AltRight Politics: Stocks, Budget Deal, Trump Parade, Racial Gaslighting

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Richard returns and joins Hannibal Bateman, Don Camillo and Gregory Conte to discuss 1) Stock Market wavering: The DJ has lost almost 3,000 points in two weeks. The edging is delightful. But when will it finally bust? 2) Budget Deal (starts 34.00): National Parks will remain open! No real change on immigration, but Pelosi really revealed her hand. 3) Triumphator Trump (starts 44.15) : El Presidente wants a parade. This is cool. Militaries need pomp. 4) Racial Gaslighting hits new levels (starts 1:05.47): The press is in race-denial overdrive. Scientists now claim Cheddar man was dark-skinned. Was the Ice Man also black? The narrative keeps getting dumber.

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.


  • The only thing getting dumber around here is every insecure sperg stuck in this echo chamber of middle schoolers. Here’s a thought, why the fuck does it matter if they’re black or not. Stop trying to claim the accomplishments of your white ancestors because your pathetic life hasn’t engendered any of your own.

  • If Spencer and Co are so confident about the upcoming crash, why don’t they short a bunch of shit? Crypto, luxury clothing stocks, whatever… you could potentially make millions, you just have to put your money where your mouth is. Anyone can spread FUD..

    • Simple financial understanding reveals there is a limit to how much the market can fall as a whole. As a stock price falls, its Price-Earnings ratio does also. The inverse of it is the yield, the money you make on your investment. So if a stock share selling at $25 falls 20% to $20, and its Earnings per Share is $1.50, its PE ratio falls from 16.7 to 13.3, and its yield increases from 6% to 7.5%, making it much more attractive to investors who use stock screeners such as this one:,fa_pe_u20,fa_salesqoq_o5&ft=2 to pick stocks. It’s pretty simple, buy-low sell-high.

    • LOL, my sense is that he was too abrasive to be a good fit.

      He had good moments, but the current lineup meshes best, IMO.

  • “Can the Catholic Church become Silicon Valley once again?”

    A more pertinent question is Will Silicon Valley become like the Catholic Church.

    It’s true that the Catholic Church at one time was a great patron of the arts and sciences. BUT, it being a religious institution, the main purpose was to honor God and Jesus. So, most of the art works were religious in nature. And even the neo-classical paganist art that glorified beauty was seen as tributes to God since God created humans, their minds and beauty.

    The Church also patronized science because it was so sure that greater knowledge would only reveal God’s physical laws. Since God created man and gifted man with intelligence and inquiry, man’s use of science could only prove God’s existence, God’s greatness, God’s glory, and God’s fingerprint on all things. And since God created Mankind as His favorite companion, Man’s Domain would be in the center of the universe. And everything was going swimmingly well. The more scientists discovered the truth about stars and matter, the more mankind seemed to be understanding the genius of God. But then, Galileo happened. He gazed at the planets and did his calculations, and it went against Church dogma about God and His grand design. Earth was NOT at the center of the universe. Later astronomers would learn the Sun is not the star at the center of the galaxy. This was deeply traumatic for the Church. Its main role was to uphold God and Faith. It had been so sure that human intelligence, the gift from God, would only prove Church Doctrine as science probed into and peered across the world made by God. But how could it be that the greatest mind of the period, Galileo, used the gift of God to reveal that the House of God had been so very wrong about the heavens. The Catholic Church could tolerate lots of things but this was something new. It undermined the core doctrine of the Church, and Galileo’s findings became Taboo. Later, as science progressed even more, it not only proved that there is no evidence of God but that man evolved from apes that evolved from monkeys that evolved from lemurs and etc… all the way down to a single cell organism.
    So, in the end, the Church could not stand along with science. Science has its own rules and logic, and as such, has no concern for theology. In the end, the human mind, the greatest gift from God, only ended up proving there is no God. Over the years, the Catholic Church tried to square things with science, but the fact is it couldn’t. Religion only makes sense as religion. It can tolerate science only to the extent that it appears to be revealing God’s truth. While science initially began in that spirit, its core logic could only break out of theological barriers.

    But religions are not the only systems with taboos. All social orders have taboos. In Cuba, you get in big trouble by being critical of Castro or Che. Try speaking honestly about the Kim clan in North Korea. In the Soviet Union, one could be very free in certain fields unrelated to ideology. A physics professor or mathematician was free to explore his field. But if any view or idea touched upon ideology or the idolatry of Marx or Lenin, one had to be very careful.

    But even democracies have taboos. In the US, the First Amendment allows free speech, but the Power is mostly with Jews. So, if any politician dares to speak honestly about Nakba, forget about it. He’s finished. If any activist supports BDS or calls for Nakba Remembrance Day, he will be blacked out by media. He won’t be sent to the Gulag or shot in the head, but he will be a non-person.
    Alt Right met at Charlottesville to give speeches. It was within their constitutional rights. They organized the rally with strict adherence to laws and ordinances. But the Jewish mayor and black police chief shut down the event, ordered cops to push the Alt Right people into a crowd of deranged Antifa thugs. And the Jewish-controlled media ran the narrative of ‘evil Nazis’ causing all the trouble. Even in a so-called Liberal Democracy, the real modus operandi is Jewish Supremacism. So, taboos exist in all social orders.

    Now, Silicon Valley is a place of science, technology, and business. On those principles, it should do fine in the future. But even in secular America, there are quasi-religious dogmas and taboos. These are not based on empirical science but on sacralized emotions of self-righteous political correctness and hyped up iconography. Jews mainly pushed PC to shame and guilt-bait whites into moral paralysis, all the easier to control and manipulate them. But PC craziness has its own logic, just like fire can burn out of control. Its mindless worship of Diversity means Silicon Valley will keep coming under attack for not having enough blacks and mestizos. Also, feminists will keep bitching about under-representation. If anyone like James Damore offers a scientific argument as to why men tend to dominate STEM and engineering, Sili Valley will be attacked by harridans and the PC media. Journalists are not the brightest people, and because Journalism Schools are PC factories, it’s not far off the mark to say ‘Those who can’t, report.’

    To be sure, Silicon Valley has lots of Asians, but lame Asian geeks aren’t very exciting to SJW types. Also, because rich Silicon Valley Jews want to keep the ‘radical’ types off their backs, they’ve been funding ‘progressives’ to appease them. Those who fund radicals gain protective shield from the ire. It’s a way of saying ‘Go harass someone else, like white trash in West Alabama.’ So, we have a strange situation in America where so-called ‘radicals’ are far more angry with poor ‘white trash’ than with the oligarchs with the Real Power. But then, if you feed the animals, they want more and make louder demands. Can Silicon Valley and rich cities stave off radicals indefinitely by appeasing them with easy funding? Or will radicals demand more FOOD or else.

    If indeed SJW types take over Silicon Valley, their red-over-expert idiocy will undermine the industry. And that is the problem. Indeed, consider how so many academic fields have been compromised or degraded by political correctness.

    The three main Taboos in the US are Jew Taboo, Homomania, and Magic Negro cult. Because we must see Jews as Eternal Holocaust People, we can’t call out on their financial crimes and Wars for Israel. Because powerful Jews promoted homos as holy, we must fool ourselves that a homo man’s anus has equal sexual value with a woman’s vagina, or a man is a ‘woman’ if he has his penis mutilated into a fake vagina. (And we thought the Catholic Church was silly for insisting Sun revolves around the Earth. We live in a time when Bruce Jenner is ‘woman of the year’, and two homos are ‘two daddies’.) Because homos are so revered — it went from ‘gay rights’ to Gay Rites, from a secular movement for rights for homos to sacral elevation of homos to god-status, which is why there are homo color inside churches — , we can’t discuss the dangers of fecal penetration. Result is anal cancer has multiplied 4x among millennials. And because we have to believe in the Magic Negro myth(and even the magic nation of Wakanda), we can’t honestly discuss why blacks cause so many problems. The fact is evolution made blacks naturally stronger, tougher, and more aggressive, and very possibly less intelligent and less self-reflective. Speaking honestly about Jews, homos, and blacks is effectively forbidden by taboo-terms ‘antisemitic’, ‘homophobic’, and ‘racist’. And it is PC as the new religion that really endangers truth in academia and honesty in science.

    The example of Galileo serves as a powerful metaphor of how Taboos operate. It’s about centrism. Taboos protect an idea or a norm that seeks to maintain its centrist place in the order. Church doctrine was based on the Earth, man’s domain, being at the Center of the Universe. The idea was that God exists, He made mankind, and He loves mankind so much that man’s world was placed in the center of cosmos. Galileo’s findings were so dangerous because it undermined Geo-centrism that was associated with Catholo-centrism since the Church claimed expertise on God’s truths. So, unlike other scientific discoveries that didn’t undermine the Church, Galileo’s finding was a real bombshell. It threatened the centrism of the Church.

    And this was why communist nations could not allow honest criticism of the ‘scientific’ inviolability of Marxism. Unless that was upheld as the organizing principle of society, communist systems could not command and force everyone and everything to revolve around the Party. One reason why communist nations found reform so difficult was that more freedom led to criticism of Marxism, and if that undermined faith in the ideology, it meant the Party had no justification to be at the center of power. It’s no wonder that communism systems collapsed overnight when freedom was introduced. Without the force of party authority, there wasn’t any gravitational pull to hold everything revolving around the system.

    We have the similar kind of problem in so-called ‘liberal democracies’ such as the US. In fact, the US is really an ethno-oligarchy dominated by Jews. The central operating principle of America is now Jewish Supremacism. Look at Ivy League, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, top law firms, Big Media, & Deep State, and it’s obvious that the US is dominated by vastly disproportionate Jewish power. Everything and all politicians in the US revolve around Judeo-centric Power.
    But here’s where Judeo-centrism is different from other kinds of centrism. Other kinds were open in their centric prestige. Communists in Marxist-Leninist nations declared themselves to be at the center of power. When the Church was powerful in the West, it openly operated as the spiritual center of European peoples. But even as Jews have the supreme power in America, they are loathe to admit their power because they fear that gentiles might become resentful and unite against Jews. So, Jews push the Jew Taboo that forces gentiles to see Jews as victims or saints but never as oppressors or exploiters. Also, by invoking the bogeyman of ‘white supremacism’, Jews create this false impression that the real power in America is ‘white privilege’. One would think West Virginian hillbillies are a bigger threat to American freedom and justice than Zionist warmongers in Las Vegas and Wall Street who fund politicians who push for Wars for Israel and more Zionist oppression of Palestinians in West Bank. Indeed, what often goes by the name of ‘white supremacism’ is not neo-nazis or KKK dummies but white people who simply want OUT of the Judeo-centric monopoly that allows Wall Street to get away with all kinds of filth, AIPAC to use Congress like a parliament of whores in oppressing Palestinians, and Hollywood that now disseminates what is effectively kiddie porn for the young ones. So, even if you’re a white person who loathes Hitler, has nothing to do with Nazis or KKK, and only wants OUT of the Jewish supremacist power game, you are reviled as a ‘white supremacist’. So, white people who want to leave the Judeo-centric orbit are supposedly the supremacist-centrists even though they just want emancipation from the gravitational force of Jewish supremacist power with its Death-Star-like grip on the world. Paradoxically, the Jew Taboo discourages and even punishes discussion of Jewish power to maintain Jewish power. It is the biggest power in the world but also the most hidden power in the world. Jews want the power to rule the world but not the responsibility of having that power. It’s like the force within the black hole. Immense but hidden.

    Indeed, it’s interesting that Jews are most angry with Trump when he wants more peace with the world. To appease Jews, Trump has to promise more tensions with Russia and Iran, more intervention in Syria, more threats against North Korea, and etc. to keep the Jews off his back when Jews get too crazy. Funny how that works.

  • Also, uncoupling from the gold standard was the best thing the US has done. It gives the US more policy space. Money is inherently fungible; there’s no reason to have a fixed quantity of national currency in a modern economy.

  • I agree that we need a major economic crash to be the grand leveler that allows the alt-right to start becoming a major cultural force. But I’ll believe it when it happens. Richard is being awfully “optimistic” here.

    • The US government, via the FED and Treasury, simply won’t let the wheels come off. Personally, I think another Wall Street bailout of trillions would be politically untenable. No money for a wall; no money for infrastructure or single payer, but there’s always an infinite supply of shekels for the military and Wall Street. Congress only asks about costs when it comes to providing material benefits for white people.

    • Major crashes lead to major recoveries and money to be made. Nothing kills a movement like green numbers on Ameritrade. Ford Motor Co. (F) price per share: 9/1/04 = $14.18, 12/1/08 = $2.00, 3/1/14 = $16.44

  • I’m glad Eli is not on this episode. He doesn’t add anything of value to the podcast, nor does he ever articulate himself well. The last episode was unbearable. Maybe he’s a great guy with a role to play, but that role shouldn’t be on this podcast. Besides, wasn’t he booted from The Daily Shoah for basically these reasons?

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