Banned From Cuck Island

Richard Spencer and Gregory Conte discuss the banning of Brittany Pettibone, Martin Sellner, and Lauren Southern from the United Kingdom—and what it says about Anarcho-Tyranny and whom Britain views as the real enemy.

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  • Insofar as what Greg asked in terms of the Royal Family, it is important to note that Prince Charles is well-versed in the Traditionalism on Rene Guenon, and more than likely, Evola. It isn’t probable that any of his thoughts in this direction would ever be implemented in any tangible way, but it still presents an interesting scenario.

    • It is true that Prince Charles is probably a Traditionalist. But this is totally compatible with Britains current transformation into an Islamic State. Evola as a right winger is the enfant terrible in the Traditionalist school. And Guenon himself stated hundred years ago that Europe’s spiritual vacuum would be either filled with various traditions from the east or Islamized by its vital neighbors. In the end, Guenon converted to Sufism (not really orthodox Islam, but still). I think Prince Charles would be fine with Britain under Islamic rule as long as it is Traditionalism.

  • Important to avoid purity spirals in such cases. I’m not a big fan of Southern for instance and the identitarianism of Sellner and Pettibone may not go far enough but they’ve all still done excellent work that benefited our side.The altright needs allies in all mainstream conservative groups if it ever wants to have a chance at ruling.

    • There is nothing wrong with purity.

      An alliance is the wrong mindset entirely, as it implies mutual support. Many of these people will never support us and we should not offer unqualified support for them. Offering unqualified support to someone who will never support you is a cuck move.

      Our attitude should be cynical; using them to our advantage when possible, but not getting used by them.

      And, keeping in mind the big picture that there is a fundamental conflict of interest between us and them. Many establishment right figures are not well meaning or trustworthy, but disingenuous and motivated by money.

      • An alliance or coalition in terms of tackling the issues we both oppose without surrendering any ideological ground or merging leadership would do wonders. It’s what the ‘unite the right’ march should have accomplished. Not only can we accomplish things, they can’t demonize an ally which will enlarge the famous libertarian-altright pipeline and bolster our ranks. After all, the new skeptic right which Southern and Pettibone belong to pride themselves on being truth seekers and the truth leads straight to our camp. Once we’re big enough we ditch them and take control.

        • They won’t side with us though

          If they did they would lose their financial support from donors and mainstream conservative outlets

          No alliance is possible. A

          We don’t need to attack them right now, we can highlight the problems with Britain, same as them. But it’s just a temporary situation where the interests align.

        • On what basis do you characterize Pettibone as “skeptic right”? If I am not mistaken she made very clear on Millenniyule last year that she was through with Civic nationalism. I don’t follow her regularly, so I don’t know if she has said anything about it since then.

          I won’t say anything about Southern, because I have made my views perfectly clear in the past and I’m not interested in getting into yet another flame war over it.

          Anyway, the fact that Southern and Pettibone are friends doesn’t mean they are ideologically indistinguishable. I’m not saying they aren’t either. I’m just saying you can’t assume it.

          • Great if Pettibone is more altright now, I can’t say I really know either. My comment was made based on a few videos of hers I watched several months ago long before the milleniyule, after which I unsubscribed because of the civic nationalism and the typical beta orbiting from her fanbase.

          • One thing you have to keep in mind is that she has a boyfriend who is subject to hate speech laws, so obviously she has to mind her P&Qs, but she is unmistakably alt-Right. Again, I’m assuming nothing has changed since her Milleniyule appearance.

        • These people might not be outright fascists, but their ideas overwhelmingly overlap with ours. If they censor AltRight/Lite figures like these, what chance do we have of gaining a public voice?
          We absolutely must support people who are refused free speech, even if they are slightly to the left of us.

          • I see your point, but these people will throw us under the bus just as soon as it’s more convenient for them to do so. Why give them the opportunity?

            None of them spoke up when National Action members were getting arrested for thought crimes a couple months back or when they were declared a terrorist group. Why should we care about them now?

          • Johnny, what do you think Lauren and Faith are talking about at 20:00-21:00 in this video? Is your mistrust of these girls based on your belief that they don’t really agree with us? Or do you just think they can’t be trusted to stay the course in the face of public pressure? If your concern is the latter, I certainly understand. OTOH, if you think they’re not fully red-pilled, I think you’re underestimating them.


          • Lauren SIMONSEN is a forth generation HOLLOWHOAX survivor she’s just a Jew who bleaches her hair ( admitted ) and a known coal burner. While Faith is Greek and clearly has Moor DNA.+ They’re ((( women ))) you guys must really be desperate or thirsty beta orbiters to consider them as your last hope. But hey when looking at the new generation of white “men” it isn’t that surprising.

          • Translation : I’m an arrogant autistic Moron. Who won’t take advice because of my superiority complex and would prefer to die. Something which my race is good at since we’re only 8% of the world population and rapidly declining.

          • True, because too many Whites listen to non-Whites who tell us to hate and mistrust each other. When you have helpful ideas on how to bring Whites together, I’ll consider you a good-sized Ally and hear you out. Until then, I’m going to pretend you don’t exist.

          • I’ll pretend you don’t exit too.
            Easy considering this might be your last century as a sub-specie

          • I think the precedent has already been set. When National Action were being declared a terrorist group and their members were (and still are) being imprisoned for wrongthink all I heard was crickets from the Alt-Lite. Now that the beast is biting them in the ass, I’m supposed to stand united with these people? I don’t think so.

            Both Faith Goldy and Lauren Southern built their names on Rebel Media, owned by Ultra Zionist Ezra Levant. Before Levant found Southern she was training with CSIS. Only a few months before being let go from the Rebel (cuz Optics) Goldy was in Israel making propaganda films. No I don’t trust either of them.

          • Then why should anyone come over to our side? Remember Faith Goldy was fired for giving the alt-Right fair coverage at Charlottesville. It’s dishonorable to do anything less than embrace her after that.

            I don’t know the circumstances of Lauren Southern’s departure from Rebel, so I won’t say anymore about her. Like I said, I have made my feelings known already. Even Anglin wrote a nice article the other day recognizing her good work in SA, confirming yet again my belief that he is nothing but a great big ole ? underneath it all.

          • “Then why should anyone come over to our side?”

            Most people didn’t come here after making Zionist propaganda films. She’s not just some normie. She’s a clever and manipulative journalist. She got fired for appearing on a (((Daily Stormfag)) podcast. sketchy.

            “It’s dishonorable to do anything less than embrace her after that.”

            No. It’s foolish.

            “Even Anglin wrote a nice article…”

            Anglin is an Asian sex tourist, an optic cuck and a clown shoe wearing faggot. I don’t care what he says or thinks about anything.

            “her good work in SA”

            The clips I’ve seen have been good. Cool.

            I guess I’ve lost any interest in engaging with the big tent model anymore. If your not on the side of Total Aryan Victory then you’re in the way.

          • “She’s a clever and manipulative journalist.”

            I disagree, but if you believe that, why would you not wish to see what she can do for us?

          • I get where you’re coming from, and I certainly don’t expect you to take my word for it, but I would encourage you to talk with some of the guys about it. From my understanding, people are moving very quickly from basic bitch conservatism to alt-Right. I don’t mean that a lot of people are coming over to our side, though that may also be true, but rather that individuals are radicalizing very quickly. Hopefully they’ll win you over!?

          • The AR is moving closer to mainstream conservatism, not the other way around.

          • I’m not supporting them as individuals per se, just arguing the principle that them being prevented from speaking is an attack on all I us.

          • People with our views have already been under attack in the UK for awhile now. This isn’t anything new to us. This should open normal peoples eyes to how far gone the UK has become, which is good, but I don’t feel obligated to stand united with people who I fundamentally disagree with. I don’t really go out of my way to attack these people either, I just think we’re in seperate lanes. Their goals aren’t mine, and vice versa.

  • ((( SELLner ))) and Lauren SIMONSEN forth generation HOLLOWHOAX survivor. Banned from Londonistan capital of the United Cuckdom !

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