How Tennis Exposes the Lie of Feminism

Way of the World looks to the world of sport to show how feminism is trying to corrupt the reality of gender.

Way of the World
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  • All the emphasis on “equal pay for equal work” is irrelevant and tedious. Sportsmen are paid like entertainers and it has nothing to do with the aforementioned principle. About the only exception that I can imagine, where the market might work in favor of women, is the sport of beach volleyball.

  • WOTW Thank you so much for this video. I would have watched it sooner if I’d known it was one of yours. Those nut cases do not represent normal women!

  • An Alt Right meme:There is no economic case for race-replacing THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY WORKING CLASS with Asian LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and their US born Asian geneline………


    ‏ @IdentityEvropa
    1h1 hour ago

    “Identity Evropa members spent the day hiking around #SanDiego, enjoying the beautiful day outside with good company.”

    CRINGE 101……..

    I spent the day Working My Ass Off to Earn a Paycheck to Pay My Bills……….

    Identity Europa is a Niche Movement……..

    It won’t Catch On, Nationwide…….

    100% Guaranteed……

    • Identity Europa to the AltRight is like Sierra Club to the Left……

      Here’s some Shekels for your Purple Haze Virtue Signalling…….

      Thank you, My ‘Brothers’……

      Now, back to the Real BloodSports……….

          • ((( Martin SELLner ))) I believe they’re good kids they just don’t know yet that political solutions are impossible, and are still young and naïve so they still think they have free speech and the right to protest.
            Perhaps after being detained in the UK while his girlfriend got raped in a separate cell will teach SELLner some hard truth pills.

          • Generation Identitaire are okay I guess. From what I’ve heard they are civ nat and don’t name the Jew, but some of their action has been AGL. The defend Europe boat last summer was definently cool.

            Identity Europa are a different American group. Their snobby and faggy. They dress well though.

          • The boat stuff was useless. They just had to call their friends the traitor police who stopped southern and co. And then the migrant boats came back at night. Really if you aren’t gonna sink it then don’t bother with it. Of course SELLner wouldn’t name his ancestors. Let him bone the fuck out of petibone while he can. That mofo always looks thirsty asf.

          • It didn’t really accomplish anything true. I though GI were cool until they started hanging around Southern and Pettibone tbh. Is Sellner a Jew? Source?

          • He’s an Austrian with dark features a big nose and has SELL in his name. Dates an american girl and is friend with Lauren SIMONSEN a forth generation HOLLOWHOAX survivor and known coal burner. What is it not to love about all of these identitarian leaders. None of them is a straight white blond haired nationalist man.hum seems like controlled opposition to me. Taking thousands of shekels from patreon to party on a boat and not accomplish anything…

          • lol I don’t have blonde hair either, but that doesn’t mean he’s Jewish. It just means he’s cucky in the same way as most of the AR. In europe there are laws against Holocaust denial and stuff like that, so I get choosing your battles wisely, but the company you keep is a choice. This is why I’m not involved in any IRL groups. Wait long enough and sketchy shit comes out about all of them.

            The only groups I support are Golden Dawn, Casapound and Nordic Resistance. I’d name some based in North America but there aren’t any worth supporting at this point.

          • Nordicuck resistance is self described FRIEND of israHELL. As Varg said about groups “Keep it pure guys, keep it pure”

  • This European AltRight Stuff is Passe’ and Stale Bread……..

    This might be Provocative in Europe…..

    This is Breitbart in America…….

  • I haven’t watched a video about feminism in a long time. Maybe the alt-right needs to be in the business of mainstream shitposting again.

    • I’m glad the GOP Candidate lost…….

      Israel First, Chamber of Commerce Open Borders, and Tax Cuts for the Rich……..

      Why as a White Working Man would I vote for that??

      I won’t…..

      • Wow, way to miss the whole point!

        Doesn’t matter who won.


        IT’S ALL RIGGED.

        Are you getting that?

        Little slow?

  • In the name of equality, South African ‘intersex’ runner Caster Semenya was allowed to compete against the women in the 2016 Olympics, and she easily won Gold. Afterward, many of the real biological women complained that they didn’t even have a chance and that intersex should be banned. Semenya is not technically a transgender, and her unusual condition, a birth defect really, is not her fault. Nonetheless, unless something is done, with the exponential growth of transgender athletes, women’s sports are in danger of becoming a farce. I can easily see a transgender, (or transsexual – a man who has gone through with the operation) winning Wimbledon some day soon. I don’t think too many real women athletes would be too happy about that. It could mean the end of women’s pro sports.

  • What about the strong independent jewish black Viking women that my professor Mister shekleberg told me about ?

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