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The Peterson Pathology

Richard Spencer
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Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • Jews are over represented as Hollywood actors, not particularly a high IQ profession, and it’s not because they are better looking, so it must be ethnic networking.

  • There’s virtually always a point where people start to lie. That’s true for all political groups. People have biases for one thing or another. Jordan claims to fight for truth, but concerning certain subjects, like the JQ, he willfully lies and lies by omission. A statement that is only partially true is still a lie especially when you’re capable of understanding the entirety of facts and history of a thing. The very act of lying, distorting and ignoring the JQ proves our point from the start. Jews have a disproportionate amount of power and Peterson’s career would be ruined. Jews would turn him into a pariah. Maybe he would argue it’s they’re right to do so because they’re so smart, LOL.

    Remember when a panel of Jews banned Faith Goldy and Peterson sat there like a little bitch, didn’t defend her right to speak, and justified her banishment because Jewish feelings would be hurt? The JQ is rhetorical at this point obviously. We have enough data and history to judge them appropriately. They are a net negative influence on Western society just as blacks are.

    The only group you could make an argument for are East Asians, but then miscegenation rules them out.

    • are you a successful person / failure who rather than admitting you are a loser tries to blame a external group for your failure? Jews /Israel support the war against Muslims who are clearly the greatest threat to Western world (err (9/11 have you hear of it) Also there was this jewish guy called Einstein plus a lot of other jews who gave us the atomic bomb …. the old Soviet union would own most of the free world but for that. Agree re blacks but maybe you should have thought of that before you imported so many as slaves (kinda dumb). EAst Asians is not I think a technically correct word

  • Anyone wish to comment on the deeply held convictions of Daily Stormer? Ofd course, should have known a guy that writes a white race manifesto a year after wishing they were genocided

  • This all was kind of a whiff (understandable, but nevertheless). The alt-right’s objection to Jews isn’t that they make more money and control things unfairly, it’s that they disrupt our nation and people. Jordan got away with mis-direction here, making it look like it’s all about envy, Jewish nepotism or no. Even if you win that argument you’re just whining. Get him on multi-culturalism, and the Jewish connection to communism, and it’ll go differently and be more instructive all around.

  • Not the JQ, but this is the best takedown of Peterson’s philosophy that I’ve seen so far:
    @thealthype / Ryan Faulk’s “Jordan Peterson’s Fancy Backswing”:

  • Amazing how light weight the article on this subject is from Peterson. Of course, since the facts backing him are so lacking, he had no choice and it was probably an assignment from his “handler”

  • Yeah, Yeah, Israel is the country of Mensa International. Any colour is welcomed there if the IQ is right. That is why you see so many East Asians there, because they are smart! And that is why it is so nice to live there. It is way better than Germany, Denmark, Sweden. Even than Switzerland. What’s your IQ 😉

    • Actually, Israel’s average IQ is only 95. It’s the Ashkenazim who are Semitic-Euro hybrids and engaged in eugenics for centuries by sending all their smartest Jews to the same Yeshivas in Germany. Their name means German Jews and their language Yiddish is a hybrid of Hebrew and German. That’s cultural and genetic appropriation.

      The more Semitic Sephardim average 98 and Mizrahim even lower at 92. Ashkenazim are sort of the “white” Jews in that context.

    1. Serious observation: They also dominate the medical & pharmaceutical fields. Scary scenarios ensue.

    2. Funniest “Richard” moment: “To Peterson’s credit he WAS attacked by Antifa.” The moral litmus test of today is whether or not Antifa shows up to protest your event. If Antifa doesn’t show up, you are kind of irrelevant.

    • “They also dominate the medical & pharmaceutical fields.”

      And the psychiatric profession… Would you go to see a Jewish shrink for a mental or soul problem? Imagine talking politics with your Jewish shrink… They will put you instantly on haloperidol depot! Remember, “anti-Semitism is a mental disturbance”! Take your pills man!

      • Chapter Two of Peterson’s “Twelve Rules” starts off by deploring that people don’t take their meds as prescribed.

  • Stop using (((“Identity”))) politics. The jews are already starting to redefine the word “identity”.

    Race politics
    Blood politics
    Bloodline politics


  • I like free enterprise, but I value my future, my children’s future, my nation’s future, and my people’s future a lot more.

  • My notes from listening to this podcast.

    Agree with Peterson regarding pride. Peterson tells us we need to save our civilization when he talks about “saving our father from the belly of a whale.” He’s saying pride (which is a sin in Christian European tradition) doesn’t do anything really. Reverence and a sense of taking responsibility is more effective in its utility in saving our civilization, rather than just “feeling pride.” It’s not about us! IT’s about the future. He’s telling us to “sort our selves out” and then to “save our father from the belly of a whale.” He saying to improve ourselves so we can continue our civilization.

    The difference between SJWs and the Alt-right is that the Alt-right wants to be away from them and their way of life. The SJWs insist that we not escape their way of life. The Alt-Right doesn’t care if the SJW/globalist-corporate, multi-cult, multi-species, transhumanists have their own cities, regions and countries. Let them have DC, NY, Boston, San Francisco, Hollywood and London.

    Is Peterson undermining white racial consciousness? Maybe slightly in the short run but future racial realities will make it so it won’t matter. Peterson is unconsciously building up a right-wing army.

    Peterson knows good art, but displays a lot of bad art. His Indian house attic looks cool but a Norse long house would appeal to me more.

    Peterson’s characterization of the Alt-Right and the JQ was so silly and refutable that I’m starting to think he reads the DS and wants to “gas the kikes?”

    Spencer threw in a little cheap shot at Peterson in the closing seconds. Watch Peterson’s recent interview with a former Australian Politician. Peterson starts to weep when discussing little boys who receive no positive feedback or encouraging words from their parents. I don’t think it’s fair to say Peterson has no empathy.

    We might disagree with Peterson regarding identity politics, but he should not be mocked or disrespected. History will prove him to be important in our struggle for survival and growth.

  • Great job guys. Peterson has gone from staying away from JQ to openly advocating for Jewish Power(Bari Weiss, etc). In today’s age telling the truth about 50% of
    the politically inconvenient truths makes you a revolutionary

  • If the meritocracy is so real, why are all politicians, obviously and measurably I’m sure, complete idiots?

  • I have Family Members like Peterson……..

    You could present all the JQ Evidence in the World……..

    Mountains and Mountains……

    Beyond Mountains…….

    Society has Brainwashed/Conditioned the Majority of White People into Conditioned Fear/Guilt regarding the JQ……….

    The Societal Brainwashing:

    Considering the JQ means you are Mentally Unstable/Disordered or are Scapegoating the Jews for Deficiencies/Shortcomings in your own Personal Life………

    Social Psychology 101………

    And yet the Mountains of Evidence remain……….

    And the AltRight CREEPS……..

    • Yes, and the Societal Brainwashing has been very effective. Further, in my opinion, this brainwashing has been one of the greatest misfortunes in the entire history of Western Civilization.

  • One underrated asset of the Alt-Right is Spencer’s various voices and impersonations. My favorite is the feminist girl voice.

    The major test for me regarding Peterson is not the JQ. It’s his position on inclusion or exclusion. If he’s truly an “English Liberal” then he should support the right to freedom of association.

    People who feel excluded need to “sort themselves out.”

  • 1. Serious observation: They also dominate the medical & pharmaceutical fields. Scary scenarios ensue.

    2. Funniest “Richard” moment: “To Peterson’s credit he WAS attacked by Antifa.” The moral litmus test of today is whether or not Antifa shows up to protest your event. If Antifa doesn’t show up, you are kind of irrelevant.

  • In his interview on the BBC conducted by a rabid feminist, Peterson went into great detail about how no social scientist worth his salt would rely upon a uni-variate model to explain the variation in career outcomes between men and women.

    Now he deems quite content to rely upon a uni-variate analysis, including only IQ, to fully explain the difference in outcomes for the Jewish population.

  • Here’s what I posted in reply to Peterson’s JQ reply at his site.

    “Dr. Peterson shows he has a bit of the “Trickster” archetype working through him by posting such an easily refutable statement about the JQ.

    But he is tactically correct to take this route. There’s a bigger issue at stake.

    This is the issue of exclusion and inclusion. We are individuals and are responsible for ourselves but we are social beings. And who we decide to be social with is very important.

    We can’t be JUST individuals. Our every decision is in many ways the choice to include certain places, persons, actions,and things or to exclude them.

    No one has the right to inclusion. YOU’RE NOT THAT SPECIAL. And if everyone wants to exclude people like yourself, maybe you better think about why.

    This is the battle that Dr. Peterson must concentrate on. Freedom of association is the right to include and exclude. This should be a right just like freedom of speech. In fact, freedom of association is “speaking with your feet.”

    This right applies to any scale (families, friendships, organizations, communities, states, nations). This leads to authentic and real community. Humans need this. It’s how we evolved. And if outside people are allowed entrance into a group of people (at any scale), they do so by demands and expectations of the in-group.

    So, how does this apply to Jews and the Alt-Right? Well, here’s the bottom line:

    If a group of white people (or any people) decide they want to live within spaces and institutions that exclude Jews, then this is their right.

    It all comes down to inclusion and exclusion.”

  • A snappy 1 page essay isn’t rebutted well with a one hour podcast. It’s not the quality of the arguments made in the podcast, it’s just a format mis-match.

    • Peterson works in (((Academia))) and isn’t going to bite the hand that feeds. Making Trannys cry is about as “based” as he’s going to get. I wish people would just ignore him as he has nothing in common with us.

  • Peterson says smart people are more open to experience.

    Not really. Smart people are more curious but not necessarily open.

    In contrast, dumb blacks and whites are open to new experience of drugs, excessive behavior, debauchery, tattoos, etc.

    • Higher cognitive function obviously allows you to understand more and understand things more deeply. Whenever I hear arguments like that for Jews I think they would rationalize the devil as just being superhumanly intelligent.

    • Wouldn’t it be a sign of openness to indulge the JQ when one is conditioned not to their whole life? I’m not even committed to it, but I find the JQ interesting and worth discussing. Given what other topics are talked of in the public sphere with seriousness, the JQ meets the same threshold for discourse.

  • Peterson is proven wrong for the fact that Episcopalians score a higher average IQ than Ashkenazi Jews, and yet the Ashkenazi Jews earn significantly more money than Episcopalians.

    We are talking about religion – but religion is frequently an ethnic marker. Just as when we speak of Jewish IQ we are talking specifically about the Ashkenazi ethnic group – omitting the Mizrahi, Sephardim…

    Check it out:

    In order to ignore the obvious, Peterson must be on their payroll, running interference.

  • Dear Jordan, it is time we addressed the so-called CYORQ, or, the “Clean Your Own Room Question”. I’ve read that Satie’s working chambers were perpetually in a sate of disarray. Manuscripts piled high, weird objects strewn about the lid of his grand piano, neglected floors covered in his cat’s hairballs, etc . Despite this he was able to maintain a high output and, along with Debussy, create the basis for Jazz harmony. Same with Beethoven. Generally a filthy slob but still somehow managed to write the late-period string quartets.

    Conversely, I’ve heard that all members of One Direction vacuum daily and dust 3-5 times a week. They even do their own laundry. But no one would argue they’ve contributed anything to Western Civ. In fact, they’ve probably had a deleterious effect. How do you explain this conundrum? Please, only your impeccable intellect can solve this riddle.

    Hit me back at

    • Do we on the alt-right like jazz? We’re trying to become mainstream, and it could be argued that jazz isn’t mainstream anymore.

      Plus it has a very distinct negro flavor.

    • If Wagner had followed Peterson’s advice, we would not have any of the Wagner operas. Wagner was a notorious “deadbeat” and “womanizer” and was kicked out of his country for buying dynamite to blow up the aristocracy. He also had certain strong opinions on the JQ. But his character was indispensable to his imagination and production.

      While opinions of Wagner’s music vary (though no one can deny that it is fundamental to our later understanding of music), my point applies to more than just Wagner. Peterson is trying to produce worker bees who do not challenge the political, cultural, or social order. That way, his world will be “safe” (or so he thinks). I daresay no one benefits from Peterson’s advice: it’s a textbook precisely on how to be a functioning lower middle class person, which can only undercut anyone better and which the lower middle class are disinclined or unable to read, by and large (unless they’re schmatta salesmen with a large dictionary at hand).

  • it’s also worthwhile pointing out that Peterson seems to fully support Jewish identity politics and zionism. he hangs out with ben shapiro, who calls for the further expulsion of non jews from Palestine
    His abject hypocrisy makes him the perfect lolcow.

    • He wants to pay his bills! He is not a believer like us, merely an opportunist. Wants to cash in on the wave started by the Richard Spencers et a.l PBUH.

    For some reason this site’s donation function is essentially hidden (WHY?!?!?). If you’d like to help support all of the time and hard work that goes into this site, you’ll first have to click on ‘Altright Plus’ at the top of this page. The ‘Plus’ content appears to be on hold at the moment? You can still donate though.

    *I plan to post these PSA’s regularly until the ‘donation’ feature is made very obvious on this site. You can expect there always to be some nasty, cantankerous replies from ‘Nova Moronium.’ He is an antagonistic old loon – of highly dubious allegiance – and I refuse to waste any more time in responding to him (I’m not going to even read his BS comments from this point on). ‘Nova Moronium’ has made it very clear in his very recent posts that he doesn’t approve of the guys of receiving ANY financial funding. He is free to take his petty, whiny grievances up with the admins. Thanks.

    • Hold up a second whitey. So you be saying that we wuz donators N’ shieeeeet ?!
      Why should we give our shekels to these fine gentlemen ?
      Conte is gay ( for real ) and spency is married to a wahman of dubious genetics.

      • How the hell are you still here??? You posted 6-7 nude pics of various dimepieces… (Thank you by the way)…seriously though what in the world is going on with this comments section?? I think people believe the Alright is collapsing simply because of the godforsaken comment sections on this website. It’s time this comment section get cracked down on, fascist-style. Admins if you need help moderating, some of us (sane people) are very willing to help.

        • I posted art depicting the delicate beauty of the Aryan woman. Where did you see anything bad ? It’s not like porn.
          I’ll only leave once I get bored.

          • I loved and appreciated each and every one of those pictures, but posting them here should result in a permanent IP ban. I can’t believe you’re allowed to do what you do here. And they have not even banned your username.

            I’m going to help you get bored by NOT responding to or otherwise humoring your bullshit from here on out. Others need to do the same. Bye bye, Shithead..

          • Even if I get IP banned I can change my IP in less than 3 minutes or even use a proxy or torrent etc.
            Can get rid of a mongrel ! By the way I have a full digital library of the same quality if you want more Contact me shithead.

          • Can’t *
            Oh and for your information the last picture…the girl is fourteen so…do I send the cops now or ?
            You sound like an autistic feminism wahman wanting to ban people. First amendment dude !

          • First off, the woman at the bottom was fully clothed and was at least 20. Second off, you cannot use a TORRENT TO CHANGE YOUR IP ADDRESS. Lmao. Proxy or VPN, that’s basically it unless you’re a wizard on the level of Weev himself.

            I’m not censoring free speech. I don’t appreciate you ragging on Greg and Richard personal life. Greg is not gay – I know that for a fact because he dated a girl who was an aquitance of a friend of my ex-girlfriend. Spencer’s wife is Russian. Have you ever met a Russian woman? They range in hair from very blonde to very dark and many of them are almost Asiatic looking.

            If you disagree with Greg and Richards politics, fine, let’s hear it. But keep their personal business out of it. It’s a matter of respect and basic decency. You’re not converting anyone to liberalism by harrassing people on this site.

          • So you ended up responding huh ? Can’t even keep a commitment…
            Richard himself in a video said that Greg definitely wouldn’t be marrying a “woman” ( what can they mean ? ) He didn’t say that Greg wouldn’t marry no he said that he won’t marry a WOMAN. Spency’s wife definitely has Chechen blood.
            Civility is a white thing. Why should I be oppressed into living your way ?
            Clearly the white man still hasn’t stopped trying to control others. The EVIL white male invaded my nation and colonized it. The French for example killed millions and stayed here 132 years. Stealing resources and stuff. And you’re telling me I cannot attack Greg and Spency on their life choices ?!
            By the way of course she was fully clothed ( well like a hoe ) but no bro she IS underage I can confirm it.

          • He’s really not a liberal. He’s like an Anarcho-Primitivist/Survival of the Fittest type. He’s an interesting guy tbh, even though i disagree with a lot of what he says. He should be moderated when he starts sperging out or posting porn though.

          • It wasn’t porn it was ART depicting the delicate and refined beauty of the Aryan woman.

          • Personally I don’t get triggered by the female form. When you start sperging out on some 18 year old French girl and blaming her for the ills of the modern world is where I draw the line

          • But Dude she voted le pen. And is fleeing her country and asking men to defend her. And she’s French. Like come on can’t you see her hypocrisy ? And she insulted me first on fb when all I did was tell her that fleeing was like giving the Muslims the keys to her home.

          • Le Pen was a better choice then Macroon. Ultimately I think Vargs right, but most people aren’t hardened Vargtards like you and I. You’re just bitter cuz the French colonized your country.

          • Yes I’m SO angry that the French stole my Biscuit when I was a kid !
            Dude I was born decades after the independence. I spent my life in a French school. And have family living there. And SNIGGA ODINSON living there too.
            Most people are degenerates low-life scum who don’t deserve to exist if they can’t figure out simple red pill life truths on their own. It’s a personal journey. I didn’t even k ow varg from his Black metal days personally I just discovered him cause I was searching for that kind of content. People who need help to get red pilled don’t deserve it.

          • Most people are sheep. Their not bad people, but their weak and they need to be led. Just because I don’t respect the multitude, doesn’t mean I don’t care about them, or want to see them do better than they are. I’m not a misanthrope.

            I discovered Varg through his music when I was still in High School and he was still in Prison. I thought he was a total Nazi back then, and I was still very much an Anarchist, but I liked his music. It was only years later, when he started the youtube channel, that I really paid attention to his worldview and ideas and found I agreed with most of it. People evolve. Just because they are ignorant now doesn’t mean they can’t learn. It’s the people who know the truth and still do bad that I have no sympathy for (and this is an extreme minority.)

          • I get your point but personally I HATE blue pilled people sheep or whatever you call them. If someone is too dumb to see the REAL world then they deserve to suffer.
            But yeah perhaps some will change someday I just don’t know how they can i myself was never a leftist and was always an anarcho primitivist I never had to change to be on the “woke” side.

          • I was more of a Post-Left Anarchist. I was always anti-Marxist. The only real difference between me then and now is I’m not anti-authoritarian as an absolute, though I still hate illegitmate authority figures, and I’m a lot more racially conscious now. My worldview evolved naturally due to learning new things, having new life experiences, and changing circumstances.

          • The only authoritarianism that I can accept is the one where I I’m the Dictator.

            People who die in conflicts that aren’t theirs didn’t deserve to be born in the first place.

            All losses in life are due to a lack of ability.

            Let them run fly and die for they are men and are free to do as they wish !

          • Fag…..

            If you know Greg and Richard……..

            Then, get me Banned…….

            I’ll be Waiting……

            What’s the Timeline on that??


            Pathetic Fag…….

          • I’m not going to engage anymore, these comment wars are what’s killing this site. Like I said, if you are against white nationalism or nationalism or whatever, lay out your arguments against it. Just dont bring peoples family into it – that is low-down dirty scoundrelry.

          • I’m pro racialism and regionalism as well as tribalism. Primitivism and environmentalism. If there is a movement willing to support these then I’ll shield it with my body. The alternative right clearly isn’t so I won’t support it. They believe in countries which are artificial constructs imaginary lines on a map. They want LEGAL immigration instead of none.they want capitalism instead of protecting the environment and caring for one’s tribe. They want war instead of isolationism.
            What family did I bring up ? Spency’s wife ? She’s already out there since she married him and made videos she already accepted being public and not left alone so it’s fair game.

          • STFU, Schizo…….

            You want to be taken Seriously??….

            We’ll see how long you last in this Quadrant……

        • I’m pretty sure it’s literally impossible to get banned from commenting here tbh. I’d ban From Oldenberg and Hipster Racist before NA also tbh.

          • Denis is our top shitlord. Anybody who has a problem with Denis, has a problem with me and the native born white american working class.

          • Denis lives in a fantasy he thinks he can send America back to 1800. He’s delusional and need serious help. I think he’s a basement dweller smoking pot while telling his mom that he can’t get a job because of the Chinese guys in town.

          • The Chankz don’t move to the land of opportunity for a chance at a better life. They come here rich as fuck already and push the native born white americans out of the housing market and labour market. Their literally colonizing the whole world right now and most people are too distracted with the Muzzies and black crime to even notice it. The Chinese problem is one of the biggest problems. Second only to the Jewish problem. Bring back the Chinese Exclusion Act to save the NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS.

          • Can’t do that America is owing TRILLIONS to China. And the Chinese own a shit ton of industries.
            America would be a shithole if china asked for its money of took back it’s companies which employ many whites.

          • Yeah they steal our white collar jobs and give us shit tier minimum wage temp jobs, with no benefits, job security or hope for advancement.

            Basically get used to living 15 to a shoebox the way poor people in China do, because that’s the future you have to look forward to.

          • I agree most of the time with you but you can’t say that they stole anything really.
            That’s how a capitalist society works. If Ren Xi Qian. Does a better job that you or cheaper he gets the job. If he has money it’s his right to buy the business and employ his cousin.
            White countries have lost race team work due to greed.
            And now you pay. It’s just natural law. If you don’t care about your follow White’s ability to feed himself then don’t ask why the country isn’t white anymore.
            Capitalism and Communism are the same. That’s why Jews pushes both.

          • Yes, the boomers dropped the ball and now like Sysyphus us millenials have to push the boulder up the mountain. On top of that we have to carry Ching Chong and his 5 cousins up the mountain as well on a rickshaw. Clearly before that boulder gets to the top of the mountain we gotta get the Chankz off our backs.

          • ” Ching Chong and his 5 cousins” hilarious !???
            I love Chinese drama/romantic series same for Korean one’s but I’ll admit they’re eating the market like crazy.

          • Hong Kong Cat III movies are the shit tbh. The Story of Riki-oh is one of the greatest films of all time.

          • Don’t know why Asians are so good at entertainment. Let’s not Even talk about Japanese manga and anime.

          • I’ve never been into Anime. Kurosawa is one of the greatest film makers of all time though alongside Fellini, Bunuel and Tarkovsky.

          • FO’s only redeeming qualities are those old weird old Germanic sayings he uses: “You’re as useless as a fly on the pyre,” “Even the dog behind the stove knows…”, etc. He makes me laugh and he’s crazier than a shithouse rat, but yeah he’s gotta go. All these shitbirds have got to go.

        • The liberals said that regime change begins at home, I say that authoritarian law and order starts in the comments section. Dennis initially annoyed me but he’s grown on me like moss on a tree, he’s so tame compared to the newcomers.

      • My theory on “North African” being a troll infiltrator gets stronger every time this dunce posts.

          • So you remember my statement on being a citizen of both Mexico and America. You get a cookie.

          • My attraction for Gothic culture is rooted more in their macabre films and literature than in the music. Plus, Gothic women are sexy.

          • I’m a Agnostic-Pagan. Cuckstianity is shit but it’s still too good for you.

          • Same ways. I do like the music too though. On Spotify every Goth Rock, Post-Punk, EBM etc. band is always most listened to in Mexico City. Just wondering what the attraction was.

          • It is impossible for me to be an infiltrator because I do not pretend to be sympathetic. I am straightforward in my hatred of the Alt-Right. You on the other hand contradict yourself from one thread to the next.

          • Wrong bitchy. I like the idea not the movement. I support some actions not all.
            So if one isn’t a sheep then he contradicts himself ?

          • The contradictions are when you say you oppose the Alt-Right to regular posters, but then pretend to be a spokesperson to new members. And no, I do not actually think you’re an infiltrator. But it’s funny how you cause more chaos on this site than I do…despite your stated support of “the idea.”

          • I do oppose the Alternative Right cause it’s a failure.
            Where did I say I’m a spokesman to anyone ? I’m a guest not even a +member.
            I cause chaos in the faint hearts only.

          • If he was trying to infiltrate he probably wouldn’t be so upfront about being non-white. He doesn’t claim to be Alt-Right, he just comes here to bantz, same as you, same as me.

    • This is a Strictly Heterosexual Movement……..

      I know that Hurts You……

      You can take that up with Admin if you’d like……..


      • You always sound so childish and dumb with your “Ha !” Go fight Grady bunch 1 v 1 like a real man.

        • Why is it that faggots like you and Gothic Joe are the most prominent commentators in these threads?

  • The White race is the wellspring of Western Civilization and the keystone of its maintenance.

    But White peoples are being genocided by Semitic peoples, largely by the Jews. This process, working by subversion, is comparatively peaceful at first (soft genocide preps for hard genocide).

    Peterson’s entire point is, “We must keep the peace. We must keep the bourgeois world going, because the alternative is hell.” But the civilized existence he claims to value is being eaten out from under him; there is no peace. We have been in an undeclared war for a long time (see Professor Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy on the Jews, esp. _The Culture of Critique_ and especially see Solzhenitsyn’s _Two Hundred Years Together_).

    The breakers of the peace are the aggressors, not the people who stand up for themselves against the aggressors.

    Peterson says, Just let us take everything and erase you. We won’t become violent (like we have many times in the past) unless you resist us. Why would you want to make trouble and risk losing everything? (Which we are going to lose anyway, and very violently in the end, if we *don’t* resist — see S. Africa.)

    And then there is the sneering pathologizing: You only oppose us because you have mental problems; you’ve achieved nothing in life, your room isn’t clean! You’re mentally and morally sick if you stand up for yourself against us! Perhaps you should take meds. In any case, the cure for your sickness is to keep your nose on the grindstone and don’t look up, don’t concern yourself with politics, don’t see what we’re doing. If you wake up, it will be hell on Earth, and you will be the one to blame for it.

    Is there anything good about Peterson’s project? In full context, how could there be?

  • Peterson is behaving like a spoilt princess (with the voice to match). His work has no intrinsic value and he has done absolutely nothing to merit his position in an institution he hasn’t built himself AND YET he believes he can be the spokesman for self-enterprising western men. He’s a pathetic and shallow pseudo-intellectual and ought to be lumped in with marxist and globalist figures because in the end that’s what he is.

  • Why waste time on IQ psychometrics….The genocidal threat to our People is real….Peterson is afraid of a White Race Revolt….I don’t care that Jordy is afraid…..

    I am opposed to the IQ testing of Native Born White American Children….because it tracks them into canon fodder careers for the Oligarch Empire……This is the how Invade the World…Invite the World game works….the use of White teenage canon fodder….

    • You’re afraid of showing the world your lower IQ ? Which you did already, Always commenting the same thing on the HNBWWCA.
      Don’t worry bucko my 120 IQ will probably pass down to my future children which I’ll have with a white wahmen.

    • And this is why the interaction of IQ tests and Asian Legal Immigrants is so lethal to Native Born White American Working Class Youth…..for an America that is 90 percent Native Born White American with 0 Asians would mean that America would be forced to tap into the Native Born White American Working Class Youth to meet the scientific and engineering needs of America….they would be too precious to track into the canon fodder track if America had to turn inward to meets it’s labor needs…….

      What I have written above is how Jordy Peterson should be attacked….for Peterson’s hyperindividualism is extremely hostile to such obvious notions as “looking after and developing our own kind”….

      • So you’re a communist ?
        It’s only normal for a business to want the best and cheapest. Who cares if they’re from another country ?
        Go live in china then you commie.

        • No women is going to want you, “North African.” You’re ugly on the inside and you smell like sulfur.

          • I’m handsome both in and out.
            I smell well and I’ve already had many girlfriends here I’m talking about a wife.
            Go back to your basement you hairless rat.

          • “I’m handsome both inside and out,”

            Whatever you say, handsome man. ROFL!!! 😛 😉

            P.S. Not.

  • Peterson lied. His entire fame revolves around the transgender lie. The Alferd C. Kinsey scandal should have ended that a long time ago. The man made it all up even the term circle jerk came from Kinsey. His research was all faked. Peterson has to know this and to say suicides ended the madness in the west is a lie. the day it all broke the reassignment clinics ended.
    He could have ended C-16 if he had been honest.

  • @23:00 YES! Finally someone speaks the truth on the culinary arts. Cooking is MASCULINE you beta faggots.

    • To the HOMOs downvoting me, in the podcast Peter Gast rightly points out that the worlds top chefs are overwhelmingly male. If more American males knew how to cook for themselves, they wouldn’t be so dependent on eating processed shit, and there would be less disgusting fat fucks around. Cooking is fun. Eating good food is fun. Whats wrong with you people?

      • Here we kill then skin + clean and finally cook a sheep every year.

        Killing an animal every year with just a knife feeling the physical contact and having to overpower it ( we cut the ropes holding it before the killing ) and finally eating that juicy meat after cleaning your property from the blood left by is corpse, damn those it make you a predator.
        Food Tastes even better.
        Some kill a cow or even a camel if they live close to the desert.

        While the average white boy grows up sweltered from the real world and eats processed food.

  • It’s really a sign of our times constituting a terrible dark age when an intellectual lightweight and manipulative hypocrite like this JP can be regarded as a thinker to follow. What’s wrong with people? An effeminate psychologist trying (alas, I guess he’s not only trying, but succeeding too) to deceive people with pseudo science and data taken out of thin air?

    JP is nothing but damage control for the (((post-modernist))) establishment. He’s got nothing new or meaningful to offer.

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