Poles Pass Law Outlawing Holocaust Propaganda

Poland has been in the news lately. They actually passed a law that made it illegal to guilt Poles about the Holocaust. This really shouldn’t be as controversial as it has become. It reads:

Whoever claims, publicly and contrary to the facts,” the law reads, “that the Polish Nation or the Republic of Poland is responsible or co-responsible for Nazi crimes committed by the Third Reich or for other felonies that constitute crimes against peace, crimes against humanity or war crimes, or whoever otherwise grossly diminishes the responsibility of the true perpetrators of said crimes — shall be liable to a fine or imprisonment for up to three years.

If we are to take the standard narrative about the Holocaust, then in what language was “Arbeit Macht Frei” written?

Certainly not in Polish.

This means that even taking the non-revisionist view on the events of the second world war as your given, you would still have to conclude that Poles were not to blame for what happened in places like Auschwitz.

In fact, there is ample evidence to suggest far more Poles were killed by the Germans than Jews.

So why then the controversy about the law passed by Poland’s congress banning propaganda that lays the blame for the Holocaust at the feet of the Poles? Why was Netanyahu sent to the scene to brow-beat the Polish president?

Good..but dangerous questions to ask.

And sheer chutzpah of this New York Times article is something else:

WARSAW — President Andrzej Duda said on Tuesday that he would sign into law a bill making it illegal to accuse “the Polish nation” of complicity in the Holocaust and other Nazi atrocities, a measure that has roiled relations with Israel and the United States, and spurred claims that the nationalist government is trying to whitewash one of the bloodiest chapters in Poland’s history.

Opponents have predicted that the law — which prohibits, among other things, the phrase “Polish death camp” — would stifle free speech and put questions of historical accuracy into the hands of judges and prosecutors who may be more motivated by politics than scholarship. Despite weeks of ferocious criticism from other nations and from independent scholars, Mr. Duda’s right-wing Law and Justice Party pressed ahead with the bill.

So when countries pass laws banning critical examination of the Holocaust, that isn’t “stifling free speech.” But when a national government wisely bans the use of guilt-propaganda against its own populace, that’s a civil rights violation or something.

These Jewish double-standards are really breathtaking.

Amusingly, the article mentions spoiled relations between the U.S. and Israel. In other words, the Jewish and Evangelical lobby that influences U.S. foreign policy, and the Jews that run Israel have a problem with any country not feeling guilt over the Holocaust.

God forbid we should all step over it and be proud of our history and our people. In their mind, we are all culpable to this day for what happened to the six million. And they also understand the power of guilt on the psyche of White people.

If anything, this law and the new Polish government seems to be on a collision course with Germany and the EU. I can’t help but admire the Poles leveraging their position as well as they have though. They know that Washington plans to use them against Russia, and they seem to be exploiting their advantageous position as best they can.

It’s almost like they have a carte-blanche to defy Germany’s demands to take refugees, defy Israel’s goy-bashing and continue to recieve money, weapons and training from the US.

We should be so lucky to have leaders like that in the West.

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  • Have to say most of the guys in the picture look about as white as me. (I’m undoubtedly white.) If you switched the clothes I definitely would not be able to tell that (most of) these guys are Jews. Isn’t there something a little absurd in denying that such people are white? I mean, if they aren’t technically or really white, it follows that I can never tell who is white. It follows that I don’t even really know what the criterion is. Or it follows that Richard Spencer is white but people who look just like him–same phenotype–and might even have genes no more remote his than, say, Silvio Berlusconi are not white but Silvio is. But that all seems absurd. I’m white. My family are white people. I know that just by looking at us. I think we’re digging ourselves into a hole on this point. Some Jews are white, some aren’t. Why not just say that some white people (some white Jews) are trying to work against the interests of others.

    • There are jews, who are – in anthropological sense- whites, even nordics, but their mentality, moral code – or the lacking of it-, is a different matter.

    • So when “White people” (“Christians”, “goys”, shkutism”)set to kill “Jews” during WWII they in fact killed their own brothers (literally), eh?… So why the Holoco$t is a “genocide” (def. “the policy of deliberately killing a nationality or ethnic group”- Collins Dictionary)?… And Israel is open to White “goys”? Really? That is news to me!

  • Oi Vey!! I wonder, will Nimrata Haley now treat Poland like Syria and Russia and will Trump sign on to a color revolution so Poland gets a more kosher compliant government?

    • Not likely. Trump is jewish. This is not well known. But I have heard people talk about it.

      Genealogy is important to ruling families. Maybe in a way that the average person really cannot grasp. And when they wish for you to grasp it, they often fudge and scrub. I knwo of families that have simply scrubbed entire lines of their family tree. It’s not eally talked about openly, but in private, I have heard people say that Trump is jewish. If you really want to know, Trump is related to the Heinz family. They are realted to the Henningers. He is also related to Hitler through the Schicks. These families are well-known among certain other families in Germany.

      Ivana Trump is well known to be jewish. We just aren’t supposed to talk about it. But it should be obvious to anyone that she looks a little like Ayn Rand, who is from an important Russian jewish family. If you have ever wondered why Ivanka Trump looks so jewish. Now you know why.

      They assume that you are completely ignorant of the whole thing.

      • Oh do shut up.

        Donald Trump isn’t remotely Jewish. He s a tough New York White guy like former Yankee owner George Steinbrenner. .

        Unfortunately Trump’s daughter Ivanka married a bad Jew Jared Kushner and he is the one purging America First nationalist from foreign policy decision making positions in the Trump administration.

        That s the real Jewish connection.

        This blog needs moderated comments. Otherwise trolls will post all kinds of inaccurate nonsense.

        • You’re free to ridicule me. Or you could ask for answers. A wise person would do the latter.

          Here’s another clue that they keep from the plebeians: Ivana Trump’s last name is Zelnicek. As in Zelnick.

        • And, no, Trump is not a tough New York Whie Guy. He is from Jamaica Estates in Queens. That’s about as far from tough guy as you can get. All jewish. Ask any New Yorker.

  • While the (((WEST))) is further damaging itself, underneath the weight of its own bullshit, certain countries in Eastern Europe are propping themselves up! GOOD!

  • >Amusingly, the article mentions spoiled relations between the U.S. and Israel
    No, it says: “a measure that has roiled relations with Israel and the United States”. That is the article mentions spoiled relations between Poland and Israel, and spoiled relations between Poland and the U.S.

  • There is an undeniable trend for nationalism. Mid-sized countries, not too overburdened by ZOG, are bravily promoting and defending their own identity. Turkey is destroying Israel’s proxy entity in Syria despite huge resistance by ZOG affiliated forces.

  • From 1945 to 2014 Poles had every reason to perpetuate the holohoax. By changing the holocaust narrative where Poles are no longer the victims, but perpetrators Jews have changed the incentives where they will want to undermine it. Lets not forget all major extermination camps are in Poland’s territory (and all the rest are in V4 countries whose holovictim status has been revoked as well for obvious reasons).

    If Jews keep blaming Poles for holo this could lead to very serious problems for international Jewry if Poles for some reason decide to “investigate”. Revisionists should be frothing at their mouth.

  • I’ve just recently started investigating how much of the Holocaust is fact and how much of it might be fiction, so I am far from an authority on any of this. The one thing I will say is that I recently I googled terms like ‘death camps’ and ‘concentration camp dead bodies’. I was surprised at the results.

    I think we can all agree that every ethnicity has a unique ‘look’ to them. The faces of the dead people in the pictures I googled did not at all look Jewish, they looked like pure-bred Europeans. Far from scientific, I know, but take it for whatever is is worth.

    Combined that with videos like the one I linked below, and you start to question a lot of things. This woman, Monika Schaefer, is a German but does not hold German citizenship (she lived in Canada). She is now sitting in a German prison for having said what she says in this viral, 6-minute video titled ‘Sorry Mom I was wrong about the Holocaust.’

    • Degenerate Anti-White Propaganda. That is all. The jews know that the blacks are incredibly stupid and this simply gives them more ammunition against the Whites. We are seeing a progression of black-washing ALL White history. The jews could tell the blacks they are the real Whites and the retarded black bastards would believe them.
      Hail Victory!

    • They want everyone to confuse Paleo man with British man. Britannia was a Roman Province only late in Roman History. The Romans themselves were mainly Nordic. Only after the Romans, did the angles and Saxons invade Britain. That’s why we call it England, as in Angle Land. And so on.

      God in Heaven what a lot of nonsense. Blackwash.

      The media is owned by jews. The university departments are run by jews. I am not speculating about this.

    • Another thing too. You might want to look into the science of DNA. Don’t just accept that the research is sound. DNA tests are notoriously scammy. 23andme which is run by jews has basically been shut down with class action lawsuits over evidence of ethical violations. They were also caught fudging the tests to make people think that they were black. Just to screw with their heads.

      Morphological characteristics like hair and lips are much more reliable.

  • Those responsible for the narrative known as the shoah are those who knew of the make undead date 1948….. The same ones who manufactured the 888 246 … sum 420 …. 888 666 …. 24 18 .. 42 …. 42 58 by +x 6 13 … 8 40 …. 1948 PoPPy show at London’s Tower.

    The same Goblins who probably find this flick .. hilarious….

    • It’s interesting that the Hungarian president claims that migrants are a threat to Hungary’s Christian identity, and not simply a threat to the ethnic Hungarian people.
      I guess he has to tiptoe around the issue so as not to be called a Nahtsee.

  • “Amusingly, the article mentions spoiled relations between the U.S. and Israel. In other words, the Jewish and Evangelical lobby that influences U.S. foreign policy, and the Jews that run Israel have a problem with any country not feeling guilt over the Holocaust.”

    – who cares ?

  • This appears to be a jewish maneuver to get reparations from the Polish government. The Holocaust narrative is centrally important to jewish power in finance and politics and education. All governments are run by jews.

    FDR was run by a coterie of LABOR Zionists: Brandeis, Schiff, Astor, and Oppenheimer. They were central in forcing the United States to enter the war late, after the Jews of Europe were slaughtered without interference. At the same time, a genuine rebellion by the Irgun to save the Jews was quashed by the Labor Zionists. The religious Jews of Europe were all but wiped out so the Labor Zionists could rebuild Israel in their chosen image.

    In our day, these same crypto jews are all over Poland. They always extort through deception and manufactured crisis. I sometimes think that the altright longs to believe that the problem is simpler than it is. Or that it will go away by itself.

    • Everyone was dying from typhus by the end of WW2, because disease naturally follows bombing a continent into rubble. Said indiscriminate bombing which closely resembles modern terrorism in that it targets a civilian populace in order to break a nation’s will was started by that fat slob Churchill. If the war had ended differently, most of the allied leadership would have been tried for war crimes. It really takes a depraved sociopath to start waging war in such a manner. It’s what I would expect from an African warlord dictator than from the alleged head of government of a white country.

      • But you need to look a little further to the zionist power behind the throne. The secret line that FDR established with Churchill. David Irving has done good work on the secret communication between the two leaders.

        Also one ought not to allow one’s self to be distracted by talking about “what if” when it comes to a German POW camp atrocity of any sort. All Holocausts are jewish Holcausts. Not only the Holodomor.

        • I should clarify. You may not be aware that FDR was jewish. And he was run by labor zionist jews. Schiff and others.

      • Curtis Lemay, the general commanding the bombing campaign against Japan at the end of the war essentially ordered the deaths of about half a million Japanese civilians with the fire-bombing of all of Japan’s major cities.
        Lemay himself said that had America lost the war, he would have been tried as a war criminal.

        • Curtis Lemay was largely a fascist. These men at that level will admit to you that they are nihilists and existentialists. They are often homosexuals. Look up the Lemnitzer plan. It was Lemay’s plan for waging acts of terrorism within the United States.

          The thing to understand is that they do not honor God or country or any kind of boundary. They believe in the will to power.

      • Are you joking.. who started WW2? Germany. Who took over nearly all of Europe and European Russia? Germany. Who STARTED the bombing of population centers? Germany. The mental gymnastics required to make the Germans unwitting victims in the whole thing are retarded

    • That’s where you’d be wrong. This is a prelude to a war with the Russians or a grand Cuckening where Poland takes on Muslim migrants.

    • Be careful. Jews will play with your head. Jews are master salesmen. They know that the most effective way to sell a product is to take on the personality of the person to whom they are trying to sell it. If they see a soft-spoken person, then they speak softly. If they see a brash and loud person, then they take on the persona of being loud and brash.

      Anyone who has learned marketing from a jew will tell you this.

    • Austria followed , and I have some hopes for a bigger country like Italy ,(second most populated country in Western Europe, after all ) in about 3 weeks elections.
      THAT would start to shake up the currently one-sided European equilibrium.
      Russia , Austria , Poland , Hungary AND Italy would start being a pretty solid ,influential wing of Europe.

  • Another reason that the Jews are upset about this is because even they realize they’re bleeding Germany dry of “Holocaust reparations” and, like a tick on a dying dog, they need to find a new source to suck money from. That’s where Poland comes in. Because once Poland accepts its “guilt”, then the floodgates to Polish payments to Jews becomes justified.

  • Vince. baby!!! You missed a chance to bash Ukraine, which is the favorite pastime of the Spencer faction of the Alt-Right. The article doesn’t mention that the same law prohibits denying the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists in 1925-1950. But that probably would have let to a logical contradiction in your assertion: mocking Jewish hypocrisy in criticizing Polish censorship yet celebrating Polish censorship that enables defamation of Ukrainians. But then again, that reflects the entire contradiction of the Spencer faction in wishing for the demise of Ukraine, which is also one of the most ethnically and culturally homogenous European states.

    • Spencer et al are pro Russian burgers who have no understanding of the region other than to pick the Strong Horse
      That being said, Bandera nationalists were notorious for slaughtering Polish peasants in gruesomely creative ways whenever they could, so you can understand the animosity. And while Poles had little to do with the Holocaust or other German crimes, Ukranian auxillary troops did a lot of the dirty work during the German occupations of Poland and the USSR, including being the muscle behind many Einzatsgruppen operations

  • I like this story because:

    1. Polish people should be feeling based af with this new law.
    2. Many normies around the globe will see the Jews as overtly shaming the world.
    3. EU and Poland are on a crash course. Clearly good news there.
    4. Other EU member states may feel empowered and follow Poland’s lead.
    5. As for the American AR, this can’t possibly hurt our cause, only help.

    I do wonder if the Eastern European countries (aka the based and woke Europeans) should form their own bloc? If they do, the EU Commission will lose their marbles and definitely start acting in a way that will repulse many millions of Americans. Time to get your favorite Polish beverage of choice and some kielbasa for dinner tonight.

    • Poland’s president, Andrzej Duda is married to (((Agata Kornhauser Duda))) and the leader of the in fact neo-conservative party PiS (among truly conservatives called PiSrael), Jaroslaw Kaczynski/Kalkstein has Jewish roots. Many Poles are ignorant about Kaczynski’s background, but most of them know that the new PM, Mateusz Morawiecki, has Jewish roots;
      Some of the patriots of genuinly Polish descent suspect that this PiS legislative manoeuvre had another purpose than improving Poland’s image abroad. As the Statute/law is now “under examination” with Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal (Trybunal Konstytucyjny), a body heavily (((enriched))), it certainly will remove the expressions that offend the Shoah enterprise’s “feelings”. Unless the main goal of this law was to mobilize the dormant Polish anti-semitism in the first place, not to mention the nowadays required revival of the faded anti-Germanism. The latter is needed because the neocons since a while shout themselves hoarse about Germany’s obligation to pay a lot om money as reparations for WWII. Before this “affair” it was a spread opinion i Polish media that Jews in Poland and Jewish organisations abroad would back Poland’s demand on Germany. Not quite unfounded speculation regarding that Poland is due to pay 65 billion dollars to Jewish organizations as recompensation for the real estates that Jews lost when Nazi Germany took over. This is a huge sum to a country where most of the true assests underwent the usual liberation of the capital, i.e. was internationally privatised, which means out of reach to the Polish fiscus. (The same happened in Russia under Jeltsin. Strange enough, the corrupt procedure is almost unnoticed in Western alternative media. So powerful is the myth of Poland’s being ruled by nationalists.)

      • For other reasons it’s tough to trust Poles. Their blood is heavily intermingled with Jews.

        The Jews who lived among them must have inherited many Polish traits through interbreeding.

        One could dismiss the whole thing as a theater production.

        • Good point Buc. I think the difference between the poles and the Brits are too vast for any comparison here. Both have been intermingled with the kike for centuries but as far as intermixing the blood, the poles win by a long shot.

      • Yeah… Eastern Europe lacks Jews and Muslims because they’re still recovering from Bolshevism. Jews primarily want to go where they can siphon money and work in comfortable middleman positions, and Western Europe is currently much more profitable for that.
        Once Western Europe turns into a less wealthy and violent shithole, the Jews will migrate elsewhere and whine that the ebil Western Europeans ran out of money and stopped paying attention to them. Jews are basically women as the honest Jew Otto Weininger pointed out.

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