The New Frontier in Censorship

We all will surely remember “Hope Not Hate” and its guileless, perfectly even-handed investigation into the Alt Right of last year, carried out by a young paragon of virile candor named Patrik Hermansson. Alas, but poor Patrik, despite wasting an entire year play-acting in some of the major circles of the True Right, was unable to unearth anything whatever about them that cannot be readily found on their public websites—and Hope Note Hate was reduced to manipulating the scanty material brave Patrik brought home, to rather underwhelming results.

Little has been heard from our friends over at HNH since then, and one might have hoped that, following this embarrassing failure at espionage, they had retracted into the shadows whence they emanated. But an announcement four days ago from their chief executive entitled “Retailers Quietly Remove Hate Material from Sites” reveals otherwise.

It seems the tireless do-gooders at HNH have been petitioning various booksellers, including Amazon, to “remove from their websites some of the most extreme and dangerous nazi, racist and Holocaust denial literature ever published in the English language.” The article boasts that the HNH campaign “has resulted in 84 … books being removed from the websites of WHSmith and Foyles” (two major UK booksellers), putting HNH at the proud forefront of today’s rash of literary censorship.

This is the new frontier in the wave of censorship which began to form with last year’s evidently coordinated attacks against the Right on the part of Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, etc. etc. Just recently, Amazon US has stopped selling physical copies of all those works of Alexander Dugin published by Arktos Media. (The Kindle edition, oddly, remains, as does a handful of exorbitantly priced hard copies; the titles also continue to be available from Amazon UK.) Obviously, no warning of this, not to speak of an explanation for it, has been forthcoming from Amazon. We cannot say with certainty that this “quiet removal” of our books has anything to do with HNH’s campaign—but neither can we be certain that it does not.

Be that as it may, HNH has a great many other titles in its sights, and among them, many published by Arktos. As true proponents of the freedom of ideas in our day, neither Arktos nor can let this stand unchallenged.

HNH’s Index of Banishable Books

HNH’s Index. The New Inquisition is about its holy work.

Let us begin with the “most extreme and dangerous nazi, racist and Holocaust denial literature ever published in the English language.” That is racy; one is almost eager to see what our intrepid friends at HNH have discovered in their quest to eradicate evil from the digital bookshelf.

Fortunately, they have compiled a helpful list. They note that this list is far from comprehensive: we can take it, then, as a selection of but the most indisputably heinous of the “huge quantities of extreme hate content” they claim to have identified in these naughty booksellers. HNH targets, among others, the following icons of unbridled and rabid misanthropy: Alain de Benoist, Julius Evola, Markus Willinger, Kevin MacDonald, Greg Johnson, and Tomislav Sunić.

To anyone who has read these authors (clearly, no one at HNH has ever fallen into such temptation), the idea that any of them are motivated by hatred is simply laughable. To be sure, they may very well be wrong on any number of points; no one denies this, not even the authors themselves. But if error is an index of hatred, every human being alive must be as a gushing fount of loathing.

To say it again, this list presents only a fragment of those titles which HNH would like to see removed from major booksellers, and thereby driven to the dark peripheries of the literary world. We are evidently to take it on faith that any further names added to this list by HNH’s “Right Response Team” will be chosen for the best of reasons—but as we have just seen, even the short list itself utterly gives that idea the lie.

Since HNH claims to be acting on behalf of the public welfare, and since it has already enjoyed some degree of success in its irrational campaign, the public is certainly justified in asking how it goes about making its determinations as to what constitutes “hate speech.” Let us see if HNH can defend itself.

HNH’s Argument for Deplatforming

It is obvious that clear and objective standards need to be defined before one can even begin to formulate an apt judgement on the “hatred” of a single book, not to speak of an author entire. HNH not only does not provide anything of the sort, but it evidently has no intention of doing so. We have not the faintest idea why it puts Tomislav Sunić on the same list as Arnold Leese. HNH evidently prefers to follow the convenient path laid down by the ADL and the SPLC, delivering arbitrary “authoritative” judgements on men, ideas, and associations without ever so much as hinting at what criteria it might be using to produce them.

Though HNH nowhere indicates any standards or criteria for identifying “nazi, racist and Holocaust denial literature,” it does provide two arguments in defense of its desire to ban this kind of literature from major sellers: first, “that major mainstream book sellers … should not profit from extreme hate content such as this”; second, “that these extreme books and authors gain respectability by virtue of their publications being available on the websites of trusted and mainstream sellers.”

To begin with the second argument, HNH claims that the presence of a given book, say, on Amazon, gives that book’s contents a certain respectability in the popular regard. We evidently must conclude then that self-destructive and indiscriminate drug use, the deliberate employment of violence against political adversaries, the forcible overthrow of the state, Islamicist anti-Westernism and antisemitism, uxoricide—we could go on—have all “gained respectability” thanks to the presence on Amazon of specific titles. Is HNH prepared to do something about any of this, I wonder?

If the overall argument is simply that respectable booksellers should restrict themselves to selling respectable material—very well, there is something to be said for this. But one must be consistent here: one must recognize that the entire book market, on Amazon or wherever else you please, has become a mephitic sewer in desperate need of radical cleansing—and one must campaign accordingly. Until HNH is prepared to place The Communist Manifesto beside The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as examples of “dangerous books,” “moral degeneracy” amidst its other three lists, and the Far Left beside the “Far Right” as  categories of “extremism,” its campaign will never be anything other than an instance of wretched, dogmatic, and hypocritical partisanship—as indeed the entire organization has always been.

Note Regarding “Hate”

Mountain climbing? Evidently an example of “extreme hate.” Any HNH member will have no trouble spotting the mountain Nazis in this photograph, for instance.

Just a few of the book titles indicted on HNH’s hit-list: de Benoist’s Indo-Europeans, Willinger’s A Europe of Nations, and Evola’s Meditations on the Peaks: Mountain Climbing as Metaphor for the Spiritual Quest. When works like these are offered as examples of “extreme hate content,” it is clear that all objective standards have flown out the window.

In light of HNH’s failure to provide a definition of the “extreme hate” they are so ready to denounce and even to censor, we must assume they are incapable of articulating such a definition. Let us then, as the magnanimous souls we are, come swift to their aid: concretely speaking, an act of extreme hate can be defined as any act motivated by an impassioned and unreasoned animus against certain men or ideas—animus so powerful that it seizes hold of one’s rationality, leading one blindly to commit injuries or injustices against the men or ideas in question, without first attempting to understand them in even the most superficial of ways.

Given this, we can safely conclude that Hope Not Hate is a much more dangerous purveyor of hate, than the better part of the authors it would smother.

John Bruce Leonard
John Bruce Leonard, Editor-in-Chief of Arktos, studied philosophy, letters, and languages in a university curriculum based exclusively on the great books of the Western Tradition. After taking his degree in Liberal Arts he moved permanently to Italy, where he nourishes his ever-living preoccupation with the heritage and the future of Europe.


  • There is no debauchery worse than THOUGHT.
    This wantonness is rampart like a wind-blown weed
    on a bed reserved for begonias.

    For those who THINK, nothing is SACRED.
    Brazenly calling everything by NAME,
    perverse analyses, meretricious syntheses,
    wild and dissolute pursuit of naked FACTS,
    lustful petting of SENSITIVE subjects,
    spawning ground of opinions – that’s just what they’re after.

    On a clear day, under cover of darkness,
    they consort in pairs, triangles and rings.
    No constraint on age or sex of partners.
    Friends CORRUPT friends.
    Degenerate daughters deprave their fathers.
    Their eyes gleam, their cheeks glow.
    A brother pimps for his younger sister.

    They prefer the fruit
    of the FORBBIDEN tree of KNOWLEDGE
    to pink boobs in illustrated mags –
    that essentially simple-minded pornography.
    The BOOKS that divert them have no pictures,
    their sole pleasure are SPECIAL SENTENCES
    scored with thumbnail or crayon.

    In what shocking positions
    with what licentious simplicity
    mind can IMPREGNATE mind!
    Positions unknown even to the Kama Sutra.
    During these trysts only tea is steaming.
    People sit on chairs, move their lips.
    Each crosses his own legs.
    So one foot touches the floor,
    the other swings FREE.
    But occasionally someone gets up,
    goes to the window
    and through a chink in the curtains
    watches the street…

    Wislawa Szymborska (trans. A.Czerniawski)

  • So I know our freedom of speech has been taken away and now it looks like the disease known as ‘vibrant multiculturism’ is about to commence burning books.

  • We need to point out explicitly that if we replace the word “hate” with “truth” in this anti-white propaganda, we can see the real agenda here.

    Ironically the enemies of the Enlightenment in 18th Century France condemned and burned the philosophes’ writings against monarchy and the church as their equivalent of today’s “hate speech”; they tried to dox these writers (who had to publish under pseudonyms); they censored the Enlightenment’s educational projects that had gotten out of their control like the Encyclopédie; and they even threatened these writers and activists with prison and execution for speaking their minds.

    A generation later a popular uprising in France, inspired by this very Enlightenment, overthrew the French elites and sent King Louis XVI to the guillotine.

    The atavistic propagandists for the Enlightenment in our time – for example, that meretricious pseudo-intellectual (((Steven Pinker))) – who have targeted white nationalists for this kind of persecution should keep in mind that they could wind up on “the wrong side of history” themselves. We have the moral upper hand because we promote a kind of pro-white humanism, which has a vision of human flourishing and the good life in line with the humanist tradition, but oriented towards white people’s interests.

  • When it comes to ‘hate speech’ and censorship, it is no longer enough for White National Liberationists to play defense.

    Use Judo against Judea. In Judo, you use the force of your enemy against your enemy. If he pushes, you pull and pivot. If he pulls, you push and pivot. And it is time the Alt Right began a campaign to shut down Hate Speech of the Globalists, Homomaniacs, Afro-supremacists, self-hating white cuck collaborators, pornographers, and the Empire of Judea(EOJ), the most powerful power in the world.

    If the GLOB(globalist supremacists) want to talk about HATE SPEECH, okay, we are game. Let us wage war on Hate Speech. Let us ban Hate Speech. And let the Alt Right lead the movement to identify and shut down globalist hate. The GLOB wants to burn our books? We should call out to burn their books, magazines, documents, CD’s and idols.

    As for organizations like Hope-Not-Hate and dorks like Patrick Hermansson, they practice something worse than Hate Speech. They indulge in Craven Speech, Cowardly Speech, Cuck Speech, Programmed Speech(as brainwashed useful idiots), Paid Speech or Bought Speech(as opportunistic shabbos goy water-carriers of EOJ), Submissive Speech(as they worship globalists as gods), Permitted Speech(as they dare not step outside the perimeters of what is allowed by the globalist Empire of Judea), and Fake Speech(of the Jew-run Big Media that spread lies about WMD to destroy Iraq, lies about Gaddafi to destroy Libya, lies about Ukraine to pull off a coup using Neo-Nazi paramilitary, lies about Russia to paralyze working relations between US and Russia under Trump),and lies about Alt Right to keep people in the dark about the supremacism of EOJ.

    Alt Right needs to define Hate Speech in its own way. It must expose the GLOB as the biggest promoter of Hate Speech. So, what kind of Hate Speech is promoted by the GLOB?

    1. Black Hate Speech, esp via Rap. Rap music is mostly about bad attitude, arrogance, thuggery, contempt for the weak, and exultation of violence. Rap spread pathological gangsta culture, and this encouraged gang battles that killed so many black males whose entire culture revolves around imitating rap thugs glorified by the Jew-run Music Industry. By peddling such hateful filth, Jewish moguls and black scum like Jay-Z raked in billions of dollars. Rap also created this image of women as ‘bitchass hos’ whose worth is measured by ‘twerking’ butts than hearts and minds. Jews bitch about gun violence, but the hate speech of Rap that they promoted encouraged gun violence and thuggery in the black community.

    Alt Right must start a movement(even if a mock-movement) called Heal-Not-Hate, and it should target Jewish moguls who enriched themselves by spreading this ugly and murderous culture of Rap thuggery. Indeed, Jewish moguls and black rappers should be tried in courts for the deaths of literally tens of thousands of people who were attacked or murdered by black males infected with rabid rap attitude. And it’s time we had Rap Demolition(like Disco Demolition by Steve Dahl).

    2. Cuck Self-Hate Speech. No hatred is uglier than self-hatred. And the Self-Hate Speech of white cucks is ugly and demented as well as pitiful and pathetic. Cuck speech is craven speech and cowardly speech. It is the Castrated Speech of the gelded and gagged. If Jewish babies are circumcised from birth, white gentile babies are castrated from birth by Jewish PC doctors. And white parents have been made to feel that such procedures are necessary lest their kids grow up to be, oh my god, ‘racist’! Patrick Hermansson(or Hermaphroditesson) is that kind of white boy cuck. He is a craven cowardly cucky-wuck castrato whose has no independent and autonomous self-worth. He feels justified ONLY WHEN he serves the EOJ, or Empire of Judea. Alt Right is more like wolves that have self-worth independent of human masters. But tamed and domesticated Hermansson can feel self-worth only by pleading for approval from his Jewish masters. He’s a teacher’s pet. People like him are dime-a-dozen because today’s schools are less institutions of critical thinking than obedience schools where trained dogs(PC commissars) teach pathetic pups like Hermansson who’ve been neutered to boot.

    Anyway, Cucky-wuck self-hate speech is ugly and demented. Individuals who hate their own people(and target members of their own race who are trying to defend and secure the land, culture, and memory of their ancestors) are worthless scum. Hermansson’s self-hate is a form of racial suicide, a form of self-murder. When a nation comes under the influence of people like Hermansson whose entire lives are devoted to seeking approval from EOJ, it is doomed unless it wakes up and breaks free of such culture of self-hatred. There is no place for Self-Hate Speech in the West. People like Hermansson must be gagged and shut down because self-hatred that leads to the demise of a people is not tolerable.

    3. We must wage war on the Degrading Speech and Expression of Pornography. If it isn’t possible to ban pornography, Alt Right must lead a movement to make sure it is only accessible to adults on the internet. Alt Right must expose Pornography as Jewish War on Whites and Women. Jewish-controlled Pornography features mostly white women as ‘cumbuckets’ and ‘sex meat’. If sicko post-Muslim men ‘groom’ and exploit white girls in the UK, Jewish Semites use Pornography as their own form of White Slavery. With the degradation of white family, collapse of the white working class, decline of white male pride, and degeneration of white morals(mostly due to economic and cultural policies pushed by EOJ), a lot of white girls have no prospects but to work in sex industry controlled by Jews. These Jews see white women not as human beings but as pieces of meat to pass around from men to men. Also, Jews use pornography as black supremacist contempt-expression against white men. Jews promote black males as superior men who should conquer white pooters while white men are reduced to cucky-wuck maggoty dorks. Pornography in the US is essentially Jewish Hate Expression against white women and white men. It is used as a hateful wedge to divide white men and white women who are encouraged to go with ‘groids’.

    4. Globalist Speech is Hate Speech on a worldwide scale. It spews hatred against national identity, national sovereignty, national independence, cultural integrity, ethnic continuity, and patriotism. If a people want to preserve their own borders, identity, and heritage from globalist imperialists, pornographers, and dope-pushers, then the GLOB propaganda machine(paid for by EOJ)kicks into gear and demeans the patriots as ‘far right extremists’. Globalism is neo-imperialist Hate Speech against patriotism in favor of parasitism, mostly that of Jews who seek to weaken gentile nationalism all around the world to infiltrate, infect, and take over goy systems, especially in wealthy Western nations.
    GLOB’s hate speech mocks and impugns Hungary’s right to survive as Hungary and Poland’s right to remain as Poland. Incredibly, GLOB’s haters project their hatred onto patriots whose ONLY WISH is to defend their nations from mass-invasion and replacement.

    In order to defend national sovereignty, integrity, and independence, we must wage war on Globalist Hate Speech as an insult to the human right of a people to secure their survival on the land of their ancestors.
    All of Soros’ organizations must be shut down, as they are being banned one-by-one in Hungary. Globalism is a hateful virus that seeks to infiltrate all gentile systems and alter the core code to embrace self-hate and welcome mass-invasion to replace the native population. Such vile hatred is sold as ‘hope’, which is like selling meth as vitamins. Alt Right must spearhead a movement against GLOB hate speech. It’s no longer sufficient for the Alt Right to just play defense in protection of Free Speech. Alt Right must grab the mantle of ‘hate speech’ from its enemies and demand the shut down of black rap hatred, Jewish pornographic hatred, and globalist hatred against patriotism and national independence.

    Also, Alt Right must denounce Jingoist Hate Speech of the US military-industrial complex. It will shame the pro-deep-state and pro-militarist Left(and show that the Alt Right is no stooge of warmongering Judeo-Nazis around Trump). Imperialist Hate Speech of the military-industrial complex is full of contempt and based on the globalist-supremacist notion of American ‘exceptionalism’ that says the US has some divine right to destroy any nation to serve Israeli Supremacism. It is predicated on the hateful and supermacist notion that Jewish lives are more precious than gentile lives. So, the US exists to fight Wars for Israel and sacrifice goy lives in the service of Jewish interests.
    Alt Right should start by calling America’s so-called National Defense as ‘Global Offense’, because the US is the invasive power that forces other nations to be ‘inclusive’ in allowing US interventions.

    5. Alt Right must also expose Globalism as essentially a weapon of EOJ. After all, while globalist hate speech wages war on gentile nations(especially white and white-majority ones), it defends the national sovereignty of Israel and its right to remain a Jewish state. In contrast, globalism heaps abuse on Hungary and Poland even though their nationalism is milder than that of Israel. Worse, whereas Hungarians and Poles only seek security and independence within their respective national territories, Israel isn’t merely nationalist but in imperialist mode and is on the cusp of annexing the West Bank. Also, Israel, in cahoots with Western nations(all vassals of the Empire of Judea), has perpetuated Wars for Israel all across the Middle East and North Africa. Hundreds of thousands of people have died, many more have been maimed, and millions have been displaced from their homes. Jewish Globalists are often called Neocons but it’s more accurate to call them Judeo-Nazis. If generic ‘Nazism’ means imperialism, supremacism, mass-murder, outrageous use of propaganda, hateful hysteria, paranoid worldview, and endless wars, then it’s the Jewish globalists and Zionists who are closet to the generic definition of the Ur-Nazi. Therefore, Jewish Globalist Power is essentially Judeo-Nazism.

    If Zionism was only about Jewish national sovereignty in Israel, it’d be doable and morally justifiable. But in fact, it is in imperialist and supremacist mode. It still occupies West Bank and uses apartheid policies against Palestinians who continue to lose more land and are replaced by Jewish ‘settlements’. What Jews are doing to West Bank is a mere microcosm of what they are doing to the West in general. The first CAMP OF SAINTS was the creation of Israel. Initially, just a few Jews trickled in as investors, immigrants, and refugees, but then, they just kept coming and coming and replaced the native Palestinian population. So, Richard Spencer is only half-right when he says Alt Right is Zionism for whites. Alt Right is also Palestinian National Liberationist Resistance against Jewish-Zionist globo-supremacist hate.

    Alt Right is critical of Jewish Power but then tries to flatter Jews and win their approval by comparing its goals with those of Jews. It is about time Alt Right supported BDS and called for shut down of Zionist Hate Speech. Zionism is hate speech against Palestinian human rights, Palestinian national self-determination, Palestinian independence, and Palestinian HOPE of freedom from Jewish supremacist imperialism.

    Alt Right must call for all hateful Zionist voices to be banned and deplatformed. Alt Right must expose Paypal, Google, and Facebook owners and managers as hateful Zionists who work with Israeli Zionist imperialists in the oppression, murder, and dehumanization of Palestinians. Alt Right must expose Zionist books on Amazon, call for having them banned & burned, and call for a march against Zionist hate speech in media, academia, and government(and even from the mouth of Donald Trump that spews obscene lies about Iran and Palestinians in service to Zionist haters). Alt Right must call out on AIPAC as a hate organization that pressures the US to support Zionist imperialist oppression of Palestinians and Zionist war on Iran, a nation that has no nukes(while Israel, which doesn’t allow inspections, has 300 nukes and even gave nuclear secrets to South Africa during Apartheid years).

    6. Alt Right must call for the banning of radical feminist speech. Ever since Jews took hold of feminism, it became a man-hating ideology for many crazed bitches. The first feminist movement was not anti-male. It was affirmative of the women’s role in society. First feminism, led and defined by white Christian women, wanted to spread the message that women, in their own sphere, are just as essential as the men. It called for respect for women and what they do. Unlike non-white civilizations that just saw women as servants or property, the Western World came to value women as full human beings in their own right.
    And this concept of feminism also informed communism. Communism, for all its problems, was not anti-male. When Mao said “Women hold up half the sky”, he meant that women should be appreciated as comrades and partners of men in the struggle of history. It didn’t mean women should hate men or there should be a battle of the sexes.

    But then, Jewish hags set off the New Feminism in the 60s. Betty Friedan said being a wife-at-home was like the Holocaust. Instead of affirming the role of women in society, the new feminism pretended that women around the world constituted an independent identity of sisterhood, an idea as ridiculous as one that might say men on their own constitute some autonomous identity. No, men and women form a whole only as a unity. While bunch of guys may have fun together, they can’t have a meaningful home life living as roommates forever. Each must find a woman, settle down, and raise a family. The original feminism was pro-familist but the second wave Jewish feminism was anti-familist. It grew ugly and hateful. Instead of seeing men as partners in life, it just regarded men as commodities like shoes and hats. So, the purpose of life is for women to take jobs from men, spend all the money on themselves by jumping from sack to sack with various men, and then be a single mother by getting sperm from a man who isn’t expected to stick around to raise the kid. Men are, at best, consumer products.
    Also, even though radical feminism pretended to be socialist, it soon turned into elitist-corporatism as Jewish women took jobs from men and made big bucks in various industries. Feminism is now essentially an elitist and contemptuous ideology of rich women who want the best of everything for themselves.

    7. Homomaniac Speech is hate speech that desecrates nature, morality, religion, tradition, and decency. Homomaniac speech says that a homo man’s anus is just as much a sexual organ as his mother’s vagina that birthed him. Such speech is hateful not only to the science of nature but morality of family. Name a single life that squeezed out of a homo man’s anus? Yet, homomaniacs insist that a homo’s anus is just as much a sex organ as are real sex organs. Homos also smear sacred symbols with their demented vanity. The rainbow is a sacred image in many cultures, but homos would have us believe that it is about homo fecal penetration or tranny going to a doctor to have his penis and balls mutilated. Worse, these arrogant and contemptuous homos, with the backing of Jewish law firms, sue and destroy Christian bakers who won’t consent to moral perversion and they festoon churches with homo colors and symbols. Homomania is truly ugly, demented, arrogant, and hateful of nature, normality, and sanity. It’d be like Incest-sexuals forcing us to accept ‘same-family marriage’ and having massive parades in celebration of Incest Pride. We are not there yet, but homo lies, funded and promoted by EOJ, have utterly degraded the West in the most hateful and ugly way.

    8. Alt Right must also denounce PC’s hateful war on Fair Speech and Speech Equality. PC knows that it can’t win debates with the Alt Right based on Queensberry Rules. PC pushes their corrupt policy of Hate-Free-Speech because, in fair and open debates, the Alt Right exposes the hypocrisies and wins the debates. In college campuses, the EOJ and its cuck-collaborators have to rely on Antifa thugs and the craven Police to effectively shut down speeches and assemblies. EOJ had to shut down Charlottesville like Tiananmen Square because the mere act of free speech by the Alt Right is an ‘Emperor wears no clothes’ moment for them. If the Alt Right is so demonstrably wrong, why is EOJ so afraid of it? It is because Speech Equality will favor the truth-tellers of the Alt Right against even the lavishly funded deception-factories of $PLC and ADL.

    Indeed, what is Intersectionality but InterHate Speech against white people. The so-called ‘left'(LOL) is so divided along race, ethnicity, culture, gender, income, ideology, and values that the ONLY thing that can hold all those groups together is shared Inter-Hate against the white race, especially straight white patriotic males who refuse to drink the Fool-Aid from the compulsory cup of EOJ.

    Without shared inter-hatred against whites(defamed as the Eternal Nazi), the so-called ‘leftist’ coalition will fall apart. I mean, what do Jews and Muslims have in common in the West except shared animus against whites? Jewish supremacists seek to impose White Submissivism to ensure that whites will be loyal dogs like Patrick Hermansson serving the Jews. And Muslims, who messed up their own nations, want access to white nations for material gain. That is the reason they hate white patriots who say NO to Muslim mass-invasion. So, Jews and Muslims work together with shared hatred against whites even though the reasons for their hatreds differ. Jews hate whites who are defiant and won’t obey Jews. Muslims hate whites who say NO MORE to Muslim mass-invasion.
    At any rate, WITHOUT the intersectional Inter-Hate among various groups on the ‘left’, their precious coalition cannot hold. Indeed, look at California. What would super-rich Jews, affluent materialist Asians, angry blacks, flaky feminists, decadent homos, and resentful Mexicans have in common IF NOT for the shared hatred for the White Scapegoat to be bashed like a Pinata?


    It is time for Alt Right to fight back in kind and change the paradigm of this Free Speech vs Hate Speech Debate. It’s no longer enough to be on the defensive. Alt Right must spread memes and posters that pushes the other side against the ropes.
    Alt Right should say “We are for Free Speech, Fair Speech, and for Speech Equality BUT not for the ugly, craven, mendacious, and/or fake speech of Globalist imperialists, murderous black thugs, Jewish pornographers, Homo decadents, feminist castraters, Zionist Judeo-Nazis, Inter-Hate lunatics, and self-hating cucks.

  • Bonjour/Bonsoir I’m a young French woman who’s very worried about my future. I’m not very familiar with these far right movements, But the white race is under attack and so I would like to know how do you guys plan on protecting us ? I’m just a woman and barely 18 I’m not q soldier or a politician I can’t do much. I voted for marine le pen but she lost and now we have macron ruining my country. A man maried to a woman who could be his mother and who said that there isn’t a single French culture. ( I guess I wasted my time in History classes as well as my literature classes ?! ) We have 10 million non white people here, which is a lot because we are only 66 million in total. So only 56 million whites and when I go to some streets I feel uneasy and in danger knowing that the Arabs probably want to rape me. I feel very threatened I come from a small village and our government decided to send immigrants to a camp here. I want to move abroad but don’t know where or how. America is only 55% white if you don’t count Hispanics. And Canada is the first post national country and has a pretty boy ( I’ll admit he’s handsome ) who can’t fight as it’s leader. Germany and Belgium are even worse than my country and I dislike Spain/Italy. The UK is dead and Russia seems like a hash place. Where can I go ? What exactly is the plan on these far right groups ? Will America hell Europe ?

    • We’re all asking ourselves the same questions tbh. The thing with Canada is it’s mostly undeveloped and unpopulated so there’s plenty of rural areas you can move to and go months at a time without seeing a single non-white person. And Quebec is French so you’d fit in and it wouldn’t be too drastic of a cultural shift, though your English seems to be pretty good. The cities are just as bad as European cities right now though, so if you can’t afford property it might not be much of an improvement.

      • Living alone in the undeveloped and cold part of a foreign country doesn’t appeal to me but thanks.

        • Indeed, the north is full of indians and metis, which can be as bad as north africans. Johnny probably meant the small townships between the large cities and the wild north. You certainly wouldn’t be the only french expat there.

          • Yeah. There are a lot of small towns that are still moldable. Toronto became majority nonwhite last year, Vancouver and Montreal aren’t far behind. The major cities and their surrounding areas aren’t going to be “fixed” through electoral politics. New towns can be built up in the North though, with the right people with the right vision. Ultimately, the Federal Government is going to have to be brought down at some point though…

        • Alice: As someone who opposes the Alt-Right, I must warn you that the Alt-Right (at least in America) is very anti-woman and unlikely to help you. The leading Alt-Right website teaches White Sharia and is pro-rape. I’m not sure if the French version is the same. If physical safety is what you are asking for, then I would recommend not walking the streets alone at night and maybe knowing some form of self-defense. If you are wealthy and have the means (though it’s unlikely if you’re only 18) then maybe you could move to a safer neighborhood or another country like America. Do you live alone?

          • This is the leading Alt-Right website. Show me the pro-rape articles please. You can’t because you’re talking out of your ass.

            What about the muslim women who love sharia?

          • My god why would you want to rape people ?! That’s sick.
            I live with my brainwashed mother who Believes that we shouldn’t be racist and that we are all humans. I definitely need to move from this place I’ll work any job and live in a small apartment but I need a white neighborhood, I might try going to Austria I’ve seen videos from Génération identitaire and they don’t seem to want Sharia but to protect Europe. The language might be an obstacle but I’ll try and perhaps I’ll like the place and find a worthy husband and have a bunch of white babies. Thank you all for your help.

          • Let me put it simply you fucking bitch.
            G O, K I L L ,Y O U R S E L F !
            I can’t believe it you’re driving me insane.
            HOW DARE YOU ask for help ?!
            “Oh but I voted for le pen !”. ROLF her “husband” is always at the French Jewish association and licking the boots of israHELL. FN is controlled opposition you dumb fuck.
            You women are the trash of society. You created this problem and now dare to ask men to go die protecting you ?!
            “The Arabs want to rape me ” in your fucking dreams you degenerate. No one wants of your sorry ass. Fucking unbelievable this skank thinks she’s a model. You filthy shiksa you want to flee France ? Good let the Muslims conquerors take another country. Or as they say ” open it” you know before opening your legs bitch !

          • I’m legitimately in tears and in shock right now, good bye I see that this movement isn’t for me.

          • Good riddance !
            Effectively this movement doesn’t want or need women. You women are manifested SIN. Once artificial wombs are perfected and cheap to produce you’ll go extinct. If we have realistic sex-bots and artificial wombs then why the heck would anyone want to have a daughter ?
            Once this is the case we’ll finally be in the stars. No longer held back by wahmen.
            Oh Boy I want to get near you with a baseball bat and bash your head so much that your white skin will turn red with blood.
            Go to Austria I’m sure Martin SELLner will like having a side-bitch.

          • Women need to be put down all the time !
            The moment they start to think they have some value, you end up with the likes of Hillary and Merkel.

          • Who works for the Jewish porn industry ? Who gives Tyron a blowjob ? Who votes for these shitty politicians ? Who admitted false rape accusations because they wanted to feel some thrill in the relationship ?
            Who accepted millions of rapists in Germany and Sweden ?

            I’m not an amerimutt why are you still calling me dude ? D:

          • I am not at all sure that “North African” believes what he is saying. If I were a supporter of the Alt-Right instead of an enemy, I would attempt to doxx him to prove he’s a troll having a laugh at making the Alt-Right look even dumber than it already is. I have observed his posts on multiple articles and every single one is cringe and over the top and he tends to insult you guys very often.

            Just look at this thread: A white woman sympathetic to your movement asks for help and enquires on whether she should join. Then I (who has posted on this site since October as the residence leftist) attempt to dissuade her from joining a hate movement by warning her that some people in the movement hate white women as much as they hate blacks. (I had the Daily Stormer in mind.) Within hours, “North African” posts another of his over the top rants against this white woman, threatening to kill her with a baseball bat if he ever meets her. The white woman naturally rejects the Alt-Right and leaves in tears.
            Mission accomplished?

            Will the same mods who regularly censor my posts for making fun of Richard Spencer take action against this so called man who threatens to kill white teenage girls with baseball bats?

          • Honestly dude I don’t like you but I had an awesome laugh reading your comment imagining it said with the voice of an american tv Host.

            We make a good team?? ?

            That hoe was a hypocrite voting for controlled opposition then asking men to protect her.

            Your Posts on Spency are personal attacks on a man who puts himself on the front lines. You should be ashamed.
            How is this a hate movement ? If anything it’s born out of one’s love for his kin.

          • Yes, I have observed this too. Whoever it is posts in reply to his own comments. I have caught him doing it. Same name. Most liekly a troll. This board like most web sites has several of them. It is not pure.

  • Yes, removing Meditations on the Peak should cure Europe of it’s Roman Saluting canine problem. The brave warriors at Hope not Hate have truly outdone themselves this time. Bravo.

  • Only a matter of time before an alternative to Amazon (which thus far has been pretty good on NOT censoring books, all things considered) is needed, as GAB is the alternative to Twitter, BitChute the alternative to YouTube, Hatreon to Patreon, etc.

    Sooner or later, Amazon will buckle, even more than it currently is.

  • Virtual book burning. Long since been a requirement to deny ideas any space to be read or understood required a pile of books burning in the streets. The Amount of books they are banning would fill a stadium. Via Teacher union, and school boards, curriculum restrictions, etc.

    How can any article that features HNH’s agenda go without pointing out they are a beneficiary of the Billions from George Soros Open Society Foundation. This is a matter of fact.

    With their infiltration tactics and undercover work, “Tyler Durden” at Zero Hedge correctly calls them “George Soros’ spy network”

    “This time Soros is not only poking his unwanted nose into the security, internal affairs and politics of the Russian Federation, or the United States of America, or the State of Israel, but now also another one of his old loathed adversaries in the form of Britain. George Soros likes to parade around as a humanitarian liberal devoted to good and noble causes. The old spiv and speculator has taken it upon himself as the self-anointed, self-righteous judge of who is full of hope and who is full of hate in Britain by setting up and funding his own «spy network» euphemistically called «Hope Not Hate».”

  • Free speech is an abstraction that’s never really existed, not for very long anyway. In politics, if someone hates you enough, they’ll find a way to silence you regardless of laws. The current left uses gray-area strategies like:

    -Hate speech is not free speech
    -It’s not censorship if a private entity does it
    -Threats are ‘counter-speech’ not censorship
    -Nationalist speech (widely defined) incites violence

    That’s why I don’t care much for alt-lite “free speech warrior” types. The left either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about free speech. Either we shut them down or they shut us down. There is no neutral ground for calm, civilized discussion anymore.

    • Agreed. Yet no matter how little it may exist in reality, “free speech” still carries a certain weight in the minds of the many. This is particularly true in America, but also in Europe. We should strive for clear sight, as you propose—and mastered tongues. Politics also means differentiating clearly between practice and rhetoric; metapolitics no less. Even if we cannot have calm, civilized discussions with our opponents (and I agree, it is more and more often impossible), there might sometimes be good reasons to speak to them in calm and civilized tones.

    • ..’Sactly.
      They say :
      ” It’s a cultural war “.
      I say :
      Just cancel the ” cultural” part please.
      It is a war period .
      Let’s fight it smartly yes ,but let’s recognize it as such first .

  • Hate: Using a pen or a keyboard to defend one’s position via reasoned argumentation.
    Love: Using bricks, bats, bombs & other weapons to silence one’s political opponents because of their “dangerous ideas”.
    This is the world we actually live in.
    The same world where “anti-racism” means the deep desire to genocide white people.

  • The past few weeks was about to purchase a handful of books from Amazon including some from Dugin. One day I realized I couldn’t get the Dugin ones. Was very odd to me. Just purchased some copies from other sources. Looks like it is now time to stock up on these kinds of books.

    I have also noticed that ‘right-wing’ books even ‘right-libertarian’ books have only increased in price over the past few months, probably due to high demand.

  • Let the haters start a boycott against Amazon if A. doesn´t remove the titles.
    Besides, AFAIK it´s a punishable offense to interfere in a contract of two parties when you´re an uninvolved party… we had that case before, can´t remember ATM…

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