’t want to put all that weight on the kid. He really is a kid who is non-traditional and right now he wants to dress like a girl. We’re saying, who knows what will ultimately happen?

Gilbert says she included the child to familiarize Americans with children who may not be trans, but just “want to dress like a girl.” In other words, the inclusion of Mark is intentional social engineering on the part of the cast to demonstrate to parents that their kids could be “genderqueer.” In the first episode, the family debates how to react to Mark, and the various characters are unsure of how to handle his proclivity for women’s clothing. While the characters don’t reach a concrete resolution, the idea is already planted in the viewers’ heads that Mark ought to be allowed to keep crossdressing.

In addition to Mark, Roseanne now has a Black granddaughter named Mary. Mary is the child of DJ, Roseanne’s son, and his Black partner.

In Roseanne’s first airing, there was one episode in which DJ refused to kiss a Black girl for a school play. Roseanne said her decision to include a Black granddaughter in the reboot was a nod to that episode, and intended to show how DJ’s views on interracial relationships evolved.

“That was something I always wanted to do because of DJ not kissing a Black girl. So that’s important to me,” Barr told The Hollywood Reporter in February.

As for Roseanne’s character herself, she appears to only support Trump for economic reasons. Roseanne gets in several arguments with her younger sister, Jackie, a stereotypically liberal woman who wears pink “pussy hats” and voted for Jill Stein. But in these arguments, Roseanne comes nowhere near defending Trump’s nationalist campaign platitudes on immigration. Rather, she defends Trump for bringing back “jobs,” boosting the economy and offering “change”. Essentially, Roseanne is a Steve Bannon-esque “economic populist,” who imagines a world of immigrant and native, Black, Brown, and White, straight and gay united through “jobs.”

Judging from the first episode, Roseanne appears to be fairly liberal on social issues. Such biases are unsurprising given that they are shared by members of the cast itself. Roseanne co-star Sandra Bernhard (also Jewish—perhaps there’s a recurring pattern?) said on MSNBC that she couldn’t understand why any women would vote for Trump, and that female Trump supporters must be “under the thumb of [their] husband.”

This is what makes the show so insidious—it masquerades as a populist, positive portrayal of Trump voters, while actually attempting to normalize anti-White and anti-traditional social views. It leads the viewer to think, “Well hey, if this normal Trump-supporting blue-collar family is cool with miscegenation and gender nonconformity, then I guess I am too!”

Despite what Roseanne says, the show doesn’t present a normal Trump supporter. It presents a safe, diluted, Hollywood-approved Trump voter, who supports Trump purely for economic reasons and whose pro-feminist, pro-abortion, pro-crossdressing views are intended to make her look more “moral” to the audience.

This is exactly why neoconservative John Podhoretz praised the show in his op-ed for the New York Post. He wrote that Roseanne “gets it right” by including a 9-year-old crossdresser and showing Republican voters who are not motivated by social issues.

The world between the coasts has just sent a message to the major domos of our popular culture. The message is: We’re conscious enough of our differences to shut you down when you set yourselves against us (the Oscars) but we are ready to provide enthusiastic support for your efforts if you treat us with respect.

In other words, Roseanne is an inverse Archie Bunker.

Archie Bunker, the “lovable bigot” of the 1970s sitcom All in the Family, was originally created by the show’s progressive cast of writers to be unlikable. His “backwards” views on Blacks, Latinos, Jews, gays, and Catholics were intended to be mocked. But soon what became known as the “Archie Bunker effect” took hold, and audiences fell in love with the character. They found his rants about hippies and commies to be endearing, and relatable. By 1972, political pundits were discussing the “Archie Bunker vote” in the presidential election.

Hollywood writers were so far removed from the opinions of Middle Americans that their unlovable conservative turned out to be quite lovable, indeed. Roseanne, on the other hand, is what Hollywood elites think right-wingers ought to be, and is thus portrayed sympathetically intentionally.

Roseanne is not about making Middle America great again. It’s about making Middle America palatable to costal elites.


  • It’s a bone thrown by contemptuous Jews to the Goyim they despise and it’s saddening the fat obnoxious Jewess can so easily pull the wool over peoples eyes.Roseanne is a character that portrays the white working class as greedy ,stupid and shallow ,in other words like stereotypical Jews .The enthusiasm shown by audiences reflects the naive notion that a bunch of Jews pretending to be white somehow is an indication of a return to what was once America .Its a nasty insidious scheme which hopefully will over reach itself and show its true dreck colours ,it’s a obese Jew sausage shaped Jewess screaming at you .

  • Good article, but misses the key context. Rosanne Barr is a serious Trump supporter and has said why on her Twitter feed numerous times. Trump is Israel First, as is Rosanne Barr.

    So with Jewesses like Barr, we get the worst of both worlds: anti-whiteness and genderqueer kiddies for White Americans, while we also have to support a strong ethnostate in occupied Palestine for the Jews. (Trump has fully funded Israel’s border wall, ours – not so much.)

    But no one is going to breathe a word about Barr’s fanatical Zionism. The Jew “conservative” Ben Shapiro made the same points as in this article but just seemed to have forgotten about Rosanne Barr’s fanatical devotion to the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine.

    • Roseanne hasn’t changed , meaning the show and the woman. The only new wrinkle in the show is the black grand daughter. The politics is the same as it was in the 90’s. With the general failure of millenials to make it in the modern economy and the continued road toward a dystopia, the show will probably do fairly well. The typical American family resembles Roseanne’s fictitious TV family far more than Cosby’s Huxtables.

  • Just watched the second week of Roseanne last night. No mention of the gender confused grandson. That was probably not intentional as the episodes have already been recorded. But, I’ll bet there were many comments sent in to the show showing outrage at his portrayal. Additionally, the second week was boring and not nearly as good. My bet is that there will be a huge drop off in viewership as middle America finds out that this is just another leftist show. It’s no surprise that so many cuckservatives are praising it.

  • Roseanne was always Jewish bullshit and was one of the first shows to have a gay character back in the 90s.

    And let’s not kid ourselves about the old shows like “All in the Family” and “Sanford and Son”. They were made by Jews to mock old racial attitudes, white and black, of characters like Archie Bunker and Fred Sanford who distrusted other races and preferred their own kind.

  • A Jew bitch starring in a TV show run by a Jew network that features a faggot boy wearing girl’s clothing and a nappy-haired niglet “granddaughter”. Anybody on this comment forum who enjoys watching this deserves to be gasssssssed!

    • Well hello, neighbor. Well hello, NEIGHBOR. It’s so nice to see things how they belong. I never knew…SATAN.

    • This was a good discussion.
      Frankly I think this guy made a good case for Christianity as an overall way of life. Nietzsche’s critique of its weaknesses is necessary though.
      I prefer Orthodoxy over most other forms of Christianity. It’s more hardcore, less corrupted, and has such gritty distinctly European aesthetics.

      • Honestly I didn’t even get a chance to listen yet. I consider myself agnostic, I really don’t have any strong feelings one way or the other as far as religion is concerned. But anytime Spencer speaks I want to be there listening! haha

  • The new Roseanne seems to cast her as a PC female Archie Bunker. It’s obviously designed to normalize degeneracy and race mixing among working class whites. The message is that “good” working class whites are just economic animals who otherwise accept cultural Marxist social gains and the demographic transformation as the new norms that are to be accepted, not resisted at all costs.

    • “The message is that “good” working class whites are just economic animals who otherwise accept cultural Marxist social gains and the demographic transformation as the new norms that are to be accepted, not resisted at all costs.”

      Good! Kudos to tolerant orking class whites. They’re your superiors in every way. Show some respect, incel.

      • Who you fooling Gothy Jew? We can see you and you still suck. What are you saying to US? Take that crap elsewhere. You have NO FRIENDS . Your pet projects want you DEAD Putting you together with your would be slaves will take care of two bird brains.

  • Get in on this people! LIVE DEBATE: Spencer vs. Jay Dyer (STILL WAITING FOR IT TO GO LIVE, THEY WERE DELAYED A BIT)

  • “Despite what Roseanne says, the show doesn’t present a normal Trump supporter. It presents a safe, diluted, Hollywood-approved Trump voter, who supports Trump purely for economic reasons and whose pro-feminist, pro-abortion, pro-crossdressing views are intended to make her look more “moral” to the audience.”

    Just keep supporting Israel…….

    White Breitbarters……

    Joel Pollack and Caroline Glick are MAGA too…….


  • I was real young during the original run of the Archie Bunker series but watching the reruns Archie just used his sensory perception and common sense to form an opinion on blacks, Jews, gays, criminals, etc. He didn’t go to college to learn the “right” attitudes about non-whites and sexual perverts and just called it like he saw it.

    Where Jew Normal Lear like to mess with goys is that often he’d have a character that confirmed the stereotype and others that wouldn’t to show just how silly the prejudices of working class goys really were. We’re not groups we’re just individuals and some of the out groups are “just like us”!

    • The Point of ‘Archie Bunker’ was to attack White America………

      Weaken White America…….

      Because Tribalism is only OK for a *certain* Group of People……..

      A *certain* Group of Fellow Whites…..


        • Jared Taylor is what he is……..

          He does what he does……

          The AltRight comes from a much more URGENT Position…….

          Of NECESSITY……..

          The Time for White Eloquence and Politeness is Over……..

          The War is Here………

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    • Funny that his Son was played by this Insanely Anti-Trump Hollywood Jew…….

      Who mocks White People as a Waning Majority on MSNBC………

      Maybe not so Funny…….

  • So, the AltRight is going MAGA again…….


    I spent the last year having AltRight Talking Heads deconstruct this foolishness to us Little People…….

    Tune in tomorrow for the Latest Schizophrenia…….


    • The Re-MAGA Post-Easter Miracle is Here!

      AltRight, Alt-Lite Homosexuals and Transsexuals United!

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      And retweeted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in support of the IDF’s mass slaughtering of Innocent Palestinian Civilians……

      I’m seeing Psy-Ops and Feds everywhere!!


      On a Serious Note:

      Congratulations for #StoptheCaravan……

      Congratulations for pressuring President Trump to put the Military on the Border…….

      Huge Victories……

      But, people are looking for Real Mature Adult Leaders…….

      With a Clear Vision beyond Adolescent Troll Shitposting……..

      Who are Morally and Ideologically Consistent and can be Trusted by a Large Following……….

      I just don’t see it yet……..

  • I knew there had to be an ulterior motive when I heard that there was a celebrity defending Trump. Just another shameless ploy for dollars. Sad!

    In the meantime, here’s the latest edition of AltRight Politics. I am posting it because it seems to have not been released on the website, only on one of their several podcast feeds. Topics covered include Bolton Appointment, Cambridge Analytica, and the Russian Election. (please disregard the filename’s year of ‘2017,’ it’s a typo).

  • There is ZERO hope for Awakened White People like us to find anything on TV that implicitly supports our Worldview……..

    Stop hoping……..

    Especially……NBC, ABC, or CBS………

    Stop torturing yourself………

    Let it go………

    We’re Winning in Other Arenas……..

    • 12 Comments total, and already 5 of them are from you? You are pushing it. We’ve got a mostly good comment section going here on this article. Don’t sh*t all over it with your weird & wacky Stream of Consciousness posting. HAha!!!!

      • One comment from you and as usual it’s you Obsessing about me……

        Talk to a Psychiatrist about that……..


        Just Doxx yourself and let people know who you are………

        Then, we can take you more seriously as an Arbiter of what is Kosher on this Website…….

    • McLuhan was right about “The medium is the message”.
      TV, papers, magazines, fanzines, cinema… is the natural arena for the Left. Radio… I am not so sure. I think Radio is a natural ground for the Right.
      The Internet belongs to the Right. By far.

      • Anything Mainstream can never utter the Real Truth…….

        It can get Close……

        Play by the Border……….

        Which is why we should feel Pride in being Marginalized by the Mainstream……..

        We actually represent a HUGE Silent White Demographic…….


        I have White Family Members who wish they could talk like me…….

        I see it in Their Eyes…….

        I feel it in Their Handshake…….

        • The Internet is mainstream already.
          TV is dying meanwhile radio still relevant.
          Cinema is dying meanwhile the plays still very relevant.
          I forgot pointing the plays: theatre is a natural arena for Euro identitarian politics for obvious historical reasons.
          Maybe the AltRight is waiting for a good author.

        • “I have White Family Members who wish they could talk like me…….”

          They disconnected from you? HA!!!

          Maybe stop being such a hater and they might take you back…


  • Regarding the Doxxing of Ricky Vaughn……..

    Antifa Doxxes us…….

    But, Ricky Vaughn is NOT one of us……..

    Ricky Vaughn is not AltRight, not White Identitarian, not White Nationalist…….

    Ricky Vaughn is a Subversive……..

    His goal was to Divide the Movement………

    Of which he’s not even a Member……..not even CLOSE………..

    That is SUBVERSIVE………

    I don’t agree with his Doxxing by Paul Nehlen………

    But, I have ZERO sympathy for Ricky Vaughn…….

    Go check out his Social Media where he retweets Ben Shapiro and Jack Posobiec…….

    He’s relentlessly attacked the AltRight while essentially echoing Mike Cernovich…….

    How much sympathy do you have??

    • ‘Ricky Vaughn’ is Alt-Lite………

      The Alt-Lite hates the AltRight……..

      The Alt-Lite wishes to see the AltRight destroyed………

      Some in the AltRight feel sympathy for ‘Ricky Vaughn’………


    • It was Paul Nehlen that doxxed Ricky?
      I don’t pay any attention to Ricky but I still think it is poor manners to dox an anonymous poster.
      We’re not kikes.

      • No Disrespect…….

        But, you might want to do some More Research………

        The Moral Equilibrium will Balance once you realize the Truth………

        • “you might want to do some More Research……”

          lol why couldn’t you just give me the tldr version?

          • I never paid attention to ‘Ricky Vaughn’…….

            Because he was NEVER AltRight……..

            Then, some so-called AltRighters betrayed their own People in favor of this FRAUD…….

            And the people who betrayed us in favor of this ‘FRAUD’ have already been doubted on their True White European Ancestry……

            It’s not just a Coincidence……..

          • I agree Nova. Ricky, DS, TRS etc thought it would be a good idea to wage a flame war with the most radical elements in the AR. Well, you poke at the hornets next you get stung. Zero sympathy. Zero tolerance.

  • Excellent article by Matthew Weininger. The New Rosanne Show is a scam – I knew it when I first heard about it. The image of the white working-class which this show presents is false, deliberately so, just like the first run 20 years ago. Fortunately, people are less influenced by TV today, and fewer are watching it. It’s all a waste of time.

    No one voted for Trump in Nov 2016 to get tax-cuts for the rich, more Neocon wars and complete subservience to Israel. We are against all that.

    We voted to end all immigration – legal and illegal. We detest Paul Ryan, John Bolton and Nimrata “Nikki” Haley.

    • 25 million people (mostly from Trump supporting states) tuned in, making Roseanne the biggest success on tv for ABC since 2006. So yes, it does have an influence.

  • Very shady and despicable how they pretend that trans-children are a result of their own nature being freed from the confines of white cis patriarchy or whatever when in fact they’re just being neglected by their parents and influenced by a sick culture. No child event went “I want to change sex”. Most don’t even fully know what sex is. The idea is suggested to them. And even if some did have such ideas children are meant to be guided not obeyed. Liberals are monsters.

    • I agree. Liberals are trying to brainwash little kids, to believe perverted nonsense. Liberals are child molesters.

      There is no reason for “sex education” of any kind in the public schools. If you must have it, it should be reserved for adolescents in special classes segregated by sex. And you should teach the truth, not a pack of lies.

      What they do now is teach it in grade one, to six-year-olds. And they teach lies. They promote the LGBTQ doctrine to little kids, to turn them into perverts, like those who promote sex education in grade one.

      • Many White Liberals exist because White People are FAR from Perfect……..


        And many feel Ostracized from their own Natural Tribe……

        They HATE their own people for certain crimes they feel were committed against them……….

        Due to Natural Sociological Mechanics……..

        Some, just are Low IQ with Low Impulse Control……….

        Some, just are Low IQ and Gravitate with what TV/Hollywood tells them is Cool………

        Some get Beat Up, Raped, Assaulted and Wake Up……..

        Some get Impregnated and Don’t………

      • The only reason a lot of these people are becoming dissatisfied with their gender/sex is that the social implications of being white/male are being demonized by our shitty education system. The ones who are making the curriculum are really fucking up children’s views of themselves and society at large.

          • This comment system is quite good – better than no comments at all.

            As you day, they could add an Edit function, that would be an improvement.

            And change the down-votes, so they don’t reduce the up-vote total. I like to see the total up-votes. The down–votes can have a separate tally – otherwise, get rid of them.

        • Six-year-olds enjoy school and want to learn things – reading, writing and arithmetic. Teach them languages, too. Learning is fun, and the kids want to learn.

          Do NOT teach them about sex. It’s a waste of time. Six-year-olds hate that topic. Any attempt to brainwash them with pervert ideology will have the opposite effect to the one intended.

      • “If you must have it, it should be reserved for adolescents in special classes segregated by sex.”

        LAME. You’re worse than a Puritan. Double LAME!!! 😛 😛

    • Many Liberals are True Demonic Monsters…….

      Pure Evil…….

      But, many are just Plain Deluded and Brainwashed……….

      The Plain Deluded and Brainwashed aren’t the ones pushing Transsexuality on our Children…….

      They’re the ones who feel White Guilt Sympathy for Illegal Aliens and Blacks/Latinos who would rob, rape, and murder them in the streets………

      • And Nosy Nova is a brainwashed woman who feels sympathy with a movement that wants her to shut her mouth and make some man a sandwich. She must hate herself!

    • First try getting a woman to look at you without wrinkling her nose in disgust. Then we can talk about your penance. 🙂

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