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Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


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  • The cops are bloody useless. They are supposed to maintain order and instead they sit on their asses or arrest the non violent people.

  • Why haven’t there been any reports (articles/videos) on what conflicts occurred? How many injuries? What happened with Greg Conte? Why did Kyle Bristow bail at the last minute? Why do we have to rely on the fake mainstream media to get this info?

    • Our Twitter accounts (@RichardBSpencer, @evanmclaren, and @Real_Greg_Conte) are good sources of information. Greg went on Christopher Cantwell’s Radical Agenda show last night and gave his account of what happened. Kyle Bristow’s statement speaks for itself.

      • Kyle’s statement sounded like he had a gun pointed at his head while he was writing it, so it’s not clear at all what happened. Was he threatened? With what?

  • Great talk as usual from Richard. I especially liked the Q and A, I only wish the cops and the Anti-Fa protesters didn’t block people from getting in.

  • SuretaSnitchnSwitch is Jelo and Hatin’…….

    Sure sign that we won this round, AltRight……..


  • Great Job, Richard and all other Alt-Righters who were gathered there…….

    Great Job……

    The Goal must be to Reclaim our Right to the Public Space……..

    You Succeeded…….

    Congratulations to you for your Courage, Will, and Perseverance……..

    You make us All Proud……

  • Are you kidding me? All this effort to put on an event and all you have for video is handheld potatophone? The speaker is not even miced. This is embarrassingly bad optics.

    • Thanks for your input. You may have noticed the major disruptions that occurred outside and around the event, which also disturbed our plans for a more professionally-produced live feed.

  • And TWP was right there fighting back against Antifa who were trying to shut it down……

    I could name so many names right now…….

    But, you know you’re all WRONG…….

    Big Mouth Twigs……

    Be quiet and watch what Real Men do……..

  • Heather Nauert……FOX NEWS SOCCER MOM…..had to have done the dirty deed….with…

    Bill Clinton

    on a filthy dirty toilet bowl seat

    large green horse flies buzzing around

    excited by the smell of

    shit…piss….and puss..


    on a hot steamy summer day….102 degrees humidity…

    Heather Nauert……….fucked her way to the top of the dung heap…..FOX NEWS SOCCER MOMS….GOTTA MAKE A LIVING!!!!!

  • The Antifa are a suicidal anti-family death cult that demands that the Historic Native Born White American Working Class voluntarily commit racial suicide so the that highly racialized Chinese….Hindu…Pakistani Muslim…Korean Genelines can steal Working Class Native Born White American LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE!!!!!….

    The Antifa are geneline dead-ends engaged in mutual rectum “fertilization”….

    At the end of the day…The Antifa are the shock troops-DEATH SQUADS of Bill Gates…The late Steve Jobs….Jeff Bezos….and Goldman Sachs…..




    • Just realized that the guy on the right is Matthew Heimbach, leader of the TWP, if I’m not mistaken. I’ve always pretty much stuck to Spencer’s crew, I’m not really familiar with the TRS gents. I gotta say those those TWP boys are fearless.

      • Regardless of the Political Ideology……

        If you see Woke White Men defending other Woke White Men’s Constitutional Rights……

        By Sacrificing their Bodies and possible Freedom…….

        You support them……

        Or you don’t and daydream about MAGA………

        While watching Anime Porn…….

    • The Ant-ImaFag can’t even fight with his own Bare Hands……

      What a Pathetic and Delusional POS fighting against his own People………

      I wonder if this Delusional White Ant-ImaFag realizes that TWP doesn’t support President Trump……

      This Delusional White Ant-ImaFag fights for Goldman Sachs, Wall St., Apple, Google, and all the rest of the Elite Global Corporatists…….

      While they continue to Undermine his very own Existence……..


      I don’t even think the Best Cartoonist could Portray this Lunacy…….

      Strange Times……

      Strange Times……

      • If they actually sat down and talked they’d probably find that they agree on a lot tbh. But alas communists are fucking retards and violence is the only thing they will understand.

  • Unfortunately I can’t say I’m surprised at what happened choosing Michigan you’ve essentially landed in South Africa. This is a learning curve. Recruitment is needed. Our presence needs to be bigger and stronger. Inevitably the speech happened but not to the degree it should have. Stay tough.

  • So much potential wasted. You have a message that delivered correctly would resonate with lots of people but you seem more intetested in drama. Get it together.

  • Your chats online :- friendly, informed, cheerful, educational, respectful, knowledgeable, on message.
    IRL :- angry, violent, policed, off issue, yelling, fighting, arrests, disarray.

    It’s time to be professional.

    • Where is the anger and violence? Where is the drama? Your criticism doesn’t make any sense, troll.

      • No, I think he has a point. From the normie viewpoint, the people watching WXYZ-TV coverage this is a shit-show, created and sponsored by Richard Spencer, Inc. It’s almost becoming his brand.

        The TV coverage I saw included interviews with spokesmen for the antifa. They obviously found the more lucid and semi-presentable among them, not the full-on street fighters. Yes, this is media bias. Are we understanding that is a constant, and acting accordingly?

        The antifa (at a distance) look vaguely reminiscent of hippies that there probably is some nostalgia factor that is attractive to boomers and millenials (who were taught to appreciate hippy vibe by boomer teachers as kids).

        Meanwhile, the organized Spencer contingent do their best full storm trooper immitation (is this the TWP group?). I saw some film of a very angry TWP guy saying “shitskin” and “nigger” to the antifa mob challenging them. It’s not a good look to be BOTH aggressive, pseudo-military AND so weak as to require police and cower behind them. That’s Nazi costumed clowns in Skokie, WN 1.0 that presumably is best left behind.

        So, the tactical questions are: how do we do better? How do we find a way to hold events that the antifa can not disturb, that still get some media coverage. How do we deal with events where we know, in advance, that hundreds of these fuckers will be descending to cause chaos? How do we respond and present in that case.

        Spencer himself, in the arena, did an excellent job. He was calm and cool, and his talk was thoughtful and went off well. Unfortunately by excluding the press (and I understand there were good reasons for that) he didn’t make the 6:00.

    • Our Myriad Enemies seek to deny us the Right to Speak and Gather in Public…..

      And you Side with them……

      Look in the Mirror at your Vacated Manhood…….

    • That’s all wonderful but you can’t control the violence others force upon you. You seem to think that being professional is easy when you have a violent mob against you. They bring the violence and as professional as you or I might want to be, professionalism isn’t going to prevent antifa from using violent tactics.

  • This is the time when we ascertain who the real White warriors are.Spencer has the guts,intelligence and courage to lead our people.Richard is willing to put his butt on the line.He shows his face(he has been punched and maced),uses his real name and therefore qualifies as a leader.It is time to get out of the closet.We have some who are afraid to show their face(Greg Johnson) and other who are afraid to have public rallies(Jared Taylor).

    • Jared is 66 years old, and is a leader of the previous generation of white advocates. He’s done a tremendous amount and has organized annual events for more than a decade. He might be past the age where street-antics like this are something he would want to be a part of.

      Greg Johnson holds a lot of semi-private events in the Pacific Northwest. One could argue that his events are more effective because they merely happen and do not dissolve into anarchists vs. “nazi” street battles, which are always blamed on the “nazis”. He’s in the building a deep state to replace the public state business, from what I can tell. I did recently see his picture somewhere, I think he’s becoming less shy, personally, which I agree is good.

      The group that needs the most work is the TWP. They are quite fearless, but undisciplined. If you are going to be a storm trooper you need to look like one, not like someone who just rolled out of the local brew-pub.

      Among the most impressive at this event were the 30 or so people who made it inside. They looked totally student-like, mostly asked good questions and appeared “normal”. We need to hold events where more people like that can see each other, and get that is’ ok to be alt-right. Sadly, not too many people got that message from MSU.

  • It was a very good talk by RS. It proves again that anti-Whites have such rubbish ideas that their only tactic is to stop others from pointing them out.

    But there’s something here that transcends racial identity for me. This is the concept of the natural right to exclude or include whoever an individual or group of individuals choose.

    Nobody has the right to expect inclusion into another’s house, community, or nation state.

    If you do expect inclusion, you’re a fu<k1n looser.

    Seriously. An expectation of inclusion is an admission of failure.

  • Charlottesville went against number 3 of Alinsky’s rules “never go outside the experience of your people”. There is no easy recovering from that. A competent organizer finds a new angel, a new tactic. To tell people to “get over it” in a lofty is not how you do it.

  • I think Richard should stop saying that he understands that 99% of AR supporters are anonymous. I think this gives people (including myself) an additional excuse to stay anonymous. Is it time to start encouraging people to become more transparent about their views?

  • Richard I’m begging you. Please wear a well fitting suit. You are an above average looking man…at least a 6 out of 10. But today you looked like a slightly effeminate 4 yr old wearing an ill fitting suit to their parents wedding.
    Your suits always just miss the mark. Pulling where they shouldn’t, baggy where they should be tighter and the wrong lengths in places.
    You have the potential to look great and we know optics are important. (That’s important with 2 t’s – not the way you say it…imporn’t)
    Get a bespoke suit or a better tailor. Iff the rack combined with your idea of what looks good is not working for you.
    I loved listening to you speak but was distracted by the possibilities of what you could look like! You try your best with your ideas and public speaking….try your best with how you’re visually perceived. Be the best Richard you can be ?

  • Great speech Richard – another victory regardless of what happened.
    Give your self a pat on the back.

  • Greg Conte should be free and George Soros, Kozinski, Pelosi and Feinstein et al arrested for treason.

  • Suggestion: I think it might help at these live events for our attendees to dress in a similar fashion to the police – black shirt/tactical vest, black cargo pants, sunglasses. Thugs would be less likely to attack someone with second thoughts that they could be police. (Of course, we should not actually impersonate police.) Optically, this approach would reinforce to the public that we are on the side of law and order. Richard and our speakers should continue in their current style.

    • i disagree. We don’t need anymore of a reason to be associated with jackboots and neonazis if we want to pull some outliers from the right into the fray. I would suggest dressing business casual or better, reform the image by showing a bunch of antifa in black and hippy-esque attire attacking what looks like a typical republican upper-middle class. no jeans, no t shirts, collars, knaki/chino/dress pants, etc, etc.

      • This has been tried. Antifa attack just the same and the media still presents them as peaceful activists resisting Nazism. The reality is we don’t control optics. The media does. Until we control the media a black shirt squadristi is non-negotiable.

    • A personal security force to kick idiots outside of speeches is a good idea, but lets ditch the black. Painting groups like antifa as the fascist thugs they are is much easier if we don’t look just like them.

      • ” Fascist ” thugs ?
        Really ?
        All of a sudden I have that feeling one gets … as if I am I the right place?

        • It’s a common conservative talking point on this side of the pond… “Antifa are the REAL fascists” said by people who don’t know what Fascism is and are obssessed with “optics.”

          • Yes , understood and read it .. 6 gorillion times , just wasn’t expecting here ,in the Alt Right site…at least HERE for God’s sake…
            What’s next ?
            ” The democrats are the real racists ?”
            Or ” don’t be a grammar Nazi ?”
            Can I be the racist nazi-fascist for once and be left alone with who I am ?
            It’s cultural appropiation , that’s what it is .

  • Stay strong, Richard.
    I know that Greg, however indignant he must be right now, will endure in accordance with his faith.

  • That university’s auditorium has to be the worst I’ve ever seen. Looks like a soviet bunker.

    • Donors just don’t give the big bucks to MSU like they give to UoM a few hours south. You’re looking at a Uni that is mostly publicly funded in a city that is best described as Detroit-lite. Unis with big endowments got nicer digs but are too far gone to the extreme left. Spencer’s choices of venue are surprisingly smart. I think colleges in central PA, Okla., Kans., Neb., and possibly eastern Washington would be receptive to his message, from a local yokel standpoint. Antifa(ggots) will go wherever they are needed, they’re a given.

  • That university’s auditorium has to be the worst I’ve ever seen. Looks like a soviet bunker.

  • What Richard Spencer should be asking Native Born White America:

    Just what exactly are you willing to give up for being voted into a White Racial Minority within the borders of America by Chinese “Americans”…Korean “Americans”…Hindu “Americans”…Pakistani Muslim “Americans”……..POTUS Kamala Harris’s Democratic Party Voting Bloc…

    America is on the road to post-white America brown fucking toilet bowl….one billion “Americans” in 25 years or less…..this calculation has already been done……and still fucking growing…

    • Post-white America:

      1)US Military Majority Nonwhite

      2)Judges…Federal…State…County Prosecutors all Asian…

      3)Federal…State..County Police majority nonwhite…

      4)White Homelands in Idaho..Montanna…surrounded by 1)-4)….

      5)US population one billion and a half and still growing rapidly….post-1965 nonwhite demographic momentum…

      6)minority White Families on a 30 year waiting list to get a one hour peek at Lake George and The Adirondacks behind the Khizr Kahn Pakistan Muslim American Family..

      You have no idea how fucking idea how close we are to 1)-6)

      1)-6)=NO LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE FOR THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS….. 1-6…a self-re-enforcing amplification of low White fertiity sets in ….GENOCIDE IS COMPLETE….

  • Are people physically TERRIFIED (not just afraid ) to go in person to these events ?
    Is that what’s happening ?
    Is antifa so scary ?

    • It’s not fear of antifa’s violence. It’s fear of antifa’s doxing. If you get doxed you could get kicked out of your school, fired from your job, or shunned by your family or friends. Not everyone is ready to risk that.

      • Not to mention communist faggots in power ordering the police to attack the humans and ignore the antifa violence.

      • Doxxed just for going to a varsity event and listen ?

        Furthermore :
        I am actually VERY disappointed to hear that, if true .
        For personal experience I would feel a lot more compassion and understanding for a person who is actually physically afraid of finding himself surrounded by a mob of dirty commies with chains and iron fists , but I feel mostly disdain instead for people so terrified of losing their ” social status ” or their ..” comfortable security and good optics within his social community ”
        That thing ,that concept doesn’t even really exist .
        It’s a lie, there is no such thing.
        I understand a lot of people believe in that lie , but there is no such thing, really .
        One eats a bad cheeseburger made by a spic ,walks under the cold rain ..and FUCKING DIES , right now .
        Something like that is really fucking happening right now , one mile ray within you and within me .
        The only thing you can really fucking lose is your soul.
        But on the positive side , the one thing you can truly gain is your own soul.

        • meh?
          look 58 minutes in on the video. there’s a cop there filming the audience.
          that’s not to take away the audience’s social status.
          that’s to come and lock them up at some point in the future.

          • I know the situation can be tough for us , I also know you do NOT get arrested for sitting at a University allowed event , lets’ stop the over-dramatization for God’s sake

      • “If a man isn’t willing to take some risk for his opinions, either his opinions are no good or he’s no good” – Ezra Pound

        That being said I totally understand how doxing can suck, but if we’re going to accomplish anything people are going to have take some risks and make some sacrifices eventually. The US has all of the freedom of speech in the world to allow you to say whats on your mind, and people still get intimidated into silence.

        • In Italy we actually have laws that would have put me straight to jail about 1,750 times for things I said , or even wrote later on line , in the Italian internet, mostly ..nothing too hateful or inciting violence ( as far as I remember LOL) ..but you know the kind of ((( historical subjects ))) that are highly illegal there , or maybe even for jokingly racist stuff and so on ,which is now also very illegal there .
          …meh ..I guess I was lucky , at least on that one.
          I have been called all kind of names , screamed at ” FASCISTA!!!!”” and harassed in the street and at work and in school and more . And worse. And then some more.
          Not going to bore you with details now .
          But one point I honestly want to make :
          I was always a lot more nervous about the very realistic possibility of finding myself in the middle of a crowd of particularly pumped up Italian Maoists or ” anarco-communists ” or chaps like that , than I was about the” optics “and the ” comfortable ,social relationships ” to be honest.
          And in the end I still had some friends at school ,some not even necessarily on my political side , a job , a girlfriend and then a wife, a son et cetera .
          But that’s just me , I am no God to throw judgement around.
          And I am not even a super hero a role model of courage , not even close, not at all.
          But one more thing I think is interesting I have to add :
          Sometimes when you are straightforward, totally honest and relaxed about it , most people just kind of ..melt right there ,in any social situation ,work and romance included , as in :
          ” You are a fascist !!” or
          ” I have just found you are a right wing fringe extremist !! ” .
          And you go , with a smile :
          “Yup ..I am , yes sir ” or ” yeah ..I guess that’s it , that’s more or less what I am YES ” ..and don’t deny it at all.. then most people react like …” oh ..I see”.
          And then it’s game over right there.
          Funniest human phenomena.

          • I must add thou that I was lucky enough to be born in a mostly “very right wing extremist/ fascist sympathizer ” family , so I knew that at least the people I loved the most I wouldn’t lose and they would even kind of stand on my side on that one issue .
            That made for an easier start for me.
            I guess I can understand that for someone born in a normy neo-con indoctrinated republican family or a liberal family it may be tougher, I guess .

            I mean … MY GRANNY was an holocaust denier for God’s sake !
            I swear ,she was an “holocaust denier ” when no such words existed in the world .
            The word “holocaust ” was coined later.

          • Yeah, I’m Canadian so we definently have our draconian hate speech laws here, but everyone who knows me reasonably well knows what my views are. I don’t keep it a secret at all. I’ve lost some friends over it, but I pride myself on being authentic and saying exactly what I mean. If someones going to stop associating with me because we disagree on a political issue then they weren’t good friends in the first place and I don’t need them around. So if I ever did get doxxed it probably wouldn’t surprise anyone who I actually care about.

            Loss of employment is a real threat though, and having some “fuck you” money and a plan b is definently a good idea, before joining any IRL groups.

        • ” I have no hopes or any particular requests in regards to my personal life.
          Who is afraid of dying never fully lives and I have lived my life in full , even for too long.
          Life is nothing but a small junction between two eternities “.

          Cavalier Benito Mussolini ‘s last public words during his last interview to the journalist Ivanoe’ Fossani ,which is also nicknamed: ” Mussolini’s testament “, given only three days before being executed by a squad of communist terrorists .

          • Here :

            The sentence I quote is at 7: 36 ..
            No English translation to be found anywhere , apparently .
            Maybe I should do it…

      • serious question, how hard is it to disguise your appearance? the transgenderism fad may have a silver lining…

    • I couldn’t get in. No one at the email given replied with a ticket.

      I hung out with the anti-folk outside.

  • Answer to the Question about Asian Legal Immigrants:What about Asian LEGAL immigrants?

    The Alt Right answer:0 Asian Legal Immigrants…forever….deport the rest out of California back to China…

    The Chinese “Americans” are a highly racialized nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc….

    • What did the protester do to get a firearm pulled out and pointed at them? That takes effort, but you leftists always seem to rise to the occasion.

    • “faces firearms charges after a gun was pulled during a dispute between protesters and supporters”

      Yes, obviously a total nutjob. Is this it for the alt-right?

    • How many Christian Russians did the homosexual pederast Democratic Party murder in the Eastern Ukraine?

    • it happened the day before in a different city than the speaking event. How is that even related to Richard Spencer? In other news an Obama supporter was arrested with 32 rocks of crack in hidden in his socks in Detroit Sunday night. Whee! Everyone can play.

    • Get informed. Antifa CLAIMED he pulled a firearm on them after they STALKED him where no one was around to corroborate either’s story. They’ve done this before.

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