Top 5 Ways To Embrace And Express Your White Privilege

White privilege is real. We’re special because we’re White. Our parents worked hard to give us privilege — not to transfer privilege equally among the races. Civilization, culture, and healthy societies is all about privilege.

1. Talk Down To People Of Color

Walking on eggshells and constantly showing deference to African-Americans has to end. This doesn’t make Blacks like us; it makes them have a contempt for us—a suspicious contempt at that, for none of them believe that we are sincere. (Blacks don’t want the coddling to end, though.) Even when conservatives say reasonable (if incomplete) things about Black crime and social dysfunction, they get accused of “White supremacy.” Such is the level of deference expected in our society.

Part of you pities Blacks, for their history is truly unfortunate. But you must engage in the real talk. Remember Blacks were better off when strong, uncucked White men set the tone for society.

Yes, many Blacks are just so LOUD that every debate with them devolves into screeching, so we might want to try to avoid “debating.”

But putting on a condescending tone helps when you can’t win in a contest of pure volume.

2. Talk About Race—The White Race In Particular

Race is a fascinating topic and it’s tragic that it has become taboo. We must take a page out of the playbook of non-Whites and constantly refer to race in our analysis of the issues of the day.

Ever notice how a Black or a Jewish person always starts out by saying, “as a person of color” or “as a third-generation Holocaust survivor” when they speak on important topics?

Well, we’re doing that going forward. When asked your feelings on just about anything, start by saying, “Well, as a European-American” or “as a White” and see what happens. Chances are the other person won’t know how to react.

Sam Francis quipped that while the Victorians were totally unencumbered discussing the intricacies of race, they were overly prudish when talking about sex. Whites today are encouraged to talk about sex to a degree that our ancestors would find repulsive. But we are not allowed to talk about race (at least not in a leftist-approved, “I feel so guilty”-like way).

Our history is amazing, and race is a genuinely fascinating topic. Whenever you can, make sure to insert race into the conversation. You may feel uncomfortable doing this around non-Whites, but rest assured, they will feel even more uncomfortable. Probably because they always assumed that White people just weren’t allowed to feel pride, or even talk about our racial history in an objective fashion.

3. Gentrify Urban Places

It’s time we take back America’s cities. POCs have controlled them for too long and they’ve turned them into shitholes. This trend needs to be reversed.

We need to embrace gentrification and recognize it for the urban White colonialism that it is. The next time you see a metrosexual hipster biking back home from Whole Foods, clap him on the back and greet him with a cheery, “Hello, fellow Alt-Righter!” He might act like he doesn’t understand what you mean, but that’s all it is —an act. Functionally, he’s clearly a White colonist, taking back the inner-city from the non-Whites by paying his taxes, not committing crime, establishing hoity-toity pet stores and coffee shops, and raising prices on property as a result.

Alt-Righters should learn from the hipsters and other gentrifiers—because no one does more for the cause of White Urban Colonialism than them.

And in principle, if anyone should be living on the outskirts of the city, it should be the people who wrecked cities, not the people whose ancestors built them.

4. Dress Like A White Person

Anyone who dresses like a non-White will be treated like a non-White in the ethnostate. (It is worth pointing out that the reverse principle should not apply. Sorry, them’s the rules.).

Think of this maxim as more of a “don’t” than a “do.” There are plenty of forms of acceptable White attire. For example, you can go for the sturdy, blue-collar blue-jeans-and-Timberlands look. Or you can go in the opposite direction, with the preppy-khakis-and-Sperry-boat-shoes look.

Both are White looks, with plenty of options in between.

But sagging pants, tribal tattoos or piercings, and snapback hats are no bueno. Ask yourself: “Would a non-White feel comfortable dressed like this?” If the answer is yes, it’s time to switch your wardrobe up.

5. Strategically Appropriate Black Lingo

Get woke, fam!  And while you’re at it, call out THOTs and support “Based” friends and colleagues who speak out against White dispossession.

Though no self-respecting White person should wear Rastafarian dreadlocks…

…it is fascinating to see just how triggered people get about White people doing that.

Cultural appropriation is a tough topic for us on the Alt-Right. On the one hand, we love our own culture and wish to promote it; on the other, appropriating non-White culture is also one of our traditions. We make things better. So don’t be afraid to take raw material from other cultures and make it great.

Optional: Have A Based Asian Friend

Most Blacks have a seething resentment of Asians because of their “model minority” reputation. Nothing triggers them more than Whites playing this cop-out card: “Me, racist? Tell that to my Japanese friend!” But this is an old strategy. It is far better to say, “Yes, I am racist, but my Asian friend is far more racist than me!”

See, most Asian first- and second-gen immigrants are, indeed, far more racist than the average White person, and you will find that you can actually learn a lot from them! Make sure to befriend their parents—for bonus points, their grandparents. Their power level might even put yours to shame.

Few know this, but multiculturalism can actually help you hone your shitlord skills. As an example, I’ve recently added the word, “Baizuo” to my handy list of insults to lob liberals’ way.


For decades, conservatives have sought to deny the existence of White privilege: “In America, we don’t see race” or “In America, there’s a level playing field.” But let’s be honest: we do see race, and there’s no such thing as a level playing field in wider society. White privilege is real. We’re special because we’re White. Our parents worked hard to give us privilege (not to transfer privilege equally among the races). Civilization, culture, and healthy societies is all about privilege. We have a duty to cultivate privilege. And the White race won’t survive if we don’t.


    • This is very interesting. Just a nuance about Jesus: wether he was from Greek ascendant (quite probable in Galilee) or he was a pure Hebrew, in any case he was a Mediterranean man (which is not exactly “white”. Hebrews never have been “brown” Just watch the darker type of Jew, for instance: Franz Kafka. And of course, Greeks are not “brown” neither.
      So, considering God took on Earth the form of a Mediterranean man+ Greek culture + Roman culture + Reinassance + Spanish Golden Age + French culture + Italian Fascism + la Dolce Vita… (and not counting the Ancient Egypt, Carthage, Phoenicia, Israel, the Caliphate of Cordoba, the Otoman Empire…) we have to admit the astonishing superiority of the Mediterranean culture, therefore, the Mediterranean race. Needless to say the concept of Europe and European culture is Greek. Watch bellow the oldest Icon with the face of Jesus. The Sinai Icon:

      • This Icon shows us a Meditarranean man, not a Nordic man. Of course, not a brown neither a black one. That is nonsense.

    • Lol. Do you know how many comments we see that says the exact same shit you are saying? Go away Jew. We’re sick of the bullshit

  • I simply cannot understand why progressives continually inveigh against the institution of black slavery in the South. Before The War Against The States, my own great-great-grandfather owned and operated one of the most admired (and envied) slave-breeding operations in southeastern Alabama, an enterprise famous region-wide for the quality of its merchandise. He took especial pride in his Mandingo studs, six-foot specimens bred for field work. It is said that he even fertilized some of the comelier negresses himself, producing a line of improved stock able to deploy spoken words.

  • I don’t want to sound sacrilegious but when people say to me “ Spencer is a heretic “. I have to remind them that so was Jesus. Spencer is not God but he is a VERY brave man.

  • Blacks didn’t build the White House. It was done by skilled white labor. Blacks just pushed wheel barrows, sawed lumber and other such unskilled labor.

  • This extremist tries hard to justify the white extremism that is much more noble, than the coloured one. Obama times could teach people of the evil black extremism. But the revenge can be no better. You, the people will soon feel tired of the author, I hope.

  • There wouldn’t be any racial inequality in a homogenous country.

    There would still be a hierarchy in terms of social class and status, but in a super developed, economically strong and secure country, even the working and middle classes would have a pretty good life! And the very tiny minority of unemployed people would also be getting a decent welfare check, although we would absolutely have laws FORCING people to get a job!

    • Has already been done and proven already once. Came out pretty neat until whole kikery all over the world had join to the forces to destroy it. At least whole world saw that communism and capitalism are just two sides of kike coin.

  • Niggers don’t get to claim snapback baseball caps. Baseball is our shit, along with the attire that goes with it. Wearing them backwards was popularized by catchers, though it is a bit niggerish these days. But context matters when dealing with accessories. With the wrong outfit, a Rolex watch that wouldn’t look out of place in 1950’s suburban America can come off as niggerish. Same thing with caps. Just like you clearly know the difference between a white guy and a black guy when you see them, you know a nigger outfit when you see one. Also, black people started heavily appropriating white fashion about 10 years ago. Form fitting jeans, the classic style Ray-Ban sunglasses, vans sneakers, etc. What happens when they take more? And Richard specifically, what happens when they take suits that are about 2 sizes too small? No, fuck that. We can’t just give them shit. If anything, they can have fitted hats, but that’s it.

  • This is a very important point. In my interactions with members of the darker races, they express excessive pride in their offspring , and derive their self-worth from the number of offspring, far exceeding what most whites ever feel. They particularly take pride in the mere existence of their offspring (and their large numbers), rather than what these people actually accomplish in life. A Muslim once wagged his finger at me and said, “I had three kids by the time I was your age” (25 years old). Perhaps the Alt-Right can pick up where the Old Left has fallen off in raising the issue of state-sponsored sterilizations with the globalist elites (Sun Valley, Bilderberg, UN, etc.), who are just as concerned about overpopulation. State programs offering $500 a month to those who agree to get sterilized could be offered to the general public (in combination with an immigration moratorium). Of course, the darker races would disproportionately opt for sterilization in exchange for cash, and that would benefit everyone. Incentives need to be created to draw them towards positive behavior that is otherwise discouraged by their genetically inherited tendencies. On such issues, I think we can gain favor with the globalist elites.

  • So some brainless thug moderator decided to delete my post making fun of Richard Spencer, proving once again that the Alt-Right don’t care about free speech. Every time Richard opens his trap to moan about his free speech being suppressed, you know he’s just doing it because HE is being censored. Now I shall repost my original short post in all its glory and let’s see if you continue exposing your hypocrisy by deleting it again:

    “Hey Richard, how does it feel losing your only professional lawyer? Haha racist loser!

    P.S. Those women with dreadlock are adorable.”

    Pretty mild stuff, no? But the thugs moderating this site can’t stand people making fun of their pajama boy leader.

  • Coloured people from the former colonies should be treated with deference and respect in the European metropoli by locals. But they should be sterilized by force by the State. It is a very simple operation in men.
    If they don´t want to be sterilized they should get back to Africa, Asia, Latin America or wherever.
    Of course, they don´t want to, because they live to breed. It is their only purpose in life.
    The white man knows the point of life is not breeding but something else, something bigger than himself. Breeding is something colateral that happens in life, but it is not the goal.
    Take out breeding from coloured people and they get nuts.

    • I’m glad you raised this point. This is very important. Indeed the darker races view breeding as the essence of life. I would argue they are far more obsessed about genetic legacies than whites are (regardless of whether their offspring have done anything productive). Currently, the state incentivizes them to breed like roaches. Perhaps the Alt-Right will be the movement that convinces the elites (Sun Valley, Bilderberg, UN, etc.) to reverse this state policy and instead provide benefits for sterilization. (After all, they are as concerned about overpopulation as anyone.) For example, anyone who decides to get sterilized will collect a $500 a month paycheck from the state. This offer would be open to anyone, but it would clearly disproportionately affect the darker races, which will benefit everyone in the end.

    • This is a very important point. In my interactions with members of the darker races, they express excessive pride in their offspring , and derive their self-worth from the number of offspring, far exceeding what most whites ever feel. They particularly take pride in the mere existence of their offspring (and their large numbers), rather than what these people actually accomplish in life. A Muslim once wagged his finger at me and said, “I had three kids by the time I was your age” (25 years old). Perhaps the Alt-Right can pick up where the Old Left has fallen off in raising the issue of state-sponsored sterilizations with the globalist elites (Sun Valley, Bilderberg, UN, etc.), who are just as concerned about overpopulation. State programs offering $500 a month to those who agree to get sterilized could be offered to the general public (in combination with an immigration moratorium). Of course, the darker races would disproportionately opt for sterilization in exchange for cash, and that would benefit everyone. Incentives need to be created to draw them towards positive behavior that is otherwise discouraged by their genetically inherited tendencies. On such issues, I think we can gain favor with the globalist elites.

      • The obsession of dark races about breeding is due to their lack of individuality. Individuality, philosophical amazement, existential angst… that are privileges (well, maybe “existential angst” is not a privilege but a curse) of the Euro man.
        Darks and yellows breed whatever the condition: poverty, extreme poverty, war zone, epidemics, pandemics, uglyness, “racism”… they don´t fucking care.
        I think Spencer telling to Younge: “Come on… you know you are not British” is fab. Because deep inside he knows he is not, and actually Spencer is doing him a favour making him reflect, having a kind of existential-ethnical angst and therefore expanding his consciousness. In a way, has been a kind of Socratic dialogue.

  • Also when told to “check your privilege “ respond with, “I check my privilege all the time, and when it’s low I add a quart “.

    • A quick rebuttal is the best response towards those near-brain-dead well-indoctrinated bleating sheep spewing their implanted rhetoric whose monotonous regularity is proof that the elite-owned propaganda systems are very effective.

  • Regarding the interview of Young and Spencer… time to accept we have to deal with very bad karma from our ancestors: yes, the blacks were forced to live and work for nothing in the U.S. Yes, the British had a huge empire in black Africa, yes, the Spaniards and Portuguese did miscegenation with local people in Central and South America…
    Said that, is not our fault but our ancestors. We don´t have to apologize. And we have to put a limit to inmigration from former colonies. And, above all, the Scandinavians, the Baltics, the Slavics, the Irish… they have ZERO karma regarding colonialism. Would be interesting to watch African or Asian people in Sweden playing the victim card: “Oh you Swedes, you took us here by force! Oh, you Swedes, you invaded our country!” etc. I am sure they would. And most amazing,: probably brainwashed young generations of Swedes would believe it.

    • If people can be (and have been) into being brainwashed that there was actually such a thing as a holocaust, then, yes, they can be brainwashed into believing Swedes enslaved Asian and Africa. All it takes is repeating a lie over and over and then at first vilifying, and then actually passing laws to imprison, people who question facts.

  • The only problematic moment is that those of us who are parents with children aren’t able to recolonize our cities because our children would have to attend schools where they’d be the only whites in a sea of chaos, savagery and urine-smelling locker rooms. They will be targeted for violence and abuse, regardless of whether their parents are Alt-Right or virtue-signaling Leftists. This is at the crux of the dilemma for white America — how to retake our pedestrian-friendly cities while shielding our children from savagery. Returning state-endorsed segregation in public education seems to be the only answer. I can’t afford $3,000 a month for some phony elite Catholic school that teaches Marxist feminism regardless.

    • Perhaps we could form White-collective home-school coops.
      This might be the thing that allows Whites to buy property in expensive cities. with Mud filled schools.

  • Great article with pragmatic tips, which is what the movement needs! I always felt that our response to accusations of benefiting from white privilege should be to embrace it. INDEED WE ARE PRIVILEGED TO BE WHITE! It’s wonderful to travel all over the world and immediately command the respect of foreign peoples (particularly their women)! And the whole Marxist-nihilist establishment acknowledges this. All we have to do is take this fact a step further by embracing our privilege, which is what the Marxist-nihilists are terrified of. We have so much power over our enemies if we merely decide to exercise it!

  • Use the public library.

    Seriously, public libraries in many cities (except for ones with too many Jews) are implicitly white spaces, even if they have sections of books in Spanish which the Hispanics have never handled because they don’t like to read.

    • Not here. The library is overrun with knee grows. They’re not in there reading books, mind you, but using the computers with internet connections which they don’t have at home

    • It’s the opposite dude.
      The library is a state-run institution that pushes egalitarianism really hard. Go to a library in a multiracial city and you’ll find plenty of homeless, studious Asians, and non-whites.

  • Where does the term ‘cheese dick’ come from? I notice you use that term a lot but im not familiar with it, plz explain

    Also, where can I get one of those “suck my fart” haircuts? You just look so damn greased up, like, the farts just zoom out of my butt! Keep it up Dicky! U gay yet?

  • I do so enjoy your articles, Richard. I can actually see your smirk at the tail-end of sentences designed to instill rage. Also, yes, you do get to tell Bantu, etc. that they are not English.

    That is something we should all be doing to save our civilizations. We have to break down the walls that we whites built to prop up the roof on our proposition nation. The sooner whites learn the difference between a legal resident of a country and the native, genetic population of a country, the better.

    At this point, it is as though whites are unable to tell the difference between roses and vipers. Both get put into the same basket to bring home to the family.

    • You must have never spent too much time Working with Roses…..

      I prefer Russian Sage…..

      Hardy, Robust, Aromatic, Aesthetic, and EASILY Transplantable……


  • T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-Trollin’….Trollin’

    D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-Dis Igga be Trollin’….Trollin’


    D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-Dis Igga be Trollin’….Trollin’


  • I am afraid hipsters in Europe are enemies: they improve the Afro tribal shit in city centre.
    Regarding to clothing I agree: nothing better than a shirt, a tweed jacket and a bluejeans.
    Yellow Asians… not so sure about them: they buy traditional shops and taverns and they reinvent them as a oriental bazaars and totally absurd restaurants. The Yellow Danger is real.

          • I didn’t even know what chinos were tbh. After a quick search I will concede that you can look tough in a black pair.
            Now, with sweatpants I must stand my ground.
            Only fags, lazy slobs, thots, wear them.
            The only other time it should be acceptable is in the gym

            But…..who am I to push fashion guidelines, I wear jeans & a T most days…

          • Lol I wear my sweats at home and at work. I work in a factory where I’m on my feet for 8-10 hours a night and dressing well is retarded since it’s just going to get dirty anyways. If I’m actually going out to see people I wear the Chinos. I definently own a couple pairs of jeans too, but I honestly find Chinos more comfortable and more aesthetically pleasing.

            While Levi-Stauss was a Jew, I don’t actually consider denim degenerate. I was mostly joking since we’re purity spiraling clothing now.

  • Great to see an article by Spencer.I’ve always thought that what makes him a great leader for this thing is that devil may care, bon vivant attitude shown here.

    The line “as a European American. ..” is priceless, I’m going to use it every day.

  • That interview with the black guy could have gone better Spencer. By tactful like jos. You could have said the same thing but with refinement. Think j taylor or if going for hip think milo

    • The interview with the black guy accomplished exactly what Richard wanted it to. You do not change these people’s minds. You show them their place. We have tried the other method for far too long.

  • This is hilarious but 100% serious. Rules to live by. “Well, as a European-American” is literally how we should be all be speaking. Unabashedly turn the tables on SJW speak, revel in flustering them, and allow them to clumsily highlight the absurd double-standard when they cry racism.

    And truly, White Urban Colonialism de-shitholifies our cities in ways that are more successful than the Russian Europeanization of Central Asia and dramatically more homogenous, preservative, and in a sense, totalitarian, than the same city-engineering undertaken by its Soviet successor, haha.

    I kind of have a soft spot for hipsters. A lot of their music is quintessentially white. They take multi-ethnic artifacts and make them better (or sometimes worse).

    I was recently talking to a hipster about his clothing, which was very ethnic and quite expensive. He wears it ‘to emotionally connect with urban African-Americans while he art-performs.’ I jokingly pointed out that his clothing was clearly culturally appropriated by a white person before being radically improved and redesigned for a white or Jewish boss who then sent the designs to be sweat-shop constructed by Southeast-Asians resulting in a product that only very few blacks could afford. “But yeah, glad it helps you feel more black….”

    “Baizuo.” A fantastic word; they’ve accurately summed up the self-destructive lack of domestic realpolitik we exhibit in the West in a single word.

      • Yes indeed. Both men know how to use their opposition as a character foil. You never try to debate to change the minds of the people you are debating. You always try to get your opponent to tell your intended audience why they should believe YOU.

  • Gary Younge , the intellectual , actually realized that Alt Right MAY BE .. a new word for ..FASCISM !.
    Yes , intellectual , it is a new word for fascism .
    So , what now?

  • lol the dude in the picture is dressed white. All he has to do is wear his hat forward. He should probably pop the collar down and reconsider wearing pink though…

    What do you have against snapbacks?

      • Depends. I wear a camo hat that just happens to be snap backed. Granted I don’t walk around with it on backward. Unless I’m working that is.

      • Richard was referring to wearing it backwards im sure. But yeah, in rural America every guy wears caps, wether fitted or adjustable. Usually with Mossy Oak, Ford, Browning, Chevy, Realtree, Savage, Dodge, Winchester, Remington, Budweiser, their State college, etc etc. Very much a part of White society here.

        • Yeah… I mean people wear hats dude. I hate fitted hats because I can never find one that fits right, and I end up spending an hour in the store trying every single one on…

      • How so? Blacks don’t have a monopoly on snapbacks. Thats one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. If you must know I have an oddly shaped head and I like the flexibility that you can only get from a snapback (or a flexfit I guess.) I’m wearing an Adidas one right now tbh.

    • He should keep the hat if he insists on keeping that crappy haircut. Otherwise, lose the hat, keep the pink shirt, and tuck it into pristine white dress slacks.

  • Based Alt Right Racial Nationalism:



      • The Chinese “Americans” are not our racial kind…for starters…..Moreover, they are enthusiastically voting The Historic Native Born White American Majority Working Class into a racial minority within the borders of America..

        Here, let me make it even simpler you piece of maggot infested shit:AMERICA=NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE…..

  • I don’t find that I even need to talk down to PoC, just normal conversation is enough to demonstrate to anyone listening the enormous chasm between white and PoC levels of intelligence.

    • They view that as weakness though, so be careful.
      Non whites are like women. If you talk to them as equals they will see you as weak.

      • Pretty much. This is why officers are not allowed to fraternize with enlisted men. There has to be an aura of otherness and authority present for command and control to work. Women crave this and slaves need this.

  • I’m a Canuck, saw a white dude walking with some clearly middle eastern woman, perhaps Indian. Who knows, every non white is somewhat mixed up here. It took some guts at first, but hell, times a changing, so I shouted. “Dude, what are you doing? Get an aryan girl!” It was to my surprise how quickly the white guy became cowardly embarrassed, face turned red and bowed his head in shame; and the amazing thing is, nobody called me on it. No mob, no shrieking, just defeat and acceptance. I bet he rethought his entire bugman life that night.

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