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  • The interesting would be: why Richad Spence is fascinated with Depeche Mode? I can answer him this question. Because almost all member of Depeche Mode have strong Taurus power. Taurus means self-esteem, creating something beautiful, valid, valuable, with love, devotion, if possible with our own hands, because what we create should happen through our hands.

    Taurus means self-esteem, creating something beautiful, valid, valuable, with love, devotion, if possible with our own hands, because what we create should happen through our hands.

    I start with Vince Clarke’s Mars in Taurus

  • Sick person (crazy “downvoter”): You’ve obviously got the wrong guy: I LOVE weeding weeds! And that is TIME NARROW! Your “main concern” (visible to everyone) is to “devalue” each of my comments. Why do you still not succeed? Because I’m a GARDENER, and you should be exterminated! You’re like athlete’s foot, scabies or clap: annoying, but never life-threatening, as long as we neutralize your negativism. And we will, in the end it says: “And yet you have won!” (Und ihr habt doch gesiegt!”) You piece of shit until a little disgusting COWARD who never takes his face off, but thinks no one would notice. How can you presume to think humanity is that stupid?

  • For my personally taste all this new (Clarke) productions are so bass-heavy, that I had to rectify them with the (very usable) American software “Audacity” (equalizer-effect) to make it even listenable.

    • Richard likes “Just can’t get enough”.

      As a teenager, I played (especially electronic) maxi singles at half speed to analyze exactly how they worked and were really built. I could also separate stereo channel (surface/effects) from the mono channel (drums/bass).

      I couldn’t “get enough of certain songs”. Later, when I made music with machines myself, I benefited from this impressiveness in my memory, because one develops an instinct for perfection.

      • This effect you can imitate with Audacity (fader in the middle of the top). I still do that today on songs I like. I don’t always find out their secret. It’s like a perfume, a good Virginia tobacco, a special whisky, a woman’s look. We want to know why it bewitches us, banishes us, captures us? With what, which chords, harmonies, movements are necessary? But even creators of good art do not know which muses they have kissed. Is there a structure, a principle, a form, a method for quality? Yes: Short, familiar, like a Lullaby, whom our mother sang to us, captures the deepest layers of the brain within us.

        • Everything that’s unexplainable beautiful, touches our soul, and we are magically spellbound. We men are big children, we want Legos, puzzles, we want to contribute to the good of the world, emulate, create something, even in the slow-motion analysis of porn. If we only get the key, the “formula”, that makes us whites so precious. Non-Whites have a lack of improvement. They consume without their brains signaling to them: LEARN something!

          • German band Trio made it simple/minimalistic as possible. Three times “Da Da Da”. I remember Vince Clarke at WOM (World of Music) in Hamburg at Alsterhaus, where he raved about Trio.

            Trio-Drummer Behrens was semi-American (father GI, he never met). Voormann, Taurus like Krawinkel (and Spencer), fifth Beatle (started in Hamburg) discovered them. In my place of residence.


  • A pitiable fellow countryman of Xurious. One wonders what some people do for a living who make a lot of nonsense all day. I’m glad he’s not my neighbor. If he were not hyperactive and fatherless, he could use his chaotic talent to make a valuable contribution to the world. After all, he does not consume unnecessary fuel when he travels to Berlin on his magic bike.

  • Hard to say what the topic “Xurious” means. Could be anything and nothing: metapolitics, electronic instrumental music, book sales…

    Who would have thought that America has its own history of electronic music. After all, Dave Smith, Roger Linn, Tom Oberheim and Robert Moog, who had a decisive influence on the “Euro” sound, were Americans.

    America had even different styles in East and West, comparable with Berlin School (Tangerine Dream) and Düsseldorf School (Kraftwerk) in Germany.

    Morton Subotnick was Klaus Schulze’s idol, Walter (later “Wendy”) Carlos had influence on many European electronic musicians. He made German Bach electronic. Swiss Yello were fans of Californian “The Residents”, and even promoted by them. Whites in America and Europe always influenced each other.

    Unfortunately, fast-paced music industry has been forgotten in America and niche existence. The charts demanded Negro artists and instant pop. But a good piece of music takes more than a day of production time a la Stock Aitken Waterman.

    The Polish Jew Götz Gustav Ksinski, who called himself “Gershon Kingsley” in America, was born in Bochum, which is around the corner of Düsseldorf. Maybe his cheesy Mickey Mouse-like title “Popcorn” was the first popular synth tune ever.

  • Identity Europa Soundtrack……..

    My Entire Body failed to Respond…….

    I’ll have to keep listening to Joy Division to keep My Soul ALIVE……


  • Hey manic downvoter, you forgot 2 of 10 comments to downvote. Here
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    • All white men instinctively know: Chronical “downvoting” must be a hobby of frustrated womenless (means they can’t abuse white women) Jewish trolls.

      Why? Quite simply: They do not allow us to enjoy our existence! As the weeds grow on the lawn, or the parasites infest our farm animals, these pests torment us all our lives.

      The important thing is to confidently reject their sick “desire” to harm us and, if possible, to destroy us, in all “friendly” determination.

      • Their “trick”: They never show their ugly face. Always hiding in their rat cave, not recognizable – but always there. In nationalist forums they want to provoke stink and anger. Unless you know their typical “behavioural patterns”.

  • The cowardly, anonymous downvoter is here again. So far, he cliked thimb down times without showing his face. He could get a lead in one of the ghost movies, but certainly not in the Altright.

    • For white men it’s absolutely untypical to express
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      should finally turn off this silly “voting” function to
      prevent troll-pests from Tel Aviv from doing their
      silly “games” here. Guilefulness is not part of the
      white being and shoudn’t be supported in any way.

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