Why the ‘Chosen’ Few Deleted My YT Channel

Way of the World looks back on the rise and fall…and rise again…of his YouTube channel.

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  • Marketing wizards claim I should promote my books to a potential audience. ‘UPPERCUTS’ and the soon to be self-published (because no agent will touch them) ’RIGHT HOOKS’ are collections of defiantly non-PC short stories, macabre and comic by turn. Cheap on Kindle–$10.00. Also at Amazon, etc. Literature for thinking Westerners tired of the Narrative. Try one. See what repelled the (((gatekeepers))).

  • It’s a scourge a blight on our heritage, our humanity…. Our ancestors look down and are screaming in horror!!

    We’re hanging by a thread. Thank god for the internet. Maybe just one generation more between the leftist take over of our institutions and the invention of the internet and all our books movies and history would be gone forever, never to be digitized

    Like the’re trying to do now silencing everyone on the pro-white side now.

    Think of it, if just one generation had occurred and we had the virulent leftists we have now in positions of power, just as the internet came online, we’d have filters put in place immediately – Most content wouldn’t have ever been digitized. They stop it from ever getting out there.

    We’re all still trying to get the truth out, who can say this is not the dawn of a new type of dark age – where we’re oppressed and bankrupted as technology increases ironically – a gilded cage

    People say “awakening” because its enlightening people with truth, but I think that’s understating just how far down we’ve gone. Just how far we have to come back from. I’d say we’re in the throes of a European people’s RESURRECTION, because we have been obliterated, our identity is in the dirt, DEAD and those opposed to it are dancing on the carcass.- the race is sure to follow.

    We can resurrect it and fight, or like you said, we will follow the demise of our identity and our race will die out completely.

    • The altright’s obsession with race blinds them to the bigger picture and who is really behind mass immigration. It is not ‘virulent leftists’ in positions of power behind all this because ‘leftists’ hardly exist anymore, and instead all that we have is an all embracing liberal consensus which is becoming increasingly internationalist in outlook. Such a consensus could only be allowed to exist because it serves international capitalism and the globalist agenda.

      • Smartest post I’ve ever read here. I’m leftist and never see my point of view mirrored by the globalists.

  • Jews used the concept “public goods” to help establish the managerial state. Once in power, they switch, they libertarian-signal: “OMG Facebook Google is Private Company! How dare you say public square, you socialist bigot!!”

    110 s/b vertical.

    • Same identical people who pushed the unconstitutional , illegal ” Civil Rights” Act..all of a sudden …purist libertarians

  • Fat, Ugly White Women with Dyed Hair and Pierced Noses welcome African Refugees with OPEN……..


    No one could have seen this Coming………


  • Way of the World is an excellent spokesperson for our cause.I have watched much of his work.It is universally superb.The Jews are afraid of the truth.

  • March 8 2018

    Defunding of alt media: A long frustrated talk with a good friend

    Last night I made a call to a good friend to discuss how financing for the web site had been interfered with badly this month, and he had some very bad news on this topic. This particular friend does not do an alt media site, but he is connected very well with prominent alt media sites including this one, and was the guy who was titled “Russ Clarke” in the report “Tainted Nightmare”. He has a very broad view of the real situation alt media is up against now.
    To put it in few words, in short, we are toast.

    He gave me a full explanation of what is going on. There are several very bad things going on, some I knew about, and others I had not figured out yet.

    First of all, the left is scared to death because they are losing the war to alt media. However, alt media needs to be very scared right now, because the left has all the power via platforms such as adsense, all the search engines, complete ownership of all finiancial institutions, you name it, if you need it to survive they own it.

    They have cut off financing to ALL the little guys. They hit Infowars hard by cutting off adsense, but that’s not the same thing as making the bank “malfunction” across the board. My site, as much as I have noticed the interference and complained, is doing better than most, they are afraid of this one because it is potent and have not actually hammered an absolute shut down (though they tried a year and a half ago and failed because the direct IP saved it) at any rate, this is not about my site, I need to talk about what is going on elsewhere . . . . . .

    What is happening to people en masse (for the smaller bloggers) is if they depended on WordPress, or Blogger, or Youtube, or any other second party server to work from, and also people who were on their own servers but did not actually have the traffic this site has (4.5 million uniques a year plus re-posts everywhere) for anyone who was sub 1 million they simply cut them off completely. They are cutting them off completely. They are gone. Most people don’t notice it, because the names that got cut off are too small, but they represented an enormous grass roots backbone for the truth movement, and that backbone is now gone.

    As a second level in their war against alt media, (for the larger harder targets they could not take offline outright) they are attacking the financing. Many many alt media people who endured the adsense bans, and endured having Chrome be programmed to block all ads that were not adsense, and were able to keep things going with donations and sales, these people are now facing direct financial interference with the actual financial institutions that make things go. It is not only this web site, many other web sites are seeing product sales fall off, and interference with donations. You can’t donate to this site at all anymore, if it is a donation that is not tracked by a sale, it simply won’t work. Maybe it will briefly after I just said this, (to prove it does) but the reality is that it just does not work. People are fed bullshit errors and “try again laters” or silence, with the transaction terminated without them knowing, and (probably) outright theft. I was alarmed, because this good friend who is well connected said that this month, it started happening everywhere, to “everyone”.

    VERY IMPORTANT: what they are doing against alt media is flatly illegal, it is prosecutable, they know it, and they don’t care because they expect to steal the 2018 elections, impeach Trump, and then send the law straight into the sewer. This is the scary part folks:

    What they are doing at this point is the final softening of alt media, their final drive to weaken it so much via the cutting of finances and pre- elimination of as many voices as possible, so after they steal the election alt media will be too weak to speak out against it. They will then impeach Trump, and with him gone, they will simply shut alt media down completely. Have you noticed lately that many news outlets like the Washington Times have occasionally published stuff good enough to be on this web site? They are doing this to make people value alt media less, and make people believe they actually might tell the truth, before they commit the final kill.
    After the final kill of alt media, according to this friend, all hell breaks loose.

    Once they accomplish an effective squelching of alt media, we are going to see terror like we have never seen it before, and the only narrative will be the MSM narrative. We are going to have the guns get grabbed, and people will be carted off. They are going to launch a major war also, every last thing alt media fought against will become our every day reality, and the only ones around to comment on it will be filth, like CNN.
    Last month, a super powerful AI was launched to destroy us.

    Here are the probable capabilities of the AI (a guess, based upon what I have seen happen)
    The AI will automatically look for new voices on the web that are not in line with the official line, and will remove those voices via the process of having everything on the internet go through an AI before it reaches the end reader. When a dissenting voice is heard, “server errors” and spam filters take care of the situation. No new voices will be sent a suspension notice, or told anything was done against them at all. Their project will simply go nowhere. No one who is not someone already will ever become anyone.

    If a voice is an established voice, the AI is assigned to mess with finances, to cause as many glitches and errors as can possibly be conceivably believed. This will by itself, with nothing at all provable to any party, kill finances by 85 percent or more. No suspension notices sent, no warnings given, no notification whatsoever, “glitches” and “hiccups” will take care of it all, with absolutely no paper trail to prosecute. When a tech checks up on the problems, everything will be normal, and the one complaining will be stupid. The AI will know when to back off.
    I noticed this with Fundrazr. That damn AI learned. At first, I could post and have no interference for about 10 hours. Then it cut to about 3 hours. Now the AI is so good at knowing things that it knows I changed routing in 10 minutes or less, and usually accomplishes a complete kill. People are simply not efficient or alert enough to do that.

    Here is my message to others in alt media: Take steps now.

    Cancel all projects that eat money.
    Lay off all but the most needed staff, NOW.

    If you are paying more for servers than you need to, change that.

    Have all writers learn how to hand code HTML so absolutely no outsourcing is needed. Cut features from your web site that require knowledge you don’t have, and currently pay for.

    Rather than die completely, get on a bandwidth plan you can afford, and cut your web site to straight text if you have to, to keep within the bandwidth you can afford. No more flash intros and improperly compressed photos! Look at drudge. His site is crap and everyone hits it. DO THE SAME IF NEEDED, the message is worth a lot more than the glitz.

    Get on direct IP access.

    Get your servers offshore, in a safe haven.

    If you use a platform such as WordPress, Blogger, Youtube,or anything else, and you are real, expect to die in March. You are gone.

    DO NOT buy that boat.

    DO NOT buy that new 4×4.

    DO NOT buy a whole bunch of new office furniture or anything else stupid right now, if your finances appear to be crushed this month it is not an illusion, it is the clarion call of war. Welcome to the new normal. NO MORE DINNER AT DENNYS.

  • Don’t forget the GAP rule GAP: Go Ask the Palestinians.

    Everything Jews did to the Palestinians, they now do to White people.

    We are now Palestinians. White Nakba is upon us.

    We shouldn’t be shocked by Jewish behavior. This is nothing new. They did this to Russians during communism. And they did it to Palestinians. Indeed, the creation of Israel by wiping Palestine off the map was just a dress rehearsal for what Jews have in store for the West.

    Jews seek total domination of the West. But unlike in Israel, Jews don’t have the demographic numbers to colonize Western nations. So, what do they do? They import non-whites to reduce whites into a minority. And then Jewish elites use divide-and-rule by pitting one gentile group against another while pretending to side with all of them. So, Neocon Jews pretend to be with white Conservatives while Liberal Zionists pretend to care about Muslims(even though they made Obama destroy Muslim nations). Some say non-whites are not good for Jews since they are more ‘antisemitic’ than whites. But even the non-whites are divided among themselves: Muslims, Hindus, Chinese, Arabs, Mexicans, Guatemalans, Puerto Ricans, Filipinos, etc. They cannot unite against the Jew. Also, non-whites are either too dumb or too slavish to gain elite power. They just supply the votes to keep Democrats in power, but Jews get to decide what the Big Policy is since they control the captain’s wheel of the ship.

    Amy Chua in her new book POLITICAL TRIBES says there is no longer any dominant group in the US, but she is lying. The only dominant group is Jewish. Jews sit at the top and control all elite institutions. And if both Dems and Repubs are agreed and united in ONE thing is Sucking up to Jews and ‘muh Israel’. Both Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump suck Jewish cocks, as does Amy Chua.

    Jews learned one thing in history. No matter how much wealth and power they gain, they are vulnerable against united demographic power. Jews had elite power in the USSR, but the Russian masses eventually gained power over the state.
    And in the 90s, Jews took over the Russian economy… but Putin with the backing of Russian masses restrained Jewish supremacist domination.

    So, Jews feel that the ONLY WAY to keep supremacist power forever is by making a nation majority-less. In future America, there will be no majority. Just minorities that Jews manipulate in divide-and-rule manner to get what is best for themselves.

    GAP. Go Ask the Palestinians. In a way, what is happening to whites is poetic justice because they totally supported the Jewish destruction of Palestine. And when Palestinians pleaded for justice, whites kicked them in the face and laughed at them. Everything Jews did to Palestinians, they are doing to White National Liberationists.

  • I thought Jews are so great with verbal intelligence that they can take on and beat all challengers.

    But when challenged with the truth, they are so tongue-tied and can ‘win’ only by using ethno-monopoly of media, academia, finance, and internet platforms to silence other voices, especially those of White National Liberationists and BDS. Jews fear the gentile nationalisms of whites and Palestinians.

    It looks like the much-vaunted Jewish verbal IQ hires bouncers and bodyguards when it can’t win arguments that speak truth to Jewish Power.

    But we should have known all along. After all, consider the GAP rule.
    GAP is for Go Ask the Palestinians. Since the Nakba pogroms(this is the 70th anniversary), Palestinians could never get a fair hearing because Jews controlled the media and had the ear of US politicians. Jews didn’t win by fair debate but by CONTROLLED debate. Since Jews had great power in media, academia, and politics(as US politicians relied on Jewish money and Jewish media), Jews rigged the debate into one of noble Zionist settlers vs evil Palestinian terrorists. And so many whites bought this BS.
    But now, whites are discovering Jews now push White Nakba. Via massive non-white immigration, Jews will make white Americans minority in their own homeland and then use divide-and-rule among diverse gentile goyim.

    We’ve been told that Jews came to dominate internet platforms due to their high IQ. Yes, Jews are smart, but one really wonders why Jewish platforms gained such prominence. Didn’t it have something to do with Jews controlling finance and favoring Jewish enterprises? Sounds outlandish? Well, GAP or Go Ask the Palestinians. Hasn’t the Jewish-controlled US favored Jews over Palestinians?

    And Jews are now shutting down financial services of White National Liberationists.

    Ethno-Monopoly of media, academia, US politics(where all politicians are shills of Zion), finance, and internet platforms has created a culture of Jewish Supremacist Contempt and Hate.

    This isn’t about left vs right. After all, BDS movement is associated with the Left but Jews go after it hard. Jews even pressured politicians to criminalize BDS.

    Alt Right isn’t Zionism for whites. It’s BDS for white people.

    • How did 0.1% of the world population (Jews) come to amass so much wealth power and influence if they are inferior? I mean if we want to talk about race as a construct and of superiority and natural selection, maybe the Jews are using their natural advantages to get ahead despite natural faults of their own. For example, people says Jews lie and manipulate but isn’t that just them using their natural strengths? Bears have power and strength but snakes are stealthy, would you say bears are more honorable? No. They use their natural given talents. It’s survival of the fittest, not survival of the honorable. If you don’t have the same influence as European whites, you still gotta eat and survive ans grow so even if Jews are exploiting others to do it, it’s genetic warfare in nature, no? So why blame the Jews for fighting to survive and making sure their Genetics pass on, that’s what whites want in the end too, no?

      • Jews are clearly not inferior. They have real smarts. BUT, my point is they don’t really on smart and a clean fight. Even with their natural advantages, they will resort to dirty tricks to win.

        The thing is, no matter how smart you are, you will be disadvantaged IF the other side has the truth.

        Jews may be smarter than us, but we have the truth. Jews do rule America, and we say so.

        Despite all their smarts, Jews cannot refute our claims, so they fight dirty and use their media and platform monopoly to shut us down.

  • Well, I like the slightly darker tone of this video. I’m sorry they made you play their game. Do me a favor and win.

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