Salon Reports A Surge In Alt-Right Mass Murderers

This is a really funny article. First and foremost because there are a lot of non-Whites that got classified as Alt-Right by Salon. You’d think that would be an immediate red flag, no?

Let’s start with these three, featured so prominently as the article’s main picture.

Dylann Roof made no mention of any Alt-Right website in his two-part manifesto/letter. He did seem to have found a report on crime statistics by the Council of Conservative Citizens. He was shocked to learn of the glaring discrepancy between Black and White crime.

Living in the South, it seems unlikely that Dylann was unaware of the violent nature of most blacks, but perhaps he wasn’t aware of the sheer scope of it all.

One day he popped a bunch of pills and shot up a church full of Democrat voters. Very tragic and all that I’m sure. But it is impossible to blame that on the Alt-Right.

As I mentioned before, he clearly wasn’t even aware of the movement.

I am certain that if he found the TRS Forums or Stormer or the Chans, he would not have done what he did. More than anything, he seemed to be under the impression that he was entirely alone in the world. Many young White men feel the same way. The online Alt-Right communities serve as places for like-minded young men to meet and let off some steam. For the most part, they encourage young White men to not get dispirited and promote self-improvement amongst themselves, not random acts of terror.

Moving on to the guy in the middle. This is the famous beta hapa turned mass-killer, Elliot Rodger. There was no racial motivation behind his attack. It was clearly an attack aimed at getting revenge on hot girls. I mean just listen to his words in this video:

How in the world is this guy classified as Alt-Right? Baffling.

Then there’s the last guy, James Fields.

Last I heard, he has not yet been ruled guilty of anything. He has a very strong case that he can make that this was self-defense or just an accident. Some internet sleuths have dug up interesting extra footage that seems to vindicate him.

Hell, there’s also no proof that Heather Heyer even died from a car hit. It seems that she died of a heart attack. And when you consider all the excitement plus the fact that she was obese, it really does raise doubts about whether she was “murdered” or whether her heart gave out from the stress.

The J-Left media can’t keep just accusing people who are innocent before being proven guilty of being guilty…but they just keep getting away with it.

And it turns out that Salon is referencing a report by the SPLC.

Our humble site is mentioned, including an article written by a certain Vincent Law. 

I’m not sure how anyone could interpret my article as a green light to go on school shooting sprees, but then I’m clearly not as clairvoyant as the almighty SPLC.

I guess I should take the opportunity to disavow school shooters? Alright, I disavow. Not sure why I should ever support school shooters to be quite honest. That’s an incredibly edgy and…rather outlandish position to take. Besides, a solid portion of these shooters seem to be mixed-race kids who target White kids. Like Chris Harper-Mercer, who by the way, is also considered Alt-Right by the SPLC.

Even though, you know, he’s clearly non-White.

At this point, everything and anything that is dangerous and scary is being labeled Alt-Right by the J-Left media. Hell, I fully expect the next Islamic terror attack to be blamed on us as well. But until then, I guess they have to push blame for the mass shootings on us, because asking hard questions about why the United States has denigrated so far so quick would mean raising questions about diversity, atomization and degeneracy.

And only the Alt-Right is willing to ask those kinds of questions.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • white if you are trying to place collective blame
    POC or Jew if you’re trying to escape it and push it as an individual action.

  • I had never seen that Elliot video before. How did no one in that kids family see signs of his instability? This is another great example that we are not equal, even within a tribe. The cucked masses more worried about insulting or hurting someone’s feelings than doing the right thing never confront people like this. We need to call a spade a spade, and be like “look it, you are strange, and you make me uncomfortable”. Maybe it will open up some dialogue with the person so they can get help.

    In regards to the Salon report, what a joke. This isn’t even grasping at straws, its just plain lies and slander.

  • Good article. Its not just Salon, this anti-White hate piece has been passed around to all the usual suspects on the regressive left. Vincent only touched on a few of the cases. A number of the cases are just White guys who once used a racial epithet being called Alt-Right. I really hope a follow up article is done, taking apart this article,case by case. The Leftists are going to continue to try to use this false propaganda against us.

  • The Bolshevik left report what they’d like to be reality, even if it isn’t.
    It’s only reality in their own minds, sadly, the masses believe what the
    media tells them without investigation.

  • Standard culture war tactic. They’ve been trying to link the Alt-Right to terrorism for a while now. Since we don’t control the media, complaining is pointless. We should draw up lists of crimes committed by anyone with a leftist orientation.

    • Do you not control the media? How can you be so sure?

      Do you know the background of the founder of this site? At a certain level, the aristocracy is related. Do you know anything about St. Mark’s School in Dallas? Try looking at a person’s whole trajectory. What is the whole picture that comes through? Why does a man, during his entire life up until recently, have to do with jewish schools and jewish publications like American Conservative? Where he worked for Pat Buchanon? You may not be aware that Pat Buchanon is jewish. He is related to the Kennedies and the Gates. Jackie Bouvier’s mother was a Levy. That name won’t mean much to you. But it should.

      None of the newspapers or journals are independantly run. They are all government manufactured mouthpieces. I am not speculating about that. I don’t have to. If Spencer was fired from American Conservative for being too extreme, then why did he appear at Taki’s Magazine, which is a branch of the same publication? Still run by jews?

      Ask yourself: could the American Renaissance Party be a front for the CIA? Is the National Policy Institute a CIA front?

      The name Dickenhorst, which is his mother’s side, is jewish, by the way. The Spencer name is filled with jewish blood and other semitic relations.

      I am not claiming the Richard Spencer has a real grasp of what he is doing. I wanted to give people som eclues. As I have done on some other comments. You can either use them to your advantage, or ignore them at your peril.

      You need to start looking more closely at who you are following. Become more savvy to the way Europena and New York jews operate Try to see it through my eyes.

        • You may not want to hear it, but, yes he is. Indeed, he is related to the Webers and Steins.

          Do you dislike the fact that I am telling you this? Or do you just dislike that he is jewish?

          • I dislike the web spinning you do on this site, the deliberate confusion you try to peddle.
            I also dislike you for being a kike.

          • i feel that pushing questions is a tactic that destroys the ability for one to act with confidence, build cohesion, and be resolute in their worldview.

            So with that in mind, what specifically did Spencer say that arouses your suspicion?

    • Meanwhile, Israel will wipe out entire Civilian Neighborhoods in Gaza to kill a few Hamas/Islamic Jihad Qassam Rocket Launchers…….

      Israel kills Palestinians like Dindus kill Roaches……..

  • I don’t see why the Alt-Right really needs to Self-Censor seeing that any White Person Red Pilled long enough……

    Knows full well how many Blacks hate White People…….

    Knows full well how many Jews hate White People…….

    Knows full well how many Hispanics Hate White People……..

    The Alt-Right is Expert at increasing White Goyim Knowing…….

    We have a Plethora of Jews with Blue Twitter Verification Checks who champion Whites becoming a Minority……..

    And that’s just the Tip of the Iceberg………

    Then, there are those Jews in Power/Influence who are and have been Working on this Project for Decades……

    Blame Everything on Whitey……….

    And then Whitey Cucks under White Guilt………

    That Sht is Played Out…….

    • Why don’t you try loving one another. Instead of hating, which is what the governments of the world want, they want nothing more than to have you all hating one another. Endless gender wars, burnt out job holders, race wars, class wars, endless red pills. Red pills are worse than any opioid.

      Perhaps we should come together and help one another?

      • You show your true colors more and more each day Crypto Jew.
        Is John Lennon’s Imagine your favorite song as well?

        Go give your nigger maid a hug and tell us how that works out for you.

        • This quote stood out as a testament of how Jews callously steal identity to break social cohesion of the nation they are targeting for destruction.

          “Another example is a group I am part of in Northern California
          called Angry White Guys for Affirmative Action. Here again we
          used our identity, in this case as white males, as a tool for political
          action to address the white community. We used our title to
          challenge the ways that groups of people are pitted against each
          other by stating clearly that we refused to buy into the traditional
          roles that white men have been assigned to play in our racial,
          gender, and economic hierarchy”

  • “43” is becoming the new “six million,” if you look at the way this number is suddenly being tossed about in multiple articles as a result of this SPLC so-called report. The Big Lie at work… just repeat it often enough until it becomes true.

    Sort of like that report from a few years back which discovered the “fact” that more Americans were killed by right-wing extremists than Islamic terrorists. The report surveyed a period of years beginning on September 12th, 2001. This “fact” is still repeated constantly by the media, even though the statistical trickery behind it is obvious and laughable. But it sounds scary and convincing enough.

    You gotta hand it to the SPLC. They are like a perpetual motion machine of anti-White lies and slander.

    • Glad to see you’re a Plus Member………

      But, most dudes in the Alt-Right don’t care about the sexual unattractiveness/attractiveness of Asian Men…….

      Have a Good Night……

  • Since blacks listen to rap culture and support BLM and kill a lot of people, every black murderer should be categorized as Rap-Black.

    Rap music spreads culture of death. Rap-Blacks must be watched.

    And then, we have all the deaths from opiods sold by Jews. And Jews use US soldiers to kill countless Muslims in the Middle East. And Jews promote rap music and thug culture. Jews also promote illegal aliens who break in and commit crime.

    So, all those murders ought be labeled as Zio-Murders

  • So, in my professional life, I do a lot of studying (and trying to fix) business processes. Before I say anything else, I want to ask this question: how do we fight back? How do we ensure our message is heard by millions of people? … I’m not saying we have to convince them we’re correct, but just make sure they get our side of the story. Looking forward to the responses. Thanks.

    • go to popular websites with chat systems and refute the lies and wrong information people spew. can reach 1000s everyday. just remember you are selling the idea, we arent forcing till we cant sell anymore

      • What are some of the more popular websites? I honestly don’t even know where normies or liberals go to discuss current events.

        • Go to major news sites, but don’t spend more than a month on them because you will end up shadowbanned, IE you and a few close online friends will be able to see your posts, but the wider public will not.
          Shadow banning is one of the ways the enemy gets us to waste our time and efforts.
          Also, try alternative means of communication

          • I don’t know if it even takes a month, really. I would think the moment an admin on Slate notices that you’re not straight up libtard, they shadowban you, immediately.

    • how about a alt-woodstock that raises consciousness about the culture war being waged on the most peaceful nation in the world that has (((been captured by internationalist criminals)))

  • Who knows what race (or races) any of these murdering savages even come from?

    Can anyone honestly look at these people and assign to them, with any degree of clarity, a racial blood line?

    Second question: Who the hell knows what really happened at any of these so-called shootings? Were you there? If so, how do we know if we can trust you?

    Other than to know who is attacking us, why does anyone even read the jewish media?

  • Somebody really needs to write a point-of-reference article defining the Alt-Right for the benefit of outsiders/media. I know it’s already been done in videos and other articles, but a single, easy-to-find article clearly explaining who we are and what we believe would clear a lot of things up. Maybe it could be pinned at the top of the page.

    If Vincent is reading this, please raise this idea with the editors. Thanks.

  • Actually, Salon lifted these facts from the SPLC’s latest report on the history of your “movement”. It summarized the ideologies and crimes of these three men, along with several others. From that data, the SPLC concluded that the alt-right was a lethal danger even before it hit its stride during the 2016 election. The SPLC’s report is lengthy, but it’s a masterpiece of forensic sociology.

    Here it is

    I urge you to read it.

    • Have you heard of the Jonestown Massacre? The big integrated Church. Integration is mass murder. Period. Equality and brotherly love is the spiked Koolaid.

    • I like that phrase “lethal danger”. There are many lethal dangers. Off the top of my head: drug addiction, islamic terrorism, propaganda. Three lethal dangers amongst many.

      Yet, you only focus on whites organizing amongst themselves. To protect themselves in a world full of lethal dangers.

      Fraud. You are a Fraud.

    • Alt-Right must be the name of the original sin, from where all evil comes… cuz these guys didn’t even knew that we existed or even had a clue of what identitarianism is. I guess that by the time of the killings Spencer had deactivated i believe? And brought it back online in 2015?

    • I would urge you to read up on the abusive psychological tactics employed by our enemies, except that you are one.

    • How about before you tell us to read it, you actually do so.

      I mean, did you even take a look at their list of barely over a dozen killers?

      Devon Arthurs –Muslim motivated by religion.
      Elliot Rodger – Mixed race kid upset that he couldn’t get women.
      Christopher Harper-Mercer – Mixed race special needs kid that shot up a school in a bid to kill himself.
      Jeremy Christian – Literally an insane sanders supporter. Called himself the Lizard King.
      Nicholas Giampa – Killed his girlfriend’s parents because they got her to break up with him.
      Lane Davis – Literal conspiracy theorist that killed his dad.
      William Edward Atchison – Planned on suicide after a school shooting. Nothing to do with race at all.

      Literally out of the 13 incidents you could only plausibly tie one to the “alt-right.” Which is rather amusing, considering one of the supposed problems people like you have with us is that we tar entire groups with the same brush because of the actions of individuals. In reality, statistically speaking we’re probably the least violent political movement in America solely due to the demographic makeup of our movement.

      The only one would be James Fields, Jr., and that’s IF he actually caused that fat communist to have a heart attack on purpose, and didn’t just drive into the crowd hitting his car out of panic.

      • I DID read the article first, Anonymoose . The SPLC never said that any of those killers had *every* “alt” character pathology/deficit. It said that America is plagued by a grave new danger – Via the Internet, hopeless, useless, and insecure White men were finding each other and trolling each other into lives of crime and toxic insignificance. Through the lives of their subjects, the SPLC illustrated a prototype of the contemporary White domestic terrorist. It was, clearly, too brilliant for this website to ignore, so don’t bother trying to dismiss it. This “movement” is what it is – a “safe space” for some of the jobless, dateless, and low-information rejects of society.

        • So now this movement is a “safe space” but, previously, you said this movement was a “lethal danger”?

          And, do you always speak with a knife in your pocket?

          • Safe for you, but not for the VAST majority of people. You can troll with impunity, but other people eventually suffer for it, as Salon and the SPLC have shown.

  • What a fun game! Here’s how to play, My Lefties.

    Pick a group of killers who didn’t know each other. Find something they have in common. S-T-R-E-T-C-H the limits of credulity. That’s par of the fun.

    Now, hit “Publish”. That’s it. Let’s play Smear, again…Now it’s YOUR turn!

    In all seriousness, how does someone who identifies as a Muslim and killed his roommates qualify as an Alt Right murderer?

    “Arthurs, who was taken into custody by authorities after holding employees of a tobacco shop hostage, had converted to Salafism….” -from

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