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  • Hold public events in rural communities where you are less likely to be opposed by local officials. Almost all small Midwestern farm towns and predominantly white, blue collar people with a higher racial awareness then most modern whites. Positive interaction with rural communities would easily help our movement grow and develop.

  • Heads up to the AR….

    To keep this Website going……

    Certain Americans have given control to Europeans who don’t believe that Free Speech is Sacrosanct…..

    Who don’t really hold to AR Principles……..

    Due to Financial Reasons……..

    Ahab, Sprauger, Spencer, Jaggers, McLaren……..

    These are our Guys……..

    Our Brothers……..

    I support them 100%……

    The (((Other))) Writers on this Site banning comments…..

    F You……..


  • Here are my ideas, as they come.

    Public events cannot be publicized; the feral Antifa has corporate and legal support in the ability to bus in profligates of various low-income sectors (BLM, homeless) with enough of a Jewish head to organize it and lube it with shekels.
    Police compliance isn’t bribery – much the opposite. Police are quite aware that if they crack down upon Antifa riot / arson / etc, they’ll be balls-deep in hook nosed lawyers and million of dollars in frivolous lawfare. Police did not engage in MI because 1) half are primates and 2) they’ve seen this for decades.
    MI police have dealt with riots, very large-scale and violent, since 1960. They’re actually quite effective in dealing with them in the immediate action – but are notoriously ineffective on the legal side as every Jamal and Sh’kwanda will have Jewish lawyers swoop in and coach them through lawsuits. This has happened since the post-integration riots, and police budgets have been eating the financial bullshit. Nowadays they won’t even send White cops to ANYTHING and typically delegate them to patrols hoping they don’t have to stop anyone – and yes they’re quite pissed about it.
    We cannot rely on police, period. They absolutely do not fear cracking down on us because we can’t charge them for racism and don’t even have enough to nail them on outright neglect. They won’t crack on Antifa because of LGBT and racism hits. The Alt-Right is White males and thus zero-liability; Antifa is not.

    That doesn’t mean we can’t be public however. Flash-demonstrations like Cville 3.0 or IE’s recent Tennessee event completely disable Antifa’s bussing routine and they absolutely cannot function without a pre-mediated target, date, and time even in areas where they’re dense. Their strength is quite literally BLM buses and Jewish damage control.
    Additionally, we could launch flash-demonstration events at large public events – a 4th of July march for example, draws a sizable crowd and is typically pretty white. Take something like the “Rally for Our Rights” gathering in Columbus, Ohio just a few days ago – that would be ideal for a big banner, and we aren’t exactly opposed to constitutional carry.
    Hijack preexisting events. 20-50 goys, banner and a loudspeaker. Small enough to keep tight and organized, big enough to defend from whatever profligates are scattered around and shout down hecklers, but still mobile and allows us to control the media coverage – we’ll be expecting to film us. CNN won’t. If they want our footage, they can pay us.

    Private events, Spencer is already familiar with and does it well. I’ve been there and I’m not going to discuss anything he doesn’t already have public. Private events however, shouldn’t be done at reserved (public) venues – we already know Antifa will threaten management and/or set the building on fire. If opsec can keep these from leaking and Spencer can have a private dinner soiree at a hotel, that’s fine – but I’d also keep some in actual private property. Private property limits what Antifa can do and get away with, can’t amass, and even lets us have private security as an option instead of completely negligent (or outright hostile, Cville 2.0) law enforcement. This could be a third-party firm for hire, or hell, we could crowdfund our own legitimate private security and gainfully employ some people. We have people with police and military training – show some guys how to grapple and the legal rights of private security are fairly simple. Might be cheaper than hiring local firms. Goys can watch a camera, run a camera, or man a gate. Our guys have more rights on private property than trespassers do and anti-mask laws are moot on private land.
    Of course, we hit the eternal WN issue of securing property when none of us have a six figure income. Stephen McNallen managed it, and he’s not exactly hostile to the Alt-Right or secretive about it.

  • Because I grew up in this Tradition………

    I’d like to offer some Bible Verses to White Christians in our midst undergoing deep personal suffering……..

    Colossians 3:13
    13 Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

    Matthew 6:14-15
    14 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

    Luke 17:3-4
    3 So watch yourselves. “If your brother or sister sins against you, rebuke them; and if they repent, forgive them. 4 Even if they sin against you seven times in a day and seven times come back to you saying ‘I repent,’ you must forgive them.”

    1 John 1:9
    9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

  • Alt Right hasn’t yet found its Arthur. In EXCALIBUR, the knights are bunch of boors and thugs. They fight among each other, and there is no united sense of purpose. Uther can’t restrain his lusts, and Duke of Cornwall is vain. After Uther dies, the knights battle each other and act boorish, and no one is worthy to release Excalibur from the stone.

    But then, Arthur comes. He has the combination of courage, intelligence, vision, curiosity, conscience, and something approaching wisdom. His qualities draw Merlin to him. And even the once thuggish and boorish knights are redeemed by his leadership and example.

    In this scene, his noble example and courage had a redemptive effect on a thug-knight.

    In this scene, he realizes his error and repents.

    Also, when Arthur’s soul feels empty after Lancelot’s betrayal, he doesn’t just fill it with easy comfort as does Lancelot who just gives himself to Christian judgementalism.

    Arthur has the courage to feel the emptiness until something worthy of filling his soul is brought to him. When things go wrong, we often seek a quick fix. But real courage is the willingness to feel the emptiness until something of true worth comes along. In other words, if you’re thirsty, seek water but don’t drink from a poisoned well just because it gives you momentary relief.

  • walking up downward escalator

    next feet stepping on past heads for heads up become past heads

    heads up!

  • Sad to learn the True Nature of Identity Europa…….

    Truly sad……

    I always supported them and their activities……..

    No longer…….

    I always remember trying to Ignore the Embarrassing Spelling Errors of Nathan Damigo as he tried to appear as an Intellectual on Twitter a year ago…….

    A Reformed Jarhead Average IQ Felon with a new found love for Books…….

    I looked the other way as a Supportive White Brother as he tried to give speeches but could never summon 5% of the Intelligence or Rhetorical Skill of Richard Spencer……

    I was very happy for this Pseudo-Intellectual Manlet when he married his 5-6 Overly Makeuped White Girlfriend…….

    But, now the AR is Cringe to IE…….


    Such is Life in the World of White People………..

    Patrick Casey thinks he’s the New Star and IE is the Great White Hope and doesn’t need anyone else……..

    The Big Crybaby who posted Pre-Suicidal Pictures of Mountainous Escapes when the Great MAGA Dream began to unravel……..


    I’m not going the Hate or Love……

    Let’s all see what this White A-Team can do………

  • It’s reality that the Left has pretty much all of our colleges and universities and there are very few honest liberals who do believe in free speech, the College Left at places like U Cal Berkeley likes the situation. That cursed ex Secretary of Labor Robert Reich gets paid ~ $300,000 a year to teach one poll sci course and he has lots of free time to get on CNN and I see him published in mainstream Lib city newspapers like the Chicago Sun Times. It’s sad reality that the campus Left and Blacks and Libs in college towns like Charlottesville VA will approve or ignore Antifa violence and the violence works.

    Sure for a while we can contest this violence with strong, idealistic young men – but this soon gets old and people need to get jobs, families where one can be a lazy Lib Leftist pretty much for life and hang around Lib Leftist college towns doing something or nothing.

    This is very depressing and a reason why Richard Spencer seems to be stepping back and Kyle Bristow completely dropped out, why the British National Party or even UKIP just doesn’t want to do this.

    I have one suggestion – become a White biker with a real job instead of a 24/7 Alt Right, Identitarian. White bikers have a community that can work and on occasion White bikers can contest the streets with Antifa, LaRaza or even BlackLiesMatter or Muslims.

  • Alt Right should go for camping trips.

    Meet in the woods, hike, talk, discuss, get some fresh air, and take some wonderful photos.

    PS. In EASY RIDER, the hicks won’t leave the hippies alone.

    Now, Antifa scum want to rumble.

  • One of the big mistakes that Freiberg-Spencerian Right made was going for useless internecine warfare. I don’t know what Greg Johnson did or didn’t do, but making the feud an open affair was reckless.

    It’s one thing to strike out against rivals AFTER victory. You don’t do it when the movement is just getting started. Consider THE GODFATHER. Michael keeps with the alliances and even keeps enemies close until the right moment comes.

    While there are many conflicting voices and egos on the Alt Right, there should be a gentleman’s agreement NOT to fling turd at ideological allies. The feud between Altright and Counter-currents got so ugly that the latter were gloating when the Charlottesville blew up.

    Now, all sides can RESPECTFULLY disagree with one another, but there has to be a certain diplomacy and decorum with ideological allies.

    Spencer rubbed too many people the wrong way. Why did he have to say nasty things about Peter Sweden who details crime in Sweden? Okay, he’s one-dimensional, but he’s still on the side of nationalism. Praise the allies.

    Also, the Altright has to be careful in forming KEY alliances. Though it’s understandable that the Altright needs to forge ties even with unsavory elements of the extreme right, those cannot be KEY alliances.
    It’s like Vito Corleone keeps Luca Brasi around but in the dark and only for certain jobs. Someone like Matt Heimbach and Anglin are only useful in such manner. They are too stupid, retarded, or crazy for responsible stuff. So, they cannot be KEY allies. They must be kept on the margins and used ONLY on special occasions.

    We understand why Altright is allied with unsavory characters. Losers can’t be choosers. When the Left was without power, leftist radicals of all stripes — anarchists, socialists, communists, etc — formed an alliance.
    It’s like HELL IN THE PACIFIC. When you are in bad straits, you must form a bond even with people you don’t like. In the Boorman movie, a US marine and Japanese soldier become comrades to survive on an island. Currently, the Alt Right is stranded on an island in a ocean of power dominated by Jew-run Naval power.

    Still, the UNITE THE RIGHT should have been more carefully thought out. Altright should have made key alliances with sensible people. But the Unite the Right Rally brought out some retarded people, and the Alt Right got associated with them OUT IN THE PUBLIC.
    Now, the failure of Charlottesville is mainly due to the Jew mayor and his black police chief. But Alt Right should have been savvier. Never trust the enemy. Think like Michael Corleone. Don’t rush into things like Sonny. Sonny got ambushed at the toll booth. And the Jew mayor and his goons set up the Alt Right and had them ambushed at Charlottesville with help of antifa goons.

    Another thing. Alt Right needs a BASE. The rise of Alt Right owed more to decisions at the top than support from the bottom. Alt Right didn’t emerge because of populist support but because the Big Media made it a household name to smear Trump with. We need to understand that. IF the media had chosen to ignore the Alt Right totally in 2016, it wouldn’t have gone anywhere. Because the media’s spotlight, the Alt Right had a golden window of opportunity. It got known to the world. But, as the Lord giveth and Lord taketh away, the Big Media can give you press or take it away. So, while the spotlight was on the Alt Right, its main effort should have been to build a base among many hurting white Americans.

    But this role was take on by Matt Heimbach, the fatso Malt-Right clown. He is to Alt right what Fat Albert is to the ghetto. His clown nazi-act turned everything into a joke.
    As for Spencer, he loved the limelight too much and headed to DC to be where the action and glitz are. But the thing is, he doesn’t control the media. The media can just shut him off.

    Real grassroots movement takes time, and it requires a humanist affection for all white Americans. But too much of Spencerian-Altright is into Faustian narcissism of Pop Nietzschean superman cosplay. Okay, I get it. 007 is fun. BATMAN movies are ‘cool’. But it’s not reality. Much of white America is wretched. But then, it’s the role of white leaders to set them straight. So many whites are without leadership and guidance, but Spencerian Right ignores them and craves attention from DC glitterati.

    When the Chinese communists attempted urban takeover and failed, Mao decided on a new strategy of connecting with ordinary people, the peasants.
    The US doesn’t have lot of farmers, but it has a lot of white working class, underclass, and lower middle class. They may not be SUPERIOR FAUSTIAN types to go to the stars, but they are part of the family too, and they are hurting the most.

    ALT RIGHT has a better chance following the rule book of IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE than THE FOUNTAINHEAD.

    Another thing. Alt Right activism should target specific issues and social controversies. Take Harvard. Jews are just a small percentage of the white population but there are MORE Jews at Harvard than white gentiles. Why isn’t this an issue? A Alt Right flash mob at Harvard holding up signs that show Jewish exclusionary policies toward white gentiles, esp those of working class background, would do much better.

    Or how about protesting AIPAC nurenmberg rally to highlight Jewish supremacism and holding up signs showing how many US soldiers and Muslims died as the result of Wars for Israel. Always attack Alt Right concerns to specific issues and topics that can embarrass the enemy.

    2018 is 70th anniversary of Nakba pogroms that wiped Palestine off the map.
    Why not have an Alt Right rally to commemorate Nakba and call it a dress rehearsal for what Jews have in store for whites in EU and US by using the Diversity mob?

    One thing for sure, despite all the platform shutdowns and censorship, the internet is still the best way to spread our ideas.

    There are so many issues and topics in the News. Alt Right should be able to give its perspective that can be far more truthful and un-PC than the narrative.
    And little by little, Alt Rights wins more and more.

    Don’t try to win the whole jackpot at once. You can lose it all… like Mao with Great Leap Forward and Hitler with invasion of Russia. It’s like the wise leader of SEVEN SAMURAI takes his time instead of trying to win it all at once.

    Strategy and Prophecy.

  • Why not hire a private security firm (preferably armed, to deal with Antifa? This way, they provide security, they absorb the risk and liability for any incidents, and we have happiness when some thick skulls are thumped with billy clubs as their nasty asses are being kicked out of the door?

    Do you remember the Trump rallies before Trump had Secret Service protection? He didn’t take any shit from Antifa or BLM. When these losers tried to deny him his right to speak. they were dealt with swiftly and effectively, and they got what they so richly deserved while they were being removed. We should do the same.

    Snowflakes, in my view, ought to get the same kind of treatment that Antifa and BLM get at Trump rallies. SIT DOWN, and STFU, or else! This way, you can speak, Richard, and our movement can be more efficient and effective.

  • Some helpful advice
    No.1 If you decide to do public events, rather than private, do more than one at the same time. These Antifa punks travel from all over to go to these events. They don’t have enough devoted assholes to go to all of the events at once. The money behind these dummies will not want to pay for buses and signs for five events, etc. This is why their Nov 4 event last year was a bust. These fools are easy to spread thin. Use that to your advantage. Also screw with them by feinting whenever possible. Say you’ll be someplace but go to another, etc. Pay for Private professional security. The cops can’t easily arrest a professional for doing his job. If they did arrest him the charges wouldn’t stick because he was being paid to stop violence, just like a bouncer. How can you charge a professional, trained security guard with disorderly conduct and make it stick. I like Heimbach’s TWP but he doesn’t have that type of immunity from arrest; he is not a substitute for professional security. Use these professional security personnel as a go between for you and the police. Let them handle the situation and you and your followers can work on other things.
    By the way, tactically it makes more sense to scout out the situation first and then move forward with your group. Don’t just dive headlong into trouble, that’s not smart. That’s what was done in Charlottesville and Michigan.

    No. 2 As a follower of the Alt-Right, I personally would not spend money on Anglins Daily stormer or TRS or any of the other sites that are looking for money to fund their personal lifestyle. I and many others don’t know what your using the donations for. For all I know you could be just having a party with our money; that’s not good enough. I like you but putting money down a rat hole like NPI or some web page is a non-starter. I’m not saying what they or you do is bad, it’s not; It’s just that I would want my money going toward a real movement with real officers, that are accountable, like the NRA. I have been a member for many years of the NRA and have given them substantial sums. The NRA has over 5 million members and we’ve been sticking it to the gun grabbers for decades. Model yourself after that. Put out a product like a magazine for your members. Give out stickers, have access to private conventions, private cookouts, and other perks such as unlocking your websites by being a member. Don’t be so damned picky about who can join. I’ve never been asked questions by the Republican party or the NRA about my age or anything else, remember that. Picking on Boomers is not going to work for you. We’ve been around and have more experience and education than you have. You don’t want us to think your a punk do you? Boomers don’t give money to punks, remember that. Treat your elders with respect and you will get it back with money combined. Right now you have no idea how many members of the Alt-Right that you have or could have. Without some organization that can be joined, you never will. A fee of $50.00 per year would be a good place to begin. Do you now see why most people wouldn’t give TRS $150.00 per year to listen to a podcast for gods sake. We boomers are smarter than that! With growing membership roles of influential people and others, politicians will be forced to listen just like when we lay it on for the NRA. Just imagine having $50.00 coming in from 5 million people that are card carrying members of the ALT-Right. That could be a low figure at some point! That’s a lot of money. That gives you lawyers, your own convention center, a salary for the officers of the organization, and much more. It will be much easier at that point to move everything forward all to our liking. At that point anyone running for any election that is not endorsed by us will have a much higher chance of losing. We could force the entire Republican party to the hard right. Perhaps a political party will be in the offing.
    With enough money all things are possible. With more money you naturally have more support.

    No.3 Go read George Lincoln Rockwells books, especially “White Power” and “This Time the World.” He’s been there and done what you are trying to do. He had a very difficult time and this should help you overcome your own feelings of self-assurance about the movement. Remember, we all want you to succeed, because when you succeed we all win. If we have enough like minded individuals we can do what you think should be done. A White ethnostate being of course the end goal for most of us.
    No more back sliding and making mistakes. Pull yourself together and let’s move forward . Continue the demeanor that you have concerning minorites and the (((tribe))). We don’t want to scare anyone do we, before we have grown too large for them to stop us.
    Hail Victory!

  • Perhaps the goal of the college tours should not be to have a valid intellectual discussion or lecture, but strictly (at least from the altright point of view) to create a spectacle. The more antifa the merrier. The ultimate goal for now is to draw attention to the online content for those with ears to hear. In other words these events should be viewed as how can the altright maneuver between antifa and the police safely and effectively in a battle of subtleties. Wear masks like antifa to prevent doxxing, armour, record video, and ideally, lawfare. Point is once the spectacle is created, because there will be a spectacle, how can the situation be used to our advantage. It is futile at this point to have a successful event, but maybe the event itself can be more of the decoy around which other interesting work can be done.

    • I agree, the movement is in its very infancy. At this stage it is mostly about raising consciousness of the issue with young White people. Only half the message is what Richard and others have to say. The other half is letting people see what is going on under the surface, what the oppressors really want and what they are ready to go achieve it. It’s unfortunate that this is painful and frustrating for the leaders of the movement but it’s going to be a long painful slog to victory.

      • Just as the style and technique of the white oppression/genocide is unprecedented and not recognizable in a traditional way, so will the path to victory be unique to history. White people are being emotionally enslaved, emotionally conquered, i would say. It’s not that we dont have access to the resources and human capital we need to resist its just that people are emotionally disoriented. So that being said i think the victory is much further along than people realize, and while the movement is in its infancy, the infant is still very healthy.

  • Richard it’s not enough to file 1st Amendment lawsuit and win. You have to ensure and impose financial penalties up front for noncompliance in terms of failing to employ the necessary resources to ensure that the 1st Amendment rights of attendees to peacefully assemble in order to hear a speech are upheld. They only way you’ll ensure that they do their jobs is by forcing them to choose between funding the alt-right versus letting the event proceed and we’re not talking $20-30K attourny’s fees here, we’re talking million dollar penalties.

    • Although I agree with the above statement and I think the college touring has done a lot of good I’m also thinking that the college tour has been tried before… A certain man spent years traveling across the country and speaking with the youth. He died and his name is completely unknown to normies. George Lincoln Rockwell.


    I think the answer – at least in the short-term – is lawfare. Organize and initiate class-action lawsuits against big tech, payment processors, and the local/state/college police departments that have refused to protect lawful, peaceful assemblies from violent, masked Antifa terrorists. Find ruthless, politically neutral attorneys that want to defend the first amendment. Use to reach out to anyone in the legal field that might be able to help in any way.

  • Where did it go wrong?

    After Charlottesville, the message should have been JEWS DID THIS, JEWS DID THIS, JEWS DID THIS. Jewish supremacism trampled on White National Liberation.
    Also, Alt Right should have made sure no a**hole comes with a Nazi flag. In fact, the Alt Right should go ‘antifa’ on any dumb Nazi moron. Either the Neo-Nazi is a mole/agent, an idiot, or a moral monster.

    Plenty of Jews and federal agents have infiltrated dissident movements and pushed them to extremes to discredit them. FBI did this with leftist organizations as well in the late 60s. Alt Right should have beaten up that freak who carried the Nazi flag at Charlottesville. It’s one thing to unite the Right but another thing to ASSOCIATE the right with moral zombies.

    For those who really worship Hitler and Nazism, they are too dumb. Or they are moral monsters who see nothing wrong with Germans invading Russia, wiping out millions and turning people into slaves. And even though we agree that Jews are a bunch of a**holes, the Shoah where women and children were massacred by the bushel was surely an act of monstrosity. If people can’t understand that, they are hopeless. If Alt Right makes room for Nazis, it is finished.

    Now, there were some good ideas in National Socialism.. just like there were some good things about Communism. But both NS and Communism disgraced themselves so much with Hitlerlism, Stalinism, and Maoism that they can’t be rehabilitated..

    If we are to draw on the good ideas of NS(and even commnunism), we need a new ideology and new symbols. The Old stuff just has too much negative baggage.

    The problem with Spencer is he overreaches. A guerrilla fighter must try to win battles, not the war. Spencer’s head is in the stars. Conquer Space! We can barely defend EU and US but he dreams of conquering Mars and Stars.
    Also, he dreams of a STAR WARS-like future where the Empire is the good guys and conquering the world all over again with some Faustian whatever.
    Enough already. The West easily conquered the world long ago because natives of the New World had no resistance to disease. Also, only the West had big guns and ships. And most importantly, the non-whites had no national consciousness. So, when European imperialists invaded non-white lands by defeating the local elites, there was no Mass Movement of resistance. When Brits took India, there was no India, no unity. Just local chieftains and village hicks. But if UK tried to take India again, it is faced with 1.3 billion united as one with guns and ships and even nukes. Old-style Imperialism is so over.

    So, stop with the childish STAR WARSIAN Darth Vader act. We are not superheroes in some batman universe.
    Spencer talks about how Alt Right needs to grow up and stop goofing around with Pepe and Kek, but is his STAR WARS fantasy of Stars and Mars and a new round of WHITE MAN’S BURDEN really adult and mature? What’s the point of opposing globalist imperialism just so, maybe just maybe, we can take power to conquer and rule the world again and create another mess with all this invasion, diversity, and whatnot?

    No, we need the combination of three things: Nationalism, Humanism, and History. Nationalism is the demand that OTHER Peoples respect your nation’s borders, people, and culture in exchange for your respect of their borders and culture. Now, suppose if Hitler had kept to nationalist mode. Everything would have been fine. But the moron invaded Poland and then Russia and made a mess of things. Imperialism sucks. Nationalism is ambitious and bigger than tribalism.. but it is sensible and sober enough to reject imperialism and the domination of others. Alt Right must be nationalist. Spencer’s ultimate dream is some STAR WARS globalist-imperialism where white guys get to larp as darth vader and rule over African Negroes. Please no more of that.

    We also need humanism because it it keeps us humble and reminds us of our limits. If the video above has value, it is Spencer eating humble pie and admitting the limits of human potential. A boxer becomes a human being not when he becomes champion but when he loses. He realizes his limits. Greeks knew that there was nothing more dangerous than Hubris. Icarus soon found out. Jews understood it through Towel of Babel story. Nazi Germans were so full of themselves, pretending to be god-men. They discovered their humanity in the defeat at Stalingrad. We need humanism. It is not ‘slave morality’ but human morality. We are not gods or some superheroes. Alt Right needs to connect more with the People, ordinary people who are hurting bad and in need of leadership. Matt Heimbach had a chance to play this role but that fatso lunkhead wants to be Himmler-Goering and goes around in Nazi regalia, which is funny as hell because tubby boy(who looks like Ned Beatty in DELIVERANCE) hardly looks like ubermench. Ubereatingmensch maybe.

    And we need a deeper sense of history. While the West has a rich history, there is no sense of Narrative that ties together all the threads… like the Torah did it for the Jews. Whites need their own narrative bible that ties the past to present to prophecy. It is only through such that whites can find their own Covenant.

    Anyway… returning to Charlottesville, it should have been obvious that Jews were the main force behind the shutdown. Jews engineered the clampdown. Since Jews control politicians and media, they were able to get away with so much.
    Then, the Alt Right should have made this case over and over and over. Yes, it was the Jews. Why did Jews do it? Because Jews are in supremacist mode, and they demand White Submissivism to get Jewish power going.

    Spencer needs to stop thinking like the master race who just happens to be on the bottom. Roy Batty in BLADE RUNNER is a slave that wants to be master.
    He rebels against injustice but dreams of tyranny.

    And that is the problem with the Alt Right. All this pop-Nietzsche stuff about how the White Race must RULE. How can the Alt Right oppose Jewish supremacism if its own agenda down the line is ‘muh supremacism’?

    We need to oppose Jewish supremacism and reject White submissivism because we stand for white humanism and nationalism: the right of white people to defend their own nations just like Viets and Algerians had the right to kick out French or American imperialists.

    Best moral weapon against supremacism(of Jews) is humanism and justice, not counter-supremacism.

    • Great rant. Somewhat constructive. The part about heimbach made me lol, funny. Heimbachs alright though.

  • Nazi garbage is the albatross around Alt Right’s neck.

    Heimbach could be doing good work but disgraces himself with Nazi regalia and garbage.

    I can understand why Spencer relies on Trad Youth because they are the only ones willing to fight back against Antifa scum that is Janissary force of the Jews.

    But so much could have been done MINUS the Nazi trash garbage.

    But no one ever learns.

    Now, I’m not talking about the edgy ironic use of Nazi stuff just to be funny. While we shouldn’t mock Shoah as historical tragedy, we should mock how Jews exploit for political advantage. Jews are shameless at that.

    I’m talking about earnest use of Nazi crap,and Heimbach either too stupid or retarded to realize what Evil is. Nazism was evil. It had some promising ideas but totally disgraced itself with imperialism and the violation of other nation’s right to borders, security, and identity.

    • Good Question……

      What is really Evil??

      After being in the Alt-Right for close to a year and a half……

      I’m not so sure I would agree with myself before I gravitated here………

      • There’s no such thing as Evil. There is only winners and losers. Unfortunantly the Nazi’s lost WWII so now we have to read stupid cunts regurgitating post-war propaganda talking points whilst denigrating activists who have done more for white people IRL than TRS or DS combined.

    • I’m talking about earnest use of American crap,and Identity Europa are either too stupid or retarded to realize what Evil is. America is evil. It had some promising ideas but totally disgraced itself with imperialism and the violation of other nation’s right to borders, security, and identity.

  • The Alt-Right came storming in after Donald Trumps election. Proud, cocky, and confident. Fashy Frat Chad Nationalists trolling everyone in sight.

    A lot of people hate White People. Including plenty of White People. And they especially hate Cocky and Fashy Frat Chad Nationalists. This would describe much of non-Jewish White Antifa.

    The Fashy Frat Chad Nationalists felt no shame or guilt in their posturing. They were fighting back against Anti-White Male Cultural Oppression from the Far Left. Tired of the constant guilt and endless psychological attacks on their identity they raised their chin, stiffened their lip, and metaphorically spit on their enemies.

    Little did they know how badly the envious White Sociopaths of Antifa wanted to draw blood. And then the Arm Bar heard round the world and the Anti-White Far Left Establishment celebrated with glee. The Revolution began. Scores of sympathetic Whites from various socio-economic backgrounds moved towards the AltRight and found a possible home after years of desert wandering.

    Chaos erupted.

    Are we ready for this?

    Did we even take ourselves this seriously, beforehand?

    We’re an Elite Aristocratic Fascist Movement created to troll the Establishment. None of us thought we would expand this quickly and be forced to transform into a White Identitarian Populist Movement.

    And the Transformation succeeded.

    Victory after Victory. It was Intoxicating.

    And we reached for the Stars.

    Then, the Cold Harsh Reality descended. The State and Media pounced. Internecine warfare broke out in the Ranks. But, we refused to Flinch. The Vultures and Hyenas smelled Blood.

    And the Great Shuttening began. But, our stubborn and brave Leaders refused to submit. Alt-Tech genius rebelled. The masses responded. And once again our Enemies were on their heels.

    But, the Blood was drawn and the Beast wanted more. And we gave plenty.

    And the Beast grew.

    Which way to go? Which path to take?

    And the Blood trickled more.

    And the Beast grew.

    No, this way! No, that way! No, you’re not like me! No, I’m not like you!

    And the Blood trickled more.

    And the Beast grew.

    Listen, I’m just a Regular White Guy who loves America. I don’t want any Problems. All those other Whites Guys have nothing to do with me.

    And the Beast laughed uncontrollably and spit Blood.

    • So, a lot of peopel hate whites no matter what shape or form they come in. so what? We need to win based on white ideals, white innate preferences etc. the current state of degeneracy in the west is the preferred environment of the Jews, all glossed over with love not hate. It is a hall of mirrors designed to baffle and we have to dismantle its building blocks – one of which is the kvetching and hagiography of the shoah. Clearly they think we can all adjust to being rootless cosmopolitans like they are, with 56%ers happy to have a foot in either biological homeland of another one altogether. I think what the Jews are doing to the western civilisation is many many times more “evil” than even the image they portray of the Nazis, now 80 years ago. Must we remember this as religiously as Purim?

  • There are four kinds of goyim in relation to Jewish Power.

    There are the Swallowers who not only suck the Jewish Penis but swallow the cum. Most goyim in high position are Swallowers. John McCain, Paul Ryan, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and etc not only sucked but swallowed.

    Then, there are Spitters who suck the Jewish Cock and pretend to swallow but spit it out. They are like Randall McMurphy in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST who takes the pill only to spit it out later. Jews get awful antsy with Spitters who are, however, tolerated as long as they don’t rise up too high in the ranks. Jews are angry with Trump because a Spitter became president. Trump does a lot of sucking of Jewish cock, but he later spits out the cum.

    And then you got the Slappers who slap the Jewish Cock away and refuse to suck it. Jews hate these people like a Pimp hates a whore who won’t do as told and suck. Just like pimps beat up prostitutes to make them suck, swallow, and spread, Jewish Power uses all its muscle to punish those who slap the Jewish dick away and won’t suck. This is why Jewish Power punches hard at Slappers like Paul Nehlen who slaps the Jewish cock away and says, “Ewwww, gross, I ain’t sucking it.”

    And then, there are the Slicers. Slicers feel that it’s not enough to say NO and slap the Jewish cock away. Jews will never stop coming after goyim, just like Harvey Weinstein wouldn’t say NO to women who rebuffed him. They had to watch him, suck him, and fuc* him. He has the power, and this ‘god’[according to Meryl Street] demanded that women around him be suckers and Swallowers.

    And for that reason, Slicers believe that Slappers aren’t enough to deal with the Jewish Cockuestion. Just like Zeus dealt with Cronus by cutting off his balls, the Slicers believe that the Evil Scrotum of Jewish Power must be sliced open. Nehlen isn’t yet a Slicer but he is an adamant Slapper.

  • I think your Auburn University and Texas A&M University were a great success. So, obviously, people are interested in listening to what u have to say. Don’t accept to give conferences during any breaks, e.g. spring, summer, etc. The goal is to talk to students. If the students are on break, what is the point of being at any school. Try to get conferences in the most conservative states first. Try North Dakota, Wyoming, etc. You have a greater chance of a bigger audience in the above mentioned states. The police should have been instructed to safeguard the conference attendees. You had distributed 150 tickets for the conference. Only fifty people showed up, and that was because of the threats from Antifa. If the guests get protected going in and out of the conference site, more people would attend. Also, you need more exposure. I get the feeling that not everybody that would be interested in attending is aware of these conferences.

  • Sorry to Troll this Comment Board with a Divergent Topic…….

    No disrespect to Richard Spencer……..

    But, it might provide some Comic Relief…….

    Jordan Peterson posted a Rebuttal to Kevin MacDonalds JQ Thesis………

    The so-called Academic Rebuttal is written by (((Nathan Cofnas)))……..


    You just can’t make this Stuff up…….

    (((Cofnas))) Thesis is that all of the JQ is just a Mere Illusion…….

    And the ‘Default’ Hypothesis is really correct……..

    ‘Jews just have really high IQ’s and are mostly urbanized which means they’d just naturally come to dominate these ‘highly demanding cognitive fields”……

    ‘Boasian Anthropology, The Frankfurt School, Freudian Analysis’……

    ‘Open Borders, Multiculturalism, Diversity, Degeneracy, All Races are Equal/Same, Anti-Semitism is a Mental Illness’, You Subconsciously really want to F your Mother’………

    ‘Tribal Nepotism/Networking against White Gentile Interests’

    Listen White Goyim……..

    It’s not Real………..

    There are plenty of Jews who voted for Trump and are in the Conservative

    Trust (((me)))………..


    • Mike Cernovich’s Twitter habits over the past year have reflected a lot of the JQ Dodging of the Nathan Cofnas…….

      Cernovich subtly or overtly tries to counter the Alt-Right by re-tweeting Jews who are Pro-Trump, Anti-Fake News, Anti-Left…….

      To prove that the JQ is a Myth………

      The Fundamental and Final Question, in my mind, to end all this:

      If tomorrow, President Trump decided to become truly America First. Pull all Military Forces out of the Middle East. Declare that we have no interest in overthrowing Bashar Al-Assad. Stop all Warmongering with Iran. Declare AIPAC a Foreign Lobbying Entity. Stop the 3.8 Billion Dollar Aid to Israel. Declare that all Israel Interference in American Politics is considered unwelcome and unfriendly. Declare that Israel is on its own in the Middle East. Declare that Israel needs to establish a Written Constitution to explicitly state what Rights its Citizens have. Declare that America will no longer ignore the Crimes against the Palestinian People.

      I wonder truly how many of the 15% of American Jews who supported President Trump would support him then??

    • Even if that thesis is true, that it’s all just a coincidence goy, the Jews are still responsible for spreading cultural Marxism through the institutional power they gained.
      Peterson is the walking stereotype of the good goy.

      • You’re a Mentally Ill Anti-Semite…..

        How dare you Blaspheme the 6 Gorillion Chosen Ones!!……….

  • Well… I´m a bit sensitive. In my book…: you deny my right, you have war on your hands.


    THIS IS WAR !!!

    How is all this even a question of…. yeah… let´s find another avenue towards our goals: THEY ARE WAGING OPEN WAR AGAINST US.

    Again in my book: in the second that the state does not defend my right, the defense goes back to me: since long, we are back in the situation of natural law because the state has abstained from exercising the law.

    So that´s the first thing that I want to see clear consent about: the other side has declared war on us, since long.
    The second question is, of-course, what to do.

    Now the answer to that is also clear, we need to fight this civil war, so the real question is: in what moment do we transition to open civil war

    -> and the answer to that is also clear: in the moment that we have a reasonably good chance.

    In short: we need to build a majority coalition of Whites. Then we need to define the casus belli.
    And then… I regret to sound dramatic: we need to go to war. To the war that they have long since declared on us.

    If we are united and determioned: it´s enough to THREATEN the insurrection.

    So: that´s the “classical” thing to do. It may not be the tactically clever thing to do.

    That´s the part in which I´m not strong: the tactical game. To simply ignore their declaration of war against us. To ignore the incredible, scandalous transgressions against us, the mockery of the law… and to …, yes, like Trump: to wear them out. So wear them thin. To do the “death by a thousand cuts” thing.

    That is probably much more clever.

    But…. well sorry guys…. I´m an Aryan. And I don´t take offense lightly. You spit in my face, I roll over you… I just annihilate you.

    So… kudos to those who, for the sake of eventual victory… stay calm in face of incredible offense.
    Just let´s be clear that that is the sophisticated version; and that the “normal” version would since long be: to arms! And: Écrasez l’infâme !!!

    P.S.: we need the National Uprising. What is the point, what will be the strong enough motivation, to justify that?

  • Very sensible, and honest. It’s necessary to test your ideas in the real world to see if they will withstand and respond to the forces ranged against them. If you never venture into the real world, you never find out. As a further course correction I would urge that it is now time for ALTRIGHT.COM to make peace with COUNTER CURRENTS and the people around Greg Johnson. Personal differences and even personal dislike should not stand in the way of the honorable intentions behind UNITE THE RIGHT. I urge you to take the first step. If CC says no then what has been lost? Your instincts are usually right. Others may reject Greg and the contribution he can make for reasons that have nothing to do with his politics or the force of his arguments. Don’t let them win

    • Let Greg and every single contributor to Counter Currents denounce in the most clear and stark terms……

      Active White Homosexual Lifestyles……..

      All forms of Pederasty and Pedophilia……….

      As Anathema to White Identitarianism/White Nationalism……..

      Let them all declare Monogamous Heterosexual Relationships between a White Man and White Woman with White Children……..

      The Supreme Lifestyle and Ultimate Way to Preserve the White Race…….

      Counter Currents is very Intellectually Gifted…….

      We would be Stronger with them instead of without them……..

      • None of the contributors to CC promote homosexuality, pederasty or pedophilia. I’ve heard Greg promote the White European nuclear family consisting of a man and a woman. You are inventing reasons to prolong a damaging split among White Nationalists. These splits have to stop when something more important is at stake. Homosexuality is unnatural and he knows it. They DO NOT promote such lifestyles. There is no ethnostate with a moral code that must be protected. We need everyone working together to try to bring about the right conditions for our salvation. The split between CC and was not related to sexual behaviour anyway. It had NOTHING to do with it. You’re aim seems to be to increase fragmentation.

        • What about James J. O’Meara and his latest book the Homo and the Negro?

          And for the record I was neutral on the CC/AR feud until Johnsons post-CVille interview with Millenial Woes, where he called the commenters here ” a bunch of drunken skinheads.” Until he apologizes for constantly acting like a petit bourgeious faggot, fuck him and his site.

          • What about James J. O’Meara? He does not tell young people to become homosexuals. If you can find a quote where he says “It’s great being a homo” please print it here. He isn’t interested in converting heteros to homos. As for the verbal abuse, it means nothing. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read verbal abuse aimed at Greg and other CC presenters/contributors. Who cares. Will AltRight.Com or Daily Stormer (or you) apologise to them? Of course they won’t. The situation is too critical to demand purity standards that few people in the pozzed world can meet anyway. The divisions must end and you’ll have to put up with it.

  • Thank you, Richard……

    I completely understand…….

    Added to that is the Charlottesville lawsuit against you and the others…….

    You have a lot on your plate…….

    CPAC had some good interactions……..

    The website is back up and running with great content…….

    Not everything is negative……

    I personally appreciate your continued fight as well as the brothers besides you……..

    I just wish there was better collaboration between different WI/WN factions……

    Whether it’s NPI, IE, PF, OpH, TWP, DSBC, LOS, VA, AF, etc…….

    I’m happy to see each or any of these different groups have a rally or event or engage in some sort of public action……

    Because that signals to the COMMON ENEMY of all those different groups…….

    That we refuse to Surrender and be Silenced…….

    What Ahab wrote is powerful but will we absorb it??

    We are all White but there are STRONG differences that separate us…….

    (((They))) seem to mostly all come together when they feel under attack……

    We don’t…..

    Race Matters…….

    • If you have a court order that requires an administration / government to let you speak and they intentionally prevent your audience from reaching the venue, at what point is that a violation of your first amendment rights?

    • Shit posting isn’t the real world. Some of these kids actually think Trump won through meme magic.

  • For now, host conferences and talks in municipal Veterans halls that are located in every town in America. Spencer’s requests to rent a hall from a City/County government can’t be turned down. City/County governments also have way less resources and are more likely to cave on renting out a hall because they can’t afford an expensive lawsuit.

    Do not hold events in shitlib college towns like Charlottesville and Lansing. I would suggest sticking to the South and Mountain West.

    On the local level, start organizing cells under the aegis of a service organization and rent out loca government and Oddfellow’s Halls for weekly/monthly meetings.

    Since we’ve been cucked out by caterers, just cook and barbeque ourselves at our own events.

    • The semi-‘private’ aspect should make it exponentially easier to find venues. Beyond veterans halls, there are conference centers outside of main metro-areas (flight hubs) that, while somewhat unsexy and slightly peripheral, are quite nice, amply sized and inexpensive.

      Tighter connections to local government/police (small town) would provide a backstop. Unsure how lack of resources would hinder local police in case backstop were needed, even if they were completely onboard. These are things that can be worked out beforehand.

      It absolutely makes no sense to go completely off the grid. The best outcome is a functional reframing of the event to get back to the original intent. Antifa has been overwhelmingly successful in creating a trepidatious, antagonistic atmosphere that has made everyone lose sight of purpose.

      Obviously there are ways to secretly get 300 attendees to a location as long as they have a general proximity (north of City X, etc.). In addition to ticket sales, I propose fundraisers beforehand to take care of the some of these additional logistical concerns.

      • This is why Jared Taylor ditched the Amren conferences in DC/NOVA and holds his conference at a Tennessee state park. Many people forget that a whole Amren conference was cancelled at the last minute because the hotel backed out.

        • After re-watching video….Coming post Charlottesville puts me at a deficit. I do not benefit from having experienced the success of 2016 and the progression of these events. That backstory is important in elucidating the current situation.

          On the flip side, lacking that experience probably allows me to be upbeat as this struggle is all I’ve seen. I cannot counter-signal Hailgate as it put this on my radar. A ‘Hailgate’ of sorts was bound to happen because these views ultimately cannot be watered down. It’s a steep cliff — not much wiggle room, right?

          Yes, the bulk of these events must remain as public as is humanly possible. The college setting is important for a movement. American Renaissance is wonderful, from what I’ve seen, but it isn’t this kind of movement.

          To conceive of a successful (high attendance) event, attendees must be completely confident that they can enter and exit unscathed lest they won’t attend. A secret location won’t stay secret after the event starts or perhaps even after attendees are en route.

          Success hinges entirely upon police cooperation. Lower levels of cooperation such as what we’ve seen recently are probably sufficient to get attendees into and out of a ‘secret public’ event although worth noting that riots and scuffles would start later. Full police cooperation is the lynchpin — ‘can that be combined with the right location?’ is the question.

          A solid private location for a public event…..

          Having never gone through this from either an attendee or organizer perspective, clearly I have no idea what I’m talking about.

  • Would non-face-to-face presentations, such as call-ins to a campus radio show or teleconferences be one viable alternative?

    • Probably nice to have but would not generate the level of press of a public IRL event. Didn’t he recently do a radio interview at a university in California? Wasn’t call-in, though. Would be cost effective.

  • While it doesn’t have the territorial incursion effect that on campus action offers….you could reach the ssme crowds off campus. There are many campus organizations that would help supply private events.

    Closed set – closed door – discussion groups with various guests, normies, even ANTIFA, all types.

    Kind of like online debate, but civil and round-table type discussions. Small group in person. Like MSU was.

    If you dont put obvious ringers in it, it could actually be useful. A better version, classy version, of bloodsports. Intellectual discourse without ticketing and public venues.

    • Any constructive criticism and reasoning or just down votes?
      If you are going to say “spelling errors” I already know. Forgot to spell-check.
      If I could replace the above video with a spell-checked version in this comments section or even delete this video from this comment section and then replace it with a spell checked version I would because it is bugging me.

      • I haven’t watched the video but don’t take the downvotes personally, almost all of the comments here have been downvoted by shitlibs and antifa who’ve swarmed this site since Spencer’s speech at MSU. They’re upset because a handful of TWP and Patriot Front guys whooped and successfully beat back a crowd of 500+.

      • People besides AltRighters visit these comment boards……..

        Who the hell knows who votes down or up??

        I don’t…..

        I watched your video and I can’t read the documents and we need to win the crowd……..

        .AltRight ideas have already won over massive crowds…..

        They just haven’t been seen yet in full force because of fear of doxxing and being attacked by Antifa…….

        • It was made for a laptop or desktop screen.
          I’ve been to a few Republican events and they were all still cucks. Even at a private event among nothing but friends. Typical alt lite at best. I wanted to cuss them out and call them out for what they are and always have been. Spineless money grubbing b!tch3$. Needless to say, We still have a lot of work to do. I think they lack the will because they are afraid of losing supporters thus losing funding. This is why I feel that making the crowds (“average joe” Trump base) far more accepting of alt right values is important. They will naturally demand and become more loyal to our ideal candidates and our closet loyalists will become all the more emboldened and capable of pushing the envelope further.

          I’m honestly thinking that we should be capable of having an alt right presidential candidate running as a republican by 2024 with a real chance of winning. We just need the proper planning. A part of that plan I tried to convey in the video.

  • A lot can be done with inspiring videos and deep analysis..

    The violent persecution of NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MALES…isn’t going to stop because Richard has put a halt to his campus tour…

    Among the things that Richard Spencer should be arguing for in his videos is solidarity between Donald Trump’s WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICAN VOTING BLOC…and CHRISTIAN RUSSIA…

    I was inspired to write this post after reading what Robert Mueller has done to the FBI:out with the guns and badges WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN FBI AGENTS…in with highly racialized upper caste-Brahman Hindu Women…such as current Dean of Yale Law school….

    Robert Mueller is Patrician Class-Kraut Anglo-Saxon Sewage that has been waging Class Warfare against THE NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS for decades……

    Based upon Hindu-Jamaican Kamala Harris’s recent treat…it is now very clear that Hindu-Jamaican POTUS Kamala Harris is waging open race war against THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS…..her two possible choices for her HINDU ATTONEY GENERAL have both stated unequivocably:”PUTIN ATTACKED AMERICA!!!!!”……

    Richard Spencer should make it unequivocably clear that the THE FATE OF THE NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS is tied to the fate of European Christian Russia….what could be more obvious….? Whose gonna be the canon fodder in Syria?

    It should very amusing to see the Hindu “Americans” Preet Bharara and the Dean of Yale Law School telling Richard Spencer and the Alt Right to move to Russia….AMERICA BELONGS TO OUR PEOPLE!!!!…NOT TO THE HINDU….

    • The White Working Class is a lot Stronger and more Robust than many people think…….

      But, it would also help if we stopped drinking, smoking, and doing drugs so much…..

      It’s a Rough Life……

      We don’t need to make it any more difficult…..


  • Any other Identitarians in SoCal? If so, we should assist Spencer in giving a speech at a major university in the region.

  • This is the right move right now. What’s the point in getting young White guys arrested and injured to prove the same point yet again? In any case, normal liberal guest lecturers get assaulted when they visit campuses. Why be just one more guy running into the barbed wire, when you know you’ll never get the backing that even Jordan Peterson would receive?

    • In Total Numbers…….

      The Umbrella Alt-Right has significantly more backers and supporters than Jordan Peterson…….

      I don’t have all the Empirical Proof/Data…..

      It’s an Hypothesis……..

      But, I stand fully behind it…….

  • Being at stage 2 of Schopenhauer’s continuum is necessarily brutish and disheartening. A Valley Forge moment. Hang in there.

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