A Picture of Unity

The media claims the Alt-Right has fractured since Charlottesville, and of course, the media is correct.

The stated purpose of the August 12, 2017 Charlottesville rally was to “Unite the Right”… and it succeeded, briefly. Leaders and followers, supporters and members of every organization, every faction and every strain of thought in the American pro-white movement were on the ground.

The star-spangled banner, which once flew as a symbol of American national independence against British imperial tyranny at Fort McHenry, waved side by side with the stars and bars, the battle flag of the old Confederacy. These flags fluttered beside 21st-century symbols of our people’s resistance: the dragon’s eye of Identity Evropa flew beside the gear-and-pitchfork banner of the Traditionalist Worker Party.

This picture of unity and the massed thousands of our brave men and women who assembled to protest the removal of the Lee monument shook the world — and it terrified the enemies of our people’s right to exist.

Overnight, the American pro-white movement went from being a shadowy and anonymous internet presence to a spectacular real-world army in the streets. The anti-white establishment knew we had to be stopped at all costs.

With swift thinking and action, our lawyers wrestled with and overcame every underhanded legal obstacle the leftist establishment threw in the path of our right to free speech and free assembly. Their massed forces of communist goons, armed with knives, clubs and improvised chemical weapons, proved no match for the bravery and determination of our people to reach their legal and constitutional assembly point.

When all else failed, the leftist establishment unleashed the full force of the militarized police state against us. The Jewish mayor of Charlottesville, along with Hillary ally and Democratic Party apparatchik Terry McAuliffe, used the pretext of declaring a state of emergency as the excuse to attack our peacefully-assembled citizens with riot police and chemical weapons in the most blatant government violation of First Amendment rights in the 21st-century.

Without provocation, and in spite of gallant nonviolent resistance by our men, the police physically smashed our rally and drove our people into the vicious antifa horde. We were forced to scatter and retreat under constant attack. In the ensuing police-instigated chaos, dozens were seriously injured and several human beings tragically lost their lives.

What followed was the most coordinated attempt by the government, corporate media and big business to silence online free speech and dissent in the history of the internet in the West.

Pressing their advantage, our wealthy and powerful opponents brazenly blamed us for the violence instigated by them. The leftist thugs who wore masks and attacked our people with weapons were set free by the corrupt legal system, while our own men rotted in jail cells for months simply for defending themselves. Powerful corporate law firms filed suits to bleed our cash-strapped movement of its meager funding. Those who attended the rally were subjected to mass campaigns of targeted, media-approved social media bullying and harassment. Their families were terrorized and they were fired from their jobs.

It is understandable that in the dark months of coordinated systematized political terror since those events, regrets and recriminations would occur. Differences in strategy and tactics would boil over into vocal disputes. Accusations would be leveled and past disagreements would flare up anew.

This was the goal of the establishment — with their widespread and relentless persecution after Charlottesville — and in this, they have at least partially succeeded.

But on Monday, March 5th 2018, a picture emerged amidst this division which will testify for all time to the mission and purpose of the Alt-Right, and the resilience of our men and our ideas.

The MSU speech only took place under the most extreme difficulty and duress. Once again, outrageous legal challenges were thrown in our path and overcome. Once again, our people were harassed and targeted like criminals as they attempted to peacefully gather for harmless social gatherings. Private venues were threatened and shut down. Mobs of armed anarchists, openly chanting about “punching Nazis” as they burned American flags, were allowed to attack our people with impunity as the police stood by and watched.

This time, the establishment cleverly targeted our strongest legal advocates before they moved in for the kill. With our lawfare defenses down, the police were free to let the antifa horde attack our people in what has been called another “mini-Charlottesville.”

We were promised a secure parking area and that our ticket-holding event attendees would be protected into and out of the auditorium. Instead, our people were led by police directly into a communist trap. Our people were told by campus police they had to march through the horde of masked thugs to reach the venue. Even the extremely hostile Detroit Metro News was forced to admit: “The confrontation began after police intervened in a way that forced a line of members of a neo-Nazi group to bypass several hundred protesters in order to enter the event.” The Lansing State Journal reported one antifa was caught “armed with a knife, brass knuckles, a baton and a ‘plastic stabbing device’.”

In spite of this treachery by the authorities, the men of TWP and others still managed to give an incredible account of themselves, tossing around the antifa gutter punks like rag dolls. Our guys carried no weapons, but bare-handed managed to drive back a mass of cowardly bullies brandishing knives, clubs and brass knuckles. But wishing to avoid another Charlottesville, and sensing another establishment-engineered riot, the TWP leadership made the wise decision to withdraw before the situation could turn deadly.

Those who withdrew got out without serious injury, even managing to capture the communists’ flag. Richard Spencer held his speech, in spite of everything, but only with superhuman effort to overcome all the obstacles thrown in our path.

The First Amendment is hanging by a thread in the United States in 2018.

Debates and angry recriminations about optics, tactics, strategies, and personalities continue to rage within the pro-white movement.

But the moment which will be remembered most from MSU was the scene as our men were blocked by communists and police on the road to the venue.

One young man, known and respected by all in the movement as a deep thinker and erudite writer, with a sensitivity for art and a deeply nuanced understanding of history and culture, confronted the police as they manifestly refused to do their job. He faced down a squad of heavily-armed thugs in full riot gear and, with an impassioned speech, reminded them of their duty under the Constitution. He sported the fashy undercut, tailored white shirt and khaki pants popular with educated Identitarians.

In that moment, another man sprang to his defense. I was with this man the night before, as he coordinated the shuttling of conference attendees to our backup venue. I knew him to be a young man of courage and devotion to duty. That afternoon on the road, he was decked out in the black fatigues of the socialist TWP. His neck and hands were etched with tattoos; his face and bearing those of a worker.

The two men could not have looked more different. Their differences spoke to what is perhaps the greatest wedge presently dividing the American pro-white movement: that of class sensibilities. This is not an accident.

Charles Murray, author of “The Bell Curve,” wrote an entire book about this neoliberal 21st-century phenomenon: “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010.”

The back cover of this book describes how within white America:

…a new upper class and a new lower class have diverged so far in core behaviors and values that they barely recognize their underlying American kinship…. [T]he top and bottom of white Americans increasingly live in different cultures, with the powerful upper class surrounded only by their own kind, ignorant about life in mainstream America, and the lower class suffering the erosions of family and community life that strike at the heart of the pursuit of happiness.

This inner division among white Americans is fueling much of what has divided the movement since Charlottesville.

This division could not have been more on display, and the contrast between the two classes more evident, than when those two young men confronted the police on that dark and overcast day.

Yet here they were, standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder.

The concern by both for each other was evident on their faces. In that moment, both were willing to be arrested — or even to have their skulls cracked open — for the sake of their people, for their rights, and for each other.

They were white brothers united, facing down evil and tyranny, defiant in the face of terror.

It is that moment of class unity, for the sake of our common race and identity as white Americans, and our determination to exist and not be wiped out from the pages of history, which is the deepest mission and purpose of the Alt-Right.

Not class conflict, which is organized and inflamed by the neoliberal enemy, but class reconciliation based on kindred blood and kindred destiny.

It is that moment of unity which our enemy fears most and has worked so hard to destroy since Charlottesville.

It reminded me of nothing so much as that great painting by the European-American artist Howard Pyle, called “The Nation Makers,” which shows an aristocratic-looking American officer standing united with the tattered yet unbroken farmers and workmen of the revolution, as they risk death together for the dream of their nationality.

We in the Alt-Right, and the pro-white movement in general, are the Nation Makers of the 21st century.

We are the revolutionaries standing against tyranny and oppression.

We came from nations, and we are forming a new Nation.

The debates over tactics and aesthetics will continue to rage within our movement. Egos will be bruised, pride will be injured, mistakes will be made, grudges will be held, grievances will continue to fester. Differences in strategy and between competing organizations and leaders will have to play themselves out.

But nobody will be able to take away that moment of unity I witnessed on Monday. It was a beautiful moment, and I will never forget it.


  • Fantastic post, as always! I am eager to go into this site and begin using the materials you have provided because it is so jam-packed with excellent information. My article is co and will undoubtedly be helpful.

  • That picture looks gay asf.
    We already know for a fact that Guillaume conte is a sodomite since Spencer said he wouldn’t marry a woman.

  • Neoliberal elites are definitely not pro class conflict. Class in the west has usually trumped race. The mass immigration of the 19th century and now globalization are primarily a class and economically determinate.

    Race is also an important identifier. The Nazis were anti class conflict because they were pro big business.

  • “…waved side by side with the stars and bars, the battle flag of the old Confederacy.”

    Pardon me, but the Stars and Bars and the Battle Flag were two different flags.

  • I dislike kitsch, but goddammit this gave me goosebumps. Yes we need a melding of our more radical class theory into praxis. I will not ever devolve into this snobbishness masquerading as an esthetic critique. If you must, keep it private as among friends, not for the enemy to behold. Hail Victory.

  • In the past it was often observed that the ‘far right’, such as the Nazis, used nationalism and scapegoating of ethnic minorities to dampen class conflict and preserve the status quo from any working class insurgency, but things have changed and today working class insurgency might take a distinctly nationalist form in response to the harmful effects of globalization like de-industrialization and mass immigration. Therefore a logical response from the globalist establishment would be to foster class conflict to counter any kind of cross class alliance against globalization.

    • This is very true on both counts. With the maligning of Soviet type socialism both fair and unfair, nationalism and class consciousness will need to be employed

  • This is the Antifa Core Leadership celebrating AltRight Infighting…….

    And this Same Sentiment is replete throughout all Branches of Antifa…….

    Read the thread…….

    They are literally laughing at us as we debate the ‘optics of TWP’…….

    While they push us out of the Public Space and back onto the Internet…….

    We are all Fascist Nazis to them…….

    From Nick Fuentes to Andrew Anglin……..

    From Richard Spencer to Matthew Heimbach………

    There is no Differentiation……..

    They have a Singular Focus………..

    We have ADHD……..

    But, I still Love you Fams……..


  • I be said this before and I will say it again ,1. we need an Alt Right Riot guard, to protect our people at these venues, 2. We need to stop counter signaling patriots or others that are moving in our general direction , right now this is a numbers game but most importantly a show of strength , Battle if Berkeley was nt won by the Alt alright Alone , remember that

  • Spencer and everyone involved are heroic, but has he ever explained why he gives his talks at shit-tier universities? (MSU? Florida??) Why not set up a talk at Harvard, MIT, or the like? Part of the purpose of the university tour is supposed to be engaging elite opinion in a dialogue, so I hope that he will not only continue but also especially set his sites higher. Coulter made an interesting observation: the lower-tier the school, the less reliable the campus security, the dumber and more pozzed the student body, and the more active the antifa (Berkely is an outlier in this respect). Suggestion: don’t retreat, go for Harvard next (or Yale or MIT, etc.) Make this happen. Very worthy and rewarding challenge.

    • Harvard. Yale and the rest of the Ivy Leagues are left wing breeding grounds. Since they are not public universities, they will refuse Richard to talk at their locations. I suggest public schools in conservative states. That might work better.

  • Debate tonight at 9pm EST between Heimbach (TWP) and Zeiger (DS) on the optics civil war that is tearing the movement apart. Attendance in the Spergchat is mandatory.

  • I remember listening to a podcast right after Charlottesville of a young man praising the Trad Workers Party for their bravery and strength. Looks like that young man knew whereof he spoke.

  • I don’t typically do this but I felt the need to leave a comment commending the author of this excellent article. I hope to see more of this message promoting class cooperation & racial unity in the future on this website and within the movement in general. As opposed to the divisive class hatred and derision being fanned and promulgated by certain individuals who can only be described as optics fanatics, or what I like to call “FASHionistas”, who view the Alt-Right as their own personal trademarked brand instead of a cause dedicated to ensuring the continued survival of our race.

  • I’m going to use this article to red pill my normie friends about current events when they’re good and ready to get woke.

  • So this is it? This is the direction in which Richard is taking the AltRight®? Embracing the TWP?

    The TWP are not reflective of the working-class. To suggest otherwise is profoundly offensive to actual members of the working-class. These people are repulsive dregs, the lowest of the low. Outcasts. People who’ve joined an organization in order to brawl. The TWP is an under-class organization.

    I can’t believe I read this saccharine nonsense.

    • You could be an SPLC Troll Disrupter as far as I’m concerned…..

      I’ve never seen you post here…..

      No one knows your Allegiance……

      I’m Working Class…….

      I wake up everyday and go Grind it out in the Real World…….

      With Real Pain and Real Sacrifice…….

      I see TWP doing the same……

      Whether I agree with all of their Ideology is beside the point……..

      They put their Bodies and Freedom on the Line for their Fellow White Men………

      Do you??

    • Long time lurker here, very sympathetic to the AR. I know it’s obviously not a popular opinion on this forum but I wholeheartedly agree with the OP. Heimbach’s NatSo crew is not a good look. I was actually really surprised to see such a whole hearted embrace of them. They’re truly thugs, actual racists straight out of an episode of 1980’s Geraldo. These are not good optics and will not win over move people. We need more Jered Taylor and less American History X. Speaking of which, JT offered some very poignant criticism of the AR recently on Warski Live related to matters just like this.

    • The TWP are good brothers and are ready to throw down in any fight , we need more groups , more people , we shouldn’t be counter signaling patriot groups or any group that is anti Antifa , right now there are a lot of people that hate Antifa and we are not using this to our advantage

  • Ya brought tears to my eyes, man. My family members are those tattooed men with work roughened hands. I love them dearly.
    BTW – this is an inspired piece of writing/

  • I noticed this image before you mentioned it. It would be a magazine cover in a parallel universe. I watched extended video of this man and was impressed with him and his group.

    I sense there is an internecine battle raging over the optics debate; I am out of my depth as I don’t know much about the sources or backstories of these conflicts.

    From a lay perspective and at a personal level, it’s bourgeois to judge these guys based entirely on the way they look. They showed up and did an outstanding job. What would Greg have done without them?

    From a strategic level, front and center they are probably not palatable to a wider Spencerian ‘WN 2.0’ audience. They have potential to scare people away, sure. Spencer has a charm, intelligence and sophistication in his delivery and as a leader that IMO appeals beyond his message. TWPs message is in-line with their aesthetic.

    I don’t think that is a knock against TWP — they have a completely different modus operandi. They handled themselves extremely well at MSU. It’s an interesting group — enjoyed reading their 25 points.

    • I must edit my comment slightly; it’s been bothering me. RS fully embodies his message and has appeal beyond that message. TWP is the inverse — their message would be better served with a much cleaner power aesthetic. The blackshirt aesthetic can be totally badass.

  • Good article.

    NPI guys have continued to show a maturity and seriousness that many other figures lack

  • Great piece. Leaders, including Richard need to start speaking like this. Passionately and from the heart, speak only on unity and rights.

  • Great article! What I love about this message is the coalition between so-called “WN1.0” and “WN2.0” and white and blue collar – This is the unity message we’ve been looking for. I’ve been looking for. This speaks to me.

    I grew up as an adolescent and many of my friends were “WN1.0” (some hate that term Mr. “Uniter” Spencer!!), and naively I was very unaware of how much they were despised by the liberal world order.

    Until I went to University, that is. My motivation was, Im smart enough I think Im going to try and see how far I can go in business. I had worked out of high-school in various blue collar jobs, construction, warehouse jobs. I saw a hard limit to my earning potential (and that mattered to me!). I was raised in a family of European over-achievers but I didn’t realize how “bad” that was, until I went to University.[a story for another time]

    Now, I’ve graduated, and have done well for myself. I have friends who I LOVE in the “old guard” movement. But, I see a more viable path forward in the Alt-Right or new Pro-White movement (I know terms are fluid). What is the path forward in the old WN movement? I see those guys like wizards of knowledge, though. If I want to know anything about past movements, history of European people, etc. I get everything I need from them. They are the pillars the Alt-Right movement builds on, and in many cases Im seeing they are the actual PARENTS of the fresh faces in the alt right. How wonderful is that!

    I think people, White people, White men, should see themselves either old or young, or blue collar or white collar as represented in that image. The unity has to cross not only “group names” “regional groups” but our own inter-generational and inter-class mix on the pro-white side.

    I have conversations with my “buds” from when I was young, and even to say this will seem SUSPECT, but they’ve grown hyper-concerned with opposition – (WITH GOOD REASON). Look at how the establishment acts! I try and try to reach out to them, I’ll find the same type of group in chat rooms or comment boards and I try to reach out to them. It’s often just retorts of accusations of impurity or shill or this or that. I can’t unlearn how to think and type like a university trained person (though with the years since writing essays for a class I could see someone counter-signaling my abilities). They’ll routinely say (sorry Richard) “Spencer is a faggot, just listen to the way he talks”, I laugh because he doesn’t talk like a faggot. He talks like a PROFESSOR, and not a faggy one. They just don’t know that. This was my first impression when I went to school, “oh god, another faggy PhD is going to teach me something about the real world, but he doesn’t even know how to present AS A MAN…” You begin to realize that intelligentsia have their own meter and cadence, and just deal with it – applies to those on the right and left. Higher educated people talk and think differently. Try and listen to what they’re saying, not only how (lost cause, I know).

    To those guys, though, I just have to plea, at some point, you have to take a risk and go forward and remember and feel that energy you had as a youth first embracing the world with a red pill, in a time of NO ONE ELSE even knowing or realizing red pills existed (sorry to over use the term red pill, one could say racial truth or just Truths?). The ideology here has enough overlap with yours that you should support it.

    Then there is the other side. There are those like myself who are comfortable. The working white collar, he has a university degree but he’s not an intellectual. He knows how to be one, for whatever reason, he didn’t pursue it. Yes, #NotAllGraduates CAN be intellectual. Believe me, I know.

    This is a man who has gained a lot in the current system because it IS the current system. That will make sense to the people who it has to; you were presented with puzzle X, and you solved it for yourself in a successful way. Triumph!

    Now it’s time to flip the board, so to speak. Some of us will welcome this because temporary chaos is just more opportunity. I’d be one of those, I trust my abilities to prevail. I would just argue to those comfortable with how things are, those with “a lot to lose,” how you got there, fundamentally how you achieved anything, wont go away. I would even make this argument to White conservatives. Trump-ites; it’s okay to be pro-white. You’ll have everything you have now, but measurably better and in a more reasonable direction for you and your family.

    What you like about the success you have now is inside you. If you were a success at whatever level you are now, you are likely to be as successful in a new pro-white order. I’m not going to engage in puffery and tell you “maybe even more so” (though I could). I cant predict the future, but what I can tell you: Trust yourself. What got you here, will keep you here, and allow your children to get there, too. Opportunity wont go away, but be increased for you and yours. In terms of security, our children’s future, our progeny, will be more secure, and less endangered by the world by supporting this movement. Which is our duty to do for them, like our ancestors did for us. Loyalty needs to make a comeback.[could expand on that]

    It’s worth the risk, yes it is. If you take stock and you cant take the personal risk for now, contribute to the costs to let others do so until it becomes more friendly to do so.

    “What about you!! You talk shit, where’s your real name?” – I contribute to the costs.


    Working White Collar Alt-Right

  • Will you consent to being governed by Hindu-Jamaican POTUS Kamala Harris and her viciously anti-white Attorney General Preet Bharara…’s comming……only a CUCK would…

    Up next…Trump goes full John Bolton….

    Cucker Carlson should have called John Bolton an indictable CHICKENHAWK WARHAWK TRAITOR MOTHER FUCKING WAR CRIMINAL!!!! last night…

  • The animus built within our movement by this ill-treatment must not be directed inward. I don’t think it is. I think our resolve is hardened as the evidence mounts that our enemies are serious people with serious power. There will be a mounting sense of panic in their ranks as their slaves and functionaries awaken to their true interests and begin to doubt the masters. That panic will seem like hard times to us, but it is the death-rattle of the neo-liberal order.



    Well, all the outdoor amenities will be taken away from you…your White Children…and White grandchildren…

    30-50 waiting lists to get into the Great National and State Parks…you probably wouldn’t go anyway…..being surrounded by hostile Asian “Americans”…

  • We need to trigger the ANTIFA…White Leftists…White Liberals….GREEDY CHEATING WHITE MALE BILLIONAIRE CEOS…nonwhites…into even greater and greater public pronouncements of GENOCIDE against THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS…

    Our people don’t fully understand that the endgame is White Genocide and Chattle Slavery on Ophra Winfrey’s Plantation…..

    This is why they still believe that buying water-silver concoctions from Milo’s rectum buddy….Alex Jones…will protect them when they are a White racial minority in post-white toilet “America”…

  • Imho the best thing about RS going to universities, is that normie conservatives when they see schools see impeding speech, might stop giving schools money, much like what’s going on in the NFL.

  • Our people need to BE the police. Any out of work White man should apply for police or fire department jobs. We need to take back the schools. We need to take back the institutions that teach the teachers. We need to take back local and regional governments. We need to be pathfinders.

    • And don’t hesitate to claim red indian ancestry, or homosexuality, on a job application, or both. The time for us to play by the rules is long past.

      • Only problem with claiming “homosexuality” on your job application is that the guy doing the hiring reads it and decides you’re next on his butt-sex list once you’re on the job.

        • lol, You might be on his “butt-sex list” either way, given how corrupt most of these institutions are.

          • Yeah, a lot of people think gays are mostly harmless decorators and designers. These are people who combine the male desire to conquer and fuck with a lust for men. Man rapers are a thing. Many of those types deify the male physique and are fit enough to beat most people in a contest of strength. Carry a gun and know how to use it.

  • There’s historical precedents for kinsmen with widely different ideologies grouping together to fight the establishment and foreign invaders. Chinese nationalists and communists did just that in the early 1900s. Once the people are secure what’s left to settle is mostly conjecture and aesthetics. In practice having an empire or a republic may not have yielded results so different from what China ultimately got from its communist leadership. The issues and the needs remain the same and if there’s to be changes at least there’s still a China to reform.

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