The Shifting Zeitgeist on Race

Like many people of modest cognitive ability, Blacks fail to accurately assess how they are being perceived by others. Their complaints and protests about supposed racial injustice have been constant and increasingly abrasive.  Are you sick of it yet?

It’s a kind of amusing paradox that the more they complain, the more they alienate themselves.  Hence race relations have gotten worse and worse.  It’s a vicious cycle of stupidity and a cringe-worthy lack of self-awareness.  What are we going to do about this never-ending and tedious problem?

We have reached a stage where Whites are beginning to view Blacks and their antics with a jaundiced eye.  This includes practically all non-liberal White people; they are starting to question the victimology lens with which they have been conditioned to use when viewing Black people.  Whites can’t quite put their finger on it, but something in the racial dynamics of 2018 is askew.

Consider the 43 percent of Whites who earnestly and naively voted for Barack Obama in 2008.  The tone of Obama’s comments on race controversies were seen by many Whites as unacceptable, and the memory of his divisive rhetoric lingers even in their minds.  Ever since the controversies of that era, it appears that both Blacks and Whites have changed their perspectives on race in America; perhaps the only commonality is the belief that race relations have gotten worse!

These controversies involve Louis Gates, the professor who was thought to be robbing his own house (an understandable mistake by the police and neighbors); the Trayvon Martin shooting, the reader will hardly require a recap; and Michael Brown, the “gentle giant.”  Obama was so partisan, so racially partisan, in these affairs that White voters felt as though the good faith in which they had put in Obama’s new race-blind America was misplaced and betrayed.  Instead, unwittingly, Whites had entered into an era of increased racial polarization, with President Obama quite frankly rooting for the other side.

For Black Americans, nothing has changed in terms of their vision of their place in the universe.  All their problems and failures are still attributed to the nebulous specter of “White supremacy.”  Whites, on the other hand, were under the impression that we had already done the Civil Rights movement, that we had already elected a Black president.  Aren’t we good now?

Alas, the problems have just begun!

For some hard data on the matter, we see that at the beginning of the Obama presidency, 52 percent of US Adults thought race relations would be improved by his election.  A year into his presidency, that number plummeted to 36 percent. For Trump, not many people were under the illusion that his election would improve race relations: 25 percent thought they would improve upon his election, and now a year in the percentage of people who think they will improve is only 8 percent.  Yet was it ever Trump’s mission to “improve race relations” and all the capitulation that the phrase implies?

As can be seen from the chart above, Whites were foolishly optimistic as to the effect that electing the first African-American president would have on race relations, but gradually woke up to reality.  Just imagine the self-congratulatory smiles of White liberals after electing Obama, thinking they had squared their accounts with Blacks.  Amazing is the precipitous fall in the optimism of Whites on race relations with the death of “hands up, don’t shoot” Michael Brown, and then a significant, but ultimately illusory surge in Whites’ optimism on race relations after Trump’s election.

To further interpret this data, it is interesting that Whites consistently have a more sanguine view of race relations than Blacks, by about ten percentage points.  From this one may extrapolate that Whites are to a large extent unaware of the frank hostility with which Blacks regard them.  And to be fair, much of this hostility is perpetuated by our elite-controlled media and their continued demonization of Whites.  Even to put aside the question of media propaganda, one cannot help but deduce that this hostility would remain regardless.

If one compares the height of Blacks’ satisfaction of race relations with the election of Obama, 59 percent, with that figure now, 28 percent, one begins to understand that Blacks view themselves as having had a jarring reversal of fortunes.  Only then can one understand the true level of their aggrievement with our mischievously provocative president.

Now to add some color to the analysis (no pun intended), I happened to be watching C-Span on Martin Luther King’s Day and heard some provocative viewer calls on the topic of race relations.  The gaping divide between the sentiments of the White and non-White callers was food for thought.

After displaying a shot of the monstrous Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial statue in DC, they went to callers who would sound off on “Your view on race relations.”  The first caller was Black (C-Span is inundated with Black callers who apparently have nothing else to do).  He lamented White racism and expressed resentment that sometimes conservatives invoke Martin Luther King (he’s referring to the typical cuckservative invocation to judge others by “the content of one’s character”).

A few minutes later, a White caller had a more substantive assessment:

Over the last ten, twenty years, White characters have been caricatured pretty viciously, and it’s getting worse with [us being] caricatured as either bumbling idiots or racists; and Blacks are always heroized […] White people seemed to have dismantled their racial consciousness.  Every race has a sense of peoplehood; Whites had that for hundreds of years and they were very successful.  But they’ve been trying to actually live up to this Dr. King idea.  It’s Blacks and these other groups who almost burnish [sic] their resentments, their anger, and almost a sense of tribalism.

At which point the host, a non-White named Pedro, interrupts him: “You would say that wholesale about all African Americans or just certain ones?”  The host did not, however, object to categorical statements about White people made by Black callers throughout the segment, who without variation ranted about “White supremacy” and other slanders against Whites as a group, not just “certain ones.”  The caller responded by noting that C-Span had become very “Afrocentric” with an almost obsessive focus on slavery and racism.

Blacks have been so conditioned by the Hollywood narrative on their victimhood, and their always laudable response to their oppressors, that they fail to realize that perceptions are starting to shift.  Americans have grown weary.  Black activists have drained the reservoir of goodwill to the point that no one is listening to their lamentations; and when Black activists insist on being heard, their grievances do not always seem so reasonable, to say the least.

Shelby Steele, a Black conservative writer (apparently a mulatto), summed up the situation nicely in the Wall Street Journal the other week.  He comments on the ridiculous spectacle of Black football players kneeling for the National Anthem:

For the NFL players there was no real sacrifice, no risk and no achievement. Still, in black America there remains a great reverence for protest. Through protest—especially in the 1950s and ’60s—we, as a people, touched greatness. Protest, not immigration, was our way into the American Dream. Freedom in this country had always been relative to race, and it was black protest that made freedom an absolute.

It is not surprising, then, that these black football players would don the mantle of protest. The surprise was that it didn’t work. They had misread the historic moment. They were not speaking truth to power. Rather, they were figures of pathos, mindlessly loyal to a black identity that had run its course.

What they missed is a simple truth that is both obvious and unutterable: The oppression of black people is over with. This is politically incorrect news, but it is true nonetheless. We blacks are, today, a free people. It is as if freedom sneaked up and caught us by surprise.

Even if you are a non-ideological White who buys into the heroic portrayal of the ‘60s Civil Rights Movement, that era which is studied with such reverence in our public schools, it does not necessarily follow that you will view Black Lives Matter temper-tantrums with the same hushed reverence.  In fact, it’s laughable to compare the two, even if one takes a cynical view of the Civil Rights Movement itself (such as the fact that it was based on the false pretense of equality).

Not only, as Mr. Steele says, have Blacks “misread the historic moment,” they have ludicrously misread the public itself.  Their hatred of Trump is all part of this dynamic.  This is creating a vicious cycle in which their behavior and attitudes, in reaction to Trump and all he represents, become more and more militant and unseemly in the view of a public.

Fellas, we simply don’t care anymore.

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  • Last news over here: Afro inmigrants riot and burn the streets (narrow streets, in old town, with big danger for buildings and neighnors). Riots astarted after death by heart attack of an African ilegal street seller who was being chased by the cops. Police is not especially brutal here (comparing to USA standards) so, official report from the police it is quite plausible.
    Blacks and far left (including the female major of Madrid) playing the victim. Of course

    • They killed one of the BRODAS ?! REEEEEEE !
      Oh Boy time for all hell to break loose !

      Wonder what he was selling. I mean if your shop is legal why running away ?
      Watch as CNN declares heart attacks as racist.

  • Always satisfying to read a sympatico view of reality. I’ve been disgusted with negroes ever since I was forced, for economic reasons, to live amongst them. And trust me there is no more effective wake up call than this. It’s been while living amongst themj submerged in their ‘culture’ that I learned that the traditional and much maligned stereotypes are all too true.

    • And your white society did that to you, allowed it to happen, whites dont care for each other at all, they brutalize and destroy one another the same as blacks do. Its disgusting the way WN/identatarien/AR complain about Jewry the exact same things can be said about Whiyes in 2018 America, are largely money grubbing retards with very little sense of community, family, morality, or justice, things maybe different in tge country though I doubt it, but this is certainly true in the large city areas.

  • Speak the truth. Speak what you know to be true. Until the end.

    Do not allow evil to terrorize you into changing your mind about what you know to be true. Do not let them frighten you into not questioning anything and coming to your own conclusions.

    You are not children. You are not slaves.

  • I saw a Tweet today from (((Ben and Jerry’s))) Ice Cream guys…….

    Something like “Blacks are only 13% of the Population but over 40% of the Prison Population. We need to end Systematic Racism”

    Every. Single. Time. It really gets tiresome…………

    KMac and AJoyce will successfully counter (((Cofnas))) but the JQ is beyond proven in my opinion……..FULLY proven in fact.

    But, back to this Tweet. It was some Breitbart Alt-Lite types outnumbered by Non-Whites and Traitor Whites……

    One Black Female’s comment stuck out the most though as she attacked a White Guy who was criticizing (((Ben and Jerry’s))) tweet. ‘It’s all because of Poverty and because of what your White Ancestors did to Black People.’

    Then why is Black Africa still mostly 3rd World?

    We’ve spent Trillions on the Social Welfare to help American Blacks…….

    And all the Most Dangerous Places in America are Black Concentrated Urban Areas……

    The Dominican Republic is on the same island as Haiti……..

    And even before the Earthquake, Haiti was a Shthole compared to the relatively poor DR…….

    Why don’t most White People want to live around Black People??

    The Stubborn Reality continues to prove that no matter the Education and Taxpayer Funding……

    Statistical and Real World Firsthand Reality refuse to correspond to the Liberal Progressive Politically Correct worldview…..

  • This just in from BBC World News Service:Theresa May has just announced that she intends to fart in the general direction of Russia……

  • Democracy post-Nov 3 2020=THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS having their fate in the hands of the majority nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc…So like..what’s democratic about this?….Answer:0

    Post-1965 Legal Immigrant Policy=complete nullification of THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE MAJORITY WORKING CLASS VOTE…….This is what the Old Farting Hairy Bulldyke Hillary Clinton spoke enthusiastically about in Bombay…….to the wild cheers of her Brahman Hindu Democratic Party Voting Bloc in Mumbai three days ago….

    Isn’t Bombay on open sewer?

    Post-Nov 3 2020 America=an open stinking reeking septic tank…..congenial to the mating habits of large shinny green horseflies…..

  • “Like many people of modest cognitive ability, Denis Kearny fails to accurately assess how he is being perceived by others.”

      • He adds nothing except stupidity and vulgarity. No information, no ideas. Just retard-tier venting, spread over five or more comments per one article.

        You know the cliche about the crazy family member who is kept in the basement? He is kept there for a reason. By contrast, lets the have the run of the house. Is this a good look? No.

  • The old farting hairy bulldyke

    Hillary Clinton

    Just three days ago…

    on stage….Mubai India….India Today Conference….

    PROCLAIMS:”My Dear Hindu American Democratic Party Voting Bloc….America belongs to you!!!!….Not to Donald Trump’s White Voting Bloc….for they are backwards…..”


    We are being colonized by Hindu-Sikh India…..THIS IS BIO-WARFARE!!!!!

    • Here…let me be more explicit and unambiguous about what is going on:


      The Hindus….Sikhs…Pakistiani Muslims….Koreans….and Chinese….are Hillary Clinton’s highly racialized nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc…and they are comming to America to racially cleanse NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MALES out of the Engneering…Computer Science…Scientific(NASA SPACE PROGRAM)….and Medical Professions….This is racial GENOCIDE against NATIVE BORN WHTE AMERICAN MALES…..

      Hillary Clinton is the highly paid advocate-Corporate Lawyer for the Asian Fifth Column in America…

      This is why the 1888 Chinese Legal Immigrant Exclusion Act was passed…..And the reason why the Sikh Exclusion Act was passed in California around the same time….

      America belongs to OUR PEOPLE…..not to the Hindus and Sikhs in India….who have a LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE called India….The Chinese have a LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE called China……

    • And the Democratic Party insiders want to exterminate Christian Russia…because Christian Russia is the threat of a good example….the “rotten apple” that successfully resists Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton Neo-liberal gang rape of Christian Russia’s most precious resource:Christian Russian Children…

      Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton were perfecting their pederast rape technique on under-age Eastern European Slavic Girls on Jeffrey Epstien’s Carribean Pederast Rape Island……

      The Clintons represent all that is EVIL!!!!! in the Universe….And the disgusting turd Caroline Orr worships this repellant SATANC MIASMA OF PURE AND ADULTURATED EVIL!!!!!

  • Some of us need to setup Antifa to fall, by using C.I.A methods that originated from Japans shadow agents, also known as Ninjas. Example: Pretend to be Antifa, join there group, and go to the meetings, then report back detailed information. You can even frame Antifa’s main group leaders to be arrested. Remember Antifa are Government Zi/on/ist Com/mie Fa/g/g/o/t puppets that are su/c/k/ers for money.

  • Some of us need to setup to Antifa to fall by using C.I.A methods that originated from Japans shadow agents, also known as Ninjas. Example: Pretend to be Antifa, join there group, and go to the meetings, then report back detailed information. You can even frame Antifa’s main group leaders to be arrested. Remember Antifa are Government Zi/on/ist Com/mie Fa/g/g/o/t puppets that are su/c/k/ers for money.

  • Best is a democracy that defends and represents its people.

    Worst is a dictatorship that represses and replaces its people.


    A dictatorship that defends and represents its people is better than a democracy that represses and replaces its people. Most Western Democracies are the latter.

    Even a dictatorial leader who cares for his people is better than a democratic ruler who doesn’t care for his people.

    A democracy that serves the globalist elites who replace the native people with foreigners is worse than a dictatorship of the patriots.

    • I up-voted you, but I believe that the best political system possible , in reality , is a benign dictatorship of some kind.
      That ” ideal democracy ” concept in truth is an illusion , equivalent to the fabled communism which, as they often say , “never worked only because it was misapplied ” .

      Democracy it is just as basically and philosophically flawed as communism .
      You just cannot give power to the mob .
      It is physically impossible and unnatural.
      Any attempt to apply such an abomination as ” give power to the people ” always and mathematically ends up degrading a society, its culture and its individuals.
      And the equality of which they speak so much of will always and necessarily be nothing but a thrust toward the ground.

      Many of the American Founding Fathers themselves were very wary of the concept of full democracy and tried to put a lot of harnessing and counter weights to the potential degrade of full democracy.
      And many even proposed an American monarchy , an idea which was spoken in great length between all of them and which they only didnt like so much.. because it…didn’ t look good.
      Since they had just gotten rid of one.

      • To prop up the idealized concept of democracy they always try to make it equal to wonderful ideals like :
        Freedom of speech.
        ” Listening to many opinions and many viewpoints before taking a decision ”
        ” Caring for the people in general and their welfare “.
        But those concepts are exactly the ones which never happen and are always actively suppressed by modern , full democracies.

          • Yes!
            Many here won’t like him but a paleo-libertarian like Hoppe and his ” Democracy, the God that failed” is really, really not bad at all on this.
            In an interview a few years ago he said that he is registered to stormfront because it was one of the few reliable source of news available.

          • Democracy the God that Failed is a good read, and Hoppe say’s a lot of things that are true in it. Guys like Hoppe were kind of the half way point between my younger Anarchist days and where I’m at now. I don’t have any use for Libertarians anymore, but they serve their function.

          • Funny cause meanwhile on I was driving the opposite lane of the political highway.
            I grew up a fascist , I still am , but later on in life I also learned to appreciate some ” paleo ” principles and now I try to harmonize the two , somehow .
            For example Benito Mussolini was , after all , an individual who single handedly employed a self created private policy , with which ,all alone , changed the status quo typical course of history

          • I meant to say :
            A privately created ARMY , not “policy “..and I didn’t even mean “Policy ” originally but ” police ” of course.
            But “army ” is probably the correct concept.

        • It has been the only operative . functional political system of the world for the greatest majority of human civilizations

    • Thats funny because you are explaining the exact reason why trump was elected. If we had a benevolent dictatorship then then the stupid masses wouldn’t have been able to vote an idiot in the office. Double edged sword.

  • Yeah, I’ve had it with blacks and their ridiculous problems.

    In fact I’m just about to the point of praising America’s slaveholders. Our forefathers didn’t own slaves because they were bad; they owed slaves because they were BADASSES!

    Seriously, think about how blacks behave and what it must have taken to subdue them and make them productive. Today’s white people would be terrified of trying to enslave blacks now.

    • The constant cries of racism and white supremacy is a plea for help from blacks. They know they will simply sink into oblivion if they have to live on their own merit. The greater whole of their population would breathe a sigh of relief if they were re-enslaved. They would enjoy not having the burden of their own survival on their shoulders. They would have a job, food, a house, discipline, a wife to breed to keep the population of slaves high, and most importantly, no responsibilities beyond harvesting crops or mining ores.

      You know I am right.

      • Jayoh on “The Daily Shoah” points out that an anarcho-capitalist society, where blacks got no public support at all and they would have to live based on their own resources, in practice would mean “nigger famine.”

      • Is your view, a black person’s desire for slavery true for most humans including whites? How many white workers in the rust belt are screaming for good old days they could pull a lever for 8 hours and get paid enough to feed and house a family?

  • The reaction to the NFL protests, especially by conservative boomers, has been nothing short of amazing. I didn’t think it was possible for them to reject their multicultural brainwashing (or should I say multiracial, I’ve yet to meet a conservative boomer who thought multiculturalism was okay – they’re just dumb about race), and yet here we are.

    And all it took was a bunch of out of touch black millionaires refusing to stand up.

  • There are 3 issues that are killing the ‘right’ that the alt.right should try to avoid –
    1. hating, denigrating, etc., blacks. Blacks are a problem but not the problem. Dwelling on how rotten they are, etc., is not the way to go.
    2. science, global warming, the environment – these things are not Jewish plots, don’t believe for an instant that you, or a hack like Trump, knows more about these subjects than the people that study them.]
    3. gun control – this is not a white nationalist issue – it should be avoided altogether

  • Obama was a Jew-made creature and most of his presidency was about serving Wall Street, globalism, mass immigration(that replaces blacks as well as whites), and homomania, the favorite proggy proxy of Judea, aka World Jewry.

    That is why, in his last 2 yrs, blacks got angry. Because Obama is a black guy, blacks didn’t direct their rage at Obama. Instead, blacks began to interrupt Homo ‘pride’ parades and mess up Liberal colleges. Even though black rage was ostensibly against ‘white racism’, it was really going after White-Jewish-Homo Liberal Power because, after all, it holds all the aces. Besides, why did cities become nicer? Because Liberals, beginning with Clinton, got on-board with locking up tons of blacks and gentrifying cities by removing blacks. NY became Stop-and-Frisk capital.

    So, Obama tried to score some authenticity points with blacks, but he did this by indulging blacks at their worst. BLM was one big lie. Extensive investigation of Ferguson shooting vindicated the white police. There was no ‘hands up don’t shoot’. And black Baltimore let the officers go for Freddie Grey death.

    But blacks act apeshit when they go crazy, and so there were riots and violence.

    Obama threw some bones to the black community at the very end, but he was mostly a shill for Jews and Homos and little else. He was their pet monkey.

    Now, one of the problems of race relations is that we apply the Narrative to the Reality. The Narrative is a view of the past. The problem is that the present could be very different from the past. So, old rules don’t have much relevance to new rules. For example, it’s true that Japanese did horrible thing to China in WWII. But that historical truth is useless in understanding the current power relations between China and Japan. And it’s true that Romans invaded Germanic Barbarians and used ruthless violence against them. Romans were oppressors. But when the barbarians sacked Rome, the Old Narrative — Romans on top, Germanic barbarians on bottom — was useless in assessing the new reality in which the barbarians reigned supreme.

    In the past, it was true that blacks were oppressed by whites. That cannot be disputed. One can argue that even oppressed blacks in the US were better off than blacks living in savagery in Africa, but it’s incontestable that blacks were denied certain rights that applied to whites. And there were, on occasion, explosions of violence against them.

    So, the Narrative developed of black victimhood under whites. This is historically true.

    But the dynamics of the past no longer apply to today. The race problems and racial violence in our time have nothing to do with past reality. In the past, whites had legal advantage, were racially united, and willing to use violence to keep blacks down.

    Today’s violence is almost entirely black on white or black on black. And it had to do with the a truth that lies OUTSIDE HISTORY. It is biology, namely that blacks are naturally stronger and more aggressive than whites. This biological fact is the result of 100,000s yrs of evolution in Africa, not 200 yrs of slavery in America.
    People try to explain bad black behavior by invoking slavery, but would the US have the same problems if it had enslaved 300,000 whites than blacks? If US had enslaved whites, those whites would have assimilated with rest of white population like Russian Serfs just became Russians after Serfdom was ended.
    Or imagine if Whites had enslaved Japanese. Now, due to racial differences, racial tensions between whites and Japanese would have lingered even after emancipation. But would Japanese ex-slaves have caused the same problems a blacks have done? No. By nature, Japanese tend to be smaller and more timid than whites. So, they would not have taken over sports, scared whitey, and spread thug culture. They would not have posed criminal, sexual, athletic, and manly threat to whites.

    So, not everything pertaining to blacks is due to history and has more to do with BIOLOGY. The black version of sturm-and-drang is Strong-and-Dong. Blacks are tougher and stronger. More muscular. And they got bigger dongs. This makes blacks think in terms of ‘Muh Dic*’ and “I can whup that slow white boy and hump his girl.”
    Black contempt for whites is NOT mainly historical. it’s biological. Blacks judge everything by the beat, heat, fist, and fuc*, and they see themselves as more masterful in these regards. So, they see themselves as the rightful Master Race, the GREATEST(as Ali called himself) who should be worshiped and served by slow, dorky, dweeby white boys. Blacks think white women should accept ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs(sexually come over to the superior men), and white boys should be servile cucks like Ken Burns.
    And even though White Liberals officially speak of equality, they worship blackness, indeed so much that BBC is featuring white heroes like Achilles and Lancelot as Negroes. Whites into Negro worship are Afro-Colonizating white history. It’s ‘cooler’ to have ‘lame’ whites be replaced by ‘cool’ blacks. The movie GET OUT is not about white ‘racists’ who hate blacks. It is about white Liberals who love blacks SO MUCH that they want to enter into black bodies.

    This is why we need to discuss the biological factor. We must address the Strong-and-Dong factor that poses a threat to white men. Look at sports. Look at music. Blacks are childlike and think they are owed everything because they can kick people’s butt. In African tribal society, a warrior-hunter who proved his worth as a badass mofo expected to be showered with all the women and blings. In the US, when black athletes or rappers becomes famous, they expect all the white women, cadillacs, mansions, blings, and etc. They feel everything is owed to the most badass mofo. Blacks don’t think in terms of “I have to work diligently to earn that for myself” and instead “If I show what a badass I be, people need to honor me and gimme all that free gibs, sheeeeeiiit.”

    All blacks think like this on some point. Black idea of justices goes like, “We can sing louder, fight better, run faster, dunk the ball better, fuc* harder, shake our booties faster, and all the other races listen to our music and watch our athletes. So, WE deserve to rule and have all the blings of the world. Sheeeeeiiit.”.

    Blacks really think that way. And WAKANDA is appealing to both blacks and white cucks because both believe that Black Cool should guarantee Black Rule.
    Blacks find it unjust that they, the most badass race, should have the poorest nations and communities. If they can fight, fuc*, and dance better, aren’t they the master race? Shouldn’t the master race have so much more?
    And white cucks feel the same way. Homo white boys like Milo and Andrew Sullivan worship the strong-and-dong factor and revere the negro dong up their homo bung. And many white women are into jungle fever and want to have obama babies. Even white women who eventually do marry white had strings of affairs with black men. Even conservative white women like Lauren Southern and Tomi Lahren are mudfishes.

    Blacks are angry over Iconic Discrepancy. They have Iconic power in music, sports, and sex but they achieve so little economically, academically, and intellectually. They find this unjust. If blacks are so badass, why don’t they have Wakanda? It must be whitey’s fault. And white cucks who worship the Black Cool also find it unjust that the world doesn’t have Black Rule.

    If some people have iconic power but little achievement, others have high achievement but no iconic power. Asians are like this. Asians have created nice modern nations but they have weak voices, tend to be short, and suck at sports. So, they have Icon Deficiency, and this is why so many Asians in the West become servile dogs of Homos, Jews, and blacks. Lacking iconic value of their own, they attach themselves to the three groups with the most iconic power: Flamboyant homos, furious Negroes, and fierce Jews(with Holocaust blessing them as a race of neo-christs). And in China, all them dorky yellow boys worship black NBA stars as demigods.

    Now, whites do have iconic power. White males are still liked, and white women are still seen as most desirable. But since whites lack Moral Validation, whatever iconic power whites have must be used to serve others. So, handsome white guys must cuck before Jews, homos, and blacks. And white women are told that their beauty should be offered to Negros and Jews. It must no longer belong to white men.

    • Very powerful writing and analysis. Try to break into the ‘tea and scones’ White Nationalists at AMREN. Maybe the kids at Daily Stormer should hear you.

    • Blacks are only stronger than weak white boys who play video games all day. Before our civilization outsourced toil and struggle to Asian countries, we white men were uniformly capable. Whites dominate in fields of strength. Blacks are fantastic runners and jumpers.

  • Nonsense.
    Look at all the filthy white cucks that went to see the black power film.
    Whites deserve nothing for allowing this to happen




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  • You know……WHITE RIOT by the Clash really was about urging White English Youth to rise up against the Police….They stated this in several interviews……it really was….update WHITE RIOT for a revolt against the Cuckex Police and the London Pakistani Muslim Police…

    • Excuse me do you mean Londonistan and it’s Muslim mayor ? You know the capital of the United Cuckdom.
      Back in the day the Anglos would have died before being ruled by a paki. And now they elect him to govern them as their beautiful daughters are being raped in Rotherham.

  • Dear Theresa May…


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      • I do care it’s an exciting time to be alive with so many movements on the left/right/center fighting for power.

          • Of course he is. I’m not a basic bitch Alt-Righter dude. I mostly just come here to bantz, just like you. I just wish he’d be a little nicer to the Christians. This is one of my favourite videos of his.

          • The dude calling me a nigger. Is a fellow fan… Yeah I personally which he was nicer to men. He’s always defending women and saying men should fix problems. Ignoring that the world went to shit in 1920 when Muricans gave bitchs the right to vote. And to conclude I personally come here for the interesting articles from time to time.

          • Well sorry for calling you a nigger. You seem like a cool guy, though I’m still convinced you’re Varg trolling us.

          • (((Sigmund FRAUD))) : everything is a penis

            )))Snigga Odinson((( : everything is a placenta.

            And no I’m not him just another Vargtard.

          • I honestly never thought that there were any Vargtards in Northern Africa. I’m still having trouble picturing it, but you seem to be what you say you are. Salut and PUNISH THOSE WHO INSULT SNIGGA ODINSON!!!

          • I think he can defend himself… You know stabbing people 23 times in self defense.
            I’ve even met Asian Vargtards.

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  • Whitey should go back to Europe and leave south Africa , America , Argentina , Australia and new Zealand. Every race to its historical land. In addition to making life easier for everyone it would help the dying white race to reproduce. By having you lot all in the same place instead of being a minority everywhere else.

    • I don’t disagree. Does this mean we can start sinking “refugee” boats and throwing out the parasites?

      Also don’t come crying to us looking for charity like you always do, when the countries you’ve mentioned become unlivable shitholes as always happens when whitey gives the nogs “their” land back. You guys are on your own.

      • Sink them I don’t give a damn. I never asked for charity in my life. In fact whenever i go to Europe as a tourist I end up giving some money to poor homeless Europeans. Furthermore I do not live in any of the mentioned countries so it wouldn’t change anything for me. It’s out of charity than I tel you to regroup in your ancestral land for you to survive.

        • Yeah. When we go back there will be no more nigger tourists either. Non-whites will be granted no entry. We also of course won’t be propping up your continent with our $$$. Africa is a continent rich in natural resources so you should be alright.

          • I’m not a “nigger” I’m from the north I look southern European, Hell my mother has green eyes milky skin and strawberry blond hair. And I have relatives with blue eyes. But thanks for showing the world yet again the low IQ that characterizes these race based movements. The real problem with the Alternative Right is it’s lack of standards. “If you a snow nigga you my bridal” being of European descent should not be enough. An IQ as well as a moral test should be added to the DNA one. Most of you guys gravitate towards these movements because you lack any achievements in life and thus need a group. Basically a bunch of untermensch.

          • I’m not Kristian Vikerness / Varg Vikerness / Count Grishnack / Louis cachet / Snigga Odinson / placenta-man. But I do enjoy his ambient music.

          • Yes, Jews gravitate towards Jewish Groups because they lack any achievement in life and thus need a group…….


    • You niggers would have to leave the US by your own rule. No, I think the better policy would be to give stupid blacks mandatory birth control.

    • I agree North African. Let me tell you that by being a Southern European I am little North African too.
      I have been in North Africa many times and I love it. I just don´t want Europe to be invaded by Islam. I guess you understand that. The same way I understand Moroccans kicked out the Frenchies and the Spaniards back in the 50s.

      But there is a problem about native population in the USA, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Australia and New Zealand: almost none left. Not native population going out from there and the places would be almost empty.

      Regarding your appearence: maybe some Bereberian genes?

      • Hi Albino I’m from Algerian the country between Morocco and Tunisia. ( You’ll find our flag during any soccer match no matter which countries are playing ) I personally I’m against all abrahamic religions. Desert cults should stay in the desert middle Easterners are a bunch of Savages who invaded and converted all the Morons here. I follow the same philosophy as Varg Vikerness. That all people should go back to their original religion. Sadly in North Africa due to Jews converting people then Christians and finally Muslims ( we’re talking about a total of 2500 years of abrahamism ) it is impossible for me to recreate a proper image of my ancestor’s religion. And yes Berber genes. ( Many people here have milky skin red hair blue eyes or even blond hair and green eyes I myself have dark hair and brown eyes and olive skin. )

        • I am Spaniard so we are neighbors.
          What I have seen in deep Morocco is a kind of shamanic religion embed in Islam, but It seems it is hard to get a clean image of that ancient shamanism.
          Good to know some people in North Africa are looking for their religious roots.

    • I honestly agree. We have a very slim chance of avoiding that necessity, but i dont know if we can wake enough up in time. Any American who doesnt long for the homeland from time to time has a screw loose imo. Sure i prefer to stay as of now for my right to bear arms, but if a race war breaks out in Europe i will be there in a heartbeat. And we wont stop fighting till Jerusalem is in our hands. Deus Vult!

      • Muh Jewsalem is a semetic place. If you’re a fashy goy then Europe should be your only holy land. Not some desert in the middle East because your Jew on a stick told you to. Cucksaders were the biggest cuck in History that’s a fact. Europe was eaten by muslims yet they went to defend Jerusalem instead. Fighting for their Jewish overlords. Now what ? Jews control Jerusalem. Muslims are invading and raping Europe. And Christians got noting in return. Instead they go help the Christian Somalian rapefugees. Any non pagan white nationalist is just a delusional fool. If your religion is foreign and teachs you that we are all the ((( same ))) in God’s eye then you are NOT a nationalist. Just another beta whitey.

    • Why are you typing on an Electronic Device based on Technology created by Whites and grounded on Mathematical Physics and Chemistry Fundamentals discovered ALL by Whites??

      Go ahead and try to disprove me on this and watch you fall flat on your face…….

      I know the History of Science…….QUITE WELL……..

      Who discovered the Periodic Table and what Atoms, Molecules are and how Chemistry/Organic Chemistry works to enable Synthesis of New Compounds without having to created everything from Wood, Plant Fiber, Mud, and Dung??

      Who discovered Electromagnetism and learned to convert it into Technology which is one of the Fundamental Revolutions of the Modern World??

      Who discovered Genetics, DNA, Molecular Biology and all the Endless Ramifications of these discoveries from Modern Pharmaceutical Therapies to Forensic Science and Criminal Justice??

      Why are you typing in English which is a White European language??

      Do you view yourself as an Individual with Human Rights??

      Those Ideas also came from White Europeans……

      Whites aren’t going anywhere…….

      America, Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand are all 1st World Nations solely because of the fact that Whites created them and still sustain them…….

      South Africa is not 1st World…….

      It’s 2nd World slowly descending back into the 3rd World…….

      I’m sure your Ancestors have a Great Culinary History…….

      The Jewish Anthony Bourdain taught me all about how White Culinary is so Inferior when it compared to Third World Culinary…..

      Every. Single. Time.


  • I began to understand the limited capabilities of Afro-Americans when observing that they haven’t changed a damn thing in 60 years — not their overall social status, not their rhetoric, not their tactics, not their attitudes, despite federal and local government assistance programs and benefits that most people in the world only dream about (not to mention the exorbitant opportunities in American education). They lived through the most prosperous half-century in human history and did nothing with it, let alone create their own ethno-state in the South. This explained to me why the New Testament condones slavery, something that I struggled with a long time. Because obviously, certain races and nations were created to live as slaves, whether or not that is legally enforced or not. They could have all the freedom in the world and still live as slaves, as the last half-century demonstrated. And they are terrified that whites are finally waking up to the (((heist))) that has been foisted upon them by both the Demagogues and the Repulsicans.

  • Article: “Consider the 43 percent of Whites who earnestly and naively voted for Barack Obama in 2008.”

    If less than half of whites voted for that negro, that right there proves how powerful and influential the non-white vote is, since it negated the 57% of whites who did not vote for Obama. Think about that: over half of white voters did not want Obama, and yet….he won anyway. Imagine what it will be like once white voters are less than half of all voters in America. At that point, it’s game over.

    What Would The World Be Like If Whites Were Driven To The Edge of Extinction? – an amazon novel HERE

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