The Logic of the Tribe

Just over a week ago, an older Florentine man, despairing at the ill turn his life had taken, took up a pistol and proceeded to Florence’s Ponte Vespucci with the intention of killing himself. Lacking the courage even for so craven an act, his desperation seized upon another policy: he would murder the first person he met and so send himself to prison, where his economic problems, at least, would be resolved. The first individuals to pass, however, were a Black woman and her child, and the Florentine (as a measure of his “racism”) could not bring himself to fire on them, but tremblingly awaited the next opportunity. The unfortunate man to receive the Florentine’s bullets also turned out to be an African, a Senegalese named Idy Diene.

This event sparked off—I used this metaphor advisedly, to remind us of how much kindling is accumulating—a riot on the part of the local African community, who, “protesting racism,” rapidly swelled into a mob that proceeded through the city, smashing shop windows and overturning scooters and city flower pots, before finally gathering at the scene of the crime. The distraught city mayor, Dario Nardella, hastened to the spot to see if he could mitigate the situation. The “protesters” expressed their gratitude by shoving him and spitting in his face.

Mayor Nardella exchanges words for saliva. Multiculturalism at work.

The local news called this a “peaceful protest” against “racism,” noting in closing however that “there were moments of tension and damage.”

The police and the authorities have stated unanimously that racism has nothing to do with the murder of this Senegalese, that he was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. The African community evidently believes these to be clever racist lies. Anyone who follows the vicissitudes of Black Lives Matter will hear familiar echoes in this case—almost as if there were some kind of ethnic resonance across the ocean.

Peaceful protest, with in an African beat.

The end result? The president of Tuscany, Enrico Rossi, has announced that Tuscany will be donating to the widow of the slain Senegalese the tidy sum of 20,000 euro—which is precisely 20,000 euro more than this region offered the family of its last murder victim, who had the misfortune of being born White.

This piece of bad burlesque will no doubt disappoint certain non-Italian readers, who are accustomed to seeing in Italy a populace of natural-born race-realists, ready to defend their own. Before such a reader loses hope entirely, two things should be recalled: first, that Italy (not unlike other parts of the West) is governed by a political class that is rotten through and through; second, that Italy is geographically like a walnut—with a hard periphery and a soft core. Tuscany forms a goodly portion of that soft core, and Florence in our days is one of the most left-leaning cities and “progressive” cities in Italy—meaning that the least racist parts of Italy has seen the angriest manifestations of “anti-racism.” This appears paradoxical: it is anything but.

This is not an isolated phenomenon. These strident accusations of “racism” which fly at us in ever thicker flocks, rise most densely precisely where they seem least warranted—universities, leftist cities, progressivist urban areas, multicultural Silicon Valley companies, the most “multiethnic” European nations, etc. These “protesters” do not arise to challenge injustices, but to take advantage of weakness. One cannot imagine (at least not yet) a mob like this rising in the north of Italy (where it would be tolerated neither by the people nor by the authorities) nor in the south (where the Mafia still commands). “Civil rights” are like water, and follow the path of least resistance.

One aspect of this problem is thoroughly known to those on the Alt Right: “cucking” serves as a natural invitation to parasites and opportunists. This is even truer with certain African groups, whose understanding of the world often reduces to terms of naked power and impotence. If President Rossi believes that with his €20,000 he has bought an end to future riots, he is sadly mistaken.

President of Tuscany, Enrico Rossi, visits the gypsies. Spot the weak point in this chain.

I offer a small, but suggestive, anecdote. I performed a little experiment on a (probably West) African beggar whom I regularly see in Cagliari: I took to greeting him in a friendly way each time I saw him—without, however, giving him alms. He responded with a fawning smile for the first three times or so; then, when he realized I had no intention of funding his existence, he grew cold, and now will not so much as glance at me, though I sent him my cheeriest “Ciao.” He had taken my politeness for debility, as I had fully expected, and aped it merely to profit from it.

A number of essential points can be distilled from all this:

1.) In general, “anti-racist protests” do not arise to denounce racism, and so arguing that point is futile. “Racism” is only a pretext here, a reproach which is used against us because we have grown soft enough to tremble before it. Europe would do well to learn here from the United States; this is one of the few areas in which the Americans have a longer and more authoritative experience than the Europeans. No one can convince Black Lives Matter that the cases of Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown might even be morally ambiguous, because fundamentally these people are not interested in the justice of the question, at least in the way that we understand justice. All that matters to them is that one of their own has been shot; theirs is the logic of the tribe.

2.) The logic of the tribe does not consider the motive of an action, only its consequences. It is not important to the tribe why such and such a man robbed from another, or why such and such a man murdered another; the act demands retribution regardless of the reasons behind it. The logic of the tribe thus tends ever toward the law of talion, an eye for an eye. To the extent it cannot attain perfect equivalency, it settles for what it can get. These tribal riots springing up throughout the West are nothing but the attempt to extract whatever payment can be extracted for injuries against the tribe. And this is precisely why we often see these tribal mobs emerge in precisely those areas that seem to be the most egalitarian; the tribalists smell their advantage in the cringing moralizing of our contemporary “Westerners.”

3.) The logic of the tribe is unabashedly ethnic; it divides the world into us vs. them along purely ethnic lines. The cosmopolitans, the globalists, the liberals, the egalitarians, and the libertarians will never understand this logic, because they are committed to the dogma of the “human being,” that neutered and denatured creature that belongs nowhere save the gray abstractions of economic mathematics. Similarly the tribe will never understand the logic of liberalism—with this essential difference: while tribalists cannot understand it, they have an instinctive feel for its weaknesses, and they are fully prepared to take advantage of it.

4.) We of the West can neither disregard the logic of the tribe that reigns amongst so many non-Western peoples, nor adopt it as our own. The logic of the tribe is incompatible with our civilization; it is, one might well say, barbaric.

5.) We are not barbarians; we are, in the main, effete men of civilization. But the effete men of civilization are but awaiting the barbarians, and in a certain sense have need of them for physiological and moral regeneration. In the past, our barbarians came ever from within Europe, or from nearby peoples who were ethnically akin to the decadent societies they overwhelmed. Today’s barbarians are precisely these African and Arab colonizers, who share nothing in common with us in terms of history, custom, or ethnicity. The new barbarians do not promise us renewal, but threaten us with extinction. This opens the fundamental question of where we are to seek our revitalization today: it opens, if we may put it this way, the problem of the barbarian in our day.

6.) It opens as well another profound and urgent question. The justice of the West is presently taken to be a universal justice, applying, not only in principle, but in practice, to all the human beings of all the world. This justice, as the Florentine events and others like them demonstrate, is leading us directly to our destruction; but abandoning it wholesale would lead directly to our tribalization and our abasement. The West is in need of a new explicitly and unashamedly Occidental conception of justice, one fit to the complexities and the problems of the present day, and especially those originating in ethnic conflict. I have somewhat more fully articulated this problem—though certainly not its solutions—in my recent article on the South African vote to amend its constitution.

These questions, which have been perceived or intuited to varying degrees in recent years, must be faced with clarity and resolution, and they must be faced at once. Happily, our antagonists are not likely to stop reminding us of that necessity.

John Bruce Leonard
John Bruce Leonard, Editor-in-Chief of Arktos, studied philosophy, letters, and languages in a university curriculum based exclusively on the great books of the Western Tradition. After taking his degree in Liberal Arts he moved permanently to Italy, where he nourishes his ever-living preoccupation with the heritage and the future of Europe.


  • Deep insight in structures: “Anglo-Saxon” societies
    are in their nature and essence very dysfunctional.

    • Since we are social beings, we suffer most from the fragmentation of our bonds. Divorce rates of 70 percent in western cities testify to this. Children who pick up without both parents are the normal case.


        Machine translated interview with the “expert”:

        Hate comments: A loud minority

        A study on hate news on the Internet shows that a small minority controls campaigns and spreads hatred particularly actively. Many of the profiles can be assigned to followers of the Identitarian Movement and AfD. An expert explains the dangers.

        They make targeted appointments to spread hatred. A study by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) in London found that half of the likes of hate comments on Facebook can be traced back to only five percent of accounts. On other topics, however, these users remained passive.

        In the study, IT expert Philip Kreißel and extremism researcher Julia Ebner evaluated more than 3,000 publications and 18,000 comments on Facebook and Twitter on articles by “Bild”, “Focus Online”, “Kronen-Zeitung”, “Spiegel Online”, “”, “Welt” and ZDF-“heute” news in January.

        We talked to Julia Ebner about the evaluation of the results.

        Mrs Ebner, are there people who are particularly often the victims of targeted hatred in social networks?

        Julia Ebner: Yes. Refugees, politicians and journalists. Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas, who has dealt intensively with the topic of hate content in the social media, or Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel because of her refugee policy. But also the activists of the art project “Centre for Political Beauty”, who erected steles in front of the house of the AfD politician Björn Höcke to commemorate the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. However, there are differences in the effect of the campaigns.

        Which one?

        Ebner: Well-known politicians are mentioned in hashtags. But people who live largely anonymously and are more vulnerable to attack are targeted – with mass messages on their accounts and threats of physical or sexual violence. I have experienced this for myself.

        Who coordinates these campaigns?

        Ebner: There is a group of online activists called Reconquista Germanica (“Reconquest of Germany”). This is the largest right-wing troll factory in Germany with about 7000 active members. They joined forces in the summer of 2017 with the aim of influencing the Bundestag elections in favour of the AfD.

        In closed forums, they agreed on times, hashtags and campaign goals. The aim was to manipulate the algorithms in the social media and dictate the online political discourse, i.e.’infiltrate enemy filter bubbles’, as they say.

        Who are the backers of such campaigns?

        Ebner: The self-proclaimed Commander-in-Chief of Reconquista Germanica calls himself Nikolai Alexander, an anonymous video blogger from Bavaria. Otherwise not much is known about the structures. Not all campaigns are controlled centrally.

        What we know: There is a small, very active minority among the haters. Half the likes of hate comments on Facebook are clicked by only five percent of accounts. And 25 percent of hate likes can even be traced back to only one percent of profiles.

        How many profiles are there exactly?

        Ebner: 6,000 accounts were responsible for 50 percent and 1,400 accounts for 25 percent of the likes in hate comments. This corresponds approximately to the number of activists in the right-wing extremist chat groups Reconquista Germanica and #Infokrieg, which we have observed for more than six months.

        On which pages can I find the most hate postings?

        Ebner: Many of the coordinated campaigns in Germany, for example, concerned articles from the “Bild” and in Austria the “Krone”, but articles from other major media were also commented on. In most cases, it does not matter which political direction the pages are to be assigned to. The activists are more concerned with the broad impact, as this is a particularly good way of influencing public debate.

        Was the selection targeted?

        Ebner: Yes. As we know from chat logs, there have been agreements to select such platforms as targets, which many people also read. And comment on content that is particularly useful for their hate campaigns.

        What is this content?

        Ebner: Above-average numbers of issues related to immigration, Islamist terrorism or sexual harassment. Freedom on the net was also a big issue. The hashtags posted also match this.

        Which ones were particularly popular?

        Ebner: #TrauDichDeutschland, #MerkelMussWeg, #Kandelistueberall, #DerGroßeAustausch, #Islamisierung, #Überfremdung, #FugitiveCrime, #Kikagate oder #120

        So are hate campaigns mainly controlled by right-wing and right-wing extremist groups?

        Ebner: Yes. In secret chats of the Reconquista Germanica, the Holocaust is denied, Hitler is glorified, refugees are harassed and an impending racial war is discussed. There were also instructions on how to build improvised stun guns and firearms.

        The group has strong overlaps with the Identitary Movement (IB). The majority of accounts that spread hatred could be attributed to AfD and IB supporters.

        How can you be so sure?

        Ebner: These accounts show a strong match to the likes on the Facebook pages of IB and AfD. In some cases, well-known people such as the leading Austrian IB activist Martin Sellner or the AfD federal chair Alice Weidel share the hashtags of campaigns coordinated by right-wing extremists and thus promote them into the mainstream.

        Officially, the AfD wants nothing to do with the Idenditären movement.

        Ebner: What we know: Before the Bundestag elections, the campaigns were mainly coordinated by the IB. Some AfD supporters knew at least partly about it and liked to share the hashtags of the hate activists.

        There was a strategic network, including right-wing extremist, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists. We have also observed interactions in the network between the Thuringian AfD politician Björn Höcke and identitary online activists.

        Have you also observed hate postings of Islamists or left-wing radical groups or do they play no role?

        Ebner: Our starting point was to identify and counter hate on the net. At the Institute for Strategic Dialogue we deal with extremism of all forms. We studied hate campaigns regardless of their political orientation, but quickly realized that hatred spread by right-wing extremists was strongly dominated and better coordinated in the social media.

        Were there also spontaneous hate campaigns?

        Ebner: That too, yes. Spontaneous reactions are made to media articles, activism campaigns or projects by artist groups, for example. There were appointments to devalue a topic or finish a person. On the other hand, we have seen larger campaigns such as “#Kandelistueberall” or the pro-AfD campaigns before the Bundestag elections.

        In these actions, the activists have specifically agreed on hashtags and times.

        Let us illustrate an example. In Kandel, a small town in Rhineland-Palatinate, a 15-year-old girl was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend, a refugee from Afghanistan. What makes the campaign “#Kandelistueberall” a hate campaign?

        Ebner: It is very simple: its aim was to give the impression that Afghan refugees are stabbing 15-year-old girls everywhere. It is therefore a campaign aimed specifically at a whole group of people on the basis of their nationality, ethnicity and/or religion.

        In addition, the evaluation of tweets and posts accompanied by this hashtag shows that the campaign generated a very high level of racist and hateful comments.

        How can a user recognize the hate activists?

        Ebner: If they appear as a group, it is easier with the relevant hashtags. In individual cases it can be very difficult, because they proceed very skillfully. In internal instructions of Reconquista Germanica, the activists are asked to create fake accounts in which they initially post on normal topics such as football, food or parties.

        Step by step, often with irony or witty memes, they introduce their extreme ideologies and nourish doubts about the existing system.

        How exactly do they do that?

        Ebner: By addressing widespread frustrations such as political correctness, feminism or the”gender mania”. If this does not work, they become more aggressive and infiltrate enemy filter bubbles. All this can be read in the media guerrilla handbook of the identities whose instructions are used by Reconquista Germanica.

        Do Facebook, Twitter & Co do enough to stop hate campaigns?

        Ebner: Facebook has received a lot of criticism, but especially in Germany they are now doing a lot to delete hate comments and fake accounts. Before the Bundestag elections, the company acted to prevent the election from being influenced by campaigns. For example, you have removed tens of thousands of fake accounts from Facebook using machine learning systems.

        Twitter could become even more active in my eyes. But of course it is difficult because the activists keep finding new ways to trick the latest measures. It’s a cat and mouse game.

        What danger emanates from the haters?

        Ebner: The greatest danger lies in the normalisation of hatred. Because there is the impression that many users spread hatred, others are encouraged to join in.

        This can trigger a dangerous group dynamic. People who are attacked often no longer dare to speak out against hate. In the meantime, however, there are networks such as the Online Civil Courage Initiative (OCCI) and #ichbinhier, where they can seek help.

        Do you see any other dangers?

        Ebner: Yes. Few enemies of democracy force the majority to engage in political debate by manipulating news algorithms. This gives the impression that certain topics occupied a large public.

        The media then partly take up these discourses and reproduce them anew. The staged social pressure brings the hate activists closer to their goal: the political shift to the right.

        Was the manipulation successful, i.e. can the success of the AfD in the Bundestag election partly be traced back to such campaigns?

        Ebner: It is difficult or impossible to say to what extent online successes of the pro-AfD campaigns coordinated by right-wing extremists had an impact on the result of the election.

        However, it is clear that the activists managed to determine the online discourse in the weeks before the election – some of their hashtags were in the top trends in Germany for two weeks and were taken up by politicians and the media.

        In this way, they managed to place issues in a targeted manner, put them on the political agenda and exert pressure on politics, the media and civil society.

      • Glen Beck is a kiked face rat.
        A drunken , deeply ignorant rat at that.
        He is also a snake oil sales man
        Spewing ignorance and some mightily limited ” The model neo-con historical culture for dummies ” books ( even written by others at that !) is all he has ever accomplished in his sad life .
        Furthermore :
        He is a total, comical , physical, actual shit in his pants coward :
        Some 10 years ago or so he was intervied on a major network by , I believe, Katie Couric .
        She asked what I would have thought was a totally legitimate , very good question to answer , expand on and clarify :
        ” You talked and wrote many times about ” European Culture” or western culture, what do you mean by that ?
        Can you please give us your definition of that and expand on it ?
        His refused , no answer was an histerical , terrified :
        ” Why am I under attack now ???!
        I am not a racist !!!!
        I am not A RACIST !!!! “.

        What a worm .

  • What actually did John Leonard reveal??

    He prefers living around Africans and Sociopathogically Trolling and Triggering them…

    Then, he prefers fighting for the White European Peoples……

    But, he’s Jewish…….

    So, yeah…..


    • I’m not sure how you concluded that Leonard is Jewish. Yeah, I know a lot of Jews are named Leonard, but Leonard is absolutely a EUROPEAN name. Ever hear of Leonardo? Where do you think the name Leonard comes from?

      • There appears to be some confusion on Nova Morium’s part regarding the difference between a name and a surname. An honest mistake, no doubt.

    • You extracted all of that from my little article? And they say that people are forgetting how to read.

  • ‘John Bruce Leonard, Editor-in-Chief of Arktos, studied philosophy, letters, and languages in a university curriculum based exclusively on the great books of the Western Tradition. After taking his degree in Liberal Arts he moved permanently to Italy, where he nourishes his ever-living preoccupation with the heritage and the future of Europe.’

    And what has any of that accomplished to stop the Mass Onslaught of African and Arab Migrants to European Shores??

    • So .Mr. Leonard now , in your own world , would be single handedly responsible for the Mass Onslaught of the blah blah blah etcetera ?
      But what have you accomplished, exactly?
      He is at least writing well on the subject .

      First you say he must be Jew because his name is Leonard and criticize him with scantily logical or connected attacks.
      When the ridiculousness of all that is exposed to anyone who can read , you attack him for ” not having accomplished ” ..even if you don;t know him personally.
      Bottom line :
      You seem MIGHTILY confused ..

      • Nova’s contributions here are an acquired taste. Don’t take him too seriously. Your not going to get an honest argument out of him, so don’t try.

  • Love the article, but resorting to tribalism will not debase us, it will deliver us.
    There is also nothing at all non-Western about a limited tribalism. It is not incompatible with our civilization. Whites were quite tribal a mere century ago. We can be tribal again.
    It’s just a matter of what the outer boundary of our tribalism will be. Will the boundary be clan, region, nation, race, or mankind. I would submit to you that the outer boundaries of our tribalism can not reach the species level without bringing about our total destruction as a people.
    It is all a matter of the level of abstraction one emphasizes in the moral sphere.
    Anyway, fact is, tribal battles must be fought tribally. There is no other way. This is so by necessity.
    We fight as a people or we perish as individuals.
    The white race will rise up or it will perish. We must come together.

    • Agreed, Spraguer………

      Whites fighting for Survival decided to plead for help to other Whites across the Waters…..

      Only to have their Speech circumscribed……..

      Lauren Southern takes note……..

    • An excellent reply, Spraguer. I most willingly agree with every argument you pose—save that I would not use the word “tribal.” Our point of divergence is, as they say, semantic. However, as I believe that semantic questions are in truth of great importance, let me frame a reply.

      Etymologically the word “tribe” derives from Latin, and referred more or less to the three, legally distinct ethnic groups present in original Rome. In this original sense, I can fully submit to the use of the word “tribe” to describe the contemporary West in its distinction from other peoples.

      But here is the difficulty. In part due precisely to the later Roman use of this word, the contemporary concept of “tribe” inevitably calls to mind the small, divisive, and generally primitive social order of non-civilized peoples. There are perhaps qualities that we might learn (better say relearn) from such groups, such as their unashamed reverence for their own ways and their resistance to alien customs, or their ethnic self-sufficiency; but tribal life in this sense is also a life without laws (civilization) on the one hand and without culture on the other. Tribal society, that is to say, is society lacking precisely those qualities which define the West. It is, more, a social order which resists any kind of wide unification between differing tribes: the Native Americans could not unite even to resist the invading Americans; African countries to this day are torn by tribal strife. These inter-tribal conflicts sometimes appear even amongst those alien communities present on European soil.

      To call ourselves “tribal” is thus to blur the articulable distinction between the people of the West and the peoples particularly of Africa, and to a lesser extent of the Middle East. Far from helping us unite, it seems to me that this word contributes to the confusion regarding the basic differences between us and them. More, because of its necessary connotation of particularity and individuation, it might press us subtly in precisely the opposite direction of that “coming together,” to which you so rightly incite us.

      • Hmm. Yes, your semantic distinction is noted, and you’re not wrong. Nevertheless:
        1) Many forms & degrees of in-group preference are considered “tribal” by modern/Western standards. Jews are a vast ethnic group for example, yet few would hesitate to characterize Jewish ethno-centric behavior as “tribal”. Indeed, they refer to themselves as “the Tribe”. When I use the term, rightly or wrong, I am referring to any in-group, not merely clan or low-level social cliques or groups. The “tribalism” you’re addressing is clannishness, a kind of primitive, low-level, small group tribalism. It’s not the wrong way of understanding the term, but it is surely not the only way.
        2) A society can be tribal & still be a society of laws. It’s just a matter of who those laws serve. Many laws in the Western World no longer serve or advance the interests of those they are supposed to. The enemies of the white race, like the Arabs & the Jews & the Chinese, know better than to lean too heavily on universalism. Our laws don’t serve us in large measure because our people & institutions are more committed to the other than their own. This stems in part from definitional failures. When you don’t see yourself as a distinct people, you open yourself up to conquest & exploitation by more cohesive, self-aware groups. So long we continue to believe fictions & Marxist propaganda like “there is only one human race” & “we’re all equal”, we will continue to cede ground.
        3) Tribalism, as I’ve defined it, i.e. preference for or emphasis on the in-group, depends largely upon identity & which group we are committed to, which level of categorization or abstraction we emphasize as important or essential. However, this identity creation, this defining of the outer boundaries of the tribe, is natural, normal & healthy. Indeed, the same social & psychological phenomena are at work here as in more primitive types of tribalism. No matter the level we select in defining the in-group, we are building an identity & a group consciousness.
        4) My point is very simple. We must make white racial consciousness a reality. We must make the white race the tribal division. Then the unification we resist will be the unification of ourselves & our enemies from elsewhere around the globe (meaning our annihilation as a people). Then the people we exclude will be all but ourselves. That is the only way forward. We must help our own people to love themselves again. Social realities, political polarization, identity politics, etc. it is all on our side. Our people are becoming acutely aware of all they are losing, both personally & as a race, by not fighting a manifestly tribal war tribally & on tribal terms. Non-whites have been waging a racial war against us for a century or longer, & we haven’t even been fighting back! Thus, a white racial consciousness is emerging organically. The in-group is being defined as we speak. All we in the Alt-Right have to do is nourish its development, by channeling white rage, by injecting reason into this great awakening. Hail victory!

        • With this, Spraguer, we can safely conclude that we agree on everything which is really fundamental to this question. I persist in my limited definition of “tribe” (its use with reference to the Jews, to my mind, is in this way more ironic and barbed); but as for the rest, I can only say—let it be as you have stated at your closing.

    • Tribality is “barbaric” you say? A small amount of barbarity is healthy because necessary for group survival. It is over-refinement that kills so many societies.

    • I seem to find a Strange Parallel in the Writings of RBTTYDS and VLAW…….

      What’s the Answer to the Riddle?

    • There seems to be a Strange Parallel between the Writings of RBTTYDS and VLAW……

      Can you Answer this Riddle??

      • Meszaros hasn’t published anything here since Thotgate. I wonder why she left???

        I’m not sure about VLaw. He’s not on the Masthead anymore, so I guess he moved on.

      • “Full-blooded pedant” would perhaps be more to the point.

        But despite my “extremely high self regard,” I would actually prefer to discuss the vital questions confronting us. Perhaps you had something to say on this score?

      • This is the comment section of an intellectual site , all that people can do here really , me and you included , is writing ideas.
        It is not a gym , it is not a mechanic shop , it is not the square -meeting point with the antifa gentlemen and gentleladies .

  • Guard your Borders like Israel……..

    Expel, Kill, and Punish Invaders like Israel………

    Israel wants to Live……

    Israel doesn’t care if you call it ‘Nazi’ or ‘Racist’……..

    Israel wants to Live………..

      • The Fact Stands……

        If Europe and America would defend their Borders like Israel……

        They wouldn’t be in this Dire Predicament……

      • The Fact Stands……

        If Europe and American would Defend themselves like Israel…..

        They wouldn’t be in this Dire Predicament…….

      • I gotta say agree with you on this one. White people should not use what Jews do to justify themselves. Frankly, we’re better than that.

        And if you don’t side with Palestine on the Israel question you either have no heart or no brains.

  • I think they model is the Roman Empire. It was ruled by law, efficient, civilised and open enough for all europeans BUT at the same time it was ruthless enough to completely reject the morality of the slaves… until the jew virus came in but still, the point is valid. A ruthless civilisation can be built but all the hallmarks of christian civilisation must be ditched: non-violence, pacifism, libertinism, universalism and individuality are non negotiable. They have no place in the future.

  • Exactly! We need something that can bring us together. Roman Empire, Christianity… whatever, something. The alt-right is is a shell, it is the west realising a lack. The alt-right is not that unifying pole because it is defined negatively, as a critique and a call for discussion but it is not anything complete that can bring us together. We need something else… and honestly, christianity doesn’t cut it at this point and science is not a complete believe system. We need something deeper and richer.

    • I think your point is really central to our crisis, Ferox. We, who live in a mythless and faithless age, have desperate need of a new myth and a new faith.

    • If the cultural and biological inheritance of Western Civilization isn’t rich and deep enough for you, the problem may lie in you. As for me, I have no difficulty in feeling hot, healthy, instinctive, instantaneous hatred for racial competitors. I don’t need a new myth to feel worthy of existing and thriving.

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            I don’t see the need to allow a fearful sand nigger to troll our website unscathed. Why you feel the need to be here is the question?
            Inferiority is surely the answer, but even then, you are still an inbred piece of trash who doesn’t belong. Your descendant will feel the bullet of my descendant, be sure of this. Eh, you know it’s true. You wouldn’t gen here otherwise, nigger.

          • You come here as a slave with a slave mentality.
            Why attempt to fool yourself, sand nigger?
            You’re mishmash of every race that has ever existed on the planet. Half of all of your ancestors were raped by the other half. Your parents were cousins. You flee your land as a coward. You troll this site attempting to compensate for your sense of inferiority.

            If you’d only accept your place life would be easier for you, sand nigger.

          • Lmfao a whitey talking about inbreeding. Dude you clearly have issues probably being bullied by foreigners in school right cucky ? It’s a waste of time to talk to delusional fools.

          • Ah, one day, one day real soon, you indeed mixed race mongrels will feel the force of the white mans power, as your ancestors did, & you will cry & beg to simply be deported back to the desert so you can fuck goats again. You won’t be granted this plea though, sand nigger. You know this, that is why you are here. Cowardly sub human, you are.

          • If he is just trolling he’s a better quality Troll than Gothic Joe or Site. This place needs an adversary man. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of Amerimutts agreeing with each other on everything, Nova drunken RAGE posting, and Denis Kearney talking to himself.

          • Denis is scary. I always think he’s talking to another dude but he’s banned and only he can see his posts.

          • I think he’s funny, but I genuinely don’t know what his issue is. He seldom responds to anybody, and when he does it only raises more questions.

          • Yeah, maybe. This guy went fully anti white pretty quick though. But it’s cool, I don’t like echo chambers & as long as he’s willing to put up with me calling him a sandnigger pos then that’s on him.

            Damn you Canuck, guinea bastard. Euro Mutt supremacy. I’m walking proof. sieg heil

          • Meant to add < Amerimutt before the second part.
            Some context.
            Man, explaining jokes really kills the sting…..

          • I went full anti you. I like triggering disrespectful snow niggas. With the other posters I’m pretty chill.

          • No feelings over here, sand nigger. I don’t like inbred shitskins. Whether you are chill or not, you are the worst type of vermin: a sneaky, cowardly rat that would run from a fight in order to enjoy a sensual pleasure. This is what you did when you left your ancestral homeland. You did not fight or take, like my ancestors did & maybe yours as well, but you creeeped & crawled like a woman.

            I know you, all shitskins are the same.

          • No feelings here, sandnigger. I will continue to put shitskin cowards in their place, whether in person or online. You shame your ancestors sneaking into a country, pleading helplessness in order to gain refuge. This is the woman’s way. You ran rom YOUR fight & took the easy road instead of facing your troubles & conquering them.
            This is what men here are attempting to do, yet the coward talks shit on them. Ironic no?

          • Eh, not sure why these comments lag, but oh well. I mean both you inbred piece of coward.

          • What are you even talking about retarded faggot ? I never asked for refuge anywhere. I go do tourism often that’s different. And I still live in my country you moron. My family isn’t inbreeding since I’m white black and Asian. Womanly ways ? What are you smoking ? Beg ? I give money to homeless poor Europeans on every travel. Shit skin ? I’m not black I have Mediterranean skin. You truly are an inbred retarded insecure piece of crap. No one cares about you and you always end up looking like an angry teenage girl. Won’t respond to you anymore go live your fantasy in your basement Gaylord.

          • He’s a Vargtard so he’s cool in my books. I’m not saying let him into the future ethno-state but I don’t have a problem with him commenting here. He’s unique, nah mean?

  • Yes, I’m a Racist……

    Which means this is My Country………

    Created by My Ancestors not yours……….

    I didn’t invite you Here…….

    You are Unwanted……..

    Leave now or you’ll be Expelled……..

    Resist and you will Perish…….

    Thus Spoke Zarathustra……


      • No one wants to invade North Africa……..

        There’s nothing there of Interest to anyone…….


      • No, we already Conquered…….

        But, Cucks within our Midst lack the Testicular Fortitude to Fight for their Ancestral Heritage…….


      • Whoever sneaks in like a rat. Begging and groveling about oppression. Whoever plays the lowly victim, whining about oppression & pleading for the white mans good fortunes.
        This is what you mean, sand nigger.

        Atleast your ancestors took things straight forward. They never cowered, like you & took to womanly tactics as yourself.

          • ‘Muh dick’. The epithet sand nigger really describes your ilk perfectly. You are no different than your SSA kin.
            Everything I sad was true. You know you’re a coward. If you deny this than it is because of a sub 100 IQ, that is all.

          • Lol. Still 25 points lower than mine Nigger.
            No coward here, I don’t sneak into other countries because I cannot face the problems in my own.

          • You a 145 ? Not even in your dreams you always sound retarded xD
            I don’t flee I enjoy life and take the best deals. I go to developed places and have sex with cuties *feels good man*

          • Don’t be jealous. At 120, you may be the genius amongst sand niggers, but you’re still a retard to me & the majority of the Altright & WN guys, as the average IQ amongst us is atleast 135.

          • Wrong studies have proven that people on the right have lower IQ. Enjoy your brother’s dick redneck.

          • Pathetic, you are. Nothing more needs to be said.
            Anyone who reads your comments now knows for certain that you are an inbred piece of trash.

    • Nova, there are 100+ Million non-whites in the US. Making America White Again would require the biggest expulsion/genocide of people from a country that the world has ever known and it is a political dead end as barely any white people even want it to happen. Blacks are American, thats the problem with American Nationalism. Some internet subculture deciding that only whites are “real” Americans doesn’t change reality. Also the Hispanics are probably taking back most of the south west. It’s probably unavoidable.

      Fag flag patriotism isn’t the solution. White seperatism is.

      • Agreed, Johnny+Futurismo. We need realistic solutions at this point. And what might make sense in America won’t necessarily make sense in Europe.

        • In the North American context I think regional Nationalisms are valid like Southern Nationalism or Quebec Nationalism. Regional identities have developed organically and should be preserved, but America was founded on abstract liberal principles and I just don’t see American Nationalism (or Canadian Nationalism) as a workable or valid form of Nationalism.

          I don’t apply this same regionalism to Europe at this time, but we’ll see how things develop over there.

      • “it is a political dead end as barely any white people even want it to happen. ”

        And barely any white people wanted mass migration, and yet it happened.

        White separatism is a dead end. The elite do not suffer from ‘diversity’ and so will choose to relentlessly sabotage it.

        The options we have:
        -mass murder
        -mass expulsion
        -surrender to China
        -white supremacy

        • Or live a simpler life in small homogenous communities. The Amish are doubling their numbers every 25 years…could learn from them.

        • Yeah… Nobody is winning a US election running on a “lets deport/genocide half the country” platform.

          • I would vote for it in a heartbeat. So would many others, assuming a secret ballot (which is constitutionally guaranteed here). Almost no one here likes blacks. The problem is, this platform would not be allowed by our Jewish political ruling class, the candidate would be destroyed by underhanded means before he could really get started. The last politician who floated a “back to Wakanda” project was Abraham Lincoln, shortly before he was assassinated. In any case, one is fooling himself if he believes the majority of people in the U.S. would not cheer the fiat accompli.

          • How many U.S. politicians have tried running on that platform? It may be more popular than we suppose. Strength attracts.

          • Trump barely scraped by with a win against the worst candidate in my lifetime on a platform of deporting illegals with no right to be there in the first place. I highly doubt it would be a successful campaign strategy.

          • My point stands: he did not run on a strong, forthright platform. His platform was “we all bleed the red blood of patriotism, let’s try to accommodate the wonderful DACA children somehow, I’m only after the worst, most violent criminals – and the presence of all the others is negotiable.” This is too squishy to win more than a razor-thin victory.

            What appeals to people isn’t weakness and apologetic attitudes. Could anything be clearer? You don’t win by being the nicer guy. Far from attracting more votes, you lose votes that way.

            It was only the tiny element of hardness in Trump’s platform that swept him to political prominence. If he had been even harder, his victory would have been larger. This is, of course, the opposite of the way cucks think, so they reject it instinctively. They think that one has to be really, really, really, really, really nice to win elections.

          • I sure wouldn’t vote for you Seany if you aren’t nice to me. So be a Good Goy. Look at madam Merkel she keeps getting reelected because she’s nicer than those evil Nazis.

          • Addendum:
            How quick people are to forget that what made Trump a viable candidate was precisely his calling Mexicans “rapists.” That electrified. That got the ball rolling.

          • I’ll give you this much. Duterte de la Muerte won democratically on a “lets murder all the drug dealers” platform… But thats the Philippines. I really don’t think it will work here. And I don’t think there are that many racists who didn’t vote for Trump because he was too nice. We all understood you don’t show your full power level until you’ve obtained power.

            If you think it’ll work, your free to try. I won’t stop you. And if I were American I’d probably even vote for you lol.

        • First thing we need is a slate of candidates willing to normalize secession, maybe even advocate for a legal means or procedure for it.
          Second thing we need is leaders willing to nourish white racial consciousness.
          Third thing we need is a lot of weapons to fight a protracted guerilla war if all else fails.
          Fourth thing we need is to scale up & personalize our movement. We need to form real connections between people, militias, chains of communication, emotional bonds, etc. Internet shitposting is not going to get us where we want to be.
          Any kind of mass expulsion or murder will have to be extralegal. The government won’t do it, which means you need your own government or paramilitary force.

          • President Eisenhower expelled a million Mexicans in Operation Wetback in the 1950s.

            Help get disaffected blue-collar and rural voters registered

            Don’t cede all possibilities of using the levers of power while we still have a majority. This doesn’t mean paramilitaries can’t be formed as well. An effective movement can multitask.

          • Hey Seany why do you even care. If I was your place I would pack my stuff and go to eastern Europe and get easy pussy using my American passport.

          • Yeah, illegals. Eisenhower deported illegals.
            You’re going to have a lot more trouble deporting legals (citizens), & that’s what you’re talking about.
            You’re talking about deporting American citizens en masse. Courts are not going to go for that. That is if you could elect a leader who was committed to it, which is unlikely in the extreme.
            Whites are likely 50-55% or so of the country, when we include all the non-white & whitish groups that are classified as white in America (Jews, Arabs, Berbers, hispanics, etc.). That number drops every day however.
            So, yes, we have roughly a majority, right now.
            Look, I envy your optimism, but we need to start thinking realistically & practically.
            Reclaiming the entirety of America from its own citizens is basically impossible, especially because we will be up against a numerically & technologically superior enemy.
            The government views non-white citizens as being essentially no different from white ones.
            You’re talking about the impossible.
            Whether it’s civil war, guerrilla war, secession, lawful or unlawful, protracted conflict, etc. at the absolute best we are going to get ourselves some chunk of America. That is if we act soon & forcefully & with help from sympathists in DC & in the military. But taking back the entirety of America for whites & expelling tens of millions of American citizens or more, that is not going to happen by legal means.

  • Why do the invasive agents in INCEPTION. Why did the Nazis, so fearsome in DUNKIRK, fail?

    Physical aggression is obvious. You see the threat, and so you call for unity among your own kind and repel the outsiders. The Brits in DUNKIRK even see a French deserter as an outsider.
    So, despite German might, non-Germans resisted and fought back.

    Jews didn’t invade UK like a tiger attacking a lion. If a tiger attacks a lion, lion fights back. Jews invaded like a virus. Virus cannot be seen by the lion. But it penetrates into the lions cells and it can even mess up the DNA coding via mutations.

    Now, suppose a virus enters a lion and rewrites the DNA from within the core of the lion. Lion’s original DNA had made the lion feel, “this is my territory, and I’m a lion and I’m proud. I will fight to defend my lion-ness and lion territory from the enemy.” So whenever a lion saw a tiger, it growled. Even when it saw a cute tiger cub, it growled because the tiger cub, though cute, will eventually grow into a full-grown tiger and attack the lion.

    But suppose the virus rewrites the original DNA code. The changes in the core programming makes the lion feel, “tigers are my best friends. Tigers are Lions’ strength. We need to have more tigers. We need to hand over our territories to tigers. Tigers are the real lions.”
    Then the lion begins to invite tigers who mean harm to lions, and also, it begins to growl at other lions who say, “Wait a minute. Tigers are our enemies, not our friends. Tigersity is not our strength but our demise.” But the lion whose DNA has been re-coded growls and attacks other lions(like antifa attacks other whites) in the belief that lions exist to serve tigers.

    Now, if a lowly lion is made to feel this way, no problem. Other mightier lions can ignore him or even attack him. But suppose the virus changes the DNA of the elite lions of culture, academia, and government. And then, the New Lion Dogma will be forced on all lions.

    An idea is that important once it takes root. Just like, once a sperm fertilizes an egg, it grows into a fetus and then baby and then a man, an idea, once, it fertilizes a mind, keeps growing and growing and growing and begins to change paradigms and then everything.
    It is an idea that will make the young man in INCEPTION break up his father’s empire. Not just an idea but an idea laced with sentiment and iconic moment.

    Jews didn’t have the means to conquer the world militarily. So, they colonized the world financially and psychologically by coming up with ideas, icons, and memes to plant viral seeds into the minds of white folks.

    All these white minds that have been incepted with the Jewish virus see the Other as ‘our people’ and see their own people as ‘outsiders’. They’ve come to favor parasites over patriots.

    This is why white patriots in the UK are now the New Untouchables. The Dalit caste. Globo-Brahminism says that Jewish elites are at the top, white elites must serve Jews, and Queer & Diversity must replace Queen & Country. Since this new hierarchy has its own taboos, any expression of white identity is Taboo. Any white patriot is treated as an untouchable, the lowest of the low. They are to just lose themselves in drugs, alcohol, and Afro-debauchery and die and be replaced.

  • Bribe and Tribe.

    Jewish Tribe bribes the White elites to abandon the White Tribe and welcome the Black Tribe who take over sports and pop culture in the EU. And then white women get jungle fever and submit to ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs.

    White Wombs, the very source of white life, will produce black life like Obama and Kapernick.

    • Not their fault if dark colors are DOMINANT traits while weak white DNA has recessive fair traits.

      • After the course will be turned to normal again, you can dominate in your Wakanda as much as you want. Will be interesting to see how you do it without help from whitey.

        • Turned normal again lol delusional fool. You guys are 8℅ of the world and biggest consumers of contraceptive pills. We ( rest of the world ) already won. I can go to any country and impregnate a white bitch.
          Nature doesn’t forgive foolishness. Once you start declining there is no going back.

          • You have lost already. Even if you somehow manage to destroy Western Europe, there remain two groups who like us are superior to you and unlike us will not be guilted into accommodating your ilk. One is East Asians and the others are Slavs. Both of them can see what happens when people like you are let into their countries. Not only will you not be able to invade their countries, on the contrary they will probably invade you since you won’t be able able to defend your country or your women. China has already started colonizing Africa and African wombs.
            And then there is also the possibility that Western Europeans will stop tolerating you sooner than you care for.
            You made a pretty big blunder here. I mean what did you think would happen once you exterminated whites? That you would reign as the kangz of the world? Lol
            You are fucked either way.

          • Retarded moron I never tried to exterminate anyone. You guys killed yourselves. I’m not a part of the island black Asian lgbtq movement but for your information Russia has the largest growing Muslim population in Europe as well as having one of the biggest mosques in the world right in its capital. As for east Asians . Japanese a dying out and China will collapse once it cannot sell you cheap stuff.y ou just sound like a sad delusional whitey.

          • I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that. We cut off African aid and your birth rates plummet pretty quickly. Honestly, I’m more worried about the Chinese than the Africans.

          • Dude my country doesn’t receive any help and we dont have ANY debt while countries like the US have close to 20 trillions in debt or look at France and it’s 2000 billions of debt. You guys need help.

          • We need to ditch the decadent lifestyle and liberal individualism and return to a simpler life. We can help ourselves.

          • You see your rhetoric of ” ban individualism” is what scares the normies who want their rights and to have fun. You don’t want to sound like a commie. Spencer was once asked on a chat if he was the leader of the ethno state would he ban foreign propaganda like communist propaganda for example and he said yes. This you scare me shirtless if I was white. Because he admits wanting an authoritarian regime where the state CHOSES for you what you can listen to or watch. That’s just wrong. On the other hand Sargon of Akkad said that he would allow it. Which translates to cucking as Trudeau said “if you kill your enemies they win” so both are retarded Morons. The authoritarian and the liberal. So politics are a dead end. At the same time how do you change a nation without a government ? So I ask you futurismo. Would you ban porn, lgbtq , force people to live modestly, have a state religion , kill dissidents etc ? I believe Hitler failed because he fell in this trap of controlling people.

          • I don’t care about normies tbh. Pretending like what normies think about anything matters is what got us into this mess. Democracy is a joke. Liberalism is a failed social experiment. The masses are like children that need to be told what to do. Yes, I would ban porn, faggotry would be strictly forbidden and punishable by firing squad, there would be an official religion and those who don’t subscribe to it would either have to convert or leave and all those who oppose the regime would be punished by firing squad.

            As for living a simple and modest life to me it is about dropping out of the system and refusing to contribute to a society that I see as sick, rotten and immoral. I’m not anti-civ, like Varg. Anything that helps to bring down the system is good, and what he promotes is the best way to resist as an individual without ending up dead or in jail. After the collapse and after power has been established I would want to rebuild though, not maintain a state of post-civ anarchy.

            I’m fine with authoritarianism so long as the authority is legitimate. Power gained through democratic means is illegitimate.

          • For me no power is legitimate. I grew up doing whatever I wanted and shall live this way I honestly don’t care about knowing the laws of the region, having no intention to follow them. But your authoritarian regime won’t succeed they always fail. As for degeneracy as Spencer said it’s like sqlt. Some is good too much is bad. Like women who would want to marry a frigid chick who only has sex to get pregnant. We all want a woman who can be a bit slutty but faithful. I would allow people to worship whatever and let bisexuals alive ( the rest of deviants will die of course pedos animal fuckers gays etc ) normies are important being the majority they hold more power. Don’t you think that I and a group of friends can storm varg’s farm in Limousin and kill and rape everyone while also taking his land ? That’s why normies are important nature prefers quantity over quality. Look at African Numbers vs Europeans. He who breeds shall inherit the earth. ( One of our Presidents Mr Boumedian said that the victory against the Occident is in our women’s wombs. Keep in mind he said that decades ago. He was wise.

          • I used to be a Green Anarchist and thought a lot like you do. Your right. You and your buddies could storm Vargs farm and take his shit. That is small scale authoritarianism. After the collapse a new natural order will emerge based on those who are strongest, smartest and those who ar willing to get their hands dirty. It’s unavoidable. Personally I would rather be part of the group that is establishing power, not part of the group that is being dominated. I’m not a sociopath or anything. I want to see my people become better than they currently are, and giving the people freedom to engage in their every desire and whim is immoral. They become the lesser for it. This kind of liberal hedonism is what led to whites declining birth rates. There is too much talk of rights these days and not enough talk about duty. If you are doing something that is destructive to the community, than you are an enemy of that community and must either be banished or punished.

          • “Green anarchist” I like it. I don’t disagree with you but you simply cannot succeed by repressing people’s desires they’ll just go to the Jewish merchant to get their high in secret by buying porn and drugs in the black Market. Look at the prohibition era in the US a total failure. Look at the Nazis Hitler stopped smoking and alcohol…. result ? They consumed methamphetamine like no tomorrow. Authoritarianism doesn’t work. Giving people total freedom as well as total self responsibility ( if you’re dumb or fail at securing food you die ) is the only moral thing to do. I will always oppose any authoritarian ( I sided with the Stormcloaks in Skyrim ) I don’t believe in centralized power or empires or even countries. Regionalism paganism tribalism primitivism environmentalism and self determination are TRVE KVLT anything else is “barbarism” ( in the bad sense )

          • I haven’t deluded myself into thinking that what I want can be implemented in the existing system, which is why I promote dropping out of the system and becoming as autonomous and self reliant as possible. It will probably be awhile before total collapse so for the time being I’m like an Anarchist who subscribes to the Fascist Worldview. Ultimately I am a nationalist though, I do believe in countries and borders as necessities for defending your tribe. And I believe that order emerges out of chaos naturally. It can’t be supressed. It just happens.

          • I’m a total anarchist environmentalist tribalist primitivist. Fuck communists and fuck Nazis. Even varg agrees that countries are a construct just imaginary lines on a map and he doesn’t even live in his ancestors land. He’s a Viking living like a Norman/Gaul nationalism is evil only racialism should stay.good luck anyway.

          • Nationalism/Racialism are the same thing. Patriotism is empty posturing. Varg’s views have evolved a lot over the years and aren’t set in stone. Like I said before I agree with like 90% of what he says, but on certain points I do disagree with him. He’s still a hero of mine and I always have time to hear what he has to say.

          • Nationalism isn’t racialism. Look at American anyone from any race can proudly say he’s an American. Even in a very homogenous society like China there are many ethnic groups. Racialism is about the only family/group which matters. If you aren’t willing to burn your country and flag to the ground to save a fellow white ( non degenerate ) from another country then you aren’t red pilled enough. Race is all what matters not a passport. South African whites are your nation not the black who has the same passport as you. I personally spit on all flags. They mean nothing. Did the British soldiers fight and die so that Theresa may can jail then ban Lauren southern Brittany petibone and Martin sellner ? Nope they fought to protect their race not country . The Anglo-Saxon race. Not the government which allows 1400 white British girls to be raped.( White girls and I stress girls not women are seen as a very prized conquest by muslims I know what I’m talking about I live with them and went to islamic school as a kid )

          • America is not a true nation and never was. Even if it were 100% white it wouldn’t be a true nation. White Nationalism is just smaller tent civic nationalism. A country is a legal entity. That is what America is. A Nation is a group of people binded together by spirit, biology and culture. I basically agree with the rest of that though. When the country threatens the nation, then the country must be destroyed.

          • I agree but most people think that countries are nations which isn’t true as we both know it’s a common people with the same genes languages culture etc. But I prefer to use racialism since to be a Germanic you just need to be a black talking English since it only refers to a linguistic group. To be a Swedistani you need a passport. To be European you need to live in Europe and have european blood. All of these are very weak cetera. That’s why the Alternative Right cucks when asked “who is white ?” We need a real strong concept of I wish I could share a coffee with you.( Coffee didn’t originate in Europe but I think you can make an exception huh ? )

          • I think ethnic identity precedes racial identity, and I don’t think a Somalian becomes Italian just because he shows up in Italy even if he does receive a passport.

            But yeah, it’s been a good talk. Your an interesting guy, dude.

    • Jews control finance and they favored Jew-run platforms for investment. Jews own all the platforms.

      We need to give up on this left vs right BS. It’s Jewish ethno-monopoly. It’s Jewish Internet Supremacism. Jews even shut down BDS all over the US.

      Alt Right isn’t like white Zionism. It’s like white Palestinian movement for national liberation from Jewish Power.

    • 2016 will not be allowed to happen again. Controlling information is how they control the populace. For all his crazy conspiracy theories the idea of an infowar is 100% correct and Alex Jones deserves credit for that phrase if he invented it — that’s exactly what’s happening.

      This is an information War.

      • Your name should be “Nom de Guerre”( Name of war ) not DU guerre. Classic French error. Or if you prefer “Nom du Guerrier” much more badass and means Name of the Warrior.

  • Funny.
    ” ciao ! …(negro di merda) …”

    Perfect article. Could I simply translate it and put it in an Italian political forum Mr.Leonard?

  • Tribalization need not be the end of civilization. Simply (re)introducing racial and moral distinctions in law is enough to safeguard our ‘tribe’.

    • I dont believe in laws. They’re unnatural and oppressive. Eye for eye and tooth for tooth. As well as might makes right are better alternatives for me personally. And I’m sure many share my philosophical views. All governments are corrupt and illegitimate. If I did not vote for you or sign the mythical social contract then why should I do as you say ? Let every man govern himself and his wife/kids as well as the right to arm yourself.

  • Yeah. Anti-racist protests seldom ever have anything to do with racism. Non-whites figured out a long time ago that accusing whites of being racist is how they can get free shit out of them. This is a crippling weakness that whites really need to get over. It has allowed what constitutes as racism to be expanded to the point that the mearest hint of pride in your own heritage makes you literally Hitler to non-whites. They expect whites to constantly coddle them and when they don’t get this, they throw a temper tantrum until their shown the attention that they desire.

    Frankly, white liberals, and all other alien capitulators, are the most pathetic specimen currently walking the face of the earth and are an abomination of nature that needs to be stamped out. They might look white, but these people are a virus in our communities. Their spiritual Jews and should be treated as such. Their a bigger enemy than the aliens themselves tbh.

    • Funny it only works on you… Japanese literally genocided thousands of Chinese and took some as sex slaves or human guinea pigs during ww2 yet they’re doing great and have close to no immigration.

        • True I guess it’s the rich kid’s syndrome. You know the stereotype of the rich fag how can’t throw a punch. Your ancestors in their will to leave a prosperous society to their descendants have in a way cucked you. Once you no longer fight to eat, nature says to itself ” Hey this nigga doesn’t need to waste proteins on building muscles !’ just look at how NATURALLY ripped the Aboriginals are. It’s impressive and sad to see how the mighty have fallen. ( From mighty to withey lol )

          • Funny he strong men on that picture are allied soldiers of ww2 also know as the greatest cucks in History. They are to blame for the fear of. Being called a nazi and for the erosion of national pride and also the egalitarian movement which started by giving colonies freedom. But hey it’s all good to send white men fight against white men to save Jews all over Europe after all the loss of millions of fighting age white males can’t possibly weaken the west amirite ? ( Nice that the last pic is of Detroit a majority black place lol )

          • Lol very true. I didn’t make the meme. Personally I would have used a different picture for the “Hard times create strong men” portion of it. The last two are on point anyways.

          • Algerian Berber which derived of barbarian. As the Romans called us. But why asking?

  • The new barbarians do not promise us renewal, but threaten us with extinction

    The question of the “we” which is actually the 100% deciding question in this whole affair:

    if we are revitalized by “us”, i.e. our own kind of barbarians, then it´s good
    if we are “revitalized” by racial aliens: it´s GENOCIDE

    It is all a question of the “we”, and this “we” is RACIAL !

    If we don´t have the guts to be crystal clear about that: we will simply vanish as a race: genocide accomplished.

    • But do you have the will to survive aka fight ?
      Let me be skeptical…when your people are only 8℅ of the world population as well as the biggest consumers of contraceptive pills and only self hating group… Your future doesn’t look bright at all

  • Whitey should go back to Europe and leave south Africa , America , Argentina , Australia , Canada and new Zealand. Every race to its historical land. In addition to making life easier for everyone it would help the dying white race to reproduce. By having you lot all in the same place instead of being a minority everywhere else.

    • No we should just give the poor minorities mandatory birth control. Keep their numbers in check.

      • Said the minority. White devils are 8% of the world population. As well as the biggest consumers of contraceptive pills.

      • Sounds good. We both know that this has no hope of ever being implemented though, so quit daydreaming. NA isn’t even wrong. White birth rates have declined too much and we have spread ourselves too thin. Concentrating our numbers in one area, as nature intended, is the logical solution.

        • Funny that you’re probably more red pilled than your average alt righter yet we agree on so much. Wish Richard Spencer could swallow his pride and start thinking logically too on the question of territory.i instead of muh white imperialism and going to the stars.

          • Yeah. Throughout history land has only been claimed and defended in one way. We have too many people who still believe in political solutions, and by engaging with the current ruling order we are only serving to keep them propped up.

            Realistically conditions have to be right to revolt against it though, and conditions are not right yet. While spiritually and demographically we have been in decline for decades, we remain materially comfortable. Until people lose their bread and circuses, their fighting spirit will remain subdued.

          • I personally don’t eat bread or milk. Im not a calf and bread is full of gluten and unnatural ( hunter gatherers and early farmers didn’t consume it.) I also don’t watch TV or care about sports ( circus ) I think that if you have to wait till people lose their comfort then it’s too late. ( Look at Rome ) it’s perhaps good to study when the decline started. I say it started with the adoption of Christianity by the Romans. Which made sure the beautiful women would be virgin nuns for life and the strong men would go die in Jewsalem. Then the French revolution ( RECORDED TO HAVE BEING FINANCIALLY BAKED BY JEWS ) which spread the “liberté ((( égalité ))) fraternité” bullshit and ended legitimate European kingdoms. And finally both world wars. Cause why not killing millions of whites and impoverishing Europe as well as making them hate themselves to death ? But hey at least the Juden aren’t being bullied right ?

          • Yes. Wheat is a product of domesticated nature. I’ve been considering going Paleo, but I like Pasta too much.

            Rome fell because people got too apathetic, decadent and soft. Good times create weak men…I don’t think it had much to do with Christianity. Most women didn’t become Nuns.

            If there is one good thing to come out of the Alt-Right, it is waking up white people to how Jews, and their Masonic lackeys, have been subverting and destroying the west for centuries. Lots of people understand the JQ now, will they do anything about it, beyond whining on the internet, is the question.

          • And what about the women question ? White women are the most appreciated on earth ( I personally think that A Woman with Dark Blond hair / Dirty blond hair and light green eyes as well as white pinkish skin is the best of what humanity can produce ) and they’re also the biggest race mixers as well ass leftist voters. The first step is the take away their right to vote and send them back to the kitchen.

          • I think Julius Evola was onto something here…

            “After exposing the decadence of modern woman, we must not forget that man is mostly responsible for such a decadence. Just like the plebeian masses would have never been able to make their way into all the domains of social life and of civilization if real kings and real aristocrats would have been in power, likewise in a society run by real men, woman would never have yearned for or even been capable of taking the path she is following today. The periods in which women have reached autonomy and preeminence almost always have coincided with epochs marked by manifest decadence in ancient civilizations. Thus, the best and most authentic reaction against feminism and against every other female aberration should not be aimed at women as such, but at men instead. It should not be expected of women that they return to what they really are and thus reestablish the necessary inner and outer conditions for a reintegration of a superior race, when men themselves retain only the semblance of true virility.”

            In short, be better men.

          • How do you make better ((( men ))) when they’re raised by “wahmen” just look at schools most of my teachers have being women some of which were crazy feminist cat ladies. And I don’t even live in the first world where it’s even worst.

          • I think it starts with education and promoting healthy gender roles there first.We aren’t in control of the schools, but with the internet people largely recieve their education elsewhere now. Women will naturally follow strong, healthy, intelligent men. Modernity itself is degenerate, and I maintain that modern man is just as degenerate as modern women. Just in different ways. That being said, time isn’t exactly on ourside, and purging the liberal mind virus is a daunting task.

          • Then just give up and retreat to the woods. I personally plan on buying a huge chunk of land on either Alabama or Pennsylvania ( Wisconsin has being winking to me recently ) and living off the grid.

          • That’s the plan. I can’t afford land yet though and it’ll probably be a few years at least before I can.

          • #MeToo I’m only 21 but definitely going to the land of the free and home of the brave in two years and then I’ll do whatever till I get my land and start doing permaculture.

          • I would assume land is cheaper in Africa, no? Why do you have to move to the US to do that?

          • I’m surrounded by violent Islamic Morons and 80% of this country is a desert. I’m literally an oppressed minority lol I need a good climate to have permaculture. North America is perfect.

          • Well those are fair points I suppose. I see America eventually balkanizing, so if I were you I’d pick a region that already has a large African derived population so you don’t get pushed off your land at some point. There are some spergs who hang out here who think their going to take back America and deport all non-whites, but you shouldn’t take them too seriously. I definently don’t.

          • Balkanization won’t happen during my lifetime so I can live anywhere. If someone tries to push me I’ll shoot them with no hesitation someone who lives peacefully of his land and doesn’t bother others shouldn’t be bothered.

          • They might shoot you first. It happens to white farmers in South Africa all the time, despite the fact that they are just minding their own business. I don’t see racial tensions in the US calming down anytime soon. There are places in the middle east like Lebanon and Iran that have lots of fertile land suitable for permaculture that that won’t happen to you in. Varg teaches that people should stay in the areas that they have adapted to over the centuries. I don’t see why you want to move to America.

          • I don’t want to live in an Islamic shithole. Murica is secular and most people only care about money and MTV. Varg is a wise man but when you have European blood + sub Saharan African blood and even west asian blood well guess what you did adapt to live anywhere so you just chose a good place and stay there. I believe in natural law. Invasion and population replacement have always been a thing ( look up the migration era in Europe ) I will not die in a desert or marry a Muslim if I can get better just because Varg tells me to. I shall take the best deal that I can find. never been an enemy of Europeans but I WILL crush anyone on my way to get what I want out of this life.

          • I’m not sure what the answer to the mixed race question is tbh. I definently see your point and I can’t say I blame you for not wanting to stay in Northern Africa or the Middle East. I will say that America is breaking apart slowly along racial lines, and demographics in a region are worth considering before investing time and money in land. Do with that advice, what you will.

          • Varg would have all us mongrels die but hey we’re millions around the world and have a right to fight for our lives. I mostly plan on living in a rural area with very low population so the demographics don’t matter much the rule will just be to avoid blacks and religious zealots.

          • You’re not fighting. You’re crawling in as an oppressed group like a woman. You think our ancestors would be ashamed of us, which is true, but yours would be more ashamed of you.

          • ‘Muh dick’. You dumbass nigger. I will concede that you truly know no better. So it’s to be expected. Its in the genes.
            Nature will not allow retard inbreds reign over the earth. This you can be sure though.

        • All it takes is one White genius, perhaps working in tandem with a Chinese firm, to invent Nigrid, the anti-Negro virus.

          In any case, it’s laughable that people fool themselves into believing that the White race – that allegedly weak people, that 8% – isn’t carrying the whole of Africa and the entire black race on its coattails. All we need do is cut blacks off, and they starve in great numbers. Blacks, of course, cannot mentally grasp what isn’t directly in front of them and so they inevitably bite the invisible hand that feeds them.

          We allowed Jews to get on top of us. If we shake them off, it’s goodbye kangs. Not to mention what the Chinese have in store for the groups of discolored retardates cluttering up Chinese territory (Africa).

          • Why so insecure Seany ? Did Mister shekleberg take your job and Tyron took your girl ?

    • I doubt the rest of the world would stop trying to invade Europe if all whites retreated there.
      Every concession we’ve given has bitten us in the ass. Once people get a taste of power they seem to just want moar.
      It isn’t even clear that the rest of the world would survive without whites maintaining Western civilization and offering charity.

      • Western civilization has being compromised sane for every Church under the sun. Go back to a more traditional lifestyle a more sustainable one. I wish I was born before the industrial revolution.

    • After you give back every Single Invention created by White Men……..

      Which means your entire Modern Life…….

      Didn’t think so, Cucky……..

      • Give back gun powder give back paper give back the compass give back the wheel give back agriculture give back boats give back writing give back irrigation systems etc. Basically give back civilization. You see no one can play this game all of humanity is using stuff created by others. Didn’t think about that did you whitey ?

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