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  • I did not expect them to target Natural News so quickly, (I thought sites of that size were going to be banned much later) but it has happened – the entire Health Ranger site has now been blown off Youtube.

    Mike Adams-In the most egregious demonstration yet of outright tyranny and oppression of free speech, YouTube terminated the entire Health Ranger channel(“TheHealthRanger”) without explanation over a week ago. Since then, the internet has expressed increasing outrage toward YouTube for blatant censorship of a channel with over 350,000 subscribers, 1700+ videos and over a decade of video content covering natural medicine, home gardening, laboratory science and liberty podcasts.

    The blatant censorship purge being carried out by tech gatekeepers like Google, YouTube and Facebook can only be called “techno-fascism,” and it’s rooted in radical left-wing ideology that has disturbingly morphed into an intolerance cult of totalitarian nut jobs. These people believe that censoring all political opponents is a “victory” for their twisted ideology, and they have now weaponized their power to censor into a campaign of oppression that’s so dangerous, even the creator of the World Wide Web is now calling for the tech giants to be urgently regulated to protect free speech.

    But wait, there’s more!

    Georgetown / CIA Sue Infowars, Openly Call For Conservative News To Be Banned

  • The case for non-white immigrant labor….

    is continuous with the case for SLAVE LABOR…and…CHILD LABOR……



  • The Woodstock Concert of 1969…



  • Nixon gave America affirmative action…

    A Republican Plot…

    to destroy…


    Hollywood homosexual RONALD REAGAN….handed California over to China…

    Pat Buchannan…still worships the Hollywood homosexual…Ronnie Reagan…..

  • The Chinese “Americans….

    The Hindu “Americans”….

    The Pakistani Muslim “Americans”….


    encouraged to enjoy the full benefits….of the European conquest of North America….creation of America….and…Canada….


    Flushed down the toilet….once the CHINESE…HINDUS….PAKISTANI MUSLIMS…

    elect themselves a majority…..ON NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE… voting HINDU-JAMAICAN KAMALA HARRIS POTUS….on Nov 3 2020….voting themselves into the NEW NATIVE BORN….with the approval of the Antifa…White Liberals…and hooked probicus Noam Chomsky…..

  • You can just see it coming March 5 at Michigan State:THE NATIVE AMERICANS ARE THE ONLY TRUE NATIVES!!!!!!….

    Whitey gets voted into a racial minority within the borders of America by the Hindu….on Nov 3 2020…POTUS Kamala Harris….

    The Antifa…White Liberals…..Noam Chomsky….flush “NATIVE AMERICANS ARE THE ONLY TRUE NATIVES!!!!” down the toilet……The Hindus declare themselves Native Born Hindu Americans….to the applause of the Antifa…White Liberals….and Noam Chomsky….

  • This will come up during Richard Spencer’s excellent adventure at Michigan:


    In other words….we are suppose to commit racial-demographic suicide and hand NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE over… the Hindu “American”……after which the Antifa….White Liberals…and Noam Chomsky will quickly flush down the toilet bowl the chant “ONLY NATIVE AMERICANS CAN BE NATIVE!!!!”…and rejoice when the HINDUs call themselves Native Born Hindu Americans………

    WE are under no obligation to tolerate this…….

  • Disappointing to see Kyle Bristow exit the AltRight Stage……..

    But, I still Proudly hold that Eagle Pin……..

    We must Never Forget the Doxxed……..

    And their Sacrifices, Burdens, and Valiant Efforts to Secure our Existence………

    We should all be Thankful for what Kyle Bristow has Contributed……

    And for Our Enemies??

    The AltRight’s Demise is GREATLY Exaggerated……..

    This Consciousness will not be Extinguished…….

    This Flame can not be Quenched……..

    Spring is COMING……..

  • The State of the AltRight…….

    Is Alive, Healthy, and Robust………

    Many Various Factions coming from the exact same Root……..

    Different approaches, personalities, and ecosystems………

    But, the same Root……

    ‘Diversity is our Strength’……..

    No matter how much we Disagree…….

    We Agree on so much more……..

    Which is why no matter the Deplatforming and Shuttening…….

    We Can Not and Will Not…….

    Be SILENCED…….


  • Spencer is right. Pay attention to your dress, grooming and physical condition before you show up at these public events. Don’t be like that fat kid in the Confederate cosplay outfit.

  • How long would the Chinese in China tolerate the Hindus colonizing every Chinese University Engineering….Computer Science…..Mathematics…and Physics departments?

    How long would the Chinese in China tolerate having University after University in China being handed over to the Hindu Youth of India?…

    Same question about India..How long would the Hindus tolerate Chinese Colonizing India’s Universities?

    Answer:Not very Long….race riots across their Nations…followed by China and India nuking each other..

    But the Chinese and Hindus demand that Whitey hand America’s Educational….Technological……Medical…and Military Infrastructure over to China and India….without a peep…..

    WHTE POWER!!!!!! by Screwdriver…….

  • One question to Mr. Spencer or anyone :
    I noticed Richard Spencer debated some (((clown))) who is supposed to be part of some ” New Right ” movement??
    The New Right was a great , great intellectual movement in the 70’s ,80’s in Europe , (mostly France and Italy ) .
    The new Right – Die Neue Richtig – La Nouvelle Droite – La Nueva Derecha – La Nuova Destra was the intellectual Renaissance of all kinds of reactionary , extreme right , fash -nationalist , identitarians , traditionalists souls of Europe and it was even spearheaded by people like the Black Prince himself ( hiding in Spain, still protected by Franco himself) the greatest hero of the last Fascist resistance , the general Valerio Borghese who by the way was also the man inventing the term ” Fronte Nazionale ” which was later translated and used in France by his friend Le Pen and then in England and the force behind republishing ,translating and made known the works of Giulio Evola in various countries of Europe .
    Also , The New Right was headed by someone like Jean Marie Le Pen himself( who by the way, as opposed to what he has been saying to the media for 40 years I know was and is a total Nazi-fascist sympathizer.. a white lie ).

    In short The New Right in Europe was the Alt Right before the Alt Right ,and it was more of the Alt Right than the Alt Right.
    I come to the point :
    Who the hell are these clowns ?
    These plagiarists should keep their ((( hands ))) off the term “New Right “.

    • Totally agree. That little twerp describes himself as a “visionary” in his twitter bio. Fucking joke. Spencer should tweet some French New Right reading material to him and bully him out of using the name.

      • Yes ,let’s kick them out of a term that’s not theirs .
        Not historically and not culturally it belongs to them in any way.
        They can have . ..”Neo” if they like that , just like the neo-cons.
        The (( (Neo))) – Right sounds perfect .

  • Effortposting:

    Response to Spencer’s “State of the Alt-Right”

Plebs like me will lose family, friends, work/education, marriage prospects, fucking everything. I’m willing to put it all on the line, but that line has to be firmly drawn. Harvey Milk* can teach us something here: Maybe in the next couple of years we will be big and strong enough to have a mass “I’m alt right” coming-out day.** Or maybe that won’t be necessary, such as if the alt right can substantially colonize the broader right with its ideas. (The latter would require symbiosis with people and groups who are not fully “Spencerian,” which I see no problem with.)

    Long march and intermediate steps:

    Like, sorry if some beltway dude is not helpful. Spencer has been at this a long time, and I think he forgets how new it effectively is. I voted for Hillary Clinton for fucks sake, and got red pilled by the Bowden podcasts I found by way of an Atlantic article on Spencer. I had never heard of white nationalism. I am sure that many good, well-positioned people at different stages of life/education/work are new to the whole thing and will be able to exert influence if the conceptual/teleological organization and leadership are strong.
    The conversations that happen every day between regular people are changing. Alt right ideas are in people’s heads, cuckservatives and hardcore leftists alike. My conversations with people (who think I’m a moderate liberal) inevitably address AR ideas, or circle around a core concept, or use the AR as a marker for positions and spectrum-clarification. The AR has been in public consciousness for a year and already takes up this much space. Let’s keep it going. That doesn’t mean saying “Hey family member/normie friend, let me tell you about Richard Spencer.” It means pushing the conversation in the right direction (“Well [normie friend], I guess Poland just wants to be an all-Polish country… I don’t see what’s so horrible about that. Japan is the same way, you know.” – and other such basic bitch things to say that push the envelope just enough.)

    Specific things our fearless leaders can accomplish:

    Correcting the narrative and making them eat their fucking hat:

    An Enoch win. A Spencer win. A Fields acquittal? (Or some level of vindication. Make them eat their “premeditated alt right terrorism” lies and spin in front of the whole world.) A Kessler win. If all these go right, CVille anniversary victory lap? Whatever it is, take back the narrative.


    Spencer has voice and toxicity. He can use both in our favor. We can position in such a way as to make good, reasonable ideas toxic to the left (Enoch’s move where he told the antifa they are effectively pro-war), and make cuckservatives abandon them and cede ground to avoid association. For example, the alt right should put out a statement strongly urging President Trump to respond to the South Africa situation and consider the option of taking white refugees. This colonizes the issue, makes it an alt right issue (not to be flippant about the very real danger boers face). The left won’t be able to temper their hardliners (see The Root or Son of Baldwin on this issue) when Spencer has his flag firmly planted opposite. The “right” won’t be able to get away with keeping the whiteness of the issue implicit when Spencer has already made it explicit. They’ll avoid the issue and be roundly and rightly criticized as cowards by Tucker types. If the Spencer statement can have signatories, a coalition, all the better. Why not publicly agree with someone like Southern on a single, particular issue, and do it for the sake of that issue? Retweet and promote her documentary. The left is already screeching themselves dry towards her for it. The dreamy ethnostate and real-time policy wonkery of FTN are both great, but more near-future policy advocacy and positioning will help us take up more space and affect the dialectical flows of discourse.

    *Calm the fuck down.
    ** Calm the fuck down.

          • I will attempt to give just a very small part of the explanation you asked for.

            American manufacturing has been outsourced to foreign countries. The greedy, soulless owners and executives of those large corporations have profited handsomely from it. The other side of the coin is that offshoring has left a huge societal void for the men and women – many of them White and from rural areas – who would have had 20 or 30-year careers in the manufacturing/labor industry.

            Instead many of those men and women are now on some form of welfare or otherwise floundering. It’s a large part of the reason there is such hopelessness, despair, and rot in so many of the mostly White, rural, now ‘economically depressed’ areas of this country. Then when you consider that 50 to 70 percent of the rural areas’ farm workers are illegal immigrants (source: Robert Guenther, UFPA), then situation is made many, many times worse.

          • thank you. I am sorry that people are struggling. when i graduated college in 1986 the pay was decent and the benefits were good…but every year something was taken the same time, our pay didn’t keep up with inflation. I live in an area where farming and one factory are what hold us together. we never quite thrive but we get what we need. The factory is ALWAYS threatening to leave so we are constantly giving them more and more to keep them. We always live in fear that it could all come crashing down.

            There is a group of Mexicans that come to the area at harvest time but they go back to Mexico when their work is done. Farmers are buying machines to replace THEM too!

            My husband works in Robotics, Plant Maint and can do Programmable Logic…robots are replacing a lot of factory workers!…any chance you could get trained in Plant Maint or Robotics? there are apprenticeships available at some factories. you will be in demand for sure. if you are willing to move, you might have many more options. I sure hope people can find what they need…i’m really concerned that the alt-right just is not the answer…i hate to see people use valuable time being angry and not looking forward and embracing change..which is where the answer lies…sorry.

          • Thank you for the suggestions but I’m actually doing ok right now – at least for the time being – running a very small business. Hopefully others who’ve read your post can benefit from looking into apprenticeships or learning some type of trade, it’s very good advice. The tradesmen I know are mostly doing very well for themselves.

            And yes change is inevitable, to a degree, but that change is not always good and it should not be embraced unless it is objectively beneficial to the people that it is affecting. The fact that we have offshored all of our manufacturing completely obliterates our ability to be a self-sustaining and self-dependent as a country. The only winners in that entire equation are America’s corporate executives and foreign manufacturers.

            I agree with what you said about anger. Nobody should dwell in anger, and anger is poisonous to the person who harbors it. Anger should only be used as the fuel to propel constructive, positive, legal action. You will rarely if ever hear Spencer or any of the Altright leaders angry or spewing hatred…and you will never hear them use racial slurs or advocating violence. That’s not what this movement is about. Rather the Altright recognize societal problems caused by political correction and multiculturalism, and they work very hard to enlighten others and to help [legally] address those problems. Burying our heads in the sand is NOT an option, though. That just makes the problems many times worse in the future. If we want to avoid a future that the Afrikaans are now experiencing in South Africa, we’ve got to start working on these problems now. If you have White grandchildren, know that they will likely have a very rough, hostile future for themselves unless things start to change in a very serious way. Many in this movement have great disdain for the baby boomers. That is because, in large part, they advocate for the ‘blue pill’ (which basically amounts to choosing ignorance and self-centeredness instead of working to address societal problems).

            And I’m not sure what kind of illegal Hispanics reside around your area, but in my area [in the suburbs of one of largest cities in the country] they are absolutely here to stay. Almost all of the schools in and around major American cities are becoming majority-Hispanic, and if you look into the statistics, approximately 90-95% of those children were born to parents who are here illegaly. They don’t share in our culture, our language, or our history. Many of them are actively hostile against Whites. Their parents are felons for breaking federal law in coming to this country illegally. They couldn’t care less about our laws, and that trait usually gets passed directly to their children. That is partly why all of our cities are having such problems with Latino gangs [who, by the way, are the drug-distribution arms of the Mexican cartels that have made much of Mexico unliveable]. Most of the city I live around now looks like either Mexico or some variant of modern-day Detroit (hell).

            There is a lot to the Altright, and I am not nearly intelligent enough to lay it all out in a neat, concise few paragraphs. Just please don’t buy into the media’s very convenient narrative that the Altright is nothing but a bunch of angry, hate-filled rubes and lunatics. A Harvard professor (Steven Pinker) recently commented on “the often highly literate, highly intelligent people who gravitate to the alt-right.” Pinker’s description is much closer to my experience of the Altright. Please spend some real time familiarizing yourself with what the Altright is all about before you make any type of judgement about it. Listen to a few of Spencer’s speeches on YouTube. The man is absolutely brilliant. When you peruse this site or even or the forum on, you will hear stories/facts/statistics and perspectives that you won’t find anywhere else in the media. Truly free speech is mostly why I am so drawn to the Altright. Of course I still read CNN and Yahoo, etc., but these far-right sites are a very welcome refuge from the censored, sterile, politically correct drivel that is pushed by the mainstream media as a whole. You’ll find that the unvarnished truth quickly becomes addicting.

            Sorry I wrote so much, I’m going to permanently give this thread a rest because I’ve typed enough for an eternity haha. Thank you for your earlier response and good luck to you!,

          • So many things that my grandparents and parents took absolutely for granted look like near impossibilities to me, and I have done no worse than any of them in any significant category (educational achievement, social skills, etc.).
            – Finding a wife of my same race, similar education level, socioeconomic background, etc. Seems like a long shot.
            – Financially able to live in the place I grew up. So very unlikely.
            I could come up with more, but I think these two are critical and do enough to explain what I (and many many young men I know) are facing.

    • Eli served six years in the PA National Guard. I’m not sure if he was active-duty or a reservist, but he definitely was infantry. His unit never got the chance to deploy. The NYTimes did a hit piece on him and called him out for once or twice claiming that he served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      He shouldn’t have lied about being deployed, I get it, but I sincerely hope he returns to the AR in some way. The dude was fearless at the rallies, he took absolutely no shit from anyone. And he commanded those rallies like Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket. He intimidated the shit out of Antifa and the rest of the commies.

      And just for the record, I have listened to every episode of AR Politics that Eli has been on and I’ve NEVER heard him claim that he ever deployed.

    • He was publicly iced out after being caught lying about fighting wars for Israel, but I would bet good money he is still involved behind the scenes. Alt-Right Inc. would be cutting its nose off to spite its face if it really did shut out a man who did a lot of their community organizing over something as stupid as lying about the details of military service. The military is gayer than my two dads and “stolen valor” sounds like a safe word. Not to mention, the alt-right’s veneration of military dudes and simultaneous fear and loathing of domestic law enforcement is schizophrenic at best.

  • I’m not currently able to renew my subscription, when trying to pay I got this message:
    “Your account cannot currently make live charges. If you are the site owner, please activate your account at to remove this limitation. If you are a customer trying to make a purchase, please contact the owner of this site. Your transaction has not been processed.”
    Site looks good otherwise.

    • They got banned from Stripe. Click on ‘Altright Plus’ [at the top-right of the home page] for a workaround.

  • Great to have you goys back and at it! And don’t let the bastards get you down, their house of cards is falling fast.

  • “We don’t have time to earn PhDs and infiltrate the system…”

    Sobering thoughts

    • Too long of a game with little upside. The real long game consists of fighting, funding, and seducing. Being a newcomer and having never been exposed to organizations with truly bad optics (Nazi flags, etc.), I can mentally connect the alt-right and normie mindsets.

      I wouldn’t call myself a former normie per se. My background and life experiences are atypical. I’ve lived abroad off and on for many years, always appreciated the fash aesthetic, and valued power in all forms over weakness. I did, however, buy into the globo-liberal kabuki dance everyone seems to be performing, albeit for self preservation.

      The single biggest hurdle for anyone in that mental jail is the media framing of this movement and not the message itself. What I tell people and what I truly believe is that one does not have to want the ethno-state to be onboard — one simply has to want to live in a world where it’s not controversial to want the ethno-state for white native European descendants. That’s my opinion, which surely differs from that of the progenitors of the movement. I do want the ethno-state.

      Interestingly, whenever I mention Spencer’s name a surprising number of people don’t recognize it. I have to mention Charlottesville or incorrectly reference “the gentleman who did the Nazi salute after Trump won” to jog their memories. “Oh yes…I think I know what you’re talking about.” Granted I’m not the person going around town ranting about identitarianism.

      From what I see in my world (conservative business-ish world) this movement is nascent with tremendous room for growth. Being in D.C. and being in the movement for so long probably creates blinders. There are tons of boomerish conservatives who are not overly religious (many true believer Christians have nihilistic, self-defeating views), who are sick of wars, who loathe SJW culture, and who do not totally buy into free trade at all costs. Most importantly, they feel as though white America is under attack and understand that homogeneity is the secret sauce that propelled our lands.

      When one calls for an ethno-state it seems radical. Many of these ideas are actually not that radical from a historical perspective. If Trump follows through with steel tariffs and pierces this neoliberal free-trade bubble, the paradigm could really shift in this direction. We can change what it means to be conservative by educating people at the street level, not in the halls of academia. Luckily SJWs are pushing so hard on a daily basis that the pendulum has swing back significantly.

      We should focus outward and inward. Become a stronger human both physically and mentally. Workout, get in shape, and dress well. Always present better than others around you — be a badass. I’m bullish this movement. I have a more white-pilled take on the mainstream-ability of this movement as I see the issue as one of PR and not message.

      I’m leaving out the JQ, which requires a deep dive.

    • Yea, but absent something concrete to do instead, people should push themselves into institutions and the like as much as they can for the time being. Someone who started law school this year because he was inspired to apply by the alt right shouldn’t hear this podcast and say “oh I guess I’m wasting my time. Ill just quit now.”

  • To paraphrase…Thomas Franks…..and Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ:


    That’s “What’s the matter with Kansas?”

    To paraphrase C Wright Mills:The destruction of the historical and local….

  • The Democratic Party=overflowing septic tank…..down the streets… tree of life evolving in the flow of this rancid sewage…….


    To paraphrase Nobel Prize winning physicist I.M Rabbi…..

    • ORDERED…..

      Well…who the fuck did order the post-1965 flow of demographic sewage?

      (((EMANUEL CELLAR)))….(((JACOB JAVITS)))…..and……filthy cockroach JFK’s filthy cockroach brother….Teddy….

  • Jordan Peterson offers Young Native Born White American Working Class Males only one option:CUCKHOLDERY…

    There are only two options for Young Native Born White American Working Class Males:


    2)The Alt Right

    Does Jordan Peterson wear makeup when he chants:”I AM THE WARLUS…GOO GOO JUBE….”

      • That’s right…..

        And Trump is now an indictable War Criminal….just like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama…..

    • Peterson is avoiding reality for as long as he can.

      What’s annoying about him is that he’s probably going to be dead before he sees the real results of his “everyone but the Jews should be individualists” philosophy. He’s probably expecting that he’ll be able to just purchase freedom for his children by providing them with an inheritance of Patreon shekels.

      I don’t like him because the vast majority of us are going to have to actually deal with this situation head on, but he convinces people to remain complacent and wait for the problems to become unsolvable. I worry that he convinces a lot of confused people that everything will just be ok if you just take your meds and clean your room. People are, or will soon be, facing real-world tangible problems that need real-world solutions, but he acts like everything will be fine once we overcome “post-modernism”.

      The irony is that it’s the Altright that are the first to reject post-modernism outright, and have made clear the core values that they believe are absolute. I find him to be much more of a nihilist than the Altright, because he seems to value personal comfort above all else, even at the expense of difficult truth. He values truth as well, but stops short whenever his personal comfort might be impinged upon. Ultimately he doesn’t have the strength or courage to deal with the world as it is now unfolding.

      He’s gone farther than many others intellectually so kudos to him I guess, but I worry that people let themselves get complacent with his shallow and unchallenging interpretations of the great Western thinkers.

      Literally all of the Western thinkers he appeals to in his rhetoric were Altright (e.g., Jung, Dostoevsky, Soljenitzen, Nietzsche, Aristotle, etc.), but he portrays them as if they were cucks to his impressionable audience.

      • Well said mate.
        Fuck Peterson. As crude & simplistic as that sounds, it sums up the truth. He is the jew’s number 1 useful idiot. The gatekeeper par excellence.
        How do we destroy him & keep him from barring young & impressionable white guys from the altright, is the question.

        I’ve thought about this lately & have decided that the average, luke warm conservative, Peterson included, is the kikes greatest weapon & will be our greatest road block in the near future. We need to figure out how we handle this large chuck of whites, as they most certainly can be manipulated.

        • Peterson is a Jew Boomer from Cana-duh who was frightened at birth by “Holocaust” porn. Very typical of his demographic. Stuck in the 1970s, believing that Stephen Jay Gould and other debunked jewish propagandists are state-of-the-art scientists. (His brandishing of Lewontin’s Fallacy was embarrassing and characteristic.) His entire life’s work was to crack the mystery of the indecipherable goyim who would all shoah him, and later to prevent this at all costs by becoming a shill for the post-WW2 Establishment. He might as well be an U.N. intelligence asset – and probably is.

          On another topic: best wishes to Spencer, hope he stays safe and his speech reached young minds. Hail victory.

        • The best way in my opinion is to use Peterson as a platform for our ideas.
          During his speeches, on his comment sections, during live events, etc., we need to take advantage of his large audience to hammer our points and to point out his hypocrisy.
          His audience is most likely misguided dejected youth who just want something authentic in their lives. When they realize that Peterson cucks out on certain issues and avoids difficult ideas, the smart members of his audience will notice it.

          • Good idea.
            You’re in Canada, right?
            You ought to get a group of redpilled guys together & go to Toronto or wherever and troll his talks.
            I’ll do my best down here to troll his vids online

  • In the beginning…..Satan made Hillary Clinton for practice….

    Then Satan made the lowly cockroach….

    Yes, there is a symmetry in this joke………

  • I love cheap jokes:

    What’s brown…and smells like dung?

    Answer:The Democratic Party Voting Bloc!!!!!

      • Speaking of women, what do you guys think about the WQ?

        I’ve been thinking about it lately. We’re not going to get most of the attractive college educated women because their wombs have been corrupted by feminist cancer, so do you goys think we need to be extra nice to the other white womens, or is that cucking in a way? Are we too redpilled for that?

        I think if the latter is our answer then we might as well give up now because the uppity negroes and pajits and wangs will take them womens.

        Of course, if we’re too faggy then we won’t be able to force them to obey any moral code of conduct, or get any of them to come to the ethnostate anyway. The WQ is a potent one indeed…

        • If anything we should veer in the opposite direction away from ‘nice’. Women will loyally obey power & authority. This biological drive is even more rampant within modern white women as white men have overall become extremely weak & feminine.

          Since we don’t have any true power atm, the best thing to do is to forget about bringing masses of white women to our side. The day that this movement grows & begins to assert itself in a nationwide fashion off of the interwebs is the day that large sums of young & attractive white women will flock towards us.

          It’s better for you, personally, to work on how you handle women in your everyday life. How do You gain their obedience & respect. ( being nice never works)This will serve a greater purpose in the future. Remember, this comes last to the other aspects of our fight though, so don’t place too much importance upon it, but do still work on it.

  • Richard Spencer

    For Michigan Sate talk:

    In back of you…on a large screen:that painting by MOOOOOCHELLE’s favorite portrait painter…….the one with the severed head of the White Female held in the hand of a Black Female Oligarch…..

  • Richard Spencer

    For your Michigan State talk:


    One of those Alt Right memes that provokes public GENOCIDAL RAGE from White Liberals towards OUR PEOPLE……works like a charm!!!!

    Another great Alt Right meme:0 nonwhite LEGAL immigrants forever!!!!!….Don’t cuck-out on this issue like Tucker Carlson does every night on Fox News…..

    Also, explain the evolution of post-1965 Immigration Policy:”1965…nothing to worry about…wont change the racial demographics of America”…..1980s-1990’s=”TRY IT YOU”LL LIKE IT!!!”….2017=OPEN GENOCIDAL INTENT TOWARDS THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY WORKING CLASS…..

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