Extended Interview With Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer was visited by Itai Anghel of Uvda, Keshet TV (Israel).

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • This is a superb introduction to the AltRight. This is something we should be sharing with our friends, families, etc.

  • I could hardly believe the gall of that reporter.
    Can you imagine a member of the world’s most zealously self-interested race with an ethnostate of their own, on land violently torn away from its rightful inhabitants, questioning Spencer on how we Americans could possibly even consider removing non-Whites from our future ethnostate?

    I hope Iran gets nukes real soon.

  • Am I really the only one who has a problem with From Oldenburg flooding the comments section like this. He’s not going to stop, unless we make him stop…

    • I concur, order has to be brought to the comments section somehow. A deranged comments section detracts from what is otherwise outstanding content, and in particular for people who are new to the movement. I’ve used this site as a tool to help red pill several friends and will continue to do so in the future, and I’d prefer that my favorite tool not to be (((defamed))) by weirdos.

      • I agree. He’s a faggot weirdo. If this were real life he would get a proper stomp down. But this isn’t real life. So what the fuck are we going to do with him? He’s making this place look like shit.

    • I’ve got a huge problem with it as well, he is driving people away from this site en masse. We shouldn’t censor anyone, though, as the altright truly is the last bastion of free speech. Also, I appreciate commentary from an actual German, and a significant portion of what he says is thoughtful and interesting. He absolutely needs to be limited, however. Two posts maximum per day. And his ability to embed any kind of video/image link needs to be revoked IMMEDIATELY.

      • I agree with the blogs, and twitter would be a good option too. If he has this much time and energy on his hands he should try to cobble his hyperactivity into a coherent article of his own, instead of trying to steal the spot light from some very hard working authors.

  • All arguing on YouTube about Richrad’s suit. I also think an interview is not a catwalk. Richard should be sitting there in his bright shirt and tie, but his shirt sleeves rolled up. This shows energy and determination.

    He should also pay attention to his body language. The Jew regularly stretches his thumbs up behind his crossed hands, which is supposed to signal control and dominance, while the head noddingly feigns “understanding” to spur Richard on and elicit careless statements from him.

    • Richard sits a little lost in his big leather chair. Prevented like a schoolboy who gives an account to his teacher. He can lean back and relax, because he has done a lot. He can reject the arms on the backrests, and cross the legs straddle-legged demonstratively as a barrier against the attacker. He can also shape his hands into a gun, which means: “Careful, I’ll shoot back, think about what you’re asking me!”

      • Overall, he did well. Especially the trick of letting the interviewer sit in the puny chair is a good trick. Jared likes to use it, too.

  • The topic of excretion organs interests (((hosts))) especially if the protagonists are pretty Aryan Frauleins. The only question that remains is what poison should be excreted from the Volkskörper (“body of the people”).

  • The Jew asks Richard what about Lebensraum?
    Living Space in English, which is only half Germanic.
    Normally it would be “Livingroom”, space is Romanic.

    • A (((parasite))) tries to make fun of his most hated
      enemy, he is really obsessed with all about Germany.

      • But the really “funny” thing is only that all the negative terms mentioned in the original video apply to this kike (not all Jews are kikes, but this is definitively one!).

        The suspicion is obvious that this is why he is so “upset” about it. It “mirrors” him (the rootless charmeleon in all his mimicry-like fake-white disguises) so hurtful.

        His Jewish ancestor Freud called that psychological mechanism “defense”. He feels recognized, caught, and turns the pain outwards by swaying a scapegoat that he instead questions his own (typical) foolhardiness.

        These creatures cannot and will never turn off or change their corrosiveness (“Chutzpah”), it belongs to their sick “nature”.

  • The Jew asks: “You think white race is under attack?” We’re only 7 percent of the world’s population now. Spencer does a good job by rejecting the collective guilt that Jews want to impose on the white man and keeps referring to Israel. The civilian dead of the Second World War don’t give a damn what kind of death killed them. There are no dead worth more than others, but the Holocaust religion claims out of its arrogance to be supposedly the harmless and benevolent “people of God,” just that. They claim a singularity, a unique selling point, and at the same time devalue all the other victims of war-mongering, in which Jews have always been at the forefront.

  • I think the Right should use the term Inheritance. Identity tends to mean what one chooses or identifies with according to fad or fashion. Inheritance is deeper. It goes back to ancestors and tradition. It is not plucked out of the air like 50 genders. So, the Right needs to be Inheritarian.

    Also, we must not confuse Interest with Identity or Inheritance. A labor union is about shared interests, not identity, let alone Inheritance.
    A black worker and white worker can have shared interests. But their inheritances are different in race, history, memory, and narrative.
    Another case of Shared Interest is tacit alliance of Saudi Arabia & Israel. They have different inheritances in ethnicity & religion BUT they have shared interest in opposing Iran and trying to mess up Assad in Syria. Interests change all the time according to shifting alliances based on Realpolitik. In contrast, Inheritance is about Realethnic.

    Another distinction should be made between Inheritance and Ideology. Ideology is a belief system. Christianity & Communist are Ideologies or belief systems. One can be African, European, or Asian AND be a Christian or Communist. It’s not an Identity or Inheritance.
    In terms of ideology, a Russian communist has more in common with a Chinese communist. But in terms of Inheritance, a Russian communist has more in common with a Russian rightist and traditionalist than with a Chinese Communist. In the end, Inheritance trumps Ideology. The Sino-Soviet rift was huge. And the Communist Bloc broke apart into independent nation-states.

    Vietnamese communists and Chinese communists were united by interest and ideology — anti-Americanism and communism — but eventually separated along lines of Inheritance. In due time, China and Vietnam came to blows even though both were communist. Commie Viets and commie Cambodians also ended up in war.

    Inheritance is about deep ancestry, history, & narrative.
    Identity is about self-identification.
    Ideology is about your spiritual or philosophical worldview.
    Interest is about pragmatic strategy to achieve short-term goals.

    Inheritance is rich & meaningful because it has real basis in ethnicity, history, & hopefully territory. Its also self-sustaining. Jews on an island can survive forever as Jews by having children who will also have children ad infinitum who can keep alive the fire of Jewish memory and history.
    But ‘gay’ or ‘feminist’ is a weak identity & not self-sustaining. Homos or women alone on island can’t reproduce on their own. Also, almost all homos are born of straight parents. We can’t predict when and where the next homo kid will be born. In contrast, Jewish parents can always give birth to Jewish kids, Irish parents can always give birth to Irish kids, and Japanese parents can always give birth to Japanese kids. There is a continuity with Ethnic Inheritance whereas we can never tell which parents might give birth to homos. Also, there are homos all over the world, so there is no single homo identity. There are Anglo Homos, Arab Homos, Black Homos, Chinese Homos, Hindu Homos, etc.

    Inheritance is autonomous & self-sustaining. If the Irish only remained in Ireland, they could last forever by producing descendants who also carry down Irish tradition & memory. But imagine an island of lesbians only. It is a biologically incomplete identity. It will die out soon. This is why so many faddish identities are useless. They are not autonomous, complete, continuous, and self-sustaining. At best, they are contiguous and mostly they are peripheral or trivial.

    Irish people on an island may not constitute a big community or a great power, but it is complete. It has the essential components of a self-sustaining and whole community. It has the unity of Irish men and Irish women to have Irish children on their homeland to carry on their Irish tradition and memory. Even if shut from the rest of the world, they can survive indefinitely. That is wholeness.

  • I enjoyed the interview very much. I am an immigrant, albeit a White one, so I do not feel any guilt. But what I know is that Richard should promote and profess tribalism for White Americans by instilling fear of becoming the minority to the Black & Brown world. And believe me folks, it ain’t funny: they will humiliate us if not putting in the indentured labor. That always happens to Whites’ becoming minorities in other countries.

    • I can see it from here. White men enslaved and white women sold in sex markets. Unless you fight back.

  • The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act was biological warfare waged against the pre-1965 HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY…

    The intent of the 1965 Nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT was to nullify over time…THE WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN VOTE…

    As a consequence of the passage of THE 1965 NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT…

    A narcissistic-nose picking-homosexual Kenyan Foreigner was elected POTUS twice….

    This narcissistic-nosepicking-homosexual Kenyan Foreigner waged 8 years of open warfare against Conservative Christian Russia….

    The overwhelming victory of the Native Born Conservative Christian Russian Man Vladimir Putin in Russia yesterday was Christian Russia’s response to 8 years of rule over America by a narcissistic-nosepicking-homosexual Kenyan Foreigner WAR CRIMINAL!!!




  • In terms of possible leadership white nationalism clearly has no better alternative than Spencerianism. It’s classy and sophisticated but also strong and realistic. As the altright grows it’s bound to elicit extreme pride from both the upper and lower classes.

  • Alt Right Meme of the day:There is no economic case for importing even one Chinese LEGAL IMMIGRANT….never was…


    We can thank two Socialist Labor Leaders…Denis Kearney and (((Samuel Gompers))) for the passage of the 1888 CHINESE LEGAL IMMIGRANT EXCLUSION ACT…


    • What’s your real deal dude?
      Are you white, mulatto, or African?
      Are you on board with what we’re talking about here or are you just trolling for the lulz?
      Don’t take this as an attack, as I personally like your hard criticisms. I’m just wondering since you’re new and we’ve had a few trolls pass through this board.

      • I’m a mongrel.
        I see the logic of the Alternative Right and on a moral level I support it. Never hated whites at large just some fools.
        I don’t like echo chambers I’ll keep coming and giving unbiased objective criticism.
        My trolling helps in making my points. But i also troll for shit and giggles from time to time ( my 4chan days aren’t quite behind me )
        I’m not new it’s just I never commented before.

        • Yeah you seemed genuine I just wasn’t sure because of all the lulz.
          I’m not a negro-hating type and I generally get along better with non-whites in my city because they’re more based about real life than white shitlibs.

          • I on the other hand I’m a negro-hater. I had one in my class as a kid. He either never showered or the stereotype about niggers smelling bad is true.
            For me whites non whites niggers middle Easterners Hispanics etc you’re all just opposing groups and I drift in life solo due to not being of any race. Doesn’t stop me from seeing who is right or wrong but I’m not an angle I won’t accept to be limited due to stuff I didn’t have control over. For example I might agree with the Alternative Right but when I talk to people here who would throw me off a cliff for my habit doing tourism in white counties it just makes me more apathetic to their fate.
            I didn’t choose my Mediterranean skin , jet black hair and brown eyes. Fate decided ( didn’t even inherit my mother’s fair skin and green eyes ) in the long run I might become your enemy not by choice but in self defense. I’ll say it clearly : I will not die in a 3 world country surrounded by violent muslims. If I have to “earn” a small peace of land in the US , Norway , Austria or Luxemburg or northern Italy/Iceland ( places that make me feel harmony inside ). By having to fight the local white I WILL. I do support the efforts for the preservation of the white race ( stopping welfare and identity politics but also killing or deporting illegals and ending Jewish-muslim influence. But on an individual scale if for example I fall in love with a white woman and she loves me back then what’s your right to tell us to not get together ? If I’m with someone I’ll fight the world for her. I do prefer white women with dark blond hair / dirty blond and light green eyes. So yes I might be sympathetic of you guys but it’s my right to want to be happy and if you try to stop me I’ll have to fight back. I don’t hate whites as I said if I find my princess I shall fight all the people on earth for her.
            Whites shouldn’t be brainwashed into mixing but it should be a personal decision no one needs a Hitler telling them how to live due to their skin color.

          • Yeah I respect your angle but disagree on a few things.

            “Fate decided ( didn’t even inherit my mother’s fair skin and green eyes ) in the long run I might become your enemy not by choice but in self defense.”

            I can sympathize with this. Like I said it’s not like I hate non-whites or anything, but if the situation comes down to us or them, the decision is already made. The forced destruction of my race is where I think I’m justified in drawing the line and accepting that war is necessary.

            “I do prefer white women with dark blond hair / dirty blond and light green eyes.”

            Seems like most people the world over prefer snowbunnies. I like brunette white women with dark eyes, but Iranian is about as brown as I’ll go. I’ve dated black women but I wont breed with them.

            ” I do support the efforts for the preservation of the white race ( stopping welfare and identity politics but also killing or deporting illegals and ending Jewish-muslim influence. But on an individual scale if for example I fall in love with a white woman and she loves me back then what’s your right to tell us to not get together ?”

            I disagree with you here, but I wont act like there is some kind of clear moral absolute. I can’t blame you for wanting this, especially since you’re mixed white. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t think twice about it, but as I see all white countries get invaded by ingrates and see my kid’s future get more uncertain, I’m starting to not care if people get hurt. And it really isn’t personal. I think this is just the tragedy of the modern world, and it effects almost everybody in some heart-wrenching and confusing way.

            “Whites shouldn’t be brainwashed into mixing but it should be a personal decision no one needs a Hitler telling them how to live due to their skin color.”

            Honestly I’m starting to think people actually DO need someone like Hitler to set them straight. I don’t think the common person has a fucking clue for what’s good for them or their children.

            Anyways, good talking to you dude but I gotta get back to work. Cheers.

          • Agree most people are retarded ( look at how many voted for Killary Cuntton or how Merkel keeps getting reelected. )
            My pleasure, bye.

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