The Look-in-the-Eye Test

We have made previously unimaginable strides in the last year. “Anti-white” and “anti-white-ism” are well on their ways to becoming English vernacular. It’s becoming OK to be white. Even the skeptic community is beginning to come around.

At this point, our legitimacy as a movement is limited only by our anonymity. When most of our creative energy is channeled into venting within our online bubble, the public impression is that we are uncommitted edgelords rather than passionate revolutionaries with legitimate grievances.

The only thing holding us back at his point is our fear of publicly standing by our beliefs. We are held hostage by this fear because we know that, if we flinch, we will be tarred and feathered as straw men – as grist in the mill of the dominant narrative. However, if we adopt the right mindsets and frame our arguments correctly, de-anonymization is not only painless but exhilarating and life-changing.

Here at Rutgers University, where I am on a pre-law track, a professor of mine recently used a turn of phrase that gave flesh to something I’ve been trying to put my finger on for some time – the “look in the eye” test. If you can’t gaze without wincing into the eyes of those who hate you, and whom you fear, then you are not speaking truth to power.

We must vanquish our guilty consciences if we are to pass this look-in-the-eye test. This is how giants are felled, and this is how the heavenly chorus is roused on the behalf of the righteous. This is the way it’s always been, and the way it always will be.

It is a kind of mental slavery that prevents us from passing the look-in-the-eye test. We have been bullied into thinking that we advocate exclusively on behalf of our own interests – the interests of white men – and that we are not equally concerned about the welfare of our non-white brothers and sisters, who are forced to endure a crushing a loss of agency, and an unhealthy grudge, as the result of being reminded constantly of an invisible white finger tipping the scale against their favor. In every way imaginable, the dogma of innate racial sameness stokes human misery and is setting the whole lot of us up for disaster. Internalize this and you will achieve something great.

We must ignore the non-critical and strike solely at the foundation of their edifice. Human biodiversity along racial lines is far more likely to be the reality than not, and the burden of proof lies squarely on the shoulders of race-deniers to justify their anti-white rhetoric and practices. We need not argue the precise contours of racial differences, and we need not challenge anything else. We have only to sew this one seed – and guard it with our lives.

We must not fall into the trap of responding to their evidence with our evidence. If we play fetch the instant race-deniers lift their fingers to throw the bait, we have already ceded the argumentative high ground. The reality is that we are fighting a pitched battle, and our only move is to force them onto terrain where they have no choice but to answer for their collective scapegoating of us.

You might be tempted to accuse me of retreating into respectability politics, throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  Quite to the contrary, I am saying that that we must no longer tolerate our subjugation, venting on Twitter or YouTube whenever they move the goal posts or tighten the noose.

Enjoining the few percent of ideologically susceptible white males to our side – the only demographic we’ve ever really attracted – is dwarfed by the greater strategic importance of weakening the commitments of the other 95% of society, which includes the iceberg of implicit white identity for whom our angst and zero-sum view of race relations are deal-breakers. If we can weaken their facile commitments to anti-white-ism, based on the unchallenged presumption of white culpability for racial inequality, then we make possible the erosion of the levee holding us back from normalization.

This requires that we make it OK to publicly doubt the dogma of innate racial sameness. The unavoidable necessity of de-anonymization is  a bitter pill to swallow, but it is the only way forward. We must do it in spite of our every inclination to the contrary. This is why we must get our convictions in order, and learn how to lovingly look the hangman in the eye.

Anybody who says the time isn’t right or that their anonymity is strategic is a liar. The SPLC itself has recently begun to change it’s tune with regards to how we are to be repressed on campus, emphasizing the importance of ignoring us rather than confronting us. This is an open invitation for us to start making ourselves harder to ignore.

As soon as the temperature rises above 70°, hit the streets in some form or another and discover just how close we really are to the tipping point. If you’re slack of faith and afraid to go it alone, then find comrades to connect with in real life and begin testing the waters together. Taking the plunge into the pale, icy waters of public scrutiny is never easy, but it’s something we’ll all be forced to reckon with sooner or later, one way or another. You might as well do it under your own free will as an opportunity to manifest your higher self.

Just learn how to look people in the eye when you tell them who you are and what you’ve come for.

Al Stankard
the authorAl Stankard
Al is an author and activist at Rutgers University in New Jersey. He has authored several books and blogs at AcidRight.INFO. Follow him on Twitter: @draknats

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Our only hope can be found here

I’m not sure we need to make an argument for racial difference. To what end? There are people above us and people below us. It also undercuts those who are us but at the left tail. The argument is for natural interest as the motive force of human beings. EGI. Is it in your interests to have your child live in a society where… To whom do you owe primary allegiance. It starts with the family (would you give your child’s dinner to someone with a greater need) and ripples out from there. If the world works upon this basis,… Read more »
Nova Morium

Al Stankard……..

And the Photo, Schlomo………

DaFuq is going on here??……..

Plus Member
I know of several people who have had their lives severely damaged because they spoke out publicly with their real names. Frank Borzellieri lost his job as a teacher at a Catholic school when a vindictive reporter made a stink about some articles he had written years earlier. He was reduced to living in his car. Mild mannered Ramzpaul and edgier Mike Enoch can no longer find work as computer programmers, both are dependent upon donations to their respective web sites. The truth is that the handful of people in the alt right who are public are dependent upon the… Read more »

Happy to hear this view… as I happen to post right that short ago:

“4)Strategy: ANONYMITY! Stay behind in the shadows, have few public figures act with the full financial and internet support of the anonymous supporters. Resistance movements have to act out of the hidden, it´s a game theory problem (established power can crush any dissent).”


link above not visible (the words “post right that” are a link), it´s:

Plus Member
Thank you for contributing. You’ve nailed this, Al. I’ve been thinking about this subject. This collective fear creates a self-fulfilling prophecy — the fear we give them is their power. We want to dissipate that power. As a movement IMO A) we need to get more comfortable removing the mask and B) each person should determine what that means for his situation (could be subtle, whatever). The point is that this isn’t Fight Club. The movement will remain limited if anonymity is the only way people discuss these topics for several reasons. 1. The taboo will remain as long as… Read more »

Don’t think about your livelihoods, goyim. This isn’t about your fear of getting fired or physically threatened or financially harassed. No, the real reason you won’t de-anonymize yourself is guilt and fear of social disapproval. So cast that off and reveal your identity, goyim. Trust me, I’m not controlled opposition. I’m not about my own interests, I care about YOU.

Andrea Daley
“In every way imaginable, the dogma of innate racial sameness stokes human misery and is setting the whole lot of us up for disaster.” You got this wrong. Sure, PC pretends to be egalitarian, but it’s not. It’s about the supremacism of the holy three: Jews, Homos, and Negroes. After all, if PC is really about ‘equal rights’ and ‘just representation’, how come there are no complaints about… 1. Too many Jews in Hollywood, Las Vegas, Wall Street, Silicon Valley? 2. Jews controlling all plaforms? They own most of them or ADL watches over them. How come no one demands… Read more »
Clark Kent

Assuming that the left actually means anything of what they say is a huge blunder. There are some true believers sure, and even fewer intelligent true believers, but the majority just see the opportunity to gain power and privilege.

A powerful essay, thank you for posting. But this passage here made me cringe. “We have been bullied into thinking that we advocate exclusively on behalf of our own interests – the interests of white men – and that we are not equally concerned about the welfare of our non-white brothers and sisters.” Look: I understand that projection is a natural thing in us human beings. Decent people tend to assume that other people are also decent. Conversely, scumbags also tend to think that everybody else is a scumbag too. One of the main weakness of White people, specially Northwestern… Read more »
Mansonian Democrat

“I have no qualms with the United States’ status as a multicultural society nor any of its democratic institutions; nor do I support the creation of any ‘white nation’ that would compromises the territorial integrity of the US.”

“At the same time, don’t get me wrong: I am absolutely opposed to deliberate eugenics and paternalistic policies.”

How does someone with these beliefs get published on the premier altright site? Is there such a leadership vacuum that anyone can just saunter in?


President Trump and pundits like Ann Coulter, plus a feed swell of anons, are actually doing more to redpill Whites about anti-White Animus than are fools who obey FBI advice to reveal their identities or engage in violence. Reveal your identity only if you are running for office. That’s commitment. You could call it “The Italian Way.”

I tend to think that unless you’re extremely self sufficient and don’t mind being left to deal with a shit-storm all on your own, you’re better keeping your anonymity for the time being. It may be different over in the United States, both in culture, attitudes and in law – but over here, where you can get picked up, locked up, lose your source of income to take care of your family for being overt – it makes little sense at this time to allow yourself to be isolated and picked out. We have had numerous blow-hards who thought it… Read more »
Mr. Frosty

Ok, did the FBI fund the site makeover?

“My fellow edgelords, we must send all our personal info to the ADL immediately. It’s the only way”

I also noticed this article was written by a college hipster.

nom de guerre

Stay in the shadows, you have to admit, is not a good long term strategy.

My contention is “Get serious? You first.”


Why aren’t Whites helping house each other and get works so we can afford to be public?

Nom De Guerre
AltRight, you have to teach people the 1-2-3’s of political involvement. Remove the mask, then what? I think there is a grass roots apparatus in place that we can work to engage in or parrot. Namely the “neighborhood conventions” of conservatives (and democrats). Get in there, and get your view involved – become a delegate…create our own. It’s one thing to say “take off the mask”, have a more constructive pathway than “take the plunge in icy water”, friend. (Al, It was a good article I’m just looking at more practical next steps) This site needs to start true political… Read more »
nom de guerre

I would add to that, you need “boring” position papers on all manner of “typical and atypical” political subjects – like campaign websites have. Thanks

Perhaps using our real names is necessary to be wholly true to ourselves and our cause, but let’s not play the irresponsible and mendacious game of telling the young men reading this site that they can do so without massive social cost. True authenticity, like true liberty, comes at a price and is not within the natural reach of most people. The only ones who can de-anonymise with no cost whatsoever are the sort of losers-with-nothing-left-to-lose who end up as Nazi clowns for the media, which is why we cannot afford to go around shaming or hectoring the anonymous if… Read more »

Say what you will but those “nazi clowns” actually show up and stand their ground against the enemy. After our views are made acceptable to voice in public and all of the anonymous, optic obsessed counter signalers come out of the closet they will of course take responsibility for the work of others.


Looking forward to finding out what happened to Kyle Bristow.

Nom de Guerre

Me too, perhaps the backstory shouldn’t be published. If it worked, we want that tactic to remain unknown.


Seeing that the mobile version of the new website has the AR banner on top that doesn’t go away with scrolling, I may be getting de-anonymized any day now.


same on desktop. right click->inspect element->right click what’s highlighted in the developer console->delete. it just makes your browser not render that bit of html.


Thank you, Shayneequa, I’ll try that.

With your typical Normie, I just chat about how denaerys targaryan is a tyrant, that it’s vile that she let the barbarians through the gates, like a foreign invader. To my dismay, the mud shark is a character venerated by female youths. The severity of white girl brainwashing is deeper than I had believed. So much so, that I usually get an ideologically loaded reply, with that customary hint of moral signalling – don’t forget that ugly spice of contempt. “You’re a racist.” I don’t hesitate. I stare them in the eye with my masculine glow, then straight to a… Read more »