The White Death Is Getting Deadlier

According to new data from the Centers from Disease Control, the suicide rate is the highest it has been in decades.

The public-policy-oriented outlet GOVERNING has translated the data into a color-coded map of the United States showing the rate of suicide death for each county.

The data reflects a pattern of increasing suicide death among rural whites. By comparing the county-by-county map of suicide deaths to a graphic like the Racial Dot Map, which presents demographics and population density data nationwide, one can begin to observe regional and racial patterns.

In fact, these patterns already existed, and have for some time. In spite of a prevailing public policy mindset in which whites and their interests are frequently disprivileged or entirely ignored, the trend has become impossible to overlook.

In March last year the Nobel-laureate Princeton economist Angus Deaton and his wife Anne Case released a study, “Mortality and Morbidity in the 21st Century,” that details how factors like economic downturn and opioid addiction have fed an emotional despair among less privileged whites that has become unhealthy and increasingly fatal.

What the new CDC data shows, however, is that the existing pattern itself is deepening and accelerating, raising the likelihood that the overall crisis and its component parts, like the opioid crisis, will get much worse before matters stabilize and perhaps begin to improve.

The rising suicide rate tracks an overall downturn in life expectancy in the United States. Life expectancy has steadily declined in recent years in spite of advancing medical technology that has continued to increase life expectancy in other countries.

That data shows that rural counties are experiencing the largest increases in the suicide mortality rate, where, GOVERNING reports, the rate has risen about 14 percent over the five-year period ending in 2016. However, the suicide death rate in urban areas also increased, by eight percent. And when the data is adjusted for factors like obesity and disability, the population size of a locality becomes much less predictive.

The GOVERNING article states that white men commit suicide “at the highest rates — roughly 10 times that of Hispanic women and black women — because they tend to have greater access to firearms.” But although the availability of guns, like the availability of opioids and alcohol, may contribute to the upward trend in suicide and even create some disparate impact on distinct demographic groups, it is clear that access to firearms by itself fails to account for what Steve Sailer has termed the White Death.

Although the suggestion is likely to irritate proponents of robust Second Amendment rights, it may be true that gun locks, mandated waiting periods, and other measures affect both the rate of gun suicide death in particular and the rate of suicide death overall.

However, dilating on gun control while avoiding a serious discourse of the nature and causes of white despair is becoming impossible, even for media observers who would probably prefer not to so openly sympathize with downscale whites.

This goes to the point specifically emphasized by Professors Case and Deaton–whose paper was twice rejected by well-regarded medical journals before it was finally published by the Brookings Institution–that it simply will not do to ignore the distinctly white dimension of the problem.

Their paper’s initial rejections were so instantaneous “[i]t was almost like the e-mail had bounced,” Deaton told the Washington Post.

The reasons it took so long for their findings to be published are multifold. As Sailer notes,

For one reason, there are virtually no respectable organizations that make it their mission to care about the well-being of whites. Countless government agencies and NGOs scan statistics for evidence that blacks are getting a bad break. But looking out for whites is a good way to wind up on the SPLC’s list of people to hate, so nobody paid much attention to life-and-death trends among 200 million people.

In Case and Deaton’s economic-centered view, beginning in the 1970s a host of factors made it harder for Americans to form families, the social unit that the professors suggest is critical to people’s mental health and central to their self-understood identities.

After the 1960s Americans married at lower and divorced at higher rates, while social trends and pressures in the labor market worsened life even within many families that stayed in tact.

Trends in legal and illegal drug consumption and marketing are also a significant factor. As Sailer summarizes,

First, prescription opioids like oxycodone flooded the market in the early 2000s. When the government then tightened up on painkillers, Mexican cartels stepped in with black-tar heroin. They targeted sleepy white parts of the country because the Mexican drug dealers didn’t want to have anything to do with violent and attention-grabbing blacks.

Although the discussion has shifted in the last year-and-a-half towards greater acknowledgement of the reality of white despair, so far the proposed solutions are often post hoc in nature, rather than designed to address the underlying social, economic, and spiritual factors at play.

The increasing equipment and use of the opioid-overdose spray Narcan by emergency responders is a prime example of this. So is the preoccupation with gun control, and the emphasis on “wellness” and clinical mental health treatment that seems to reflect the broad default response of many governmental and respectable non-governmental organizations.

Several of the interviewees and respondents to GOVERNING’s piece on the subject seem dedicated to such post hoc rationales and solutions:

“It’s not the economics itself but the associated stress that leads to physical or mental effects on health,” says Jill Harkavy-Friedman of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. …


Alaska’s five-year plan seeks to prevent suicides through several layers: promoting wellness to lessen suicide risks, improving awareness and understanding of suicide, and strengthening the services and supports provided to a person who is experiencing a mental or emotional crisis. …


And the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is pushing an approach known as “Zero Suicide” that aims to improve care and outcomes for individuals at risk of suicide in health-care systems. The group is also focusing its efforts on emergency rooms and correctional facilities, two other places where people are at higher risk. The vast majority of suicide victims, in fact, suffer from a diagnosable mental health issue.


“By increasing public awareness of risk factors and warning signs, we can do something to stave off some of the deaths,” says Harkavy-Friedman of the foundation

Improving mental health treatment and the quality of medical care are non-controversial undertakings, which may be why they are attractive objects of focus. But if trends towards white suicide and morbidity are already bad, and data indicates that they are getting even worse, this preoccupation with outcomes rather than causes may be misplaced.

The work of path-setting figures like Deaton and Case invites a focus on longer-range social and economic trends that could be more fruitful. Others whose work is oriented towards the political and historical, like Pat Buchanan, the late Sam Francis, and the late Samuel Huntington, predict and interpret such crises as involving, at their center, matters of civilizational spirit and identity that extend outside the remit of the family unit.

Regardless, greater seriousness and more dynamic leadership is needed if American whites are to undertake a successful turnabout, in their society and within their own minds.

Evan McLaren
the authorEvan McLaren
Evan McLaren is the Executive Director of the National Policy Institute and Deputy Editor at He can be found on Twitter at @evanmclaren.


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  • A good measure of this is when a president, elected on the backs of rural whites, cannot even mention them in his state of the union address, instead choosing to focus on blacks and hispanics, who despise him. This is a case of a sick society in so many ways and tax cuts aren’t going to help. It’s a culture that wants us to have no identity other than shame and guilt. Trump’s civic nationalism does not fill this void in the way that stronger, more realistic leadership theoretically could. This is only going to get worse barring some kind of reset with some type of identitarian movement gaining some real cultural influence.

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    And Narcissistically scrutinizing, judging, shoegazing, uplifting, expanding, shaming, guilting, repressing every Single Neurotic Aspect of our Past/Present Tiny Nothingness of an Individual Human Life…….

    Our Programmed Thinking is not an End in Itself……

    It’s a Tool to help and aid us in the DOING of Survival…….

  • much bad advice given to whites regarding dating and depression. Don’t wait for the last minute to date because you think the culture sucks. Time flies by rather quick and by the time you know you are too old to start anything. Don’t waste your time on drugs, and the internet. Go out and mingle with your fellow white people.

  • When we hear news like this, we can’t help thinking Matt Heimbach and the Traditional Workers’ Party are really onto something. Though we talk of Nietzsche, ‘optics’, and destiny, the fact is even so-called ‘white trash’ are our people and we need to do something… just like Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt even though they were dirty slaves.

    But Heimbach is too stupid with this Nazi larping. And Alt Right is a bit too hip and bourgeois to roll up its sleeves to connect with the hoi polloi.

    Something vital is necessary. A combination of nationalism with humanism. It’s like the Pat Buchanan speech in 1992. We have to show these people that we care. And even if we don’t have much ourselves, we are in the same boat, and we mustn’t lose hope.

  • All (((they))) have to do now is publicise this widely and put the idea into the mind’s of tens of millions of white Europeans.
    I notice they had a category non hispanic white.
    Funny that becuae when they’re reporting crime, Hispanics are recorded as ‘White’ to boost the ‘white’ crime figures.

      • In Argentina maybe, but you’d be hard pressed to find one North of Uruguay outside of the Mexican elite, let alone in the US. I live in the heart of the SW and although some are very white, upon closer inspection the Amerindian and negroid features are obvious.

        The actual amount of legit European Hispanics in the states could probably be counted on one hand.

        • Maybe just Ana de Armas, Steve Bauer, Cameron Díaz, Andy García, Martin Sheen… Actually, a few more. But not much.
          Rita Hayworth (RIP)… my all time favorite.

          • Definitely. They’re out there but there’s a reason why the onesin the states are only to be found in Hollywood. Same with Mexico, they’re either on telemundo or laid back in some giant hacienda isolated from the Mestizos.

            Ana is sexy af. She can pop out a few of my sons.

      • The Roman Catholic Church gave the OK for Spaniards to marry Indians during the 1st years of the Conquest of Mexico and Latin America. So miscegenation has an old and rich Catholic history in Mexico and Central America..

        • I never understand why the Conquistadores didn’t bring Spanish women with them. Well, maybe because Spanish women are nasty harpies and they didn´t want to deal with them in the boats.

          • Most of the conquistadors, minus Cortez and a few leaders, were outcastes, ex criminals, or battle hardened ruffians fresh off of the reconquista. Most probably had no women to bring. A lot of them probably never intended to stay either, their hope being to return home rich and to then get a nice Spanish wife, or hookers. Btw I’m not making any character assessments just stating the truth. I personally admire those badass Spaniards, minus their miscegenation practices.

            Also, once Mexico was conquered, the main intention of the crown was to my understanding, exploiting the land for resources. The only other goal was directed by the church and all they’d wanted to do was convert them. It wasn’t until Maximilian that the ideal of making an honest European monarchy out of her came to be.

          • U r right.
            It is funny how the Catholic Church was so obsessed about converting that “pagans” meanwhile the Anglican Church didn’t give a damn about converting “pagans” in the New World.

          • It was the way Metropolitan Spain looked at their colonists. For some weird reason, the Spanish didn’t consider their settlers Spanish unless they were born in Spain. Top tier was Spanish born, second tier were the peninsulares, then there were the creoles and then down the line.

            If you wanted your children to get anywhere, they had to be born in Spain of Spanish parents. This made it impossible for Spaniards to settle their colonies with their wives until after they were finished having children and it was too cost-prohibitive for the men to settle colonies and return to Spain occasionally to impregnate their wives.

            Most of the Spaniards were in the military; younger son of the nobility. For some odd reason, it never occurred to the Spanish leadership to encourage Spanish peasant families to settle the Americas the way the British did with their peasant classes.

            That is why Mexico encouraged White Americans to come to Texas. They wanted a Whiter population. For whatever reason, it never occurred to them to get Catholics from Central and Eastern Europe. I think, if it occurred to them to encourage White Catholic immigration, there would have been much less miscegenation.

            The French were and are that way, too, to a certain extent. Metropolitan French look down on the Quebecois as second tier French.

            Great Britan lost their American colonies due to this Metropolitan set up. They had only so many seats in Parliament and every burrough, no matter how small, had to have one. Intead of constructing a bigger building to ensure their colonies could be represented, they just taxed them which produced the revolution.

  • The feeling of hopelessness is usually what fuels suicide activity. I see this a lot with my friends who are vets (I’m also a vet). I served in an Army unit with about 900 men that went to Sadr City in 2005. Sadr City was real fighting, it was intense, and deadly. It was a hard year. Out of those 900 men, 14 died in combat, 86 were wounded, and as far as I know based on what I see on Facebook, I believe the number of suicides is now 27, and 26 were white. The reason for this is pretty clear to me: the whites are the ones doing the real fighting. We were the ones getting into the streets and taking on the Jaysh al Mahdi that were numbering somewhere around 70,000 men at the time. I think this story is a great analogy to the “ordinary world,” where whites have the burden to carry. The weight is so heavy and the abuse so blatant, that they just say fuck it. Why would you kill yourself if you’re some lazy nig nog? You get everything handed to you while you do nothing. You’ve got nothing to be angry about.

    • But, but, but, Michael Moore said that blacks and Latinos are the ones laying it on the line in our wars and protecting white people who hate them?

      In reality whites do all the fighting in the military and work themselves to death to pay all the taxes so black and brown welfare queens can have umpteen kids. And the government hates us, treats us like shit and is working 24/7 to make us a hated minority, so I understand who people lose hope and decide to end it all.

  • Did you read the news about Nancy Pelosi’s grandkid wanting to be ‘brown’?

    Nancy Pelosi is a dummy. The real masters of the Diversity Narrative are Jews. If Pelosi naively believes in the nonsense she’s peddling, Jews like Chuck Schumer use the Diversity Card for their Tribal Power.
    Jews have elite power but weak numbers. 2% is always vulnerable against the 98%. So, there is this Jewish use of Diversity against whites.

    But here’s the problem. Jews have a hard time making Diversity love Jews. Mexicans and Asians are indifferent about Jews. Blacks are hostile. Muslims even more hostile. Hindus will play every which way.
    So, Diversity cannot side with Jews on the basis of love. Many non-whites see Jews as too rich, too powerful, or too corrupt. Many see the GOP as the bigger Israel First party.

    So, if Jews can’t get Diversity on-board on the basis for love for Jews, the only option is on the basis of hatred toward whites. So, notice how PC made Pelosi’s grandkid feel ashamed of his whiteness. He wants to be of another race. Whites are made to hate their own kind, and non-whites are made to hate whites, even as they want to be with whites and get stuff from whites.

    Diversity is a Hate Cult. If Jews could have made non-whites love Jews, it might be a sunnier cult. But Jews have failed to do that. If anything, plenty of non-whites just see Jews as the richest whites.

    So, the only way Diversity can be an effective tool of Jews is by making it into a hate campaign against whites. Unite non-whites under the banner of hatred against whites since it’s impossible to unite them under the banner of love for Jews.

    • Jews didn’t create the hatred towards whites. It is the oldest story in the book- envy. As long as whites are better, other people will hate and wish to destroy them. As long as our elite is not stopped from socially signaling how much better they are then everyone else by refusing to admit white superiority and attacking those who do, our civilization will die.

    • It does however prove exactly just that though. It’s a shame and sickening that an environment was created that a FUCKING CHILD would want to be born of a different race, regardless of your race, and yet she applauds this satanical situation without remotely grasping the consequences of what her own goddamn grandchild is saying. It’s a cry for help and our moronic parents have ignored it for decades. They’re literally bringing a child into this world of despair and destroying them far worse than any abortion would. They’re smiling with glee at life long spiritual, mental, and physical torture of someone they are supposed to “love”. If she wasn’t a bimbo she’d figure out why white kids acted like wiggers and why her son wants to be brown and how that relates to suicide and drug rates. It’s a shame that a child understands the political and social climate better than a fully grown adult these days.

  • Has anyone thought that targeting small rural communities instead of mostly just college campuses with propaganda might be a good idea? Like posters that say something along the lines of International Jewish Corporations want you to choose drugs and death with a picture representing that, juxtaposed with the Alt Right wants you to choose life and fashwave with a picture also representing that, with say Sonic the Hedgehog framed by a black sun or something similarly upbeat?

    • I agree, we need to be targeting rural areas, especially in the midwest. One thing I would add, however, is that we need to stop focusing so much on posters and pamphlets and handing things out and instead focus on real outreach programs. We could start mentoring/sports/tutoring programs for disadvantaged Aryan youths, have food drives and food banks for poverty stricken and homeless Aryans, go out on the streets and do anti-narcotics outreach and provide resources, things like that. Another personal favorite of mine is pedophile hunting, like that group occupy pedophilia in Russia. Lots of ideas, tons of possibilities, the sky is quite literally the limit for us right now. We just need to figure out a way to crowdfund these projects.

      • Yeah, I’ve been saying the same thing for awhile. It’s not just a propaganda war. Normal people will come to our side when we’re providing things for them that they aren’t getting anywhere else. This is how Golden Dawn and Casapound have built themselves up and it works. Actually be a positive force in the community and not a victim grievance group like BLM for white people.

    • It’s a good idea but the main reason to target college campuses is because that’s where you’re sure to find a large number of young whites clustered into a relatively small locale.

      Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do both, but it’s not like an organization that can’t use modern methods of payment due to blacklisting can afford to waste resources.

    • Targeting rural communities for exposure of altright truth is probably the best idea I’ve heard in a very long time. I downloaded Vanguard America’s ingenious flyers before they were deleted. If anyone would like more, leave a comment below this one and I’ll try to get them uploaded as soon as possible. I’d love to see this site get at least a ‘locked’ forum up and running, and I’d like to see an entire section devoted to flyers like these.

  • White guys, it says 26 suicides per 100,000, assuming per year. I don’t get it. THIS is the great white Death? Of course there is a great white death, and being a white man I understand what it is like to live in a society that is determined to eliminate you, so life expectancy goes down. But this suicide figure is shockingly low. That only 26 out of 100,000 do it, is a testimony to the inner strength of American white men.

      • First, I just want to say that I really enjoyed reading your article, it was very insightful and contained a lot of very useful information, so thank you!

        The ongoing opioid crisis you mentioned, that indeed started in 2003-2004 beginning with our invasions of Afghanistan but it all really set off on a completely different level (according to think tanks, government sources, and my own personal experiences at least) in 07-08, and that cohencidentally perfectly coincides with the NATO mercenary army’s ‘surge’ in Afghanistan, the opium manufacturing capital of the world, and this surge cohencidentally solely targeted all the drug manufacturing areas with the excuse of “dismantling the Taliban’s logistical support structure” by destroying the opium farms….which the Jews terrorists didn’t do and never intended to. NATO forces handed over those opium farms to Northern Alliance, various anti-Talib warlords, and the ANA/ANP and let them continue manufacturing opium with the dubious excuse that there were no cash crops that could possibly replace the income generated by the growing and smuggling of opium.

        These destructive policies and outright betrayals can EASILY be blamed on specific traitors and Jews in positions of power and influence, so please name the specific devils if you are able to. Give us some hook nosed beady eyed rodent-like faces we can attribute these crimes to so we can make them into memes and start another campaign, like we did with Trump vs Clinton, which was astoundingly successful.

  • Steve Sailor is an idiot. Mexican cartels didn’t target white areas because blacks were too violent and attention seeking. They targeted white areas because that’s where the demand for heroine was strongest. By and large, the opioid epidemic hasn’t affected non-white areas because whites were much more likely than non-whites to be hooked on prescription opioids.

    There has always been a low level heroine addicted population in some cities, but they were not a growing market. Whites are where the demand was mushrooming, so that’s where the supply went. It’s simple economics.

    • That is true. It has long been recognized that whites have a tendency to seek out chemical comforts. It has something to do with the pressures of the way we think and act. No one really knows for sure.

      It’s fairly obvious that the cartels just exploited that need. They went where the money was .

      • So basically you’re saying that whites have a genetic predisposition towards weakness in the face of adversity? I thought this was a white power-ish site?

        • It is white power. Not white perfection.

          Go easy on the overkill. We are all a bit roughed up as it is.

          I am speaking about Nordic whites. It’s just a fact. Not one that I enjoy admitting. Generations have noted that Nord blooded Anglos and Americans have a penchant for drinking in order to ease the tension. It has everything to do with facing adversity. It may be because we are as nervous and driven as we are.

          And who the hell knows if it’s a “genetic” predisposition? It just is. Civilization didn’t come for free.

          • Fair enough. Finally a balanced post.

            Did you know that the phrase “White Power” is a knock off of the phrase “Black Power.” They say imitation in the sincerest form of flattery.

          • Ha! Black power is a phrase with no basis in reality whether today, 1960, or 2,000 years ago. While White power can accurately be used as a synonym for the history of mankind on earth.

          • I don’t believe that but let’s say for the sake of this argument they did, that only proves that white European man evolved at a tremendously greater degree than negro man. If what you say is true that would mean negroid man is still stuck in the humanoid, monkey man phase whilst Euro man evolved into a fully sentient human being. What say you?

            either way, I lean towards the, white man comes from hyperborea and negro man evolved from a monkey theory. The oldest human remains were found in Bavaria after all.

    • I think its a little of both reasons. Whites more prefer downers than uppers.

      Barnabas is at it again eh! I’ve been reading AltRight’s comment section for sometime… …I suspect he’s a Jew. Maybe a Jew that does have some White Nationalist leaning, but a Jew none less.

  • My brother lost his long battle against drug addiction in December and took his own life. I saw the void inside him but couldn’t help. He had the genetical liability to get addicted and from day one was surrounded by a dying civilization.

    I’m left here, waiting for the day when we start killing drug dealers and bigly making our folks being proud of themselves, their people and their culture. That drives me forward.

    He will not be forgotten. Hail victory!

    • Hail victory? What victory?

      Sorry for your loss, but your brother chose to use drugs in the first place. Saying he had a genetic liability to get addicted suggests that he wasn’t responsible for making a really bad choice. I thought accepting individual responsibility was a hallmark of white culture.

      Besides, a big part of the alt-right claims to be genetically superior to blacks, so I don’t think that squares with saying that white addicts have inferior genes that makes them weaker and unable to compete in our society.

      Also, this doesn’t look like a white problem as much as a male problem, and a white male problem in particular. White women commit suicide at lower rates than all males. Maybe you should be asking why white women seem to be able to soldier on, while so many white males take the easy way out when faced with adversity.

      • Awesome response, friend.

        So much blame, finger pointing, and mobbing. We’ll turn it around against you someday.

        You will be better off for it.

      • It’s really rather simple, no?
        Those groups most prone to despair are the ones most reviled & mistreated by the Cultural Marxist apparatchik class.
        White women are both less reviled & more useful (read: exploited) to our conquerors & enemies.
        Also, white women are less inclined to group pride, & seem to be more open to desegregation, diversity, etc. Women are simply less inclined to tribal thought.
        This phenomenon has been widely observed in the literature.
        No, the Alt-Right claims whites are superior to blacks in the aggregate (in the domains that really matter anyhow). Only an insane person would claim that every single white on Earth is superior to every single black. You’re not a very smart person are you?

        • White men are the least reviled, most advantaged people in society. They are also unquestionably the most powerful. You know that. It’s pure fiction to claim that white men are victims.

          The issue is not that society reviles white men. How can it, when white men are overwhelmingly the decision makers in society? The issue is that the white men who own and control society don’t give a toss about white men at the bottom, mainly because they believe they earned their privileged places through merit and see no reason to be sympathetic to a bunch of losers just because they’re the same race. And they have a point. Losers don’t lead or found new nations. That’s one reason this business about an ethnostate is a fantasy. Only society’s losers really want one.

          Oh, and when it comes to human traits that count, the ability to survive adversity is pretty high up there.

          • Jewish moneylenders have all the power in this society and the White men they choose for leadership roles are traitors. This is why Trump is such a problem, he appears to be a competent White man not fully under Jewish control.

            Non-ethnostates are a fantasy, blood and soil are the basis of any healthy nation. Those that turn their back on their own blood will pay the price eventually.

          • 1) The ethnostate is coming, homo.
            2) I really hate to have this debate over & over & over, but I’m going to lay it out for you for the 10,000th time. White males are not the “most advantaged” people in our society. Not. Even. Close. Jews, East Asians & Indian-Americans all outperform whites in the West & are more privileged & advantaged by virtually every relevant metric. They get better educations on average, they come from wealthier homes on average, they are more likely to enter the power structure, more likely to be billionaires, more likely to be doctors, lawyers & scientists, they ethnically network with impunity, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. There is really no comparison. These groups are far more privileged & advantaged than whites in virtually every meaningful respect.
            3) All “white privilege” propaganda really is, is an attempt by non-whites in the power structure (who dominate it by the way) to vassalize & neutralize whites even further, to stomp on our heads while we’re down. We’re already quite weak as a group & playing by different rules. If whites were so powerful & advantaged, you’d think we’d be able to protect our public image. But alas, we are reviled, the symbol of all that is wrong in American society, of supposed entitlement & unearned wealth. And we are reviled, make no mistake about it. In fact, it seems our dispossession & disappearance has become almost a religion to those that rule the West & to Western society as a whole. Nothing makes ordinary people happier than to see whitey screwed over, as a villain in a Hollywood film, turned into a drug addict, etc. Indeed, what do you think “diversity preferences” are all about? Removing white men from positions of power, influence & import. White men do not control society. Sorry, Middle-Eastern men control Western society with help from their non-white allies.

          • Yeah I also got suckered into a long conversation with this guy…
            But it’s like you said. You either care about whites going extinct or you don’t.

          • He hasn’t showed his face in a couple months but yes he’s been here before.
            A nuanced troll, I’ll give him that. Also a nigger lover. Worse than site.

          • Not trying to toot your horn but I must say, I like the way that you worded that comment.

            Anyhow, this rtb guy seems a little more intelligent, maybe the difference is between a 100 and a 110 iq.

          • I really don’t get you guys. Whenever anyone disagrees with your arguments or questions your reasoning, you simply call him names and attack him for not being a true believer. Or not “caring” enough about whites. Sounds like what we hear from some whining liberals.

            You are trying to build a movement. Movements succeed based on the strength of their ideas. If you react so badly to anyone who questions your ideas, how do you imagine you’ll make any progress? No movement succeeds by appealing only to the few who already follow it. Movements succeed by changing minds and attracting new people. Calling everyone who points out the many flaws in your arguments a nigger lover or a Jew strongly suggests that you don’t believe your arguments are sound or haven’t taken a critical look at them. Keep doing that if you want the alt-right to remain nothing more than a fringe pity party.

          • More name calling. Is that all you have when you can’t make a persuasive argument? Poor Barnaby. Every so often I forget that this place is really just a haven for life’s white losers to commiserate with other white losers. Thanks for reminding me.

          • I’ve attempted to persuade your little faggot self in the past. Unlike others on here I know how futile an endeavor that is. So for you, yes.

            I spit on cockroaches of your ilk, online and in person.

          • But, somehow you’re drawn here to post multiple comments for some reason…….

            Maybe you don’t have any Movement to call your own…….


            Poor Baby……

          • Don’t have or need a movement, but I would like to better understand yours. So far, it’s not making much sense.

          • I could ask you the same question: Why do you test the people here in such a callous way?

            If they are reacting badly, why didn’t you change your strategy?

            Because only a moron or a troll would do the same thing over and over and over again, even when he gets the saem results.

          • We don’t want to change your Mind, Fag…….

            Your Damaged Goods from getting Plowed too many times by your boyfriend Tyrone…….


          • Fag, fag, jew, jew, nigger, nigger.

            It’s like being on a playground with poorly behaved kids. And these folks imagine they’ll bring forth a new nation?!
            Sure, right after their afternoon naps.

        • I’m looking at the literature now. It seems the gender gap in outgroup prejudice is real, but relatively small. I haven’t been able to find any data on whether it disappears if you control for parental status as I suspect. Do you know of any data on this?

          • I don’t think it’s that small to be honest. I think it’s significant, not huge, but significant. I’m also fairly certain it has nothing to do with parenting. Testosterone, power dynamics in traditional societies & settings, links to male aggression & warfare, in-built propensities for dominance, etc. Also, my own experiences overwhelmingly confirm this. There are definitely women racists & tribalists, but honestly they’re an extreme minority. Out-group hostility & prejudice is a disproportionately male phenomena.

          • The problem is you’re not taking into account specifically female motivations for prejudice: fear of sexual aggression by outgroup males. In other words, male prejudice is driven by a propensity for dominance as you put it. Female prejudice is driven by wariness. You are certainly correct, from what I gather so far, that men are significantly more prone to outright hostility and aggression towards outgroups, while women’s prejudice manifests more as suspicion and avoidance. Yes, we do cross to the other side of the street or lock our car doors when we perceive a threat from outgroup males.

            On the question of parenting, I would be shocked if motherhood didn’t enhance women’s fear of outgroup males, who presumably would be a threat to her young. The ultrahypergamous lioness will drive off male intruders along with the rest of the pride to protect her cubs. I don’t see any reason why human females would be different.

            As I said, I’m still reading up on it though.

          • By the way, I would encourage you to talk with any older women you know about this. I am (just barely) old enough to remember a time when we girls would openly admit this and talk about it amongst ourselves. It was just common sense. When girls do not do these things, it’s not because they lack racial awareness. It’s because they have been guilt-tripped into dropping their natural guard against outgroup males. I’ll be looking into this more, but it would be better than f someone more knowledgeable as well as objective would do so.

          • Yes, we definitely have been given very bad lectures on the woes of dating in our younger years. I do believe white people were strongly discouraged to date by family, education systems, etc. They all rather us spend our eternity studying so we can support them in their old age and at the same time told us they wanted the best for us, meanwhile they all enjoyed the life, the house and family fairly young age. Boomers are hypocrites. The result is that we tend to date late in life and in fear or desperation that tends to make bad choices.

          • A sizable portion of women fantasize about sexual aggression directed toward them from out group males. It’s biology.Don’t kid yourself, there is not a single shred of racial loyalty within the average woman.

            But…but…”muh 53% Trump voters”

          • It was 53% of all women. It was a massive landslide among non-college-indoctrinated White women. The lowest estimate I have seen is 61% for Trump, 34% for Hillary. This is a massive gap. Only 48% of White women voted for Romney.

            Non-college-indoctrinated men voted for Trump at something like 73%, while only 58% of college White men did so, about the same percentage that voted for Romney. Many if not most of these are votes for muh tax cuts, not saving the White race. Trump’ dog-whistling appealed to non-college-indoctrinated Whites, both men and women. It did not appeal to college-indoctrinated White men and repelled college-indoctrinated White women, who voted 42% for Trump despite going 56% for Romney.

            I don’t know about rape fantasies, but I do know that women prefer to choose their mates. Even the “hypergamy” hoaxers freely admit this. We do not like having a mate forced on us.

          • I believe there is evidence that women are more susceptible to “anti-racist” conditioning, so that is certainly an important consideration going forward.

            Also, I realize that libertarian tendencies among men are sometimes an indication of covert in-group preference, as Mike Enoch has pointed out. Still, it is concerning that Trump’s pitch to Whites did not convert more college White men. I suppose we can assume that the implicitly pro-White men were already voting Republican, so it was already maxed out.

          • Yes, women are more susceptible to anti-racist conditioning because they are more susceptible to all forms of conditioning.
            You may be right that the shortage of female racialists/tribalists may predominantly be a function of social dynamics. Females are a herd animal, practical rather than ideological by nature. That said, so long as the dominant culture remains committedly anti-racist (anti-white), the overwhelming mass of women out there will follow right along, making them essentially useless to our movement.

          • This is not exactly right. If anything, men are more practical. They go along to get along just as well as White women. The difference seems to be that men are more able to conform outwardly without internalizing the norms of “anti-racism.” I’m not at all sure why this is, though I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that ideological conformity has a survival advantage for women.

            What I would expect to see, therefore, is men “turning” more quickly and readily than women. Most men are useless as well, but only because they are looking out for #1, not thoroughly brainwashed as most women are.

            It’s fine either way. We don’t need women in large numbers, just a few good women.

            One thing I wonder about is whether women’s public activism on behalf of the less fortunate actually fortified Western Europe against Bolshevism by ameliorating class resentments. In other words, with too much yin, a society will be overly altruistic to outsiders. This obviously will dissolve a nation over time. On the other hand, with too much yang, it will be insufficiently empathic toward lower status men (and women) in the in-group, thus undermining national solidarity and opening the field to revolutionaries looking to destroy society by exploiting class divisions. Women may play an indispensable role in holding patriarchs responsible for stewardship of the nation as a whole. Disgracefully, we are not doing that now, because our energies have been directed towards causes that benefit the very rich. But it wasn’t always that way in the past, and doesn’t necessarily need to be so in the future.

            All this is completely speculative on my part, and I don’t claim to have empirical support for it, but I do think the question should be explored. We don’t want to jump from the frying pan into the fire.

            I would note also that if women have a reproductive interest in a competitive market for access to their sexual and reproductive services, it would stand to reason that women would resist extreme wealth concentration insofar as it has the effect of limiting the pool of qualified buyers. Only the very most attractive women benefit from extreme wealth.

            I’m not saying that I believe women are motivated in this way. Indeed, I suspect they are not, because the data suggest that women are not more open to outgroup men than outgroup women. Their prejudice levels remain constant regardless of the “target” gender. This obviously calls into serious question the notion that women are more tolerant of mass immigration than men because it enhances their sexual market value. I’m just saying that even if women’s relatively more open attitude towards outgroups is so motivated, that doesn’t necessarily mean that women should be categorically excluded from community service, because such exclusion might have unintended consequences that would be damaging to Whites as a group.

            The optimal solution might like somewhere between “Children, Church, and Kitchen” on the one hand, and political equality on the other.

          • Correction: Only 48% of non-college White women voted for Romney, suggesting this group is very responsive to racial appeals. Or, at the very least, responsive to policies that promote the best interests of their husbands and sons.

            Ethnomasochism is not innate to women. It must be “educated” into us with intensive institutional programming in higher ed, plus regular boosters by the mass media.

          • A decent amount of white in their current state a very weak. They are soft from an over abundance of decadence. This causes a lot of white women, the young specifically, to look towards the nigger, spic, and Arab savage as a substitute. In them she over looks the lack of intelligence and civility and only sees the raw animalism that many project. In contrast to some white men, this animalism has a magnetic effect on white girls. They see the white men theyre surrounded with and become disgusted with the weakness and effeminacy that they seem to embody.
            This causes them to fantasize and in some cases breed and fornicate with the outsider.
            This is a common and serious occurrence, Lexi.

            In the past week alone I have seen atleast 10 very attractive white girls with niggers, one was with a spic. It’s gotten fucking bad.

          • That’s a damned shame. If I’m not mistaken there is also evidence that social disorder actually influences women to prioritize protection over provision, to the obvious detriment of responsible White men.

            I can tell you that when I was growing up, dating blacks was absolutely unthinkable. We were race realists, though we couldn’t cite any studies. I think if White women knew the truth about racial differences in IQ, their behavior would be different. As it is, they are just being lied to.

          • I kid you not Lexi, I went to the movies last weekend ( a rare occurrence for me) and I saw four different Blonde white girls, 18-23 yo with a nigger. Just a few years ago it the only the trashy, wiggerish white women who race mixed but I am now seeing young, Middle and upper middle class suburbian white girls fresh out of highschool dating niggers. I think it is a combo of what I said up top, combined with the media exposure. Young white women see a plethora or caramel colored half breeds on tv, especially within sports and a lot of these mullatos excel. The added white intelligence only helps their one little, insignificant skill. After growing up around a bunch of effete dandies they grow to despise them and these niggers a better option.
            The TV and social media being the greatest culprit.

            This is why am I so hardcore regarding my views of women. Until white men organize in the fashion of the waffen SS and become the hardened steel that was our ancestors nothing else will suffice in dealing with our women. When this is done on a large enough scale, white girls will crawl towards the new embodiement of white power and will voluntarily accept coverture.

          • The problem with what you’re saying is that you already acknowledge that couverture isn’t necessary when you say that race-mixing has accelerated recently.

            There was no couverture when I was growing up, yet we didn’t race mix.

            By the time you have the power to reinstate couverture, you won’t need it.

            In the meantime, going on about couverture further ghettoizes our movement. I don’t see how it helps us get where we’re trying to go.

            You may be saying that forceful treatment of women is necessary to regain their respect. I don’t think that’s true, but I’m not opposed to hypermachoism as one part of a broader strategy. That’s why I don’t mind Anglin. He should do what works for him.

            By the same token, I don’t think that approach should characterize the whole alt-Right. I’m fine with Philosophocat doing her thing as well. That’s all I’m saying.

          • It’s a progression, Lexi. Your generation was still a hold over from a time preceding it with more strict laws, which was in turn a hold over from coverture. These things take a few generations to fully express themselves. The rate were are at now no amount of returning to 1950 will change our situation. We must return to 1850.

            As far as “ghetoization”, that is quite honestly one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read.

          • “The rate were are at now no amount of returning to 1950 will change our situation. We must return to 1850.”

            The trouble is that this totally speculative on your part. I think the better approach is simply to talk about how we will diagnose and solve problems in the future, and who will make the decisions.

            I’m perfectly comfortable, for example, with the notion that we will have a patriarchal elite that will rule society in the best interests of all the people. Exactly what is needed is up to them to decide when the time comes, hopefully after a full and free debate with input from all constituencies.

            I don’t see the need to get attached to particular policies right now. All sorts of problems would probably just solve themselves just by virtue of Whites having their own self-determination. Even something like wife-beating might not even be a problem in a future White society governed in the best interests of the people. For example, if working-class men aren’t exhausted from overwork and stressed about money, that might take care of the problem all by itself.

            There is no point worrying about drastic solutions to problems that might never materialize. If you want to advocate for coverture that’s up to you, but I don’t think it needs to be a salvation issue.

          • Barnabas, you need to look a little closer at these relationships. Go back to the theatre a year from now and tell me if you see the saem white girls with negros. That is the point.

            And it is not just low i.q. that causes them to leave. It is the alienation and savage envy of the negros themselves. Look a little closer at how the negros treat these white women, of whatever white background. Because I have noticed that it is most definitely white women of a lower racial stock that date these negros. And it isn’t just dating. It is general mixing in school. The white girls are left pretty quickly disabused of their folly.

          • All four girls I saw last weekend were top Nordic genes atleast 5’7+, blue eyed blondes, attractive, definitely of a upper middles class background. I a son I said up until a few years ago it was only low end, trashy white women but it has since progressed. So there goes that theory.

            As to the rest of your comment, it is all irrelevant. They are spoiled forever and if you want used up mudshark women then that’s on you. I and most others will say no thanks.

          • Is that really all you think about is sex?

            You have serisouly got to start thinking with your head.

          • What are going on about you little faggot.

            Where did I mention sex in my post?
            Although the history of where a women’s pussy has been is a factor, it is deeper than that.

          • Barnabas, if you cannot see it for yourself, then I cannot help you.

            Are you completely gone? You are leaving these comments under an article on white morbidity. You have managed to trash the threads of people who are in deep pain for their loved ones. You remind me of an animal or a pornstar. I cannot imagine that you could ever be concerned with marrying and having children and raising them in a stable and loving home. No one who really wanted a loving home has ever acted the way you do.

            Listen to yourself. Step back. Get some control over yourself.

          • Dude, you are nowhere near my level. This is evident when I read your comments.
            I don’t take advice from those lower than me, whether mentally, physically, nor spiritually.
            You cover all three.

            Watch your back within the next two decades is the final thing I will say to you on this thread. You’re weak.

      • Women attempt suicide several times more than men do, it’s just that when men do it, they’re committed and follow through.

        Your a callous ass RTB, when we establish the ethnostate we will take care of ALL our people, and not discard them like used consumer products just because they have mortal imperfections. Hopefully we can use futuristic gene splicing to help people with issues like addictive personality, color blindness, and diabetes. Even if we can’t, the adoption of policies similar to those of President Duerte will mean that sociopathic monsters like the (((Sackler Brothers))) who mass produces Oxycontin won’t be able to take advantage of the more vulnerable members of our extended family. You liberals aren’t able to understand this because despite clinging to a facade of morality and compassion, at the end of the day you are generally arrogant, depraved, nihilistic, amoral hollow men filled with nothingness.

        • So you want to take care of the weaker and less competitive members of society as long as they’re white nationalists? That’s a new one.

          Good luck building an ethnostate with such wimpy ideas. Building a new society requires incredible toughness. Hitler knew that, which is why he destroyed the weak. Maybe you should aim to do that.

          • I’m curious as to how you came to that conclusion. While I reject Darwinism as whole, the idea that we evolved from apes is just to ridiculous, some of its finer points are near impossible to refute. Social Darwinism in specific seems to align perfectly with race realism as well as with aristocratic societies, not to mention the imperial principle.

            It seems to be atleast in part the complete antithesis of communism.

          • Social Darwinism (SD) may be race realist and/or nationalist. It can also be race denialist and/or individualistic, as in the case of this troll RTN.

            Cultural Marxism (CM) is not communism. Communism is collectivist and outcome-egalitarian. CM is individualistic and opportunity-egalitarian, or you might say access-egalitarian. It’s entire purpose and effect is to make a society penetrable to the outsider. Outcome-egalitarianism sometimes appears in CM, but only as needed to either browbeat the in-group into concessions against it’s own interests, or prevent natural inequality from demonstrating the reality of group differences, thus undermining the broader CM agenda.

            When a nation is hacked and laid open to alien penetration, the weakest and most vulnerable members of society suffer most. At this point, the CM reveals it’s true nature. All pretense of equality and compassion is dropped in favor of harsh, even psychopathic meritocracy. The weak and unfit should be replaced by hardier foreigners says the CM cum SD.

            Does that not sound like SD to you? Perhaps I’m using the term incorrectly.

          • That was a well thought out response and yes I see your point now. Tbh I’m nowhere near a proponent of social Darwinism,my understanding of SD comes from a few 19th century philosophers & eugenicists. I am a proponent of over breeding the best within our society at the behest of the worst though. So there is a slight overlap on some points but, after reading your comment I do see how it could be used to justify Jewish control.

            Cultural Marxism was created in order make a nation primed up for communism, so I’d say they are atleast two sides of the same coin.

          • Your solution is to discard them, I want to improve them. The common man is the foundation of the coming Imperium. An architect ignores the cornerstone at his own peril.

          • The coming Imperium? OK, we’re off into La La land now. I get the impression many of the posters here spend too much time reading comic books.

      • >vaginakin
        >”soldier on”

        What are you, injection mol;ded equality cuck? New mass produced model with even cheaper parts?

      • Actually whites, particularly Nordic whites, have always had the particular vice of addiction. Other races have other vices, but drinking and drugs are peculiarly Nordic.

    • So very sorry for what your brother went through and for what you’re going through now. What a loss.

      • Thank you for all the encouraging words. We are in this together, we are family.

        I lost one brother but then got millions more!

    • “What victory?”

      Outstanding victory over anti-white hating machines, victory over invading niggers with or without sand, victory over subversive jews, victory over weak, rootless cosmopolitan faggots, victory over inhumane politics, victory over drug dealing sociopaths.

      Beautiful victory for white brothers and sisters, victory for our lands, victory for good identity, victory for healthy lifestyle, victory for family-supporting attitude, victory for strong borders, victory for free speech.

      Strong victory for our vision about physical, social and spiritual security.


    • God bless, but you can’t take responsibility from him for his own actions. You should be upset with him for being selfish and foolish. The difference between a doctor and a drug dealer is a license and a prescription. and we don’t go around slaughtering doctors when people OD on their prescriptions.

  • It is convenient to blame Jews for this and they certainly play a role in it, but it’s a minor one. It’s really about declining prosperity and that started to happen in 70’s due to peak American oil. To solve this problem deporting Jews and non whites is only just beginning.

    To fix that we need a total rehaul of economical and social order. The required reforms are politically impossible to implement before things get much worse. And much worse they will get.

    • The jewish role is not minor at all, their control of Hollywood and all the other mass media determines our cultural norms, their influence on society is like the church in the middle ages, if not more.

    • If Whites had a healthy racial consciousness this suicide rate would drop to a negligible number. It would be useful to see how many of these suicide cases are the result of finding out you have cancer or terminal disease though.

  • The genocide of the white race is now in its final stages. If there are any white survivors in the future an entirely new civilization will need to be created, as Western civilization (white civilization) is effectively extinct.

    • Gloom and doom much? Just because you see yourself as a loser doesn’t mean that Western civilization is doomed or that white genocide is anything but a silly myth.

      Whites are still, as a group, the most prosperous people who have ever lived. I think it’s a bit early to declare defeat.

      • No, I agree. The genocide of white, Western peoples is in its final stages.
        Something radical must happen & happen soon if we are going to deliver ourselves.

        • How about prayer? That’s about as radical as you can get.

          None of these other pleasantries are going to work. They are all shallow and pointless.

          • Meditation>Prayer.

            Praying is for the weak. Direct experience of God’s truth through contemplative meditation is for the strong.

          • I hope you don’t think that prayer is folding of the hands and mumbling.

            Prayer is the most frightening thing a man can do. And that’s because faith is a supernatural gift of God. You have to be ready to accept what is on the other side of the door when you open it.

          • Facing your inner self in its entirety without asking for or expecting help from a higher power is the most frightening and heroic thing a man can do.

            Prayer as I’m sure you conduct it is a handicap, mere child’s play.

            Read a few of the essays under this section of entitled “Transcendence”. If what he says sounds like the truth or, is what you know to be true within, them I’ll take back my last sentence. If not, well than you have no business calling yourself an aristocrat as you are not one.

      • You’re a Loser here……..

        That’s for sure………

        Close to 100 downvotes just on one Article…….

        You might have beaten me…….


        • Yeah, well. Some things we must take in stride. Besides, many times people initially reject an argument that nonetheless plants a seed.

  • Troubling. I suspect a few things are to blame here: 1) Lack of family-supporting jobs that don’t require a college education; 2) Too much and increasing ‘screen time’ replacing face-to-face interactions (a factor known to be correlated with depression); 3) Cultural stagnation in White communities.

    As for #3, since I escaped from a large, multiracial city and finally got into a smaller-population white area, which was definitely a dream come true, I now see why there are suicide prevention ads in the local papers. There is no street culture, everyone is isolating in their homes and there is nothing going on! Now, I’m one who makes my own fun but I can see how the lack of public social opportunities can lead to dejection and despair — and pair that with unemployment / financial problems and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

    I read an article not long ago about a struggling town in Appalachia and what happened when their one Walmart closed. Job losses aside, residents were depressed about the lack of social opportunities because it had been their local meeting spot for socializing! I mean come on, have we forgotten how to build communities so much that we’re now reliant on retail stores to bring us together? If people are growing their own food in their yards — which the article indicated they were — what about a simple local farmer’s market or trading post? It’s like we’ve forgotten practices that were done in Europe for centuries, all of which sustained our mental and physical health.

    I will be starting a group or two soon to try and get whites out of their homes (myself included), and out mingling.

    • You Euro Americans should copy the European way of life: cafes, pubs, taverns, traditional markets (you pointed that)… I have never been in inner USA (just in New York), but by watching American TV movies it seems that the American Way of Life is pretty alienating.

      • Yes, it is alienating. I’ve visited Europe 3 times and loved the outdoor cafes, markets, etc. and always wished we could emulate some of that. One promising aspect here is European festivals — everyone can come out to experience different European foods, dances, costume, etc. I suppose we will have to work on this alienation problem in our own North American way, as much of the European infrastructure (like small city courtyards, walkable cobble streets) that enables outdoor gathering can’t be easily transferred here.

    • Long before the problem of islamization, in Europe we had for a very long time, the problem of Americanization. Actually, some countries resisted that pretty well: France is probably the epitome… some countries were quite overwhelmed by that: Sweden, for instance. In Sweden you cannot go out for a traditional Swedish cheap lunch. Everybody goes to the McDonald’s. That is quite sad.

    • Yeah, because wherever we start to mingle, the 3rd World rats come out to get in on the goodies & the festivities, ruining the fun.
      If we could start our own all-white clubs & eat in our own all-white restaurants, we’d mingle more.
      Whites stay in to avoid diversity.
      But yes, you are right.

      • It explains a lot of things happening this side of the Ocean: blacks invading the old city spreading their merchandising all over the place and making their own street markets, blacks playing drums very loud in company of mudshark white girls in parks and disturbing the European folk and classical music played there by local musicians… (street musicians in Europe is normal, I know that in the States is kind of weird). It is very subtle but is getting very clear: the heavy attack is against our casual and innocent joys in the name of multiculti. The point is destroying first our street culture.
        How much I love that image of people in that countryside beerhouse near Berlin singing “Tomorrow belongs to me” in “Cabaret”!

      • You win for the silliest post in a decade. Are you seriously arguing that some whites are so fragile and insecure, that merely seeing non-whites at a restaurant or a club drives them to suicide? Every post just illustrates weakness.

        You guys are what Margaret Thatcher once called continental Europeans: weak and feeble!

        • That’s not what I argued at all. Are you a stupid person?
          I merely said diversity is generally unpleasant.
          Everybody knows this, which is why all groups self-segregate. They do so by neighborhood, they do so in prison for protection, they do so on the national level, they do so in high schools, they do so on a regional level, they do so on a personal level. Groups self-segregate. Ordinary, unbrainwashed people do not like diversity. People prefer to be around those like them. Diversity is generally unpleasant, especially when talking about low-IQ, violence-prone diversity (Arabs, Africans, etc).
          There is ample evidence that ethnic diversity leads to social detachment & isolation. In fact that’s what Putnam’s “Bowling Alone” was all about. That’s why he named the damned book that!
          Diversity–> social isolation–> drugs, suicide & other social ills & pathologies

          • Blah, blah, blah. Yes diversity poses challenges, but it also produces a stronger, richer, more resilient nation and over time and group segregation can break down as the steadily increasing percentage of multiracial families illustrates.

            As for diversity producing alienation, the objective facts don’t support that claim. The nations with the most reported social isolation and highest rates of suicide also happen to be the most racially and ethnically homogenous. Lithuania, South Korea, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, China, India, Japan and Hungary are some of the most homogenous societies. They also have rates of suicide two and three times the rate of diverse America. If fact, when you look at rates of suicide, LACK of societal diversity is a good predictor of high suicide rates. Maybe this is because monoracial/ethnic societies tend to be less tolerant of non-conformity and so, harder on folks who may be perceived to be different in some way.

            Of course, living in a diverse society requires more adaptability and that can be a challenge for some people who may be genetically predisposed to tribalist behavior.

  • Great article. Much better than that Art Jones piece! It isn’t a question of not punching right, but when it comes to men who are doing what they can and are totally on our side, “if you cannot say something positive, don’t say anything at all.”

    Constructive criticism within the white nationalist right should always be offered privately, and directly, so we do not inadvertently insult the hard work being done by others, and also so we always present a united front to the enemy, as the left does by never questioning or counter-signalling their own.

    As this article shows, the crisis of our people is real. Anyone willing to honestly stand up for our people deserves a certain measure of respect, especially if that person has been a dedicated activist for many years. Comradeship and brotherhood should be the order of the day, and both young and old white men who are disillusioned and battling their own personal demons in loneliness should look to our movement as a bastion of that brotherhood where they can again find a path to dignity and self-respect.

    Maybe we can save some of these lost souls and redeem them for a higher purpose.

  • With the absence of God guess who takes over. A perfect example is pelosi. And mainstream religions including christianity aren’t helping.

  • No matter how hard I try, I don’t think I’ll ever understand the mindset that leads to suicide.

    At the same time, while this is terrible I think we’re reaching the peak of this trend and will soon be over the curve. The answer is in one of the comments in the Steve Sailer article you linked.

    From Mark Minter:
    “And the cohort that suffered the most is probably men today aged 45-55. And that’s the group I see banged around the most in this data. Younger guys have learned from them and are steering clear of marriage or marriage is steering clear of them, one or the other. ”

    In otherwords, the group of men born just in time to suffer the blunt effects of their parents destroying the institution of marriage.

    • I doubt it. There are no jobs. That is going to lead to despair. If you tell people they’re useless, a certain number are going to kill themselves.

  • I’d like to say that we should help each other more but we all know that many of those desperate whites are so conditioned that they’d spit on the help and attack their benefactors. At least three generations have been brought up following a self-destructive culture. Seems this period is a kind of selective purge for our people, only the strongest will survive.

    • As much as I hate this, this is true.

      Hopefully there’s enough strong white men to survive the coming hard times

      • One’s own strength is not enough. One must seek God. You won’t want to hear this but suicide is a sin. We are each of us merely shephards of the life which He has given us.

        And that is why we have the right to defend ourselves and our families and our state against the enemies who would cause us harm.

        This isn’t jsut smoe pie-in-the-sky fantasy.

        • Hell is an internal state experienced in the here and now.
          There is not a single shred of evidence whether objectively or subjectively pointing towards a place in time and space to which one goes in order to “pay for sins”.
          Reincarnation is the most logical explanation for what happens after death and the possibility of other worlds should not be discarded but shouldn’t be focused on either as only earth can be experienced in this life.

          God is real, there’s no doubt about that. As well as the forces of “Satan”, which are best embodied in the Jew, but as far as eternal hell or eternal heaven, well, it this type of thinking that helped facilitate our current predicament.

          Esotericism. This is the way towards true knowledge, Crypto, not exotericism, which is merely the dumb downed version of truth fit for less capable beings.

 is an excellent place to dip your toes in.

          • Love is not always logical.

            But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him.

          • Thanks for attempting to evangelize me Crypto, but since I’ve understood the true teaching my soul shall be fine.

            I would advise you, since you claim to be a natural aristocrat, that the base level of religiosity that you espouse was created for the plebeians you so despise.

          • I have said what I need to say. The choice is yours. You have to stand before God. My conscious is clear.

          • edit for spellcheck: conscience. My conscience is clear.

            You have to decide. I can’t do that for you.

          • Good, mine as well. I stand before God every second of every day. His energy fuels my entire being.

            My only point for you is that one cannot believe he is separate from the father and continue to call himself an aristocrat. That is simply the most un aristocratic attitude a man can take. Just a word of advice.

      • There will be.

        It’s a cycle.

        Strong men create good times.
        Good times create weak men.
        Weak men create bad times.
        Bad times create strong men.

          • Some strong men created some pretty bad times. Think Genghis Khan, Stalin, Mao, Hitler. Hard to call any of them weak men. But they wreaked havoc and created some of the worst times in human history

          • Hitler and Ghengis brought order, prosperity, and peace unto those they ruled.

            The others were Jewish inspired commies.

            Hitler especially brought peace yet it was the Zionist controlled allies who wreaked havoc.

          • So we take it from your comment that you never studied human history.

            Hitler did not bring peace unto anyone. Hitler brought war, death, disease, devastation and poverty to those he conquered and those who followed him. 60 million people died in his wake. That is not peace.

            Khan brought war so fierce it shocked and overwhelmed his opponents. Khan abhorred peace. He practiced total war, total conquest and total subjugation of his foes. The Europeans had never seen anything as utterly barbaric and murderous as war with Khan.

          • I know History like the back of my hand. You seem to only know Jewish propaganda but, even if that is not the entire story, it may simply be that I’m not a weakened, pussy like yourself so my opinion on these things differs, dramatically.

            Now, please cry about the lack of “argument” and reliance on ad hominems.

          • History is history. Hitler’s legacy is not Jewish propaganda. It’s simply fact. Same with Khan’s. Neither brought peace or valued peace. Hitler regarded peacemakers as weaklings. He extolled the virtues of a mobilized, warrior nation.

            You may know history. Apparently that doesn’t stop you from denying it. If that makes you feel better, go right ahead and subscribe to your fantasies. It merely marks you as irrelevant and unworthy of respect.

          • “He extolled the virtues of a mobilized, warrior nation.”

            And it has now become painfully clear that a nation that is not mobilized and ready for war can’t possibly survive.

          • Well to address the segment of your comment that Lexi quoted; That is the single highest virtue a nation can embody. I must also add that these virtues are only for a select portion of the population. That said, an objective study shows that’s both Hitler and Ghengis protected and helped the average worker flourish. If you add in relious beliefs, well, there hasn’t been a single leader more tolerant than the aforementioned fellas. All of this is ofcourse too nuanced for a simple minded aand effete, black and white thinker though.

            So, I’d say, yes you are a weak pussy and it’s only fitting that our opinions would be diametrically opposed.

          • The average worker flourished under Hitler? Get real. 46% of the male population of Germany in 1939 was dead by 1946. Only the Black Death killed more Germans in such a short period as Hitler and his war making. And for all that sacrifice, he lost and Germany was left a bombed out wreck. Hail victory indeed !?

          • You’re so full of shit.
            You’re worse than a woman when it comes to blatant dishonesty. Either that or you’re a fucking retard. Either way go home you little faggot.

          • It’s not meant to be 100%. Nothing is.

            Generally though stronger people come out of the Great Depression era than the participation trophy era.

            Bad times are coming for whites. Inevitably it will give rise to some very strong white leaders, and as whites in general face a tougher environment, our people will again get stronger out of necessity.

            Also, I wish I could take credit for it, but I saw it somewhere on another site in the comments section months ago and it stuck in my head. I wish I could remember who I saw post it originally.

          • Not sure if challenging times make people stronger or merely reveal the strength of some and the weakness of others. We’ll see if the result of the challenging times ahead is the emergence of strong white leaders or stronger national leaders better able to unite the country than the Orange Disgrace we have today. My bet is that any race leaders (white, black or other) will continue to be marginal actors that may get lots of attention, but that will remain unable to significantly impact national policy.

    • It seems to me this should be IE’s next project flyer project. Let the SPLC, ADL, etc. call it hate speech when White men raise awareness of White men killing themselves and encourage them to find a reason to live.

    • Bullshit! You’re just too much of a coward to help vulnerable people. And that dynamic is intrinsic to White supremacy, which is why you’re all fired up on the “coming hard times”, as “Jacob Jackson” (scroll down) called them. Of course those “times” are just a euphemism for acts of genocide, which is why so many of your “experts” get flagged by the SPLC and similar groups. Nobody has a problem with people who are *genuinely* focused on stemming the rise of White suicide. But, you’re to among those people. What kills me is the fact that your castoffs will likely be helped first by an African-American/Hispanic nurse or EMT. Then, they’ll probably be helped by an Asian or Jewish doctor. Oh, the irony.

        • This is my first comment. What is wrong with you? I’ve been reading your posts on here. It seemed liked one of the posters got through to you a few weeks ago. He was talking about the desperation that leads white men to finally take their own lives with a bullet rather than take the slow poisons offered to them.

          Are your words merely slow poison? For us?

          Be as wise as a snake and as innocent as a dove.

          Never once do I hear the words of an innocent dove come from your mouth. What is wrong with you?

          Growing up, all I cared for was God. Little by little, voices like yours would hound and harass me by the day, by the hour. Growing up, I was a dove. I ran into snakes. I guess that means I’m learning the snake’s wisdom.

          You astound me, site665.

      • You can’t stem the rise of white suicide if you don’t address the incessant anti-white propaganda of the Cultural Marxist overclass & the conquest & transformation of our lands by hordes of 3rd World invaders/parasites. Sure, you could lock up (((Ray Sackler))) or throw him in a pit, that’d be fine, but white suicide & addiction have a deeper source, a spiritual source, & you can’t solve that by peddling Marxism harder. Until whites can be proud of themselves, of their race, their history & their accomplishments, openly, without being attacked by anti-racists (read: anti-whites) in the power class, expect more deaths. The Alt-Right is the only hope for them. You offer them nothing but the same.

        • Spraguer, many Whites have a high and HEALTHY level of pride in their heritage. You can see it everywhere – at the upcoming Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Or next month’s St. Patrick’s Day parade in Boston. We celebrate European cultures in our everyday lives, as well. Go to any public elementary school, and watch whole communities enjoy their “heritage potlucks”. At any given time, you’re probably only an hour or two away from a European cultural center. Visit one. When the county fair begins this summer, spend the day there, and enjoy games and food that have roots in the Medieval ages. If you’re ever in Michigan, see the Renaissance Festival or hold an event at the American Polish Cultural Center. I’ve done both and, I guarantee, you’ll have a blast.

          Hate is not pride. It’s ugly and destructive, and that’s why we never honor it. Think we’ll ever build a Nazi museum, memorial, or cultural center in this country? Ha! We’ll build Cheeto’s “wall” before we ever do that!

          • The last woman who said she was proud of being white literally got ousted as CEO of the business she personally founded.
            Tell me more though about how “white pride” is acceptable to our anti-white overlords.
            You would call any form of white self-defense “hate”. It’s not. But for what it is worth, hate can be very useful. It is maybe one of the most useful emotions around. Sad that certain Marxist imbeciles have stigmatized it.

        • Racial pride is not an antidote to white suicide. The claim is absurd.

          Whites are not killing themselves in greater numbers because of a loss of racial pride. They’re killing themselves because a loss of economic mobility.

          Being dirt poor, out of work and strung out on opioids isn’t made better by feeling proud to be white, dirt poor, out of work and strong out on opioids.

          • It sure isn’t. That’s why it’s mind-boggling to read about guys like Conte, Enoch, Anglin, and Mosley/Kline, who trashed their degrees and their jobs in order to join this “movement”. Unbelievably stupid.

          • Why don’t you go spend your time doing something other than trolling a bunch of “stupid” losers?

          • But I thought all men cared about was money?!?! Hmm…
            The white race has a spirit, it is a heroic spirit.
            These men have put their ideals before their wallets.
            We don’t expect many Jews to understand that. It isn’t in them.

          • It’s time for you guys to read White Power! by George Lincoln Rockwell.

            You guys need to uncuck yourselves of this shitty commie attitude that all that matters in life is money. Economic stagnation is obviously horrible, but men kill themselves due to a lack of meaning and purpose, not because they’ve fallen on hard times.

            In your worldview we shouldn’t even be here because our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have all commit suicide.

            Go to this link and read Rockwell’s book. White Pride Worldwide!

          • Heh….I literally just finished re reading a couple chapters from this book. It’s funny how these things work.

            Good comment. Great book.

          • Yes, people kill themselves because of hopelessness and lack of meaning, but in our society, you are what you do. If you do nothing, you are nothing. Hunter gatherers hunted and gathered. That’s how they provided for their families.

            Your suggestion that white identity can be a substitute won’t work because there are millions upon millions of successful men who are white and are good providers. Nobody wants a loser who has achieved nothing but managing to be born and remain white.

            George L Rockwell is the definition of a loser. He had three failed marriages, was expelled from the military, rooted for an enemy of this country during WWII (whom we crushed), was a failure as a political leader and he was killed by one of his own followers outside a laundromat.

            He was a bad joke who ultimately failed to achieve any of the things he dedicated his life to achieving and if you follow his advice, you are highly likely to end up doing the same.

          • Go to hell, anti-White.

            We love our White brothers and sisters. All of them, even when they fail.

            Why are you here trying to undermine our solidarity with the least fortunate of our people?

          • Good grief, express all the solidarity you want. Call all the names you like if that appeals. But no one is looking for more company among those in the poor house. People want a way out of the poor house.

            For the first time since the Great Depression, average life expectancy in this country is going down and is expected to continue trending downwards. How is love for your white brethren going to change that?

            From the very beginning, this country was built on rugged individualism and the notion that you are to be valued based on your contribution. Now you want to offer reactionary tribalism in place of that? That dog won’t hunt here. Maybe in old Europe, but not here.

            The truth is that you have no idea how to address the real issues. So sad.

          • “From the very beginning, this country was built on rugged individualism and the notion that you are to be valued based on your contribution.”

            And look where we are now.

            Groups > Individuals

          • I beg to differ. The most successful people are still the rugged individuals for whom group matters less than individual accomplishment. Just look at Trump who has variously been a raging liberal, a pretend conservative and, today, a fake christian. He is all about Trump. He’s just using anyone dumb enough to believe he cares about their group.

          • “The most successful people are still the rugged individuals for whom group matters less than individual accomplishment.”

            Whites are going extinct. You either care about that or you don’t. You evidently don’t. We do. What more is there to say?

          • Lexi, do you know what extinction actually means? It means that a species is either dying out or being killed off.

            Leaving aside the fact that whites are not a species or even a sub-species, is there any evidence that whites are going extinct?

          • “but in our society, you are what you do”

            So you’re saying that if your society tells you to commit suicide, then that is what you should do? Somehow I doubt you will remain faithful to this in the long run, but I guess we’ll see.

            “Your suggestion that white identity can be a substitute won’t work because there are millions upon millions of successful men who are white and are good providers. Nobody wants a loser who has achieved nothing but managing to be born and remain white.”

            I’m not really suggesting that racial pride can be a substitute for identity. What I’m saying is that racial and historical consciousness is part of the groundwork for identity. Most men want to feel that their hard work means something, otherwise they will degenerate into hedonism and be unwilling to make sacrifices for the greater context. Racial identity is congruent with nature, provides a sense of belonging, can function as the basis for a spiritual vision of life, and leads to a sense of increased power as group cohesion and accomplishment increases. I think it can work, and the history of politics supports this idea.

            Nothing is perfect, but if these men base their identity on their lack of opportunity alone, they will fail as is demonstrated. I don’t see why you’d argue that we shouldn’t give these people a starting point when what they’re doing now leads to failure.

            “George L Rockwell is the definition of a loser. He had three failed marriages, was expelled from the military, rooted for an enemy of this country during WWII (whom we crushed), was a failure as a political leader and he was killed by one of his own followers outside a laundromat.”

            But was he correct or not? Rockwell believed that he uncovered the true enemy of the United States, and recent history has proven his claims to be true. Western history is replete with great men who were vilified in their time. For example, Galileo was convicted of heresy for suggesting that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and now this is considered as accepted fact. Even if tomorrow it was discovered that Galileo was a child rapist, we would most likely still believe that the Earth revolves around the Sun, despite any moral outrage.

            I don’t know man. I don’t understand what you’re trying to do here to be honest.

          • Name Rockwell’s claims have proven to be true. He embraced national socialism, a failed and discredited ideology. He was no Galileo.

            Say what you want about America’s failings, but it is still the most successful nation ever created. Almost all the complaints of the white working class are due to economic insecurity due to trade and technological innovation, not multiculturalism or anything else. Using race is just scapegoating to feel better.

            I used to live in the UK and there, lots of white Brits were angry about the large number of white Poles coming and taking good paying jobs for less money. Here’s its whites complaining about latinos and blacks. But it’s all driven by the loss of decent paying, semi-skilled working class jobs and the lack of economic progress for the majority.

            Concentrating on racial identity won’t change any of those realities or the fact that lots more jobs are going to be destroyed by technology than will be created in the coming decades.

            I feel like some people are hucksters offering a false solution to make some folks feel better. But it won’t change any of the fundamental drivers of suicide among working age men who are marginalized. Meanwhile, while some folks tear this country apart trying to create a fantasy world, other nations like China will pass us by and then things really will start going downhill in America.

          • “Name Rockwell’s claims have proven to be true.”

            The Jews were behind Bolshevism, and now they are succeeding at turning America into a deracinated bankrupt shithole. This is just has Hitler predicted.
            If you want the detailed explanation, you can read Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique”.
            Link to a PDF of the book:

            “I feel like some people are hucksters offering a false solution to make some folks feel better. But it won’t change any of the fundamental drivers of suicide among working age men who are marginalized. Meanwhile, while some folks tear this country apart trying to create a fantasy world, other nations like China will pass us by and then things really will start going downhill in America.”

            So what is your solution? That we should sacrifice a portion of our population so that another subset of it can benefit from economic prosperity? Would you be comfortable with sacrificing Heritage American Whites to fulfill that?

            Why does it matter if China becomes more successful than America if preserving the American people is not a priority?

          • What? This country is swimming in debt because Congress keeps spending money we don’t have. The bulk of that money goes to excessive military spending and entitlements. The two largest entitlement programs are social security and medicare (and to a lesser degree, Medicaid). Social security and Medicare have been responsible for ending large scale poverty among the white middle class, especially in old age. Jews did not give us those programs. WASPs presidents and Congress did.

            This country is not bankrupt. We’ve owed more than our GDP before and came back from it.

            I don’t know what makes someone a Heritage American white, but I can see where this is headed.

            I get that some people like to praise Hitler because he was all about being Aryan, but really. Look at what he tried to do, how he ended up and what it cost Europe. Why on earth would you look to what such a loser said for guidance? In terms of wealth, power and global influence, America today is what Hitler wanted Germany to become. But he tried to do it with brute military power rather than with hard work and innovation.

            This country has ALWAYS sacrificed its least capable members to allow the most capable to succeed. This is nothing new. It’s just that now, more whites are among the least capable group.

          • “This country is swimming in debt because Congress keeps spending money we don’t have. The bulk of that money goes to excessive military spending and entitlements”

            lol yeah exactly… (((Congress))) gets American whites to go fight wars for Israel.

            “Why on earth would you look to what such a loser said for guidance?”

            Why do Christians look to Jesus for inspiration even though he got shanked? Because he fought for truth and justice.

            “In terms of wealth, power and global influence, America today is what Hitler wanted Germany to become”

            Perhaps. But in terms of culture and race it is the exact opposite of what Hitler wanted. Your country is run by Jews for the interests of Jews. If the Chinese eventually gain enough influence, America will be a tool for the Chinese. Your vision of America seems to be that it is essentially a factory that generates economic output, when it was initially founded as a nation state.

            I think there is just an irreconcilable difference in the way that you and us think about how people are meant to live. We happen to think that our ethnicity and history unites us in a common struggle. This obviously comes into conflict with your vision of the world, which I have still not fully understood.

            It seems we really fleshed out some ideas here so thanks for the back and forth banter. I think that’s enough internet for me for one day though so I’m out of here. Goodnight.

          • Imagine demanding that a race import foreign replacements for its own children on the grounds that they are superior!

            Good Lord have you no shame?

          • Lexi, even YOU buy this bullshit.

            The vast majority of innovations over several centuries have come from proud, racially confident White European men, NOT Hindus nor Asians.

            If Hindus are so damned smart, why hasn’t India mastered indoor plumbing and stopped letting dead animals and people rot in their rivers and roadsides?

            China was stagnant until our treacherous business class moved their factories overseas.

            South American Mestizos got American jobs, because the Chamber of Coimmerce traitors bribed corrupt Americn poiticians to look the other way as they scuttled across our borders and took under the table jobs until their esposas could squat and pop an “Hispanic” voter for the Democrats.

            How are ANY of these parasites superior to Whites? If that nonsense were true, their countries would all be First World superpowers and these people would stay put because their lives would be too good there. Instead they are here, transforming America, Canada, Australia, etc into the hellholes they escaped from.

          • Also, if China becomes more economically powerful than the US and the dollar loses its status as the world’s reserve currency before we get our borrowing under control, we really will have a serious decline in living standards across the board. That’s why it matters.

          • So you’re argument is about quality of life then.

            For us being part of a strong and unified ethnic group is an important part of our quality of life.

            Do you understand now?

          • Yeah. Sure. Community matters. A sense of belonging matters. And there’s no doubt that alienation is a risk factor for suicide. If whiteness gives you a sense of belonging then good for you. But leave out the race hatred and Jew hating.

          • When the Jews stop opening our borders to non-whites and imposing an anti-white degenerate culture on us we might stop hating them.
            Respect is a two way street goy.

            And I don’t really hate the other races, I just want my race to do well and be healthy. That is not possible if all white countries are invaded by non-whites who want to take over.

          • That’s beside the point, isn’t it. You want to flood the founding population with aliens who cannot maintain our standard of living, and demand that Whites remain loyal to a state that has dispossessed us.

            That’s not reasonable.

          • The United States of America was founded as and meant to be an-all White country run by White male property owners, because only they were given the vote. Period.

          • America is a continent not a country. That continent was never all white … like Europe. The United States of America started as an all white country founded for their posterity, i.e. white descendants.

            Kindly stop your semantic sophistry to promote your genocidal propaganda.

            Thank you.

          • “But leave out the race hatred and Jew hating.”

            ? As if we could advocate for our own best interests without ever offending outgroups.

          • Our race-pride will be whatever the fuck we want it to be. We don’t take our marching orders from commie faggots, Jews or nignogs.

          • Sure Spraguer. That’s why you come across as a juvenile loser and why America has nothing to worry about from you.

          • Loving our own people does not equal Jew hating.

            Kindly explain how the only way Whites can only love their own if they hate the Jew?

            You make it sound like hating the Jew is necessary to White survival .

            Why is that?

            Coincidentally, there are strong Anti-Semitic elements in Black and Mestizo populations yet THEY are thriving.

            Now why is that?

            Please explain it to us. Enquiring minds want to know.

          • I guess they should have thought of that before. Y’all expect Whites, and only Whites, to subordinate our group interests to the good of the country as a whole. That was a fair expectation when we were an 85% plus majority. That is the benefit of homogeneity.

            Our elites decided they didn’t want a White supermajority or even bare majority, so here we are. Since we are being made into a minority, we are going to start acting like one. That just might destroy the country. Tough. We’re doing it anyway. We can’t afford to do otherwise.

          • All groups must subordinate their interests to the good of the nation. You seem to deny the existence of national interests. If you insist on not being American, all you’ll accomplish is further marginalizing yourselves.

          • Nonsense. If other groups are expected to subordinate their interest to the good of the state, why do we have a Congressional Black Caucus?

            Whites have declined to take our own side while other groups aggressively push their own particular interests.

            We’re done with that.

          • So what that there’s a CBC. Mainly they push for equal treatment and the allocation of resources, just like all Congressmen do. I don’t see any of its members talking about trying to destroy this country.

            There could be a white caucus, but it would be rather silly given that 85% of Congressmen and 95% of Senators are white.

          • It doesn’t matter whether they are White. It’s whether they promote White interests.

            “Equal treatment” was achieved along time ago. Why should Whites not get a say about “allocation of resources”?

            Look, if both parties agree that neither will appeal to the ethnic interests of Whites, the result in terms of policy is exactly the same as if Whites weren’t allowed to vote at all. That is the whole point, to effectively disenfranchise Whites by agreeing to never offer us what we want.

          • There is no “us.” You can’t dispossess the founding population, set us on the road to extinction, and then expect us to give a damn about the future.

            What is this? Ron Paul’s sound money for brown people?

          • The founding population? Exactly who would that be? Those few who can trace their lineage back to the Mayflower? A huge chunk of today’s whites can’t trace themselves back to anyone who founded anything here. They can over in the immigrant waves following WWI and WWII. Most black Americans have far deeper roots in America than most whites.

            And the only people setting whites on the road to extinction are whites themselves. For god’s sake, stop acting like an oppressed minority.

          • “Most black Americans have far deeper roots in America than most whites.”

            Total fabrication. In 1965 you might have had a point. Now, ya got nuthin’.

            And you are admitting that Whites are on a path to extinction. Yet here you are trying to convince us NOT to do anything about it.

            You don’t have to be a minority to be oppressed, but being a minority certainly makes you more vulnerable to oppression than you would otherwise be. Yet, here you are trying to talk us out of resisting becoming a minority in our own countries, all of them.

            You clearly don’t have our best interests at heart to say the least.

          • It’s not a fabrication at all. Until the 1970’s, there was almost no black immigration to the US. By most estimates, 90% of today’s black American trace their ancestors to people who were brought here as slaves.

            By contrast, there have been several large waves of white immigration and a majority of whites can trace their ancestors to those immigrants.

            So, yes, a majority of blacks have deeper roots here than a majority of whites.

            That has nothing to do with whites becoming “extinct.”

          • Nonsense. We are all completely mixed up. Just because many Whit’s were subsequently added to the population does not mean most Whites have no founding-stock ancestors.

            In any event, it doesn’t matter either way. The US is a White society by its nature. Y’all say so yourselves. We designed the institutions of the society according to our own standards and values. The founding was an extension of Western political tradition. Honestly, this is just silly.

            What exactly is your point? You still haven’t given me a reason why Whites should care about the budget or whatever you were on about. If it’s not our country, why should we care? We’re not the custodial majority anymore. If it’s not our country, it’s not our responsibility.

          • You are only addressing part of the problem.

            Do you deny that there is an anti-white working/middle class agenda? Do you deny that these people are exposed to a non-stop barrage of anti-white propaganda in politics, the media, and the so-called entertainment industry.

            Do you deny that there is relentless appropration of white countries and white culture while claiming that it was created by non-whites all along?

            Do you deny that whites, in particular white males, are bashed 24-7?

            Do you deny that while our society is engaged in one self-esteem boosting effort after another for blacks, in particular, simultaneously it tears down whites?

            Do you deny that, across the board, there is an effort to keep whites out of jobs that could support children by importing Hindus and Mexicans?

            Because I haven’t read where you address that problem.

            Whites are depressed and demoralized, because they are under the thumb of an elite who has become so comfortable with the separate peace they made with their enemies that they have become hostile to them.

            It’s not just about the economy; its the hostility they face.

            So kindly stop pissing down our legs and calling it rain.

          • I don’t think this comment was directed at me, but I’ll respond anyway. I don’t disagree that it’s not just economics. I’m just saying that without racial pride, all a man really has is his own individual identity as a productive member of society and/or provider. I’m just saying that joblessness will raise suicide rates once racial pride has already been taken away. This of course makes these crimes against the White working class so outrageous. They have taken everything, and more or less all at once.

          • A healthy sense of race-pride, a sense of where one is situated in the universe, in history, in time, pride in one’s ancestors and one’s heritage, all of it is associated with a desire to pass one’s values & mores on to the next generation, a desire to perpetuate that civilization by breeding, by striving, a healthy sense of self, of purpose, of right and wrong, etc. Race-pride is indeed an antidote to much of what ails white America. It’s not a panacea but it’s extremely helpful. Denigrating our heritage & our heroes, telling us we are “in the way” of a great, diverse, multicultural future, etc. you think that stuff is good for the mental health of white folks? You’re a fool. If all people feel is shame for existing, which is precisely how Cultural Marxists want to & indeed do make whites feel, why even exist? Rural whites are indeed fairly poor, but poverty doesn’t explain these death rates very well. These are afflictions of despair. Whites have been dragged down & vassalized, they have seen their precious nation transformed into a 3rd World kleptocracy in a matter of decades. Afflictions of despair.

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